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Me too!!! LOL!

Valerie Curren

BMT!!! Always great to see you!!!

Hope you are doing Great & God Bless!


BMT!!! Howdy!




I keep thinking one in a tiny gold crown and red vest is Sir John Gielgud…..


Well, things are getting more and more functional.

I am now logged into both this local instance and the big coughcough.com too.

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Hi everyone!


With a boulder on my shoulder
Feeling kinda older
I tripped a merry-go-round
With this very unpleasing
Sneezing and wheezing
The calliope crashed to the ground
The calliope crashed to the ground

Some brimstone baritone
Anticyclone rolling stone
Preacher from the east
Says, “Dethrone the Dictaphone
Hit it in its funny bone
That’s where they expect it least.”

Barb Meier

Good morning! I’m here too and busily sharing a link to the Nuremberg Code for all the “mandatory vaccine” whiners around the web. http://www.cirp.org/library/ethics/nuremberg/ 

Valerie Curren

Hey Wolf,

I’m back in. Earlier, after restarting my computer I followed a re-login path that Usually works for me. As said before elsewhere I pretty much always have too many tabs (& windows) open on my desktop computer. After a restart I usually go to the window/tab where I have a Q-Tree draft post (Logistics…for my personal use where I collect helpful info on navigating Q-Tree) & attempt to do the login there.

This time on the Logistics draft tab when I tried that I got the typical WordPress login info, so I got into WP. At that point I could see some of the author info in the Q-Tree but not MY Q-Tree authorship stuff. I’d previously backtracked to the “drafts” page of my personal posts, where I’d normally see Logistics, another Flep’s Twitter Travels, & a Bible focused post I’ve been mulling for weeks. This time there were no drafts showing at all.

This made me think that I was in some type of weird WP backdoor into the Q-Tree authorship area but not Truly logged in to Q-Tree since I couldn’t see my own stuff (I didn’t dig deeper to see if my draft stuff had been disappeared in a more main arena because I seriously doubted you’d axed those drafts)…

Anyway on your U-Tree post on Q-Tree lockouts I was scrolling down & tried some of the links you’d shared to help solve the lockouts for others. At that point I could get into those WP register for Q-Tree pages (unlike previously where they still came up as 404s, I think). I didn’t go through the reg process (can’t recall if I’ve Ever done it that way) because I usually login through WP.

So I went to the main Q-Tree page, scrolled down to login in the right column in the Meta of the Meta category, clicked the link, which now worked for me (it hadn’t a few minutes before–from the login link over the comment box on the UK scariants post) & logged in via WP. I went back to the edit/drafts tab & was able to open up my Logistics draft as a double check.

Hope these details are helpful to you as you continue to prowl our perimeters for hyenas & other dishonorable anti-Wolfians!

May God continue to Bless, Equip, Strengthen, & Inspire you in the battle(s yet to come)!

Valerie Curren

Excellent! Glad you know what’s happening & how to deal with it & you “caught” that sheep in Wolf’s clothing imposter!!! Blessings


I’m here …


Just a minor thing if you have a lot on your plate at the moment.
I just tried to like a comment and a red sign appeared that said
“You are not allowed to vote for this comment”
Tried it again couple of comments further up page one worked and one gave me the red sign.


That’s happening to me now, too.

Tried it twice …


Now it worked!

Perhaps posting a “reply” comment, rather than an originating one?


Now it doesn’t work again …

Couldn’t post: Red Banner said “You are posting comments too quickly …”


Evil trees bear evil fruit….


It only lasted for a minute or two – it is to prevent high-speed (bot-) spamming?

That may be worth it …


Works for me. I am logged in through my WP account.


Yes I did try that but to no avail.

Valerie Curren

When I do that it likes it (sometimes delayed) & then removes my like w/ the 2nd click, usually. Sometimes one I know I’ve liked before shows as not liking from me so I click on it & then it drops the number down, so I click like again & the star goes green & I’m counted as a liker. That’s happened periodically to me on numerous pages but not a major issue…


Same here.


Well, I have to comment here at top of page, cannot still comment in replies. Oh, well.


I thought you were commenting in replies recently. Is this not the case? If you have been, it is likely that we can get it back…..but (for obvious reasons) not tonight.

Are you using ORCA now? The latest Raspberry Pi OS version supposedly supports ORCA, but I haven’t had time to try it yet. That would mean that ORCA has broken out from Windows into Linux, and also from Intel86 to ARM. In addition, Knoppix (another Linux variant, that only runs on Intel86) has ORCA available.

As a longer-term thing, is there a way of shipping you things securely? As in, would someone be willing to accept letters and parcels for you as “Agent Z” at some real-world address? NONE OF US HERE SHOULD EXPOSE OUR REAL-WORLD ADDRESS.


Let me see if this reply works….

(Epstein didn’t kill himself and Biden didn’t win. )

Brave and Free

Good morning all!
Let’s rock n roll!


Good morning!


Greetings, salutations, and felicitations!!!


I tried to “like” CM’s post, and it didn’t take (5 tries, spaced ~30s apart).

But when I tried to “like” GrammyinD’s post, it went right through …

After that, I tried CM again, but no-go.

Seems poster-specific, in some way.


It’s strange, one would think it be all one way or all the other way, but it seems hit and miss.


I should point out that you are not showing an animal, so are a guest.


Sadly, I’m sure you know what is coming……

You should build a spreadsheet.

When you’re done laughing, you should populate it with the peeps you expect to see, and whether they normally are guests, and whether you’ve seen ’em. Then you can call the missing instead of log the successful multiple times.


Why do they single out some people and not other?
I am logged in on WP account and have no problems since I figured out what works for me. I can be here two ways log into here or WP one or the other.
I do not know what is going on maybe the browser?
I am on Firerfox.


Could it be that the geronimos EXPECTED you to want all the cool jetrap settings that they provide all their other customers and your carefully crafted tweaks went out the window.


Of course, for a CPA, “make a spreadsheet” is like “rub some bacon on it”.

Valerie Curren

That was very weird…but MMMMMM Bacon!!!


Nothing keeping you from making a spreadsheet yourself!  😎 


I’m a guest and just gave Emeraldstar a successful like, then tried to give you a like and got the red refusal, its sparodic.


I tried to reply to my above 07:14 comment at 07:20: â€œYou are posting comments too quickly …”. Now it’s 07:24.

Likes work for RAC, cthulhu, and GrammyinD – but not for CM, nor you.

The first three are Guests (generic avatar), the last two aren’t.

I think cthulhu, above, may be right.

Last edited 2 months ago by Emeraldstar

The “edit” feature still works, at least within 15 minutes (and IIRC, only when without replies).


Did you come through your WP account?

Deplorable Patriot

Here, and GAB please

Last edited 2 months ago by Deplorable Patriot

The GAB chat is not loading all the way for me. Stays stuck at 20% or so…


I’m in…on my phone at the moment. Had no problems at all, not here and not on my laptop earlier, either. Am also back on Gab but as Dahlia01 with a different email. Joined qtree group there and followed you and a couple others here I had been in touch with. Am changing a lot of email addresses right now so will keep trying to get my old Gab account back. At the moment I can still see my old profile page there but can’t get in. Oh well.


And wouldn’ ya know it! As soon as I create a new Gab account and tell everybody about it, they finally send me an email so I can change my password on my old account. So right now I am keeping both until I get everything else sorted out.


I can post here!

Down South

Good morning everyone! Stay cool

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon and everybody —
Present and accounted for!



Brave and Free

So wolf, I was able to thumbs up some comments on the open thread, but not yours….
Red box says I can’t………

Brave and Free

Working now🤗


Good morning, boss. Hope you got some sleep.


OK, here ya go … 😉


I’m in. From my phone! Hiya Wolfie and clan!


If you don’t see this I didn’t get in.


Aw, dammit you beat me to it.


Good morning, may God bless abundantly, strengthen, comfort and guide every with His mighty right Hand .. always ❤️

in the name of
The Father, the Son Jesus Christ our King and Savior,
and the Blessed Holy Spirit


Here me is 🙂


I’m in but waiting for approval ..
So very thankful for you Wolf and everything you do .. you are a monumental blessing to all .. God bless you powerfully ..




I’m here!


I’m a lurker




Sorry for the explosion – Hope and Pray you are still in one piece – God Bless!!! <3


Hi, I’m here it looks like. The site looks like it is working well, when I look at today’s daily thread, the thumbs-up mechanism, showing the number and who liked some post, looks to be very quick. Not like it was the last few days with clicking or moving the mouse-cursor over the number and …w…a…i…t…. for a bit before something happened. None of that now!

There might be other less obvious improvements, and all looks good so far.


We’ll see how this goes…


Hello. It is I, the peacheggplant.




Seems ok…but my display name change at WP has never shown up here at theqtree although it appears at other WP sites.


Hi Wolfie…

I think I’m here 😉


Howdy 👋🏻


I’m here! But I haven’t logged out since signing in yesterday. I hope I don’t run into trouble after I get logged out and sign back in.

Last edited 2 months ago by EllieLA

Felicitious and salubrious greetings to everyone.

(shades of Eugene Meltsner – Adventures In Odyssey)

Valerie Curren

My kids Loved Adventures in Odyssey!

Cuppa Covfefe

Anymore it seems like we’re living in “Adventures in Oddity”…

Valerie Curren

No doubt or perhaps Travels Through Tyranny!


The original actor who played John Avery Whitaker was the same one who played the drunk Otis on the Andy Griffith Show. He did a terrific job playing (voice) Mr. Whitaker. A lot of heart.

Valerie Curren

That’s a fun piece of trivia–thanks!


Just checked a bio of him. His name is Harold “Hal” Smith. Born in Petoskey, MI in 1916.

Valerie Curren

Thanks! Always fun to learn of another Michigan connection. 🙂 Petoskey is a lovely community along Lake Michigan.

A fraternity brother of my dad’s lives there & our families used to go camping annually, for Labor Day Weekend, iirc. Well years later I attended college in Tulsa & stayed out in OK for a few years after graduating. One of my roomies after school was a college friend from Delaware.

This roomie decided to go to grad school at Liberty Univ in Virginia. She met this guy from Michigan & mentioned she’d had a MI roommate named Valerie. He said he used to go camping w/ a V so just for fun they went to compare V’s last name, which was the same, aka moi. Strange small world.

Reminds me of a time my brother & I were both flying out of Chicago & waiting for our flights. We started people watching & imagining the first names of the people we were watching. One of us says “that looks like a Linda” & the other says “that Is Linda” & it was a friend from a different family we used to vacation with every year (my god parents). Funny we were all from the Detroit area but ran into each other in the Windy City…


Yes, a strange small world at times.

By far and away the most unusual “small world” story I’ve run across is this one. Have a box of tissues handy. Uplifting.


Valerie Curren

Thanks, I’ll check that out. Blessings!

Cuppa Covfefe

Adventures in Odyssey were great!

(and Storybook Tree, Donut Man, Veggie Tales… those were the days… they have one here called “Verbotene Geschichte” which is about the early church amongst the Catacombs, great for kids)…


Have you heard the audio presentation of “Treasures of the Snow” by Patricia St John? If not, it’s Christian based, and if I remember right, the setting is in Switzerland. For awhile at least, it was broadcast on the Moody Broadcast Network yearly for several days around Christmas. You can find both the radio presentation and the movie at YouTube in the U.S.

Also, there was a radio show called Ranger Bill (Warrior of the Woodland) that is Christian based on YouTube. Quite a few episodes are available on YouTube U.S. They were made during the 1950’s and early 1960’s

They were geared for kids, but I still enjoyed them.




Just to see if I am in. If so, then back to lurking.




Here goes .. 😐


.. well I remember somethings, 😜


Okay so I was able to log in … I don’t know if I’m ok .. sorry to be a pest .. 😞🤚 ..

Cuppa Covfefe

Why change now 😆

(just kidding, good to see you here!)…


LOL … 😂🤚 … 😐😮😁👍 … bwahahahahaha .. 😜❤️


.. awesome 😎👍 … 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 …


I am in was not kicked out  😀 

Valerie Curren

from today’s daily so you don’t miss it Wolf…

comment image


 July 28, 2021 12:21

Wolf, I went online with my laptop since I am working on Friday’s opener. WP keeps me logged in on the laptop.
But something weird happened. I was on today’s thread when two WP windows opened and said something like the page I was trying to edit was no longer there. First, I wasn’t trying to edit anything! Then it asked me if I wanted to see if the page was in the Wayback Machine. So I clicked on that and it said the page was not in the Wayback machine, either.
I’m spooked now. ï»¿ 😬 

Marc Pilato

posting comment from a lurker