A Really Fun Bad (and Thankfully Short) Movie About The DemCom War on America’s Physicians and Patients

Please forgive me for showing you this, but I can’t help myself. I’m still laughing.

Here is what I saw on Gab, that led me to the video I want to show you.

Dr. Simone Gold @DrSimoneGold ·

This was truly shocking.

Kristina Lawson, President of the California Medical Board, can’t answer simple questions from a physician about her offices attack on hydroxychloroquine or threatening to revoke MD’s licenses for prescribing it.

Her corruption is rampant.

Watch on Rumble: 


That shortlink leads HERE, to a much longer (20 minute) video, really a mini movie.


Now, this movie is TERRIBLE, but it’s also GREAT.

I almost can’t believe that AFLDS.org produced this thing. Some of it is just CRINGEVILLE. BUT – I have to admit – it’s persuasive as all get-out. For normies, it’s a nice compilation of the problems with the vaccines INJECTIONS.

However, the over-done production, the cliche jokes, and the corny bad writing just make this every bit as fun as Robot Monster and Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Where it’s good, it’s good, but where it’s bad, it’s hilariously bad.

Please forward to future former friends, if you dare.

I think some guy named Alinsky said something about ridicule, or maybe it was about people not being able to walk the streets, or something like that. Are we there yet?


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Brave and Free

Great find Wolf, definitely will send to others. Maybe they’ll wake up ??

Barb Meier

Medical information is typically so dry with unintelligible names for conditions and drugs. In my family, we often go in pairs to listen to doctors prognoses of our conditions and discuss and personally research afterward. We simply cannot digest it all, no matter how educated we think we are. The 20-minute video is fun. If we can’t laugh, we will cry at the horror of what so many have done to humanity. The longer video connects dots that many already know. It is hard to put it all together for us normies, especially due to the chaos of many different abusive media, government, and tech lies. I found no lies in the video to quibble with. We know all these pieces and the video puts them all together in a way that anyone could follow. Thanks for sharing this Wolf! I will share it with my family because it does not condescend to viewers, it just gathers the bits of data in an approachable and might I say “novel” way.


Barb, I’m with you about going to the doctor in pairs. My brother and I don’t allow my mother to go to the doctor alone. She just accepts whatever they say, even when it is obviously wrong for her. We’ve stopped a couple of very bad mistakes with regards to her medication. I think all of us should question what we are told and do our own research. The past 2 years have proven beyond reasonable doubt that most doctors just go along to get along and don’t use critical thought when treating their patients. I’ve known this for a couple of decades as I have a couple of autoimmune diseases that are easy to treat and easy to recover from – if they are treated properly, which in most cases they are not.

Gail Combs

Wolfie as a pre-teen I did that for my Mom. I was always interested in biology so I acted as an interpreter for my Mom translating science – speak into layman’s language. Mom’s doctor wanted to sponsor me to medical school as a result!


I find it amusing the woman/cur will not respond .. 😂🤚😑🤚 …

She’s an evil turd bullying doctors, not even a doctor and has to be PROTECTED from a doctor asking for the truth. I hope she falls in the category of “they won’t be able to walk the streets”

Miserable pissant


Awesome W0lf, thank you 🙂👍🇺🇸😖🇺🇸


I can’t get past the header image. Horrifying and so apt.


It’s the creepy dead sculpture eyes. 🤔

Last edited 1 year ago by Gingersmom2009

And the predatory look.