The Red and the Black

I will try to make this fast.

Yesterday evening began a long discussion of Dark Brandon’s little speech with the odd lighting that created a Nazi eagle illusion in Independence Hall (yes, they’re THAT evil).


Among the things I said was this:

I think this was for the literally satanic part of his audience.

This was a “rite” of some kind.

Later, I said this:

Several of the top Nazis were occultists. Two of the top BLM gals are practicing satanists. Hollywood loves it like a good fetish.

I am certain there is a big satanic component behind this puppet government.

Gil00 asked me to expand on this, as well as other comments further down the page.

First of all, do read Sadie’s comments HERE, which I am also including now.

Sadie Slays

Sadie Slays


 September 1, 2022 22:03

DP posted this tweet upthread, but I wanted to make a separate thread about it.

Today—9/1—is the start of False Flag season. The numbers 9 and 1 almost always show up in their major ops (9/11, COVID-19, Route 91 Las Vegas concert).

So no, Ric, I don’t think this was a “huge mistake” at all. I think the date and set are deliberate. I think this is a ritual or, at the very least, the official start of their new psy-op for false flag season.

Dark blood red background, evil and condescending tone of voice & squinting eyes.

Negative words & themes – and constant condemnation.

Who staged this? Who wrote this?

Huge mistake.

— Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) September 2, 2022

Later, Sadie brought this information:

Sadie Slays

Sadie Slays


 September 2, 2022 02:36

4chan weighs in on The Ritual. Predictions are that they’re laying the groundwork for 1) arresting Trump, 2) executive order “fortifying” the upcoming mid-terms (prediction not pictured in screenshot), or 3) assassination psy-op (wouldn’t surprise me at this point if that’s how they discard the puppet). Only posting this in case one of the above actually happens. They’re clearly laying the groundwork for something.

comment image

I don’t really have insight into what the satanic or Luciferian goals are here, but I want to talk about some things that will assure you of exactly what we are up against, and why your faith in God – and from that, in His divine providence for America – through the most terrible times – is absolutely critical.

First, let’s look at the symbolism of “the red and the black”. The following web site is an amazing reference. I really encourage you to check it out, to see examples of red/black occult symbolism.



One key point from the linked page is as follows:

“To worship Lucifer, one must wear mostly red and black.”

Note that not everybody who ever wore red and black was a satanist or Luciferian. You can rightly assume that every occultist worshiping Lucifer has likewise not worn black and red, either. That’s not what I’m saying, and not what the reference implies. However, you can be sure that there are people in Hollywood and the music industry, who are actively promoting satanic and Luciferian memes, actions, images and references, to be fronted by the people they control. A fashion choice of red and black often has MEANING. Remember that LIES are fine with these people. Implications that their “stars” are on a satanic or Luciferian path may simply be one more deception. Or maybe not. The SYMBOLS, however, are often the point.

Now – I had learned about the “red/black” occult thing when I was much younger. I had a friend who had the most excellent Blue Oyster Cult double album, way back when, which made me an instant fan of their music.

Our peer group debated whether the members of Blue Oyster Cult were ACTUALLY occultists of some kind, or just making teasing references to occult things.

Some of my friends assured me that these people were just kidding around – that they were very smart and intelligent people, having a good time by making all these satanic references, but no way were they ACTUALLY occultists, which we thought was dumb.

I mean, the name of the album is “On Your Feet Or On Your Knees” – right? The gloved hand holding the song listing on the vinyl? YAGODDABEKIDDIN. Right? It is SO over the top. Just ridiculous.

Well, the occult symbolism is indeed so pervasive, that I figured out EVENTUALLY, one way or the other, it’s not good. My attitude about Satan and the occult NOW is that it’s all one big classic “fuck around and find out” scenario. You gonna dabble, even “not really”? You gonna die.

But back then? Aw, it’s just stupid and funny. These people can’t be REAL occultists. They’re just having a good time.

BUT – setting that all aside, one of my friends was very informed about Satanists, and he assured me that the song “The Red and the Black”, which appears on that double album, was glorifying the satanic colors – which were also the Nazi colors.

Using another BOC song, “ME 262” – about a German WWII airplane, this person convinced me that the members of the band were also, to some extent, what we called “Hitler freaks” – people who were fascinated by Hitler and the Nazis – but not ACTUALLY Nazis. Indeed, back in that day, a lot of Jewish guys laughed at and made fun of Nazis – both the originals and any reincarnations. ME 262 seemed in that vein. Again, THAT was part of why “The Red and The Black” seemed similarly unserious. It wasn’t just an occult joking thing – it was also a Nazi joking thing.


He told me that BOC “got off” on sliding nutty lyrics and topics past people – that this somewhat cynical love of fooling people was really what was going on – and NOT that these people were real occultists of any kind.

Even the band’s name, which can be abbreviated as “B. O. Cult”, was just guys with a sense of humor.

Now – you may accept that, or not. You may realize that “fooling people” is a HUGE part of the occult – or you may think one would be overreacting to be suspicious of comedy. But what I’m going to do now is to freak you out just a bit.

You have surely heard “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, and the innocent explanation thereof. We’ve discussed that on this site. As many have noted, there are even Christian interpretations of the song.

Here is an exemplary “normie” reaction to the song.

But where I want to take you next, is the transition from normie to how this song has “naturally” been used in movies and television.

If that album cover with the magician is going to wake you up a bit, now might be a good time.

Watch the transition in the first few minutes of this next video (which you have to watch on YouTube).


First, the song was used in the horror movie Halloween – and its remake.

It was also used in the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand” – as the background music peering over dead bodies from a “real” pandemic.

The rest of the analysis shows that this really is an ingenious song – but I truly want to caution people that, just because there is definitely a nice, innocent, and almost (but not quite) pure reading of it – indeed, a very tempting reading of it – there are MANY other readings of it.

And THAT gets to the heart of BOC’s music, IMO. It is indeed poetic, having layers of meanings. And if you’ve read anything about the poets of yore, you know that they themselves often had multiple levels to their own personas, many of those levels FAR from moral.

Now – let’s get back to “The Red and the Black”.

Another version of the song:

Here are the lyrics.

[Verse 1: Eric Bloom]
Canadian Mounted, baby
Police force at work
Red and Black
It’s their color scheme
Get their man
In the end

[Chorus: Eric Bloom]
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) oh yeah, my honey knows it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(All right) oh yeah, baby knows it’s all right
(You’d kill, you’d maim) ah, c’mon kill ’em
(You’d kill, look out)
[Verse 2: Eric Bloom]
C’mon my husky
Frontenac Chateau, baby
I cross the frontier at ten
I got a whip in my hand, baby
And a girl or a husky
At leather’s end

[Chorus: Eric Bloom]
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) oh yeah, baby knows it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(All right) oh yeah, baby, yeah it’s all right
(You’d kill, you’d maim) ah, c’mon kill ’em now
(You’d kill, you’d maim)

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3: Eric Bloom]
Hornswoop me bungo pony on dogsled on ice!
Make a dash for freedom, baby
Don’t skate on polar ice
It’s too thick to be sliced by the light!
Of long and white polar nights
[Chorus: Eric Bloom]
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) oh yeah, baby knows it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(It’s all right) it’s all right
(All right) yeah, knows it’s all right
(You’d kill, you’d maim) ah, c’mon and kill now
(You’d kill, you’d maim) maim ’em too
Ah, break it up

[Instrumental Outro]

Ah – so “The Red and the Black” is just a fun, nutty song about the Canadian Mounties?

Maybe the same mounties that seem to have gone the way of the FBI vis-a-vis those truckers who didn’t want to get injected with a globalist depopulation shot?

What I find interesting is that by making a bit of a “Canada to Germany” switch, the song makes a lot more sense. My friend back in the day swore that the song was a thinly disguised glorification of “S&M”, and that it was indeed about the Nazis.

Who knows?

And if band members said otherwise, would you believe them?

No matter what, I think we should all take note of which B.O. Cult album that song happens to appear on.

Tyranny and Mutation

Kind of an odd coincidence, for sure. But that’s how things roll in the Satanic world, IMO. Signs and warnings. Which is also why “symbolism is their downfall”.

(Hat tips WSB and Sadie)……

Seriously, the back of that album tells you a lot about the band. Worth a close reading.

“Diabolically imagistic lyrics”?

Or as stated by a critic…..

Robert Christgau, writing for The Village Voice, praised the band’s disregard for “the entire heavy ethos”, but wondered if the “parody-surreal refraction of the abysmal ‘poetry’ of heavy” in the lyrics could be a start for a return to conformism.[9]

Like I said, many levels to those lyrics.

Easily more than nine – most of which you can stay off of, if you’re smart.

You choose your own interpretations! Indeed, choosing one’s own interpretation (e.g., “Deplorables”) is a way of FIGHTING BACK SPIRITUALLY.


It’s totally legitimate to PUSH BACK spiritually.

But as far as COLORS, I’ll be sticking to the red, white and blue!


Some history of BOC, for those interested…..

Note commendation of band member as an educator by President Barack Obama. (!!!!!)

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Brave and Free

Thanks Wolf for this, very insightful.
We’re in difficult times for sure.
When the MSM didn’t carry his speech that’s telling right there, definitely signaled to someone IMO.


Indeed. I can feel it. Massive false flag, IMHO.

Deplorable Patriot

Just to give alternative symbolism to the colors:

Black in the Christian west is mourning. Priests and some orders of sisters and nuns wear it as a foreshadowing of their death.

SCARLETT (red) is the color of passion. Yes, and blood, which is a passionate thing in and of itself from a Christian perspective. In traditional stage work, as well, women of passion wear red. Watch a good production of Shakespeare’s Othello sometime, and the symbolism smacks in the face.


“Our race is marked by jet black and crimson skin. Just like you…”

— Black DoomShadow the Hedgehog

Black and red. In western culture, these are the two most sinister colors, as red typically conveys the meaning of blood or anger, and black is that of darkness or death. Being a very visually striking combination, they can also convey a sense of power. Together, they can also give the impression of burning coal or wood, i.e. “fire and destruction”. Sticking to these two colors is common for designers who want to create something as sinister as possible.

A favorite color for villainous characters to dress in (when they aren’t wearing purple, green, and orange). For example, most Ominous Opera Capes are a case of this: black on the outside, red on the inside (which is really common with vampires). It should be noted that this trope is not just a list of villains wearing black and red; it can apply to non-character elements as well. For example, this is common for the covers and credit sequences of horror books, films, and games, to show that a work is Darker and Edgier.

Of course not every instance of red or black indicates evil or the occult, but those who want to convey those meanings do choose those colors.

We fought the Redcoats during the Revolution.

Red was the uniform colour adopted by the first permanent regiment of the British Army, the Yeoman of the Guard, (the Beefeaters), during the reign of Henry VIII. In 1645, this colour was adopted when the first permanent army was raised. Red was not used in order to hide blood stains. Rather, every army adopted certain colours as their national colours. French soldiers tended to wear blue; Russians wore green; British wore red.

I never listened to B.O.Cult. For bands like that, despite the amazing musicianship, it was too much work to figure out what they were trying to convey. Too much noise for me. 😣


Mr gil saw them in concert a time or two. When ive mentioned these types of things he poohpoohs it as their artist s, not good people, but i like the music.
Im tempted to share this w him but dont want a suspicious cat brush off.


Church lady works tho…and is frequently correct. You know i got my dads albums and hifi set when he died. I couldnt maintain the set. Old good 1970s equipment andvsold it to a guy who rehabs and ships them to Japan. Looking through his albums, i remembered him telling me about the classics he had, how things got ruined, etc. He would keep a room for listening and have me in there with one of those changing light show things. I remember disco star wars he got for me.
But once i had to delete i found a recording of a black mass. Commercial, not like he did it. I know the magical, fantady, occult stuff was yuge in the 1970s, but it was wierd. They took pics to make it seem cool.
I think i tossed it out.
Im sure he just wanted to hear it, but someone funded it and printed it. 🤔


I hadn’t really thought about it that way for the most part, i.e., the people who opposed various rock music were looking for hidden meanings, regardless of whether they actually existed, or not.

I wasn’t looking for hidden meanings, or even whatever the meaning was supposed to be, if the musician had an obvious message in the song.

That’s another reason why I disliked MTV so much. My own interpretation of a song that I liked, from hearing it on the radio (or in my own collection), rarely had much to do with the images or messages presented in the video, unless it was just a basic live performance.

Like the difference between a book and a movie. My own imagination and interpretation were usually better than the film version.

Music and lyrics are often personal, in the sense that we perceive it through the multitude of filters of our own life experience, or associate a song with a particular time or place (nostalgia factor), and ‘see’ meaning that is often a creation of our own imagination.

According to many musicians I have heard in interviews, lyrics are often ambiguous or vague on purpose, so every listener can take from it what they want and make it their own. They reach a much broader audience that way, than writing something so specific that only a relatively small segment of the public will be able to relate to and appreciate it.

Joni Mitchell described it this way in her song Blue, from the album of the same title (1971) (my favorite Joni Mitchell album, btw 😁 ):

Blue… songs are like tattoos
You know I’ve been to sea before
Crown and anchor me
Or let me sail away
Hey Blue, here is a song for you
Ink on a pin
Underneath the skin
An empty space to fill in

The artist creates a tune, something with a catchy hook or rhythm or beat, and adds some vague lyrics that could mean lots of different things to different people, and then we fill in the empty spaces, making it our own.

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

So there could certainly be hidden meanings or messages in many song lyrics, and I’m sure there are — in which case the people who were looking for them were right, at least some of the time.

But I suspect a lot of those hidden meanings and messages don’t mean anything to most people, at least at a conscious level.

The subliminal effect could be a whole different thing though, affecting cultural norms, values, etc., if it was intentional, and consistent, and pervasive, over a lengthy period of time.

Cuppa Covfefe has TONS of articles on the music industry (including K-Pop, et. al.) and the demonic and MK forces therein. They appear to have put up a paywall, but maybe there are articles on the wayback machine as well.

The things that happened to Britney Spears are the rule, as opposed to the exception… and Disney has a large hand in all of the perversion and manipulation.

Family entertainment? Maybe for families like the Bye,Dones or the Piglosis…..


comment image

Deplorable Patriot

Why are Demorat wives just…blah?


“Why are Demorat wives just…blah?”



Conservative women, like most normal people, try to make themselves look their best when appropriate, or at least presentable.

Democrat women hate conservative women and don’t ever want to be mistaken for a conservative woman — and they’re very good at it.

Also, most democrat women are radical feminists, conflicted man-haters who deep-down really want to be men, which is another reason why they go out of their way to never appear attractive in a feminine way.

Think Archie Bunker wearing a potato sack, that’s the look they’re going for. They’ll never be confused with a conservative woman looking like that.

And then there’s the ‘uniform’ aspect. Democrats wear a type of uniform. It could be an unkempt appearance, it could be non-matching clothing, it could be intentionally mis-matching clothing, or a combination, but it’s a way to both distinguish themselves from regular Americans (who they don’t want to be anything like), and a way to identify each other. 👍


That was VERY complementary of you.

Cuppa Covfefe

Here’s “Red and Black” from Les Miserables (sorry about the miserable subtitles).

The French Revolution had plenty of red, black, and probably other colors mixed in, and certainly dark forces were at play there, as well…


Only familiar with three B.O.C. songs, now that I think about it:

Don’t Fear the Reaper


Veteran of the Psychic Wars (from the 1981 album Fire of Unknown Origin, but I know it from the soundtrack to the animated film Heavy Metal, 1981)

I had never given much thought to the ‘occult’ aspects of Blue Oyster Cult, before now.

Brave and Free

Saw BOC, was the opening act for Black Sabbath with Ozzy in the seventies. Didn’t pay attention to what they may have been conveying in their songs.
Like they say if you can’t remember the 70’s you weren’t there, LOL


Hmm…most of the people I know who were around in the 70’s CAN’T remember anything!


If anyone needs some ammo if a liberal gives you any shit about noting the symbolism SO OBVIOUS in the pResident’s hate-filled rant last night, remind them of this:

“The 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has made a bold and unequivocal statement about where their loyalties lie: squarely with the hateful rhetoric and policies of former president Donald Trump. This includes CPAC attendees going all in on white supremacy and Nazism, from their talking points, speakers and actions down to the very design of their main stage at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando. Twitter users pointed out the the stage design is a replica of the Odal rune.”

This was VERY benign, and NOT a representation of anything, and yet the leftist lunatics turned it into a catastrophe!


The similarity between the Nazi Eagle, and the stage set last night is so striking it is bone-chilling. It’s like something staged for a horror movie about Hitler.

I think there are some very dark forces inhabiting this very senile, not very smart, and decrepit old man. He’s always been a piece of shit, in my opinion, but this is something else.

I felt the same about O-Satan. He has a very dark aura around him. There is just something wrong about them both.

Whatever it is, this force does not have normal human thoughts and emotions. And it has grown impatient. Which is what always happens, I think. The push is on. It is in a hurry.

All we have to do is outlast it. Because this evil always gets ahead of itself and burns out. It’s only a matter of time. Rush Limbaugh said that liberals always overreach, they just can’t help themselves. And he was right.


Oh, yes. Pray.


I didnt get the eagle at first but you cant unsee that.
Sick. I wish we knew who wrote the speech and who designed the set.
When you get that info its easier to go ohhh…finding connections elsewhere.


Hmm and we know who she works for.


Also being attributed to Anita Dunn.


Oh her! I forgot shes back. So many evil women from obummers era.


“And it has grown impatient.”


A lot of these codgers are pretty old now, on their third or fourth heart transplant, second or third liver, sixth or seventh face lift, but the same psychopathic personality.

Sorass must be 120 by now. He’s probably integrated himself with some machine, like a Borg 😂

They’ve wasted their whole lives trying to get to this moment, and it’s all slipping away because Trump ruined everything 👍😁


And it’s GLORIOUS!


“Rush Limbaugh said that liberals always overreach, they just can’t help themselves.”


That’s true.

The problem is that we never put the Overton Window back where it was before the Satan-Hitlers overreached.

So there is no penalty for their overreach, only benefit.

The pendulum never actually swings the other direction, that’s just a myth to placate the losing side. 😉


Hmmmm, history (long game) says otherwise. Just not in our lifetimes.


When does the pendulum ever swing to the right?

I’m not sure I can even come up with an example 😂

I know the MSM and government schools try to make Nazism out to be something from the right side of the political spectrum, and could then claim the ‘pendulum’ had swung too far to the right, but national socialism has nothing to do with conservatism or the ‘right’, that’s just another Leftist lie.

In my lifetime, things have only gone ever Leftward (and Leftard).

I suppose some might argue the pendulum swung to the ‘right’ during so-called ‘puritan’ times, e.g., the Salem witch trials, or during the various Inquisitions, but that’s not conservatism or ‘right’, that’s just mass-formation psychosis and/or good old fashioned tyranny.

It might be argued that things were better in America after WWII, during the late 1940s and 1950s, and that time was certainly a lot less horrific and overtly evil than more recent times, but TPTB were doing their thing in the background then too.


Whoops, forgot about the ‘McCarthy era’, which was the 1950s, when communists were busy infiltrating every aspect of America, and the MSM provided them cover and demonized McCarthy.

Now we know that McCarthy was right — but you would never learn that in a government skule.


The wild 1890s, preceded by the Victorian 1880s and followed by the conservative 1900s-1910s; the Roaring 20s, followed by the staid 1930s-1950s.

Those are the two most recent hard swings I know in America.

We are in a manufactured cycle of liberalism, that doesn’t have anything to do with human nature. It has to do with politics, specifically Marxism. So, it has been protracted past what a normal cycle would be. But human nature will eventually win out. I hope I live to see the hard swing back to conservative values.


Yes it does.


If Anita Dunn was behind this, you will have an easy answer.


Great post.

As I stated on this site a long time ago, I hear Don’t Far the Reaper as a Christian song.

Whatever it is, it is a great song.


Wolf Moon
Thank you for this very insightful piece. Yours Truly never had time to listen to rock music, let alone go a rock concert — Beethoven and Chopin were the focus.
A question: Is there another “angle” to the red theme at Independence Hall last night — An attempt by “President” Biden’s handlers to take over the “MAGA red” color symbol and incorporate it into their own propaganda?


Bravo, Wolf…so much info to consume!


I always interpreted “Don’t Fear the Reaper” as an invitation to suicide.



Just like Boston’s “Hitch a Ride”.


“Day is night in New York City
Smoke, like water, runs inside
Steel idle trees to pity
Every living thing that’s died

Gonna hitch a ride
Head for the other side
Leave it all behind
Never change my mind
Gonna sail away
Sun lights another day
Freedom on my mind
Carry me away for the last time
Oh yeah

Life is like the coldest winter
People freeze the tears I cry
Words of hail their minds are into
I’ve got to crack this ice and fly”

And, of course, Brad Delp eventually succumbed.

Happy go lucky

“colleagues who use your reagents without telling you”

☝️ It’s funny because it’s true 😂


Well, thank you, Wolf and thank you, Sadie and D.P. and others. I wonder if what R.G. meant by “mistake” was that they showed so much of thier hand too early–I’m just distrustful of so many, even people seemingly on our side. We’ve been betrayed so often. Shape-shifters. I’m not so interested in the so-called music as I’m so far removed from modern culture–music, films, Etc. It’s just all alien to me, totally. Still, I skimmed through it here. I know a little about the nazis and their occultism and there was a good deal of homosexuality and other perversion. I didn’t see the commments last evening as I was busy reading over at Last ERefuge–the commenters were really good, as was Sundance. So thank you for bringing me up to speed. I know we are indeed in that danger period, and then we all remember “October surprise.” Some have theorized markets might crash at the end of Sept. Who knows? I just feel something big is likely to disrupt the elections.


I have to tell you all I’ve never even Heard of BOC, and I’m glad I was spared till now. But I’m glad others here are so well-informed. You all study it so I don’t have to. Ha ha.


You’ve obviously led a sheltered life. Probably a good thing.  🙃 


Fascinating times we live in. I read this with interest, Wolf.

As to BOC – I liked one song, the reaper, just for the music. I never really got into the lyrics of any of the old heads’ songs that were my contemporaries so to speak. Just would pick out a line or two that I found interesting. Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Procol Harem and Emerson Lake & Palmer were on my list, but not BOC, Black Sabbath, etc.

To me Reaper is what they said it was – a version of Romeo and Juliet. Seasons end (die), only to return again – the same but different each time. Once love is bound, it lasts for eternity. Etc., etc.

All of it is a distraction away from the Cross.

However, I could definitely see where they could be used by Satanists based on their cultures and weirded out brains that would give messages that sheeple and youth could digest and incorporate into who they were. Coming out of the rebellious 60s with a culture war underway as boomers and trashing of the military – yep – easy prey.

I mean, my own father though he was reincarnated somehow because of a Marty Robbins song about El Paso rattling around in his brain and F’ing him up. Finally worked it out of him in the last year of his life and focused on Christ. Listen and read the lyrics. It’s a C&W version of BOC’s The Reaper. MK type stuff.


^^^ Great post and instructions. 👍 Would be great if folks followed that path you just described. Unless you like strife, heartache, failure, death. 😩


It’s not like Romeo and Juliet is a particularly joyful story….



Deplorable Patriot

I thought that song had to do with one of the band members being diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition, and the other guys were trying to make him feel better.


Read a story about the band member who was the lead writer and he said Romeo and Juliet, but what you described may have inspired it. Who knows?


Whoah! And I thought my brother just had a cool 78.

Last edited 1 year ago by WSB

I so agree about the overton windown never going back to where it belongs.

Sylvia Avery


I loved Don’t Fear the Reaper, but that occult stuff is way too freaky for me. I don’t need that in my head or in my life. No more Reaper.

More Cowbell!


This is about obama, it’s from four years ago. It’s about him, his visit to Pergamom and more.