Back In My Day: Battleground Arkansas Conclusion – Votes, Beans, and Civil War?

Let’s start with our dear friend’s post in a recent daily:





 November 16, 2022 07:03

Democrats know more than a dozen ways to commit election fraud – they are good at it and have lots of practice. They have cheated since the days of Huey P Long, Gene Talmadge, and the Chicago Mob Bosses.

Here are some of their methods:
• dead people on rolls still vote
• fictitious people on rolls
• people bussed across counties and states to vote illegally
• ballots harvested from nursing homes, rehab/inpatient facilities
• manufactured, pre-printed, fake ballots delivered in the dark of the night in unmarked trucks
• illegal aliens/non-citizens voting
• No voter ID required
• manipulated/hacked machines
• ballots selectively discarded
• multiple ballots mailed to phantom addresses
• people registered to vote in multiple locations receive multiple mail-in ballots, enabling them to vote multiple times
• ballots scanned through machines multiple times
• polling places run out of paper/ballots, etc. 
• ballots don’t fit machines, won’t scan/read properly

Southerners have always known that Democrat ballots didn’t really mean real live Democrat voters.  

The fraud we have seen in 2020 and 2022 is the modern evolution of the old pull the boxes of pre-filled ballots from the trunk of a car practiced all over the South since the great depression or earlier.

We’ve got to True the Vote – or we don’t have a free country – we have tyranny.

Southern Voting

Historically, southerners know all about vote cheating. It was perfected in the south. What many readers should realize is that it was the southern Democrats with the help of their northern co-conspirators who did it. The methods GA/FL list above plus some others are used throughout the country now, just emphasized in blue and swing states more heavily due to the now institutionalized corruption with foreign assistance.

An analogy of what is happening with electioneering would be the approach to enforcing the rules in the sport of football. At one time offensive linemen were penalized for holding defenders with their hands and arms. Over time it became apparent that on most every play there were multiple offenders. Calling all the penalties would result in 10 hour games and make them unplayable and unwatchable. As a result leadership in the pros, colleges, high schools, etc. approved modification of the rules to allow forms of it, while other forms would still be penalized. Yep, they kept doing the stuff that would be penalized multiple times on every play. The leadership then added an official in the backfield of the offense so that they had two officials to watch the line play and make the calls. This equated to sending FIB and DODGE to protect the elections, there was never going to be an honest attempt to enforce the laws. So, adding the extra official just added payroll with no benefit. It was lipstick on a stinky pig.

Today, the officials have become so callous to what they see that they rarely call them. They only call penalties on infractions if they are just ridiculously obvious and/or in the open view of the entire world, or, as some suggest, if they desire to influence the outcome of games. The later of which implies corruption, of course. Like maybe the stuff below.

Nah, nothing to see here with Tom Brady at QB. No penalty was called by the officials in front, behind and to the side of the ball in the above photo.

Institutionalized, illegal, unpenalized, influence on final outcomes by the enforcers of the rules.

Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it have been better to swallow big and make all the penalty calls for a season or two until the offenders stopped offending and started playing by the rules? Make it tougher while coaches learned to use players who play by the rules.

Which is all we are asking to happen in our elections, which are infinitely more important than football games. Behavioral modification methods like doing your job as an enforcer and playing the game by enforcing the laws. Round up the offenders, charge then, convict them, and have them cool their jets in prison for awhile. Problem solved.

Formerly the southern region of America was known as “The Solid South” on Election Day to the benefit of Democrats. But then the Howard Deans of the world burst on the scene and the Dems made a hard turn left without a signal. The populist, southern Democrat was rooted out of the party. The now disenfranchised southerner began adopting the GOP as the more conservative in social issues and better at economics and taxes. The GOP attempted to portray itself as moving away from its rich man’s club image to being inclusive of all people. The shift had begun. Existing and wannabe politicians began shifting to the GOP at the local level and up.

Over time we have clearly learned why the left went lefter. Globalism. Well, actually it is the godless corporate communist model of panda. Southerners in general have faith in God and Christ and that just would not do for them.

Even with the manufactured split off of the southern Democrat voters, the Dem electioneering apparatus remained in place in the south. People have to have jobs you know, even it does mean sacrificing your friends and family for Satanic influences. For them it was a matter of fueling the economic and population growth of blue disciples into the urban areas of the south and key swing states while continuing to promote the ongoing national cultural dishevel. Anything to create disunity among people works for them using the long view of their globalist backers. They also know they can influence younger people through indoctrination in public schools and promotion of social media. The further the young people are removed from real community, faith and traditional family; the more likely they are to vote for Democrats.

All of it was happening while the Establishment GOP looked on and did nothing to counter as long as they got their share. If The Solid South did not move fully to them, why should they even care? The Establishment GOP believes their jobs are about perception, to influence people to think they represent different values than the left. Losers at everything but tax cuts, which benefit them and their cronies the most, they obstruct occasionally to give the appearance of serving their supporters. I do not have to state the names of the Establishment and RINO GOP from the Senate and House here, every reader of this story can recite them by memory.

In all deference to Sundance, the two political parties may have separate corporate entities, but they are not separate entities in practice. They do not really fight against each other as many would lead you to believe. They stage it. It’s a show, a movie that has already been produced (right, Q?). For many reasons, January 6 would not have happened had that not been the case, which includes the stolen elections in which the GOP Establishment participated. The large majority of participants are all in the same Big Club by choice. Unless blackmailed or extorted they do not have to be, they choose it for personal gain and power. Most could return to the private sector and be left alone by simply keeping their mouths shut. But they don’t.

How do you think many arrive with minimal financial net worth and leave mega wealthy? That’s why there is an endless supply of them willing to take the abuse and run for office. Life, liberty and the pursuit of power and money.

My personal experiences and observations going back around 50 years has been provided in this series as my evidence. An election system is in place that is being allowed to become dysfunctional and manipulated subject to corruption and fraud. The evidence and proof is there for all to see. Both parties have been in power throughout the many decades of the existence of voter fraud with nothing materially done to change the system of doing it.


Along the way populist patriots have risen up. In recent times the Tea Party, then MAGA and PDT. A large segment of society began experiencing an awakening to the real world around them. They saw it was not a pretty scene and definitely not what it was portrayed to be for a very long time. In fact, it was seen as disgusting and unAmerican. Many wanted things fixed, a return to the values of their forefathers and God’s ways. Some non-participants in the movements stuck their heads in the sand. The largest segment of sheeple bleated their approval of the powers that be from either party as long as a stimulus check was given, there was free to cheap healthcare and they could access social media. But the Establishment GOP and Democrats have been united. They want the patriot movements destroyed to never rise again. Don’t take my word for it, listen to them and watch their actions. They openly say it and act on it.

Goober Plays the Game

It was 1983 and I had finished a round of golf at the local club. While chatting with friends, a well known Democrat Party frumpy female operative made her way over to talk with me. She immediately started a conversation about why I had openly supported the local GOP candidate who had lost a surprisingly close race for HR in our district the previous year against the long term incumbent Dem rep, Bill Alexander. She knew I was active in local community organizations and on the Board of my employer’s employee led PAC.

I responded directly that the GOP opponent in the race was a future local circuit court judge and friend who I knew would look after the best interests of the people in NE Arkansas first and foremost. I added that I felt it was time for a move away from Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry type politics in Arkansas. Alexander was in the back pocket of both. She seemed somewhat taken aback by my response, probably because of how tight she was with my ex’s family. She then asked me why I was not registered to vote in that county.

I played her game. She obviously had been checking me out and was correct. I replied I had not yet registered in Arkansas after having been a resident of three states in my more recent past. She asked where I was registered, but a friend walked over about then and rescued me. Which was good, because I was about to tell her to shove it. I was able to move on without responding.

What she had not yet figured out is I had never registered to vote in my life up to that point. Besides being young and not all that interested in politics, I saw very little of value to support. Voting seemed to make no difference in the average person’s life. You could tell no difference in the results of either party. The economy was awful, Iran had just made us look like chumps, Vietnam and Watergate still rolled through my mind. My participation on the PAC Board was at my employer’s request. They chose me for the role, I never asked or wanted it, even if it ended up being a lot of fun causing the GOP Establishment and Democrats some trouble.

As I looked around me that is all I saw, the haves and have nots. The agriculture industry wanted low wage labor. It was amusing to watch $3-5 per hour labor driving then $70 K cotton pickers and combines on all the farms. Then the farm owners would wonder why they would be wrecked or always down for repairs at harvest time. The wealthier farmland owners openly worked against manufacturing and distribution employers locating there. In their minds the wages and benefits would be pushed higher and reduce their pool of cheap labor. The Dem politicians wanted lower income, lesser educated residents in large numbers for the votes they would get by sponsoring and voting in DC for entitlement programs. If there were more jobs and the local wage base went up, more people would work and thrive, coming out of poverty. They would identify less with them and more with the GOP. It was a system that led to the area having 35-40% of its residents living below the poverty line year after year, decade after decade, cradle to grave in awful living conditions. That was happening despite having a SAC Air Force base with a B-52 squadron in a nearby town along with all of the related personnel and support businesses there. The Democrats needed that to stay to keep lower paid military people who could rarely afford to spend money in the local economy that were totally dependent on the federal government. But hey, they got their votes.

It had existed that way for decades despite having direct access to I-55, being less than an hour from I-40 in the Memphis area that crosses the entire USA from shore to shore, the Mississippi River and ports within 30 minutes, halfway between Chitcago and New Orleans at the Gulf, with ample developmental land and utility infrastructure, and a low cost workforce available with ample ability to add low cost housing.

Intentionally restricted. It was disgusting. Fellow American citizens who were relegated to lives of poverty, who really did not know any better. I hated it, so I did what little I could against the people causing it. What a waste of potential human capital for their own families and lives as well as our nation. I am very sure the evil enslavement did not escape God’s attention.

The community itself was well on its way to dying. In 1991, Clinton authorized the closing of bases around the country and the local SAC base was on that list. The globalists decided it was time to use the tax revenues and deficit spending in other ways since the Iron Curtain had fallen. With its closing and without manufacturing and distribution to carry the day, the community began the painful process of dying slowly with population declining from 24 K when I lived there to 13 K today. Used and abused by the politicians that claimed to support them. The wealthy farmland owners picked up more cheap labor from the closed businesses that supported the air base. The Democrats got to keep the remaining votes of the people who existed on those government checks.

The last person out of there, please turn out the lights.

But Wait, There’s MOAR!

About a year later in 1984 it became time to leave a loveless, fraud of a marriage along with my ex’s family and their cronies’ duplicity and corruption for good. I filed for divorce, shocking quite a few in the community and made the physical move to east TN later that summer. I was fortunate to have the support of many friends who fully understood and assisted me in various ways including three younger men my age that shored me up as a human being and Christian. There will be more on that in a future story.

I went to the east TN DMV to have my driver’s license changed, obtain a new car tag and register to vote for the very first time. My new job offered upside in my chosen career of business banking and a fresh start in an area of the country I loved with extended family and roots. Having been thrashed by Satan a bit, I also finally understood the value of actually voting, even if it was just in protest of the world around me.

Soon after that I learned from my Arkansas divorce attorney in a follow-up that I was registered to vote there. He was on the local election commission and casually asked me if I had registered yet in TN. I told him that it was not possible for me to be registered in AR, that I had never registered anywhere before my move to TN. Then it hit me – the Dem operative. I asked him to also check with the county of my last residence in Missouri when he had the opportunity. A few weeks later he called to say the same thing happened there. Had we continued the process I am sure we would have found I had supposedly registered in Ohio where I grew up. Well, wasn’t I special, having the right to vote in three different states! I asked him to have my name removed in the other places.

My ex’s family handled all of our federal tax filings through the years of our marriage. They had my social security number and all other personal information. It appeared the Dem operative got the information from my ex’s family and had managed to register me to vote in both counties in the two states. The county officials in that part of the country at that time were deeply Democrat and corrupt. I did not have the presence of mind back then to ask my attorney about how long I had been registered or if they showed I voted in each location. My ex’s family skirted many a law in those days, so none of it surprised me. One way was with a vote fraud conviction years before I met my ex that I was unaware of before marriage. More on that at a later date.

It Takes Time – The Long View

Many southern voters began moving toward the GOP about the time I arrived in TN. Over the ensuing 35+ years the Democratic party began to fade from power in TN except in the two major urban areas of Memphis and Nashville. It has evolved to the point that the state legislature and governor’s office have been overwhelming controlled by the GOP for over a dozen years, whereas Arkansas flipped to total GOP control a half dozen years ago. With the political changes came great prosperity and population growth while becoming even more traditional and conservative as a culture in much of the state.

The GOP in TN is more conservative than in Arkansas. For too long the people in TN watched the incompetency, nasty actions and scandals of politicians that did not reflect their values. Changes were made at the grassroots that resulted in the fruits of today. We’ve had more time to flush out the leftist control foisted up on us by other regions of America. Most Establishment types decided they better lean right harder when put under the microscope that we keep them under now. As an example former Gov. Bill Haslam, a Bush backer, has no shot to be elected for anything currently. He refused to move right, we refused to open the door. But as I stated in a previous part, former Senator Bob Corker is a family friend, so no Haslam will move right toward MAGA and Trump. As a result the Bush and Haslam friend in the primary for governor in 2018, Randy Boyd, did not win despite being a qualified candidate. It was a Christian business and family man with no political experience or entanglements and a soft, plain speaking demeanor who won, Bill Lee. Who also just landslided into a second term. It took patience while he learned on the job, but it has been well worth it to rid ourselves of cronyism. It is 8/9 GOP HR and both Senators for TN. Only the Memphis area’s Dem Rep. Cohen, and he is really dim, is still in office.

The need to root out RINOs and lean on Establishment in Arkansas is greater. The landslide election of Sarah Huckabee Sanders should assist this process. As I laid it out previously, in the past Arkansas only had one GOP HR and no GOP Senators with just a once-in-a-long-while GOP governor. With GOP Gov. Mike Huckabee’s arrival in the governor’s mansion combined with the the Clinton’s grifting, corruption and sexploits in the White House; that began to significantly change as the average Arkansan was upset and embarrassed. Today, Arkansas is totally controlled by the GOP from Little Rock to DC elected officials. For every delusional RINO like Asa, a dinosaur from the Arkansas mafia days, there are two or more rising MAGA politicians. The DC representation in the HR and Senate is 100% GOP in AR. They have to lean harder on their GOP Establishment types like Cotton, but they now have the power to do so.

I hope my friends and readers will pay attention to what I now say because it is what PDT along with many other MAGA supporting politicians and leaders are attempting to accomplish in the public arena. He has been openly stating it in his rallies. We need GOP Establishment and populists to join our ranks. It is why he will endorse a Rubio or Oz. Yes, they need to be re-indoctrinated into the guiding principles of our founding documents and America First. They need us and we need them. It will be a longer slog with an uncertain outcome if we do not embrace those who have gone astray, yet, are redeemable. The only things that cannot be sacrificed are our MAGA principles. They need to adapt to our ways now. Which means there needs to be watchers (operatives) employed among them and the sheeple, just as the Democrats have done since The Civil War. They learned that you have community observers and influencers. This was used and took a more ominous turn in countries ruled by fascism and communists. Democrats were given more modern methods as they aligned themselves with panda. Yet, there is nothing wrong with having influencers and observers within the public if they follow the law. It just makes good sense to know who is with and against you along with their positions on the issues.

We know we need to open our doors to some who have been less than politically ethical or pure. It is the right thing to do because that is exactly what God did for us with our eternal souls through the unearned and undeserved gift of sacrifice and love of our Savior. It is also what our founding fathers and patriots have done throughout the history of America. It has been messy. There were rival groups who worked against the formation as well as continuation of the nation. However, patriots prevailed and delivered the founding principles that are the envy of every nation on earth throughout world history. Reconciliation ensued. We survived the violence of that war 160 years ago only to rebuild and make positive changes.

Which is why our enemies have worked so hard to circumvent MAGA and the patriots.

Canned Beans

As I move to finish most of the observations, people of interest and events of my days in Arkansas, I would be remiss to not discuss a prominent family with whom I became acquainted and had a relationship. Some readers will have heard about or consumed their products.

Bush’s Beans from Bush Brothers and Company.

Wait, you say, Bush’s Beans was headquartered in Chestnut Hill in East TN back then. It has a 115+ year history of being headquartered in East TN, with the main office now in Knoxville. How does that tie into Arkansas? Let’s do a brief company ownership and leadership history to explain.

AJ Bush started a tomato canning company in partnership with the Stokely family in 1904. Yes, the larger veggie canning company already in existence back then in the same area of east TN. The Stokely family that later bought Van Camps and who later developed the Gatorade product and sold their company to Quaker Oats in the mid 80s. AJ bought Stokely out four years after start up and brought his two sons into partnership with him, Fred and Claude. The three then went about building their company into the top brand for canned beans in the south. There were always cans in my Mamaw and Papaw’s pantry in east TN during our visits. Dad said he grew up on them. Claude was in my grandparents’ age bracket and lived about an hour’s drive away.

The current company website info is below.

The story of their growth into an industry leader is well documented.

It connects to Arkansas when the Bush family bought a struggling canning operation in NE Arkansas in 1944 after the TVA acquired some prime farmland of theirs in east TN. As the story goes, the founder and father, AJ, passed away soon after in 1946. Claude’s older brother, Fred, took over as company CEO. The TVA went on to build a dam and create Douglas Lake in that area. The Bush family used part of the proceeds of the sale to buy that operation in Arkansas to gain access to product and new markets. The AR location continued to do poorly after their acquisition due to overall economy pressures, so Claude loaded up his family and headed to Blytheville, AR to take over and turn it around, which he did successfully. He and his wife also decided to make the community their home for the rest of their lives. The company continued to prosper. In 1959 Claude took over as CEO after the death of Fred. He then commuted between AR and East TN frequently. For perspective of his dedication to staying in AR, he drove the 450 miles to the company’s headquarters multiple times each month for years. Claude felt it was time to expand due to the company’s strong cash and receivables positions, so they acquired canning operations in Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Louisiana while also adding their own trucking company.

After getting that done, Claude retired from daily operations in 1965 at age 70 and became Chairman. His brother-in-law, CJ Ethier took over as President and CEO until retiring at which time, Claude’s oldest son, Condon, took over as President and CEO. Son Condon had moved to Blytheville with his parents as a youngster. He returned to Knoxville to attend the University of Tennessee. After graduation he joined the Army. When his father purchased the Wisconsin canning operation, he left the Army and headed there with his family to become Plant Manager, which is where his son, Jay, grew up. While in Wisconsin, Condon developed the Bush’s Best Baked Bean formula that made the company famous nationwide and is the subject of the ads linked below.

Claude retired as Chairman during the time I moved with my ex back to the area in 1978. Ethier then took over as Chairman and CEO until 1992, when Condon moved back to Knoxville and took over as CEO with son Jay taking his spot as the Wisconsin plant manager. Jay moved back to Knoxville at the death of his father and had already become the public face and spokesman for the company.

For decades after that through today the Bush family has remained in ownership and operation of the company although they expanded the Board in the 1990s to modernize company leadership to stop family infighting and improve operations. They added four executives to the Board from other national companies that included Hershey and Gerber. It worked well and the company grew exponentially into the industry leader. In 2007 they finalized a unique family trust that is run by a family “senate” for executive, Board level decisioning. The ownership of the trust is comprised of the individual trusts of all of the family members with ownership, which is around 90 people now. Over the past ten years or so they began hiring highly qualified executive management outside of the family to lead the company into its continuing bright future.

In the early-mid 90s Jay and the outside marketing team hit on a simple, fun, award winning advertising campaign with a dog, Duke, that was a similar breed to his own pet. Below are some short ads for those who have not seen them or want to watch again. The first is from near the start of the campaign. They have not run the campaign since the last acting Duke passed in 2018.

Stay with this one as there are several over the course of one minute.

My personal connection story begins with Claude and son, Allen Bush, an attorney, along with their wives Kathleen and Ann respectively. I first met Claude at the club golf course in 1981. All golfing members understood that Claude and two of his buddies had the same tee time on specific weekdays, so don’t ask for that time. They did not play on weekends. Claude was around 85 years old and the middle kid in the golfing threesome. The oldest was around 90 and the other was around 80. It was fun to watch them and they were loved by all. They would talk and joke around with everybody until it was time to play. Each would tee up and hit the ball 150 yards down the middle, then do it again, then pitch it on the green and then make the putt. Each would ride to their ball in their own golf cart. It was all done with military precision. After they finished they would drive back to their cart shed and close up, get in their cars, go home for lunch, and take a nap. There would probably not be 10 words spoken to each other the entire time they were golfing. It was serious business with bragging rights afterwards. 😂 They each approached their daily golf game the way they approached their work lives as younger men.

Unfortunately, Claude’s wife, Kathleen, passed away a year after I met them. That made all three of the golfing buddies widowers. Claude did not return to the golf course for nearly a year. It was a sad and difficult time for the family and it was the second time Claude had lost a wife. His first wife passed away at the age of 22. She was a Caton from the well known Caton’s Chapel area of Sevier County, TN.

Each of the threesome were Christians. Claude was UMC, the older bud was SBC, and the younger one was RCC. I know there is joke in there about walking into a bar.

Claude, Allen, and wives were members of the same United Methodist Church as my ex and I. Being active in church committees and classes with common friends together, we became better acquainted and I looked up to them. It was my observation that they were class acts and the opposite of many local wannabe snobs in a small pond and the wealthy plantation types. They seemed to be men and women of the people while being professional in their dealings. A reflection of their rural hillbilly East TN mountain roots before moving to the flatlands. They chose to stay when they could have moved back to the more urban, affluent, growing Knoxville area and its high quality of life. Outside of the air base their company was one of the biggest employers in town with 300 workers. It was a jobs lifeline for many residents and is still in operation today.

One year Allen was appointed to lead the area’s United Way fund drive. He asked me to be the Publicity Chairman and I agreed. We worked together on that drive, which was successful. We continued to work in church committees together. Allen was also Director of Sales for Bush’s Beans while remaining in Blytheville and maintaining his law practice. His brother, Condon, stayed in east TN until his passing in 2003 and is buried there. Claude passed away in 1990 and was also buried in Knoxville with Kathleen in the same Greenwood cemetery as my aunt and uncle on my father’s side, with my uncle passing the same year as Claude. Allen was a grad of the University of Tennessee law school and remained in Blytheville with his father the entire time. He has long since retired, leaving his law practice there to his son, Doug.

Another notable in the Bush family is Kristian Bush, a great grandson of founder AJ, who is one half of the star, award winning country music duo, Sugarland, with Jennifer Nettles. His family sold out of the bean business many years ago. His early days in music including performing with his brother as the opening act for Dolly at the Bush Beans Jamboree. He is reported to strongly dislike eating beans per a close friend of his and ours.

When using canned veggies, wifey and I love many Bush’s Beans products including their black eye peas, kidney beans and pinto beans. She uses the later two in her chili. Yum.

Civil War Redux

Many of you may have detected in the BIMD series of my Arkansas days that it provides evidence of the ongoing battles of the Civil War that is still raging from over 160 years ago. The current battlefield is concerned with gaining control of the minds, hearts, and assets instead of a full out violent conflict by region of the country. Before you think I’m on something I shouldn’t be, consider that even Harvard provides a course that believes that to be true.

I’m pretty sure they look at it the opposite of what We the People do although we can agree the weaponry is different and the battle still rages. The NWO cabal incites their soldiers to sell racism at every corner of the universe with owned media breathlessly hyping. Progs and anarchists lead the woke and cancel culture mobs. Sexual perversion rules their minds and hearts. If you listen to the talking heads and social media long enough, you would think there is no hope for America remaining the land of the free and the home of the brave for ordinary, normal American citizens.

Or is there? I contend the opposite is happening despite all of the leftist noise stirred up by the NWO cabal. It’s just the positive changes and safeguards are not happening quickly and obvious enough to suit many of us. So in the future I am going to go “there” and make what I believe is a credible case for the existence of this ongoing struggle for freedom and liberty in our nation – that We the People are winning. My case will be made without devolution and other theories that involve more intrigue and interpretation than my mind can handle. Mine will be historical, observable, logical, with much of it already in evidence.


We have reached the end of my involvement in the state of Arkansas although we will still occasionally briefly touch on some people, events and observations from those days. Until next time, I leave you with…

From the Rat Ranch to the heavens! RIP, Elvis and JD. His truth IS marching on….

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Love your post TraidBait2!


Chili should have no beans. There. I posted this, and there will be war on this thread between the Texans, the Skyline Chili 4-way fans and …others.

I am in between despair and…not. But have a bit of faith for our World!

I am sitting tonight with my ref/freezer not working properly. Food is outside for the night (I am keeping a light on to make sure no animals are around and will move before sunrise) and trying to find a neighbor who may be able to assist tomorrow AM. Monitoring the fridge to see if it kicks in.

18 year old GE side by side had crystals and frost on the interior back of the freezer side, and the fridge has been temper-mental for the last two days.

When I put the hair dryer to the frost in the back, I heard the coils behind the back pop, so the coils may be frozen. Could I keep the hair dryer on the back to relieve the frozen coils?

The little turkey breast is outside and I will just adjust our day tomorrow, I guess! Early lunch Turkey dinner.

Emailed the appliance repair guy. Not certain when I will hear from him.

Blessings for Thanksgiving to everyone!

Last edited 1 year ago by WSB

Which trim level of GE side-by-side do you have? That will determine whether you can get information from it (e.g. temps) and whether you can initiate actions (e.g. defrost). I’ve got a GE side-by-side that is causing me trouble, as well.

Fundamentally, GE side-by-sides have heat-pumps with one compressor coil [hot] (above and outside the fresh compartment) and one evaporator coil [cold] within and above the freezer.

There are air control dampers at the bottom and top of the refrigerator, and there is also a fan that blows through the coils in the freezer and through the upper damper (if open).

Let’s say that the temp in both halves of the fridge are 50 degrees. Target temps for freezer and fresh are 0 and 37. Refrigerator opens both dampers, turns on fan, and turns on coil. Cold air is blown into both freezer and fresh.

When both halves of the unit cool to 37 degrees, the doors between the compartments can close because the fresh has hit its target. Fan and coil will continue until freezer hits 0.

As the refrigerator is used, the coil, fan, and dampers are enabled and disabled in a constant dance, so long as the refrigerator is working properly.

It sounds to me that one or more of your dampers are getting sticky. When you see the $200+ things, you’ll be amazed that they aren’t defective as shipped because they are mostly made of styrofoam. When a damper sticks, the circular flow between the fresh and frozen compartments is interrupted and the fresh will get warmer while the frozen gets colder. Ours (with the bottom damper sticking) has gotten to -12 in the freezer and 46 in the fresh. You’ll need more info to see whether it’s the top or bottom damper.

It is not generally a good idea to be using a hair dryer inside the freezer, partially because the coils aren’t necessarily where you think they are.


Thank you cthulhu. Understood.

I have a GSS25KGPE.


First thing to do is to do a search on that fridge model. A lot of folks seem to think it’s the defrost widget, which is about $25.

With mine, I’m reasonably certain it’s the lower damper.

When we start doing replies within minutes instead of hours, we’ll do some more observations and analysis.


More fascinating detail, TradeBait2! It is a pleasure to learn about a world so different from my own.

And am very much looking forward to your optimistic take on the progress of MAGA. My life has been spent very much in a hard left, anti-American environment, an experience which has made me maybe too cynical about things, as the crazy, incredible communist beliefs from 50 years ago are now stark reality.

So my ears are wide open in hearing what you have to say.