Video Embedding Test Post

This thread will be used for testing only. Site members please refrain from commenting here, as I work with plugin developers on the YouTube embedding problem and the manual video embedding problem. If and when I need your assistance to help provide examples, I will ask for it.

Thank you!


PS, Developers – please note that I will need to approve your first comments as “guests” – I can also register you on the site on an as-needed basis. Don’t worry if your first post falls into moderation – I will approve it, and you should be OK to post comments after that.

I will provide some embedding examples in both posts and comments.

YouTube by URL (attempted embed – unconverted to link)

YouTube by URL (attempted embed – converted to link)

YouTube by embed code (IFrame) and HTML block:

Twitter embed from URL (works, though only with clean URL):

Bitchute video as URL (fails to embed)

Bitchute video using URL in Video block:

Bitchute video using embed code and HTML block (works):

I can add more examples as requested, using updates.

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