How to Contact Authors on This Site

Recently, I got an excellent request from a member here, asking if I could forward their email address to one of the authors here, along with the nature of their question for the author, so that a private discussion could ensue.

On any normal blog, this might have happened – but not here – and there is a reason.

It turns out that – as far as I am aware, or can remember – I have NEVER given any of the email addresses of anybody here to anybody else.

I know that this gives people like cthulhu great joy and peace of mind.

I love being able to say that, too. Even if I did give out a single email with permission, I would then have to qualify my answer. I would have to say something like “I have NEVER given any of the email addresses of anybody here to anybody else, except one time with permission.”

YUCK! That just doesn’t sound as strong.

No authors or moderators (there are no mods) have access to these email addresses. Only me. Technically, our hosting company does as well, but they’re actually pretty good about privacy, so the only people besides me who have access to the email addresses are basically the intelligence community. And they’re going to hide their sources and methods.

So I’m just not going to do it. BUT – I have several great alternatives.

Use Private Message To Wolf (with underscores) on the Author’s Own Thread

The “Private Message To Wolf” function (a.k.a., PMTW) is discussed on the Contact Page.

If you don’t mind ME seeing a question to an author, you can just do a “PMTW” on the author’s post (meaning THEY are the author of the article/daily/whatever), and both ME and the author will see it. Well, hopefully. Some authors will just ignore “orange comments” that drop into the moderation bin, so you are taking a chance.

There is another problem with using PMTW – there is no way to private message BACK. You would have to be answered in public. Yes, you can use PMTW to pass on an email address, but even that is a bit sketchy. What if your PMTW has an error, and accidentally posts so that the whole public sees it? Yes, that can happen.

All of this leads to the next option.

Contact the Author Using Gab Chat or Twitter DMs

This is my favorite.

Gab Chat is right on the home page menu when you log into Gab. You simply click on “Chats” in the menu. It’s not the same as the old highly secure Gab Chat with end-to-end encryption, but it’s still good, and better than Twitter right now. And you CAN use the end-to-end encrypted Gab Chat, too, if both of you have it.

To contact somebody on Gab, you need to be on Gab, and then to know their handle. Go to their page and click on the two-bubble chat icon.

IMPORTANT! If you want to make sure the person sees your message, tell them on this site in a reply, that they have a Gab message waiting.

Here are the author handles on Gab:

Wolf Moon – @ WOLFM00N

TradeBait2 – @ TradeBait

Deplorable Patriot – @ FlyoverDeplorablePatriot

SteveInCO – @ SteveInCO

bakocarl – @ bakocarl

Aubergine – @ frznpch

michaelh – @ mhtx76

Gail Combs – @ GC0mbs [note the zero]

Valerie Curren – @ ValerieCurren

To contact somebody on Twitter, you need to be on Twitter, and POSSIBLY to be following each other. It depends on how permissive people have set their DMs.

Here are the author handles on Twitter:

Wolf Moon – @ WOLFM00N

TradeBait2 – none

Deplorable Patriot – @ LaughLoveLive1

SteveInCO – none

bakocarl – none

Aubergine – @ frznpch

michaelh – @ mhtx76 [suspended]

Gail Combs – none

Valerie Curren – @ ValerieCurren [seems to be no longer suspended]

Twitter is not as good as Gab, in my opinion, because Twitter DMs are all visible to the entire Regime AND the DNC. Gab is much preferred, IMO.

Hopefully this helps. If you have questions, comment below!


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Should we ever decide to do banking-level security here, I could do a talk on creating a keypair and sharing your public key on a keyserver.

If you can see someone’s public key, then you can encrypt your message with it and they will be the only one who can read it. If you have published your own public key, you can encrypt your message with your private key and you will be the only one who could have written the message. If you encrypt something with your own private key and someone else’s public key, there is only one possible reader and one possible writer.


I don’t know if I’d describe it as “joy” and “peace of mind”. More like, “Wolf can be trusted to show a reasonable level of caution.” Further, I believe that you are mostly exhibiting caution at the mostly right times for the mostly right reasons.

I’m not quite ready to break out a tambourine.


I should note that I am extremely reluctant to comment over at our sister blogs — despite loving them to pieces and lurking there a bit — largely because I am not so confident in their security arrangements. Receiving unwanted email alerts is part of this.

I can wish that it were appropriate to run emails and logins like everyone did in the ’90s and ’00s, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, it’s a different world now.


Wolf Moon
Thank you for this information!
May the Almighty God bless and preserve you and your efforts.

Valerie Curren

Hearty Amen!


IIRC, someone(s), somewhere, made a list of our Gab “handles (?)

If that rings a bell, maybe post a link?
(Maybe put it in the sidebar; sort of an “emergency contact list?)

Deplorable Patriot

GAB, please.

Happy go lucky

This is a very thoughtful and considerate post, Wolf. Thank you for your many kindnesses 😊

Valerie Curren

Hi Wolf, great tips 🙂

Valerie Curren – @ ValerieCurren [seems to be no longer suspended]”

What gave you the impression that I’m no longer “suspended” on Twitter? You made me look AND nothing has changed in more than 2 years. Does it actually appear that someone is posting in Twit World under my handle?

Here’s what I see when I log into Elon’s blue bird-brained menagerie:

Thanks for your appeal
You appealed:

  • 1 Tweet
  • comment image
    Valerie Curren
     Valerie Curren
    @TheCrimsonWorm @MichaelDeLauzon Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, vitamin D–Dr. Zev Zelenko protocol Ivermectin other treatments shared by AAPS, American Association of Physicians & Surgeons & other patriot doctors all were suppressed deliberately & diabolically!
    Apr 21, 2021, 10:10 AM

    Please note that while we review your appeal, you won’t be able to access your Twitter account. We’ll take a look and will respond as soon as possible.
    If you’d rather just delete the content, you can .

    VC again here: IF someone is pretending to be me on Twitter that would be a pretty big problem, at least to/for me…

Valerie Curren

OK, TY for that explanation. Obviously I can’t reply to anyone’s comments, or even see them, currently. I’m apparently in some type of Twit World limbo or something (since I still refuse to self-censor my constitutionally protected FREE Speech)!