Author Attribution Correction Project

I need your help, people. You will have noticed that - for the most part - the "site is down" phenomenon is now gone. This is because our hosts - - did some magic which I am loath to explain for the benefit of our enemies. Doesn't matter exactly HOW, but it WORKED. NOW … Continue reading Author Attribution Correction Project

SPRING Logistics

As you may be able to tell, SPRING is here, and that means it's TIME FOR STUFF. Stuff like maybe Wolf has to work like Dog. This is where we have to care about STATEGERY. "Strategery" was a bit like "Deplorables", only more at the top. Certain things about the 2016 primaries may … Continue reading SPRING Logistics

Author Logistics Thread

This thread is for communication between and among AUTHORS about grunge stuff, scheduling, etc. Blog work. It is public to deter any kind of abuse. This is like the Wikipedia "talk" section. It replaces Gab chat and MOST (if not all) "private messages to Wolf". Non-author members of the site are welcome to observe, but … Continue reading Author Logistics Thread