Truth to Power

Here is QAnon Post 2208:
I DID listen carefully, and WOW!
If you haven’t listened, here it is:

I am struck by how much IG Horowitz doesn’t just sound like an Inspector General, but actually sounds like a WHISTLEBLOWER.  Listen for it.  You can HEAR IT.
That is a big deal.  This man is definitely NOT just another “deflection shill” that is typically put into such positions.  Good grief, over my lifetime I have NEVER actually seen a real whistleblower type, or even somebody who was TRULY and DEEPLY sympathetic to whistleblowers, put into such a position.  It is almost always somebody who is REALLY on management’s side, but has “credibility” with the worker bees.  It’s usually a STUNT.
Not this guy.
The next thing that impressed me – Horowitz has 470 people working for him in DOJ.  THAT is incredible.  That’s HUGE.  Is THIS the source of the figure of (roughly) 450 or 420 people that I’ve seen around the web, as supporting Huber?  Are THOSE the people who are prosecuting the black hats?  Or is that IN ADDITION to Huber’s 470?
No matter what, an impressive figure.  And yet IG Horowitz says that the OIG faces a gargantuan job, and is in fact rather small versus the task’s overwhelming size.  I can believe it!
Anyway, there you go.  A REAL White Hat.  In the flesh!
Inspector General Michael Horowitz.
God bless this man!

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Rhoda R

Nice inaugural post. Good luck. I will definitely follow you.

Plain Jane

I watched this earlier after seeing it on the Q post. It was very interesting. Although he didn’t say anything to suggest it, he has quite a job to do, to try to bring about trust that surely had to discinigrate over the zero years Rank and file who kept their hands clean but saw corruption would obviously be hesitant to speak up.


Hey Wolf……So glad that you are doing this. I have been on 8chan and following several on YT. I haven’t been on my “branch” much. Comments were getting tiresome and the lack of understanding the plan was frustrating. Kudos to you.


Huber is most definitely a white hat and he and Jeff Sessions have been working together well under the radar. As a matter of fact, it is my understanding that it is 470 attorneys that are working with Huber outside of DC. Horowitz is feeding info to Sessions. Sessions has always been in the details.

A.D. Everard

I believe so many of us are used to finding out that those in power are only in it for themselves, and that it is really hard to register when someone comes along who is legit. President Trump has brought in a whole team of them – and that’s what surprised me. I remember thinking, “Where did he find them all?”
It’s so good that there are still men and women of integrity to call on and who have answered that call. I was used to Swamp. Swamp was all there was… until now. We live in amazing times, for sure. The swamp is big and at the beginning of this clean up, it is at its murkiest, which is why, I think, so many people are confused as to who is good and who is not.
Thank you for posting this. It was good to watch.


Will follow this site daily. TY

Plain Jane

Hey! I just realized by looking at the commenters names here, that there are more of us from THC who are interested in Q than I thought. Problem was the bully beatdown by the anti Sessions people. Huh! Who woulda thought.

Grandma Covfefe

And, Wolfmoon, we all so appreciated what you did. I was saddened at what was going on over there, so you may have solved a problem and kept all of us together with love.