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I have decided to create a special BRANCH where those who are both Treepers (posters at The Conservative Treehouse, a.k.a. The Last Refuge, a.k.a. CTH, a.k.a. TCTH, a.k.a. and followers of the QAnon movement (Q-tards – whatever they want to call us) can discuss QAnon topics in peace and harmony.
I will work out the rules as we go, though I will err toward Free Speech within the limits of UNIMPEDED RESEARCH (very important) and productive discussion.  Growth will be slow.  Please be patient.  I have never done anything like this before.
Part of my motivation is to keep QAnon fans in the orbit of CTH, and to help keep QAnon posting OFF of CTH.  There is a strategic reason for this.  Sometimes I will explain why I do things.  Other times I will not.  People are welcome to try to guess why I say things – this is ALWAYS a good exercise in understanding – something Q is trying to teach us.  Why would I want to draw QAnon posting away from CTH?
I have no connection to Q other than a desire to understand Q.  As Q says, there is only Q, although Q+ appears sometimes.  When I call myself W, it is homage to Q – nothing more.
PS – can you guess what WQTH stands for?  Yes!  Easy!  I wanted SHORT, SWEET, and most of all EASY TO REMEMBER.

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Seems Q is telling us s/he is not employed in any of the jobs on this list.


I was referring there to post #374 and I’d totally missunderstood it’s meaning.
The later post #379 is, I think, saying that even if Q did work in one of those jobs, he stayed within the guidelines.
Post #374 had me wondering if Q was PDJT himself, lol, I’m very good at jumping to the wrong conclusion.

A Fortiori (@AFortiori16)

Happy to see a theory on this. I was reviewing this particular Hatch Act document when you posted.


I’m new here although a longtime lurker on CTH and following Q for about a year, I am also intrigued by Q’s possible position, I thought that Q might be part of the Secret Service detail working closely with President Trump and Q+ might be the president himself?
just my $0.02 worth!


I’m still a little shocked at the animus Sundance displayed with his article. It’s great that you have thoughtfully taken this step, how much better if Sundance had done this before (and instead of) posting that Q piece.
I posted a comment that regardless of content the Q project has created a rallying point for anxious conservatives and also resulted in a fast growing and very loyal Team Trump. When you consider the absolute barrage of 24/7 Trump hatred being broadcast and printed from tens of thousands of sources, Trump desperately needed to set up his own info channel. It’s Q.
What does Q do? Offers clues to discovering (after they have happened) certain actions, operations and info that may be secret or not publicly known. Or news that media will not report, usually because it is positive to Trump. As well as teaching people to think logically and not passively accept info fed to them by the traditional propaganda media. My favourite are the 40,000 foot views. Where Q lays out connections between certain people or groups and events in history. But you can’t stay at that altitude for very long or you’ll be accused of some phrase I refuse to mention.
Most importantly, Q negates a huge risk to Trump. The risk his base will lose faith because nothing appears to be happening to drain the swamp. By that I mean no big names facing justice for well publicized crimes.Whether you believe the content or not, the fact is the Q posts “trust the plan” etc reduce anxiety amongst ordinary Trump supporters. Ask them, in broad strokes, they will tell you Trump has a lot of stuff happening out of public view. And that is true
With the left extremely well funded and organized it’s an act of stupidity to divide Trump support. It is amazing how conservative groups do this over and over. Telling their members that the other group are simply incompatible with this group. Hello…that group are way more compatible than the cultural marxists you both oppose so get over it!
Even the Chinese Nationalists and Communists put aside their differences to fight the Japanese.
Seriously, someone better make the conservative tent a whole lot bigger and stop the denigration of others who share opposition to the cultural marxists.Those who’ve been guilty of this in the past need to just bite their tongue instead of causing division because they feel threatened or jealous or because of petty dislikes or annoyances.
This is a civil war and opposing our very thoughts and way of life are an evil coalition – cultural marxists, their media buddies and the embedded deep state all of whom are funded by the globalists elites and their transnational business and banking empires..They will fight to the very end to stop the US returning it’s sovereignty and national interest. Worse…and never forget this…
These people no longer accept our very existence.We are an inconvenience standing between them and their goal.
I think Sundance should re-think his post and try to unite instead of divide.This board was a good step, too bad it wasn’t Sundance that did it.

Sylvia Avery

excellent post!!!


Chepup gets the award for Diplomacy. Well said.


Hello all!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you here.
I will confess to reading Q posts and some of the links he provides have been most interesting. The research has been fun when time allows.
I will happily drop in and hopefully contribute.


I’m also glad there’s a place to discuss, where, if I feel I can offer anything, I’m permitted to add to the discussion.


Gingersmom, glad you are finally ‘home’.


Longtime Treehouse lurker…it was the Jessica Chambers case that brought me to CTH. It’s sad that CTH morphed into something unrecognizable and petty. To me it looked as SD wasn’t thrilled about sharing the title of grand oracle with Q or anyone else.


Thank you, Wolfmoon!
It’s disappointing that CTH rejects Q, but hopefully the truth will spread from here like spores in the wind. MAGA on!


I wanted to pop in and say “Thank you!” also to you Wolfmoon, I have been mostly lurking at CTH, but I also am a student of Q and Praying Medic. Lately, the tree house has not been the same. I read SD’s article about Q being nothing more than conspiracy…. but it’s doesn’t seem that way to me. There is much more to learn and read about than what it seems.
Anyway, I wanted to wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for starting up this new site!


Prairie!!! I know this is an old post and you might never see it…But you are EXACTLY right!! Start posting here!! I just found Wolfie 3 days ago! and am so Happy to find an Eeyore -free HAPPY WARRIOR PATRIOT site!!! Its encouraging and Free speech and NOT judgemental!


Figured that I’ll drop the question here instead of clogging the other posts.
Wolfmoon, is there a way to make donations to this blog?

Steve in Lewes

Hello Wolf, I have found you! Hallelujah sanity has returned! I have been on CTH since 2014 and commenting sporadically over the years. I enjoyed some of the banter back and forth since it was civil, but something changed there a few months back, don’t know why, don’t really care but the tone became quite hostile at times. I was one that could never comprehend why some Treepers would trash other Treepers who posted drops from Q; after all we all support our Magnificent President…never made sense to me. For some reason a month or so ago any posts I tried to make went to moderation, then ultimately just disappeared. Continues through today. Not sure why, perhaps some of my critical posts towards Sundance regarding the BigUgly and his changing pov. Oh well, I still go to CTH, just not as much. Happened to see your posts today and thought I’d try posting a comment, but alas no go. I never understood SD’s animus toward Q, and quite frankly some of the fights he would pick with other twitter folks like StealthJeff, seemed counter-productive. I always enjoyed your posts Wolf and assumed you drew the wrath as well. Glad I found your other home..


Hi ! wolfmoon 1776
.. little birdie dropped a crumb- trail , led me here.
Congrats on the launch. Great idea! ..Nice digs!
Been lurking couple days .. lots of familiar faces. Howdy treeps !
..gott’a spare branch ?
Stay Vigilant


Hey, Chris, pull upp a branch.


Well thank you kindly!
… looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on;; .


Howdy. Checking in. I’m very late to the party. My husband was talking last night about commenters on CTH that he missed and wondered about. If I can get him what he wants I do it, so we were both very pleased when I found you and sent him a link here. He’s 100% lurker and I’m an infrequent poster. We’re both happy to enjoy your uninhibited perspectives again.

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