Nancy Pelosi takes the House.  Now to be known as the…..


  CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), default quality   Donald Trump takes the Senate.  Including the Suspicious Cat who eats Dem traitors….. Charles Grassley   Jeff Sessions RESIGNS. jeff-sessions-resignation   To be replaced by a guy who is making treasonous Eric Holder drop bricks…. Holder_Tweet_Sessions_Resignation   Sundance at CTH parks a bomb over his “QTard” followers…. Sundance_Post_1   And then detonates it. Sundance_Post_2   And then to top it all off, Q goes really big on the posts.  Including these gems: Senate vs. House: Q_Post_2447 The WAR to take the Senate. Q_Post_2448 Goodbye and thanks to Jeff Sessions. Q_Post_2452 Martial law and Posse Comitatus. Q_Post_2460 Have at it, folks. W
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I promise this will be the last space I take up tonight but this is s-o-o-o the very best QProof I’ve seen and some of you likely have seen it, too. Remember VIPAnon’s post on the boards?comment image
And remember what Q said?comment image
Well… VIPAnon came back, and posted his official photo with President Trump:comment image
And notice the (((+))) on the back of the photo.comment image