The Man From VLAD

An interesting story……

Regarding the stationing of Russian nuclear bombers on an island just off of socialist cesspool Venezuela.

UPDATE – an extremely good article HERE, when the base was still in the “maybe” phase:



Putin apparently has some now!

Clearly, after Venezuela (backed by Russia and China) was shown to be involved with the Soros brigade in sending gimmegrants from Honduras to our border, the Russia-Venezuela relationship has taken some heat from Mike Pompeo.

The question in my mind is whether this is actually a defense of Venezuela, or just Russia conveniently taking advantage of Venezuela’s extreme poverty and isolation now. If that was PLANNED, it sure was a great way to get a nuclear base, but I tend to think that Maduro’s problems are of his own making, not Russia’s or Cuba’s.

But I’m thinking the real story here is that Russia NEEDS a turnaround point for bomber flights over the US (around the US for the moment), and Venezuela now gives them that opportunity.

All of this takes place under the shadow of the INF Treaty problems, which appear to be related to the Russians ALLEGEDLY upping the range of some of their SCUD-replacing Iskander-M missiles:

The Iskander has several different conventional warheads, including a cluster munitions warhead, a fuel-air explosive enhanced-blast warhead, a high explosive-fragmentation warhead, an earth penetrator for bunker busting and an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions. The missile can also carry nuclear warheads.[1][13][14] In September 2017, the KB Mashinostroyeniya (KBM) general designer Valery M. Kashin said that there were at least seven types of missiles (and “perhaps more”) for Iskander, including one cruise missile.[15]

Wikipedia, Entry for 9K720 Iskander

The Epoch Times has some good reporting here, and notes that Trump had earlier not ruled out using force in Venezuela.

Some interesting dynamics there.

What do y’all think?


Send more of these bombshells, Vlad!
OK, maybe not.
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Did they come back?
I thought those bombers left and went back home.


Here’s another mention of them leaving to go back home:


The Sun is kind of a rag, isn’t it?
They are using the same stock footage that came out earlier this month…before the articles around the 15th came out, saying the planes had gone back.
You can see that same footage here, in this RT video that was posted on 12/11/18:

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
Have you been watching what is going on with Oil prices?
Oil had gone up gradually, reaching a recent high of $76/barrel…which is good for Russia, since their sweet spot is around $70/barrel.
Recent trading, however, has brought Oil down to around $46/barrel.
Which is not good for Russia.
Are the two things related?
Russia’s main interest in Venezuela is it’s Oil.
So…I’m thinking that, yeah, the two things are related.

Sylvia Avery

Didn’t Vlad just buy up a bunch of oil fields in Venezuela? Like five of them?


Did he?
Venezuela owes Russia a lot of money…since they’ve been propping up Maduro.
So Vlad probably didn’t have to pay any cash, if he took some oil fields.
Problem is…China has been giving ‘loans’ to Maduro too.
China has their eyes on Venezuela’s oil, just like Russia.

Sylvia Avery

I wasn’t paying much attention, I think I heard it on FBN yesterday about the oil fields. The sharks are swimming around Venezuela, or the vultures, or something.

Sylvia Avery

Wheatie, I’m not sure how much this adds to the discussion but here is the info on the oil fields. Basically, you’re right. Venezuela is kind of screwed, it seems.

Sylvia Avery

The Cold War is back, isn’t it?


it is evolving into better labelling. “Wouldn’t it be great if we could unite and solve all our problems together?”


I dunno, Wolfie…RT is a propaganda nozzle for Russia.
So I take whatever they say on things like this, with a grain of salt.
Pres Trump says we are no longer going to be the “world’s police”.
The globalists hate this.
They want us to continue to make the world safe *for them*, for their globalist enterprises.
So all of a sudden, the media starts playing up this “Russian base in the US’s backyard” story.
Poland wants to build a permanent US military base.
How far is that to Russia?

Sylvia Avery

Fort Trump. I’m in! Let’s do it! Move our troops out of Germany.


That’s me too…it sounds great.
But then, how can we object to Vlad setting up Fort Putin in our backyard…if we’ve got a base in his backyard.

Sylvia Avery

Well, I suppose it depends on one’s point of view. From my point of view, the US set forth the Monroe Doctrine somewhere around 1825. A major policy statement. Foreign influence, stay away. The Americas are ours.
We are a lot bigger and more powerful country than Russia. I get why they might not like us in Poland. But they don’t like us in Germany, either, and there is Russia/USSR’s horrific history with regards to Poland.
TBH, I am not concerned about what Russia thinks about it. I get that to an objective observer it might seem hypocritical. Shrug. Realpolitik.


In a speech on Nov. 18, 2013 before the Organization of American States, John Kerry stated, “The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over”. It represented another act of dismantling by the Obama administration of American exceptionalism. Replaced by the Kerry Doctrine of appeasement?
John Kerry = The man from BAD
Kerry has been like the gremlin on the wing (Twilight Zone episode).comment image
And…comment image


Sylvia, thank you for expressing my view on this so very well. Soviet Union enslaved eastern Europe for years anyway, and we will protect our allies.


for you wolfcomment image


Love it


Great idea, an island for the q tree. Love it.