Democrat Primary Debates – Evening #2

Are you ready? Have your favorite beverage by your side? Ready for our drinking game? Or witty commentary? We welcome you to this evening’s entertainment ~~~ Round 2 of the Dem Primary Debates. Many thanks to all who contributed last night. You guys were in rare form. Thus far, the Boss is still the clear winner. Am greaateest place  
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Wolf has kept an uncharacteristically low profile here tonight. Hope he’s ok, and not buried in IT security issues.


Security issues are down, but we do have a number of OLD Treepers who I let into the life raft. They vet rather quickly.
I have about 10 very important articles that I need to do. They sit around in memory because I don’t have time to do them. That is becoming very frustrating. I may do a “No Vetting And Placeholder Dailies July”, so I can put out some real posts.
I think my biggest “problem” is the excellent material people are bringing here. I just get wonderfully side-tracked in NEW RESEARCH.
Don’t even THINK about stopping, people! 😀


So many rabbit holes, so little time!


thanks to everyone (especially our hostess Daughn!!) for this thread…sounds like the jokes made themselves. how can anyone vote for these assholes?


President Trump should win re-election in a landslide!




Marianne was the spiritual guru for the rich an famous in California and has dangerous speaking ability . She is a demagogue . My how she aged an does not seem spiritually as appealing as she used too.
She is delusional to think that her love is greater than God’s Love. She cannot harness anything without the Power of God and she is not God.

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