My Compliments, Well Done Q Tree.

I wanted to take a moment to compliment the Q Tree and members here. Thank you for your activity, sharing info, and everything you bring to the group. As an accountant, I really am one of those strange people who can make 2+2=5. Yet here, with the talent available, the 2+2= 10,000,250. It’s amazing and makes me humble.
When I was a kid, Dad (like all parents) focused on education, which led me to going back to college, over and over again, throughout my life (I still want to be an architect). Today, husband teases me I could play poker with my degrees. Fortunately, I also learned not all intelligence comes from books, and with a little bit of saving grace…….. I learned a LOT from our elders, neighbors, friends. Truth is, we can learn something from every person we meet. No one is an expert on every subject – we need friends. Dad gave me “curiosity”, and love of learning. More than anything else, he taught me:
Information = Power (more on that part later)
Information is power
As the kids grew up, when they hit the back door – home from school, my first question was, “What did you learn today?” The question came from my subconscious, probably because of Dad, but it forced the kids to stop and think about ONE item and placed a value on learning. I didn’t realize it would help them in public speaking, to summarize what they were taught/redefine it in their own mind/processing the info/and explain it to a stranger……. but it did help. It helped them to become well spoken and think on their feet – skills which are often not taught in school.
Today, it feels like I am the one back in school ….. again……. this time we’re all in a treehouse which is beautiful, warm, and inviting…….. with great snacks. Every day, I learn something new from the members here, and I am grateful. They way you guys dug into Epstein yesterday was mind-boggling and one of the best illustrations of how crowdsourcing and the hive mind works. It was a joy to watch. I hesitate to start naming people because I will forget someone, but here’s what I learned.
Small Tribute to Our Members: 
From Wolfie: Brought me back to center, made me realize I’m too naive when addressing evil, and to hide my lunch money. Seering sense of perception. I’m sticking to him like glue.

From FLEP: We all love the News RoundUp and it just so happens, FLEP’s news roundup helped my kid get an “A” for a summer Macro class he was taking. The good news is valuable and I encourage you all to share it across forums as a counter to the MSM. It’s true, we are the news, and others will not know unless we tell them.
From Aubergine: If we needed to find someone, ask Aubergine. Give her a mission, feed her, give her water, and let her work. Amazing.

Gail: I have a vision of Gail in a room surrounded with terabytes of hard drives. IKR?
OlderWiser: Points me in the right direction, gently, cuz I can get off track sometimes. Thank you. Were you a teacher?
Ozzy: Needed for humor and as a reality check. Great skills.

Cthulhu: The two of us could sit down for dinner, swap war stories, and you could pick us up…….. next spring.
STEVEinCo and Scott467: Rational thinking. Objective. Analytical. We need more of these guys. We’ve only just scratched their surface. You two can’t leave. We won’t let you. We need you. They think way outside the box.

GrandmaInTexas, SadieSays, KSwiss: Wish they lived in my neighborhood, definitely POWERFUL women and girlfriends. Deep respect for their brainpower and perspective.
Deplorable Patriot: The one I want to be when I grow up….. yep, it’s true!
Kea (and her MOM!!), Sue McDonald, Teagan, Linda: Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! MOAR!!!!!!!!!! Most impressive!!

Covadonga: I could be completely wrong about this, BUT………. If I were assigned a reconnaissance mission, I would pick Covadonga = get low, be quiet, get the job done. There’s a LOT going on behind those eyes. Sincere compliment.

A Fortiori and Rodney: Rodney is like the missile. A Fort is more subtle but equal detonation load. Catch things, small points which turn into bigger issues, which we sometimes miss. Better pay attention to what these two have to say.

Lady Penguin, SingingSoul, Plain Jane, Nebraska Filly, and GA/FL: Feels like I’ve known them all my life. We grew up together. If were a “left hand”, then they are the right hands. Can finish my sentences. I could trust them with my kids or my money….. and I would end up with better kids and MOAR money.
Loyalty 1
Rayzorbak and RedLeg and HARRY LIME!: Where did these guys come from? I sat down one night, watched them go back and forth, and I couldn’t keep up. They’re hilarious. All I wanted to do was lob straight lines into the mix. Wicked smart, crazy wit, sharp as razors. Honorable and great men.

Driller and Mrs. Driller: The very soul of America.
Smiley2: Drops bombshells. If we ever form research groups, I want to be on Smiley’s team. Watch him/her. Follow the links. Good stuff. NOTED! Smiley’s over-performance yesterday and today is the reason for this thread…….. the reason I am extra grateful this morning. Hey, I’m just honored to be here. Smiley sneaks up on you.

Tom F: I see you there, lurking. You don’t miss anything, do you?

Barb Meier and Mary Morse: There’s two I would like to hear more from. Worthy!
vegas sign
Kalbokalbs: HUGE add to the tree. Glad you are here. Makes me hungry for shish kabobs.
Churchmouse: Not enough room, not enough adjectives in the dictionary to describe how much I love Churchmouse. Great perspective and needed in this forum. I just want to hug him.

Miss Gil, Alison, Marica, Sylvia, BFlyJesusGirl, KInTheNorthwest, MollyPitcher, Holly100 : When women come together and have not seen each other in a long time, they squeal and jump up and down. I think I would squeal if I saw them. Yeah, I would squeal.

ThinkThinkThink: Misses nothing, juggles everything. Well done.

Wheatie: Would we have a Q Tree without Wheatie? Indispensable. Wheatie is the 13-13-13 fertilizer of our tree and the guardian of the gate.

BakoCarl: What a delightful add to our tree. Carl makes our tree……. Bloom.
blooming tree
BBSSSaint: Sharp as a razor. Funny. Concise. Perceptive.

MichaelH: Did you guys see the live thread we were working on where Michael posted a photo for every comment? Who works that fast? Answer = Michael H does. Oh, and Michael brings great snacks.
WSB and Big Momma Tea: Come in every now and then and drop BIG bombshells of valuable info. Always good to see old and dear friends. We have missed you guys.

BAM and ColdDeadhands: Bring the meat to the table, not Aunt Helen’s jello salad, REAL meat. Thank you!
LM: Big picture person, far more than others. Great skill. Sees the consequences of actions and can see down the road.
Evereleutheros: Great drops of obscure source info (thank you for the info on Epstein yesterday). Great research we would not normally see. It’s like getting presents.

Of course, we all miss Patrick Henry Censored………
And we miss others like Phoenix and FG&C, and I really miss SheByTheSea.
missing you
Small sidenote: Surely, I’ve forgotten to mention some people. Please know it’s not a slight. Rather walk 100 miles in flip-flops than offend anyone here. And to those of you who lurk, please speak up, we need your input as well. We need to be stronger…… and your voice will help us all. It’s time to come out of the closet.
Hear/read this: Wherever you go, whether you lurk or post, whether you are a daily force or drop in now and then, please know, you are welcome here. We appreciate your thoughts and you make us all a little bit smarter. In this way, we learn something new every single day. Yeah, Dad would be proud.
Information really does = Power, but far more than the Pareto Principle from which the rule stems. If I may be allowed to bend the rule a little — Those who seek to censor us, silence us, will never be able to stop us from communicating with each other. We will find a way. When we HAVE the information = We HAVE the power, which is what terrifies our opposition more than anything else.
We all remember a time, during the Obama years, when we knew something terrible was wrong with America. We thought we were the only ones who felt it….. and then, President Trump showed up…… and we figured out we were not alone.
Now, since the election of 2016, we’ve learned far more than we ever bargained for. Not sure what we expected post election. Yet today, it’s fair to say – we’re drinking information through a firehose. We never could have imagined what we were up against, the depth of the problems, Deep State, corruption and resistance to change, problem with media, we’ve seen today.
One thing is certain. Those who seek to maintain the status quo are being defeated, slowly but surely. And the Genie, which is all of us, will never again retreat to the bottle. We’re out. We’ve been freed. We have questions about our government, and we demand answers.
Lately, against President Trump, the Deep State be like………

Well done, Q Treepers. Honored to be among you.

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… 🤨👍❤️‼️ … well done Daughn … great post … 😃🤚❤️


Hey, Nikki, great to see you.


So would I.


… 😃🤚❤️‼️ …good to see you to SingularZoe … 🙂

Sadie Slays

Thank you for the kind words, Daughn. You bring so much to this place.


Much flattered, Daughn, by the remarks and by the vid illustration.
(I’ve never been in the military, though, in case anyone took it that way.)
Thanks much for this whole thread!


Jeez-Louise, Daughn!
The point I was making (not so well, apparently) was about what to do when one makes a mistake. Acknowledge it, apologize for it, and fix it as best as one can. And you did all that!
You hadn’t ANYTHING to do with the PR / FG&C thing, and I brought it up ONLY to show how a mistake can snowball (“fester”) if it ISN’T dealt with properly – and promptly, too.
And I put the caveat in that I hadn’t read all the posts between then and now, and of course I don’t have any behind-the-scenes knowledge. But I haven’t seen PR back, and I haven’t seen much of FG&C, either – so I’m doubtful that it’s been solved.
Two separate issues! His (no, not handled well, IMO), and yours (yes, handled well, IMO).
Not for an instant did I believe the misidentification was intentional, Daughn. And I hope you realize I didn’t intend to conflate those two separate issues …
From study-dot-com:
“In Robert Burns’ 1785 poem, the narrator, a farmer, discusses the guilt he feels for accidentally destroying the home of a small, unsuspecting mouse in the midst of ploughing his field.
In this, the narrator realizes his inability to control his own fate despite how well he prepares himself and his farm.
The lines of specific interest to Steinbeck were the following:
‘The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!’
These lines reveal that even the best, well thought-out plans can fail.”


I will probably regret expressing the following, but that never stopped me before. I think if people are going to be distressed about others not being certain what gender they are, it might be wise for men to use a moniker like tom, or Harry, or Dick, some name that is generally recognized as Male, and for women to use a name like Jane, or Mary, or Susan. Rightly or wrongly, we all draw mental pictures of one another in our imaginations because we are human beings and because we get interested in one another and come to care who they are and what makes them Them. There are some with gender-neutral names, and that invites confusion, and these things are going to happen. If it’s not something that can be overlooked, there is a way to prevent it from happening in the first place. If another poster does get confused, I think the thing to do is to state the fact, briefly and graciously, and move on–let it go. Believe me, making such an error is embarrassing and everyone feels it. Just my two cents, my opinion only, of course.


I had been gone for the day and just catch up. I tried fallowing from the IPhone but that was a mess.
Daughn I am very honored that you mention me specially putting so much trust in me.
You remind me of many women I admire in the many years I have lived in the US. You are strong, hard working , intelligent inclusive and always looking out for the underdog.
By the way all of you who are hear great I love the diversity and the unity of purpose and the unity that holds us all together being citizens of this great country.
President Trump is the catalyst that brought us together and Wolf is the facilitator.
I tank all of you here to many to mention by name of making this QTree a wonderful Tree to visit and spend time.
You are all very special and have a special place in my heart.


By the way Daughn I too feel I know you for a long time.
I do not know about watching kids or money you might get more back 🙂
You want me when there is danger I sense it anyplace and I get us out of there I become very calm and single minded and get people out of the situation.
This is a great thread so need to catch up 🙂


So are you !


Coming back here, this post brought a few tears to my eyes, for all these wonderful people. Still glad you did it, Daughn!


Thank you for your kind words Daughn. I just finished reading through all the posts, and I hadn’t thanked you, and I should have. I’m not always sure how to reply to a compliment without sounding… I don’t know, odd about it.
But I do appreciate it 🙂
I’m better at being attacked… I know exactly how to respond to that 😁