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That time when the disciples got an upgrade of faith …

Then he got into a boat and started across the lake
with his disciples.

Suddenly a terrible storm came up,
with waves higher than the boat.

But Jesus was asleep.

The disciples went to him and wakened him, shouting,
“Lord, save us! We’re sinking!”

But Jesus answered,
“O you men of little faith! Why are you so frightened?”

Then he stood up and rebuked the wind and waves,
and the storm subsided and all was calm.

The disciples just sat there, awed! “Who is this,”
they asked themselves, “that even the winds and the sea obey him?”

Matthew 8:23-27

Sleeping Through the Storm Sunday

Talk about a wake up call. Can you imagine being in that boat? When you travel with Jesus, everything you thought you knew for sure is slated to be shattered into a 1,000 pieces at the moment you least expect it.
Let’s get into the scene. It’s been a very, very long day. The crowds are growing. Jesus instructs his disciples to get the boat ready so they can leave for the night. So far, so good.
As they get underway, Jesus falls asleep in the bottom of the boat. Perfectly normal. Nothing out of the ordinary here.
But then all hell breaks loose.
No, really. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a storm where a sense of evil purpose can be felt in the storm. Personally, I love a good storm. Driving rain, whirling winds, crazy skies. When a storm rolls in, you are likely going to find me throwing on my jacket with a smile on my face as I head out to deal with whatever needs to be secured.
But then, there are -those storms- where you just know the damage being done by a storm is personal. Something wants to bring destruction.
On this day, Jesus had been taking down the darkness in a big way.

That evening several demon-possessed people were brought to Jesus; and when he spoke a single word, all the demons fled; and all the sick were healed. This fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, “He took our sicknesses and bore our diseases.”

Was this storm sent as pay back? Sure makes sense to me. It seems from the text that this storm carried a payload of intimidation based on the unusual response of the disciples. These are experienced fishermen. They’ve seen a few storms in their time. Why are they so terrified?
At this point, they cry out to Jesus, “Lord save us, we’re sinking!” Seems to me they had some faith in him. Typically, you don’t shout at the person sleeping through a storm to save you. And yet, Jesus seems to be wanting them to have an upgrade of their faith. He instructs them, before addressing the storm, asking them to see their condition. IIRC, he literally calls them “little faiths.”
And then he stands, rebukes the storm, and instantly, the storm is gone.
Talk about mind blown. The disciples thought they were on track. Thought they had faith. Thought they knew this man, Jesus.
So let’s turn this into a question for today. Do you know what kind of an upgrade the Lord is giving you in the storm set against you now?
Think *3


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Here we are, waiting on Q Drops/news.
Epic. Sure do miss Tom and Jerry Cartoons.



Deplorable Patriot

That’s hilarious.


“UK internet provider Virgin Media blocks access to
One of the UK’s largest Internet Service Providers, Virgin Media, blocked access to one of the world’s most popular image sharing site this evening.
UK Virgin Media customers that are trying to post or access images via are being met with the following message:
“Access has been denied by your internet access provider because this page may contain indecent images of children as identified by the Internet Watch Foundation.”
more at link:

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

HA! Sir Richard Pondscum is VIRTUE SIGNALING.
A bit too late for that, methinks.
I’ll bet EPSTEIN has him WORRIED.comment imagecomment imagecomment image
I believe that NXIVM liked to have meetings on his island.comment image


Yowza! Nekkid female! Are you trying to give us old farts a coronary?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Interesting, isn’t it? What’s “OK” for rich liberal elites is not OK for everybody else. Branson being Branson, or Victoria’s Secret shenanigans for Epstein are OK, but Fake News Media says others are horrible Neanderthals for similar things, or much less.
The Fake News Media really is FAKE. It’s Democrat – Globalist – ChiCom media. It can be as hypocritical as it wants.

Deplorable Patriot

And it’s just fine to ridicule those who choose to be virgins. See one of Billy Joel’s most insulting songs.


None of those girls look underage to me. And they sure look happy to be there.
Some guys have all the fun.
All it takes is a ton of money.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Why, the night is still young at the Branson Island table. Still time to place bets on whether branding irons or Bill Clinton show up! 😉


Not sure where to put this, but we have new Q…
Looks like 3427 to 3435 so far.


Yes, people were posting them on the previous page. I haven’t had time to read everything, but I saw some posted there. I am soooooo hoping that 3435 comes true:
[Smollett] Federal charges coming?
Watch the news.
These people are stupid.
He really needs to face justice.


Game. Set. Match. Again!
President Trump trolls the America hating shitheads in Congress (Ilhan, Rashib, Ayana…) with following…comment image
Then after D-Rats, MCM and talking heads defend Ilhan, Rashib, Ayana…, President Trump TW following…comment image
President Trump cracks me up… He literally toys with these idiots and they have no clue what is going to happen….then no clue what did happen;-)


Whew, she mighta suffocated in there if she didn’t get rescuedcomment image


^^^ Hilarious!


On the previous page there was a discussion about the late Antonin Scalia. Someone had tweeted that Scalia was a Luciferian and a pedophile. I do not think he was, but after his death, this article came out in Vigilant Citizen: “Judge Scalia Was With Members of an Elite Secret Society When He Died”
From the article:
“… Scalia was members of the secret society International Order of St. Hubertus – an exclusive elite hunting fraternity dating from the 1600. While the fraternity’s official mission is about loving nature, animals and whatnot – it goes far deeper that this. The Order of St. Hubertus is not a society of “elite hunters” – it is an elite secret society that gathers under the pretext of hunting. Members of the society hold titles similar to those found in Freemasonry such as Grand Master and Knight Grand Officer.
“The ultimate proof of the Order’s connection with the occult elite is the fact that its American branch was founded at the Bohemian Grove in San Francisco….
“‘The society’s U.S. chapter launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove — one of the most well-known secret societies in the country’…
“In short, one of the nine Judges of the highest federal court of the United States died during the gathering of an occult secret society. That death was promptly pronounced to be of natural causes. No autopsy was performed on the body and no investigation took place. Scalia therefore could have been poisoned (for whatever reason) and nobody would ever find out. No matter what the case may be, this story exemplifies why the occult elite identifies to the owl of the Bohemian Grove: It works in darkness, away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world.”
The mystery surrounding his death and reports of a secret society might have prompted people to jump to conclusions. But this is mysterious and strange, not what one would have expected of him.


Scalia died of natural causes. He was dying anyway due to congestive heart failure brought on by lung disease. He had a breathing machine for his sleep apnea which HE DID NOT USE THE NIGHT OF HIS DEATH.
I use the same machine for the same problem. I have been told in plain English that if I don’t use the machine I will likely die in my sleep from a heart attack directly attributable to my lung disease (COPD).
Any medical manual will show these facts about sleep apnea. I hate commies and I hate uninformed conspiracy theorists almost as bad. Scalia wanted to die on his own terms and he obviously did not want his wife to see him dead. At the end he was thinking about the woman he loved more than himself.
I’ll stop now. But geez people, stop feeding these assholes who write stupid crap like vigilantcitizen.


Vigilant Citizen has a lot of good info about the occult and the illuminati. The Symbolic Pics of the Month are amazing in that they show how prevalent the one-eye sign is for those people and how they invade society with their symbolism.
It is difficult to see something incongruous, but we need to keep our eyes open to the truth, wherever it leads. I’m not saying Scalia was a pedophile, at all; but if he was a member of a secret society, as reported by miultiple news organizations, that bears looking into. He was at a place where the International Order of St. Huburtus was meeting when he died, and he was a member. That is interesting.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That’s actually a pretty good article – although the legwork on the ranch participants was apparently done by the horrible Fake News Washington Post. So they could be lying, but probably not about the basics of their research. I think they want to cast doubt on the organization, insinuating that it was a vector, as a form of disinformation. WaPo is so strong on their CIA agenda, it can literally be counted on.
Anyway, they make a very strong case for his membership, and I would place money on the idea that he was there as a member of that group.
I mean, I might even know people who are members of “harmless” secret societies like that. 😉
That said, was he killed?
In my opinion, not by the group. I think that group has nothing to do with any operation against him, other than predictability, which is critical.
I think the group gathering just created a STRONG window of opportunity to set up a controlled event. Controlled event creates an opportunity for an unobserved, almost unprovable crime.
I’m an ultimate asshole about it. No emotion. No “fear” of being labeled a conspiracy theorist. I am operating on amoral possibility, CUI BONO, and nothing more. To me, that says yes. It’s too easy. Too tempting. Too much gain for too little risk.
OMG – this operation is almost impossible to fail, and every failure just looks like news-of-the-weird bullshit that generates more conspiracy theories helping the left.
I know nothing about the man, whether he was a good husband – whatever. I just put on my Podesta Hat and LAUGH at that shit. Killing him AT THAT TIME is what counts. It would have opened up a SCOTUS fight, but that’s not the point – that is a distraction. The Dems COUNTED on losing that to Yertle, and even threw in a Jewish nominee INTENTIONALLY to create a FORCED SNUB for the election. Oh, that was a stroke of genius. The REAL effect is that it would have given Hillary an immediate, BALANCE-SWITCHING appointment when she took office, OR by the time the insurance policy kicked in. Down to 8 for any election fight and 5-4 reversed once it’s filled. Do not think that “down to 8” stuff wasn’t a REAL GIFT in case it was a close election.
Think about that. Nobody was looking, they had means, motive, opportunity. And PERFECT – absolutely PERFECT cover.
No, I will always believe Scalia was killed, because it just makes too much sense. Too easy a score. It’s like a WALLET laying in the desert. Too easy.

Deplorable Patriot

Where did you come by this information about COPD, congestive heart failure, etc., as related to Scalia having it?


He was also allegedly pictured at Bohenian Grove. I didn’t save the photo, however. WAPO put this out in February 2016 – either it echoes vigilantcitizen or vice-versa.
“There is nothing I can add to your observation that among my many guests at Cibolo Creek Ranch over the years some members of the International Order of St. Hubertus have been numbered,” Poindexter said in an email. “I am aware of no connection between that organization and Justice Scalia.”
An attorney for the Scalia family did not respond to requests for comment for this article.”

Deplorable Patriot

Washington Post…yeah, could be adding fuel to the conspiracy fire to throw shade.
The funeral told me a lot about the man. I just can’t see it. Could be a blind spot, but Scalia, I just don’t see it.


IDK – I wouldn’t think so either but these days, with what we discover each and every day, almost nothing would surprise me any more.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

comment image

Sylvia Avery

How is it think*3 that you always provide JUST exactly what I needed to hear just when I needed to hear it? TY as always…
<3 <3 <3


Peter Thiel… Investigate Google For Treason!
Posted by Kane on July 15, 2019 12:53 pm
Peter Thiel: Google should be investigated by CIA, FBI over ‘treasonous’ China links

Sadie Slays

comment image
This post is generating some attention on the Q boards.

Sadie Slays

No. Only posting it here because it’s getting some attention and brought up some interesting points. Everyone’s (rightfully) focused on the child trafficking part of the Epstein case that nobody seems to be covering the drug angle. Sex slaves probably weren’t the only thing being trafficked through that island.