20200207: Ukraine, the Final Piece of the Puzzle, by Glenn Beck

We’ve talked about it for a long time. It all comes back to Ukraine! And the Greg Rubini thread dovetails perfectly. In Maidan, over 40 policemen were also killed. A government doesn’t kill their own police. Take a look at the whole thread as it all fits together.


The 1.8 BILLION (remember that number) was sent from USA to Ukraine to stabilize THEIR banking system back in 2014.
Funds were deposited into PrivatBank, major stockholder was Kolomoisky, also hidden major owner of Burisma.

Guess what?
Money disappeared.
Chief Prosecutor for Ukraine, Shokin, was investigating missing money when the money trail led to Hunter Biden.
During investigation, Shokin wrote letter to George Kent (one of the witnesses in Shampeachment) inquiring about the missing 1.8 billion. George Kent wrote back (we’ve seen the letter from Kent), we’re not worried about it all – all funds, every dollar, accounted for.
Made no sense, right?

Theory is that Kolomoisky was using the money to wage a private war with Russia.
A war that was NOT approved by Congress.
Obama Admin using Ukraine as a proxy in war with Russia.
Kolomoisky, through money laundering, using IMF money, was heading up the war.
At one point, for instance, Kolomoisky had a single battalion with over 2K men, and thousands more in reserve.
CUZ THERE WAS NO UKRAINE military and Ukraine had no money.

Note: Kolomoisky was made GOVERNOR, by Poroshenko (the State Dept favorite guy) of the “state/province” of the region bordering Russia.
Previously —- Kolomoisky was on a US Travel ban, because he was a bad guy….. accused of murder, beheadings, killing rivals with a chainsaw, hiring thugs to intimidate biz rivals with baseball bats, iron bars, etc.
Magically, his travel ban was lifted when Hunter Biden took a job on the Board of Directors.

Recall: Maidan uprising happened November of 2013-Feb of 2014. This ALL happened because Ukraine was being pushed to join NATO/EU, and Russia was threatening to turn off supply of LNG in the middle of winter. USA tried to take advantage of situation and place Ukraine in NATO basket, putting weapons right on the Russian border. The USA/NATO/EU under Obama offers Ukraine a sweet deal. Leader of Ukraine, Yanukovych rejected the deal, as Russia offered to rework Ukraine loans.

THAT pi$$ed off the State Dept. Recall Victoria Nuland’s conversation “F$ck the EU”. And thus began the Maidan uprising….. with enormous suspicion about WHO started it (Suspicion falls to a man named Eric Ciaramella, as he was attached to Biden, spoke Russian/Ukrainian fluently, but he CAME FROM CIA, via Brennan).

Victoria Nuland made 5 trips to Ukraine between November ’13-February ’14. We have video of her passing out cookies to the protesters, encouraging them to overthrow their government. We have video of McCain and Senator Chris Murphy encouraging protesters —- from the Oliver Stone Documentary, Ukraine on Fire: The True Story, listed in our QTREE Ukraine Master Time Line (it’s available on Amazon).


Eventually, Yanukovych was overthrown and retreats to Russia. State Dept gets their guy in, Poroshenko. REMEMBER, Yanukovych was the Party of Regions guy which Manafort helped get elected. (Good reason to target Manafort, eh?)
Hunter Biden joins board of Burisma in April of 2014
Travel ban lifted for Kolomoisky (how did that happen?)
September of 2014, the 1.8 BILLION of IMF money is deposited into PrivatBank and disappeared. IMF money = US Taxpayer money (mostly)

PrivatBank was NATIONALIZED in December of 2016 (right after Trump’s election) Coincidence? IMF wouldn’t lend money to Ukraine because of “oligarchic structure” in Ukraine, but once bank was nationalized, IMF was more comfortable. Biden’s last trip to Ukraine was about January 10th, 2017….. why? Around January 17th-19th, ONE DAY before Trump’s inauguration, Mykola Zlochevsky, front man for Burisma, was cleared in Ukraine and makes a $250K donation to the USA Atlantic Council. In May of 2017, Atlantic Council holds their “Energy Conference” in Monaco, where Mykola had been exiled while waiting to be cleared. Burisma sponsored the Energy Conference (nice vacation in Monaco for the “inter-agency consensus”). Hunter Biden was there, and so was Rick Perry.

For years, all during “Muh Russia”, John Kerry and other Obama officials travel the world talking to diplomats, indicating Trump will be impeached and out of office……. soon…….. Flash forward to 2019.

July 24th, 2019: Mueller testifies to Congress, illustrating the complete failure of the Mueller Report and the scam of “Muh Russia”.

The NEXT DAY – Trump has phone call with Zelinsky on July 25th, mentions Crowdstrike, “think you’re surrounding yourself with some of same people”, Hunter Biden, etc…. puts a pause on the funds.
Seems like they are unrelated, but what if they are all related?

(surrounding yourself with same people) Zelinsky was a comedian before running for office. His television show was popular, ………on a network owned by…….Kolomoisky.
(Hunter Biden/Crowdstrike) We learn from the Arkansas court on the case of Biden’s baby momma, they reached a settlement at the last minute for child support. YETTTTT the arrangement can change if they find evidence of additional income. Court doc filed by momma’s investigators, page 6, states…… PrivatBank and Burisma involved in funding CROWDSTRIKE, Atlantic Council (in Ukraine), “rogue operations by USDOS”, FVEYEs……. did I mention Crowdstrike?

OMB email, from the actual guy who was responsible for releasing the funds, says USA is waiting on an “obligatory action”. What could that be? Was it that Trump wanted a CNN interview? Announcement of an investigation? Or something more serious…….?

May of 2019, IMF says they are ready to resume loans to Ukraine once Zelinsky government gets settled. Coincides with May 23 meeting in White House and Trump meeting with Senators just returning from Ukraine.

July 25th, 2019, Zelinsky/Trump phone call. SAME DAY, the IMF has a presser, announces readiness to proceed with billions in loans, will be in Ukraine to talk to them on Sept 10th.

We KNOW the IMF was on the ground in Kiev on Sept 10th, 2019
We KNOW Zelinsky met with Kolomoisky on the evening of September 10th, 2019.
Special Forces RAIDED PrivatBank on September 11th……. of 2019.
Seized all records.
(We have it all)
Head of OMB, the guy who actually released the funds, Email to himself includes a CNBC article about the raid of PrivatBank on Sept 11th (Here’s a Reuter’s article: https://in.reuters.com/article/ukraine-privatbank/police-raid-offices-and-seize-documents-of-ukraines-privatbank-idINL5N26244O
USA release of funds on Sept 11th
IMF released funds as well.

Whole thing, whole impeachment thing, MAYBE “Muh Russia” as well, was about hiding a failed proxy war with Russa, involving an illegal war, waged by Obama ADMIN, with no approval from Congress.

It all makes sense now.
Remember when Biden threatened the gov’t of Ukraine to fire prosecutor? And Ukraine said, “You can’t do that”, and Biden said, “Call the President, go ahead”
Well, it wouldn’t make sense for Obama to hold a billion dollars because of a need to save a corrupt Hunter Biden……. it had to be something bigger.

Shokin was investigating, following the money, the original 23 million was transferred from Ukraine to Cyprus, to Latvia, to the UK. The UK bank immediately froze the money. Shokin was digging…… when he received a letter from Latvia Anti-Corruption Money Laundering Agency…… about concerns of Hunter Biden being involved. Shokin kept digging.

Shokin traced money back to Cyprus, to 43 Shell Companies owned by Kolomoisky, which had “Loans” (the most effective way to launder money), in the amount of…….

…… take a guess….. I’ll wait……. 1.8 Billion dollars…… Coincidence?

THAT’s why Biden had to stop the investigation, THAT’s why the Obama Admin was desperate to fire Shokin, THAT’s why the Dept of State covered for Hunter Biden. It wasn’t just about Hunter Biden.

The money trail let straight back to the Obama Administration….. fighting an illegal war in Ukraine, responsible for 15K dead Ukrainians, far worse than Iran/Contra. We have an excessive amount of evidence leading up to this point. Without an official investigation, it will remain covered-up and the details will be hidden from the American people.

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Mind BLOWING content!
Thanks Daughn for threading this…..
Thanks Glenn for EXPOSING this….
That said…….

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



Mind BLOWING content!
Thanks Daughn for threading this…..
Thanks Glenn for EXPOSING this….
That said…….
It’s going to be…… BIBLICAL!!!!!!


OOPS…… not sure how/why this duplicated????


why do you think Beck has settled down after so much crazy in 2015-16 toward President Trump?


Beck is an opportunist. He sees which way the wind is blowing. Snake.


Also, Wasn’t there was a Massacre in Ukraine somewhere that killed 100 people reportedly arranged by “our” gov’t?


Well, we do have to remember the devil always mixes truth with error. Appreciate that you posted, Daughn.


Exactly. Also interesting he wants to exonerate Crowdstrike.


This was in agreement Beck is an opportunist. Also admit he’s good at putting things together, but I wonder about his motivations.


Thought so, too. I’m going by what Tracy Beanze said on Uncover DC.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Personally, I think Beck got hit with Gottlieb chemicals by the Brennan CIA. The guy is already bipolar and walking a mental health tightrope. They poked him and make him fall off.
No need to do it again until we approach the election.
If they can manage to hit him again, and he hasn’t figured out how to deal with it, we’ll see “Cheeto-Face” again.


Do I have to watch another damn video or will somebody post a comment with a short synopsis?


will be waiting for your thoughts…getting an ice storm here so video buffering way too much to watch…thanks!!


here’s what I found in regards to a summary…??
On the radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck sat down with chief researcher Jason Buttrill to go over a few of the findings he and the research team uncovered while looking into the phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky which led to the Democrats’ now-failed impeachment charade.
Glenn explained that there were “things in the phone call that just didn’t make sense to us” that prompted them to dive deeper into the research process, and to find out, once and for all, what happened to the $1.8 billion in aid that went missing in Ukraine’s largest bank.
Jason revealed a bombshell discovery: an urgent letter from the Latvian government to the Ukrainians, which has changed the entire narrative about who and what was involved in the corruption going on in Ukraine.
“This document … is the jumping off point,” said Jason. “It shows you the path to follow the money.”
Glenn explained how the money trails all tie back to a corrupt and brutal oligarch named Igor Kolomoisky.
“This guy [Kolomoisky] is actually viewed in Ukraine … as a brutal, brutal oligarch. Nobody messes with him. Okay? Chainsaws to the neck. Nobody messes with him,” Glenn said. “But we also found out, there are a lot of people that view him as an extreme patriot. Now it gets interesting. Now it really starts to get interesting. Why is he a patriot? Because he’s a guy that buys arms, and funds armies. He’s a guy, when it comes to Russia, he’s a guy that happened to, as all of our money disappears, to go on a spending spree.”



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Hey, rayzorbak! This one was blocked. If you think it’s worth reporting, please contact: https://akismet.com/contact with this URL to report as the spammed post: https://wordpress.com/comment/wqth.wordpress.com/391113


Wolf…… I was just holding my tongue but didn’t know how to show it 🙂


Summary to apx. 1:27:
$1.8 billion in US aid deposited in Kolomoisky’s Privat Bank is missing.
Documents claim to show that funds were transferred thru Cyprus, then Latvia into the accounts of Hunter Biden and Devin Archer for “loan agreements” (57:21).
Burisma funds were paid to the Atlantic Council, USDOS, FVEY, and Crowdstrike in Ukraine, using Privat Bank, according to a private investigator hired by Hunter’s baby-mama for her court filings against Hunter. (1:01:18)
Kolomoisky may have also used the 1.8 billion to fund a covert proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.


Marymorse, you are one of my favorite researchers/diggers.


Off to Twitter


It was trending on Twitter but,poof now it;s gone


I think Jackboot and Fuckerberg are getting a big piece of this pie.
Hence, the CENSORSHIP!


Would not surprise me at all.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, that explains a LOT!!!


Ok, watched the video. Good content. Beck is still overwrought. I can live with his idiosyncratic style even though it continues to trip alarm bells.
What is the purpose of the “crawl” that flashes at the bottom of the screen throughout and is too fast to be read?! Is it supposed to register subliminally or am I just too slow?


You’ll never be too slow if I’m in the race along with you. 🙂




!!!!!!! thank you for adding a summary.
So deep state cover blown by greed and ineptness and using to many actual idiots
….and because they never thought a real outsider would ever win the election


Thank you, daughn, for your timeline summary! Wish Beck would compile these Ukraine videos into a book. Would like to be able to preserve this to pass down to the next generation or two, on paper. No bit-burning.


Praying Medic has started a Q series of books. “Calm Before The Storm” by Dave Hayes. Easier to save for future generations than all these screen shots on a chip.


Just re-read the comments and I need to apologize for the comment I made earlier. It sounded like I was grumpy when I was just trying to copy DJT’s remark at the MN rally where he said, … and all those damn commercials (referring to My Pillow).
I’m sorry.


In 2016, [Viktur] Pinchuk settled a high profile legal battle with two other Ukrainian oligarchs—Gennadiy Bogolyubov and Igor Kolomoisky—over his attempt to purchase a metal mine in Ukraine. He accused them of taking $143 million to buy an iron ore mine which was never handed over to him. Pinchuk settled for $1 billion, reported The Independent. Pinchuk’s critics accuse him of amassing a large portion of his wealth through OPAQUE DEALS while his father-in-law was president of Ukraine. Pinchuk’s wife, Elena Kuchma, is the daughter of ex-president Leonid Kuchma.
Leonid Kuchma was the President of the Ukraine from 1994-2005
Bill & Hillary Clinton were in the White House from 1993-2001
Gennadiy Bogolyubov Controlled Privat Group.
Viktur Pinchuk owns Credit Dnipro Bank.


:0) Yep…..


WHAT??? Can’t hear you.


Capitalise that link


The thick’s are plotting


Don’t know if you all saw this
The money spigot being welded closed


ozzytrumper wasn’t finished. He had this below this morning on the daily thread so I’m pulling it over to here.
(my comments below)

The answer per say is not inside the tweet, you actually have to google it. S.Res.322 – A resolution expressing the sense of the Senate on the trial, sentencing and imprisonment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev. 109th Congress (2005-2006) is sponsored by Biden, and co sponsered by Senators McCain and Obama.
But there is much more inside the tweet. Well worth the read. Lee Stranahan wants you to consider the bigger picture which goes way beyond just trying to take out PDJT. Just like Giuliani’s reveal on Biden in Ukraine was incidental to investigating corruption in Ukraine during the 2016 election. He wants you to consider it all.


Took a awhile to get through it all.
Wow! Thanks Daughn for the article AND laying out what happened clearly.
Beck. I truly enjoy his chalk talks..going back to when he was on faux.
Yea, Beck went off the rails for awhile. BUT, he IS over the targets these days and I thank him for what he is doing!
It does appear Grasley is pursuing this stuff. Heads will roll if he does.
Me thinks the real answer IS DOJ do their job WITH Ukraine. Perhaps either AG Barr has some “honest” blood hounds on it.
Rudy may really have enough to get the right folks to aggressively pursue the truth.
Finally, would really like to know the truth about the hundred or so folks massacred in a Ukraine plaza.