October 13, 2016: Trump's Most Important Speech

Thank God for President Trump!

Today is a day to celebrate!

20200206: High Noon, President Trump Speech on His Acquittal

No one would help him clean up the town, so the Sheriff did it alone.

Razorbak respectfully disagrees: The Sheriff Has his posse of which, we are all a part 🙂

Very true. We are fighting for Trump because he is fighting for us.

But in the beginning, no one was on Trump’s side, except for the forgotten men and women in the shattered remnants of patriotic America.

The reason why was simple, and Trump told us himself:

“The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election.”

Trillions of dollars at stake.

He knew that’s why no one would help him, at least not at first. He had to break down the Washington power structures before he could begin to reform and effect change.

And he was going to have to do it essentially single-handedly.

Yes. Single-handedly. Even with a Republican congress, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell were political enemies at the outset, not allies. Ryan would show himself to be part of the resistance and only able to work with Trump when the situation forced his hand.

McConnell would be another story. Needless to say it would take much work to resolve  the fundamental relational differences between Trump the MAGA outsider and McConnell leader of the CoC party.

The loss of the House in 2018 did little to improve the situation: The House was still not cooperating with the President. The biggest difference now was that the House was focused on cashing out their Insurance Policy. Only the movie changed, from “RINO Theater” to “Impeachment Theater”.

With their insurance benefits expended and expired, this is a good time to take a look back at what was one of Trump’s most important, most critical policy speeches, re-evaluate it against what we’ve learned, and overlay the new constructs that have become apparent. Predictable patterns to QTree readers will emerge in hindsight; regardless the remarkable foresight of Candidate Trump is astonishing. He predicted an ugly fight he would have to face, and what was at stake, but more importantly he laid down the gauntlet in plain and no uncertain terms for all to see. Even his enemies.

He has taken on the worst of the Washington establishment, and he has won.


There is still more winning to do and many more battles yet to fight, but Donald Trump is clearly the victor today, the champion of the American people.

So without further ado, Trump’s Most Important Speech from October 13, 2016:

Wow. What a group. What a group. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, folks. Thank you, folks. It’s great to be right here in Florida, which we love.

In 26 days, we are going to win this great, great state and we are going to win the White House.

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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

If I’m not mistaken, this is the speech that got edited down to a video I know as “Trump The Establishment.” That video also got packaged as something like “this video is why Trump will win the election” and Q posts that version a lot.
I have, many times, given “Trump The Establishment” the credit for changing me from a person who was going to vote for Trump, because he wasn’t Hitlary Rotten Klinton, to voting for Trump, because he was Donald J. Trump.
Great stuff!


Yes. THAT is going to be the biggest difference between ‘16 and this year.
In ‘16 a substantial part of the vote that elected PDJT was a vote AGAINST the hag. I, too, voted more against Hillary than in favor of the President, mostly because I knew more about her (*spit*) than I did about PDJT. This year, the overwhelming majority of the vote will be FOR the President…the results of which may prove to have not been seen since the days of George Washington himself. Iowa’s GOP caucus this past Monday emphatically supports this outlook, too, for all the very best of reasons.
Thank you, Michael, for reposting the text of that speech. It has aged like the finest of wines and was prophetic indeed.


“…because he wasn’t Hitlary Rotten Klinton,”
Suggestion for occasional variation: Hitlary Rotgut Klinton”
Rotgut = emission of stink vapors

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Or really low quality liquor.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Here is where it was covered by CTH:
Stunning Donald Trump Speech: “The Crossroads In Our History” – Video and Transcript….

Note that there was an EARLIER speech (July 21, 2016) that also scared the dickens out of the cabal, and may have caused them to go ahead with various operations. Also worth bookmarking.
Be afraid: Donald Trump’s speech could win him the White House


Michaelh, thank you for this reminder of where we were, how far America has come because of POTUS leadership, and why we have to continue the fight! Future proves past, indeed.


Thanks, Michael – excellent post and one of my very favorite speeches evah!!!


Oh Michael, what a terrific opening. Both you and Rayzor were correct.
Reread the WHOLE speech and In my mind, I can hear HIS voice.
Prophetic speech.
Interesting….. the story about Trump handing the woman the bathing suit, and that’s the one he’s talking about, was a story the Times had for years. He previously gave the Times evidence to counter the story and they did not print….. for years, they did not print it…… yet, drug it out only weeks before the election. And it was a story the woman herself refuted.
I never did buy into the “woman” stories about Trump. And look what we found, Hillary was hiding Harvey Weinstein.
No longer surprised.
This speech,,,,, this is the one we should all save for posterity.
Thank you for highlighting it here.


I think that he has sold out every single rally.
We the People stand with Trump.




Thanks Michael! Preserved Now!


This is Q’s version of the speech, which he highlighted numerous times:

Rodney Short

Amazing thread Michael I am so glad you shared this, what an amazing speech from an amazing man.


POTUS knew for a long time that the DC establishment was evil he just did not know the depth of their depravity.
He left his comfortable life for the Country and its people and that is we the people.
We will reelect him and we will win !