20200228: MAGA Rally thread, Charleston, South Carolina

Gosh, a week ago we were in Vegas together. Steve is still cleaning up from the mess we made at his house in Colorado Springs, and we’ve been around the world since then. Yet, we’re on this Trump/Wolfie roller coaster together. Please …….hold onto the bar.

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) – President Donald Trump will host a Keep America Great Rally on Friday, February 28, at 7 p.m. at the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, his reelection campaign announced Thursday.


We’re on the road again and it feels good. We’re headed south, to the coast.

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We can almost smell the South Carolina BBQ and Momma’s Sunday chicken from here. We’re headed into the land of exceptional hospitality, outstanding college football, southern grace, honorable men, gorgeous women, ceiling fans, wide porches, and blooming azaleas, …….. we’re headed to LOW COUNTRY.

Come on in and get situated.

We’re so glad you finally made it to Charleston, and glad you’re staying for the weekend. There is so much to do here!!!!!!!

Charleston is a bit of a geographic challenge, so many bridges it will remind you of Amsterdam. The town sits at the southern tip of the Cooper River and the Atlantic. Thus, water surrounds the town and beautiful beaches are found everywhere we turn. A major hurricane hit on Charleston would be a disaster.

With water everywhere, several rivers converging, and an Atlantic Port, we can easily understand why Charleston played a primary role throughout our nation’s history. From the first shots of the Civil War fired on Ft. Sumpter……

To the present day MAJOR cargo terminal and US NAVY Port, which Charleston has become.

With the constant hussle and bussle of business activity in Charleston (South Carolina has the lowest unemployment in the country at 2.3%), it’s hard to imagine the graceful, slow, southern lifestyle which Charleston offers. Yet, Charleston is low country, hot, humid, and sticky. No one would survive in a navy blue suit during the month of August….. so things are a little more casual. But the downtown, historic, and financial centers are beautiful, especially when the azaleas bloom in the spring.

In “North Charleston” (which is really west of the city, but it’s up river, therefore NORTH), where President Trump’s rally will be held, the median age is 33yrs old and median home cost is $131K. The burbs of Charleston are affordable, young, hip, yet still close to great museums, art, beaches, and airports.

Come hungry!! The food in Charleston is a perfect cross section. It’s east coast, meets New Orleans love of seafood, meets wild Asian influence, with a healthy portion of Southern Mommas fried chicken or Uncle Fred’s BBQ. Thus, Charleston is a perennial favorite of the Food Network.


Trumpers are getting ready in Charleston:


See you all at the rally!

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Gail Combs

That mistake is really gonna hurt the DemoRats.
They are going to have a lot of fun spinning that.


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I like that, TrumpIsMine !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸