Dear KAG: 20201210 Open Thread

Sing-a-long time:

Where do I begin,
to tell the story of how crooked the Dems have been….

Seriously, where to start with what happened Wednesday. In no particular order:

46 states, Guam and Washington, D.C., filed an anti-trust lawsuit along with the Federal government to force Facebook to divest Instagram and other applications.

17, or maybe it’s 18 now, states joined Texas in a lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for changing their election laws illegally. That case is with the Supreme Court and there is a controversy over whether or not the court is going to hear the case as if states suing each other have any where else to go. Then the president chimed in.

It has now been revealed that the federal government, at least the U.S. Attorney in Delaware, has former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter under investigation for tax issues. Given everything we know he did, this might be the most expedient route to any sort of “justice”. After all, it’s how the government managed to finally incarcerate Al Capone anywhere other than Eastern State Pen in Philadelphia while he was hiding out.

Rep. Eric Swalwell was revealed to have been involved with a Chinese spy by the name of Fang. It is not clear if he banged Fang, but on Wednesday, he was officially removed from the House Intelligence Committee.

Codemonkey of 8kun fame came out against the social media platform Parler claiming that it was a black hat honey trap. After he made this claim, other people piled on to his pronouncements.

Youtube has decided to remove any and all videos that deny the “BIDEN WINS” narrative. Most people are expecting the rest of the social media giant family to do the same.

Documents were released that reveal just how extensive the training of Chinese troops in Canada is. Not only that, but that Justin Trudeau essentially laid out the welcome mat, regardless of what the Canadian military is actually willing to do.

And, the cherry on the turtle sundae (I mean Crown Sundae since the people who make turtles told the good people at Crown Candy that they couldn’t call it that anymore) the Democrat from the Michigan legislature who threatened “Trumpers” got censured by that body and was stripped of all of her committee assignments.

Wednesday was exhausting.

This is about where we are:

It’s five o’clock somewhere, right?

Please, add your own dance favorites in the comments.


As usual, this is the daily thread, the place to put all information that needs to be out there – Q drops, Q drop decodes, riot information, news flashes, Chy-na flu updates, fashionable mask photos, satire, memes, and of course cute animal videos.

In the meantime, the short and sweet version of “THE RULES” is here borrowed from Tuesday:

Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights, especially if you haven’t thrown out your Thanksgiving leftovers
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone, preferably made of or with bacon.

Since it is almost the weekend, decking the halls for the season is recommended.


Today’s Mass Readings do not exactly lend themselves to our situation. And the topic which has been preying all around us on this site is most ably dealt with in the book of Ecclesiasticus, or Sirach, which is one of the Helenistic Canon books, and was omitted by a certain Bible editor in a post-revolt version. So, we’ll just grab something from Proverbs, Chapter 11 for today:

A deceitful balance is an abomination before the Lord: and a just weight is his will. [2] Where pride is, there also shall be reproach: but where humility is, there also is wisdom. [3] The simplicity of the just shall guide them: and the deceitfulness of the wicked shall destroy them. [4] Riches shall not profit in the day of revenge: but justice shall deliver from death. [5] The justice of the upright shall make his way prosperous: and the wicked man shall fall by his own wickedness.

[6] The justice of the righteous shall deliver them: and the unjust shall be caught in their own snares. [7] When the wicked man is dead, there shall be no hope any more: and the expectation of the solicitous shall perish. [8] The just is delivered out of distress: and the wicked shall be given up for him. [9] The dissembler with his mouth deceiveth his friend: but the just shall be delivered by knowledge. [10] When it goeth well with the just the city shall rejoice: and when the wicked perish there shall be praise.


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Gail Combs

CDC Covid and the Flu.

Doctor visits for ‘flu’ up to the last week of September (no newer graphs. …ο»Ώ πŸ€” ο»Ώ )
comment image

Pneumonia and ‘Flu’ Deaths up to the first week in 2020. Note 2017 spike and lack of spike at end of 2019.
comment image

Pneumonia and ‘Flu’ Deaths up to October first 2020. Note deaths have gone down TO NORMAL!!!
comment image

Pneumonia and ‘Flu’ Deaths up to December first 2020. Note deaths have gone up and then down. Useful fear mongering just before the election???
comment image

π—ͺ𝗛𝗬 𝗔π—₯π—˜ π—§π—›π—˜ π—Ÿπ—”π—¦π—§ 𝗧π—ͺ𝗒 π—šπ—₯𝗔𝗣𝗛𝗦 𝗒𝗙 π—¦π—”π— π—˜ π—œπ—‘π—™π—’π—₯π— π—”π—§π—œπ—’π—‘ π——π—œπ—™π—™π—˜π—₯π—˜π—‘π—§?

π—ͺ𝗛𝗬 π——π—œπ—— π—§π—›π—˜π—¬ π—–π—›π—”π—‘π—šπ—˜ π—§π—›π—˜ π—§π—œπ—§π—Ÿπ—˜ 𝗧𝗒 π—œπ—‘π—–π—Ÿπ—¨π——π—˜ π—–π—’π—©π—œπ——?

π—ͺ𝗛𝗬 π——π—œπ—— π—™π—Ÿπ—¨ π—–π—’π——π—˜π—— π——π—˜π—”π—§π—›π—¦ π——π—œπ—¦π—”π—£π—£π—˜π—”π—₯ π—œπ—‘ π— π—œπ—— 𝗠𝗔𝗬?

The two graph seems to show a peak of 16% of death caused by Flu + Pneumonia (Second to last graph) and a peak of Flu + Pneumonia + Covid of 28% of deaths.

Is that peak due to the use of ventilators, and shoving Covid positive people into old folks homes? Are we starting to see ‘Herd Immunity’? ο»Ώ πŸ€” ο»Ώ


Thank you Gail.
Anyone with a brain knows that the new flu season is what they are trying to pass off as COVID.
Problem is that they have so many so terrified to the point that even many people that we felt would not fall for this crap literally can’t think straight,


CDC and states are still testing for flu as usual and tracking flu cases as usual. Flu #s are listed together with Covid and on their own so that we can know how much is flu and how much wuflu.


Posted above: “Pneumonia and β€˜Flu’ Deaths up to October first 2020. Note deaths have gone down TO NORMAL!!!”

Deaths drop at the end because the data lags. Sadly, deaths have not returned to “normal”. πŸ™

The early peak was back in the spring prior as treatments were still being figured out and before the most vulnerable in Dem run states were protected. Deaths have dropped as the most vulnerable have been better protected and as treatment options have improved.

Many wuflu cases end in death from pneumonia just like flu deaths often in pneumonia. that is why they are combined – just like flu/pneumonia were combined prior to wuflu.


Its all combining into one big battle Royale!


From the above link, listed among the many examples of election “irregularities”
“Disparate impact: Mark Zuckerberg and spouse funding of $350,000,000 through non-profit to state and primarily urban election officials; Zuckerberg-funded drop box created disparate impact within states for access to voting and different absentee balloting standards were applied for different parts of state (e.g, curing absentee ballots versus non-curing).”


I suppose we can all hire lawyers and submit Amicus on behalf of this case  😎 


…..with cheese πŸ˜‰


Where’s Leonidas?


ο»Ώ  :wpds_smile: ο»Ώο»Ώ  :wpds_oops: ο»Ώο»Ώ  :wpds_cool: ο»Ώ




comment image

come to timmy

I’m not generally one to give a lot of attention to news/politics, but enough to vote for Trump in 2016 and be greatly relieved that he won. Shortly after that I returned to doing the things I enjoy doing (playing guitar, writing/blogging poetry and a bit of fiction, messing around with photography, you know the usual suspects), occasionally checking in on political topics but quickly ducking back out. But since the morning of November 4, all focus has been zoomed in on these wild times. Not to only keep up but to also catch up. Went searching for allies and credible sources. Youtube was prominent until today or yesterday, but now it’s down to bouncing back and forth between here and Gab. Wild shit happening. Wild, wild, wild… almost like the whole world suddenly veered into a movie.


Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former vice president and scientific director for Pfizer, has come forward with evidence that widespread SCIENCE FRAUD was used in the 2020 race for a coronavirus vaccine.In pursuit of speedy regulatory approval, Pfizer abandoned all scientific integrity. The study design for new mRNA injections is based on fraudulent diagnostic protocols that manipulate data endpoints and conceal the short and long-term adverse events inflicted by their vaccines.

Dr. Yeadon is joined by German lung specialist, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. The two brave doctors have filed an urgent application with the European Medicine Agency, calling out the BioNtech/Pfizer vaccine study because it’s based on FRAUD.


I hope more doctors come forward. I do know even some scientists are fooled by faulty data Pfizer resented.

Deplorable Patriot

A Merck whistleblower, Brandy Vaughan, was found dead this week.


Pompeo’s speech yesterday in GA concerning China and US colleges & universities.


Mom, this is most excellent…and the Q&A was even better.
Kansas knows his stuff.
thanks for putting this here.


If this has been posted, I apologize. A thread by Duane Cates, a.k.a. Soulwar, without the pics.

Thread: An article by @DBCopa that lays out WHY the Texas SCOTUS Case is a Game Changer & what President Trump was angling for from the beginning=…

SCOTUS would have to review THE EVIDENCE since no lower Court has done so.


Trump will reveal the most damning evidence during SCOTUS proceedings NOT included in any revealed affidavits to the lower Courts as it’s not required to submit ALL evidence, just what you believe is sufficient to prove the Case.

President Trump intended SCOTUS to be his Battlefield all along & that Texas would have standing whereas, incredibly, the sitting President who was cheated did not.

The PROOF BOMBS Trump’s going to reveal have not yet been reviewed by ANYONE outside of his Team & I must stress…

…none of the State Cases required Trump’s Team to submit ALL of their evidence for that Case. They submitted compelling affidavits they KNEW the Judges would ignore. My thinking is Trump has some Thermonuclear PROOF BOMBS that he’s been waiting to drop since Nov. 3rd

Here’s just one I believe will be presented to…

Yes, it’s just ONE Tabulation Machine in One County THAT’S BEEN ADMITTED TO.

How many more Machines does the Trump Team have possession of?

How many have the same or similar algorithm?

Trump couldn’t prevent THE STEAL, but he could prepare to ANSWER it.

It’s now clear WHY Biden’s campaign was non-existent & WHY the Democrats didn’t fight ACB’s nomination to SCOTUS=they intended to CHEAT & INSTALL Biden then pack the Supreme Court.

So Trump TRAPPED them all.

So because of what happened on Nov. 3rd (The CHEAT & it’s aftermath) we have been smashed by WAVES of Gaslighting #FakeNews as the MSM desperately tries to FORCE millions of Americans accept our NU NORMAL.

As the DC Democrats hide under their Beds.


The MSM & Social Media Giants are clearly not as politically savvy as the Swamp Creatures.

The Charade they are demanding everyone participate in is looking more & more bizarre as President-Elect Doddering Puppet obliviously makes cabinet appointments in La-La Land.


This isn’t about TRUMP!

This is about DESTROYING A WORLD the Enemies of America, both Foreign & Domestic built to RULE & ABUSE us.

Trump is going to PEEL their corruption like a rotten, stinking Onion.


Know what that means?

The relentless pressure of the Social Media to conform to CRITICAL RACE THEORY over the past 15 years, the linking of ANYTHING pro-American SPIRIT to WHITE SUPREMACY, the Pandemic, the RIOTS & Lockdowns all have ONE ORIGIN.


China IS at WAR with us.

This is HOW the Fourth Estate was turned into a Fifth Column against our very Republic.

This is HOW our children’s education was warped into indoctrination.

Our Courts became Bastions of Judicial Activism always protecting unconstitutional Leftism while swinging HARD vs the Right

Trump isn’t positioning himself to win just a 2nd Term we all want, he’s FIGHTING to restore our Republic by positioning THE ENEMY to the Time & Place of their UTTER DESTRUCTION.

He’s used their penchant for cheating to SET THEM UP.

The DC Democrats realized this TOO LATE.

The MORONS in the Legacy & Social Media are “soldiering on” completely unaware what Trump is about to drop on them.

When you realize how audacious, the SCOPE of where Trump is going to go with this, your jaw will hit the floor.


All of the Left’s most carefully & stealthily prepared schemes that brought OUR Republic to the brink of it’s irreparable loss are going to come to nothing.

America WILL restore our Electoral System.

We WILL restore our Education System & Culture.

NOT overnight….

because YOU are going to have to FIGHT your Fellow MARXIST Americans to do it.

& they WILL fight you every step of the way.

They are determined to destroy the Republic, 


The Enemies of America managed to put down Marxist ROOTS.


President Trump does have a Plan to recover America.

You won’t recognize America by 2025 & you’ll be THRILLED.

BUT full recovery will take at least a decade.

Which means Trump’s successor will be CRITICAL.

The CCP INFLUENCE in the GOP was partially successful in Trump’s 1st Term,

The REMOVAL of CCP Influence in the GOP!

or did you think those 40+ GOP Politicians who decided *SUDDENLY* to retire was just a coincidence?

The PURGE of the DNC’s CCP isn’t going to be VOLUNTARY.

So be it.

Let me be clear=I don’t hate Foreigners.

I HATE Foreigners conspiring to destroy my Country.

Because the Torch of LADY LIBERTY troubles their DARK Dreams of Empire & Tyranny.

Their peoples SEE our amazing quality of life & success.

So rather than emulate that success they want to burn America to the ground.

“Freedom is a LIE.”

They want to “Solve” their America PROBLEM.

President Trump is about to solve their HUMANITY PROBLEM.


The World WILL remember his name. 


& as for those that tried to stop him?

Forgotten, because the Universe is a MERITOCRACY.

(You Marxist Bitches)


come to timmy

This is damn good.


I agree! It ties some things together.


thesetruths…thanks for posting this…I can never find him…and when I do, I forget how I did it!


YW! He is Brian Cates’s brother. Now I can’t remember how to find Brian!


TheseTruths…it’s a real luxury to find these links right here!!!

JW in Germany

Excellent analysis! This should be carried over into today’s open thread. So much of this makes sense! Great find!


I just realized that Deplorable Patriot made a thread including this and some important vaccine and testing information. Here’s the link:

Valerie Curren

another one for the Matrix meme thread πŸ˜‰


Great news. And a shoutout to Dr. Z

Last edited 11 months ago by Gingersmom2009

comment image


Not really relevant to anything in particular . . .

Stumbled onto this old article online at Psychology Today

Why Liberal Hearts Bleed and Conservatives Don’t
Why politicians have trouble listening to each other.

Coming from a typical leftist much of his analysis fits well the narrative bubble elite.

He considers the right and left two different worldviews. Not bad, but of course he ascribes fear as the overriding conservative trait.

That makes a lot of sense, to an idiot psychologist, who presupposes that every person starts from emotive reasoning about the world.

Leftists presumably are more optimistic and less fearful.

Of course, a major reason he fails here is starting from a fallacious psychogenetic starting point. He doesn’t consider that a better explanation is the leftists are emotionally immature toddlers, while the right represents those who have developed into healthy adults who understand the necessity of responsibility with their rights and don’t aim to live as self-indulgent tyrants.

It is precisely this maturity that brings the situation into focus. A myopic view incorrectly perceives the right’s occupation with taking responsibility as fear-driven. Most of us know that fear is not the motive for the political right – and this fact has been amply illustrated by the fake COVID-19 panic and the left’s fear-driven narrative. I know of no one who is on the political right who is living in fear of the virus the way leftists are.

However, where this article is helpful is that it shows how the leftist worldview truly is grounded on emotional reasoning – pathos, in the rhetoric of Aristotle.

Worldview is one way of describing the differences, but human development and maturity is a richer paradigm that explains these kinds of left perceptions perfectly. Conservatives have a cognitive style built upon a combination of logic and experience – resulting in logos and ethos reasoning. Leftists start from immature emotive reasoning – pathos – and base their ethos on the demand of their inner child-tyrant. “Everyone ought to have health insurance, happiness, and a puppy, and if they don’t, it’s injustice! Defund the police – those meany-heads!”

Anyway, just some comments, FWIW.

come to timmy

Upcoming Breaking News: It is reported via reliable sources that a multitude of governors and mayors were discovered to have ancestral lineage alien to the human race and thus cannot be held to the standards of widely recognized decent human behavior. Investigations are now pending to determine the possibility of a sizeable slice of them being full-fledged clones having undergone extensive programming and thus incapable of communication with that walk of life known as regular human beings.

Deplorable Patriot

Just two more and I get to 1,100. ο»Ώ  :wpds_grin: ο»Ώ

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