Washington DC Pre-Rally Logistics Thread

This thread is ONLY for discussion of the the upcoming rallies and marches in Washington, DC, and in particular the LOGISTICS of getting into and out of the city, staying inside or outside the city, what to bring, etc., etc., etc.

PLEASE – under penalty of deletion – keep all discussion of THE STEAL, THE COUP, or EVIDENCE of such, on the daily threads or any new threads directly concerning the cheating. Only if somebody is scheduled to SAY SOMETHING do I want to hear about THE SCHEDULE of that event.

This is all about the rallies and marches themselves – about Washington, DC and surrounding area – about getting there.


Things are changing – this thread will help us react to the changes.

This thread is mostly for the benefit of those going to DC, and those who wish to cheer them on or help them. This thread will soon give way to actual “rally threads”, hosted by Deplorable Patriot, during the week. Our participants ONSITE will TRY to communicate “live from DC”, but due to intense network traffic, most comms will probably be nightly info-dumps.

This builds on our prior discussion HERE, from Aubergine:


Addendum by Wolf – Current List of QTreepers Headed To DC Aubergine & Son, Mr. MAGA Mom & Son, Realsauce, grandmaintexas & DH, huskerheart & Patriot Friend, Kalbo & Wife, Wolf Moon (neither confirming nor denying)  Current Total: 12


Please feel free to contribute, or to communicate publicly with other participants. I recommend discussions by GAB PM between participants, if you are planning on sharing any sensitive personal information like location, travel info, etc., which I am generally discouraging, and particularly PRIOR to arrival in DC. Use your head – be sensible.

Contact me if you have any questions. I am encouraging PRIVACY, SECURITY and AVOIDANCE OF DRAMA, yet with MAXIMUM BADASSNESS AND INFO-WARRIOR DROPPAGE. Note that P_M_T_W comms to me on HERE are private, but are NOT entirely secure because WordPress.com can see them. TRUST GAB. Participants are welcome to test out their Gab comms with me, and to make sure they HAVE Gab comms during their travels. Send me a PM on Gab chat (https://chat.gab.com)!



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Sadie Slays

If DC cuts off subway service into the city, walk across the bridge behind the Lincoln Memorial to the Arlington Cemetery station and pick up the subway there (assuming the subway is still operation in Virginia). Rosslyn is another option, but a longer walk and not really advised unless you really need to. These are good bugout options if you have trouble leaving the city via train.

If you’re aiming for the Ellipse/White House, consider getting off/on at Metro Center and walking a few blocks, especially if you’re coming in on the orange or red lines. This will avoid the hassle of waiting and switching trains, plus you’ll avoid the massive crowd at the Smithsonian stop.

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Sadie Slays

Subway coverage on that side of the Mall is bad in general on a good day, and there are no good convenient options. It also depends on what train line/direction you’re coming in from. Expect a long walk no matter what. Check out Metro Center, McPherson Square, or Federal Triangle for options. Red Line folks are probably better off using Metro Center just to avoid switching trains. Avoid Smithsonian (use back entrance on Independence Ave if you absolutely must use this station).

Capitol Options: If you’re on SCOTUS side, Union Station or Capitol South (I’d advise Union Station solely for bathrooms–assuming they’re open). If on the Washington Monument side of the Capitol, check out L’Enfant Plaza.

Sadie Slays

I don’t know what’s open and publicly accessible over there during COVID times/protest that is generally unwelcome in DC. I’m not even sure what amenities are currently available at Union Station right now. No clue what the COVID restrictions are like in DC.

Sadie Slays

I just looked up the exact distance. It’s a two mile relatively flat walk between the Ellipse and Arlington Cemetery Station. That station is usually ignored and empty even during big events. If you really want to get away from the crowds and have the energy and time for it, it’s an offbeat option.

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Sadie Slays

Yeah, it’s the bridge behind the Lincoln Memorial. Look for street signs for Arlington Cemetery/Arlington Memorial bridge. It’s a nice, peaceful walk for tourists on a normal day. You won’t be going through any ghettos or dense city areas. Check it out on Google Streets View. 

Gail Combs

Wolfie, It is best to TRAVEL IN CROWDS.

I am hoping those going are organized in groups for the in & out travel. I notice one of the organizers was for IN but for OUT you were on your own.

Perhaps that was Ali Akbar”; a.k.a. “Scammy Davis Jr.” LINK

Sadie Slays

One last thing bugout tip. If you are forced to evacuate the city to Arlington Cemetery station, the National Airport stop is only four stops south on the Blue Line. It has all the amenities one would expect at a major airport—bathrooms, food, phones, taxis, buses, etc. If you’re temporarily stranded, it might be a good rest option. Pentagon City (two stops south of Arlington) is an upscale mall. Again, good for food and bathrooms. I don’t expect things will get this bad, but if they do, know your options. 


This gals tweets may be helpful to those going to DC.


Sadie Slays

THIS ONE. Do NOT block the entire escalator. People take escalator etiquette seriously.



Kylie was on Bannon’s show this morning. NO FLAGS will be allowed on the Ellipse. More details on her twit page.


Here’s another one with lots of helpful tips. Plus she’s been to the last two rallies so has personal experience.



This account is one of the organizers of the caravans from all over the country to DC. Worth checking his account for up to date info.



If, as I suspect, cell service and internet will be intentionally degraded, do not forget regular AM/FM radio. Here’s the channels possibly available — https://www.radiolineup.com/locate/Washington-DC .

Back in the days of the Isla Vista riots of 1970, the campus radio station broadcast the location of National Guard units in realtime — until the National Guard took over the station and shut it down.

Local media may also have updates on sanitary facilities and subway/freeway information.


Dedicated to all the MAGA patriots making the ride to DC.

We meet up at the old Mill at midnight.

Fun fact: you can see me, briefly, in the crowd in this video. Heh heh. 😎


Hint: He’s the one in the pilot’s cap.


DC not only has a subway (Metro) that is widely publicized, it also has two commuter rail services — VRE (Virginia) and MARC (Maryland) — https://www.commuterpage.com/ways-to-get-around/commuter-rail-marc-vre/ — that cater mainly to locals.

For those familiar with NYC, this would be like the LIRR and Metro North. They are decidedly different from the subway system and drop you off at a central train station (Union Station in DC — which is on top of the Union Station Metro stop on the Red line).

Wednesday is a normal workday in DC, and the commuter lines should be working smoothly even if the DC establishment is trying to quash “tourist” activities.


This map may help …

“Restricted Vehicle Traffic in DC Jan 5 – Jan 6, 2021.


[T]ake this map with you for better navigation in DC, its likely Cellphone GPS, won’t have these changes updated. All areas marked in purple are closed”

comment image

Gail Combs

This is a ‘For your Information’

𝟭𝘀𝘁 𝗔𝗺𝗲𝗻𝗱𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗣𝗿𝗮𝗲𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗻 will be in DC to provide protective support.

Robert Patrick Lewis @RobertPLewis is a Green Beret-turned co-founder of 1st Amendment Praetorian.


How did a team of former Green Berets foresee the end result of the “16 year plan to destroy America” all they way back in 2012?

Read The Pact trilogy to find out:

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h ttps://www.amazon.com/Pact-Trilogy-Robert-Patrick-Lewis/dp/0985940468

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Gail Combs

A couple comments on food and drink from a caver/backpacker.

  1. CAFFEINE makes you pee and can possibly cause dehydration. If you are ‘addicted’ to your morning coffee/tea STOP NOW. You want to switch to non-caffeine drinks so your body does not need as much water since beverages may not be available aside from what you carry.
  2. FOOD Sugars make you more hungry while protein and ESPECIALLY FAT helps you curb hunger. Keep that in mind when planning your emergency food. (think nuts or bacon jerky)
  • Fat, like protein, keeps you full for longer. And, since it carries flavor, it makes food more satisfying.
  • Fat also slows the entry of glucose into your bloodstream, controlling your blood sugar highs and lows, your appetite and your cravings. LINK

Jerky, cheese, and apples. Very simple and very effective.

Which, of course, has been a staple of armies for millennia.

Gail Combs

And nuts. Also a good source of protein and fat. You can get nuts unsalted. unfortunately you can not get Jerky unsalted. (Or with KCl instead of NaCl though I just saw and bought jerky with the combo.)


Probably common sense and doesn’t need to be said but if you are with anyone, one person, several or a group, make a couple of meet up plans in case of seperation.

For son we have printed out a complete set of maps, same as H’s + wrote down instructions and phone #s. Expecting a big crowd. could get seperated without having troubles – just big, close crowd. and we don’t expect to count on cell as local system will be overloaded.

Going in VERY early.


My update FAWTC…..

Waiting on a damn Wuhan test result before I risk getting on a bus with a bunch of people and risk causing a MSM hit piece…..

Developed a cough about a week and a half ago, didn’t think much of it then. But on NYE developed a headache that lasted on and off till Sunday. Talking to a friend thet went through it, the prolonged headache rasied a flag for him. No fever, very silght body aches also. Scheduled a Wuhan test to be safe (company policy for anyone that has flu like symptoms) and took it on Sunday….STILL waiting on results. Been off from work per company policy the last two days,

Headache and aches are gone still have annoying scratchy throat and cough…gonna play it out down to the wire, the Bus leaves at 4am tomorrw morning

Last edited 1 year ago by realsauce

Prayers headed your direction Sauce.

[…] For people actually travelling to Washington, the boss put up a thread for pre-rally logistics. Here you go. […]


Great info on this thread.
If I may add, you will be surrounded by Patriots.
Be a cheerful Warrior.
You will be representing Millions of others whose eyes and Hearts are with you.

The MARC train can be picked up in Brunswick Maryland ,usually large uncrowded ,ample and safe parking. it will take you to Union station.
Have a Metro rail and DC area map on your person. Navigate to the area you intend to be.
Once in the area, search the horizon for the Washington Monument.
Re orient yourself with it, your map and your surroundings. Use it as a waypoint to other destinations.
Weather forecast: 45 degrees partly sunny winds from NW @10mph.
Dress warm.
Be nice,My peeps may be standing next to you,

May our Father grant you Peace and safe passage.

[…] For people actually travelling to Washington and there for the festivities, the boss put up a thread for pre-rally logistics. Here you go. […]