Our President has requested our presence for something “wild” in DC on January 6th. It may be a protest, or it may be a celebration. Whatever it is, he has called, so we should make every effort to
be there.

LINK:  https://amgreatness.com/2020/12/22/president-trump-calls-on-supporters-to-raise-their-voices-and-demand-that-election-injustices-be-corrected/

This last month has felt to me like our Valley Forge. It’s cold, things look bleak, and we are tired. BUT, we will WIN if we stick together! George Washington and his troops entered Valley Forge pretty beaten down, but emerged stronger, more organized, and they WON!

Painting - The March to Valley Forge by William Trego

I found this on Twitter. I am doing pretty much the same thing as this guy, and feel the same way:


I managed to get hotel/motel reservations for the 4th through the 6th really cheap by staying about 100 miles out of DC. By cheap, I mean like $50, and the places are rated 4-out-of-5 stars on Expedia! We will be in small towns, too, so less likely to run into trouble. My son and I will probably be “car camping” for several nights on the way to and from.

Caravans are being formed all over the country if you want to join one. I will be joining a caravan in Gettysburg on the morning of January 6th. Safety in numbers!


There are people who recommend using sites like this one to pre-pay for  parking in DC. I plan to follow the caravan organizers for advice about whether to do this:


I pray for good weather all across the country for all of us travelers, and request that all prayer warriors do the same! I want all Patriots to arrive safely in DC and back home again!

If you have any tips, information, encouragement, or other, please post it on this thread. If it is in any way possible to attend, make your plans now! Lodgings will get more expensive as we get even closer.

This is our moment to do what we can for our country! I encourage everyone to dig down deep and do your part. It’s now or never. I will repeat what I found on Twitter:

If not us, who?

If not now, when?

P.S. Special thanks to Wolfmoon for helping me work out the bugs in my connection to the new site to be able to post this!

Addendum by Wolf – Current List of QTreepers Headed To DC

  • Aubergine & Son
  • Mr. MAGA Mom & Son
  • Realsauce
  • grandmaintexas & DH
  • huskerheart & Patriot Friend
  • Kalbo & Wife
  • Wolf Moon (neither confirming nor denying) 

Current Total: 12

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Wolf Moon

On it now!!!

Wolf Moon

OK – got some fixes done! I may get ambitious and try spacing now!  😉 

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

That is a great idea to join the caravan closer to DC. That’s a nice option. I have a lot of options – need to consider them all early.


Still learning the new bells and whistles of the new website. Can like a commnet. Can’t like an article in its entirety.

“Like” this article! He has called us to support him and thi sis the time to take action.

Looked at train maps last night. Starting looking at hotels in outskirt areas. Will ride train in so as to not get targeted on streets if antifa/blm show up. Also, don’t want to leave the main mall in DC. Train in and train out. No walking on side streets at all. Won’t wear hats/tshirts, etc. Will have in backpack, putting them on after in crowd on mall and taking them off before leaving mall. Will dress warm and pack water + lunch + snacks so bathroom breaks will be the Only reason to leave main crowd on mall.

Will take off Trump magnetic bumper stickers at last exit in TN or while in SW VA. Will stay well outside of DC to avoid antifa/blm in same hotels or when coming/going on the train.

Will get to DC very early. Leave when over/close to dusk, whichever comes first.

Calling Senator’s (Blackburn and Hagerty, not bothering with lame duck RINO Lamar for multiple reasons) and Representative’s office to let them know they will be in town and why and, in our case, thank them for strong support (so far) for Trump/Pence and for Trump doing all he can to fight 2020 election corruption. This lets them know that not only do we want them to fight the same come 1/6/21 but we care enough to be at the protest.

promoting it on social media + connecting people in the area with buses headed that way. We are avoiding buses because they can be stopped much easier for Covid restrictions &/or protesters, take away flexibility & won’t save $, just time as they have sleeping births and will travel all night Tuesday night. Plus, we will pack all of our own food (save $ + we eat super healthy so no eating out along the way) and that wouldn’t work on a bus.

Husband will take our cell phone (just got one last summer (’19) due to my work in local politics and still just have one), fully charged + a extra batter. Take pictures, will live stream for me to see and to put on our GOP fb page + live stream/video if any issues.

Will book hotel tonight before they fill, esp. as they are at reduced capacity for covid 19

Only thing we haven’t done is research covid 19 restrictions in VA and DC. Planning to use N99s where/when masks required (N99s actually allow for more freely moving air than many cloth masks + the air is filtered for the wearer so actually providing protection).

Right in the middle of the work week immediately following the holidays – few vacations days and work was surprised at new request. But approved and they are excited!

Suggestion – if anyone is wanting to carpool/rideshare of get seats on buses, check with your local GOP or a GOP near where you live (some county GOPs are more conservative &/or more active than others).

excited to read what others are doing and tips/advice/ideas

Wolf Moon

You’re now the second!!!  😃  Congratulations!


Not me ( 😫 ) but doing everything but husband and son will be there!


*everything to help son/husband be there

fingers got ahead of thoughts in that post! ha
fast typist as learned old school back in the day of typewriters … sometimes too fast

Wolf Moon

TWO more coming! Sorry it can’t be you but still awesome!

Wolf Moon

I personally think the TRAINS into and out of DC are the way to go!


Seems most confrontations are on side streets as people leave to go to garages, hotels, attractions, catch taxis/ubers, or think they should get something to eat after.

It is common to think, “while we are here we might as well … ” but not this time! Seems a bit of a waste to go that far and not see some sights but we won’t give in to the temptation that evening.

Due to having had off half of this week and all of next week, simply can’t take off the Monday or Friday so, yes, driving all that way for just the protest.

But we have to focus on what we are doing this time to DC is a specific mission and getting our money’s worth will be judged by how effectively we are in showing support for Trump/Pence and election integrity/fighting the fraudulant Biden win, not by how much we were able to sight see.

If they were staying for more than 1 day, then sure, sight see the other days. I would just be real careful when leaving the main group/mall on 1/6!

(Note: we are Not “fearful”, just walking wisdom and caution.)


For those considering local logistics.
use this site
Metrorail | WMATA
Research what my fit your needs.
Station to Station routes are available, from there chose what ‘color’ rail gets you close to the Mall/ museums.
That will be your destination.
There are several large Stations outside the DC beltway, with plenty of parking. For planning purposes ,expect a hour ride into DC to the Mall from any outer station.
Stay cheerful, make eye contact and converse with other cheerful folks. Move together as a group and watch each others backs.


Absolutely agree. Been to the March for Life twice and that is the only way to do it.


“I personally think the TRAINS into and out of DC are the way to go!”


Shouldn’t people anticipate trains into D.C. being shut down by the corrupt D.C. Mayor?

I thought I read here somewhere recently that trains / subways were shut down into D.C. for some other event in the last year or two, and people had to find another way into the city.

Also expect highways to be blocked, either by domestic terrorists (burn,loot,murder) or trash/barricades, or both.

These types of things would be easy to do, cost practically nothing, and the bigger the expected crowd, the more chaos that kind of sabotage would cause.


And if problems they can still drive in although we are trying to avoid that.
For safety we plan for them to go very early and plan to leave as soon as the main party is over or ~3/3:30 pm – ahead of dusk and ahead of the majority of the crowd. We figure antifa/blm won’t be early risers so the very early arrival is best. Stay through the core fo the day to swell the #s at the high point, and then clear out before trouble begins. Do not want husband/son to be stragglers or there when the group grows small.

If have to drive will be in same plan – go very early, leave pretty early, before most.

We figure that other than being where the antifa/blm are and choosing to engae/argue the worst parts (if they are there) will be on the roads and towards late afternoon/night.

Once on the mall, they will just enjoy and avoid engaging with antifi/blm.

Now, what kind of signs could they carry and be discreet/rolled up on the train? flags in backpacks but we would rather say something about the election v. Trump flag.

This is way more than pushing for our candidate. fraud must not reign!


If your desire is to enter DC from the North,
the Glenmont Metro Station is an excellent choice.
If It were me, I’d look for lodgings in Westminster Md. Rt 97 south from there is a straight shot due south, about 1 hour 30 minutes with traffic , probably less.
Check your Md map, can’t get much easier. You will have no crime in Westminster to worry about.
Bethesda is closer, but very busy . Hotels will be premium$$ because of location. It’s where the ‘elite’ reside, and also close to the beltway, again ,location.


Have done almost the same. 😄


Makes it easy to get to the Metro and then easy to get back to the hotel from the metro.


Not at all.
Bethesda is relatively safe area, because of the income strata.
80$ sounds like the ballpark.
If you get safe parking, it will save you alot of travel time all the way around.
I won’t pry into your hotel choices, just make sure it’s name is reputable enough to insure your safety .

Sadie Slays

Bethesda’s good—wealthy, quiet, and likely to stay out of trouble. Here’s my advice if you’re taking the subway and assuming you’re not part of an organized group.
comment image

To get from Bethesda (red line – west) to the Mall, notice how you need to switch trains at Metro Center in order to access the Smithsonian stop (blue line). If the crowd at Smithsonian is bad or depending on where you are in the city when you decide to leave:

1) It might be faster to walk directly to Metro Center and avoid the hassle of switching trains entirely.

2) If you are closer to the Capitol end of the Mall, go to L’Enfant Plaza. Take the Yellow or Green line north to Gallery Place, and change to the red line at Gallery Place to go home. 

Wolf Moon

I would prefer to hop a ride on a tank or a troop transport, but I’ll settle for walking if need be!  😉 


..yeah, something belt fed on top of a tank would be my after dusk egress vehicle of choice 👌 


Helicopter would be good for an event like this…

With LOUDspeakers, and maybe a little classical music… 👍

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

There are a couple chartered buses going in my area, I got the ok from the boss, no w just need to get the 2 days off from work 😉

….but yes, plan to be there!

Wolf Moon

You’re Number Three!!! Good show!


any way we can chip in for expenses? I have a couple of gift cards I can contribute.
I’ve often thought it’s too bad there’s not some way to physically share without compromising identity/privacy. Example, I have Chinese /Hong Kong paper bills and Russian coins that I would love to pass on to Steve, if he wants them.
And…KUDOS to anyone planning to participate…will be a fabulous experience!

Wolf Moon

Gab chat (not the group – the CHAT – which includes PRIVATE MESSAGES) is one of the few really secure ways to exchange information with people here, if you trust that person. That is one of the reasons I highly recommend it for everybody.

If both you and Steve were on Gab Chat, you could offer to have him PM you his address.


Thanks…I’m a Gab “member”…just rarely go there at this point.

Wolf Moon

Here is a great Epoch Times video which mentions the rally itself from about 1:50 to 2:30, and talks about WHY, about Peter Navarro’s report and Trump’s tweet that is tied to the event, and (most importantly) what will happen on January 6 that is tied to this.


Wolf Moon

Hat Tip to DUCHESS for finding this!!!

A great resource for anybody going, to understand what will be going on that day, politically!!!


Peter Navarro report: “If these election irregularities are not fully investigated prior to Inauguration Day and thereby effectively allowed to stand, this nation runs the very real risk of never being able to have a fair presidential election again.”


All right, you’ve convinced me.

I hereby order a FULL investigation of the 2020 election irregularities, and I hereby order that investigation to conclude before Inauguration Day.

By the power and authority vested in me, make it so.

I’m feeling better about this already.

Wait a second… he almost got me there!

I don’t actually HAVE any power or authority to order an investigation of the 2020 election irregularities, OR to have it conclude before Inauguration Day.

But… you know who does?

Bagpipes Barr did, and President Trump does.

And I’m not sure if Peter Navarro knows this or not, but he’s actually closer to the Attorney General and the President than most people.

And sadly, in this case, I’m included in the subset of “most people”.

Fortunately, I have an idea.

Instead of Peter Navarro putting his report out to the public — where apparently DJT will be shielded from it by all of his closest advisors, and will never, ever see it — why doesn’t Peter just hand a copy of the report to the AG and to the President, whenever he sees them next, which is probably just about every day?

I really feel better now.

If Peter Navarro will take my advice, and get his report into the hands of those who can actually act on it, we should be in fine shape.

I’m glad now that I could straighten this out, help get things going in the right direction. From a logistics standpoint, it could be very important for the people who are in a position to make it happen handle this situation.

But if Peter thinks I would do a better job, then by all means, he should have his people contact my people, and we’ll git ‘r done… 👍 😁

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

I know you’re right, I just hate the game where the people in CHARGE act like they’re not, they act like we’re supposed to do something about it, but if we ever dare to do something about it, law enforcement comes down on us like a ton of bricks.

It’s a *&^% tease.

It’s designed to get people all worked up and angry, but they’ll throw the book at you if you actually try to do anything about it.

It’s dysfunctional, manipulative and cruel.

Concerned Virginian

So far, weather.com/ forecast for DC for January 6 is high of 44, cloudy but no rain/snow. There is rain/snow predicted for January 5 in the morning, with a high of 43.


Every other word is a BEEP, but its a good lil package.

We The Inevitable (@WeTheInevitable) Tweeted:
From Anon: CONSOLIDATED into one zoomable and shareable image.

Part 6 edited and added back in.

This post is PURE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Save image and share everywhere. https://t.co/Gf7sB8edh3


Last edited 1 year ago by gil00
Wolf Moon


Yeah, I think things are just about to get good.


You be safe Aubergine.


Along with your American flag pin, DJT pin, maybe a Vets pin, I think its time we all add in one of these.

Cheap and MADE IN THE USA!
comment image


Wolf Moon

Good idea!  😎 


Thank you for posting this Aubergine… will be praying for you and others…

If I were just ten years younger (sigh)…………………………

I encourage others to make the trip if you can…


Of course! So thankful you are asking specifically… Take care of yourself. I’m sure your son will be instrumental in cautioning you not to overdue. So glad he will be with you. Godspeed Patriot… May Light and Blessings surround you and yours. Let us know what day you are setting out and I will post to Marica’s Prayer Wall the duration for sure. Much respect for you.


Merry Christmas to you (((Aubergine)))…

Gail Combs

Just do not stress yourself. Dress in layers so you can put on and remove clothing so you do not over heat or chill.

I use
body hugging men’s sleeveless ribbed undershirt: ($10)
a long sleeved T shirt
Sweater vest
loose Flannel shirt

Notice only the Flannel shirt has a collar so it is quite comfortable. (I am wearing the combo as I type because we keep the house cold @ ~55F.)

You can them add a parka or other coat as needed.

From the hiking/climbing/ caving lore.

Cotton absorbs but it gets very cold when wet and does not dry out.
Wool retains about 80% of it’s insulating capacity even when wet.
Down is useless and heavy when wet.
polyester fill is the best bet since it ‘does not like water’



Make sure you drink and stay hydrated.

Bring at least one pillow for dosing in the car. and maybe a blanket too.


Does anyone have a link to the entire address by DJT?

The link in the article above references a nearly 14 minute speech:

In his nearly 14 minute address, Trump ran through many of the examples of fraud and corruption that have come to light since the election, as well as the gross media bias that allowed it to happen.

I found a transcript, and it looks like it’s the same as the 4:08 minute address that CTH posted:



Where is the rest of the 14-minute address, the remaining 10 minutes?


Nevermind, I found it!

But it won’t post here, unless I put an asterisk before the link.

edit: apparently the asterisk doesn’t help, but putting a space between the ‘h’ and the ‘ttps’ worked.

*h ttps://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=436515744393744

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

I would never have known there was a longer version, if not reading about it in Aubergine’s linked article. I haven’t found it using a duckduckgo search yet either.

Just incredible that Big Tech can hide a presidential address from the American People like this.

Wolf Moon

We literally have a Soviet media and an American President – if we can keep him!


long version on youtube so accessible to all

Wolf Moon

Excellent! This was on OANN this morning, and my wife cheered and clapped at the end! She wants to send it to all her friends who are worried.


I try to find youtube for any videos I find on twitter so that when I post them on FB people can watch them while on our page without clicking to twitter and going off of our page.


That’s only the 4:08 version.

The only link I’ve found so far to the FOURTEEN minute version is here:

*h ttps://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=436515744393744


In reading what I saw I was like WTH….There was like maybe 20% if even that much that had to do with COVID, The Democrats didn’t even try to disguise their foriegn aid as COVID aid even. Even pro-amnesty and pro-illegal people were ticked that Illegals were getting $1800 versus Americans get only $600.
Such a crock…

comment image

Wolf Moon

That was fast! Hope the others are, too!


none that I can help or get help with


Taking the plunge to support the best President ever.

This is historic. Can’t miss it.

My husband is a logistics genius and he is fired up. That “Covid” bill chapped his hiney! 😂



Yes!!! It would be wonderful. Let’s do it!


Way to go…so thrilled and happy for you!
great if all of you could connect…you need to wear some sort of ID that can be spotted (but I suggest NOT red, white or blue!!). LOL


There goes my storage cabinets for my laundry room, but I missed the MAGA rallies. Got tickets to one but just couldn’t make it.

Yeah, we will have to figure something out.

Who would’ve thought that people who started out at CTH (remember George Zimmerman) would end up years later headed to DC for this event?

History has taken so many twists and turns.


We can say “I was there.”


Wolf Moon

Amen! TRUST TRUMP. We want to be there!


Sacrifice for many. We will be down to 0 PTO and, yes, tough on our finances too, esp. just after holidays. But there was Never a question would we be going.

Well, husband/son going as the “we”. I think of what he does as though I am almost doing it too (just like when he says “we” had a baby or “we homeschool”). I thought it would be son and I with husband staying home to work. Still so disappointed but I know it is wisest for him to go and so glad to be married to someone who thinks so closely the same as I do on politics and current event. I saw the President Trump’s call for 1/6 during the night and didn’t know what he would say. Within minutes of me telling him, it was settled. So excited that they will be there and can let me be there vicariously through them and live stream to me, etc.


I never thought my husband would agree. He HATES crowds.

Glad some of you can make it.

I have no clue how to livestream…


husband will have our cell phone and will livestream it on our fb and on the county gop fb page.

Also have cell phone, fully charged for pictures, vidoes and, of course, calls as needed.

They will be dressed warmly and in layers but just thought that I will send extra socks in case damp/wet. they will balk at hauling around extra socks all day but I think they aren’t heavy and won’t take up much room. Too cold for damp feet. or cold feet.


Some good bandaids in case blisters show up, too.


Yep. A good bandaid has saved many a heel from blistering badly.


Lots of tissues if your nose runs like a fire hose in cold outdoor weather like mine does!
Our Publix (and almost any sporting goods store) sells hand warming packets for about $1. Men here use them for winter golf, but also hunting, etc. they are very small and last quite a few hours.
You can also put one in your stocking cap to keep head warm.


Yes! Excellent idea.


“…you need to wear some sort of ID that can be spotted”


Something that would stand out in the crowd, and yet not be conspicuous or draw unwanted attention.

Cone heads, maybe?

comment image


Last edited 1 year ago by scott467

“Lol! How about black suits and Raybans?”


Always stylish, you can never go wrong with black suits, black ties, white shirts and Ray-Bans.

For another example, Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Blue (not in the photo), Mr. Orange, Mr. White and Mr. Brown: The Reservoir Dogs 😉

comment image

Apparently the director (Quentin Tarantino, who also played the part of Mr. Brown in the photo above) was ‘inspired’ by the 1952 classic film noir Kansas City Confidential, starring (among others) a young Lee Van Cleef, some 14 years before he played ‘Angel Eyes’ (the ‘Bad’) in The Good, the Bad & the Ugly


comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by scott467
Wolf Moon

Sounds like a great movie!

Gail Combs

The WOLF/MOON pin.

And maybe a gray watch cap?

with a wolf patch?

I can resist…
comment image

Wolf Moon

I may be WOLF, but I ain’t no FURRY! 😅

Sadie Slays


– Carry a subway map. Learn ALL of the stations in the vicinity of the Mall and White House in case you need to bugout quickly. 

– Although the Smithsonian stop is very popular and dumps you out directly on the mall, be careful! The station gets very crowded at every event on the mall (hour-long waits just to catch a train pre-COVID). If you are capable of walking a few city blocks, consider going to a different station. If you must use the Smithsonian stop to exit DC, then use the station’s back entrance away from the crowd (I forgot exactly where it is, but it’s tucked behind some buildings a block or two away from the Mall).

– My preferred station for visiting the Mall is L’Enfant Plaza. This stop is near the Capitol Building. I like this stop because it has multiple connections to other train lines, and it’s not too far of a walk from the Capitol end of the Mall. If you need to be closer to the White House or Lincoln Memorial, consider the stations from Federal Triangle – Metro Center – McPherson Square. Again, this is assuming you are willing/capable of walking extra city blocks.

– The Green Line almost universally goes through the ghetto (the southern part past L’Enfant Plaza is the worst ghetto of the entire city). I would advise against wearing visible Trump gear on the Green Line. The eastern parts of the Orange and Blue lines are sketchy, but probably safe (not sure what it’s like in this political climate). 

– Bathrooms and places to eat were limited at the Mall pre-COVID. No clue what it’s like these days. Prepare accordingly. Union Station might very well be your only option these days (it’s a few blocks walking distance from the Capitol and on the Red line).

– DC/MD/VA does NOT handle winter weather well at all. Those coming from snowier parts of the country will easily shrug at 1-2 inches of snow, but this amount is enough to cause massive traffic problems in the DC area. If you get accumulating snow during your stay, no matter what amount, prepare for delays and drivers who don’t know how to drive in snow. 

– Speaking of DC traffic, Beltway traffic is some of the worst in the entire country. Just because something looks like a close and easy drive on a map doesn’t necessarily mean it will be. Keep an eye on traffic reports. Pack extra supplies in the car in case things get wild and nutjobs start blocking already congested highways. 
– People coming in from Pennsylvania: If you’re not part of an organized caravan, consider parking at the Shady Grove station at the end of the Red Line and taking a very long train ride into the city. 

Last edited 1 year ago by Sadie Slays
Sadie Slays

My DC knowledge is pre-COVID, so I don’t know how up-to-date this is. Listen to the caravan leaders and stick with the caravan, but always keep a physical subway map in your pocket just in case (cell service and WiFi might be jammed if there’s unrest).

More tips:

– Strongly recommend buying a day pass for the subway in case you end up going to a different station than you planned. You don’t want to have to spend an hour waiting in line to add money to your card to make up the difference.

– Be prepared to walk your butt off even on a good day. I am not exaggerating. The distance from the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial is about two miles. You might have to walk that entire distance back-and-forth PLUS distance spent walking to subway stations/standing and waiting for trains PLUS protest activities. Prepare for extended physical activity in winter conditions.  


When you see a washroom, use it.

You might not find another one easily.

Sadie is so right about the paucity of public conveniences and the distances one needs to walk. I visited DC when I was in my early 20s. Once was quite enough for those two reasons.

Wolf Moon

There were a LOT of porta-potties there for the inauguration. They’re not always “right there”, but one stumbles upon groups of them often enough, that the wise “opportunity taker” can be comfortable at almost all times. But be prepared to walk the necessary distances.


Good luck with that! (You’ll see when you get there.)


Exactly! 🙂


Well that double puts me out…I’m in a boot too!
Any way I can help at this end just give me the word…

This was put on one of my tweets

Sadie Slays

If this map is accurate and the protest is on the Supreme Court side of the Capitol, people coming in on the Red Line may want to ride to Union Station, hit up the bathrooms/food there, and then walk to the Capitol Building protest. No train switching necessary. Best bet for the Orange/Blue line people is to stay on the line down to Capitol South. 

If anyone needs a bathroom/lunch break at the protest, you’ll probably need to walk to Union Station.

Sadie Slays

Forgot to add that I don’t know what COVID restrictions are like at Union Station, so check ahead to confirm what’s open to the public before incorporating this into plans.

Gail Combs

I would add BRING HIGH ENERGY FOOD (beef jerky…) also BRING WATER.

Not only does it make you want to pee, it dehydrates you and also makes you lose potassium. I had a friend who insists on drinking coke collapse one summer from lack of potassium.


You might be able to buy the Metro passes on line ahead because it will definitely be busy…and, we found the process a bit confusing in the beginning. There are uniformed people at the machines to assist, and I’d go right to one of them. Helps to have small bills and coins, too.
We were staying in Alexandria and it was beyond crowded during rush hour. Many trains passed without stopping because they were full…we even missed a scheduled tour one morning because we couldn’t get there even though we thought we had plenty of time.
The good thing about this event is it seems unstructured and on-going so that takes pressure away from being at a certain place at a specific time, and you can go with the flow.
One more thought, you might think Uber rides and especially if you can share a ride. Might cost a little more but saves a lot of hassle. You might ask the hotel when you check in about alternate rides into DC, or go on line to a commuter message board.

Wolf Moon

OK! We’re starting to get a real crew here:

  • Aubergine & Son
  • Mr. MAGA Mom & Son
  • Realsauce
  • grandmaintexas & DH
  • Wolf Moon WHO KNOWS???  😎 

Excellent! I would encourage others who are thinking about it to mull over the possibility. You will never get as much logistical assistance as this thread is going to provide for a trip to DC and an absolutely historic event.


I’m in with my fellow patriot best pal! We are gonna fly the friendly skies into DC! Sadie thanks for all of the great info!

Wolf Moon

I just added you to the new list in the body of the post above! We have 10 now, counting our compatriots and family!


This is getting exciting. Thanks, Aubergene. Praying for you, PR. Thanks to those who provided al the great info. Love the ide of the Lone Wolf pins. Is Pence going to play his card this evening? I pray so.


Ready to jettison 2020 into the nearest shit can.

2021 is going to be GREAT. Starting off with a big celebration in DC on the 6th.

Kalbo + wife making the trek.

Wife thinks I’m nuts and worried about burn, loot, murder. Told her we’ll be outta DC, early to mid afternoon.

All the Metro train stuff appreciated. Gotta figure out how the trains work. Guessing it is simple. Buy a ticket from point A to point B. I’ll visit Metro train web site.

Planning to stay in VA two nights 5 & 6.

VA wise I’ll be coming from the south. Northbound on I-81. Then east on I-66.

Thinking, Falls Church hotel and Orange line in.

^^^ Anyone have insights on either Falls Church and Orange line?

^^^ Recommended Orange line station DC / Mall Area?

Walking is not an issue. Safety is my only concern.

This IS going to be MEMORABLE!

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Sadie Slays

Fairfax County (where Falls Church and that part of the Orange Line) is where all of the Deep State spooks and their families live. Limousine liberal area. You won’t be going through any ghettos on your way in/out of DC. Biggest threat will be Karens and possibly wealthy lefty counter-protesters (no clue if they take the subway in or not). Expect a long train ride into DC. It might be cheaper/more practical to purchase a subway day pass if you’re coming in from that far. 

Someone posted a map claiming the protest is on the SCOTUS side of the Capitol. If you don’t want to switch trains, ride it all the way in to Capital South. Alternative route: Switch to Red line at Metro Center, ride to Union Station, hit up bathrooms/food there before walking to Capitol (this is probably what I do when exiting the city solely to use the bathroom/get food). 


Lots of useful nuggets. Thank you Sadie.


We are opting to ride longer and no switches to keep it simple and to avoid the crowds and pushing and shoving.

I keep saying “we”. Guess I feel involved making the plans. They are traveling to family for new year’s week, home for a couple of days and gone again. tough on me to be alone at home and hold down the fort at home but that is my part. Ok – no more feeling sorry for myself that I can’t go. Just will focus on excitement of them going.

Wolf Moon

Is there any way you CAN go? Would it send a message by going?


I physically can not …. or really, really should not.

1) I can/should not ride a train/subway
2) I can/should not be jostled in a crowd – even friendly, accidently bumpling which will be unavoidable in the protest.

I am fragile. Husband jokes that I am Italian … referencing “Christmas Story”, fragile on the box. And he threatens to put me in a bubble and call me bubble woman. Gotta keep our sense of humor.

3) The long 1st day of driving up in one shot (necessitated by husband’s work schedule) would probably put be in bed and miss the protest anyway. And I would be a hinderance at the protest, probably have to leave early. The 3 day trip … would have me in so much pain and long recovery of 1, 2 or even 3 weeks if I was jostled in the crowd.

4) lastly, still pretty weak from recent illness

When son and I traveled to dc last year we took 2 days to drive each way and our touring days were not as crammed as most because I just can’t do as much in one day. And at tourist spots/museums I would park on a bench and son would tour. Some wonderful stories of strangers who were good to him and made his experience good. An amazing security guard at Archives took time with him that afternoon and talked and talked. Not just about history, politics, etc., but about life. Real mentorship that afternoon and treasured my me.

Anyway, yes, my spirit is willing, mind is strong (most of the time! ha) but my body is weak, much weaker than I would like. frustrating. however, still find ways to MAGA and work hard! 🙂

if we went up for longer, if we drove into DC – yep, I would be there with bells on and just stay a careful distance from being in the most crowded areas. But 4 travel days and multiple day stay is not in the cards for us this time.

Explaining in detail because I am Bummed. (also don’t want to be suspected of being a Chinese spy and not “real”!  😂  working politics I have run into a lot of things and even have my own local troll, real person, well known in the community, who constantly posts weird stuff on gop social media back at me – but that suspecion was hilarious and I giggle out loud every time I think of it.)


Its got to be a 3 day trip also for financial concerns. can not do a longer trip that I could handle right now as not appropriate for our family budget. the 3 day trip is already “extra”.

Wolf Moon

No problem – I understand. I’m not in the same shape I was 4 years ago. I need to think this through myself. I used to do all-nighters into a hard day, no problem. No longer a spring chicken, or even a fall fryer! 😉

Gail Combs

Ain’t getting old a pain?

We used to pack Thursday, meet Friday after work, drive all night to the good caving areas of West Virginia, cave Saturday and part of Sunday and then drive back home. Sometimes we would make it back home just in time to shower dress and head to work!

Now even if we could find a farm sitter I would trust (The last was a disaster) my lungs just will not allow me to go.


Get a day pass on the train. It might cost $20 instead of $3…..but you will be able to get on (and off) anywhere in case of disruption.


That’s a great idea. Buy a ticket once. No fair adjustments. Thanks.

Wolf Moon

Excellent! You’re going! Good deal. I will add you to the list! 😃

Falls Church and Orange Line is a good plan, IMO, exactly for what you are saying – overnighting on one or both ends of a visit to DC in a somewhat red zone.


Getting interesting in Georgia
Police Bodycam Shows Alternation Between GA Sen. Candidate Warnock and His Now Ex-Wife


This is so exciting!

Kudos to you, Aubergine, and to all of our Qtreepers who are going!

Wolf Moon

Ha! I love it!

Wolf Moon

This is awesome!!!


Lodging possibilities … there’s a delightful little town outside of DC (VA), Bedford.
it’s the site of the fabulous D- Day memorial and, unless it’s discontinued for the winter, there is train service between there and DC because it’s a popular tourist attraction. Mostly likely limited schedule, though.
If you are driving and don’t want to get into the DC traffic, you might want to check into it.


that is farther than we wanted them to stay as would have made protest day an even longer day or shorter time on the mall.

However, good reminder as that will a great stop for them on the drive home to stop and stretch their legs on Thurs.

Here is another great stop, esp. for stretching legs and for children to run as its all outside

Wolf Moon

Kinda surprised, but yes – there is Amtrak service from Roanoke (very lonely terminus!) and Lynchburg, so there is actually a park-and-ride option from WAY outside DC.
comment image

Otherwise, getting in closer (Frederickburg or closer) offers a commuter rail service, VRE, which pretty much parallels the Orange Line, it looks like:



Any opinions on VRE vs. Orange Line?


Just thinking the length of ride might be worth the less hassle of the crowded, closer ones…not to mention far less traffic.
The schedule might be the problem, but the nice quiet ride back would be restful and then no traffic worries once you get there back to your car.
Wolf…trying to get on Gab…even reset my password, but all I get is “it’s processing-type message.” That’s just to get into the Members chat. When I try the private chat…it says I need a “key security password.” Is that another one in addition to my sign- in password? I tried my new regular one and nothing happens.

Wolf Moon

Are you using Firefox? You probably need to use Brave or Dissenter. Some people get Edge to work, and some get Chrome to work, and some get Safari to work, but Firefox is out.

But you can post on normal Gab, I take it? If so, that’s the start.


Thanks, Wolf. I use Safari and just kept trying things and hopefully got a message posted on “private” for anyone going to DC for the 6th. We’ll see if it continues to work or it was just dumb luck!


I THINK it posted in the “private messages”…did you look there? I’m curious if it did.


hotel now booked!

used hotwire so saved some $ which always puts husband in very good mood, no matter how little bit of money.

but now bummed because a advitement popped up for “covid insurance” which read as if it covered covid related cancelations. we thought that would be worth $9 as VA dems might do anything come 1/6/21 to shut down gop protests. turns out, only covers if we get sick not any other covid related covid issues such as gov regulations shutting down travel &/or hotels. We have been there/done that so we won’t get sick. only wanted the insurance in case of gov changes. working on getting refund now. It was general travel insurance. Ugh.


refunded. good. that $9 would have eaten at him. He works hard for the $ and I tend to be expensive! ha

Wolf Moon

Yeah, there is so much scamming on COVID already. ENOUGH!!!


We thought it would cover va shutdown which I wouldnt put past them just for 1/6 political purposes so thought insurance against that might not be a bad idea.


Have you seen this site?


It looks like it might be good resource to find out things about the event.

Looks like it may be connected to the Trump Campaign.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, this looks like the people organizing speakers. GOOD DEAL!!!


Also organizing Caravans and meetups, so that people can travel together.

It shows 3 Hotels in DC that will give ‘group rates’.

Shows a big “Meet Here” on the map, that is between the SCOTUS and the Capitol.

Gail Combs

I really wish we could go but it looks like I am getting my annual Asthma ==> Pneumonia and this year I am NOT going in to a doctor unless I am at death’s door. (Thanks to all who have given out a lot of natural remedies.)

So we stay home take care of my elderly ponies (no grinding teeth) and decrepit cat (feed 4X a day) and send good will, best wishes and energy to the rest of you.


I’m going to be coming from Missouri and would love to be able to caravan with people. Anyone going to be passing through?

Wolf Moon

Hi Jess! I’m thinking if you’re in STL or northern MO, you would want to go to Columbus, OH and meet the Northwest caravan from Michigan there. Otherwise, going South to Nashville seems like the ticket.

Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon

Here is the big multi-caravan map!!!
comment image


Got my bus seat confirmed, me and a like minded former coworker are GOOD TO GO!

Sylvia Avery

NebraskaFilly says:

“Patricia Wheat is posting on FB in Trump groups about buses from SC to DC pre-paid $100. If any one wants info, I will messenger her to get a non-FB contact.”

Let me know and I’ll pass it on to Filly. Not sure if she’s tried to log in here yet or not.


We don’t expect cell phone service in DC – not because of a shutdown or anything dramatic but because of the large crowd and overwhelmed systems.

Printing all info out for H to carry in his backback. Giving son copy of all and written instructions of what to do if separtated for both. Going over it all but not relying on either H or son to remember what we go over. Go over so its familar when the pull it out of their backpacks.

buying train pass and going in VERY EARLY – not just to avoid trouble but make sure they make it ahead of Huge crowds also going in. Some stations may shut down just because of crowds. Want them in Early to make sure they make and out early so not stuck on platforms after dark and anifa leaves their mom’s basements

preparing son that the actual protest might be a bit anticlimatic as all of the prep and effort to get there and then just stand around and maybe listen to speakers if close enough.

Gave him the option to stay home and help me (they were gone for the last week and hard on me for them to be gone so a legit “out”) but he wants to be there to add 1 more to the crowd while praying everyone who possibly can is also going to add, to be 1 more and together we make many. He feels its his duty and that he is old enough to have the responsibility to do it.

Hoping and praying for a Huge crowd to add political leverage for President Trump and political pressure to All GOP. I know some (like me) who literally can’t go and many who are … and some who could be aren’t for various excuses. Hope a HUGE # join in and GO!

Wednesday will be exhausting and long but weather is going to be clear. Will be cold most of the day and even in the middle of the day I reminded them that they won’t be hiking/doing much to warm up, just standing around and possibly standing around in the shadow of buildings. Clear but cold.


looking up knife laws in VA and in DC. Any good links/reliable sources?
Just disguised mini knife (hidden in a fake key), typical basic swiss army knife and multi tool. I think all of these are legal but H will double check me later tonight. Anyone else already looked it up and know or can direct us to links?


Remember when Obama said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” in reference to the GOP? Seems like it would be ok to take a knife to D.C.




Just saw this on fb. Leaving from Middle TN – free bus rides to DC. $50 deposit, returned to you when you board the bus. contact me on gap for details


Free bus filled. Exciting times.