20210105-06 MAGA Rally Thread ONE

Okay, here we go.

This is essentially a place to stash information about the MAGA/Stop the Steal Rally in Washington happening Wednesday with events beginning on Tuesday.

For people actually travelling to Washington, the boss put up a thread for pre-rally logistics. Here you go.

Please, remember, AT NO TIME should live “I am here” information should be shared. I’ll have a thread up later for stories, etc., once everyone is either home or on their way home for those who wish to share any of the above.

In the meantime, this is what is planned here at the Q Tree:

  • Thread 2 tomorrow will be the live thread for those of us who could not get away to at least participate in spirit if not in person.
  • Thread 3 will be posted late Wednesday for stories, photos, and the like from our Q-Treepers who wish to share them.

These are not to take the place of the daily threads, but to be a place to stash all the rally info.

And what’s going on in the swamp, courtesy of Matt Couch:

For those going into battle in the Swamp, Vaya con Dios.

Live link for Tuesday:

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Hah! I love it!
How in the world did she get that through security?




Torches would probably be more effective.


Michael DeLauzon will be there and invites his readers to say Hi!



What’s with the fence? Are they trying to corral people?


Never mind, I guess that fencing is around the stage. Was worried they were going to try to have free speech zones, lol.


“Drain the swamp.”



CAUTION…photo of stashes of bricks found in DC near Freedom Plaza

comment image

supposedly for “construction” nearby…but locals are saying otherwise…that the bricks were placed there overnight…

rightjournalism has the story but I use AdBlock and am prevented from accessing the article.


So they need to disappear already!


smiley, funny foul-mothed Tina-from-Brooklyn found propane tanks and lumber near the meeting paces!

Concerned Virginian

And perhaps get rid of those passing-tone “additions” to the first syllable of the word “Banner” just before “yet wave”.


Hate it when some singer thinks they have to fruit it up.

Wolf Moon

In the belly of the beast!

Wolf Moon

Thanks! Comms are sketchy but possible! Praise God!


maybe you be invisible but deadly to your enemies!

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

i want to thank you all and Sadie in particular for all the great advice!

Gail Combs


Wolf Moon

Thanks! Will do!



Wolf Moon

God was with me!

Sadie Slays

Have fun and stay safe!


Wonderful. Thank you.

My plans went south.

No grandbaby as of this moment in that crazy place, Seattle. Thankfully they have longtime friends who will care for the other grandkids when the time comes for the latest addition. We gave it a good 8 days.

Came home to chaos…apparently numerous dogs, cats, and chickens is hard to manage on top of five kids (my daughter was taking care of business while we were gone). Who knew?

Had to make a command decision that broke my heart, which is in DC with the INTREPIDS.

I’m really in tears at this moment. Should’ve been arriving in DC right about now. Anyway, so much of life involves not getting what you want.

Will be cheering on our President, the few patriots in Congress, but most of all American citizens who were able to make their way to DC to represent those of us who couldn’t attend.


Wolf Moon

You just handed me your musket!


Thank you, Wolf. You can wield it better than me.

Wolf Moon

I’ll make you proud! We The People are COMING!



Much over and prayers!



on a scale of 1-50, how exciting is it ?

Wolf Moon

It’s nuclear MAGA! Trump rally vibe on steroids

Wolf Moon

Everybody is talking revolution. Do the math.


looking like x a zillion !

never seen so many ppl !


Many can’t go … if you have a few minutes, can still call represenative and senators. I have time to look up the #s for you and post if you do not have time.


I have contacted mine. Good idea.


I have made a list of all TN Congressmen and posted multiple places.

Many riding in buses up to DC today can call as elected leaders will have no way of knowing who is there and there are GOP voters/leaders from their own states/districts.

Plus, those of us not able to go, can call.

Posting DC #s + regional offices. If DC # is busy, then call regional #s.

Phone calls work even better/have more impact on staff and therefore politicians than emails.

Since I can’t be there spending lots of time sharing this info out hoping their phones are ringing off the hooks!

Last edited 3 months ago by MAGA Mom

Wow!! 🤗


Don’t feel bad, grandma. I failed to make it as well. 🙁

It boiled down to go alone or not go at all (long story). And my DH was ADAMANT that I could not go alone. After arguing about it for two days, I cried my eyes out for a while and gave in. He is right. I have health problems that, if they hit me while I was by myself, could literally strand me on my back somewhere without help.

Sometimes we just can’t do what we want, I guess. It’s depressing getting older. I wish I was thirty again.

I feel bad for you.


Crying with you. I told my husband I was just gonna go, too. 😂

Things were just such a mess when we got home. Just now getting everything straightened up.

I wouldn’t mind being 30 again, for sure.

Hugs, my friend. ❤


Hugs back.

We will be ok.


Yes we will. ❤🤍💙


Aubergine, None of my business, but I am glad, even if it is you at home, you’ll be safe. That is what really matters.

Just for fun, we’ll make a little more ruckus for ya. 🙂


Thanks kalbo. I appreciate you.

Please be safe, too. But raise all the ruckus you want!

Sadie Slays

I got veto’d by family, too. Disappointed, but at least we’ve got loved ones looking out for us.


Grandma, Some of us will be waving, whistling and making plenty of noise.


God bless you. Thank you. 😀😥

Sadie Slays

Wouldn’t it be great to share a birthday with the day we got our country back? Maybe that’s what baby is waiting for! Sorry you missed out on DC, but at least you have good reasons for it.


Still no baby. Past the due date, too. Tomorrow would be so awesome.

Thank you for thinking of that. It lifts my spirits.

Wolf Moon

Masks are a religion here.

Wolf Moon

Amen!!! 😀


Nah gunna do’m. Masks that is.

Can’t see a mask on the mall.

Metro mask. All depends on the snowflakes in a closed in environment. Will resist. If they get hostile, maybe mask on a chin. We’ll see.

Ten days on the road. Only two fools, both at hotels have asked me about masks. The first one was an asshoe. Second one simply asked because he “had to”, I think. Still didn’t wear a mask.

Looking forward to being on the Mall tomorrow.


Pence MUST have a spine and demand INTEGRITY from the six States, AZ, NV, GA, PA, MI & WI. Maybe toss in VA, NM & RI.

Given the opportunity, state legislators will likely do the right thing.

Last thought on this. I guess we only have three RepubliCON Senators contesting for three states. PA, GA and AZ.

RepubliCONs are a pathetic lot.

Wolf Moon

High Five! See you tomorrow, patriot!

Wolf Moon

No outside masks needed! No MAGA crowd masks needed. No walking masks needed. And when many MAGA in metro stations or trains, no masks needed. Even alone, if you’re old, no mask bullying if medical. Been good so far.



Wolf Moon

I am here to endeavor to persevere and declare war if necessary.


“I recon so…”

Wolf Moon

Oh, I love that movie!


Just in case this hasn’t been posted. DC Alerts:


Wolf Moon

What does it say? Device issues.


Fire Activity / Road Closure: Southern Avenue SE
DC FEMS reports the 600 block of Southern Avenue SE is closed due to fire activity. Please avoid the area.

Also hypothermia warnings.


The fire was at 2:12


Road Closure – Utility Repairs: Tuckerman St and N Capitol St NW
DC Water reports the intersection of Tuckerman Street NW and North Capitol Street NW is closed for 6 to 8 hours due to utility repairs. Please use an alternate route.


That one was at noon.


It’s a DC site with street closures, utility issues, etc, in co junction with Homeland Security emergency management.

Wolf Moon



14 minutes ago in DCcomment image

hard to pick you out Wolfmoon. Take care! So proud of all you PATRIOTS!

Wolf Moon

I’ll do it later! 😉



👍 🇲🇾 👍


This is current? Today? Link so I can share?


Do you do twitter? It’s seems to be current as I have repeatedly seen in on there in the last 30 minutes or so.


I should have read the comments to the tweet on twitter before I posted.
Oh well, almost nearly perfect- not 🙄 


Bet it will look like that tomorrow! 😀


Does this help?


thank you


It is already spreading on social media quicky and I am letting friends know to remove it.

Fake news is fake news no matter if I like the story or not. Don’t want to loose credibility.

Trust but verify


That’s not the MAGA crowd – NO FLAGS!!!

They are way too calm and still.


Something about it just looks off, size wise, to me. And still is right. 👍🏻


It’s from another rally – I checked the link someone posted above.

Wolf Moon

This woman was outstanding!

Wolf Moon

Bikers for Trump!


you sound so totally MAGA !

be safe !

Wolf Moon

Gonna get hoarse!


once in a lifetime moment, for sure.

proud of ya !!


Arrived Falls Church. Too late to make a Metro run into the Mall. Judging by the couple pics of the crowds, glad I opted for Metro over driving in. Will be their 7 or so in the morning.

Have bumped into handful of MAGA folks so far. They are from GA, TX, AZ and IN.

Tomorrow is going to be awesome.


From our experience, the Metro at 7 am will be jammed with workers…just be prepared for several trains passing you by. Good luck! So glad to hear you made it!


Thanks. Probably delay departure until 8AM so the working slugs can already be on their way to work.

We are the second station from the start of the line. So getting on the Metro in the morning, likely reasonable. Or so I hope.

Planning on leaving Mall between 3 and 4. Erring on the safety side.

Last edited 3 months ago by kalbokalbs
Sadie Slays

I don’t know what the parking situation is like at the Falls Church station, but the some station parking lots fill up early with commuters. Catching a train on that part of the line should be easy, but parking might be a concern.


Appreciate it.

Walked to the Metro yesterday to pre purchase one day passes. Just under a mile. Won’t chance the parking garage as I have a full size truck for wheels. Parking spots may be on the narrow side.


You all in DC are making a difference: given President Trump political leverage and sending a LOUD message to the GOP!


Would love posts by those on the ground talking about any tips or observations or experiences that might help incoming MAGA protesters. Routes? Locations of open bathrooms? Mask enforcement? H and son have their if they need it but not expecting to need it other than the trains … ?

Seeing in antifa/blm/counter protesters?

Last edited 3 months ago by MAGA Mom

getting texts from son of vehicles heading to DC along the highway as they are driving up. Exciting. on social media and seeing lots of posts from those already there, driving up and many on buses. Living vicariously through texts and social media. Praying for the GOP to listen and to act.

At some point, surely they must realize the fraud can not stand and resort to plan B of being snakes and resisters for another 4 yrs of a Trump Admin!


“At some point, surely they must realize the fraud can not stand and resort to plan B of being snakes and resisters for another 4 yrs of a Trump Admin!”


Do they have any choice?

If they did have a choice, would we be where we are right now?

I think they passed the point of no return long before we were even widely aware there was a problem.

What’s happening now is the inevitable conflict as the truth is slowly exposed.

If the large majority of the political-class is being bought and blackmailed by China, if they all have a Chinese gun (metaphorical and literal) to their heads, then there is no “plan B”.

The CCP is safe in Beijing, they don’t have to deal with the fallout personally, and they don’t care at all about the lives of the traitors they own.

They’re just pawns to the CCP, and at this point the CCP has nothing to lose by sacrificing them all.

And they will.

This is the rarest of rare events.

The guys with the pair of twos have no choice but to raise the guy with the Royal Flush.

Trump has the Royal Flush.

And the guys with the pair of twos know it.

But their boss is forcing them to go all in anyway.

And Trump knows it.

So nobody is going to fold, the guys with the pair of twos are going to get wiped out, and they know it.

Trump is just waiting for them to put their last chips on the table first.

Wolf Moon



Hopefully there are not any tips my H and son need. Hopefully everything going smoothly. they will avoid BLM area and leave by sunset. Hope they have a fun and make memories.

Hope GOP hears us … hope all goes well tomorrow in Congress and in protest.

Wolf Moon

I left way late. Lots of MAGA everywhere. No problems!


Fully ignoring masks. It’s easy. “I have a medical and can’t safely wear a mask”.
^^^ Metro “may” be the only place I give in. I plan on using the Smithsonian station.

Someone Maybe Sadie or Teagan mentioned LeFant Station, one end anyway may not be so wonderful. Capitol South was mentioned as OK.

I did walk down to the Metro station today and bought a couple one day passes, that we’ll use tomorrow. Machines EASY to use. Used credit card. Talked with a couple station employees nice folks. Didn’t give a rats azz that I was NOT wearing a mask.

So far everything is normal, local natives wise. Wish it was ten degrees warmer. Tomorrow some sun, low 40’s and breezy 12-14 MPH.

Have run into several MAGA folks that drove in or flew in.

So long as folks stay away from Burn, Lott and Murder park, Lafayette Park area, and NOT be around the Mall / DC area after dark, I expect no problems. Will post if crap starts happening.

Wolf Moon

Today’s rally was right next to Federal Triangle, and that one is convenient to the Ellipse, too. Orange Line. Sadie warned slightly on Smithsonian, IIRC.

L’Enfant is a long hike to the WH area, but probably the closest stop on the Virginia commuter train line.

Sadie Slays

Smithsonian gets really, really crowded during major events. Like “wait an hour to catch a train home” bad. Folks might be better off walking to Federal Triangle or L’Enfant (depending on which side of the Mall they’re departing from) than standing for an hour waiting in line at Smithsonian. If you must depart the city using Smithsonian, go to the back entrance on Independence. The inside of the station will still be log-jammed, but you’ll get in faster.

Last edited 3 months ago by Sadie Slays
Wolf Moon

Please be aware of new thread (sticky) for DC comms – your advice will be very useful there.


H & son bought their day passes tonight too. Went to station first and then to hotel. Hope they are sleeping as they are heading into town EARLY in am.

Sadie Slays

Capitol South and L’Enfant are good for visiting the Capitol Building area. Use Federal Triangle or Metro Center (red line folks) for the Ellipse.



Concerned Virginian

So I spoke with an old friend of my late husband’s. This person was a very high-level broker at one of the huge brokerage houses for over 40 years. He has ties to Wall Street, to head honchos at the huge brokerage houses, etc. At one point I asked him what he thought about the rally in DC and POTUS’ messages. I figured I’d get the “Wall Street official line”.
Here’s what this person said regarding January 6th and beyond:

‘Trump and “his people” [which I took to mean We, The People] will “be humiliated” tomorrow; and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will “of course be certified” as the next President and Vice President. “Everyone” [which I took to mean Wall Street] is looking forward to a “return to sanity” on January 20th.’


Appreciate the insights.

Can’t say anything nice about, “an old friend”. Member of the corrupt class that hates America. ???


The family i school with was told by their realtor he is looking forward to biden being in so the Chinese will start buying properties over $1 million again, since right now, these properties are sitting.
I would’ve fired the man.
They are supposedly conservative and are ok with that.

Last edited 3 months ago by gil00

So he’s willing to lose the Republic so he can sell real estate as a slave in his own land.

It’s like some kind of record for nearsightedness….


Unbelievable right?


I had a similar experience about two weeks ago, when I had the opportunity to talk with someone who is a portfolio manager for a bank.

I asked him what he thought about the election and how he expected the markets to react, thinking he must be aware that there’s no chance [JB] will ever be president.

He said the markets have pretty much priced in a smooth transition to [JB] and he expected the upward market trend to continue…

I don’t know if he could hear my smile though the phone, I was startled for a second, because I realized at that exact moment that if he was at all representative of Wall Street thinking, then the entire market is intentionally blind to the biggest and most predictable Black Swan event in the history of… markets.

They have no idea. 😂 🤣 😂

I always believed, as a practical matter, that the financial people, at least those managing large sums of money, were more or less immune to ‘politics’ and focused on real-world analysis because… well, because money is at stake, and money trumps all the ideological B.S.

But based on my own conversation, and yours, and other similar comments I have become aware of, I get the impression that the Wall Street class are so completely out of touch will regular America — and therefore out of touch with any news source that isn’t MSM — that they can’t see what’s about to happen.

I have no idea how Trump’s re-election is going to affect the markets.

But if Wall Street is taking for granted a [JB] presidency, the shock (it’s hard to imagine how they could be even mildly surprised!) of Trump being sworn in on January 20th almost has to rock the markets, at least temporarily, as the big players suddenly realize they placed all their bets on a radically wrong conclusion.

They think [JB] is going to be POTUS, and have based their financial affairs on that outcome.

I think [JB] is going to be tried for High Treason in a military court, convicted and executed in less than 6 months.

These outlooks are about as diametrically opposed as they could possibly be.

They cannot both be right, not even a little bit, there is practically zero overlap. One of those two worldviews is charging over a cliff, and has no idea the cliff is even there.

I know the information the Left and Wall Street are looking at to reach their conclusions.

But they’re not paying any attention at all to the information we’re looking at.

Worlds are about to collide.

Or rather, one world is about to be flattened as the other one rolls over it.

This conflict between two wildly divergent realities has been coming for a long time.

I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. 😁

Last edited 3 months ago by scott467

Wall Street weenies are all about money, their ego and NOTHING to do with what is good for America. Smacks of globalism, ya think?


Law enforcement will have to protect the panti-fa goons from the Trump supporters.

And they won’t be able to.



That crowd on RSBN’s live stream just doesn’t quit. MAGA people!


Ok eyes getting droopy and I’ve been following this since the sun went down and NO violence detected so far.
I believe that that tomorrow night will be when the SHTF so all you Patriots should be extra cautious and get the hell out Dodge DC. Prayers for all the Qtreepers Holding The Line…
comment image

Last edited 3 months ago by trumpismine

Less than an hour ago, DW said that OAN said that Pence won’t be at the count tomorrow . . . Grassley will take over.


Glad she found this…this is not good:


Praying Medic (@prayingmedic) Tweeted:
To millennials going to DC:
Paper maps have been working fine for hundreds of years.

You’re welcome. 🇺🇸



[…] of the masses in Washington. A thread is dedicated to yesterday’s information. It can be accessed here. Sometime after this daily publishes, there will be another post for Wednesday’s goings […]


Thank you for this thread De Pat

and for all you do.


I hope FG&C gets in, does the day, and gets out without a hitch.


Thank you. I am definitely taking a road less traveled. So far so good.


Hello from an undisclosed location on the east boast somewhere outside of the swamp!

Have a humble REQUEST for those of us in DC tomorrow…

A thread dedicated exclusively to issues getting into or out of DC, trouble spots, blockages, closures, ANTIFA locations/movements, etc….

….anything that impacts freedom of movement or places to avoid that pop up at anytime today, and ONLY that information.

The logistics thread is awesome (thanks to all for that, esp. Sadie). We need one re: the above that we can check throughout the day. You folks would be doing us a HUGE solid being our eyes and ears back home.

Please be our overwatch…our Chris Kyles….Qtree internet snipers. See and report. That’s the mission.

A thousand thanks, in advance, for helping us keep safe and aware!!


Wolf put up a thread for this info, here…..


Thanks Wolf.