Dear KMAG: 20210315 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Thread

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.

But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

No really, it will be okay, we’ll get through it…even though they stole an hour from us…we’ll get through it.

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Please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election:

For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from David Edwards of Twelve Titans Music, titled ‘Bound by Purpose’:

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

I will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Frisson is a noun which means…a moment of intense excitement; a thrill; a shudder. People experiencing a frisson often develop a piloerection, which is ‘goosebumps’.

Used in a sentence:

When the Democrats passed their obscene spending bill, a frisson of excitement ran through their ranks.


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Mohammed Khalid Alyahya: The Price of Empowering Iran

Since the Biden administration’s decision to reverse the designation of Yemen’s Houthi militia as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) on Feb. 12, drones and ballistic missiles have targeted Saudi Arabia 48 times. It is a fallacy to understand the region’s politics as a contest between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Seen from Tehran, the central contest in the region is between the American alliance system and Iran’s self-styled “resistance alliance.” 

Biden’s misconception leads to a number of erroneous ideas: that the U.S. can play a neutral, mediating role between Riyadh and Tehran; that by distancing itself from Saudi Arabia, it creates opportunities for regional stability and understanding; and that it is the Saudi role in Yemen – and not the Iranian role – that has perpetuated the conflict in that country. 

Iran has waged a forty-year war to spread its control across the region – not to compete with Saudi Arabia, but to undermine the American alliance system. Iran’s network of terrorist groups in the region chant, “death to America,” not “death to Saudi Arabia.” 

Iran’s attacks on Saudi Arabian civilian infrastructure, via its proxies in Yemen and Iraq, are reactions to U.S. policy – not Saudi Arabian policy. Appeasing Iran, and punishing U.S. allies, will come at the expense of the entire region.

Wolf Moon

I agree with the overall direction of this analysis, but the author is trapped in what I call “mainstream Atlantis thinking” (Note his internship at the textbook Atlantis org…..)

Mohammed Khalid Alyahya is the editor-in-chief of -English. He has been a senior fellow at the Gulf Research Center, as well as a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council in Washington, DC.

I once subscribed to Foreign Affairs magazine (ducks) – I understand Western “captive mainstream thinking” very well. I had to throw away everything I “learned” to be free of it.

The author (MKA hereafter) cannot see that Biden and his clan are not “mistaking” anything – they are very intentionally driving a false equality between Iran and Saudi Arabia, as COVER for their slow and stealthy betrayal of both Saudi Arabia and Israel. The “Atlantis layer” is a mixture of two types typical in a Trotskyist controlled organization or movement – a smaller contingent of controlling influences who understand realities like this, and a huge contingent of manipulable dupes who do not.

I repeat, Biden’s false symmetry here is neither a misconception nor a fallacy. It is part of an M.O. – a method of operation – a method of criminal operation. It is CORRUPT, and the corruption is being driven with both political and simple swamp (corrupt personal) purposes.

The corrupt Obama “Chicago” side – in which Biden is a senile Medvedev to Obama’s Putin – loves to approach foreign policy conundrums with the air of complete innocence, but the intention of complete deception.

The two opposing sides are brought to a “crisis point” and then held in that position while MILKING BOTH SIDES. It is a form of phony peacekeeping which is in fact a way to get both sides to pay tribute to the “referee” Obama side.

Prior examples:

Arab Spring
Ukraine vs. Russia
North Korea vs. US & NK’s Neighbors

Sometimes one side is the United States, or the PEOPLE of the United States.

China vs. United States

Even DOMESTIC conflicts are MILKED in this way – e.g., the Keystone pipeline, which was handled on the PRO side through Obama’s old law firm, Sidley Austin.

Likewise, Obama “milked” British Petroleum over their Gulf incident (Deepwater Horizon).

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were the gophers for Obama’s corruption – and they still are. Obama’s destructive foreign policy is now BACK, and the BAGMAN OF THE UNITED STATES (BOTUS) is in the White House.

Just as Aubergine’s Razor is the principle obtained by “pushing through” the Mamet principle of liberal “pretending not to know”, to see that there is MOTIVE behind FEIGNED OBTUSENESS, so we have here a real motive behind phony foreign policy, which Trump resolved by the Trump doctrine of assigned responsibility.

TL;DR – It’s not a mistake – it’s an M.O.

Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Agreed that the United States is in the 24/7 nightmare of Obama’s 3rd term.
With RobberJoe, it’s a “Version Deux” of the frontman / human facade going through the motions, creating photo-ops, and making meaningless “speeches” — while a consortium (handlers) behind the scenes is the real boss. My opinion: it’s a repeat of the ValJar Show and the “group” that controls her (one cannot dismiss her being involved now — it has to do with Iran). One also cannot dismiss that RobberJoe appears to be in cognitive decline.
My strong suspicion is that at least one of the main goals of the new stealth ME destabilization scheme is to either disable or destroy the Abraham Accords.

Last edited 3 months ago by Concerned Virginian
Wolf Moon

Keeping Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in changing oppositions seems to be a satanist goal, and is certainly a derivable corollary of their stated goals for the individual religions.

Wolf Moon

ValJar had some of the heaviest USSS protection of any Obama traitor while in the White House, and I’m thinking she only got it from being in Obama’s inner circle of advisors. I’m betting she’s mooching protection from Obama now, She has not applied to be inside the administration, like Susan Rice, as far as I know. But if that changes, we need to know FAST.


I see ValJar as a direct asset of the Twisted-Heads running Iran.


0 was sized up and chosen at least as early as his stay in Pakistan. His blurry education, funding, connections flowed from that time on. A vessel.

ValJar is linked to a higher stratum; one that connects the Chicago political mob, communists, race-hucksters, al-Q/MB, Iran. Hardcore anti-American.


Yep, I’ve been thinking basically the same thing.

Biden (or his puppetmasters) will work to set the middle east at each other’s throats again.


It will be our traditional allies against the “Axis of “Resistence”. (That’s what they call themselves.)

A Shia/Persian Crescent with

A Landbridge from Tehran to the Med:

comment image


Yemen and co-opted Shia in Bahrain and Kuwait form other side of the pincer encirclement. The MB/al-Q are quasi-allies, the enemy of my enemy.

2016 Alert: Iran’s “A2/AD” Saudi Plan is Scott’s “Anaconda Plan”

Obama’s real legacy is going to be the catastrophic result of his ignoring Iran’s Anti Access Area Denial (A2/AD) plan. A wake up call.


I agree, it’s deliberate. The author probably knows it too, but he’s staying in his lane by sounding tentative.

The administration is deliberately provoking a confrontation between Israel and Iran just as they got the Houthis to escalate against Saudi.

Israeli Strikes Target Iranian Oil Bound for Syria.


This was reported by U.S. sources deliberately.
Both Iran and Israel chose to keep it quiet so Iran wouldn’t lose “face” and be forced to retaliate. 

Enemies in this administration are stirring the pot.

U.S. Leaks Are Behind Report of Israeli Attacks on Iranian Ships

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Israel had attacked at least a dozen Iranian ships since 2019. Dr. Yoel Guzansky, a senior researcher at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies, stresses that these reports lack confirmation and Israel hasn’t taken responsibility for the events.

Guzansky said: “These leaks, which point a finger at Israel, are intended to limit Israel’s maneuvering room….It’s clear that these are American leaks, and their aim is obvious – it is an attempt to signal to the Iranians….It is just one of those confidence-building measures used by the Americans in their relations with the Iranians.”

“If the administration is willing to leak a thing like this, that can harm Israel in a variety of ways, then there’s a message here for Israel from the administration, which isn’t positive.”



wonder if that was staged?
funny how the guy with the karen was so apologetic and embarassed


She removed her mask while talking with the guy, less than 6 feet apart. Why have a mask if you’re going to remove it and talk like that?


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!!

Because it’s a VIRTUE SIGNAL!

It has nothing whatsoever to do with a virus.

Wolf Moon

YUP. This is why they can never be given up.


No problems getting to work, but I had to take back roads because Colorado had not opened its highways yet.

Wolf Moon


Hey – I love changing tables. God bless changing tables – they’re good for every dang task, and they should be EVERYWHERE!  😉 


comment image?resize=500%2C502&ssl=1

Wolf Moon

Time to swap this guy in for Mayor Pete!


I thought that this WAS mayor Pete.


Another couple of punches thrown in the dust up between the military and Tucker Carlson:

The military have become partisan political activists just like government agency people – including FBI and DOJ.  

That was evident when Milley protested too much that he was wrong to accompany President Trump when he spoke at the church after the Antifa-BLM were acting up in DC. However – Trump wasn’t speaking as a political party candidate – he was speaking as the chief law and order enforcement officer in the USA.

Milley doesn’t seem to have any problem with the military providng optics for Pelosi against the Antifa/OFA false flag incident on January 6 that was devised to blame Donald Trump.

This politicization of government was a prevalent policy in the Øbama administration. From week one – Øbama politicized and weaponized every agency of government and abused every power of his office….starting notably with the Gibson Guitar Co. raid and shut down by OSHA…and we will never forget how the IRS was used to attack Catherine Englebrecht and the True the Vote group. Many other conservative groups were also targeted and were also denied 501 C3 status.  

Democrats fight dirty and their kind of justice is unequally applied.

JW in Germany

He is taking a lot of heat in the comments. Even Lt. Col, Buzz Patterson fired back!

Wolf Moon

Here is another “back and forth” between these two.

Personally, I’m siding with “Space Force Guy”. Why? Because (IMO) the GREATEST unseen and ACTUAL ChiCom military threat is coming in through their WOMEN.

Oh yeah? How come we see all these FBI arrests of – primarily – Chinese MEN?


Yeah. Figure it out!!!

JW in Germany

I think the main issue here is using official military check-mark accounts to express personal political opinions.

Wolf Moon

Looking through his posts, I’m thinking his statement was an “officially but deniably endorsed non-official” damage control response. “Official without calling it that.”

There’s a certain kabuki nature to the whole thing that reminds me of what some PR types said about the Burger King kerfuffle just recently.

“No way that wasn’t totally intentional.”

I’m just gonna cut everybody a mile of slack on this. I’m seeing WAY too many hidden positives for the good guys. 😎


So the wife who joined me at the end of last week for a work trip to Spokane, WA area is still stranded in Salt Lake. We were planning to return her back to Denver on Sunday. I had to be in Roswell, NM late Sunday so no way I was going back to Denver.

Her flight late Sunday was cancelled and her re-scheduled Monday afternoon flight was also. Essentially the airport won’t really get going until Tuesday. The main road to the airport was essentially closed also so a total mess.

And according to my son the snow drifts piled up at the top of our street and cars were getting stuck. So getting in and out of the hood was a problem. They never plow those side roads so we are on our own.

The good news, the Alien Museum in Roswell is open. May have to work it in.


No fun… making lemonade though!


Sorry about the delays and separation. If you go to the museum, let us know what you find there!

Wolf Moon

Don’t have too good of a time!


I watched that. An interesting combination.


Maybe Christian political commentator David French could learn something about how and through whom God works by a closer study of the Gospel of John. He might not be as quick to “bless” the Church with his learned opinions. I can remember a time when a requirement to speak for the National Review was to be an intellectual.


“While the story of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman is unique in and of itself, John deliberately juxtaposes this account with Jesus’ interchange with Nicodemus in order to compare and contrast their respective responses. Consider the following contrasts:

fig. 4: a study in contrasts: nicodemus and the samaritan woman (john 3–4)

he was a man; she was a woman

he was a Jew; she a Samaritan, from a hated, hybrid race

he was the “teacher of Israel”; she remains unnamed

he was a member of the Sanhedrin; she was a nobody

he knew the Scriptures; she was mired in folklore and tradition

he was the epitome of morality; she was an immoral woman

he comes by night; she comes in broad daylight at noon

Humanly speaking, Nicodemus towers over the Samaritan in every respect. Yet John shows a dramatic reversal when it comes to spiritual understanding. In fact, we see a remarkable progression of the woman’s understanding of Jesus. She first calls him “a Jew” (4:9). When, in a striking display of supernatural knowledge, he tells her about her previous relationships, she calls him “a prophet” (4:19). Then, when he identifies himself to her plainly as the Messiah (which Jesus rarely did in any of the other Gospels; cf. the “messianic secret” motif), she concludes that he likely is “the Christ” (4:29).

What is more, while Nicodemus fades silently into the night, Jesus having reduced him to silence, the woman bears eloquent witness to her fellow Samaritans in broad daylight, inviting them to come meet Jesus and see this remarkable prophet and likely Messiah for themselves. The teacher of Israel is reduced to silence and exposed for his lack of spiritual understanding while the Samaritan woman turns into an evangelist. Quite a contrast!”[1]

[1] Andreas J. Köstenberger, Signs of the Messiah: An Introduction to John’s Gospel (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, 2021), 57–58.


Thank you.

John’s Gospel is my favourite. Even John MacArthur, who has read the Bible many times over, says that he always finds something new when he reads John.

It should be noted that Nicodemus became a believer and brought a highly expensive mixture of myrhh and aloes when our Lord was buried:

‘Nicodemus must have been a man of means; in his book Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week, Pope Benedict XVI observes that, “The quantity of the balm is extraordinary and exceeds all normal proportions. This is a royal burial.”[5]

Last edited 3 months ago by churchmouse

John is also my favorite gospel account. You are most welcome.


Excellent! Glad to hear it. Thanks again.


I left out the verse from John on Nicodemus after the Crucifixion (John 19:39):

‘Nicodemus, who had at first come to Jesus by night, also came, bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, weighing about a hundred pounds.’


The D.C. military occupation is no longer a temporary response to an emergency. Instead it’s becoming a permanent state of emergency with a military occupation that can be deployed even in the absence of presidential authority.

The D.C. National Guard is unique because it’s the only guard that is directly under presidential control. Allowing it to bypass the president essentially turns it, or rather the Commanding General of the D.C. National Guard, into the head of an autonomous military organization capable of seizing control of the nation’s capital.

Washington D.C. Falls Under Permanent Military OccupationWhen are the troops leaving?
Never, if the Democrats have their way.
– -Daniel Greenfield

Last edited 3 months ago by yucki

Interesting, seeing that Dems are the ones who wanted to defund the police only last year.

Last edited 3 months ago by eilert

Love it!


Liberation Theology Merging With Black Lives Matter.


The U.S. Communist Revolution.


Raffensperger lied….

WaComPost restracts story…


I suppose we had a real legal system, Trump could sue the motherf….rs?


Today (Monday), YouTube cut off Howie Carr’s audio for reporting on this story live on his show. Howie read out the erratum from WaPo on his show, but the sound was missing.

Not surprisingly, Howie is unhappy with YouTube.


And predictably, as if on cue. . . it’s ERA time, Again . . .

Via Eagle Forum:

Defender of Our Constitution: Rep. Lauren Boebert
This week, the House is continuing their attack on women by attempting passage of a resolution on the Equal Rights Amendment and a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. If ratified or enacted, these bills would be used to further sexual orientation and gender identity—an ideology that severely harms women.  
Thankfully, there are many women in the House Republican caucus speaking out against these efforts. Just last week, Engage with Eagle Forum spoke to Congresswoman Debbie Lesko about her experience pushing against these bills and especially SOGI. Now, this week, we are talking to another strong voice in the House of Representatives, Freshman member Lauren Boebert of Colorado’s third congressional district.
Congresswoman Boebert is the Co-Chair of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, an Ex-Officio Steering Member on the Republican Study Committee, and an active member of the House Freedom Caucus. She is the owner and operator of Shooters Grill, a Western-themed restaurant where staff open-carry.
Just last week, House Democrats managed to pass, along party lines, two aggressive gun-control pieces of legislation. Since she took office, Congresswoman Boebert has been a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and has pushed back against this clear violation of the Constitution.


Via Independent Women’s Forum:

Another big bill is coming before the U.S. House this week that is incredibly misleading: the misnamed Equal Rights Amendment.

While the ERA sounds good, it will hurt women and set us back. The truth is: Women already are equal under the law. 

The ERA will go much further, jeopardizing any policy or program that distinguishes between the sexes, and mandating that men and women always be treated exactly the same, regardless of circumstances.

It’s important that you read and share this fact-based information about the damaging and dangerous ERA.

“Equal” doesn’t mean “same.” 

Ending all recognition of differences between the sexes will make women more vulnerable to harassment, violence, and lost opportunities—not less. 

  • Most concerning is how the ERA could affect a wide range of sex-specific policies and programs that were designed to protect, support, and expand opportunities for women and girls, such as:Single-sex prisons, sports teams, restrooms, publicly funded women’s shelters, and dorm rooms
  • Sororities at public universities
  • STEM grants for girls

As an IW subscriber said: “Women deserve the chance to compete on an even playing ground. Women’s rights are being completely violated.”

Don’t let Congress and so-called women’s groups ERAse women.

Read more about the harmful ERA, and share this information with your friends and loved ones today.


Not that again.

That’s been going on since the 1970s. Is that women voters org — sorry, I forget what it was called — still involved?


Eagle Forum is still on top of it!



Via CWA:

We believe women deserve fairness and equality under the law, not to be written out of it. Our opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is not rooted in a desire for women to face discrimination but in the reality that erasing the legal distinction between men and women denies female dignity and leaves women unprotected. 
Hold the Line and Take Action 

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee’s (CWALAC) Action Center is set up to send a message to your U.S. Representative. We are anticipating a vote on the ERA in the House this week. Go to the Action Center, and with one click, send an email or a text.
Talking points for opposing the ERA:

  • The ERA could erase women’s progress.
  • The ERA could erase legal distinctions based on sex and leave women unprotected.
  • Women are already equal under U.S. law.
  • Women will continue to use established law to make progress.

For details on these talking points and more information on this issue, read CWALAC’s letter to Congress.


Gab meme
comment image


Someone gets it.

Indeed, a lot of people get it.

It ain’t just women, either…many men either never were, or are no longer, matches for some 6′ 4″ thug.


It’s too late to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and it would be harmful to women
We don’t need the controversial and legally suspect ERA. The Constitution’s 14th Amendment guarantees equal protection, and we’ve made incredible strides.
Mercedes Schlapp and Mary Vought

As two women who have spent our careers in and around politics, we commemorate the role that women from Abigail Adams to Susan B. Anthony have played throughout our nation’s political history, and celebrate the increasing number of conservative women elected to office. But when it comes to a resolution the House will soon consider regarding the Equal Rights Amendment, we object to both its unconstitutional process and its harmful, anti-women policies.

How could a resolution involving a constitutional amendment violate the Constitution itself? The resolution that Congress used to adopt the Equal Rights Amendment — with the required two-thirds majorities — in 1972 set a seven-year timeline for ratification. Now, nearly half a century later, Democrats in Congress would by a simple majority abolish the time limit that an earlier Congress passed with a supermajority. That, plus the fact that a handful of states have rescinded their ratification of the ERA, makes the entire process constitutionally suspect. Even ERA supporters like Ruth Bader Ginsburg acknowledged that last year.

. . . MORE . . .


They will never STOP.
With communists the point is NEVER the point.

Marxist dialectic opposes whatever constitutes the status quo, forces a compromise that’s sold as consensus. Then keeps pushing LEFT.

Last edited 3 months ago by yucki

Which is ultimately self destructive; however, they also destroy nearly everything else on their way to perdition.


And Moses said to the people: Fear not: stand and see the great wonders of the Lord, which he will do this day: for the Egyptians, whom you see now, you shall see no more for ever. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.

Exodus 14:13-14
comment image


Bishop Sheen was outstanding.

It seems only the laity paid any attention. Catholic bishops are egregious.


Vile, Evil, Putrid MoFos.

Andrew Cuomo’s “Vaccine Czar” Called County Officials Asking for Loyalty Pledges to Killer Cuomo — Leaving Them With the (No Doubt Intentional) Impression That Their Supply of the Vaccine Could be Halted If They Did Not Pledge Loyalty to Cuomo


march 14, 2021 the marshall report

comment image

From Maureen McKnight Winans

The Trump card is very close to being played. According to section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, ” No one may be a senator or representative in Congress, an elector of the President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, in the United States or under any provision. 

A State that is sworn in as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of the state legislature, or as an officer of the executive or judicial branch of any state, is bound to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and to refuse to participate in insurrection, or to aid its enemies.“There is one simple thing to understand. Electoral fraud would be a serious criminal offense under normal circumstances, but in an active war, it would be considered an act of high treason.” Remember, what are the requirements for the trial of a civilian for high treason? We have been at war since 2001.

[Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


comment image?_nc_cat=111&ccb=1-3&_nc_sid=8bfeb9&_nc_ohc=QTmVRi6CjcYAX_jFzNN&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-1.xx&tp=7&oh=b2089b9cfa147408728a8e8927cd56c5&oe=60748B41


Sorry, Wheatie – it is a beautiful picture – and I dunno how to post it!!!

Harry Lime

comment image


Thanks, Harry!!! You are a Peach!!

Harry Lime

comment image


Love it, Harry!!!


To clarify that first paragraph, which is incomplete, this is the text of the 14th Amendment, Section 3 (emphasis mine). It’s also known as the “Disqualification Clause.”

No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

The second paragraph is also oddly worded, beginning with “A State.” States can’t be sworn in, only individuals.

The article goes on to say:

If you commit treason, you lose your rights as an American. You don’t have a license. Military law versus civil law? Any evidence is admissible in a court-martial, so Pelosi’s stolen laptop, along with 11 other stolen laptops, can be used in her court-martial along with everything else she did to lock her and the others up forever.


Trump IS LEGALLY REQUIRED to act on this because of his own oath to the Constitution to defend our Republic from foreign and DOMESTIC enemies. 


Heh. Congress has an escape clause…I’d expect them to try to use it. Assuming this comes to pass and they are in danger of being found by a competent court to have engaged in insurrection or rebellion, that is.


The main excuse they have is they took an oath to support and defend a document they have never read or could comprehend. They should first have to take a 50 question, multiple choice test showing some understanding of the document. Passing score of a 70 should do. And still many would fail.


The escape clause I had in mind was that congress can, by a 2/3rds vote, remove the disqualification.

Make it clear to 90 percent of congress that you’re pursuing this, they’ll have a bill ready to go. Whether they can do it before or at the moment they’re found guilty, is another question.

One weasely out of course would be for them to claim that they’re following the constitution…as THEY interpret it. That won’t work so well for those times they violated the procedures spelled out therein, but we’ve already seen how the “limited” powers given to the fedgov are very, very elastic.


Not religious myself but this John Adams quote pretty much nails it. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.

This clown show of a gubmint has devolved into a corrupt cesspool at all levels. No doubt they would do whatever needed to protect “their” institution.


Interestingly, there is good scholarship to indicate that they considered “moral” and “religious” to be two separate things back then. Given that, this quote speaks to me, and you shouldn’t find it odd that it speaks to you as well.

A government can only be as good as its people, no matter how well you write its constitution. Because, ultimately, *people* have to use the checks and balances put in place to make sure the government does not run rampant.


Agreed. Ultimately it takes good honest people to follow the constitution. The old salt of the earth types. We are beyond that with DC now. Don’t see a recovery path either.


I think a 2/3 majority in each house of Congress might be difficult to overcome…maybe. It always comes down to someone else because Congress and the courts are largely worthless.


Two thirds of them would vote to preserve their own power.

It’s what they’re all about.


I believe that it could easily pass with 2/3 of the surviving members of each house of Congress…..might take a round or two to make sure everyone got the point.


Remember, this is a vote to *remove* the disqualification.

It’s like giving someone the power to pardon themselves.

No trouble passing, they won’t have to be forced into it.

I don’t know why people replying to my original comment seem to think there’s going to be difficulty getting it to pass.


It’s because they last looked at this thread over an hour ago and can’t remember exactly what it was about. This can be especially bad for people who got mightily PO’d during that hour.


Uh, oh.

People got PO’ed?


Not with anything to do with this comment.

There’s rather a large number of things that are quite annoying of late.


Yeah, that’s pretty much a constant, though.


According to the 2nd amendment, gun rights shall not be infringed. Fail.
According to the 10th amendment States control what is not assigned to the Federal gubmint. That fail started in the 1800’s.

So when these guys come along quoting sub paragraph 3, sect 2 of subsection A of the Constitution thinking there is going to be action, then they need to find some different crack to smoke.


Inventor of PCR Test Said Fauci ‘Doesn’t Know Anything’ And Is Willing To Lie On Television – National File

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 15, 2021



Canadian doctors speak out — Why you shouldn’t be afraid of Covid…
Posted by Kane on March 15, 2021 3:34 pm

Canadian Doctors Speak Out: The facts about Covid.



Thank you, Duchess!


Most welcome, Church!!!

Just received your article about the ‘verses’ in my mailbox – Thanks!!!


You are most welcome! 🙂


U.S. Marshals battle Antifa in Portland (raw)…(Video)
Posted by Kane on March 15, 2021 1:05 pm



How did that happen with JB in office?


Still SMH about this one, Church – it is about time they rounded up these thugs and ‘kept’ them in jail once and for all!!!


Couldn’t agree more.


Maskless ‘nerd army’ shops at Target…
Posted by Kane on March 15, 2021 1:02 pm

#maskless #masklessshopping #tribulation
Maskless Nerds Shop at Target


comment image


Excellent Statement. Is this today?


Reported in the last hour

Last edited 3 months ago by trumpismine

It’s hot and fresh – not even posted on his website yet.


Looks like it. Here is an article from today.

Washington Post runs correction admitting it ‘misquoted’ Trump in Georgia election story

“Correction: Two months after publication of this story, the Georgia secretary of state released an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s December phone call with the state’s top elections investigator. The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call, based on information provided by a source,” the correction published Thursday began.


did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did so. Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, Ga., asserting she would find ‘dishonesty’ there. He also told her that she had ‘the most important job in the country right now.’”

EDIT: Ha! I fooled the block quotes, but not in a very effective way. 😞

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THIS IS SO NEW and HOT – it’s not even on his website yet!

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I understand it was in Washington Post’s Email in response to their redaction. I’ll go back and look for the link


Love that he names Stacey Abrams in this statement TWICE!!!


Ep. 2427a – The Economic Trap Has Been Set, [CB] Fiat Exposed
X22 Report Published  March 15, 2021


How About A Nice Game Of Chess, Next Move Checkmate, The People Will Soon Know The Truth – Ep. 2427 
 March 15, 2021  x22report

Trump and the patriots are using the virus to force Chinese companies to drop investments in American companies. [JB] ready to raise taxes on we the people. Trump cut taxes which made the economy boom, [JB] will do the opposite. UK and Poland stock up on gold. Gold will destroy the Fed. Trump and the patriots have put everything into motion. The plan has been going on behind the scenes and Trump is now waiting for the right moment to strike. There are two triggers as of right now, the first Durham the second is the elections and [NP]. Once the [DS] makes the first shot, this might be the shot heard around the world. Trump has been holding the election fraud evidence for the right moment, that moment is approaching quickly. The patriots have known the plan from the beginning.


Ep. 2427b – How About A Nice Game Of Chess, Next Move Checkmate, The People Will Soon Know The Truth
X22 Report Published  March 15, 2021


What is [NP]?


NanXi pelosi


I think you are right because in the X22 Report he talks about how Pelosi and the House are trying to take the election win away from that one Republican woman who won by a small margin.


True, Truths – had forgotten that possibility

If ‘she opens the door’ to this overturning the election in Iowa, then it is possible this could affect the Presidential election.

Unfortunately, Congress has done this before – so it has happened in the past

I just do not see how that relates to the Presidential election unless it gives PT the opportunity to bring his evidence into play – maybe?


In addition, Truths – both the House and the Supreme Court failed to act relative to the Election Fraud and/or the Foreign Interference – then, they are both not only complicit but, they are also traitors.


I completely agree that so many of them are traitors. The scope of what they’ve done is so monumental that it is hard to believe.


Considering how little respect they have for the American people, Truths, I cannot respect any of them.

Oh – and they have done this before – we just did not know about it – nor did anyone challenge them – the ‘steal’ was so blatantly obvious – and there is evidence and proof to substantiate it.

They went to extraordinary lengths to fix this election – and then to have the VP go along with the ‘steal’ – still boggles my mind.


I just do not see how that relates to the Presidential election unless it gives PT the opportunity to bring his evidence into play – maybe?

I’m not sure either. I’ll have to listen to the full report and see if he clarifies.


I listened to the full report – but, Dave did not go any further than to explain what Nancy said about considering overturning the Iowa election even though there was a recount and it was certified – he did not say what PT might do – because nobody really knows what PT is going to do about anything.


Trying to figure out what that means, too, Linda

However, I do not think it has anything to do with Nancy –

It could be New President – Non-President – New Plan – Dunno


This is serious.



I can’t recall, any more, whether the fake story was used against Trump or not in Son of Shampeachment


I can’t remember either. Shampeachment Jr. began on January 13 with the House vote, and then PDJT was acquitted in the Senate on February 13, so it’s not clear whether the House could have used the fake story, which is said to have been published two months ago. I suppose it could have been used in the Senate trial.


Nevertheless, this is at least as egregious as Dan Blather’s fake memo.

And if it had happened back then, that might have mattered; now no one holds them to standards. We already treat them with contempt and have nothing to do with them so our opinion can’t affect them, and their remaining audience will forgive anything.


Yes, Dems quoted article as evidence against POTUS in Scam2. 🙄


No surprise. 🙁


From GABcomment image


Pure uncut….. hopium….

That plus Trump’s Statement and the exposure of the WaPo deception today gives me ….

Hopium dreams of either an overturned election or a complete REDO of the 2020 Election in 2022.


I REALLY like the idea of a national tour that will “deal with this in a crowd-pleasing manner…” Any and all publicity regarding the stolen election is welcome. I hope they do not get infiltrated by thugs, but I know these guys are aware of all the possibilities.




Finally a word I know! ‘Frisson’.

‘Pilo’ means body hair in Latin.

The word gave way to ‘pelo’ in Italian and Spanish. The word in French is ‘poil’.

‘Erection’ means ‘the standing up of a structure’:

In this case, it refers to a standing up of hair.

I am sorry, Wheatie, for those who did not give your word or post sufficient votes. There is nothing wrong with ‘piloerection’, or goosebumps.

Piloerection, admittedly, is a new one for me, but it makes sense.

Friends, not everything relates to sex.


True that.

There are two subjects where there is so much “slang” that you have to be cautious what you say lest some wiseacre “misinterpret” what you say and turn it into a joke…one is sexual activity, and the other is drugs. (How many different ways are there to refer to marijuana in some form or anotherr, and how many of them are otherwise innocuous words you now have to be careful with, like “joint” and “roach”?)

I still have books–from the mid 20th century UK, and earlier, where a building is called an “erection.” Because someone erected it. (Remember the erector set? You erected things with it.)

Indeed the word “sex” itself doesn’t necessarily mean “doing the deed”, you still see paperwork out there asking you to specify M or F (not “Sure! Now?” and “nope”) with “Sex:” Nowadays people use “gender” to refer to male/female, but that’s really a misuse of that word. But we’re stuck with it because “sex” has double or even triple meanings now.


Thank you, Steve.

Yes, I well remember the erector set — as well as ‘erection’ for a building.

Also, engineers in charge of building things — structures, power plants — were called ‘erectors’.

I must be old now. ‘Erectors’ had nothing to do with sex in my day (1960s, 1970s).

As for ‘sex’, we can’t say it much now in the UK because it might offend someone. So, we have to say ‘gender’.

(Sighhhh … )


The word “erector” by itself doesn’t seem to be contaminated…yet, or even “erect” (as a verb, but not as an adjective). But of course that other form of it…

We haven’t quite got to the point where gender must be used for sex, but it’s getting there.


I haven’t said ‘erector’ in years. Couldn’t bear to hear the innuendo.

I feel sorry for children of ‘erectors’ (they must be about my age) if asked to state their father’s occupation. They probably know what to say.

Re ‘gender’, we had to change that to satisfy a certain religious element. They found it offensive.


Silicon Valley was originally populated with a bunch of “tilt-up” buidings. You do a conventional foundation and pour a conventional slab on it. Then you use wooden frameworks on the slab to lay out a bunch of additional modules. You paint them and the slab with a special goo, then pour all the additional modules just like another slab. When everything is cured, you take all the wooden forms off and use a crane to pull the top layer (the walls) off the bottom layer (the floor) and set the pieces upright around the edge of the bottom slab, bracing them and bolting them together as you go.

You the build the ceiling conventionally out of wood — but if your engineer is competent, it forms a plenum that keeps the walls from falling over. You can then remove the bracing. They’re cheap, fast, and amazingly earthquake resistant when done.

And, yes, the crane companies that do tilt-ups are often called erection companies.

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This method is still in use, in fact I now work in a building I witnessed being built in this manner.


I used to work in one that I not only witnessed getting built — the contractor went bankrupt early on in the project and I had to step in as the owner’s representative to GC the rest of the job.


My experience was more vicarious. I worked for the first tenant in the first building, and watched the others go up. Now I work for a tenant in one of the other buildings.


It’s new for pilo, too.



Pelosi’s Personal Praetorian Guard formerly known as the National Guard


Guards of Tyranny.

They saw the word ‘tyranny’ in the Declaration of Independence and decided their job was to protect it.

Tyranny, that is.


The bad news is there was a lot of existing laws, rulings quoted in the article that approve of required vaccinations per State order. This can still get ugly with Biteme in charge. I mean signing orders that someone else is making up.


The obvious solution is to leave the government schools.

We are running out of excuses. As Christians, as anyone with a modicum of intellect, we have to admit government schools are an epic failure.

Decentralizing education would be an immediate improvement. I would love to see retired teachers offer to start small, private neighborhood schools, like the one room schoolhouse of yore.

Deplorable Patriot

While I agree that government schools should be torpedoed, the hierarchy of education have all been trained in the same manner, so I don’t know that much would change.

Plus, kids do need to be with people their own age, which is my only beef with homeschooling. One of the swim teams my brothers were on, there were home schooled kids who were there mostly for socialization. Same with some other activities like choir.

Deplorable Patriot

Kids need a little of everything for good socialization.


Patrick Byrne on Telegram.

You have to give your email address to read the article, which I did not do.

Patrick M. Byrne
Georgia Judge Might Unseal Fulton County Absentee Ballots for Fraud Investigation


When someone has something damaging they could reveal, and they say they “may” reveal / expose / leak it, it means one of two things.

1) the person is begging for Arkancide

2) it’s an invitation for bribery, as in, “somebody bribe me quick, before I do this”

Because why else would you give the interested and maniacally criminal parties a ‘heads-up’?

The one thing you never ever do is announce your intentions beforehand, unless being on the Clinton Body Count list is on your bucket list — and that’s the last thing on your bucket list.

If the judge was serious, he would just do it, before anyone could stop him.

So this judge is not serious.

It’s either #1 or #2, and my guess is #2.

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Lin Wood on Telegram:

Lin Wood
I am not over the fraudulent November 2020 election and I will NOT get over it until it is corrected. 

This is America, not Venezuela. If we do not have an honest election, we have NO rule of law.

I have fought for the rule of law for 43 years as a member of the legal profession. I have NO intentions of quitting the fight.

You have heard me say it before. I will say it again. 

I will not go quietly in the night.

This country needs to wake up and turn on the light.



Trump urged vaccination months ago, when his vaccines came out.

Sadie Slays

NYT has a vaccine tracker map like it’s Election Day. Top picture on their front page at the time I’m writing this is an graphic claiming that 90% of the population will be vaccinated by August. The graphic is next to this headline: “As Biden Confronts Vaccine Hesitancy, Republicans Are a Particular Challenge.”

I can already see the narrative being set up: Make unrealistic projections about vaccine participation rates, then blame Trump supporters when the unrealistic projections obviously don’t pan out.

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Lee Smith retweet, multi-wow!

1. The documents underlying this Welt story, about how scientists, public health bureaucrats & German politicians collaborated to develop panic inducing models to justify extending the first German lockdown, have now been leaked.


[from above link]

6. Their best-case scenario is literally called “Hammer and Dance.”

This is the title of a Medium essay by Bay-Area thinkfluencer and entrepreneur and Corona propagandist Tomas Pueyo, whose mysteriously viral Medium articles drove lockdown policies in multiple countries.

7. “We have to get away from communicating about the IFR.” To have the proper “shock effect” on the public, they will talk instead about overwhelmed hospitals. Emphasise that many people will be denied care and forced to suffocate at home. “Suffocation is an instinctive fear.”

18. All this pro-lockdown data straight from mainland China and these mysterious “trustworthy NGOs” was forwarded within an hour to the head of the RKI (German CDC)…. 


Page 1: “A central collection of all tests that have been carried out or will be, is essential.” Citizens have to see the spread and the containment of the virus. Only then will they accept limitations on their freedoms.

“Only then will they accept limitations on their freedoms.” The goal, in black and white. Unbelievable.


And based on mask compliance and everything else I have seen people do the people have clearly accepted those limitations. With barely a whimper.


Except you and me and Rocky.

And the rest of the gang here of course, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it fit and rhyme with ‘me’ or ‘Rocky’ 😁


“Only then will they accept limitations on their freedoms.”


In all seriousness, considering Germany’s history, and now they’re doing it again, it might be time to end Germany and give pieces of it to the surrounding countries.

This makes two attempts at global tyranny.

They don’t get three.


From Gab:

comment image


The Global Implications of the Biden Administration’s Foreign Policy


Appreciate you Wolf Moon and ALL here. Learn every day, laugh throughout the posts and share many great articles with family and friends. Thank You!
One of my favorite limbs to sit and read.


It looks like a sewage treatment facility.


While amusing…..

If you want to see what a sewage treatment facility looks like, one of the Bill & Ted movies has some scenes from a futuristic “Bill & Ted University” — that was filmed at the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation plant in the San Fernando Valley. My father was involved in building that (no, he’s not Donald C. Tillman). The gardens that the actors are wandering through were designed by a landscape architect named Wong, and a favorite anecdote is when — as a practical joke — official paint colors were used for a street sign saying “Wong Way” for opening day.

Further, there is often a legal requirement that sanitary districts be audited…..and I logged a bunch of the audit hours required to become a CPA by auditing sanitary districts. It helped that I understood how they worked.


From GAB:
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Deplorable Patriot