Dear KAG: 2021-03-26: The Great Wakee Wakee Edition

JOE BIDEN IS A TOOL, and not a very sharp one.

It’s We-Don’t-Suffer-Fools-Gladly Friday at Wolf’s Pub. Oh, I hope the Meme Magic is strong today and we can soundly and roundly mock the Swamp Things in D.C. They richly deserve it.

It’s just got to be said over and over and over again:
Joe Biden Didn’t Win!

He’s a fraud

He’s a fake

He’s a phony fool

The Resident of the United States is such an embarrassment to the Cabal (whichever hydra head you want to refer to) that they are undoubtedly regretting him–especially if he’ll be running for reelection in 2024 (!!!) as he insisted yesterday. But, there’s an even deeper embarrassment—Heels Up Harris. This was the best they could do? The tools are nowhere near as useful as the weekly Tool Man (h/t to Valerie and her son).

Goodness, who are they gonna get for Harris’ fake role of VP if she does manage to blow her way through into His Fraudulency’s throne room?

We can only imagine.

It’s a grand show these vain, corrupt and very malicious people are putting on for us, eh?


Meanwhile, our daily lives gallop on. At least mine seems to gallop on. We don’t know the ending of the show, but it is probably wise to stay in top form in light of the uncommon times we are living in. Life in the time of Covid-2019, Covid-2020, and now Covid-2021 is getting a bit monotonous.

I BEG YOU to listen to (AND SHARE) Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav’s interview about how the medical establishment and the Corporate Elite in Nazi Germany (and internationally) joined with the Nazis to DO HARM and how our own government and medical establishment is doing this with Covid-19 now. She is warning us. It has come around again.

Click to watch: Where All Of This Is Heading

Note: Here is a link to an investigative piece Sharav mentions: Schwab Family Values. It shares a lot of what has been scrubbed from the net about Uncle Klaus and his background/family.


Excellent books for planning to thrive in hard times

One’s thinking can get a bit stunted at times. I tend to get obsessed with certain political issues and forget that “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings,” to quote Robert Louis Stevenson .

To that end, I’ve been forcing myself offline a bit more. I’m tending more to my mental and physical garden. Someone said here the other day that they had invested in a stationary bike and cut sugar out. That really got me thinking about my own extended response to the political crisis we are being forced to endure. One thing I love about the Qtree is the great deal of wisdom I find here.

I have learned more about so many things just by reading the comments. Lots of subject matter experts, lots of life experience. Very grateful.


You know the drill. We’re all growing together in this garden plot, so we might as well get along. Some of us are veggies, some are fruits, some are nuts, some are mushrooms. I self-identify as a nut. Anyway, here’s the Rules that keep us growing together. The Utree is for off-color, off-site stuff, and a place of refuge in case something happens here.


Speaking of nuts, today’s special is amaretto, a liqueur that tastes of almonds, although it’s made with apricot kernel oil. Disaronno is a favorite and probably the most familiar amaretto in America. The lovely and liquid amaretto liqueur dates back to the Renaissance, and according to legend:

“As legend has it, amaretto was first created back in The Renaissance by a beautiful young innkeeper in Saronno, Italy. In 1525, the citizens of Saronno were completing the reconstruction of their city which was hit hard by war. Bernardino Luini (a member of the Leonardo da Vinci School of Art) was commissioned by the Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Saronno to paint a fresco of the Adoration of the Magi, which included the Madonna.

Luini, passionate about his work and art, went on a lengthy search for the perfect model to represent his Madonna. He found that looking for someone who was patient, poised and beautiful was an arduous task until he first laid his artistic glance on the fair-haired innkeeper.

It was only a matter of time before the young innkeeper fell deeply and passionately in love with the artist. Her love was so deep that she created a special potion for her lover: amaretto. Unfortunately, the young innkeeper’s name has been lost, but her likeness and amaretto recipe lives on.”

Amaretto (“A little bitter” in Italian) has been used in Italian cuisine for centuries, such as the famous Italian cake “Tiramisu.” You can read more about it here. And above’s a recipe for a delicious Amaretto Sour. Don’t let the egg white deter you, these are really tasty cocktails.


Back to tending our own gardens in this time of upheaval. Vox Day has published a short post (in full below) that says just that. I love it when I get these little confirmations. I started this article on Tuesday and Vox’s article shows up on Wednesday.

Those who were previously just bystanders are beginning to find it invigorating:

I used to just listen to people talking about what’s happening, but once you said “conflict is in the air we breath,” as well as once I heard Owen talk about crushing, creating…I just started focusing on building a community vs fear-porn watching and being paralyzed by the temptations from Satan and the material world.  Now I’ve got more friends than I have ever had before, who have homesteads, growing food, and truly care about the future of our community. Going from sterile sodomite land to where I’m at now… it’s awesome.

It’s the only way to make it to the next level. Start small, by leaving a review of a book on Amazon or buying an ebook from an author you haven’t read before. Later, perhaps you’ll start subscribing to UATV or starting a garden or getting on SG. Before long, you’ll be backing new projects, learning about the law, collecting leatherbound tomes for your future grandchildren, and making a material impact on the world around you. 

One step. One breath. One dive into the waters of conflict. That’s all it takes to begin the transformation. That’s all it takes to belatedly discover that you weren’t created to be a penguin waddling about the sterile ice in squawking confusion, you were created to be a killer whale, roving the seas as part of a fearsome pack.”

I use old forms to make new raised beds. Then do it over and over. I have made eight new beds this spring.

Are we not seeing a Great Awakening?

On Thursday morning’s War Room, Steve Bannon and Sean Feucht (author and founder of Let Us Worship), spoke about the Great Awakening as a great shaking of the world, Episode #825, the last 30 minutes or so. No matter what I do, I can’t get it to embed. Haloooo, Wolf!


AND, here we have Milo Yiannopolous with his own Great Awakening. I remember being very grateful for Milo’s contribution to “Daddy” Trump getting elected. He’s a brilliant thinker, but I also saw he was headed for a bit of trouble. God, however, is turning it to good. In this interview he speaks of his own coming to terms with the sin of sodomy, and how he is taking his awakening one day at a time.

He also details how both the RINOs and the Left worked to destroy him, cancel him, ruin him financially. Please keep Milo in your prayers. His future plans include helping others to come out of the gay lifestyle. He is a potent enemy to the Left, and therefore under attack by both spiritual and material forces.

My own Great Awakening, besides the horrendous but needed understanding of our current political situation, has meant that I feel compelled to learn, appreciate, and pass on the truth, beauty, and goodness of our western civilization, which as we know, is in danger of being snuffed out.

Anyway, I bought myself (decades late) Mortimer J. Adler’s “How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading.”

Adler includes an appendix with a listing of what has been called the Great Books. There are 137 books on the list. Dare I dive in and begin this literary journey exploring Western Civilization’s canon?


If anyone else is interested, I am more than happy to start a little reading club (maybe a future Qtree forum would be a great place to have it). Here’s the list: Adler’s List of Great Books

Adler said:

“A good book does reward you for trying to read it. The best books reward you most of all. The reward, of course, is of two kinds. First, there is the improvement in your reading skill that occurs when you successfully tackle a good, difficult work. Second—and this in the long run is much more important—a good book can teach you about the world and about yourself. You learn more than how to read better; you also learn more about life. You become wiser, Not just more knowledgeable—books that provide nothing but information can produces that result. But wiser, in the sense that you are more deeply aware of the great and enduring truths of human life.”


For those who are inclined to a Black Pill, Gen. McInerney speaks. Scroll down, the first image isn’t the link:

Here’s another Black Pill. The Great Awakening is not always pleasant.

The DHS can Puga ma hone.

I am getting old. I will go to sleep with my forefathers sooner rather than later. I will not BETRAY them by cowering before the tyrants. And I damned sure won’t BETRAY my grandchildren by bowing down before CCP/globalist puppets, those dirty POS. I spit on them.

Any American who colludes with the CCP is less than dirt. LESS. THAN. DIRT.

How many times do we have to do this?


The Family Garden Plan

Seed to Seed

No Dig Gardening–Charles Dowding

[And with that, Wolf saith LET ‘ER RIP – PUBLISHING NOW!!!] -W

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The joy of living in California….

Homeowner’s insurance, annually — $1,228.16
Homeowner’s EARTHQUAKE insurance, annually — $1,421.00

So, essentially, the chance of my house being flattened by an earthquake is about 7/6 the chance if it burning up in a fire. Nice.


My ins went up $200 dt to rebuilding costs they say. Cant get any other insurance bc we live near an undeveloped hill.

Wolf Moon

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Just sayin’.  😉 


Thanks for another outstanding Friday Thread, Grandmaintx!
 😀  👏 
Love the pub theme and thanks for all the great content!

Wolf Moon

Amen! The pub feels like home now!


pubs are home.
this is a given

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