Operation Geronimo Tick Dip Begins 0400 EDT on 07/28/21

Truth be told, Operation Geronimo Tick Dip is not an authentic “Geronimo” operation, because it has been trialed by our wonderful hosting company, COUGHCOUGH.com., and passed with flying colors.

An authentic “Geronimo” deployment leaps first and asks questions later. Nevertheless, this is still a pretty daring op, because we’re going into new territory as far as YOU, the actual users.

You may be wondering what in the hell I’m talking about. Allow me to explain.

We started getting very heavy traffic on this site after I hinted that I had caught sleazy globalist contractors and DemCom academic “QAnon” experts monitoring this site. These low-lifes appeared to have been complicit in NanXi’s January Sixth Frame Job of President Trump.

(Hi, Adam “Consciousness of Guilt” Kinzinger!)

After that, we started getting phony “Russian” registrations on the site in droves. Frankly, in my opinion, this kind of national security fraud is just as evil as the COVID fraud we are now experiencing. The Pentagon, once a hallowed institution of national and global defense, has turned into the “woke chump” in a global elite payola operation – a veritable cash machine for LIARS – which I have dubbed (on occasion) “the Pentagram”.

Anyway, I dropped in an actual security solution for phony Russians, and caught ChiComs and that Italian defense contractor that was involved in the election theft with the FBI. What’s their name? SCANDAL. I won’t even say it – they besmirch the name of a great artist and scientist! DePat and Steve know!

This was all described a short while ago.

Strengthening The Fortress

The Prelude: CUE THE MUSIC! The First Message: To all who may be locked out at this time PLEASE go to THE U TREE and post a comment – EVEN if it goes into moderation. I will get you out of moderation, and we will get you into here. This strategy has worked for everybody …

Shortly after that, there appeared to be a response to the measures we took:

Phony WEFFEN SS Cyberwar Strikes The Q Tree

OK, folks. I have just been informed that our host COUGHCOUGH.com is experiencing heavy traffic and resource usage of our site, on our server, for the last 3 days, which affected other customers. COUGHCOUGH.com wants to implement a CDN for free. Other server options loom behind that one. My guess is that this is coming …

NOW – here is where the rubber meets the road.

There will be a SITE DISRUPTION tonight, the morning of July 28, starting at 4 AM EDT and hopefully lasting only 20-30 minutes.

During this time, a network traffic solution will be implemented by our gracious hosts.

Once the site is back up, feel free to kick the tires, and post about any problems HERE, on this thread, which I will make sticky during the operation.

If you are having trouble getting back into the site, please post on THE U TREE, at the following link.

LINK: https://utree.home.blog/2021/07/16/report-q-tree-lockouts-here/

Hopefully, when this is all over, things will be much smoother and less subject to the difficulties you may sometimes be experiencing, connecting to the site. However, we must be prepared for the opposite.

If you have ever been on a site protected by Cloudflare, then you know what it’s like when a site goes down behind a CDN – worse yet, one that can’t be trusted due to “wokeness”. Fortunately, OUR solution is a lot more trustworthy, because it’s part of the host’s universe. Still, there may be authentic “mystery disconnects”. If you can’t get back in, The U Tree is there – https://utree.home.blog

I am depending on you all to report things.

With God’s help and a bit of luck, hopefully you’ll never notice a thing.

Prayers are welcome, but keep them short, so that you have more prayer time for pgroup2!

Thank you, and God bless!


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Standing by…


Currently 1:15 until G-Time. And, yes, I have my helmet.


Hmmn 4:00 am, about the time I wake up(from sleep of course). sooo 1st stop at A.K. ‘s ( P.O.S.)bashing party 😡 


Wolfs, did you throw the Fed Russkies out on their ears? You take good care of us. TY


PS: So glad I made Cute Chipmunk !!! Woo-hoo!
Next stop: Chipmunk 1st class !!!


decided against it 😄

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Cuppa Covfefe
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Test …



Thanks Wolf!


“To all who may be locked out at this time PLEASE go to THE U TREE and post a comment – EVEN if it goes into moderation. I will get you out of moderation, and we will get you into here. This strategy has worked for everybody …”


For whatever reason, I was never locked out.

The site was really slow some days, and often when I clicked the ‘like’ button on someone’s post, it would take up to a minute before it registered, but that was it.

I’m kind of depressed about it really. Like the enemy just doesn’t care about me.

I will redouble my efforts!



I would use one word to describe you …


Carry on, Stalwart!

(Okay, TWO words …)


Same with me…. slow sometimes, but never a “Lockout”.

Notification bell is not working for me at present.

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Relogged on to wordpress and the bell is now working.


Fear. They were afraid to lock you out


I’ve not had any problems of late – hope it continues. Regardless, thanks for all you do, Wolf. M17andAGA!

Concerned Virginian

Our Indomitable Host does it again! Thanks, Wolf Moon!


The evidence trail gets longer and longer. Ty for your effort W.
Its good you enjoy doing some of this, even for discovery. It makes their frustration that much more satisfying.

Valerie Curren

slipping the net!


Never had any problems aside from the occasional sluggish thing. TY for this. 👍🏻


Tangential, but long time Gates of Vienna bloggers have experience with the Enemy. Ten years ago last week.

Maybe some of you remember the mass shooting in Utoya, Norway by Anders Behring Breivik. And how our far, far right-wing blogger, the inimitable Fjordman was gift-wrapped as the fall guy. The voice of the Counterjihad – killer incitement.

The Baron gives this introduction:

“On July 22, 2011, a man named Anders Behring Breivik detonated a truck bomb in central Oslo next to government headquarters, killing eight people. While police and emergency services were dealing with the aftermath, Mr. Breivik drove to the island of Utøya, where a summer camp for Socialist Youth was being held. There he methodically shot and killed sixty-nine teenagers with a high-powered rifle. When police finally arrived at the island, he calmly surrendered.

“Anders Behring Breivik was a neo-Nazi, but that fact did not emerge until several years later, when he wrote a letter to multiple media outlets and admitted that his declared affiliation with the Counterjihad movement had been a strategic misdirection, to spare his Aryan nationalist comrades from persecution. That part of his letter to the media was widely ignored, and was never publicly reported by any major outlet. To this day he is widely identified as an anti-Islam ideologue.

“Before he committed his atrocities, Mr. Breivik had arranged the media distribution of his manifesto, or as he preferred to call it, “the compendium”… [M]ost of it consisted of extensive quotes from various English-language writers, the most prominent of which were Fjordman and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

“[That] became the focus of a media frenzy beginning the following morning. Progressive pundits applied their usual pseudo-syllogism to the Utoya massacre: 

1. Breivik admired Fjordman.
2. Breivik massacred innocent people.
3. Therefore Fjordman was at least partially responsible for the atrocity. Q.E.D.…”

The Baron continues:

“I won’t go into the Breivik affair in great detail, since this is primarily a reminiscence about the effect the atrocity had on Gates of Vienna and the Counterjihad in general.
[Links to the Archives]

“Because Gates of Vienna was the main venue for Fjordman’s writings, and was mentioned repeatedly in the killer’s manifesto, this site was put under the media’s klieg lights beginning the day after the massacre.

We were thrust into a prominence we had never seen before (or since). It was a hideous kind of fame that I would never have asked for – they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, but my experience in the summer of 2011 makes me vehemently disagree.”


The article goes on to describe “our fifteen minutes of lurid fame”.

THIS is what happened.
That’s what CAN happen when a gentle community of bloggers is cut to fit the Enemy’s agenda.

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July 22, Ten Years On
comment image

Sometimes life can be very strange. When I was eating lunch in my small basement flat in Oslo on July 22, 2011, I did not anticipate that in a few hours my country would be rocked by a brutal mass murder. And I certainly did not expect that these events would also turn every aspect of my own life upside down.

Suddenly and without warning, I was thrown into the epicenter of an international media storm. Less than two weeks later, I had evacuated my home and fled from Norway out of serious concerns for my safety. At this point, I was publicly accused of being a possible accomplice to mass murder, and the suggested brains behind an international terrorist network. If my life in the summer of 2011 had been the script for a film, it would have been rejected as being too improbable to happen in real life. Yet all of this did happen to me, plus a lot more. All because of the actions of a man I have never once met in my entire life, not even for a cup of coffee.

Ten years later, things have calmed down somewhat. I have managed to reestablish a reasonably stable personal life. However, this is a new life in a new country.



His post says that he moved back between 2017 and 2021: three-and-a-half years with NO job. He could not get even the most basic, manual employment.

As such, he left Norway for good, outside of brief visits.


The NYT and WaPo reported that Breivik had commented several times at the GoV.

“What they said was quite true. Fortunately, I had already been alerted to the fact by a European contact, who told me the pseudonym that had been used by Mr. Breivik, so I was able to track down all his comments. Some people urged me to delete them, but that’s not the way we do business here at Gates of Vienna.

“First of all, nothing ever disappears completely from the Internet; it can always be found in the Wayback Machine or other web archives. But more importantly, I don’t believe in hiding the truth, whether it makes me look bad or not. So I collected all of the Butcher’s comments and reposted them.”



The West stopped the Enemy at the GoV way back when – We did it before, and we can do it again.

Or so we thought.

Europeans got a double-whammy with criminal penalties for “hate speech”. Sharia censorship, Western authoritarian enforcement.

Many have sacrificed everything, including their lives. The Baron is correct in saying the movement never fully recovered from the Breivik affair.

For Fjordman it’s been devastating. His life was shattered; he’s slowly picking up pieces. All for superb writing and an audience open to independent thought.

I acknowledge with great pain that we lost the war. Eurabia is a done deal. It’s not too late for the USA, but communism is an exceptional lubricant for invasive Islam. We feel its presence more each day.

Slice it, dice it.
Throw it away.


Rojah! Many thx, boss.

May God bless all here, and rebuke those who make themselves our enemies.


*Rolls Eyes*

*Starts strapping on protective equipment*

[grumble] …be nice to even get a seatbelt someday….[/grumble]

Saint Michael the Archangel,
Defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
And do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
By the Divine Power of God –
Cast into hell, Satan and all the evil spirits,
Who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Wha? Huh? Did I miss something???


We have a whole bunch of people on the blog with deep levels of corporate IT experience (even though many don’t necessarily act like it). When you do a major systems change, there are processes and fails-safes that are normally done…..so you don’t have to do a “Geronimo!” and do a live transition on your working system without a net.

I have often counseled such, and this is about the third Wolf “Geronimo!” lately. He gets where I’m coming from; I get where he’s coming from — but we’re both respectful of each other enough to joke about it. So I can do no other than to strap on protective gear (including helmet) and pray for the best, while lamenting the lack of seat belts. And he’s about to call for us to all jump out of a perfectly good plane while it’s flying and trust in our skills and resources to make it through to the other side.

It’s been nice knowing everybody. Remember that we can probably sleep on Marica’s lawn until we can assess the wreckage and start the rebuild.


I bet that Marica’s lawn is a lovely place to take a nap. 🙂
Safety and Adventure are dear friends even though they don’t see eye to eye on many things.


That’s assuming that utree also gets blown up in the process…..we’ll see….(and it’s not like we asked in advance).


EDT, that is 4 hours west of UTC, so 0400 EDT is 0800 UTC. At which time I’ll be away from the keyboard, so hopefully I’ll get in later today after the Operation G.T.D has taken place.

Praying for success, and thanks for all the hard work!


G minus 60!!!


Mornings have been tough lately, but my curiosity is pulling me towards sticking around to watch how things come through.


WE are the NEWS.

comment image


Trying to see what’s going on inside…

comment image


Lines look okay…

comment image

Gail Combs

I remember those winters!


Weather like that makes for hardy people.


Are we there yet…

comment image


a little fog, but the span looks right

comment image


G minus 45.


Oh man am I tired.

comment image


It’s the “waking-up to 7358 messages” part that keeps things going….


We have a new lab in the neighborhood, whose name is Bonnie. She’s a seven-month old puppy, and very affectionate and rambunctious.


And labs tend to stay in puppyville for years…

Valerie Curren

like my husband, in his 50’s now, will always be a big teenager to me 🙂


Remember that anything that happens will likely be very subtle…..


G minus 30!!!



It’s here somewhere…

comment image


Is that a personal picture, or one off the netz?


I’m pulling these off the Rural Life group from Gab tonight.
But that last one could have been from the area where my people live.


I’m guessing west/midwest. Similar scenes from my childhood, the ground is more whitish-grey.


Gab’s Rural Life group is my sanity.
It’s where I see why we are fighting and what we stand to lose.


OK…. G minus 15 ….

Time to strap-in — oh, drat, it’s a paratroop drop….no straps, no safety belts.

Put on the helmet. Double check that everything is in place, strapped snug and tight.

Orient yourself. Stay on mission.


Patting pockets to verify snacks are on board.
Snacks on board. Check.

Opens tab for U Tree.
U Tree loads. Check.


comment image


We used to have those at our house. Probably a precursor to diabetes.


The people that brought you the doughboy.


Testing WP notifier bell reply to theqtree…


Yup, I opened UTree tabs about 10 minutes ago.





G minus FIVE!!!

Make sure all your joints are flexed. Mentally review landing procedures.


G minus TWO!!!

Caution flag in play!!!




I sprouted another tentacle — does that count?

Valerie Curren

I’m enjoying reading through your guys play by play…tentacles?


We had posts here at 3:38, 3:41, 3:45….etc. When are they claiming it was down?


I suspected that it’d be begun, and done, earlier than 4am.

And all is well …


I had the site up from about 2:45am, and had continual access, though I didn’t log in until the above post.

Everything is very quick now – page refreshes, viewing “likes”, “liking”, and posting …


I’m in.
Login link still yields 404 error.

Do you think your super secure lock down state has my IP on a block list?

Trying a different IP…


Still looks like the login page is missing.
BUT the wp ribbon at the top is now there.


Tells you something about how well it works on a good day…..


Or, considering the way they did it, any loss of continuity…..




Did you log in with wp.com or with the site login link?


My avatar is generic – I think this means that I don’t “log in”, per se.

Instead, I simply come here, and enter my handle & email in the comment box for my FIRST comment / post.

Subsequent comments / posts don’t need any data re-entry, and I “log out” by leaving the site, clearing the browser cache, and then re-starting the computer..


But no #-of-comments appellation (coyote, wolverine, fox, cute chipmunk, etc.).


Ah, okay.
So the guest posting feature is now back online.


I had them visit a blog I ran years ago. They don’t like uppity folk. 😁


Percussive maintenance…


BTW, I’ve not used NYC servers from my VPN at any time ever.

Valerie Curren





Not in the other thread, yet.


Okay, the login page is displayed correctly now.
And I can log into the site directly/locally.




Heya, T3!!!


Well, that was interesting.


Okay, maybe my guest post wasn’t very guest-like.
Nice to be done with that.

See you later!

comment image