Phony WEFFEN SS Cyberwar Strikes The Q Tree

OK, folks. I have just been informed that our host is experiencing heavy traffic and resource usage of our site, on our server, for the last 3 days, which affected other customers. wants to implement a CDN for free. Other server options loom behind that one.

My guess is that this is coming mostly from global “contractors” of various kinds. This is, IMO, part of “de facto censorship” by plausibly deniable means.

Welcome to THE FIGHT.

In my opinion, this is yet another HOAX by the WEFFEN SS and its insidious allies.

You know – those smiling bullshitters who hold “events” right before the real thing, because they are OH SO PRESCIENT.

Apparently we poked SOMEBODY hard.


I will provide you with more information as I get it.


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Concerned Virginian

Wolf Moon
Is the whole bowl of applesauce involved, like the Forum? The U Tree?
Asking the Almighty God to protect you and yours.


^^^ Hmmmm.


Shaping = Controlling

**SPIT** on the Weffen


With all these platform groups, their “other things” must be people and how they divvu up the slave labor.


I wonder if you can tell by the timing what topic really poked the commie bear?


I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my 1905 post. 😀

Couldn’t hazard a guess as to what it was, other than that.


Thank you that explains the slowness on this site and not on and off seeing people handle and not to be able to like a post.
We you seem to be over the target and the Stasi does not like it.


“We you seem to be over the target and the Stasi does not like it.”


I think Billy Gates prefers to be called ‘Staci’.


Uh ,,,!

Cuppa Covfefe


That last one is Windoze 1 0….
And 11 will be worse… evil turned up to 11…..

Bill the Gates of Hell…….


I am now unable to edit my post for tomorrow.

I just get a blank page when I try to edit.

Is it possible that when you went in to make the change I asked for, it somehow locked me out?

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Wow. Just wow.


Yes, I am going to try from this machine (a different one) now. If I can’t work it, I should be able to preview it.


OK, I’m in. I’m going to assume it was a browser issue–for now.



And the post is done and scheduled. Thanks for the help with the graphic. Don’t forget to file it in a certain particular place with the others like it.


Thanks, Wolf. That explains the glitches and problems I’ve been having with the site the last couple of days.


Evil bastards.


heavy traffic and resource usage of our siteon our server, for the last 3 days

At times we have had 800-1000 comments per day, filled with videos and memes and long posts. How could there be problems now?


Epik is registrar for Gab, no?
Gab was hit this week just as two different stories were getting hot.
Isreali phone spying and the wackd thing.
I suspect Epik could be in the cross hairs for various reasons.
Would that be another attack vector for this platform?


They’re very sensitive, all these gay-boy globo-homo billionaires.

Cuppa Covfefe

There are rituals the Satanic hyper-rich go through that would shock all but the most jaded perverts.

Just have a look at the initiation rites of Skull and Bones… Bushie boys back four generations, and Kerry, and a bunch of other big names, CONTROLLED by their Satanic masters…

[The wicked sex practices are but one of many ways they are controlled and blackmailed into doing what the “masters” want..]…..

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Sadie Slays

for the last 3 days

I bet it was one of these that did it. They’re really, really sensitive about anyone challenging the injections. Like “willing to assassinate multiple world leaders” sensitive.

7/19 – Five* Studies Showing the Potential or Actual Superiority of Disease-Conferred Immunity in COVID-19

7/20 – Seeking Clarity on the Claim: 45,000 Dead Within Three Days of a COVID Vaccination – Plus an Amazing Analysis from a QAnon Standpoint

I agree with giloo’s suggestion–can you take a look at the website traffic analytics and try to determine when the traffic uptick started?

Last edited 1 year ago by Sadie Slays

“CDC Quietly Deletes 6,000 COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its CDC Website Total in One Day — Caught by Internet Sleuths”

“On Wednesday the CDC posted on its own website that there were 12,313 reported deaths from the COVID Vaccine since December.
This number would track with the VAERS website number.
But then a strange thing happened. After the CDC posted this number they went back hours later and switched it to 6,079 reported deaths in the US from the COVID Vaccine.”

Article was posted on the 22nd so Wens would be the 21st.

Cuppa Covfefe

They did it with the Fakelection, so they will attempt to do it with anything else…


I think the multiplier was 5 the whistleblower said, so maybe they were afraid of a 60k figure.

Sadie Slays

Just imagine if we were still using the old website on This would have been enough for them to boot us off the service like they did CTH (assuming we weren’t banned before that).


If there had been a vaccine to prevent the Left from committing election fraud, that would be a vaccine we could all support.

Need to force-feed it to the Chinese Communists first though, through a fire hose.


I think they are ramping up attacks on conservatives because shit is about to get real


EVERYTHING DOJ is smoke and mirrors.

Durham has DELIVERED NOTHING, over the past few years. NOTHING tangible will come of “Durham’s” pseudo investigations.

All we get are statements and letters of bureaucratic BS.

A C T I O N IS the requirement.


But somethings got them spooked and desperate.
I can see from here there’s blood in the water


Hope you are correct.

Looking for bad guys getting arrested. Not holding my breath.


I want the whole swamp drained burnt and the ground salted.


To drain a swamp you have to do a number of things
Expose its power is built on lies- happening . Msm is tanking
Destroy its income- happening
Flip the minions to take the big swamp denizens. I read Dawsonsfield for the money laundering takedowns. Slowly but surely the net is being reeled in.
Chinese saying- heavens net is wide and the mesh is fine
Staged exposure to control reactions. Both from those wanting retribution and those to horrified to believe


Maybe the Oligarchs took over and Biden just a pupped ?


What got them spooked is Lindell he has goods. Arizona another problem for them. Trump still drawing big crowds and China spreading its wings.


Again I think lindall is too much out in the open
They are not going to see or hear their doom till it’s on them-“ strike like the fastest predator on earth”


Lindell needs our prayer he is on to them.


Think you’re right, people are rising up across the world. Elites with itchy trigger finger.


“I think they are ramping up attacks on conservatives because shit is about to get real”


O Durhamo, Durhamo…

Wherefore art thou, Durhamo?


Whatever happens the swamp will never see it coming


I hope you’re right.

We won’t see it coming, that’s for sure… 😂 🤣 😂


I think so.
Stalin said 3 men can keep a secret….if 2are dead.
The circle of trust is small


“Stalin said 3 men can keep a secret….if 2are dead.

The circle of trust is small”


And yet the number of people required to take down the Deep State is necessarily very large.

Not the number of people needed to physically arrest them and bring down the whole house of cards, that would only take about 50 teams of two men each, working a long weekend shift.

They wouldn’t even need to be armed, it’s not like most of these nonagenarians are going to resist or put up a fight. That’s one of the most humiliating things about this whole farce, is most of the people responsible for the tyranny could be knocked on their asses just by accidentally bumping into them.

But the number of people needed to do the investigating, the paperwork, the surveillance, the coordinating, etc., would be huge.

Myanmar was able to do it with zero preparation and zero notice, just lock ‘n load and it was all over in hours, but we’re no Myanmar.

And yet we hear nothing.

Which means either the very large number of people needed to take down the Deep State are unique in human history in their ability to maintain absolute secrecy.

Or it means there is no very large number of people preparing to take down the Deep State.

If there is a third possibility, what would that be?


Or it’s being handled by a small ruthless band using unconventional means


“Or it’s being handled by a small ruthless band using unconventional means”


Okay, let’s suppose that is the case.

That would necessarily make them independent of or outside of the FibDoj, the ATF, Homeland Insecurity, TSA, C_A and the other 73 paramilitary intelligence agencies.

Like a virus attacking a host organism.

And the host organism, the FibDoj, ATF, Homeland Insecurity, TSA, C_A, etc., are going to use the full weight and force of the government machine to eradicate that virus.

No “small ruthless band” could withstand that kind of governmental full frontal assault.

The numbers and resources are too big.

The government can dedicate 1,000+ agents against every ‘white hat’ member of any small, ruthless band, and put the surveillance state AND the use of a conventional nation-state military forces at their command to root them out and eliminate them.

And knowing that, no credible group would try that approach, because the entire future of humanity would then hang on a small group of fallible humans, and a single mistake or complete accident revealing even a single member of their team leads to a new Dark Ages for a thousand generations.

It would be suicide, for themselves and for humanity.

If it really was a small, ruthless band, then they would need the rest of humanity to JOIN them in opposition to the Deep State, not do the exact opposite, i.e., continually condition the People to not even raise their voices, much less a fist, in protest.

This is always the problem with the ‘white hats to the rescue’ theory, the numbers never add up.

But human beings, by nature, recognize ‘patterns’, even when no such ‘pattern’ is actually there.

We have no shortage of data, and no shortage of hope, and is human nature to take the flood of data and see ‘patterns’ in it, and align those ‘patterns’ with our hopes.

But the numbers never add up.

And that’s a real problem.

Because if we’re just fooling ourselves, if we’re counting on a cavalry to arrive that never actually existed, then time is of the essence and the need to come to terms with reality is now, while we can still do something about it.

But how can we ever do that, if roughly half of ‘us’ are convinced that the cavalry will be here any day now?



absolute BINGO.

I have long since GIVEN UP trying to wake up the people convinced of an Imminent Triumphal Return of Trump.

Useless potted plants, stoned on hopium.


That was a very satisfying series of posts 👍😁


The *good* hopium is based on a knowledge of the true state of affairs, and being able to figure out how to overcome it.

Not sitting on your ass because you think–despite all actual evidence–that Trump’s got this and YOU need do nothing but lay in a supply of popcorn.


You are right. Whatever Potus Trump and his allies do must be completely legal, but also completely unprecedented so they can’t beat it. I can’t think of what he’ll do but I’m sure he anticipated the steal and has laid traps.


I think he anticipated the steal…somewhat.

I don’t think he realized how big it would be, so not enough happened to prevent it.

In other words, they pwned him. He’s been working on fighting back ever since, but I think he genuinely expected to not be euchred out of the win.


I’d rephrase that. I think he anticipated the steal to the limit where a sane person would push it……but TPTB didn’t stop there. Stopping the count simultaneously in five states, phonying up more ballots, and restarting the count was not expected. They had more audacity than he’d previously given them credit for….but that also meant that any counterstrike could be that much more effective.


DJT had to know they would do anything to steal the election, because he had to overcome their cheating just to win in 2016.

Then he monitored all the cheating in 2018 midterms.

So he knew exactly what was coming in 2020. WE knew they would do absolutely anything to win, and DJT had access to an infinite amount of better information that we did.

He knew Covid was being used to justify phony mail in ballots.

He knew the FIB and every other agency of government was corrupt, because they had been fighting him and trying to overthrow his presidency for four years straight.

Nothing that happened on election night could have been even a mild surprise.

The obvious counter to the election fraud was to involve the military to monitor the election.

The military is the most qualified group with the capability to do it, and the only government associated group that was not laughably compromised by whatever the rest of the government pod-people are smoking.

DJT knew if the military was compromised or not. If it was only partially compromised, he knew who was and who wasn’t. He had to, it was his JOB to know (or figure it out), and his job and his life depended on it, and he had four years to figure it out.

If the military was compromised to the point that they could not be relied on to monitor the elections, then the next step would be to hire private contractors to do it.

Fortunately, DJT had what practically amounted to his own private intelligence agency for years, consisting of former intelligence agency members, IIRC.

Move / countermove, right on down the line. And there is no end of the line that includes ‘quit’ or ‘give up’.

When there’s a will, there’s a way, and there was certain a ‘will’ on the part of the most powerful man in the world, DJT.

So there was certainly also a ‘way’, and a highly motivated and capable man behind that ‘will’ and ‘way’.

So it doesn’t add up that DJT was asleep at the switch, or that he was outfoxed.

Whatever is actually going on, that can’t be it, because if he was that careless in the most important thing in his presidency, then he could not possibly have been so successful in all the lesser things he accomplished.

He can’t be a genius and Chauncey Gardiner at the same time.

And he’s definitely not Chauncey Gardiner ever.

So he had to know, he had to have found a way to document all of the election fraud, and as he never tires of telling us, he “has it all”.

The QUESTION is why he hasn’t done anything with that evidence.



You’ve alluded to certain details that I did not, but I don’t see the substantive difference between what you said and what I said, to be honest.


WE Are the calvary!


That tweet of “Muse Scry” says, “DOJ will release Durham report,” but that’s not what the letter says, at all. It says:

  • Durham has his own staff.
  • Durham is not subject to the day-to-day supervision of any DOJ official.
  • The investigation is ongoing and the DOJ can’t comment on when it will be completed.
  • The DOJ agrees with the statement that Durham (the Special Counsel) shall submit to the AG a final report and “such interim reports as he deems appropriate, in a form that will permit public dissemination.”

It does not say the DOJ will release the Durham report. It says Durham will submit a report to the AG in a form that permits public dissemination. That doesn’t mean the AG will release it. In fact, I expect it to not be released if His Fraudulency is still a squatter in the WH when Durham is done. Or, if the report is a nothing burger, maybe it will get released. These people cannot be trusted, at all.


Maybe just beating the bushes. The game are already jumpy.gotta keep them in a state of terror


And this.
the tiny flake that starts an avalanche


As far as opinions go this seachange is epic in size and speed


Most opinion change is incremental. Look at the millennial change IN 12 months!


I know you don’t like Dawsonsfield but there’s a good thread on Ohio. Shall I share it?


(This isn’t it?)


The open thread has each day’s date in the title.


I wonder if all the sites worldwide being down or interrupted was DS trying to contain assemblage or spread of $-w-h-a-c-k-d. I have near-zero knowledge how that works, but the two possibly opposing events do coincide


Please excuse my ignorance, but what in the world is $-w-h-a-c-k-d?  😉 


It’s what John McAfee got tattooed on his arm to show he wasn’t going to commit suicide.


An associated crypto coin is out there too.  😀 


Thank you. I had forgotten all about that.


John McAfee “committed suicide” inside a Spanish prison cell while awaiting extradition to the US last month. He was thought to have had a deadman switch after claiming DS was trying to kill him. He had 32TB of incriminating data after working with DS all over the world. He also invented McAfee antivirus, and knew backdoors and hacking. Interesting guy!

When he died, a website popped up with a timer. That timer ran out friday 3am EST. The thought is that the data was going to be released.

I was wondering if the internet issues might have been DS trying to contain the data from being released.


Better explained:


try again


Which is, BTW, essentially what they blamed Kaspersky of doing before the Feds effectively banned him (the data mining bit, not the deadman switch bit).

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Deplorable Patriot

From something I read earlier, this is precisely the issue. McAfee’s dead man switch has the other side in a panic worse than usual, and in order to keep that info quiet, they will most likely have to take down the entire internet.


I’ve checked back a couple of days and seen no mention of this article, so apologies if it has been posted previous to that.
About an hours read but worth it for some background.

“Schwab Family Values”

Valerie Curren

I wonder if there’s any chance that any of this is connected to outing “MAGA Mom”???

Cuppa Covfefe

That’s what I thought, too. As well as the “prime defender” who has shown up in similar situations… and not just here…

Valerie Curren

Interesting…I don’t know who else you mean (which is OK) but I’m glad that someone else had the thought on MM 😉 it makes me feel less out in left field.

Cuppa Covfefe

The one who was defending MM saying she was put upon, yet on the other hand said they never read any of “her” posts…

Something MUST have been important to THEM in order to go back to posts in November (maybe October?) of 2020 to conveniently shore up their points…

Going back to a dead thread as if anyone would read it; more likely to add bafflegab justifications to be seen by “the right eyes”… backing and filling…

Valerie Curren

very interesting…

Valerie Curren

Wow, just wow. It’s amazing that these people are as devious, depraved, & diabolical as they are. Whenever I imagine the worst they might do they Always seem to go even darker! We all need God’s covering & protection at this point!!!

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