Why I Am Dumping Apple and Warning Everybody To Leave NOW

Thanks to Cthulhu, we were warned EARLY about Apple’s surveillance plans.

Sounds very innocent, right? I will explain exactly why this is not. This is INCIPIENT POLITICAL SPYING AND PRETEXT FOR ARREST.

“But it’s for the CHILDREN!”

You remember the last people on the left who used that line to “save children”?


Apple can no longer be trusted, and they are accelerating their deployment of surveillance technology to serve the LEFT at a breakneck pace. Even by my Suspicious Cat standards, it is an ALARMING speed.

In my opinion their spying software is already a DONE DEAL and it’s READY TO DEPLOY.

They have very likely been alpha testing it on people already.

I just got an email from Apple, inviting me to help beta test iOS 15.

You want to know what I think of that?


But it gets worse. It’s not just the fact that it’s ready, and they will not be talked out of it.

It’s not just WHY they’re doing it, which is why they will not be talked out of it.

It’s that they are lying about everything. And I will explain.

My advice to everybody……


Apple is NOT the Same Old Apple

Apple today is not the Apple of Steve Jobs. This should be fairly obvious to everybody. I think Jobs had some kind of understanding of why Apple needed to avoid being equated with leftism.

The problem is that the true keys to the empire all really belonged to Steve Jobs. When he handed the company over to a man who would ultimately betray half of Apple’s customers, Apple was done. The only question was how long Apple would take to fully betray ALL of its customers, and for those customers to REALIZE IT.

Now would be a good time to join those who can see the betrayal.

I never trusted Tim Cook when he said that Apple was dedicated to privacy. There was a part of me that wanted to believe that line, but I can say now with no reservation, that part is a CHUMP. I slap that part and say WAKE THE F*** UP.

Tim Cook is a political animal. And his political friends are not nice people. Not if you are US.

Buzzfeed: Apple CEO Tim Cook To Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

Cult of Mac: Tim Cook to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton always wanted “gatekeepers” on information. She just needed the right CHUMP to bring over to her viewpoint.

So how did Hillary World convince Tim Cook to abandon what principles he might have had?

Theory: It’s All About January Sixth

Influencing the influencers is old hat.

Influencing the people who HOST the influencers is where it’s at.

So influencing Tim Cook to break his pledge on privacy MATTERED. It was USEFUL – incredibly useful.

One of the real advantages of Nancy Pelosi’s little SCAM on January Sixth was the shock value for Democrats.

Part of what shocked Democrats was the fact that – yeah, in their heart of hearts they know – Biden didn’t win.

They were, however, OK with that bogus victory, as long as it didn’t lead to problems for them.

If Trump supporters would have had a nice, peaceful, but very loud rally at the Capitol, the Dems would have lost a HUGE portion of mindshare on the stolen election. Many more Democrats would have thought – deep down – “Yeah. No way Biden won.”

The Dems couldn’t have that. So they faked attacks inside, provoked the crowd outside, and their plants began breaking windows and doors to bring in the CHUMPS.

One of the best results for Mafia Nan and Chris Wray was this. It SCARED the Democrats and RINOs.

I personally think that Tim Cook was brought to a state where he literally FEARED an actual “insurrection”. That fear was useful, and all Cook’s half-hearted lip service to “privacy” just DIED.

Now – I do know that Apple iPhones and Apple iCloud were used by Dodge and FIB to go after “insurrectionists” in the days after January Sixth. That happened very quickly and without the slightest pushback from Apple.

I knew at that point that Apple could not be trusted. And so I just waited for confirmation that Apple has completely gone over to the dark side.

Well, we have that now.

Apple’s Alibi

On August 5, Ars Technica (or Arse Technocratica, as I like to call them) produced some only mildly critical reporting on Apple’s move.

That link is worth reading, if you plan to read nothing else.

LINK: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2021/08/apple-explains-how-iphones-will-scan-photos-for-child-sexual-abuse-images/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/g0SN2

Now – without getting into the details of it (they’re very technical), the discussion is basically about HOW Apple plans to check for “certain pictures” on people’s phones. Apple gives a very skeletal but seemingly exact and assuring description of their process, and basically says “don’t worry about it – nobody at Apple will be looking at your photos – they’re still private.”

I can only begin to tell you how much of a lie this is.

First of all, you are assuming that Apple is telling you the truth. It’s very HARD to throw what they say out completely, and not believe them AT ALL, and be fully skeptical, and make them “prove their way” back into trust, but that is really what you need to do.

So I want you to TRY – even though it’s difficult – to just say…..


See? Much easier. Just open yourself to the possibility that Apple – wonderful Apple – might just be pushing a WEE FIB on us.

Now – before I get into MY criticisms, I’m going to present a few other people who have been critical, just so that you understand – this is not just Wolf – this is a LOT of people.

Here is an “Apple world follower” article in iPhone Hacks. This one really shows all aspects of the “it’s for the CHILDREN” psychological operation.

Apple’s Plan to Scan iCloud Photos Met with Backlash; Internal Memo Promises to Address Concerns

LINK: https://www.iphonehacks.com/2021/08/apple-plan-scan-icloud-backlash-internal-memo-addresses-concerns.html

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/obsQA

It’s not every day that Tim Cook goes Bill Clinton “for the CHILLDRUN” and you get comments like this:

And given that Twitter is so bad now, let’s save that Tweet as an image.

What Snowden is saying is EXACTLY what I thought when I read the Ars Technica article. Snowden knows capabilities from the inside. I know them from the outside. He is exactly right, IMO.

The criticisms of EFF.org (Electronic Frontier Foundation), one of the biggest and most important privacy advocates, are mentioned in this same article, but they are better seen on the EFF website.

LINK: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2021/08/apples-plan-think-different-about-encryption-opens-backdoor-your-private-life

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/2nRbe

Now, I don’t particularly like this explanation by EFF, because MY ANALYSIS, knowing how Democrat lies work, shows that the situation is far, far worse than just some “back door” into your phone.


EFF, mostly the good liberal sheep that they are, don’t understand that the situation is FAR WORSE than what they think is there. They are essentially being LULL BOTS in this context.

They’re “friends of Democrats” wringing their hands and going “I’m not so sure about this”.

They have NO IDEA how much worse things really are. And I’ll explain that shortly.

Let’s move on now, to 9 to 5 Mac, which shills hard FOR the new Apple “features”.

LINK: https://9to5mac.com/2021/08/06/apple-internal-memo-icloud-photo-scanning-concerns/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/qwLZi

Read this article and you will see – there is NO talking Apple out of this suicidal move.

China has effectively KILLED Apple, and the people at Apple have NO CLUE.


It’s nuts. Absolutely nuts.

Moving on again, let’s look at ComputerWorld. This is about as mainstream as you can get, and these folks are basically taking Snowden’s position.

LINK: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3628454/apples-plan-to-scan-us-iphones-raises-privacy-red-flags.html

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/wynH7

Normally, one would not think there might be a need to archive any article in ComputerWorld, but quite bluntly, we live in extraordinary times.

Removal of speech by either AUTHOR or AUTHORITIES is a SECOND WORLD PROBLEM, and that is exactly where we are going.

But check out that statement. It’s the BOTTOM LINE.

“Once you scan for one thing, you can scan for anything.”

I find it HIGHLY IRONIC that the other side LEVERAGED their own child trafficking against us here, but yeah. They did.

THAT is Democrat evil.

They even nailed a substantial fraction of the Q army this way, because – and I’m being blunt but kind – too many were in it ONLY because of the fight against pedophiles. Many (not all, but many) of those folks are SO single-minded, they are quite ready to throw away the Constitution if they hear the right buzzwords like “FOR THE CHILDREN”.

Yeah, think about it. You will NOT hear a peep out of many of the “BUT IT’S CHILDREN” crowd.

Now – let’s get down to a very meaty criticism of what Apple is doing.

This is VERY analogous to Kary Mullis warning about the ABUSE of PCR testing.



LINK: https://rentafounder.com/the-problem-with-perceptual-hashes/

ARCHIVE: https://archive.fo/VwKMo

Yes – read that article, because THAT is where we realize that this is just one more INTENTIONAL BOTCH like the PCR tests.

You starting to see how dangerous this is?

It gets worse.

The thing that shocks me most can be described by creating an analogy.

Watch closely.

“We, the FBI, needs to catch terrorists and drug cartels laundering money. We also need to catch financial criminals. But unlike Wall Street professionals, we’re not experts in these financial matters. Likewise, we need to catch cybercriminals, and we’re good, but we’re not the best. Not like people who do this for a living.”

“Therefore, we would like to let two contractors be the ones who upload the data that we’ll be looking for. It’s very harmless – the FBI will not be involved in looking at people’s financial data or their cyber behavior. Instead, we will use hashes – encrypted numerical data for the suspect transactions and internet packets – supplied directly from our two respected expert contractors, Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike.”

Do you see it now?


The first contractors will be unknown (to us) experts in going after child pornography.

ONLY if they find something that is approved by Wokesters at Apple, will the FBI be called in.


I’m gonna be blunt. I don’t TRUST the FBI that this guy was really a child pornography suspect. What if they “trumped up” a charge against him?

I mean, they did it to a sitting President of the United States. Why not some average patriot?

And those contractors could be anybody. What’s to prevent them from harassing – from SWATTING – a guy like Andrew Torba, who they HATE?

And what if they expand this stuff to HATE SPEECH and HATE MEMES?

Who would the contractors be?



Who’s next?

Next, it could be BLM.

Next, it could be those “Antifa profs”.

Next, it could be those “QAnon experts”.

No, my friends. This all goes to a VERY bad place.


I have reasons to believe that Apple is actually LYING about the technology they want to put on our phones.

I think that the lies go beyond things like HIDING the “GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT” (GIGO) risks of using third-party contractors who were in NO WAY approved by us or responsible to us.


According to the author above, Apple lied about the success of their algorithms.

Hell – I think they’re lying about the algorithms, too. I think they’re misleading us as to how the process actually works. I think they’re making VERY nondeterministic stuff sound very deterministic, and it’s not.

The following mistake is illustrative of BAD ROBOT MATCHES.

This is ROBOTS, on our phones, SPYING ON US. BADLY.

Robots that will be pretty much “EUA quality” – experimenting ON US.

Sound familiar?

No. Just NO.

Here’s my bottom line.

I am getting rid of Apple completely. It’s GONE. Scrubbed. History.

The ONLY way I’m keeping my Apple devices is if Tim Cook retires or is FIRED.

That’s it. He cannot be trusted. He has WRECKED Apple.

And they’re not smart enough to fire that guy, so BYE-BYE, APPLE.

See you in the history books.


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The implications are staggering.


I hate Apple. I always have.

Their operating system that everyone thinks is so great, sucks, IMO.

And their phones? $1200 for a phone? And UP? AYFKM?

And people TRUST their security to the point that they store important financial and personal data on something they carry around in their pocket? Seriously?

Yeah, get the hell out of Apple. They’ve always sucked, now they just suck out loud.


I had a mini i-pad many years ago, mainly to operate a wi-fi stick. So glad that pos gave up the ghost some time ago. Safari was terrible. Cheap lg phone for me.
Big Tech is the real threat to America 😡 


Anyone who has been the victim of a planted evidence prosecution/scam can tell you: you are sunk. There is no defense, and no jury will believe your denials, especially because you will not be able understand let alone prove how it happened. Maybe if you are a billionaire like Conrad Black you can fight back.

These “parallel investigation” scams have been gamed for decades, and are now being rolled out against patriots. The irony of TPTB using their perversions against us shows the essentially sadistic nature of their motivation.

The “For The Children” scam has worked beautifully for decades, in no small part because normal Americans have been/are totally disarmed by it. Normal Americans have been similarly disarmed with the drunk driving, domestic violence, animal abuse, opioid “epidemic” and various other Fake Narrative operations, where permanent leftist bureaucracies are established, law enforcement is transformed and corrupted, government is granted immense power to target and persecute, normal American lives are destroyed by government, and no one bothers to investigate the actual status/circumstances of the supposed benefits.

Dramatic images, extremely rare but gory situations (narratives), and unexamined aspects of the questions (for instance, the role of personal responsibility), have justified the transformation of our country, all to the cheers of normal Americans who do not have a clue, and angrily reject getting a clue.


There are things you can do. For instance, you can hide an innocuous image on your machine. Then you can ask during the trial, “why, if I could hide such-and-such image where your brilliant sleuths couldn’t find it, would I leave those incriminating documents/images in plain sight?”


I agree with all said; however, as the Mrs. just asked, “OK, so what do we move to?”

Any ideas?

Deplorable Patriot

Hence why Blackberry was destroyed. Can’t have air-tight security, now can we.

One of the things I’m seeing with Apple is a form of virtue signaling for gadgeteers. Some people just have to have the newest and latest toy they make. The iWatches…yeah, do the people wearing them realize that their biometric markers can be tracked by satellite? I seriously doubt it. For some of the people I know, it’s a status symbol, having the latest of all of these gadgets, just like the cars they drive and the shots they got.

Concerned Virginian

Well, if Apple Watch can do email, stream TV, access thousands of apps, etc. — one suspects that Apple can (and likely will) upload similar backdoor “spy on the owner for the sake of the children”) software “updates.”
Looks like the Apple Watch may have to be kicked out the door, also.


Apple everything ought to go. IMO. Have felt this way for years. come to think of it decades.

AND, I am not defending or promoting Android.

Have recently been tinkering with switching to a flip phone. IIRC, Gail and several get by just fine without smart phones.

Valerie Curren

I get by w/out a cell phone of Any kind, though every one of my family members has one so if travelling w/ anyone else there are always the “conveniences” & intrusions of their glued-to-the-hip spy tech available…I still look up a new route to a destination on mapquest & write directions on the back of an envelope 😉


Yup. Trade offs in folks lives to fiure what is best for them. Personally won’t have a land line, as a cell gives more flexibility. Don’t need both.

Valerie Curren

We still have a landline, which is functional even in a power outage. However we rigorously screen calls & only pick up ones we recognize.

Deplorable Patriot

I actually like Apple products, but they are a money pit needing constant upgrades.


Another interesting thought: we know PDJT likes Apple products. Just for fun, let’s say Mike Lindell’s August (or thereabouts) prediction comes to pass.

I just gotta believe that one of the phone calls to be made would be to Tim Cook about this “situation.” And if it’s not PDJT calling directly, I sure do hope the task is given to Ric Grenell . Just sayin’ … 🙂

Deplorable Patriot

This is true about VSG and Apple.


Let the eviction notices begin!


Now THATS a tiger with teeth.
immm thinking it’s reall wreck grenade for anyone incurring his wrath


I’ve liked Apple for over 20 years.
OLD Apple McBook-Pros kept running on scavenged parts.

My “newest” is 2015, and I don’t update even if it’s “free”. A security patch for Safari, every now and then. If I must.

My go-to model is 2012, gets almost everywhere online. My offline workhorse is 2009. Gets a few urls, is loaded with great old apps plus developers’ tools.


search on this page for comment on thelightphone.com
text/talk and if you want, load a few mp3s to listen to.


Did anyone really expect anything different from a company whose logo is an apple with a bite taken out of it?

They have always told us who they were.


I have used Apple products for a long time. Given these concerns, what should I migrate to?


These “paytriot” sites offering privacy phones ARE NOT TRUSTWORTHY.
Look before you jump.

We have a few days to work this out.


I think it’s far beyond an individual. Whoever would replace Cook would do the same.


Out of character I chose to read posts, before replying.

Have never wanted to own an Apple anything.

Cook IS surely EVIL. IF Cook goes, his replacement will be, already is EVIL. EVERYONE in Apple supporting this concept IS EVIL.

Betting Apple already does data mine photos, email, text, blogs, forums…for whatever they can us for there purposes – capture market, manipulate the folks. AND sells the data to any cash buyer, regardless of buyers intentions.

We rightfully bad mouth FB, TW, YT for censoring and shadow banning. Bet Apple has played a role in censoring.


Apple ASIDE for a moment, Wonder where Android IS on all of this?

Concerned Virginian

One suspects that Android devices will be next — otherwise, there will be accusations of “but you don’t want to protect the children.”

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

On the contrary. Manufacturers will be pressured into not offering phones without cameras, so that people who don’t want them won’t have a choice.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah, their excuse would be “no one buys those flip phones any more.”

Of course for someone to buy them, someone would have to SELL them, now wouldn’t they?


AT&T sent the Fiancee, out of the blue, a new smartphone. Said her old one was 4G and they needed everyone to be 5G.

Mind you, she had personally researched and picked-out her old one, and they threw her this new one and said, “enjoy your dog biscuit.”

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

They’re trying to do that to me, but here the excuse is they’re ditching 3G support. I got the notification of shipment on Friday and spent an hour on the phone on Saturday, an hour I could ill afford to spend.

I was assured I could simply send it back. I don’t believe them, because last time the lying fuck told me they’d never send me a new phone without giving me an option to choose one first.

Never mind the fact that they’re threatening to shut off my old phone a month after the new one arrives no matter what I do. At least, that’s what a PRIOR e-mail said.


To add further insult to injury — the new phone is carrier-locked and FULL of AT&T bloatware.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah, that just figures.

My current phone is one I brought over from Verizon; as such it won’t do 4G on the AT&T network but instead does something called HSPA (I think). [I tried buying a used AT&T phone of the same model but the microphone (or antenna) on it was absolute crap; no one could hear what I was saying.]

All I know is the day AT&T cuts my phone off just because is the day I stop paying my bill. (Actually performing the tower upgrade is something else, of course…but that’s in February for Pete’s sake.)


Exactly. They are all in this together.

Cuppa Covfefe

Android is a GOOGLE platform, so there’s that. And, IIRC, Apple’s iCloud is hosted on Amazon and Google’s clouds, so there are probably *cough* wormholes between them. The other major cloud out there is AWS, aka Amazon Web Services, another deep state construction that Hoovers up everything in sight (and on-site).

Add to those “Nest”, Alexa, and all the many and varied “smart”-home applications. And of course “Siri” and its ilk.

Combine Google Street View with that, other “services” from the alphabet factory that will eventually be able to map the inside of your home the same way that they are now mapping the inside of many buildings and businesses.

Then there’s fit-bit and the like, supplemented by audio (and perhaps even video) input from your phone, tablet, webcam, whatever (even landline if it isn’t VoIP and the hookswitch only turns off one side of the circuit)…

Not to many places to turn for folks who have an inborn need to be “seen” all the time. They’re being seen in thousands of ways they’ve never considered, nor probably would want… For the rest of us normies, only upload or store anything you wouldn’t mind being published or presented on the nightly news to the whole world.

Important photos belong offline, both as prints/slides and on digital media, preferably M-Discs even if no-one’s here in 1000 years to view them (let alone if the hardware still exists then 🙂 )… There are so many good, relatively cheap photo-quality printers out there (n.b. not office-quality with only four inks; six inks are the minimum, eight or nine (coating) are better). Color lasers produce acceptable quality photos, but not anything like the inkjet or thermal transfer printers do.

Same care is warranted for email and other data “up in the cloud” (which also means on your ISP’s own cloud, be it T-Online, gmail, gmx, yahoo (the hackattractor), etc.).
Many of them offer IMAP or POP3 so stuff can be downloaded and stored locally.

Basically, stay away from ALL clouds…. there could be lightning, as it were…

Cuppa Covfefe

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t like clouds at all…

(apologies to Joni Mitchell and all the rest of the known and unknown universe, on or offline 🙂 )…

The Cloud is just another means for the Farm, the Company, and the other Dorks to extract our data, “map” our lives, and eventually control our entire existence. Vance Packard had an idea that something like this would happen when he wrote “The Naked Society” back in the 1950s. “The Wastemakers” and “The Hidden Persuaders” are also good (and equally prescient)… Too bad that more people aren’t aware of his books: we might not get fooled so easily…


Have you investigated this one?

Cuppa Covfefe

Thanks, I’ll look at that; so far I’m surviving on my 13-year-old Nokia that came with my 2008 Touran, my 1998-vintage Nokia 6210i having suffered a download meant for smartphones from my not-so-smart ISP 😡 …

My son, however, needs the functions of the iPhone to control/stream from his Cochlear Implants. There are Android versions of the software, but they’re not anywhere near as good. If just a TINY fraction of the money being burned over FaKorona was spent on HOH, deaf, and hearing-impaired people, and tools and cures for them, a lot of hardware expense and human pain would be avoided…

Apple have some captive customers in certain markets. OTOH, my son’s iPhone SE probably doesn’t have the processing power, nor them memory for the newest iOS to “allow itself to be loaded”…

This whole idea of forced upgrades (no thanks to BillyGhoulGates and Satan Nutella) is a load of BS and then some. I needed to boot a Win2K machine the other day, and despite MUCH older hardware, it booted to the desktop VERY quickly. And none of this “Ribbon” cr@p… Windoze 1 0 (as Pascal on El Reg calls it) is basically “the update that would not die”…

Almost sounds like the ChiCom Vaxxxxx …..


POP3 persistence can be a real pain if you have a security issue. Gmail allows you to just turn it off, and I would advise everyone to do so.

What it does is maintain a faux link to your mailbox, even if your mailreader is off. AOL’s infamous “You’ve Got Mail!” ran off of it.

Cuppa Covfefe

Yep. And each ISP/mail vendor have their own *cough* unique configuration tweaks…

Buried in Gmail’s (and Gargle’s, and YouTube’s) T&Cs (EULA?) (AGB over here) is the implied permission for Alphabetland to do all sorts of snooping and cross-referencing if you’re using two or more of their “products” at the same time. Not sure of the granularity of their device-checking, if they pick out the ip of the ISP side of the router, or the IP of each PC on a home network, but they pretty much want everything however they can get it.
And leaving a POP3 “link” would probably count as a “use case” and give them tacit approval to snoop once you go into YouTube, Gargle, or whatever …

Do no evil.

Yeah, right.

My point was get everything down out of the cloud. And POP3 or IMAP allows that to work for email (in my case, M$ Lookout, but an older version) and my mail is downloaded and backed-up. Offsite backup would be nice, the question is where, especially when we’re probably gonna be locked down again soon… 😡 😡 😡 …..


We really need an 2nd OP to go along with this one that recommends alternative devices as well as how to migrate data to them.


THIS discussion needs to happen.

My uninformed guess is Android is likely doing the same as Apple. Planning to do the monitoring, “For The Children”.

OR, IMO, most likely both are ALREADY doing it, “For The Children” IS simply an alibi to spy. Spy for the highest bidder.


I have seen something negative about Android but didn’t save the info. Tech-savvy people will know.


What we know about Android is worse than what we know about Apple.


If you can live with just text/talk there’s a $30/mo plan with a simple 4G phone for about $300. If you order the light grey one it is about a month wait to get it.


That plan has 1GB/mo data for using the phone as an internet tether. If you pay for the $70/mo plan you can have “unlimited” data plan. Read the details on that. Unlimited has limitations.

Small company. May get overwhelmed if demand tiks up.


I started one over at the U Tree and then thought better of it. Better to have Wolf getting the notifications and fielding the comments.

I know some things.
Been looking into this.

Linux based phones have their own hassles.

The thing is to write a list of what designers call “use cases” and plan from there.

What do I use this for? What tools can I find to do this for me? Pros? Cons? Risks?

CONTACTS management options:

apple contacts: integrated with everything makes tracking contacts easy/fast
file on my computer that I print out: takes time, need a printer, doesn’t go offline
nextcloud: not integrated but easier to connect with
home based file server: opens attack surface to my home network


I left you a response on previous thread.


I have always been suspicious of outside contractors working for our government. They seem completely unaccountable to us. All it takes is for their bosses to be die-hard leftists, and they’re off and running to abuse the power they have and to gain more power illicitly, with no consequences.

Those who hate Apple, what do you use? I have used both Apple and Microsoft and find Apple to be much easier to use. I detest Microsoft in any form. Does anyone trust Bill Gates?

Is it to the point that we can no longer have smart phones?

As it is, I don’t use the Cloud or any robotic assistance like Siri or Alexa, and I don’t use the search function intrinsic within any device. I use search, but not, for example, the Spotlight feature where (I believe) they are tracking your every search to “tailor” it to you.


This is definitely not about catching child pornographers/human traffickers. This is about spying on our every move and is just the first step. It’s staggering how quickly they are moving now. The idea of having someone (even a robot, yeah, right) looking at the content of any of my personal devices is repulsive. I wonder if there’s a Fourth Amendment issue. Just because a search is “anonymous” makes it no less a search. Maybe a class action lawsuit is needed (with standing!).

Fourth Amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects,[a] against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

comment image


IF any of this were truly about the children, they be screaming at FB, TW, YT…to clean up the exploiting children on there platforms.

“For The Children” IS cover to spy on folks AND set them up for crimes they may or may NOT have committed.

Concerned Virginian

Lavrentiy Beria:
“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Cuppa Covfefe

The DEMONRATS, deep state, and the Devil NEVER do anything FOR the children; they only do things TO THE CHILDREN…..


At the border.
Weeping for the children.


Audio From Migrant Shelter Reveals Minors are Being Raped by Staff, Weeks After Biden Ended Background Checks for Caregivers


Where are the companies that make devices that are not connected? Do they exist?


Good question. I don’t know.


There’s always old devices and software. I never thought the upgrades were anything great, ever. Constantly moving and reorganizing the most useful tools. Just more costly regular “upgrades” and relicensing fees.

How much of the tech is now off patent and open source for selective, simple rebuilding from the ground up? Go back to offline, until one decides to upload/publish.

Miss the days of working offline. There’s a tremendous amount work in the world sitting in private archives that don’t require a firewall. Still requires a warrant.

Sad that the freedom and creative potential of the world digital network has been chained by those that exploit children.

Maybe apple will start with the devices seized by law enforcement…Weiner, Biden, Epstein, Buck, Nasser, etc., Will apple demand prosecution or are they simply voyeurs?

comment image?auto=compress%2Cformat

Cuppa Covfefe

OH NOES!!!!!

The last thing we need is a Transamerica Pyramid Jr. 😮

(Has Fibber McGee come out of his closet???)…..

I HATED that building since it was being constructed; a monument to the Satanic Illuminati in the evil heart of San Francisco. Though it looks like “protection” (as they say in the UK, a “preservative”) was employed…

The other abomination was the Sutro Towers TV/Radio/etc. transmission monstrosity atop Mount Sutro. Considering how the media have become presstitutes, lower than prostitutes, the name shared with the gay bathhouses in early SF is oddly appropriate…

The carpet almost looks like Market Street and GG Park on it…

Ironic isn’t it, how the gay wide left screamed, bellowed, and moaned “Stay Out Of Our Bedrooms”, yet they are the ones “peeking in” on everything and anything we normies do…..

DEMONRAT projection, yet again…


Not to worry, then — all the imagery is NYC. The circle on the corner of the park is Columbus Circle, and the street moving away diagonally upward is Broadway. The skyscrapers in the bed are the Empire State (nearest us) and Chrysler Building, and the one coming in is Rockefeller Center. The arm lamp, of course, is from Liberty.

Cuppa Covfefe

That’s why I said “almost looks”…

Market Street doesn’t go anywhere near GoldenGate Park…


There’s always old devices and software.

Elderly Apples have a charm all their own.

In olden times developers played with the devel toolkit – included free. Life was sparkling and fine.

Cuppa Covfefe

Spekaing of Robots, Roomba and the robot floor-washers and even robot lawnmowers have the potential to map out your house and your back yard/front yard/whatever. There are SOOOO many things possible now that processing power and storage is relatively cheap – despite the current shortages, which are manufactured too, IMHO…


A dumb house, without “smart” appliances with internet or computer capabilities that can be abused. Must have a dumb house….


There are other ways…..



Seems to me it’s either Gates or Cook. Any other options?


The effing bee eye can plant evidence on any system. Do we just go off line completely?

I really need my online friends right now, having absolutely no family I can trust.


…no family or anyone else to trust.

I don’t even trust ‘our side’ completely. After Jan 6 and 19 – I have become very suspicious of anyone ever in office of any kind.


…and many, if not most, of the online personalities pretending to be conservatives and/or Christians have been spewing stuff that is provably false or improvably – for clicks, cash or celebrity.


I really need my online friends right now, having absolutely no family I can trust.


There is no one offline that I can fully discuss any of this. Certainly no one will to invest time in learning of the fraud we are living through. Be it, Covid, injections, stolen election, absolute government corrupt across the spectrum…without QTree, I am an outsider – essentially alone.

Some agree to an extent. But they are oblivious to most of the criminal behavior. Too much of the go along to get along crowd. Guess the impact on their lives is acceptable to them at this point.


And, definitely do NOT trust the Uniparty asshoes. TV personalities, IF folks don’t post it here QTree, I have no idea what them liars are spewing.


Amen, KK – my family think I’m unreasonable about the virus and the vaccine and other issues of the time, such as the alphabet agenda issue that got me banned from OT. I’m not all that close to my current church because of being away so often to care for disabled daughter and don’t know what they think of me. It’s a PCA and they are lovely people, but the denomination is fairly rigid about women’s place, so may never really fit in as a divorced woman. I feel alone, except for fellowship at QTH and Marica’s place.


Yea, I enjoy lurking at Marica’s place and Daughn’s occasional personal story.


I wrote up a post for brain storming at the Q Tree. You can take it and put it up with you as author if you like.

Wait. I trashed it, tried to restore it and sigh.
It’s lost.


Gab message for you.


I’ve only got two old Macbook Pros and can’t invest in any new equipment right now with expenses and with care for daughter, don’t have time to learn anything new.


I wonder what Rush Limbaugh would say if he were alive? Rush was the biggest Apple fanboy I can recall east of California. He loved their toys. In all the years I listened I never recall him attacking Apple. I wonder what he would say?


Look up Purism Libra 5 I think it is, or just checkout the Purism website for one alternative to Apple or Microsoft, lots of information there.



Puri.sm is doing it right. From the ground up. Securing the hardware and the firmware as best as can be. BUT… Super Expensive and delivery can take 12-24 months for the less expensive “some parts are made in China” version.

Sadie Slays

A good general rule of thumb is to assume any device with a microphone and camera is spying on you. Assume every device has backdoors that the NSA, CIA, and foreign intelligence agencies can use for spying. Even Q told us many times that phones being used to spy on the Enemy. Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg tapes over his laptop’s camera and microphone. 
comment image 

I’m still using a flip phone after all these years, although I concede those have surveillance capabilities, too. I never trusted smartphones. They were always meant to be tools to usher in surveillance, Big Tech censorship, and, as we are seeing now, ultimately a totalitarian control system via social credit systems and vaccine passports. Steve Jobs was not a benevolent tech genius; he was just another public-facing salesman of the Enemy who planned out their global police state decades in advance. Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk—they’re all just sleazy Enemy salesmen. That’s all they are.


All of this is a big reason I’m pretty much a Ludite about much of the technology people use today. I don’t have a cell phone, period, let alone a smart phone. I drive a pre-2000 vehicle and will just keep fixing it until I die. I have a dumb house. And I cut the cable and dumped TV altogether in 2012. They can’t track me at all. All I have is a desktop computer, so that is the extent of what they can get into.

But in reality, I’m no safer than anyone else. If they want us, they can get us. I’m just making it a tiny bit harder.

Valerie Curren

Awesome. I relate to so much of what you said here  😍 


I will NEVER get a smart phone. I realized a long time ao that it would be an INSANE ADDICTION. You think it’s just Apple? Think again. If they stop making simple flip phones (“dumb phones”) then I will cease having a cell phone at all. Here in SC, I think that may be aright.
p.s. good for you, Cooth!

Deplorable Patriot

Smart phone addiction is breakable.

The thing is they come pre-loaded with all sorts of apps that aren’t needed.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, not everyone can just cut the cords. It isn’t that simple.


More treachery


Don’t buy this phone

Cuppa Covfefe

And, not so softly playing in the background is “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…”….


You can access iCloud from Linux. That means you have a handy-dandy little device that can move things from 1G internet to USB3 harddrive — the 4G Pi 4 (or 400).

Download 2 copies and validate against originals — once you delete iCloud, there’s no going back. Make a backup process that serves your needs and STICK WITH IT.

Now that all of your photos are (literally) in your hands, SAFEGUARD THEM. Depending on your budget and preferences, they might be in a package smaller than a deck of cards or about the size of a small hardbound book. Take a look at this year’s pictures of Greenville, CA and pictures of Paradise, CA a couple of years back and consider whether you might want one copy to be geographically separated.

Disk storage has NEVER BEEN CHEAPER. Revel in it.

Never put anything on the cloud that would hurt you if it disappeared.


For those not ready to cut all the cords at once (for example, when still needing to be sharing contacts between an imac, an ipad, and an iphone!), you can use the Mac photos app to export all the photos in iCloud (choose export ORIGINAL).

Once they are copied to your desktop, then MAKE A COPY on an external drive. Then MAKE ANOTHER COPY to another external drive.

Once you have verified the backups work, then you can remove the photos from the icloud library.

NOTE: you also have to turn off photo sharing on ALL your devices and then make sure all copies are deleted on all devices.

A final step is to go to the “Deleted Photos” folder and fully remove them from that folder as well.


Anyone that may be targeted in the future with an UNJUST accusation based on a hit from your photo library that is an ERROR, but still gets FLAGGED and allows harassment reduces their attack surface by NOT HAVING ANY iCLOUD PHOTOS.


It’s all about disassociation. Take control, and rejigger your systems so that you keep control. Once you get photos off your iPhone, never put a new one on.


The live photos are a different animal. I am not sure if they flatten them, skip them or what. You’ll need to test or research.


This is stunning….and I wish I could say that I’m surprised…but I’m not. I knew back when Jobs fell ill and was announcing that he was stepping down that they had planned on using Apple in a major way. IMO he wouldn’t follow along with this plan, and well, then was removed to usher in someone who WOULD follow along dutifully.

What’s more irritating is that for the longest time I was keeping my photos (and music) backed up on removable hard drives and OFF the cloud on purpose. Fast forward to moving internationally and one day plugging said HD in and it goes kaput and doesn’t mount and I hadn’t backed it up (silly me). Was waiting to return to the US on a trip to bring it into a US repair shop (rather than EU) but then covid hit. Irony is that everything was on this HD because back in the day my imac suddenly died and Apple ‘nicely’ offered to replace the Harddrive, as it was a known issue apparently. You better believe I asked for the ‘broken’ part to be returned to me.
So guess I’m going to be getting some HDs for a little back up project. Also, still hoping that my external HD will magically work one day and I can offload everything. Always open to ideas on fixing it…. 😁 


(1) Pull the raw drive.

(2) Hook it up to a known good interface (e.g. SATA over USB).

(3) Hook the interface to a Linux box and see if it reads. Be practiced if you haven’t used the interface before, and have “saved” media available for if it works.

(4) If it doesn’t read, see if it’ll talk to SMART and record its responses (if any). Shut down, separate everything, and re-evaluate.

NOTE: This is effectively what I did for the Fiancee’s hard disk a couple of days ago.


Thank you for the feedback CT….. though these are things I’m unfamiliar with- so I have to look up just what they are and then procure them….

Step one…. look up SATA 🤓

I appreciate the help….. 😃


When a drive is “naked”, you can see what its native interface is. There are MANY boxes where they change one to another — you can have a SATA drive in a USB box. If you’re debugging things, you want to deal only with the drive.

SATA is the most popular drive interface for the last many years. It has two cables to each drive. The wide one is just power, the narrow one is data. They have L-shaped pieces of plastic to make plugging them in “by feel” pretty foolproof. Here’s an example — note that the ends of each group of contacts has an offset for the L.

. The space between the cable connections is defined, so companies can make complete interface plug blocks, as here.

If your drive’s native interface is SATA, you really don’t need to know what SATA is — you just need to know how to get there from what you have.

When it comes to interfacing drives using Linux, you really have to be reasonably sure you know what you’re doing, because the guardrails are pretty flimsy (the flipside is, you can do things with Linux you just can’t do with other OS’s).


Many thanks for this information. So this is something I can connect to my ‘broken’ external hard drive? When I plug it into my Mac it just whirs and clicks and never mounts so I’m thinking it’s a physical component that is broken …..

At least you have given me some things to search on (it’s still a little out of my depth but I’m a quick learner 🤓)

Add to this the challenge that switzerland doesn’t allow Amazon to do business here other than media shipments (the Suisse have big employment requirements and also any large business must take in their shipping/packing materials for recycling and Amazon decided that the rules weren’t worth the small profits from a country of ~9mil people)


Wolf (and anyone else):

Andrew Torba had discussed making a “gab phone”, and in the meantime he’s been experimenting…

The Gab Phone



I’m so “not-a-tech-guy”… You might want to read through this and maybe run it past some of our onboard techies.

Seems to me that he took an “android device”, wiped it clean, and installed an operating system called Graphene OS.




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