Apple Commits to the Iceberg – Abandon Ship!

The REEEEE you are about to hear are Apple employees being cut loose when WOKE goes BROKE.

TL;DR – Apple is definitely full steam ahead on “client side user photo analysis and reporting”, and has issued an evasive, sneakily worded denial of concerns about expansions of surveillance, as it rushes the new software into place.

You will recall my prior post on this:

Why I Am Dumping Apple and Warning Everybody To Leave NOW

Thanks to Cthulhu, we were warned EARLY about Apple’s surveillance plans. Sounds very innocent, right? I will explain exactly why this is not. This is INCIPIENT POLITICAL SPYING AND PRETEXT FOR ARREST. “But it’s for the CHILDREN!” You remember the last people on the left who used that line to “save children”? THEY’RE BACK. Apple …

It’s a very good thing I didn’t wait to start checking off “DONE” items on my “GTFO” action list, because Apple just confirmed my suspicions that they are NOT backing down, and moreover that there is trouble ahead.


Reading carefully as only a BURNED CHUMP can, it is very clear that Apple is saying WITHOUT SAYING IN PLAIN WORDS that they won’t concede to government surveillance demands that they themselves OPPOSE.

ANALOGY: “We’re just friends [but if he asks me to run off, I will do it in a heartbeat].”

Apple is not speaking from the heart here, and TRUST is GONE.

You know what I’m saying? There are any number of WORDFARE WAYS for Apple to renege on not allowing surveillance here, after they have designed, implemented, and put into place the KNOWING MECHANISM for such reneging on privacy.

I think everybody who is not satisfied with Apple’s message here is seeing the exact same thing that I am seeing.

Apple IS reserving the right to not just allow but implement government and contractor surveillance with which it agrees.

Do I HAVE to repeat the picture?

Let’s do it anyway.

Nah. I’m no longer a chump.

Tim Cook is part of the ELECTION CARTEL. These are the “Friends of Freedom”, “Friends of Privacy”, and “Friends of the Constitution” who were SILENT.

Martin Luther King Junior was SO RIGHT.

NOW – let me give you some more useful links.

Here is a kinda cute but kinda “jabbed-looking” tech chick with purple hair giving a nice description of what is going on.

Jump to 3:20 to catch the Apple story, or just start at the beginning to hear about more shocking Israeli spy tech.

Here is a rather pithy but “cutting right to the chase” report on the privacy concerns.


Here is another brief summary of criticisms in The Register.


Here is the Ars Technica coverage used as the header.


Finally, it’s good to include some “Apple Fanbois who know Apple can do no wrong” – isn’t it?



Well, as long as they don’t oppose the Vote Cartel, they shouldn’t have anything to worry about!

Meanwhile, I’m moving ahead with de-Appling, and not looking back!


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Gail Combs

Sounds like the first step towards the CCP SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE SYSTEM.

Brave and Free

Bring out the nice new shinny object that you have to have, and then guess what we’re going to use it against you……..
Thanks for the heads up everyone.


And another concern: this will allow the government to plant evidence.


Yes. That is first imo what this is for. They will plant everything they want and activate investigations in waves.


Shiva demonstrated perfectly how that is being done and will be done. In a sense, Shiva’s presentation was the equal to Mike’s. I mean in the sense of what we need to know.

And it was interesting to me that Shiva said our side needed to understand systems analysis, we need our experts, or we are shooting arrows to the nuclear bombs.


“We are now dealing with GLOBAL DECEPTION scams.”


Well that’s the problem, and has been, from the start.

Global Deception scams REQUIRE a nation-state level military response.

We as individuals are not dealing with global deception scams, because that’s not even possible, we’re just the targets of it.

There is no possible way for you or me, on an individual basis, to defeat nation-state level scams consisting of thousands of personnel, the latest technology, the knowledge and understanding of how to use it, and unlimited funding to make it all work.

This is the whole reason why we have a professional MILITARY, to deal with hostile foreign (and domestic!) nation-state level enemies.

Because you or I, as individuals, cannot even begin to compete against, for example, the Chinese military apparatus.

It’s like an individual child vs. an entire army of serial killers.

Which is why it always comes back to the military, which no one wants to talk about, because to all outward appearances, they are 100% AWOL.

I have no way of knowing if they’re actually AWOL or not, maybe there is a super-secret plan to show up at the last second and save the day. And I don’t know whether some people here have friends and family in the military, and so they know a secret, they just can’t tell everybody.

But if that’s the case, there is no way for those of us who are NOT “in the know” to just TRUST that the military is going to magically come to life and show up one day, when there is ZERO indication that they are even aware of what is going on, much less that they would be on the side of freedom, even if they did.

That’s just a fact.

And for anyone who is “in the know”, keeping that ‘secret’ puts those of us who are NOT “in the know” in the position of having our lives and our future and our families resting on the equivalent of hope and belief in freakin’ SANTA CLAUS.

So if anybody here is “in the know” about something the rest of us aren’t, trying walking a mile in our shoes before you *&^% down our backs.

Because whatever ‘division’ this is causing among us, is 100% due to the conscious decision by so-called ‘white hats’ to fight a secret war without involving the American People, and that’s THEIR FAULT, not ours. If they exist, then they wanted it that way.

All we can do, the best that we can do, those of us who are not “in the know”, is to make rational judgments based on available information.

And if we DON’T do that, if we don’t make rational judgments based on the available information, the only other option is to DEPART from REALITY and live in a fantasy world. Like the “It’s a Small World After All” ride at Disney World, on a continual loop, forever. Or until the U.S. military shows up, whichever comes first.

And that’s not happening.

Giving up rationality and choosing insanity is not a viable option.

And if nobody is actually “in the know” here, if those who post with such certitude that others who rely on reason and logic are wrong — if their hope and belief is based on nothing more than wish projection, then that’s fine, but on what basis does anyone who chose that approach attack anyone who chose to remain in reality and rely on reason and logic and rationality?

If it’s “us” as individuals, on our own, against nation-state military level scams, because our military’s new name is the U.S. No Shows, then shouldn’t we confront that reality?

And if that is NOT the reality, then what IS?

WHAT is the REALITY, and what evidence is there to prove it — besides wish projection, which is not any kind of evidence at all?


While I have Android, I’m actively contemplating how to get them out of my business.

Deplorable Patriot

The choices are limited. And, yes, we all get that it was done on purpose.

And it started with drumming WordPerfect out of the executive suites in favor of Office.

Deplorable Patriot

Even AppleWorks was trampled, as were so many other programs.


I wrote up what I’ve learned from my own investigations for options over at the U Tree. Doesn’t seem like anyone actually had any ideas. (or no one knows it’s over there.)
comment image


It needs more focus. Are we trying to convince people to unlink, provide unlinked alternatives (hint: they all involve Linux), or provide strategies to unlink (Short Term: stop putting so much info on your phone; Long Term: take all info off your phone). Implementation issues are all over the place because anyone could have 30+ apps with more information than they should have.


Squeeze the cider out of their ‘Adams’ Apple.


Thank you, Wolf.

My first thought is I don’t have time for this. I have various computer platforms, and they can’t be trusted. I need the tools in my life to work so I can accomplish other things. Some of those tools communicate easily with others who have the same ones. To overhaul everything takes research and time, and even then I don’t know if the “patriot” type platforms are trustworthy, or if they’re another scam for spying, putting me on a list, etc. *sigh*


Just got my new battery for my cheap flip phone for 8 bucks HA!
Take OFF AppleJack the Heart ATTACK WILL NOT GET ME!!


Around 10 yrs on the old battery. If the new lasts 1/2 that long will be happy


How long until iPhone software updates are forced through surreptitiously, as in they stop reminding and asking for consent and just do it? That would simplify things and put more people under the unblinking gaze.
The iOS disclosures have seemed phony for a long time. More public trust vanishing.


“Following backlash after its initial announcement of the new features, Apple on Sunday released an FAQ with a few clarifying details about how its on-device scanning tech works. Basically, Apple will download a database of known CSAM images from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) to all of its devices.

The CSAM has been converted into strings of numbers, so the images aren’t being downloaded onto your device. Apple’s technology scans photos in your iCloud photo library and compares them to the database. If it finds a certain number of matches (Apple has not specified what that number is), a human will review it and then report it to NCMEC, which will take it from there. It isn’t analyzing the photos to look for signs that they might contain CSAM, like the Messages tool appears to do; it’s just looking for matches to known CSAM.”


Oh, so they’ll download all known child porn to your device (that’s comforting), and then scan you device to see if any child porn on your device matches the child porn they downloaded to your device.

Since they can download child porn to your device, what is to prevent the wonderful people at Apple from targeting an individual, downloading child porn to their device that is not in their database, then magically ‘finding’ that child porn that Apple downloaded, and then reporting you to NCMEC, and letting you deal with the legal and financial fallout?

What a great way to go after an “enemies list” of regular Americans, whoever they want, whenever they want.

I’m sure the CCP and Sorass and Hussein the Usurper would never do anything as underhanded as that though.

I’m sure it’s completely safe…

We can trust these folks… they’ve earned it…


I was driving somewhere yesterday and overheard a spit-take worthy blip on PBS: “Apple is starting a new program to scan your iPhone for child porn, but some warn this could lead to surveillance. For more information, ask your Smart Speaker to play…..”