DEAR KAG: 20210813

“The people have a vested interest in hearing the truth.”

Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem

Wolf’s Pub is open! It’s Friday the 13th. Eeeks.




But, let’s dispense with superstition. Let us seek the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us God.

What a week. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a Suffering Bastard. The good news is really just the bad news getting exposed, and it’s awful and depressing. It should be abundantly clear by now that our election system was captured some time ago, and it is possible our votes have not counted for years.

The Cyber Symposium started and ended with more bangs than I can count. Let me digress for just a moment. I’m sure most of us have already noticed that there are a great number of Christians presenting at the Symposium.

This is no fluke.

When we let Him, God will use us to accomplish His will. I thank God for all those who stood up and stood strong at the Cyber Symposium, premier among them the Pillow Man:

“We cannot live in fear. We all have to get engaged.”

Mike Lindell


Every day I have to beat back fear. It wants to creep up on me and burrow in. It makes me shrink away from looking at the truth, because the truth at this moment in time is so heinous and terrifying that I don’t want to face it.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it is has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Frank Herbert, Dune

It is a daily battle for me. But whenever I square off with fear and face it down, my outlook improves. I refuse to let fear overcome me.

“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once.”

William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

I’m looking forward to the growing swell of We the People taking back our republic. It is going to happen. We have no choice. Our “ace in the hole” (thanks for that, Wolf!) is a supernatural power Who is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. God is present everywhere, He is all powerful, and He is all-knowing. Quantum computing is nothing compared to Him.

And the likes of George Soros are, quite frankly, piffle to Him. Speaking of Soros, I was watching that interview again, the one where he is asked by Steve Kroft if he believes in God. Watch it over a few times (it’s prompted to a minute or so before). Notice the split second of pause and the look and direction of his eyes before he responds with “No.”

Do you believe him? I don’t. Soros believes. But Soros hates God to the point that he won’t even admit that God is real. At some point he must’ve internalized that hatred until it consumed his humanity. And now we are dealing with him and other maniacs as we attempt to hold onto our republic.

Well, I have to go back to That Hideous Strength, and quote a scene where one of the most evil characters knows all is lost.

John Wither, the deputy director of the N.I.C.E., approaches his final damnation:

“It is incredible how little this knowledge moved him. It could not, because he had long ceased to believe in knowledge itself. What had been in his far-off youth a merely aesthetic repugnance to realities that were crude or vulgar, had deepened and darkened, year after year, into a fixed refusal of everything that was in any degree other than himself. He had passed from Hegel into Hume, thence through Pragmatism, and thence through Logical Positivism, and out at last into the complete void. The indicative mood now corresponded to no thought that his mind could entertain. He had willed with his whole heart that there should be no reality and no truth, and now even the imminence of his own ruin could not wake him. The last scene of Dr. Faustus where the man raves and implores on the edge of Hell is, perhaps, stage fire. The last moments before damnation are not often so dramatic. Often the man knows with perfect clarity that some still possible action of his own will could yet save him. But he cannot make this knowledge real to himself. Some tiny habitual sensuality, some resentment too trivial to waste on a blue-bottle, the indulgence of some fatal lethargy, seems to him at that moment more important than the choice between total joy and total destruction. With eyes wide open, seeing that the endless terror is just about to begin and yet (for the moment) unable to feel terrified, he watches passively, not moving a finger for his own rescue, while the last links with joy and reason are severed, and drowsily sees the trap close upon his soul. So full of sleep are they at the time when they leave the right way.”

C. S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength

This is a potent warning to all those who desire to stand in the place of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. It is also a potent warning to the traitors within our government.

They should study Antenora, the second level in the Ninth Circle of Hell, according to Dante’s Inferno, reserved for those who betray their party and homeland. Satan resides in the Ninth Circle with those who commit treason. And that goes for Dan Crenshaw, who WILL be voted out of office:

Dan Crenshaw shows his true colors: Commie Red


The battle is getting thick. Let our tendency be one of kindness to one another and forgiving of each other’s errors. A good guide is here for your review. Brawling is reserved for the Utree, also a place to reconvene when the attacks come.

Who’s ready for a drink?


It was hell during World War Two. The Brits in the African theater were suffering. The troops were drinking what poor-quality alcohol was out there. Hangovers abounded. But one intrepid bartender in a bar in Cairo took it upon himself to concoct a “Hair of the Dog” drink for the poor suffering bastards.

 And doesn’t it seem like we’ve had a bad news and information hangover? The unfolding of the ELECTION STEAL just does something to your inner patriot. Read a little here, and then I’ve included a couple videos.

The soldiers and officers apparently loved the Suffering Bastard, but one bartender in one of the videos had a bit of an issue with mixing bourbon, gin, lime juice, bitters and ginger ale.

Bottoms up and may the Suffering Bastard bring us some relief from the bad news hangover. The good news is, we now know the bad news. A big step to taking back our republic.


Professor David Clements

I stuck pretty close to Mike Lindell’s symposium. It was riveting. The howling and deflection by the media is really proof that this symposium is the beginning of the Patriot Offensive, and what an offensive it is. Wasn’t Professor David Clement’s closing statement just the BEST? If I can find it somewhere other than Telegram I will post it. If you have Telegram you can view it here:

I believe Lindell TV is playing the whole symposium for awhile, too.

[Here it is! -Wolf (H/T WSB & Sylvia!)]


The media-induced insanity about Q is back in the news. Seems a crazy guy killed his little kids because…Lizard People and Qanon stuff. Ugh.

The clot shots are evil. John Zmirak tells us about how the Pfizer vaccine was developed from the cells of a little girl aborted in the Netherlands. Johanna. And how this day, babies are being vivisected whose hearts are still beating.

Make Lindell TV a daily visit. And buy a pillow or two. Some towels, slippers, a mattress topper…

Here’s a couple sites from the Cyber Symposium to help us and others get to work on the county level.

Check out Let’s Fix Stuff. This site is dynamic.

Every Legal Vote Coalition

Cyber Ninjas (These guys helped run the Arizona Audit)

“Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Luke 12:32
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PGroup, so glad you seem to be doing better and excited about your mrna treatment. Prayers and love in Him. Everyone, I did love that professor Dave at Lindell’s symposium. Just amazine, and so was Tina. I missed a lot yesterday, though, as the stream kept going down. Reminder I can’t watch Rumbles so appreciate video from bitshute or Briteon or other places.


I was talking to someone about how you used your webreader — and, at one point, I said “that’s a good question, I’ll have to ask her the next time I see her”…..and now I can’t remember the question.

I will, however, ask a (likely different) question. Are you using ORCA or that other one? Linux seems to be betting big on ORCA — latest Raspberry Pi computers have it preinstalled.


cthulhu, I use JAWS. Not familiar with the one you mention. I also use NVDA, which is free.


You did ask me once how my computer pronounces “cthulhu.” 🤔


It may have even been in that conversation. Zoe wasn’t around, and someone asked me a question about webreaders, and I said, “I should ask Zoe the next time I see her online,” then “D’oh!”


Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you were blind. So the comment about Rumbles sort of surprised me.


Rumble just isn’t accessible to the blind.

Gail Combs


Here is the link to the bitchute cuts of the symposium:

If you need them broken out individually I will do it for you later. Just let me know.


Gail. very kind of you. This is great and will probably do just fine. Appreciate it.

Deplorable Patriot

A version of this appeared on page one, but it bears repeating. This is bad. Very bad.


The good news is, still, that they don’t HAVE TO TAKE IT.

Just say no!

“Authorized” and “green light” do not mean APPROVED.

Urinalists keep using the word approved. That is a LIE. The clot-shot is only authorized under an EUA. It is NOT FDA approved!

Journalism is dead.

Wolf Moon

AMEN. FAKE NEWS is cheerleading for APPROVAL.


“Journalism is dead” & what continues is perversion.

Deplorable Patriot

But there are so many hypochondriacs who just don’t pay attention to such details. They’ll take the shot anyway.

Deplorable Patriot

Just FYI as I can’t confirm this…and don’t want to.

Deplorable Patriot

mmm…our male rhino here at the STL Zoo likes to spray….

This is one NICE rhino. Unlike RINOs.

Anyone know where this guy is running?

Oh, and Jaime is pronounced High-Meh not JAYmee. But that one is hopeless.

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Sadie Slays

The suspicious walking boot is back.


BiteMe and his Hoe wearing a mask.

Marines smart enough to not wear a mask on the flight line.

Last edited 2 months ago by kalbokalbs
Concerned Virginian

IF this is the real “Joe Biden.”

Deplorable Patriot

I saw that yesterday.

Interesting indeed.


Details of the attack on Mike LIndell:

According to the popular My Pillow CEO, the attack took place in the lobby of his hotel as he returned from dinner with Kendra Reeves, a beautiful Christian woman with whom Mike has been in a committed relationship since 2014.

Mike explained how he and Kendra had just returned to the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel from dinner. He estimates that he entered the lobby between 10:30 and 11 pm CT. As they walked through the lobby toward the elevator, two well-dressed men who Mike and Kendra estimated were between the age of 40-45 yrs old ran up to him and shouted, “Hey, I want your picture!” Although Mike suspected something unusual about the duo, he agreed to have his photo taken with them.

Only one of the two men stood next to Mike as he snapped a selfie of them standing next to each other. Mike told us he found it odd that the other man who ran up to him “strangely stood in the background” and watched while his companion took a selfie.

Only moments later, a “tall” and “very strong” man about 25-30 years old” came running up from the opposite direction “kind of out of nowhere,” asking to have his picture taken with Mike. The young man who asked to have his photo taken with Mike was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Mr. Lindell, who’s been in a few dangerous situations in his lifetime as a former crack addict, found it odd that the well-dressed older man who he just posed with for a selfie was also taking the photo for the younger man in jeans.

Suddenly, the younger man in jeans grabbed Mike and stood next to him. He put his arm around Mike and placed his hand under his armpit. As the older man was taking the photo, the younger man began applying incredible pressure under Mike’s armpit with his hand. Mike explained that the pain under his arm was “excruciating” and “intense,” but he wasn’t quite sure how to react, as he suspected the man with the camera had switched to video mode. Mike didn’t want to give either of the men the satisfaction of knowing how badly he was being hurt, so he continued to stand and smile for the camera without flinching. “He either wanted me to react or to fight him,” Mike said.

As the elevator opened, Mike pulled away, and he and Kendra escaped the situation.

Mike told us he’ll never forget the evil face of the man taking the photo.

When Mike got to his room, he checked to see if his skin had been penetrated by a needle or any other device and called the police to report the incident. Unfortunately, all three men had disappeared from the lobby by the time the police arrived to take their report. The police also checked under Mike’s arm for any obvious injuries.

Mike told us that he will now have security with him wherever he goes. However, he also pointed out that just because he has security doesn’t mean he will “stop living his life” and taking photos with people. “Put that in there,” Mike told us, referring to our article, “I want them to know that—I’m not going to change anything.”

There is more in the article about excessive force applied to the axillary bundle.


The guy put pressure on Mike’s glands under the armpit. I hope he has it checked out. These are professional hit men.


There must be security cam footage …

because faux bidden didnt win and we have the proof


Yes a posh hotel not only have security camera they also have security detail. They come fast. The other is if it is in the lobby there are people behind the desk. First that is me I never would have engaged the guys specially if my gut gives me warning. He is lucky the guys did not jump in the elevator with them and finish him off.

Concerned Virginian

This was nothing less than a paid hit by professionals to permanently incapacitate Mr. Lindell.
He needs to be with an experienced neurologist AND with an experienced sports-injury physician — NOW.


I agree totally.

Wolf Moon

Let’s see how much help he gets from Kristi Noem. WHEAT/CHAFF TEST.


Pierre is very close. No excuses. He has a lit of miney and this is super high profile for “safe” “midewest” South dakota.
He now has to redo everything in his life. Including his food, his home, his water….


There is a thing called ‘commited relationship’ – it’s called m a r r i a g e. .

There is no need to involve the govt. It’s called a First Amendment marriage or a confidential marriage. I’m married but I don’t have a govt-issued licence. You still have to be married by a preacher and have at least two witnesses to the ceremony.


I hear you. I don’t know Lindell’s situation, except that he has been divorced twice. I’m NOT making excuses. I know a woman whose mother was widowed three times (no, not a “black widow” 🙂), and then the daughter lost her husband to cancer at a young age. After that, she would not marry and is now in a committed relationship. I guess she is afraid to be married. It sounds somewhat superstitious, but there it is.


I asked the DH, who is a life-long martial artist who could take most people out one-handed, what he thought they were trying to do.

He said he thought they were trying to provoke Mike into attacking them on camera.

He said a hard strike there could cause damage, and a knife there might kill you, but that hard pressure would just hurt a lot.

He was very impressed that Mike was able to stand there and take it, because it REALLY hurts. I was impressed, too. That kind of grace under fire is unusual, to say the least.


I can just see the headlines and pics of Lindell in a fight. It would have taken all the attention off election fraud and the symposium, and they would have tried to make him look like a bully. It might have gone even farther, with an arrest for assault or something. Great self-control by Lindell.


Yep. Arrest actually might have been THE GOAL.


Headline word wouldve been “unhinged” firner drug user abusing drugs (question mark)


No kidding. What a trap.


I am flabbergasted that Lindell did not have private security WELL before now, simply based upon his activities since Nov. 2020.

He’s EXTREMELY lucky that he has not killed himself by suicide yet.

Wolf Moon
Gail Combs


….Malone and his wife need to travel as a condition of their professional obligations, and without a vaccine identification he cannot visit countries to fulfill his contractual responsibilities and continue work.  However, Dr. Malone did experience side-effects from the Moderna-x2 vaccine and successfully took a 5-day course of Ivermectin to counteract the vaccine side-effects. He reports this treatment course was successful.

In summary, both Dr. Robert Malone (USA) and Dr. Andrew Pollard (U.K.) feel that vaccinations should be prioritized to the elderly population, and various national health systems need to SHIFT and start focusing on therapeutic treatments for ongoing variants as the vaccine will only provide a limited amount of mortality mitigation….

I STILL do not completely trust Malone.


Possibly confused here, again.

This Robert Malone, is he the same guy that created mRNA for vaccines? The same guy that a week or two ago pissed all over Pfizer as losing its effectiveness at six months? Thus, those injected withPfzer WILL need a booster. Immune system weakens?

OR, I am mixing up names/

Wolf Moon

Same dude!!!


Not sure what about Malone you don’t trust, I certainly have not watched him as extensively as most here, however going out here on a limb with a guess that it has to do with the vaxxx.

I saw Malone and Navarro in the War Room where they both recommended a tiered approach to CV. Ivermectin and or HCQ along with the vitamins were primary in their recommendation but as to vaccines, they carved in the vaxxx saying it should be for those that are very worried and want it, the elderly and those with a weakened immune system. They were essentially making this recommendation for about less than a third of the population while the rest would/should seek herd immunity.

It sounded to me like a carve out for President Trump’s vaccine program, giving justification to it’s limited use. Considering the time frame of when the vaxxx was produced and recommended for use I could understand the desire for it at the time. This walks back the vaxxx but at the same time allows/justifiys it’s limited use as long as one understands “elderly” to mean those with a weakened immune system versus those without. With that justification of the vaxxx they can later adjust from there when more information becomes available.

Also notes that allowing/recommending for a third or less of the population to take the vaxxx on a volunteer basis like this is also a political move to soothe/mollify the vaxxx billionaires. They clearly are a real force and facing them straight on may not be the wisest move. Once there appitite for profit is somewhat satisfied people can make a more informed decision themselves about taking the vaxxx. Also there comes into play the need to continue taking the vaxxx once started. I think the current understanding is that in all likelihood that may be the case the longer their immune systems become compromised and essentially wrecked.

Last edited 2 months ago by para59r
Wolf Moon

All well said. A lot of people feel the same way about the vaccine as many others feel about HCQ or ivermectin.

Their freedom is my freedom! They want the vaccine, let ’em have it.

Wolf Moon

Why do you not trust him? Malone is saying pretty much what I would say, and I will bet money he agrees with me that IF you give vaccines to the elderly, they need to be either recombinant full spike like Novavax, or even better, small-peptide RBD like Hotez or Stoecker vaccines, but NO to the mRNA technology for this application – it’s clearly either an abuse of it, or close enough to spit.

Neither Malone nor I are anti-vax. I won’t speak for him, but I’m ANTI-CRIMINAL, and these mRNA vaccines were a defrauding of the American people, IMO, to be used as justification for mRNA gene therapy without the kind of rigorous trials that were needed.

A BAIL-OUT for Big Pharma, which is DYING because it’s addicted to CHINA.


comment image


comment image


Good to see this.

Still wondering about the EO and “camps” in TN.

Wolf Moon


Honestly, nobody is gonna round up a bunch of country boys and women in TN. Not without some HILARIOUS video of “rev’noors” being tarred and feathered. 😉

Bustin’ patriots out of COVID hotels would become the new sport!


comment image

Wolf Moon



E V E R Y DAY. 24/7 Trump is missed.


To hurt Trump and the MAGA movement Google whistleblower says Google rewrote its algorithm and directed certain topics and censored others, this is pure nazism!


This is what the other Epstein said happened in 2016 and was warning about for 2020. Unfortunately collecting data on all this comes well after the fact.


FWIW…John Durham news from the WSJournal

John Durham, the federal prosecutor tapped to investigate the origins of the Russia investigation, has been presenting evidence before a grand jury as part of his probe.


Mr. Durham has been examining potential criminal charges against several lower-level FBI employees, and people who aren’t in government, according to people familiar with the matter. Mr. Durham was also expected to deliver a report by the end of this summer, though that target is likely to be pushed back.


Prosecutors working for Mr. Durham have focused on people outside the FBI who provided information that helped to fuel the 2016 investigation, the people familiar with the matter said. Prosecutors are examining whether those who provided the information knew it was false at the time, and what the FBI subsequently did with it, some of the knowledgeable people said.


Prosecutors appear to be pursuing a theory that if people passed along information they knew to be false to the FBI directly, or if they passed it on to others who later shared it with the FBI, it could be considered lying to the federal government, the people said.

“Lower-level FBI.” Of course, there is no way to know whether a word of this is true.


Any day now.  😉 

Wolf Moon

Lazy eight ( ∞ ) days!


They have a need to push it back till it enters the “election window” at which time there will be no action for this, information will be said to be old, go out and do it again, at which time it will be timed for the next election window and the same will be done until the matters are dropped all together. If any of this is true it has to come out now with out delay.

Although “the election window” should not matter if one is not a candidate, they seemed to have unofficially expanded the definition of this to mean pretty much whatever might damage a political party (read as the demoncrats) and getting this to “the election window” allows for a semi legal justification to delay justice until they can delay it again.


I’ve little doubt that this “election window” delay tactic is actually mapped out with time lines and various judicial calendars that can be used to pick incision points on where to create an obstacle to the prosecution’s case, determine the number of days it will take for the obstacle to be over come, and then where to set the next obstacle. This done in conjunction with channeling the prosecution through unfriendly courts. The system does not seek justice, the system seeks to save face.


BlackWater head now on Tucker … ugh …

Barb Meier

Hrrrmmm… why didn’t we know that Dr. Jill was on the beach in Hawaii a month ago? Or are they just embellishing the foot surgery story?


Her surgery was Thursday, July 29. I did see some articles that said her foot was punctured by an unknown object while on the beach in Hawaii. So the surgery was about two weeks ago. We’ll see how long she wears the boot.


I hope it was a fucking stonefish


Tsk, tsk, Ozzy. To wish harm upon a natural creature like that!



It is odd. This story came out about two weeks ago when we all thought she was in Japan. I only remember one story about her being in Japan and then nothing more which makes me think it happened in Japan.



If they try that with grocery stores they would need armed guards. And guess what a grocery store is not going to do. So yeah, food stores are a step too far.

But my point is the same, how easy is it to make up a card to enter any of these “restricted” venues if you wanted to. No one there is going to be reading them.


You are right. And here, you are not alliwed to stop theft as employees under company policy as well as under 950 is an infraction. So, honestly you just walk in and take what you want. In the beginning of the madness, walmart and target put up metal concert barriers and had armed security guards here. I verbally challenged one who walked away but they were willing to do the dirty work.
I think that, now, theyd end up dead in a you cantcebter at all situation.


That’s it!!! Enter any store/restaurant you want without a mask — and when the authorities close in on you, just steal something!


What a world we live in…😱


Seems to work in san fran and la. Two most restrictive covid areas.


San Francisco generally includes San Francisco County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, and Contra Costa County when talking about generic stupidity. When it comes to specific stupidity, of course, San Francisco stands apart.


Organized roving pickets where people crossing the picket line are called out as the scabs that they are. This should be the order of the day, targeting select stores until they relent.

Manpower for picket lines will be easier to realize where employment is also denied. People have to eat. This new division in society should not be suffered. Shame to those that allow it.


Are their minimum wage door greeters going to be doing forensic analysis?

No, but I saw a headline the other day about two people in Hawaii being arrested for forging vaccine cards, so there is some risk of eventually getting caught.


Would I use it to go through some gubmint office. No. Walmart, Albertsons, Mcdonalds. Sure.

Just like I have rarely been challenged when I walked into stores with no mask, ain’t no way they are stopping people to completely read a vax card.


I wouldn’t be surprised nor appalled if these kinds of establishments go up in flames. Minorites have steadfastly refused the vaxxx to date, with many being in the younger cohorts to the tune of nearly only 18% jabbed. The only thing that would likely inhibit that from happening is that the demoncrat’s will have pulled back their organizers.


W.H.O. Lead Investigator — ‘China told us what to write in our report’…

The head of the World Health Organization’s origin investigation into COVID-19 has admitted that China basically ordered his team on what to write in their report and allowed them to mention the lab leak theory, but only on the condition that they didn’t recommend following it up.

Revealing what is clear evidence of a cover up, the Washington Post reports that Danish WHO chief Ben Embarek made the admission after also commenting that he believes patient zero was a worker at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where experiments on coronaviruses were being carried out.

Embarek noted that “human error” could have ultimately led to the virus jumping to humans, but that “the Chinese political system does not allow authorities to acknowledge that.”

Last edited 2 months ago by TheseTruths

Sometimes I think it’s all part of the chaos and confusion aspect of propaganda.
It seems like if the vaccine fight makes any headway then out pops more virus origin articles. Two steps forward and one step back


Seems awfully convenient.

Wolf Moon

Absolutely. They will never cop to the real crime of helping get rid of Trump.


Non urgent gab message


It bit late here, but wonders when these talks finalized and was it at all in conjunction with certain wet weather events in China?

Deplorable Patriot

This is my shocked face.



Prof. David Clements, who gave an excellent presentation at the symposium, is under attack.

First, comments by Lin Wood:

Lin Wood

See below. Now the enemy is coming after Professor David Clements. 

I have tried to document for your edification the attacks against me that started in December 2020 and have continued relentlessly to this very day. 

At times, I have solicited donations to #FightBack which have helped me with the significant legal costs incurred in fighting for the rule of law and election integrity. I deeply appreciate your support and help. 

But I have not documented my journey for money or for sympathy. When I started my journey, I tried to make clear that it was not about me, it was about you. 

Yes, today it is me. In time, it will be you. 

The enemy wants our country’s land and the bounty of blessings God bestowed upon us. The enemy does not want We The People. 

The enemy always starts by destroying “the influencers” or messengers of TRUTH. The enemy attacks them because the enemy cannot attack the message of TRUTH. 

So now the enemy is starting its campaign of destruction against Professor Clements. Many other Patriots have been previously attacked. Too many languish in Washington, DC prisons as I write this evening. 

Others will follow. Many others. 

Does the enemy have to knock loudly on your door before you wake up? I pray not. We must draw a line in the sand at some point. 

The only question is when. 

Lin 🙏❤️

And Lin Wood is forwarding this from Prof. Clements’ Telegram:

Lin Wood
Forwarded from The Professor’s Record

My employer NMSU contacted me this morning at the direction of their legal department.

They have gone through my private social media, interviews, and are looking for grounds for my termination.

That my post noting I will not take the jab, nor submit to invasive testing, while citing VAERS data showing the danger of these experimental drugs, has “disparaged” the university.

The timing is odd don’t you think?

They are coming for me.

They will come for you.

Be fearless. Find your strength.

Don’t give an inch.

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon


Seriously, if he quit and wrote a book about the Vote Trafficking Cartel, he’d have it made. He only has FAKE FRIENDS in that university administration, and you don’t lose when you lose fake friends!


One does not have friends in the administration of a University. Those days are long gone.

Wolf Moon

Sad! Academia was still pretty magical when I was a dopey undergrad at Faber College! 😉
comment image


The pic is from a film do not remember what it was called. Just saw snippets not the whole movie.


Animal House.


Thank you. I barely remember that movie. Lots of people talked about it. University students have been trying to replicate the movie since 🙂


From Prof. Clements’ Telegram:

There is a pic of him standing with PDJT. I don’t know how to make it post here. IMO, it is a very good sign that he has spent time with him.

The Professor’s Record

The greatest honor of my life.

My President.

Your President.

Spent an unforgettable evening with the real President of the United States.

Last edited 2 months ago by TheseTruths

N I C E !


Please…allow me….with my compliments…

comment image


Thank you! Is that a screenshot?




Seth Keshel posted this:…

Seth Keshel

I have decided in my heart, after about 13 seconds of personal reflection and an even more truncated prayer…

That I will be showing you all just why corrupt Colorado Sec of State Jena Griswold is creating such a stir over Mesa County, enough to cause her to shake visibly on camera. 

Post dinner time activity here in the next couple hours…

You’ve been warned.

…followed by a video, which I can’t play, and this:

Secretary Griswold, I’m more than happy to set up a remote call, or visit your offices in person, if you’d like to gain a better understanding of your state’s electoral history, particularly in Mesa County, which you’re trying to cover over.



If anyone is on Telegram and can play the video, I’d love to know what it says. It’s 9:24 long.

Wolf Moon

No joy here!


He basically goes over voting statistics for Mesa County over the last several presidential elections and predicts mid 20,000 for dems for 2020, but in “fact” they got 32,000. He says says the 2020 totals for dems are 5-10,000 too high. Shows rep majority over the years and new registrations in 2020 rep over dem 3:1. Not likely there really were 32,000 Biden votes. So SOS probably doesn’t want to meet with him.


embed attempt:

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