Mike Lindell and Dr. Shiva – Our Geiger Counter for True Patriots

The title is a bit of a joke. Allow me to explain that, first.

The Mike Lindell symposium is amazing. The BOMBSHELLS just keep dropping. FAKE ELECTIONS are PROVEN. Dominion is TOAST. Audits are REAL and NEEDED.

All of this simply MUST be scaring the hell out of the DonkeyComs.

I strongly suspect that the communists and globalists – the Bidenistas and Bidenazis – are so desperate at the absolute uncovering of FAKE ELECTIONS, that they will need to find a NEW COVID-LEVEL REALITY HOAX – IN CONJUNCTION WITH CHINA – and there’s not much left except NUCLEAR.

Remember – another nuclear hoax like the sabotage at Three-Mile Island also serves their denuclearization agenda, to sell all the goods cheap to Russia and China, and truly CRUSH America.

They’ve already done a test nuclear hoax in Columbus, Ohio……

Pesky Wolf Throws Radioactive Tin Foil on the Democrat Nuclear Reactor Hoax in Columbus, Ohio

Ah, yes. It’s the TIMELINES that always get them. AS YOU WILL SEE. In my opinion, somebody like known provocateur ROBERT CREAMER has to be behind the Columbus “nuclear reactor escalation” hoax, and hopefully, when we have a new head of the Department of Energy fully operational – and some new leadership at the top …

I knew there was something fishy about that one. Yeah, it was a GREAT troll, but the Ohio GOP Christmas Party was too picayune of a target. The DonkeyComs don’t waste ammo like that. Something else was up.

And then I figured it out.


It was a TEST. And PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING. (Mike Lindell is SO onto this stuff – it’s AWESOME.)

But remember – COVID is 90% hoax, but they used a REAL VIRUS for effect.

The next one will likely use real radioisotopes. Thankfully, people here have a bit of understanding, due to the excellent lessons from our resident physics teacher, SteveInCO.

Part XIII – Rutherford On A Roll

We left off, circa 1903, having discovered radioactivity and the electron, and making quite a bit of progress with them.

To try to recap (and there are a few things in this so-called “recap” that I should have mentioned earlier, but didn’t), an electron is a negatively charged particle about 1/1830th the mass of a hydrogen atom, which up to then had been the lightest thing known to exist. They could be knocked off of atoms in a Crookes tube and they would then form what was called a cathode ray (yes, the same “cathode ray” in those big tubes in those old boxy TVs). It is possible to strip one electron off a hydrogen atom, at which point…..

SO – if the next thing they pull off is NUCLEAR, give whatever phony story the complicit media is selling, plenty of SIDE-EYE.

Are you with me?

The LYING MEDIA and the incorrigible DONKEY COMS will be LYING AGAIN.

Now – on to today’s BIG story.

“Dr. Shiva EXPOSES Big Tech and Censor Nazis”

This evening, the often left-ridiculed Dr. Shiva gave a STUNNING speech – absolutely amazing – something that will go down in history in any kind of a just future.

This clip is absolutely must-watch. This is true patriotism, spoken by a man we can all look up to.

You will note that he was invited to give a speech to a national medical association recently – just listen to him and you will understand why.

LINK: https://rumble.com/vl0pkz-dr.-shiva-exposes-big-tech-and-censor-nazis.html

What Dr. Shiva does here is to recount very CLEARLY how he was CHEATED BY MACHINES out of an election, and then STONEWALLED in finding answers. It’s beautiful, because NOW we understand exactly what happened.

He noted that in the ONE county with hand-counted paper ballots he WON by 10 points. But in ALL the other counties with machine voting, he LOST 60-40, 60-40, 60-40, 60-40……

During his investigation, he was STONEWALLED by state election officials – especially after he learned that they were ILLEGALLY deleting ballot images after the election. He got into an argument with one official on Twitter, and was SUSPENDED from Twitter when he posted emails to prove the official was giving him the run-around.

From there, he went into court. During that experience, a HIT PIECE was done on Shiva, but the hit piece accidentally revealed that the Massachusetts Secretary of State had been the one who contacted Twitter to get Shiva silenced. Dr. Shiva then took that information into discovery, and it was revealed that the government of Massachusetts had a “Trusted Twitter Partnership” with Twitter.

From there, it just gets worse. Not only did the government have this partnership with Twitter – there is a special portal for government officials. And not just that – there is an organization – the National Association of State Election Directors – which the Massachusetts state election director had contacted, and THEY petitioned Twitter to have Dr. Shiva kicked off.

It’s worth listening to this point in the video (around 13:00-13:30), to hear how Tucker Carlson missed that story at that time, apparently, and the crowd breaks into “SHAME ON FOX”.

Anyway, Dr. Shiva was back on Twitter, doing all kinds of (sadly “controversial”) tweets, e.g. RE vaccination, with no consequence, but when he shared those emails again, he was permanently suspended in 17 minutes.

Back in court – this time against 7 lawyers, including 3 Twitter lawyers from Wilmer Hale…..

…… LOL – I think you’re starting to see how this works…. YES – THAT Wilmer-Hale……

The one Katica discovered was representing Hillary Clinton’s email case……

……but Shiva discovers that NOBODY contacted Twitter this time – he was algorithmically monitored and if he posted those emails again, he was going to get kicked off.

Yup. TWITTER had THAT particular evidence BLOCKED. How convenient!

But from there, Dr. Shiva discovered a GOLD MINE OF CENSORSHIP, trying to figure out more about the “Trusted Twitter Partnership”. He just lucked into this stuff by persistent searching.

Here is a link to ALL the materials I’m going to show you.

LINK: https://vashiva.com/first-amendment-twitter-galvin-lawsuit/

First, a PLAYBOOK for censorship (there are THREE more volumes – this is 1 of 4), from HARVARD and a bunch of the “usual suspects”.

LINK: https://i0.wp.com/vashiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/playbook-1-th.jpg?resize=400%2C521&is-pending-load=1#038;ssl=1

This next one is particularly interesting – this is where said usual suspects GLOAT over how WELL the “playbook” worked!

And there is a BEAUTIFUL diagram of how these suspects interrelate……




At this point, I’m just going to say, PLAY THE VIDEO and LISTEN TO DR. SHIVA.

The dude just gets on a roll that had me CHEERING!

Lindell joins him when he finishes, and it’s GREAT.

NOW – here is my point about the GEIGER COUNTER.

These two guys – this symposium – you listen to this, and you will know – they are REAL PATRIOTS trying to DO SOMETHING, and they are FLUSHING OUT THE BAD GUYS.

Consequently, they are like a DETECTOR for WHEAT versus CHAFF.

Mike Lindell and Dr. Shiva are amazingly powerful WHEAT-CHAFF SORTERS.

Perfect for use on PRIMARY CANDIDATES.

Who is going to be on their side? Who’s going to stick up for them? Who’s going to say their names with PRIDE?

PATRIOTS. REAL MAGA. People who will ADMIT that the machines are RIGGED.

Who is not going to be on their side? Who’s going to avoid mentioning them? Who’s going to be very uncomfortable talking about them – or FAKING IT?

RINOs. GOPe. LIGHTWEIGHTS. LOSERS. CHUMPS. People who use the machines to WIN.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dr. Shiva is always trying to SELL STUFF, because – well – he’s being CHEATED at every turn, so he has to make a buck somehow. And Mike sells PILLOWS THAT WORK, for cryin’ out loud.

There are worse sins in the world. LIKE STEALING ELECTIONS.

But what they did today was REMARKABLE.

These guys proved that the whole electoral system, the government, the media, and the social media are RIGGED.


So here is the deal.

We are no longer taking this shit.

And most of all, this.

The DonkeyComs and RINOs are NOT getting out of responsibility for



We are not going to be FOOLED and SUCKERED by the next BIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, or NUCLEAR ATTACK from these lying, hoaxing American DNC communists and their horrible CCP allies.

We’re done with their hoaxy but deadly bullshit.



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Watch dog gonna watch.
Thank you Wolf.
comment image



Mike Lindell and Dr. Shiva are amazingly powerful WHEAT-CHAFF SORTERS.

Perfect for use on PRIMARY CANDIDATES.

Yes. I posted something from Lin Wood earlier that makes a similar point about knowing who is on our side:

Lin Wood https://t.me/s/linwoodspeakstruth

The two-party system in America is alive and well. 

One party is made up of Democrats, RINO Republicans and the Deep State. 

The other party is made up of Trump supporters fighting for election integrity. 

“There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots. And I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter and, I trust, the stronger party.”

– Ulysses S. Grant


We are not going to take it anymore.



Valerie Curren

Your video is blocked, fyi…at least in “your country”…hmmm


It is from Q’s last post. That maybe the reason, but it works for me.

Valerie Curren

Interesting. Do you live in the US (if you don’t mind answering)…as in I’m in Michigan (US) so that would be my country…if yours is different that might explain what I saw….


It’s blocked for me, too.

Valerie Curren

perhaps there in “Texas” 🙂


Texas is not what it seems. It is run by elites and their lackeys who hate the voters.

It is a club, and most Texans ain’t in it.

Our only strength is our numbers and the fact that they weren’t able to cheat enough.

But Abbott is doing his best to let in as many illegals as he can while pretending to fight it.

They will turn Texas blue if 2020 is not fixed.


Similar here in TN. Deep red voters, but RINOs in power.

Gail Combs

Here in NC we have Tillis and Burr… BARF!!

Valerie Curren

Yes, great insights. Texas is still patriotic America way more than a lot of other states we could name!

I was referring to the “not in your country” item that the video showed to me but not the person who shared it (Eilert?)…I was implying that if you are Actually in TX (which your “handle” implies but doesn’t prove) then you too are in my country & that’s perhaps also why you can’t see the video either.


Yep. I’m really in Texas.

Thanks for the explanation. 😀

Valerie Curren

YW…I thought that I was becoming tedious. Q-Treepers can be more tolerant than family 😉


God bless LTC Alln West


Nails it.


He had me at Lt. COL. 🥰

Gail Combs

Blocked here in NC too We have an ELECTION CHEATING DemonRat, Cooper, for gov. He was a Soros 4 term  Attorney General where he helped the Commies get rid of NC voter ID law! That meant we had 20 out of 100 counties with MORE VOTES than live bodies. This meant he won and they almost got a win for Hitlary in 2016. (The counting was stalled and the NEW ballots only had gov and hitlery marked…)

Valerie Curren

Grrr…that all sounds way familiar for the massive fraud perpetuated everywhere in 2020!


Get Tails and approach it from a different country, might work.

Valerie Curren

??? I’m a tech dino, as in Zero Skillz here!

Valerie Curren


Sadie Slays

Head’s up that True News has been running Dr. Shiva hit pieces all day.


I can confirm that Dr. Shiva’s pro-Che Guevara Facebook post is true. Replace “FAKEBOOK” with “Facebook” in the link to confirm it yourself.


If I’m being completely blunt, I’ve never trusted or liked Tru News or Dr. Shiva ever. Tru News has always seemed like Chinese knockoff Alex Jones, and Dr. Shiva always came off as a controlled opposition clown long before the 2020 election. I sincerely hope that both has have a genuine change of heart in light of recent tyranny, and will gladly eat my words and apologize if proven wrong. But, right now, I am done following, trusting, or caring about “influencers” until we see genuine action.

Sadie Slays

Bernie fans get shit on a lot, but a lot of them are pretty red-pilled about rigged primaries and corporate media. The only person the media hated more than Donald Trump in 2016 was Bernie Sanders. I genuinely believe Bernie would have beat Hillary and Biden in the primary in a fair election.


Funny, I put in your fake address and it brought up his FB page in the search results.

If you scroll through his posts, he reams Trump for “saving” Big Pharma and billionaires, and for various other things.

Is that true, in a way? Did Trump give vast sums of money to them? From our pockets? Could it be 3D chess? Or could it be like the doctor says: the elites are ONE?

The Che thing (which I did not scroll to find) is probably along the lines of his other posts where he is attacking the elites as fomenting division among people?

Now, does he have a point?

And, since he’s a really smart guy, should we entertain his views?

I say listen, but with one ear to the ground. Watch him carefully for signs he is not quite who he seems.

Or is he sharing uncomfortable truths.

TRUTH is what I seek, above all.


I don’t trust ANYBODY anymore.

This morning I read that one of Lindell’s “Red Team” says they can’t prove what he saying, and the five million is off the table.

Is that true? Or is he lying? Did someone get to him, or is all of this just one big circle jerk to keep us occupied?

I’ve had it. I’m done until SOMETHING is actually done. What good is knowing all of this if NOBODY will do a fucking thing about it?


Yeah. I’ve been there for awhile now.

Just grateful to be a follower of Christ. The Rock. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The Bright and Morning Star.



Cuppa Covfefe

The deep state and their master Satan are trying to confuse, confound, conflict, and split us every which (witch?) way they can.

They are employing enormous resources now, not just in America, but THE WHOLE WORLD OVER, as people are catching on to what they’re doing, as GOD shines HIS LIGHT on it.

And Satan Sauros and his DEMONIC cronies are ponying up BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars (probably most of it ours) to avoid facing justice.

Pray that GOD brings justice, swift, sure, and complete.

Deplorable Patriot

They aren’t just going to let it go without a fight.

War is hell. We’re figuring that out the hard way.




Personally I think the rock is sketchy. Some of the things he’s said


Lindell is addressing this right now. Is calling author out. “Larry Johnson is lying.”




Aubergine, Larry Johnson is “former” CIA (yeah, right!) He also used to have a website supporting Hillary Clinton. He has been just a little bit too adamant lately about smearing Lin Wood, John here to help, and now Mike Lindell. HE is the one who needs to prove he is right. There is mostly innuendo in all his posts. I can’t understand why Gateway Pundit publishes him.


Bannon ought to take care of it.


Sad that Jim Hoft (& his brother) have a soft spot for filthy lucre as in click bait. They could be a source for good but …


I wonder about that. But I really am in a “wait and see” position right now.

Gail Combs

I do not care what side Shiva is on as long as the INFORMATION is TRUE.

(Think my earlier comment on Dr Martin about his ‘no vaccine’ )

It could very well be that Shiva is like David Horowitz, a former Communist who got BIT/double crossed.

Or he is establishing his boni fides using TRUTH at this point so he can knife us in the back later.


My NPD alarms have always gone off with Dr. Shiva. But that does not mean he is wrong or leading us astray. It just means we aren’t going to see him “play well with others” and that’s where the future caution needs to continue.

Sylvia Avery

Wow, Wolfie. Thanks for posting this. The video was well worth the time spent. I wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t posted this. Thanks for calling it to our attention. Mind blown.


“SO – if the next thing they pull off is NUCLEAR, give whatever phony story the complicit media is selling, plenty of SIDE-EYE.

Are you with me?


But if the blackie black hots start doing nuclear false flags, and the whitey white hots just… let them… can we stop pretending there are really any whitey white hots?

I mean, there has to be a point where, if there were any white hots, they would have no choice but to act.

For example, if the blackie black hots set off a hydrogen bomb that wiped out everything from Tennessee southward and eastward, and the whitey white hots response through Simon whatshisface is “SOON!”, it’s over.

It’s just done, clearly. If the blackie black hots wipe out a quarter of the nation, then there are no whitey white hots.

But we shouldn’t have to wait for an EXTINCTION LEVEL event to reach that conclusion.

There are lower thresholds which would still give 99% of the same indication, without needing to wait until America is a nuclear wasteland.

What would be really great, is if we could identify some realistic events (or, dare I say it… a time’s up date), which would seal the deal, one way or the other.

That would be splendid. 😂 🤣 😂

Last edited 2 years ago by scott467
Gail Combs

Time to stock up on IODIDE PILLS…. KCl or NCl or kelp

Why Did People Take Iodine Pills After Chernobyl Exploded?


Is liquid iodine a substitute?


Lugal’s absorbs from the skin.

Used to be you could get 5% standard Lugal’s online, but due to some illegal drug manufacturing issues, you can’t get much of it. J. Crow’s now sells a 2% version that you can buy in bulk.




I have some already, that’s why I asked. 👍🏻 In a very small bottle with a dropper.


Mine is 2% Iosol. ty for info


Do you have a reliable source for how much to take for such a situation?

Last edited 2 years ago by GrammyInD

Alt care doctors sometimes have patients use a test to determine current Iodine status BEFORE adding more. (Nearly everyone is low.)

Doc can order a challenge test where you check urine after taking a big dose to see if body absorbed a lot (IIRC).

Home test is to buy Lugal’s iodine (liquid, see J. Crow’s as a source) and use a cotton ball to slather the iodine on the inside of your lower arm. After 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 60 minutes, you check the arm to see how much was absorbed. The faster it disappears, the more deficient your body was.


Lugols’s is a preferred form of iodine…the mix of potassium iodide & iodine is optimal.
Solid resource is “Iodine, Why You Need it Why You Can’t Live Without it.” David Brownstein MD

Brave and Free

Scott here’s your White Hots. If you every have the chance to try them, there the best.


Made in Rochester?


We called these “Jimmy Dogs”, lol.

Brave and Free


Valerie Curren

This is amazing work, Wolf–Thank you so much!!! God Bless & Protect YOU, sir!


Holy Crap.

Belfer Center:

Jake Sullivan

Fiona Hill
Strobe Talbot
the Moscow Mayor

possibly Jeffrey Sachs, and Lawrence Summers

Richard Ledget, formerly NSA

Dimitry Alperovitch, Crowdstrike

L. Jean Camp

Haven’t searched the document yet.

Is Joan Donovan, formerly Belfer Center, now Sharfstein Center mentioned?


Add Robby Mook an author of the Playbook.

Wasn’t he the first to leak the Alfa Bank server story (L. Jean Camp)? At the DNC convention, iir?

Gail Combs

L. Jean Camp and the mysterious Tea Leaves, (CIA???) for those who do not remember, are the computer scientists who said they found Russian bank commuter traffic to Trump tower.

In November 2016, just days before Donald Trump won the presidential election, Slate published what appeared to be an explosive story connecting his business empire to a prominent, Kremlin-linked bank in Moscow. The story, using breadcrumbs left across DNS, the esoteric global computer system that undergirds the internet, alleged a pattern of covert communications between a Trump Organization email server and Alfa Bank….  

 …In May of this year, the bank tapped Kirkland & Ellis LLP, a white-shoe American law firm, to write a letter to L. Jean Camp, an esteemed Indiana University computer scientist and researcher — and a vocal supporter of the claims made by Tea Leaves. This initial letter, first reported by CNN, claimed that the Camp investigation into the covert server chatter had “encouraged inquiries into supposed links to the Trump organization” and that her “activities continue to this day to promote an unwarranted investigation into Alfa Bank’s ‘communication’ with the Trump Organization.” The letter added that “Alfa Bank is exploring all available options to protect itself … [including] litigation and causes of action under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act,” further demanding that Camp “preserve all records” pertaining to the Tea Leaves research. Such a preservation request is often the precursor to a lawsuit. There would be more letters.

Alfa’s lawyers went beyond scary lawyer boilerplate, demanding that Camp not only turn over all of her related communications with members of the media, but also divulge her full correspondence with the anonymous Tea Leaves, presumably for the purpose of unmasking and pursuing them. As a professor at a publicly funded university, Camp’s official correspondence is subject to public disclosure. A subsequent letter from Kirkland & Ellis made this threat explicit….




Thank you Gail for share the details. Strange that the bank hire K+E, doncha think?

What do you have about Perkins Coie’s involvement? Didn’t Robby Mook get his info from one of their lawyers?

No mention of Joan D. in the document (quick search of part 2 only), BUT…

DIMITRI ALPEROVICH turns up on the D3P Advisory Board ?!?



Scratch the K+E comment, I was confusing it with Wilmer Hale.


Think Griswald is representing the Belfer Center in her response?

Is she using the “Election Cyber Incident Communication Plan Template” written by Robby Mook, Matt Rhoades, and Eric Rosenbach?



State of Colorado election officials listed in the acknowledgements pg.4

Deplorable Patriot

When the next wave hits, “I am no longer participating in psy-ops” just might end up as a meme.


I don’t understand why the known enemy is allowed in, they’re never going to report fairly, so why take chances.
“Mike Lindell Opens Thursday Cyber Symposium with SHOCKING Developments: Another Home Raided, Credible Threats, Conference Infiltrated”


They just hacked his site again. Lindell is a secret weapon of rallying the troops.


I’m just sitting here praying hard for this man.


Yep. Grade A BS.


J Crows also has a great book about natural health from an old country doctor. Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, Iodine.

comment image

Last edited 2 years ago by Gudthots

FrankSpeech is now completely down.


But lindelltv.com is up.


Not just an eye! He lost 2 other small round body parts
Dan Crenshaw tells Republicans ‘Don’t kid yourself’ into believing Trump won, ‘absolutely not’ a stolen election. Sure. The guy who filled stadiums lost to Biden, who couldn’t turn up a single person to his first joint appearance with Harris. By their fruits ye shall know them. I’m most surprised he is so dumb as to say this. It almost seems more plausible he is setting himself up as moderate on Trump’s orders, so he can turn and swing moderates with him, than he would be this stupid. But who know. If he is in office, there is a very high degree likelihood he is Cabal.


Thanks for the first line chuckle. 🙂

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I’m in isolation as I’ve had contact with a covid patient. Hahaha. Just ordered ivermectin ho paste. Supposed to be palatable.
hmm ……horses eat grass so we’ll see.
otoh each dose treats 600 kg. So that gives me 12 doses


Just be sure you get the horse paste and not the ho paste — you don’t want the one that says, “cures worms and venereal diseases”.

Be prepared for the “palatable” to only be true within limited definitions of “palatable”, and have a chaser handy.


Yeah. That was the typo from hell.
and I noted that it was palatable for horses. At least it’s not dog wormer. After all they lack their balls and eat ome very fucking questionable shit

[…] Mike Lindell and Dr. Shiva – Our Geiger Counter for True Patriots […]


Is there a better, higher resolution link for this image?

comment image


Thank you! 👍