Pesky Wolf Throws Radioactive Tin Foil on the Democrat Nuclear Reactor Hoax in Columbus, Ohio

Ah, yes. It’s the TIMELINES that always get them.


In my opinion, somebody like known provocateur ROBERT CREAMER has to be behind the Columbus “nuclear reactor escalation” hoax, and hopefully, when we have a new head of the Department of Energy fully operational – and some new leadership at the top of the FBI – this little HOAX will get some Jussie Smollett-style KARMA.

But until then, you will just have to get by on my TIN FOIL yet LOVINGLY RADIOACTIVE (for Democrats) THEORY of what *actually* went down in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday night.

Grab your POPCORN (no, not CORN POP) and GATHER ROUND.

On Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 10:47 PM, our own wonderful Daughn posted a TWEET about an incident earlier that night in Columbus, Ohio. LINK:

That tweet, which is a retweet of another, follows:

Daughn captioned this:

That darned ole Flux Capacitor thingy went on the fritz!!!

I saved an image of the tweet just in case it disappears.

What you are seeing here is the WRAP-UP of the incident. However, if you had been on Twitter EARLIER, then you would have seen all sorts of “War of the Worlds” type fascination and panic popping up in tweets. You can still search on “Columbus” and “nuclear” and find them right now.

These two links are particularly instructive for the FACTS:

Bizarre 911 call prompts evacuation in northwest Columbus

No threat found after HAZMAT, bomb squad response in northwest Columbus neighborhood

Now, I had actually seen this EARLIER, thanks to wheatietoo, who had posted THIS tweet from Jordan Sather.

You will notice HERE that there is talk of both a “quantum physics generator” and a “possible small nuclear reactor” being inside a person’s GARAGE in Columbus, Ohio, and the man is saying he sustained BURNS of some kind.

You will ALSO notice, that if you go to Jordan Sather’s Twitter timeline, that he was all over this stuff, covering it from the “classified science” / “free energy” angle. Indeed, he remains fully into this story, and his latest video on it is here:

Jordan’s video is actually a GREAT summary of the FACTS of the Columbus incident, as well as discussing possible theories of what larger contexts might be behind it. Jordan ends by giving a good overall context for the “free energy” community – which I’m not a part of, but with which I’m somewhat sympathetic, due to OTHER problems with hidden, controlled, and pay-for-play science. Stated another way, Jordan and I both see the “Fake Science” – we just have different skepticisms and different priorities on what needs to be fixed.

NOW – the first thing that struck me about this “nuclear incident” – once I realized that it (a) wasn’t actually nuclear, and (b) was in the northwest corner of Columbus – was that the TIMING and LOCATION were very curious.

The incident happened to be right in the district of an Ohio state senator, Stephanie Kunze, who in 2019 has been and STILL IS being mercilessly targeted over a “NUCLEAR” BILL in the Ohio state legislature. The bill was known as HB 6 at all stages of passage.

Yes, that bill is now PASSED, but it is STILL being fought over, as Democrats continue an impeachment-like warpath against it, trying to keep it from being implemented. There are bitter, phony, deceptive, petition drives going on RIGHT NOW, and the DEMONRATS, as usual, are playing quite dirty.

If I couldn’t convince you that Three Mile Island might well have been Soviet sabotage assisted by American communists, look no further than the AMAZINGLY overwrought opposition to HB 6.

Why, it’s almost like they want – desperately – to GIVE AWAY our nuclear capabilities.

The Democrats characterized HB 6 as a “nuclear bailout”, whereas the MAGA forces characterized the bill as providing JOBS and significantly lower, IN-STATE-GENERATED, energy costs.

After earlier WINNING trickery by Democrats, at the local level, getting Ohioans to pay MORE for OUT-OF-STATE GREEN ENERGY CREDITS (not even green energy – just CREDITS that may or may not be actual “green” energy), the passage of HB 6 was a HUGE REVERSAL. It was a HUGE defeat for the Democrats and China. They CANNOT get their California and New York energy insanity to sell in Ohio.

SIDEBAR – see this earlier coverage of how the Democrats were able to fool a Trump-supporting Ohio community into becoming part of the Green New Deal.

The Aggregation Scam: How a Trump Town was Tricked into Paying for the Green New Deal

Stopping Communist Democrats at the GRASS ROOTS – Why Your Local Election Matters in 2019

Senator Kunze was VIGOROUSLY super-PACced by both sides of the issue, with Ohio residents in her district getting many huge fliers from both sides. Democrats are still doing everything in their power to stop HB 6, and are even now taking a “pro-jobs” position against it, if you can believe their LIES and their CHUTZPAH. Check out this “reverso” ad:

Sure looks like that is from the MAGA side – right?


Just check out the website and look for all the “tells” that this is the Democrats shilling for the GREEN NEW DEAL. LINK:

The MAGA”yes” side has smartly linked the “no” side to CHINA – who benefits from the insanity of the Green New Deal, and the Democrats wasted no time in – you guessed it – labeling the criticism of China as “RACIST”!

I cannot find any images of the flyers specifically targeting Stephanie Kunze, but trust me – there were MANY from both sides – MORE from the Democrat side – in her majority Republican district. Lots of CHILDREN (both sides), lots of DRIVEWAYS (the “pro” side), lots of STEAMING NUCLEAR PLANTS LOOKING LIKE THREE MILE ISLAND (the “no” side). All of them pleading for voters to plead to Senator Kunze to “do the right thing”.

ANYWAY – I hope by this point that I’ve convinced you of the following facts:

  • All things NUCLEAR constitute a hot-button issue in Ohio
  • The Democrats are VIGOROUSLY anti-nuclear, pro-Green New Deal
  • Pro-nuclear-&-coal House Bill 6 has PASSED, but is still in danger of “petition death”
  • Legislative attacks continue against Ohio nuclear and HB 6, FOR the Green New Deal
  • Stephanie Kunze has supported HB 6, but is often a SWING VOTE on all issues
  • The phony “nuclear reactor” incident happened in Stephanie Kunze’s district
  • The phony “nuclear reactor” incident happened in the middle of petition games

Are you starting to see how this stuff is working?

Well, before we get into some of the FINER POINTS of what the Democrats are targeting here – AND THERE IS A LOT – I want to point out something VERY interesting.

December 5 just happened to be the date of the Ohio Republican Christmas party, held this year in….

COLUMBUS OHIO. At some place called The Bluestone, 583 E. Broad St.

Again, the timeline:

2019 Chairman’s Christmas Party

THURSDAY, December 5, 2019

6:16 PM – suspect calls 911 in Columbus (LINK)

6:30 PM – Private Sponsor Reception begins, 2nd Floor ($250 to $10,000 tickets)

6:36 PM – Evacuation begins, Bomb Squad and Hazmat Teams requested (LINK)

7:00 PM – General Reception Begins, 1st Floor ($110 tickets, $50 young pro, $30 student)

7:07 PM – Columbus Dispatch issues “possible small nuclear reactor” tweet (LINK)

8:19 PM – “Breaking News” has already passed on “small nuclear reactor” idea (LINK)

8:30 PM – Party Officially Ends

9:10 PM – Columbus Dispatch issues “no nuclear reactor” tweet (LINK)

9:20 PM – Evacuated residents allowed to return to their homes (LINK)

9:32 PM – Columbus Dispatch issues “all clear, no nuclear reactor” tweet (LINK)

SO – by this point, I hope that I’ve convinced you that this was VERY LIKELY a stealthy psychological operation set up and then carried out in “Sgt. Schultz” fashion by Democrat operatives, their unions – which would include the same ones that forced a Trump rally to downsize from 4000 to 1000 at the last minute in Columbus in 2016 – and the Fake News Media – including the DESPERATELY anti-Trump, anti-MAGA, pro-greeniac Columbus Dispatch.

Yeah – THIS rally:

Remember – Democrats, like all leftists, PRETEND NOT TO KNOW.

Now – I think it’s very helpful to dig more deeply into this incident, because the proximity to some other things like December 9 and the [D] [1-6] shootings tells me that the Democrats were doing WAY more than just fighting Ohio nuclear and trolling the Ohio GOP by staging this ridiculous hoax during the Ohio GOP’s 2019 Christmas Party.

I think that one of the hypotheses that Jordan Sather was looking at – that this may have been some kind of discrediting psy-op – is also very likely – and I think that it’s quite likely that the target is Q followers very much like Jordan, or even, say, people who have sites talking about things like “Nuclear MAGA” and maybe named “The U Tree”.

Now I’m not a particular fan of “free energy”, figuring that I was highly trained in the idea that “no free lunch” is in fact a powerful tool of natural scientific discernment. However, I am a believer in the reality of technologies more advanced than our own, and thus of things like Bob Lazar physics, a richer periodic table, working UFOs, extraterrestrials, and those sorts of things. So yes – this could be useful for discrediting ALL of us who think “there is there there” in new and hidden science.

To see that QAnon “followers” are being actively discredited by the collapsing Democrat worldview, just look at the little tiff the next day between President Trump and the Failing New York Times, in which the word BASELESS figured prominently.


If you’ve followed my prior comments on the New York Times and QAnon, you know that I believe the Times is PAINFULLY aware of the “reality” of QAnon – whatever that means as far as a PSY-OP goes – and that the leftists at Fake News NYT are simply PRETENDING NOT TO KNOW.

Now – let’s get edgy. I can’t give you all the details – but I can play some reality games BACK at these loathsome hoaxers.

The QAnon / Gambino / Staten Island / hit job thing is actually very interesting to me. Not only is Speaker Gambino – WHOOPS – I mean Speaker d’Alesandro – WHOOPS – I mean Speaker Pelosi connected to this stuff – it turns out that I AM TOO.

Yes. There was a very interesting point where people with Italian names – well, sometimes just maiden names – and in some cases connections to Staten Island – became involved in certain delicate matters, back in the days when the whole CA3 thing was in search of closure that I wasn’t so willing to oblige.

Do any Democrats remember what I’m talking about? I strongly suspect that the “White Hats” do, and might be willing to refresh memories at the right moments.

Anyway, Mr. Comello – whose name is not the same name as Comey but makes me wonder – seems a lot like somebody I remember. Perhaps the technologies are a bit more advanced now, but still – I have strong suspicions that his victim, Mr. Cali, might have known things about “the old days”, and that could prove very dangerous, since March of 1981 was an unfortunate time for more people than just me.

Enjoy the show. I’m expecting many interesting things to become known.

Let me leave everybody with a viral idea. Speaking of the New York Times.

Gunpowder is to burning wood, what artificial irrational mental states are to natural, random mental illness.

Come on – think about it. What if SOME had it, but MOST didn’t even know it was there?

And people published books to deny it. From – OH – maybe Fake News New York Times journalists.

Cybernetics can be abused. Get used to that world. You’ve been living in it a lot longer than you think. Most of you were BORN INTO IT. Because if you don’t know about the holy grail, and everybody LIES to the world that the holy grail was never achieved, just think of what POWER that would give those who HAD the holy grail – and others weren’t even allowed to speculate that people HAD IT.

And what do you know – we’re back to the beginning of THIS story.


Didn’t Creamer or one of his lieutenants say something about using mental patients?

Why, I think he did. At 13:50 in this sucker.

Kinda like “fire sticks” were to the Indians. Gunpowder was almost like magic.

Like I said – enjoy the show.

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Wow. Well, we know it is war, so why be surprised by the tactics?
A couple of things hit me here. This ties into Ukraine/Burisma/oil and gas. We’ve speculated that the cabal and global powers-that-be want to control the oil, make us all believe in stupid “green energy,” know that another Maunder Minimum is coming, and so make trillions of dollars while most of us freeze to death. Which also fulfills Agenda 21/2030. So of course they can’t have nuclear. Too cheap, too clean, and they don’t control it.
I also am coming to believe that they aren’t just using the mentally ill, but are creating them by manipulating us all. There have always been mentally ill people, but not to the extent that there are today. The stats on how many people are on psychotropics is ridiculous. There’s “something wrong” with half the people I know!
I am strongly encouraging every young person I know to check out of mainstream media. I know that’s got to be part of how they’re doing it. It’s the common denominator for virtually everybody in any industrial nation. I know they use subliminal messaging, I caught Fakebook doing it not long ago. Their images weren’t fast enough for me not to see them. Insidious bastards.


“THEY LIVE. They are making US crazy, and they are making SOCIETY crazy.”
Well said!
It’s interesting, but I know quite a few young people (23 or less) who are rejecting technologies. Not all of it, but enough to let me know they are catching on.


I asked an architect that I know how many of his clients are having smart home systems built, and he said none, that it’s too much of a hassle. That hassle does enslave us. There was a recent report of someone not being able to unlock his “smart” front door during a power outage.


” The system also REWARDS self-discreditation. VERY IMPORTANT. Even when people AREN’T mentally ill, it tries to get people to self-categorize as mentally ill or “having issues”, and then begin INAPPROPRIATE TREATMENT.”
THIS! We give so much inappropriate attention to “challenged” children! I will not. People who talk to me about their challenged kids get a blank look and a change of subject. Fuck it, I’d rather talk about the weather than your kid’s supposed Asperger’s. Because in most cases, I think it’s a discipline problem.
And when my friends talk about their “depression” and how they plan to get medication, my response is NO. Diet, exercise, volunteerism, outdoor activity, and community. Also religion, if they are amenable. But NO drugs, and NO talk therapy. Because the damned psychologists are in on it, whether they are aware of it or not.


Oh you are speaking such wisdom!!!!


A little story.
I once worked in a religious organization, not mainstream, in which I was tasked with disappointing a group of individuals who wanted to arrange a real estate transaction in such a way as to be beneficial for them rather than the organization.
My higher ups tasked me and me alone with turning down the proposal. I was subjected to ongoing letters and calls that turned increasingly nasty.
I was even told by my immediate superior that I must hold the line to protect the individuals who really made the decision. I did. Eventually things settle down.
However, during the ordeal I became increasingly depressed, something I had never experienced before. It got to the point that I left the job.
It went on for some time. I could not seem to shake it. One day, a long while into this nightmare, it came to me that the depression was IMPOSED ON ME FROM OUTSIDE. It was not originating in me.
That was an epiphany. I made great progress after that, and was able to overcome the darkness and depression.
A year or so later, I got a call from a woman who had been involved on the fringes of the situation. She was wondering why I was no longer working at the organization. She was a friend, so I told her of my struggle.
She was stunned. She revealed to me that the group of individuals who had been behind the real estate scheme had been praying for my death.
Yes. You heard it right.
She apologized profusely for not alerting me to what was going on. She had not believed it would have any effect.
I was just so happy to know the source of the evil that had descended upon me.
As people of faith, we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Evil intent unleashes spiritual evil.


Wolf, God surely loves me, because I came out of that situation so much stronger than before. To survive such a thing is to overcome the diabolical. I only did it with God’s help, though. Prayed night and day.
Once I said to Him, “Father, I am at the end of my rope! What happens if I let go?”
He said to me, “I will still be there.”
I was so comforted. I had many such little signs along the way. My Guardian Angel was surely holding me up.
And yes, it was shocking to know that people can be such tools of the devil. That’s why we must keep up our prayers for President Trump and all Patriots.


That is a scary story. I am very glad you had your faith to shield you until you realized what was happening to you, otherwise the outcome may have been much worse.
I am always surprised when people don’t understand that without the proper protection, other people’s evil intentions can be harmful, even when those same people believe that GOOD intentions are helpful. It works both ways, which is why we need God’s armor.


Yes! My faith was like a mustard seed, so tiny and seemingly insignificant, but Jesus is so powerful that we can overcome mountains. Never, ever give up.


They’ve moved the goal posts too. Creating mental illnesses out of quirks and minor and transient stuff. Again it’s like pavlovs dogs. The more it’s rewarded by attention and privilege the more people are reluctant to let go of the specialness. It’s also an excuse for almost any behaviour.
This brings me to one of my soapboxes
The privilege Olympics
Let’s choose indigenous but you can substitute colour, race, being on the spectrum, coming from a bad home etc.etc
In oz if you are ASTIC (aboriginal/Torres strait islander)
There is an aboriginal legal service …………..(subtext) you’ll always be in trouble with the law
Aboriginal health clinics………… are too dumb to look after your health without guidance
Aboriginal education supplements-payments for sending your kids to school….because you are a dumb fuck who can’t see the value of education
Jobs in govt reserved for aboriginals……..because you are so unreliable and such an unattractive employee you have to be guaranteed jobs that you can’t be sacked from even if you bother to apply
Aboriginal housing…….because you are too stupid and lazy to ever buy and pay off a house for yourself
Aboriginal antenatal care …….because you are a subspecies and don’t care about your unborn kids
Aboriginal low interest loans where if you even make one payment on a car then default the govt will pick up the tab
Aboriginal drug and alcohol services……..because you will alway e a drunk and/ or drug addict
Ffs they had to reformulate petrol here to stop aboriginal kids giving themselves brain damage from sniffing petrol
Theres ads on tv about family violence and special programs for indigenous
Theres ads about not drink driving for aboriginals
Theres ads about not sleeping on roads ffs
Theres ads about feeding your kids good food
Theres ads about using seat belts especially on little kids
Etc etc
All these and many more “assistance “ measures just reinforce the the underlying message that you are always going to be a total loser
There is a huge industry with lots of jobs at stake because aboriginals have so many problems
And at the same time the endless drumming of stolen land, stolen generation, white oppression of the lovely aboriginal cultures that lived in peace and harmony and nirvana!


So where are you hiding the special sunglasses?


10 points for spelling pinaturbo correctly


“THEY LIVE. They are making US crazy, and they are making SOCIETY crazy.”
Wolf…I can’t help but wonder if this is also a way to chip away at the 2nd Am.
‘Crazy people’ don’t get approved for gun ownership.


I remember a few years ago at a doc appt, he routinely asked me how I felt. I said kinda blue…just not myself. (this was in January and I think i was experiencing a little SADD). He immediately pulled out the prescription pad to put me on anti-depressants. I said no thanks…I just think I need to sit in the sun a little more. And it’s okay NOT TO BE HAPPY all the time…I am a human capable of a wide range of emotions…but instantly he wanted to medicate me…sheesh…


It is normal to feel sad, angry, happy, melancholy, grieving, etc. sometimes! We have forgotten that. Now it’s just “gimme a happy pill.” So unhealthy.




Who can doubt that they seek to increase our levels of anxiety and fear on a MULTITUDE of issues, from cancer to nuclear power to cholesterol, and on into climate change and cow farts and carbs.
Then they feed us this crap day after day after day in a neverending and always rotating cycle of ‘news’.
No wonder young people are on pills.
Who wants us afraid and cowering?
These tactics are of the devil.

Deplorable Patriot

I had to think a bit before responding here, and, really, if the issue can be distilled to a simple axiom it is that humans react to any one stimulous out of polar opposite, reptilian emotions: fear and desire. One of my voice teachers actually put me onto that and once that reality is part of a world view, everything about persuasion from the mainstream media, garment industries, pharmaceutical industry and more makes all the sense in the world.
Every minute of every day in those spaces, we are being sold one message after another based on one of the two extremes, which is about the only reason I can come up with for my next door neighbor leaf blowing his lawn EVERY SINGLE DAY: he DESIRES his law to be neat and tidy, so he tortures the rest of us.
I, as a woman, desire to be attractive, so I use this product or that that will ease the wrinkles age is putting there (cocoa butter works better than anything else for that).
Humans fear drowning, therefore the message that the seas are rising as the polar ice caps melt – which those who follow Steve Malloy and Joe Bastardi know they aren’t – sinks in, so, gullible people follow the protocols put forth that supposedly will keep the earth from warming.
This can be extrapolated out any number of ways, but the bottom line is that the MSM in all of its manifestations, is using the base, reptilian emotions of humans to mess with clear thinking.
That being the case, the simple reality of the American public being ignorant of most chemistry and physics beyond don’t mix bleach and ammonia will cause panic when the word “nuclear” pops up given previous lies told.
Personally, I kind of figured that the fissionable material would not be available to a member of the general public, so a nuclear device in a garage was unlikely.
No panic here.
Now, as for the idea of mental illness as discussed above, it is not always triggered by MSM sources. My problems are almost always with relationships. Too much gluten and a couple other food combinations are a problem as well, but usually the problem is with people. I’m not a conformist, and that – for others – is a problem.
Two specific times I had issues, both were due to work environments. Given that in the US we are told that we HAVE TO HAVE a job and benefits and all that, the FEAR of losing a job messes with the head. It does. In both cases I had an issue, I was in an office situation with women bosses who had chucked faith and all that goes with it. Once I was gone from both of those situations, my mental state returned to much healthier fairly quickly. (It happens with dating, too. I gave a guy his walking papers once, and my head cleared up within the afternoon.)
What helps any one person is individual, but for me, at the second work place, what kept me sane was listening to classical music in the car on my way to and from work. I wasn’t in that job three years and for over half of it, I was listening to Classic 99.1, may it return to us one day, more than anything else.
Right now, with the human relationships messing with me being family members, it’s religion that’s keeping me sane. The diet and exercise component helps, but actually getting up, going through morning prayers, going to Adoration, not missing Mass, is what is helping me more than anything else. A calmness is instilled that cannot be otherwise replicated.
And best of all, partaking of the Faith is free.
Just another perspective.


What about the MANY Q Drops today?
Something is about to POP soon.
Qanon subject on Jessie Waters tonight?


over 10 today


Waters World update:
Some guy poo pooing Q (and US) as expected……
Moar exposure for the Great Awakening though?


Jesse Watters Will Cover Qanon
7 Dec 2019 – 2:25:21 PM

While a biased POV shelters/protects the host, the overall discussion [eyes on] generates awareness.


No poo-poo-ing. Fairly straight commentary.
Best part – that survey shows Q peeps are 10% of the US population.
We are 33 million. Dayam!


10% of US….. Yes!
But that IDIOT…. WAS poo pooing Q …. and US.
“Conspiracy theorists”….. WE are NOT “Theorists”….. Just Intelligent Citizens.

Deplorable Patriot


Deplorable Patriot

In PR we were taught all publicity is good publicity. There’s something to that.

Harry Lime

I wonder if anyone is doing a deep dive on this guy and his garage. I might have missed it but did the media even mention his name in any of the reporting? I find that odd if they didn’t.


OK, how many here watched The Prisoner when it was on broadcast TV?

Harry Lime

I bought the blu ray some time ago and have been waiting for a good time to watch it. Other than that I’ve only seen small clips on youtube…looks very intriguing. There are a few books on Amazon that try to analyse the episodes and explain the shows ‘deeper’ meaning and symbolism.


I should note that I’m talking about the original series from the 60s with Patrick McGoohan.
When you’re talking about deeper meanings, there’s a lot of fun to be had with just the shallow ones. As an example, there are these ubiquitous speakers all over The Village. They play marches to get you going in the morning, and calming pieces in the evenings to get everyone to relax — all punctuated with frequent Public Service Announcements. Our antihero, Number 6, beats one to death in his assigned dwelling. Shortly thereafter, a repairman shows up (without being called), sweeps up the shards into a bucket, pulls out a new silent one from a box, then shakes it and it starts blaring the same crap as all the other speakers…..and he puts it exactly back where the destroyed one had been. All very polite and efficient.
It’s the Internet of Things, sixty years too early.

Harry Lime

I was pretty excited when they came out with the complete set on blu ray…got a copy right away…just haven’t gotten to it yet. Eventually I’d like to see his other series, Danger Man and Secret Agent, both of which are also highly rated.comment image

[…] Pesky Wolf Throws Radioactive Tin Foil on the Democrat Nuclear Reactor Hoax in Columbus, Ohio […]

[…] Pesky Wolf Throws Radioactive Tin Foil on the Democrat Nuclear Reactor Hoax in Columbus, Ohio […]