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TheStormHasArrived17Forwarded from Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)My current thoughts:
Q wakes up a subset of people. They learn to rely on each other and expose the lies, search for truth. They learn the meaning of WWG1WGA.
Trump must be visibly out of office for the fall of the central banks. Putin waits and attacks Ukraine (possibly stopping bioweapon number 2) at the right time. He takes away their DS hub. They try to eliminate Putin’s economy. He backed his money in gold. The US is Epsteining itself. The federal reserve and the central banks must fall or humanity will never be free. Putin started a domino.
Now Xi shuts down his country under the guise of covid but in reality he’s shutting down the supply chain. They are imploding the entire system and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. The precipice will be felt. The entire system will be brought down in Biblical fashion. Wealth transfer happens in spades. The cabal loses their finances to God’s people.
Trump can come back at the opportune time and present new systems and an awakened world will be ready to move forward without the cabal.

And of course, this:

Oh, wait, this is a Chicom and a German person speaking in English…hinky.


Elon Musk Takes Aim At ‘Woke’ And ‘Unwatchable’ Netflix

Billionaire Elon Musk is not making any friends from the progressive faction on social media ever since he made an offer to purchase Twitter, but now he has taken aim at them again.

Between January and March Netflix lost around 200,000 subscribers it said in its quarterly report yesterday which caused the stock to fall 25 percent, and Musk believes that it is because the service is “unwatchable” because of wokeness.

“The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable,” he said in response to a report from Slashdot.

Is the mouse trapped?

This is better than a split mask, but still…germs are a part of a musician’s life.

Ain’t that a beautiful sight?

This describes more than one family member.

Cat died, body incorrupt.


One of the obstacles to full understanding of just what the enemy is all about revolves around the concept of symbolism.


And now for the business portion.

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Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


LUKE 24:35-48

35Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he was known to them in the breaking of the bread. 36As they were saying this, Jesus himself stood among them. 37But they were startled and frightened, and supposed that they saw a spirit. 38And he said to them, “Why are you troubled, and why do questionings rise in your hearts? 39See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself; handle me, and see; for a spirit has not flesh and bones as you see that I have.” 41And while they still disbelieved for joy, and wondered, he said to them, “Have you anything here to eat?” 42They gave him a piece of broiled fish, 43and he took it and ate before them. 44Then he said to them, “These are my words which I spoke to you, while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets and the psalms must be fulfilled.” 45Then he opened their minds to understand the scriptures, 46and said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, 47and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. 48You are witnesses of these things.


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via Bernhard at MoA … written yesterday
Some Of The Weapons Delivered To Ukraine Will Be Used Against Us

The U.S. and its proxies in Europe are moving an enormous amount of weapons into Ukraine. But no one has an idea where those weapons will end up. It is likely that many of those will proliferate outside of the Ukraine and some of those weapons will inevitably hit those who now deliver them.

In a review of the U.S. war on Syria Aaron Maté details how the Obama/Biden team empowered terrorist networks in Syria:

Based on declassified documents, news reports, and scattered admissions of U.S. officials, this overlooked history of how the Obama-Biden team’s effort to oust the Assad regime – in concert with allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey – details the series of discrete decisions that ultimately led the U.S. to empower terror networks bent on its destruction.

The U.S. pushed an enormous amount of weapons into Syria. Those weapons did not end up with the ‘moderate rebels’ the U.S. propaganda had elevated but in the hands the most ideological committed and most brutal actors on the ground:

Although the Obama administration claimed that the weapons funneled to Syria were intended for “moderate rebels,” they ultimately ended up in the hands of a jihadi-dominated insurgency. Just one month after the Benghazi attack, the New York Times reported that “hard-line Islamic jihadists,” including groups “with ties or affiliations with Al Qaeda,” have received “the lion’s share of the arms shipped to the Syrian opposition.

In a repeat of that ‘strategy’ the U.S. is currently pushing an enormous amount of weapons as well as mercenaries into Ukraine. The bigger stuff it delivers is not of much concern. But the huge amount of small arms and small ammunition, the anti-tank weapons and the handheld anti-air systems are of serious, long term danger. These fit into a car trunk and can easily be smuggled across boarders.

Cont. reading: Some Of The Weapons Delivered To Ukraine Will Be Used Against Us

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Globama don’t care!


MeThinks it’s an intentional feature, to arm bad guys. DIRECT support to black market international arms sales.

AND, %%% rolls back to corrupt US politicians & USG “officials”.


Kinda like Fast and Furiously shipping arms to the drug cartels.

Kinda like opening the borders to terrorists and drugs.

Intentional and treasonous to boot.

The globama conglobulate is depravity itself.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Makes sense!


Interesting. There is a “Cthulhu” commenting there (not me [“cthulhu”]).

Last edited 5 months ago by cthulhu
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Noted. Thank you.


Makes me wonder what kind of BS might be setting up.

I mean, at least they did “Devin Nunez’ Cow” — they could at least do “cthulhu’s shoggoth”.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

If there is BS, I’ll have my eye on it. That said, a duplicate on that short and well-known of a username is not unexpected. Thankfully, I have an extra heads-up now, in case anything interesting blows our way.



I would be fine if I never heard the word “reimagining” again. 😛



^^^ Smells like Build Back Batter, Woke BS.


With you there TT!


Disney had a fictional character call Figment, a purple whatsit that sang Imagination … never liked the putz, but the little kids were quite taken with it. The song sucked big time.


^^^ Veteran producer invoking “reimagining”.

Maybe, CNN ought to “Circle Back” to Honest Journalism.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

That assumes they were ever honest.

You can’t circle back to somewhere you never were.




Nah… just turn out the lights!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Take no chances!


Quite thorough and good.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

And….the Disney bill is on its way to DeSantis.

🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️ 🤸‍♀️
And another thing, Disney privilege makes them a state within the state. They have their own government, laws, and don’t pay FL taxes. THAT JUST AIN’T RIGHT!!

Nope, it’s quite Left.

I see what you did there. 😂

Not any more! 🥳🤩🥳


sorta like the vatican of the pedos.


Leftists screaming as the vote happened:

comment image

Last edited 5 months ago by TheseTruths
bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Sounded like demons howling, they did.


It happened so fast they didn’t have time to come up with a commie chant to repeat over and over

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Both higher ups in Russia’s energy firms? There are NO coincidences.

Two Russian Oligarchs, Their Wives, And Daughters Found Dead One Day Apart (


One of the families was killed by gunshot wounds, and the other had axe wounds. *They* are saying both of them might be murder-suicides. Killing your 18-y-o daughter and wife with an axe? 🤔 Or at least striking them with an axe, if they were killed by some other means. Doesn’t sound plausible to me.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But, fortunately, it wasn’t with a gun.

Murder is always worse when it’s with a gun. Just ask any damned gungrabbing sh*tbag.


Of course. Murder with an axe is just like “deep-tissue massage” at a spa, but gunz are teh EBIL!!!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Elon Musk unveils $46bn financing package to fund Twitter takeover | Daily Mail Online

Blue check marks for EVERYONE! Elon Musk says he’ll verify ‘all real humans’ on Twitter if his latest $46bn takeover bid that involves using Tesla as collateral succeeds

  • Elon Musk said Twitter would crack down on spam and verify ‘all real humans’ if his latest $46 billion take over of the social media giant succeeds  
  • The world’s richest man filed new documents with the SEC on Thursday morning, outlining how he can afford to seize Twitter
  • He has committed $21bn in equity and a combined $25.5bn from Morgan Stanley
  • But ‘a portion’ of Musk’s shares in Tesla have now been put forward as collateral
  • Stocks for Twitter and Tesla continue to rise following Musk’s announcement 

Karl is getting caught up —

In addition it is time to demand that every one of the mandating organizations be dissolved — yes, this means the CDC, NIH and FDA for starters, along with every so-called “public health” department — with every employee of same within local, state or federal governments losing their jobs and be statutorily barred from any future public employment of any sort. If said organizations need to be reconstituted to provide some other sort of legitimate function we must insist that each and every such employee be personally bonded in an amount sufficient to pay any future damages and that statutory criminal penalties be added and enforced should such “mandates” be attempted in the future.

If this is not done forthwith once again I do not care if people in this nation who got screwed decide to take retribution on their own; that is their call since attempted application to the law in our so-called “civil society” has been unlawfully refused. I shall do no more than shrug at each and every such refusal to suffer for said lack of justice.


I agree with the first paragraph, but vigilante justice? Another J6, only this time with real and serious crimes? This seems pretty irresponsible for a person with some influence. Anyone who took the law into their own hands would be jeopardizing their own lives and liberty, maybe forever.


He didn’t say “vigilante justice”, he said “jury nullification”.


Okay. I was going by “I do not care if people in this nation who got screwed decide to take retribution on their own” and his placing civil society in quotes. The opposite of civil society is a lot more than jury nullification. 😟


Karl can be an enigma at times. The rhetoric gets out of control. I try to stay focused on his points and conclusions. FWIW the following is always on his personal messaging posts with site participants.

“Civil Society requires 99%+ consent.
Stop consenting and it is forced to stop. Always.
No violence required.”


It’s been some time in the making …

but for us in the ‘West’…

we are now living in the age of peak bullshit.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It’s higher than ever before, but please don’t assume it can’t get higher still. They have a lot of talent.


Well, we won’t have to worry about fertilizer!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yes we will. That’s the trouble with them. Ordinary BS is good fertilizer. Theirs sterilizes the ground for the next century.




I don’t know. I am afraid to believe we are at the peak. There is always some NEW bullshit to be shat by bull somewhere.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

🐄 💩




…the age of peak bullshit.

DAILY, new peaks realized by our evil betters.


bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Netflix lost $50 BILLION.


Makes my heart smile!

Barb Meier

ZeroHedge is getting a little antsy… “Things are bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


I’m getting a little antsy… know it’s comin… don’t know when 😉


As long as we dont lose our shirts and pantsys we will make it through.


I believe that Gil…



comment image


Hahaha….chrissy must be pissy….


comment image


comment image



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



comment image


This should be very interesting.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

He’s speaking on RSBN now.


Mike Tyson smacked some guy around who was bugging him on a flight.
Looks like he gave him a few love taps, considering.

Mauricio Heredia (@mauro777er) Tweeted:
Cuando Mike Tyson te muele a golpes en un vuelo de JetBlue 😂

@n_larenas @caedemmo


I can’t imagine taunting a professional boxer. 😂

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

At least he was allowed to keep his ears!




Have you seen these? Tyson’s cannabis ear gummies. 😂

Last edited 5 months ago by Gingersmom2009
bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



Those were love taps. If Tyson wanted to hurt him, he’d be in the hospital.


From the Russian MoFA Telegram channel… From the inimitable Maria Zakharova…

#Opinion by Maria ZakharovaBoris Johnson has urged the Russian government to treat the Briton detained in Mariupol while fighting on the side of the Ukrainian government forces “humanely and compassionately.”

Here is what we have to say in this respect.

Boris, we know that you personally and your Government have disavowed the British subjects who have fallen victim to British propaganda and went to Ukraine as mercenaries to kill people there.

Don’t pretend to be worried. You are utterly unconcerned about the fate of Britons in trouble. They didn’t drink champagne with you at Downing Street, and so they can wait for your protection till kingdom come.

I would like to tell the following to those Britons who are concerned about their compatriots: Don’t worry, Russia is taking care of them. They are given food and drink, as well as any other assistance they may need, just as the other foreigners who have surrendered or have been detained.

Unlike the Ukrainian fighters who brutally kill prisoners and torture civilians, the Russian Armed Forces are committed to humanitarian law. If there were no media censorship in Britain, everyone there would know this.

At the same time, we urge the British authorities to treat the citizens of Ukraine “humanely and compassionately,” as Boris Johnson said, by stopping the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. The more weapons London is sending to Ukraine, the more citizens of Ukraine die as a result. But the BBC will never tell Britons about that.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Russia is hamming it up on the moral high ground that Globama gave them.


The high road is chalk full of wins for Russia. (Assuming my take is fairly accurate. AND, I am not cheering for Putin. Simply what I see.)

  1. No war crimes.
  2. Treat prisoners humanely. Video it.
  3. Treat general population fairly.
  4. Beat the hell out of Azov.
  5. Stop fighting in Eastern Ukraine.
  6. Secure, shutdown and expose Bio-Labs
  7. Secure Donbas, Crimea and another I can’t recall.
  8. Proof of concept Russia weapons, tactics…

Guessing NATO is being neutered and may as well fold. EU may create their own military. EU MORE mindful of their energy needs, delivered from Russia.

US, UK and others are gonna eat crow on all of this Ukraine IS great, Russia is an IMMEDIATE threat.


Absolutely. 👍🏻 Mariupol is liberated except for the Azov nazis left in the bowels of that plant. From what I’ve read they’re going to starve them out. Block anything coming or going.

Last edited 5 months ago by Gingersmom2009

Ukraine Seeks to “Destroy Crimea Bridge” – Region’s Only Link to Russia

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council chief has apparently revealed that Kiev’s forces are looking for a way to demolish the Crimean Bridge, Oleksiy Danilov apparently alluded to in an interview.

The bridge is the only connection between mainland Russia and the Crimean peninsula, which borders Ukraine, and currently serves as a vital route for military reinforcements and supplies.

According to reports, Danilov revealed that the Ukrainian forces would strike at the bridge “as soon as the opportunity presents itself.”

Subscribe to RT


From Russian MoD Telegram channel, latest briefing…

Briefing by Russian Defence MinistryThe Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.

During the day, 14 Ukrainian assets were hit by high-precision air-based missiles.

The strikes hit 1 command post, 2 ammunition depots, 2 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 2 nationalist strongholds near Popasnaya.

Ammunition depots were destroyed in Shnurki and Slavyansk and the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ manpower and equipment were also hit in Cherkasskoe and Aleksandrovka.

Up to 120 nationalists, as well as more than 30 armoured vehicles and cars, were destroyed.

Operational-tactical and army aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 64 military assets of Ukraine. Among them: 17 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration near Krasnyi Liman and Drobyshevo, as well as 2 missile and artillery weapons depots near Zaporozhye.

Missile troops and artillery hit 450 enemy assets during the day. Including: 14 command posts, as well as 429 strong points and areas of manpower and military equipment concentration in Velikaya Kamyshevakha, Chervonoe, Pashkovo, Novaya Dmitrovka in Kharkov Region.

Russian air defence means shot down 1 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle near Yasnoe, Donetsk People’s Republic.

In total, 140 aircraft and 106 helicopters, 512 unmanned aerial vehicles, 254 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,422 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 266 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,051 field artillery and mortars, as well as 2,274 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed during the operation.

#MoD #Russia #Ukraine #Briefing


Also additional news from MoD’s “Top News of the Day” post…

Top News Today Report by Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu

( to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces Vladimir Putin on the liberation of Mariupol. 

Missile troops and artillery hit 1,001 military assets of Ukraine ( Among them: 58 command posts, 162 Ukrainian artillery firing positions, and 771 strong points and areas of concentration of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment in Mayaki, Dibrovnoe, Mazanovka, Dolina Krasnopol’e, Velikaya Kamyshevakha, Chervonoe, Vernopol’e, Pashkovka, Dmitrovka, Novaya Dmitrovka, Vysokiy, Chernoglazovka, Slatino, Zolochev, Partizanskoe, Aleksandrovka and Shevchenkovo of Nikolaev region.

During the day, 14 Ukrainian assets were hit by high-precision air-based missiles ( The strikes hit 1 command post, 2 ammunition depots, 2 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 2 nationalist strongholds near Popasnaya.

The Kiev regime has prepared in advance another sophisticated provocation ( to discredit the Russian Armed Forces before the international community in Voskresenskoe, Nikolaev Region. At the instructions of the AFU command, information and psychological operations specialists staged filming of “acts of looting” allegedly committed by Russian servicemen against civilians: fighters of the 191st Battalion of the 123rd Territorial Defence Brigade dressed in Russian uniform and using vehicles with a “Z” sign demonstrated looting of private homes and making photos and videos of their outrages on mobile phones. [MY NOTE: You’d think these guys would be more useful spending their time fighting Russians than making videos. 🙂 ]

Selected National Guard of Ukraine casualty figures ( obtained from actual Ukrainian documents have been published. They disclose significant casualties among military personnel of the military unit 3029 (by March 29, 2022).

Footage of Russian Smerch multiple-launch rocket systems striking Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities ( has been released, as well as video of the consequences of a missile strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on a peaceful civilian ( enterprise in Tokmak in Zaporozhye Region.

Surrendered AFU servicemen are being treated in hospitals on LPR territory ( AFU servicemen described conditions of detention ( and their attitude to torture on the Ukrainian side.

#MoD #Russia #Ukraine


Barb Meier

Oh my…. love this one by Jon McNaughton.


That is cool!

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image

comment image

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Add to this Hoe’s Chief of Staff quitting, bringing total to 13 staffers flying her coop.

comment image
comment image

Last edited 5 months ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I’m seeing reports that Brian Kolfage pleaded guilty to fraudulently taking funds from the wall project. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, I’m guessing that my opinion might not be popular here.

2 plead guilty in ‘We Build The Wall’ fraudulent fundraiser

Brian Kolfage admitted to pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars while promising all donations would pay for the wall. His plea came a month before a trial in a case that began in dramatic fashion in August 2020 when Bannon was pulled from a luxury yacht off the coast of Connecticut and arrested on allegations that he and three others falsely promised donors that all donations would help build a wall on the southern border.

Bannon was pardoned by Trump just before he left office last year. Bannon had pleaded not guilty to charges that he pocketed over $1 million, using some of the money to secretly pay Kolfage, an Air Force veteran who lost both legs in a mortar attack in Iraq.

A guilty plea Thursday by codefendant financier Andrew Badolato in the case during the same remotely conducted electronic hearing before U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres in Manhattan meant that only one of the four defendants originally charged might go to trial in mid-May.

Plea agreements between the government and Kolfage and Badolato specified the defendants will not challenge sentences within an agreed-to guidelines range. For Kolfage, that range was four to five years. For Badolato, it was roughly 3 1/2 years to four years. Sentencing was scheduled for Sept. 6.

Kolfage, of Miramar Beach, Florida, pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy and tax charges brought originally in Florida. Badolato, of Sarasota, Florida, pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy. Without the plea deal, Kolfage could have faced up to 46 years in prison while Badolato faced a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison.

The organizers of the “We Build The Wall” group raised more than $25 million from thousands of donors as they repeatedly pledged that every dollar would be used for the project.

Asked to describe his crimes by the judge, Kolfage said the group had originally intended for all the raised money to be used to build a wall, but it “soon became apparent” that the plan to donate the money to the U.S. government for the wall’s construction was not possible.

At that point, he said, they “induced donors to opt in to the new project” to build a border wall on private land by falsely representing that none of the donations would be spent on salaries or compensation to the fundraisers.

“I knew what I was doing was wrong and a crime,” he said.

After he spoke, Torres asked questions, including whether he had promised the public that “100 percent” of the money would go toward building the wall.

“That is correct,” he answered.

“Despite your promise, you made an agreement with others to keep a large sum of money for yourself,” the judge said.

“That is correct,” Kolfage answered.

Badolato said he engaged in the conspiracy from 2018 to 2020, agreeing to assure donors that all the money would go toward building the wall when he knew the statements were false.

“I knew this was wrong and I’m terribly, terribly sorry for what I did and I humbly beg the court for mercy,” he said.

When the judge asked Badolato if he was aware that Kolfage was going to get money from donations, he said: “Yes I did and I helped facilitate it.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicolas Roos said evidence against the men at trial would have included testimony from donors, along with transaction records following donations into the defendants’ bank accounts, emails and text records, along with public statements made by the coconspirators that were false.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Why did they stupidly promise undeliverables? All charities require “infrastructure” – jeez Louise.


Hell, BiteMe’s Foundation or whatever they call it delivers pennies on the dollars raked in. Overhead is their alibi.

Simply money laundering, legally. Unethical, but legal.

Clinton Crime Family launders MILLIONS, EVERY year. Prolly tens of millions.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The whole thing is nuts. A good guy promises, doesn’t deliver, and faces prison. Bad people DON’T promise, skim many times more, and win awards.

They WAIT LIKE VULTURES for us to fuck up in the slightest, and then it’s prison. While they commit MURDER and BLAME IT ON OTHERS.

But Cankles will not be free for long. Justice is coming for her.


Hoping you are correct about hildabeast.

I can almost see the drama how she can’t be arrested and held in jail. Too ill to stand trial. She had no idea what people did in her name or her interests.

Would like to believe the Clinton Crime Family can be held accountable.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

SMDH. They could’ve just been honest and said that he was taking a salary to manage the project. People would’ve understood that. Stealing millions, shameful.
At least they managed to build a very difficult part of the wall that the Feds didn’t want to touch. Hope it’s still standing.


TT, Please do share your perspective. Popular or not, your thoughts are typically well reasoned.


Certainly NOT condoning whatever Kolfage did that was illegal.

Personally I hope Kolfage gets home confinement for whatever period of time. Leave home for medical. NO prison can adequately care for Kolfage without huge expense. Taxpayers lose.



Triple Amputee and Veteran Brian Kolfage Built More Border Wall than Biden and Obama Combined — So Democrats Dragged Him Through His Yard in the Rain and Charged Him with Fraud and Tried to Destroy Him

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image

comment image


That’s nearly the same CV as Kamala Harris. He should start reviewing his Democrat politician fellatio skills. Maybe he has a shot at VPOTUS.

Sadie Slays

ANOTHER plane crash into a food plant!

Georgia plane crashes at General Mills plant, no passengers survived: Police

There was a plane crash last week at a potato processing plant in Idaho:

Plane crashes into Idaho potato and food processing plant, killing the pilot, cops say

IMO, “plane crash” is either 1) being used as a cover story for explosions, arson, and general sabotage, or 2) the Enemy is “bombing” these buildings by ramming them with remote control aircraft or drones.


Tucker is talking about food processing plants burning…


bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

😂 😂
comment image

Last edited 5 months ago by bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

OMG, that’s hilarious!!!

Dumbo 🤣🤣

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

That is EXACTLY the size of it. OBAMA was behind all the radical tranny shite.

Ohio was set to have a very low-crazy gay marriage bill that would have STRONGLY preserved religious freedom and freedom of speech – but OBAMA talked them into withdrawing it.

Very shortly after that, the OSATAN FEDS won gay marriage in SCOTUS, and began pushing all the forcible trans crap HARD.

The GROOMERS had a plan.



From Colonel Cassad Telegram channel… I didn’t bother with the Canadian list…

List of US citizens subject to Russian personal sanctions:Kamala Devi Harris – Vice President of the United States;

Kathleen Holland Hicks – First Deputy Secretary of Defense;

Christopher Watson Grady – Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff;

John Francis Kirby – Deputy Secretary of Defense, official representative of the Department of Defense;

Ronald Klain – White House Chief of Staff;

Evan Maureen Ryan – Secretary of the President’s Cabinet, wife of Secretary of State E. Blinken;

Margaret Goodlander – Adviser to the Secretary of Justice, wife of Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security J. Sullivan;

Douglas Craig Emhoff – husband of Vice President C. Harris;

Robert Kagan – political scientist, husband of Senior Deputy Secretary of State W. Nuland;

Edward Price, State Department Spokesman;

Richard/Rachel Levine – Deputy Minister of Health;

Brian Thomas Moynihan – Chairman and CEO of Bank of America;

Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Elliot Zuckerberg) – co-founder and head of the board of directors of Meta (former Facebook);

Kathy Warden, President and CEO, Northrop Grumann Corporation;

Phebe Novakovic – President of General Dynamics;

Michael Petters – President of Huntington Ingalls Industries;

William Brown, President of L-3 Harris Technologies;

Wahid Nawabi, President of Aerovironment;

Roger Krone, President of Leidos;

Horacio Rozanski, President of Booz Allen Hamilton;

Eilee Drake, President, Aerojet Rocketdyne;

David Deptua – Head of Research Institute “Mitchell Institute of Airspace Studies”;

Ryan Roslansky – Chief Executive Officer of the social network “LinkedIn”;

George Stephanopoulos – host of the ABC television channel;

Matthew Kroenig – Deputy Director of the B. Scowcroft Center for Strategic Security NGO;

David Ignatius (David Reynolds Ignatius) – journalist, expert at the Wilson Center;

Edward Acevedo – Former member of the Illinois Legislature, expert at the Wilson Center;

Kevin Rothrock – expert at the Wilson Center, editor-in-chief of the English version of the Meduza media portal;

Bianna Vitalievna Golodryga is a Senior International Analyst at CNN.


Hmmm. I wonder why they didn’t sanction Biden or Blynken. Or Milley, for that matter.

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

I think they were already sanctioned on round 1 or 2.


Oooooh, burn! Deadnaming Levine!

How “Nie Kulturny” is that?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

LMAO! He’s a DICK!!!


Apparently Il Donaldo Trumpo has a new Twitter account since that one got closed down. It’s “il Fiesta Kingo.” He is still “Il Donaldo Trumpo” on TruthSocial and probably elsewhere.




bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎



bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

DeSantis signed the redistricting map. 👀 on Florida, who is it?


Oh hell no. Trump is not going to do that, nor does he need too. If they want him to be speaker the house they need only vote him in regardless if he holds an office, they can vote anyone in they want. Meantime why would he get involved in day to day swamp politics when he could rule the roost on occasion if he and when and if he wishes and hand off day to day speakership duties to the congressman of his choice.

Grenell should know this. I think he’s just trying to freak out the libs.

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bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

Agreed, but Grenell isn’t saying 45 is running, the Bruno guy is. Nonetheless, a #maga #patriot would be an ideal candidate whoever it is.


Not that there’s anything wrong with freaking out the libs….



Hateful carbon life form…

Sadie Slays

I updated the list of food processing plant fires to include food banks/pantries. Additionally, Kalbokalbs mentioned in the previous thread that Tucker is now covering this story (link

4/21 – Plane crash into a General Mills plant in Georgia.

4/18 – Azure Standard organic food plant burns down

4/15 – Fire at largest soybean processing plant in US

4/13 – Plane crashes into potato processing plant in Idaho.

4/13 – Taylor Farms plant in Salinas burns down.

4/13 – Pet food plant in Pennsylvania has a minor fire.

4/11 – Slaughterhouse in New Hampshire burns down.

3/31 – Rio Fresh onion processing plant in Texas burns down. 

3/28 – Maricopa County Food Bank burns down. 50,000 lbs. of food destroyed.

3/24 – Potato processing plant in Maine burns down.

3/17 – Nestle food plant in Arkansas burns down.

2/22 – Large explosion at Shearer’s Food plant in Oregon.

2/3 – Meat Processing plant in Wisconsin burns down.

1/21 – Potato processing plant in Washington burns down.

1/13 – Fire at an animal feed mill in Louisiana

1/11 – Fresno dairy burns down

1/7 – Multiple alarm fire at Canadian poultry plant

12/23/21 – Two-alarm fire at pet food plant in South Carolina

11/14/21 – Garrard County Food Pantry burns down; woman charged with arson.

8/24/21 – Soup kitchen in Long Island burns down.

8/16/21 – Food pantry burns down in Woodburn, Oregon; man charged with arson.

7/31/21 – Large food bank warehouse in Bakersfield, CA burns down.

6/22/21 – Silver Stage Food Pantry in Nevada burns down.

5/22/21 – Des Moines area food pantry burns down.

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Anyone else been following this?