CALM DOWN! Miller Lite Got It Right, At Least The History of Women in Brewing And Bikinis

Before going any farther, remember:

“THEY” want us divided.

And with the reaction to Miller Lite’s new ad regarding women in brewing, the day after men everywhere celebrated their mothers, it seems that priming the audience to a knife’s edge to see “wokeness” and trannies everywhere is at an all time high. And it’s dividing us.

For those who are late to the party, all the hub-bub is about this ad which dropped today and is being called “stupid” and “repetitive”:

First off, let us review history as brought to us by Smithsonian Magazine:

Humans have been drinking beer for almost 7,000 years, and the original brewers were women. From the Vikings to the Egyptians, women brewed beer both for religious ceremonies and to make a practical, calorie-rich beverage for the home.

In fact, the nun Hildegard von Bingen, who lived in modern-day Germany, famously wrote about hops in the 12th century and added the ingredient to her beer recipe.

From the Stone Age to the 1700s, ale – and, later, beer – was a household staple for most families in England and other parts of Europe. The drink was an inexpensive way to consume and preserve grains. For the working class, beer provided an important source of nutrients, full of carbohydrates and proteins. Because the beverage was such a common part of the average person’s diet, fermenting was, for many women, one of their normal household tasks.

Some enterprising women took this household skill to the marketplace and began selling beer. Widows or unmarried women used their fermentation prowess to earn some extra money, while married women partnered with their husbands to run their beer business.

So if you traveled back in time to the Middle Ages or the Renaissance and went to a market in England, you’d probably see an oddly familiar sight: women wearing tall, pointy hats. In many instances, they’d be standing in front of big cauldrons.

But these women were no witches; they were brewers.

They wore the tall, pointy hats so that their customers could see them in the crowded marketplace. They transported their brew in cauldrons. And those who sold their beer out of stores had cats not as demon familiars, but to keep mice away from the grain. Some argue that iconography we associate with witches, from the pointy hat to the cauldron, originated from women working as master brewers.

Just as women were establishing their foothold in the beer markets of England, Ireland and the rest of Europe, the Reformation began. The fundamentalist religious movement, which originated in the early 16th century, preached stricter gender norms and condemned witchcraft.

Male brewers saw an opportunity. To reduce their competition in the beer trade, these men accused female brewers of being witches and using their cauldrons to brew up magic potions instead of booze.

Unfortunately, the rumors took hold.

Over time, it became more dangerous for women to practice brewing and sell beer because they could be misidentified as witches. At the time, being accused of witchcraft wasn’t just a social faux pas; it could result in prosecution or a death sentence. Women accused of witchcraft were often ostracized in their communities, imprisoned or even killed.

Some men didn’t really believe that the women brewers were witches. However, many did believe that women shouldn’t be spending their time making beer. The process took time and dedication: hours to prepare the ale, sweep the floors clean and lift heavy bundles of rye and grain. If women couldn’t brew ale, they would have significantly more time at home to raise their children. In the 1500s some towns, such as Chester, England, actually made it illegal for most women to sell beer, worried that young alewives would grow up into old spinsters.

With those stricter gender norms, came the confiscation of convents, and women who were previously physicians, musicians, poets, brewers, etc., were told that they MUST be wives and mothers exclusively, but that’s a post for another time.

So, we have it established then, that before the commercialization of mass produced beer via mechanization and the assembly line models of production, women were kicked out of the beer business in some places. Don’t get me wrong on the big breweries: they are marvels of innovation. I live less than ten miles from one of the world’s largest and it is something to behold, but beer began as small batches as part of a woman’s work in the home.

From what some of us saw, that was the point of the Miller Lite ad. It gives a history lesson told by real women as many of us really look. Unlike with the Bud Light debacle, there were no trannies involved, nor were there scantily clad models. In fact, the scantily clad models – eye candy for men – were really rather denigrated by the real women. Most of us don’t look like that and would never entertain wearing a bikini.

Why these sorts of ads are coming out now might well be explained by a response to the ad itself:

That being the case, of all of the “go woke” campaigns started of late, this one may be the least objectionable. At least there are no actual trannies, and someone finally objected to women in bikinis or scantily clad in advertising and atmospheres targeted at men.

I’m no feminist, but that has been a pet peeve for a long time.

What was striking about today’s experience with this ad and the reaction to it was just how much vitriol there was. It was like so many conservatives were on a hair trigger with the trans stuff being in our faces for over a month. People are seeing “woke” everywhere, even when, for once with these social credit scores, the truth is being told. Men from all corners of the internet claim the target market was insulted. How?

And what exactly is woke about telling history, and explaining how compost – even if profanity was used unnecessarily to describe it – helps to produce the grains needed to brew the product?

Is there a real problem with women being entrepreneurs in the microbrew business?

Before just condemning the whole micro-episode in the woke agenda implosion, those are questions worth asking.

P.S. St. Hildegard von Bingen mentioned in the Smithsonian article is worth a look for those interested in the history of the Middle Ages. She was a VERY accomplished woman.

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Looks like the people in the Twitter comments section are getting it mostly right 🤣

All light beer ads must include a lesson on gender studies to improve their ESG score.

Ilana Glazer wants you to send her your shit. How could they not see that backfire at any point?

The women in this ad are the same women that like bikini ads.

Stacey Celebrates Traditions
Why don’t all the pathetic advertisers just say what they really mean. They hate men, they hate white men in particular. I wish men would just quit working at these places and let them fall.

גי דוד – Super Free Man
Ah, the old ‘ancient women brewers’ narrative – a golden stream of wokeness for ESG points. Good luck, @MillerLite, you’re going to need it! In the meantime…

Neutrino Ghost
Lesbian chick who hates men lectures 90% of @MillerLite‘s customers. Hell of an idea!

Amanda James
You know, I never had a Miller beer. I’ll make sure I never do. Perhaps if they advertised with scantily clad, attractive women then abdominal fat in the US would decrease. You know, like it was 15 years ago….Just saying….

Frizzle McDizzle
This is what happens when you let millennial women run a company

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

“Bless you, Scott!” 😂



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Rolling On The Floor here.  😂   😅   😂 


This is what happens when you let millennial women run a company

^^^ I’m absolutely dying over this one. ^^^

(Don’t care if Miller is run by a gal.)

Brave and Free

Well thanks for the history lesson DP. As for the ad, my reaction what ever. I hardly ever watch TV and never drink Miller Lite or Bud Light, there tasteless.
Micro brewers for me and the wife. Explore the locals around your area, you all may be surprised of some of the quality out there. Lots of different styles of beer out there to try am sure everyone could find one they like.

Brave and Free

Oh I see it. It’s everywhere you look, from sports to the freaking cereal they want you to eat in the mornings. All about “ours is better than yours.” Most consumer advertising is divisive.


Not seeing it. But, slow guys ,misses a lot. And I don’t watch TV.   :wpds_shock: 


I just think the reaction to this ad makes a lot of assumptions: the women in the ad are lesbians,

I have not made that assumption.

the head of the company is a woman,

Nor that one.

the choices of big funding for these operations are unlimited,

Never occurred to me.

and therefore the companies themselves should shun the credit score thing. 

Absolutely they should. It’s negatively affecting our society in multiple ways.

It just further dividing us after being primed for the division. People can’t see that.

On the contrary, I see it all. What is dividing us is the idea that we need ANOTHER reminder of how women, other races, fill-in-the-blank-here, have been wronged. THAT is what is dividing us. My reaction to an ad that is preachy, ineffective, and dumb (asking people to send them papers — Paper, in this computer age! Papers of I suppose women in bikinis? — so they can make compost is not sowing division. (I don’t care if it is tongue-in-cheek; give me a break!) Rather, recognizing and pointing out their tactics is needful when we are inundated by them on a daily basis.

Last edited 9 months ago by TheseTruths
Brave and Free

Yeah my gaydar didn’t go off either. I did see the men are terrible though.
Hope they have a big in box when all the S*** gets sent into them LOL


FWIW, nothing here. Never looked at it as “lesbian”, head honcho a gal…

The ad SHOULD focus on promoting “brand” AND sales.

The rest of it belongs on History Chanel.

Yes. 100%, totally, divisive ad.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The woman talking in the ad self-advertises as “queer”, but she married her boyfriend. Others say she’s a lesbian.

Don’t really care about that. Is she a GROOMER or a WOKESCOLD?

That’s where I get off the HAPPY BUS! 😉

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Your finding common cause with leftist ESG wokescolds is fascinating, and I get it at some level, but I insist on remaining stupid in my visceral and authentic reaction to this curly-haired update to Brunhilda-era feminism.

Good grief – make it go away! 😂


I’m beginning to believe this is part of a larger campaign to get us to fight amongst ourselves.

The Right is not fighting among its own ranks. From what I can see, most of us are in agreement that the ad comes from a leftist perspective and is furthering their agenda. That results in a united front on our side.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes. If anything, the progressive left and its corporate allies are trying to re-activate the male-female divide, since the “united CIS” is a threat of opposition to TRANS.


Wut perspective?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think you’re right about the larger campaign. I ran into some other tweet campaigns today that are playing the same accusatory 80’s feminism revival angle, but not from corporate jumping-off points.


Guilty. Willing to be educated.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This actually nails what is WRONG with the ad.

Imagine if these ad people would have done the ad as a brilliant historical piece – like what you have described here – instead of a propaganda “walking talker” with a “T&A girl in a mini-skirt” – that reminds me very strongly of the Dick Wolf “FBI” propaganda set (3 hours on CBS, every Tuesday night), only with more legs and jugs.

The ad is just SO WOKE and psy-op that it is impossible to stomach the valid content.

It’s a shiny blue pill that looks good, tastes terrible, and though containing a few vitamins in less than RDA amounts, also contains enough ipecac to make it come right back out.


The ad does not appeal to the intellect, it kicks up emotions FOR ESG POINTS, and it just reminds me of the amazing hypocrisy of the left.

It’s pure WOKESCOLD stuff. The Greta of Beer who knows nothing about it in real life, lecturing us.

AGAIN. Another day of lectures by Marxists, who insist that THEIR diabolical prudery is the correct one – NOT the other prudery that actually has meaning and doesn’t sterilize kids.

It’s all rather fascinating, but after I do my “Spock” on this stuff, I have to barf!



Everybody has a grievance to sell nowadays.


It is very simple.

1. An ad is not an effective place to highlight how women have been treated, nor to focus on most historical events (though some ads have done so in a humorous manner).
2.Reactions to seeing yet another version of wokeness the Left is pushing in our faces is not ugliness, just as reactions to the Bud Light commercials were not ugly. It’s calling a spade a spade, and it has nothing to do with the history of women and beer nor with how women were treated after the Reformation. (See #1.)


Breaking one of my own rules, again, actually two in that this is speculative,

I have found it sad for some time that one of your rules is to not respond to my comments.

I am seeing the collective of brand names being destroyed, and am willing to lay money I don’t have that a higher hand connected to the institutional financial world is ORDERING them destroyed by playing on biases and base reactions of the most predictable segments of the market share via “woke” marketing that produces a trigger reaction leading to blanket condemnation. How they market tested that, I would love to know.

This could be plausible. IMO, we have to take stands no matter what the motive of the Left is. The alternative is for everyone to just accept whatever the Left dishes out and allow it to further erode society.

I also believe, that Americanism itself is being attacked.

Yes, it is.

Not just manhood, or manliness. Doesn’t matter the content of the material – and dissing men who look at women as OBJECTS was what I took from that – rather than considering maybe there might be a message there worth taking some information, the whole project is condemned.

IMO, the whole project has been condemned because it was a) presented in a beer ad, the purpose of which should be to sell beer, not to preach to us and b) was presented in the context of wokeness and division. (For me, there is a neon sign screaming DIVISION over that ad.)

Now, is that being done on purpose to get us to react and destroy American businesses? Maybe. And after considering the matter, my reactions remain the same. I can’t go along with something I don’t think is right. The companies might go bankrupt. If so, they need to learn their lessons and take a stand.

BTW, I WAS considered an object by a suitor whether he realized he did that or not. I didn’t like the feeling then, like it less now. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have a problem with it.

That’s unfortunate. I have no doubt that most if not all of the ladies here do not consider themselves objects and do not strive to be objects.


Then why play along and play into their plans?

Because I, and others, are not willing to go along with something they don’t think is right. In the case of Bud Light, it would mean condoning the trans movement to the point where anyone seen drinking the beer would be labeled as a sympathizer to something so ungodly and destructive.

The case of Miller Lite is not quite as in-your-face unless you know the signs, which we all do. I now think of 💩every time I think of Miller Lite. I also think they are trying to keep people in “divide and conquer” mode. It’s “men have oppressed women, and we’re going to try to right that wrong.” While undoubtedly true at various times in history, it doesn’t apply to women today who want to brew beer. So my reaction is “Get out of here with the divisiveness. I’ve had it up to here, first with the racial stuff, and also gender stuff, and now it’s just being hammered even more.” I’ve had enough.

Whatever the name is — social credit scores, DEI, and whatever others are out there — playing along furthers those agendas to enslave us. And corporations bear responsibility to not cooperate with it.

Last edited 9 months ago by TheseTruths
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

If the choice is between destroying foreign businesses masquerading as American while they destroy our culture, or destroying American culture, then I choose to destroy the companies.

They are SKIN SUITS worn by WEF. Burn them!


Then why play along and play into their plans?

  • Enough IS enough. PUSH BACK is appropriate.
  • Decades of “playing along”, through silence, accommodating IS Part Of The Problem.

Push back across the board IS NEEDED.


Of course. I meant that it was unfortunate that that happened to you.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I definitely agree that American businesses are being destroyed, as the “cost of doing business”, where the business is CHANGING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Our refusal to be changed is critical, IMO. “No mas.”


“BTW, I WAS considered an object by a suitor whether he realized he did that or not. I didn’t like the feeling then, like it less now. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have a problem with it.”


I have always liked women seeing me as a sex object. Women seem to like it too. They like seeing me as a sex object, and I like them seeing me as a sex object — so we have that in common, right off the bat. It’s a real ice-breaker 😁

If women like me for other reasons after they get to know me better, that’s a double bonus… I have no rule about those things being mutually exclusive 👍😂


Ya killing me Scott. Thank you!




Seems like he was objectively ill-suited….


Agree, educate is good. In the correct venue, forum…

Not an ad.

Ads, IMO, should be promoting brand awareness, sales… (ROI)

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Agreed with all of this. It is my hope that somebody, off paper at Miller, said to another honest soul, “Will we get hurt by this?”, and the response was “No. We will not only hit DEI targets – we expect a bounce-back just from increased brand awareness, as well as pick-up from new women buyers switching from Bud Light. It will even out with increased sales by the end of the quarter.”

Meanwhile everybody becomes aware of our new red line. “Woke is woke. You will always calculate the price of your treachery, when you choose the woke way.”

Happy Wolf! 🐺 🔥

Last edited 9 months ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Likely the only one to not know DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Guess I forgot it.

Placed along ESG, in articles and several posts, I knew it had to be, along the same ignorant thinking..


I keep forgetting what those things stand for. I neither need nor want them in my life.


Really a missed opportunity to make Helen Reddy the new Miller Lite mascot.

Not sure how they missed it.

Ilana Glazer was channeling “I am Woman, Hear Me Roar” so hard, it was like John Cusack was standing just off camera, in drag, holding a ghetto blaster over his head 😂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Had no idea who this chick is, but now it all makes sense!


Glazer was once roommates with comedian Rachel Bloom after college in Brooklyn.[38] In February 2017, Glazer married her longtime boyfriend, computational biologist[10] David Rooklin, in a private ceremony.[39][40] Glazer is queer and has credited her work on Broad City with helping her understand her sexuality.[41]

On March 17, 2021, Glazer announced on social media and in a magazine photo shoot that she and Rooklin were expecting a child together. Their first child, a daughter, was born in July 2021.[42][43]

Perfect! I guess I don’t know what “queer” means because this makes no sense to me at all.


Your bottom line is where I was, just before reading it.

Fundamentally, I reject it all. WithOUT apologies.


Okay, let’s break it down.

Ilana Glazer: “Here’s a little known fact: Women were among the very first to brew beer, ever.”

True: Women certainly were among the very first to brew beer, ever. Because they were among men. Because women have always been among men.

Note the deceptive implication that women were the first to actually brew beer (as opposed to merely being among , i.e., in the midst of, in the company of, those who were first), and how the lawyers slipped in the word ‘among’ as CYA, and to appease the fact checkers…


Ilana Glazer: “From Mesopotamia to the Middle Ages to colonial America, women were the ones doing the Brewing.”

Wiki uses the necessary qualifiers “probably” and “majority”: “In ancient Mesopotamia, clay tablets indicate that the majority of brewers were probably women” — not because they have any way of actually knowing, except by interpretation via radically feminized academia, and especially, because that fits the narrative.

Talk about introducing division… now they’re digging through relics of ancient Mesopotamia to find new ways to further womanaphilia at the expense of men 😂


Ilana Glazer: “Centuries later, how did the industry pay homage to the founding mothers of beer?”

‘Industry’ is not a ‘collective’, and industry does not pay ‘homage’ to anyone.

But now we’ve gone from Leftwiki’s ‘probably’ and ‘majority’ to the ‘Founding Mothers of Beer‘?

It’s like penis envy gone wild.

Subliminally whispered words: Women good… Men bad! 😆


Ilana Glazer: “They put us in bikinis.”

‘Us’? Certainly not you… They put attractive girls in bikinis on the posters… not insufferable Leftist scolds.

Because unlike insufferable Leftist scolds, normal people know that men like attractive girls in bikinis, and for reasons which are not entirely understood by science, that sells beer.

Or whatever else you put attractive girls in bikinis on.


Ilana Glazer, looking disgustedly at a poster of a girl in a bikini: “Wow…”

That’s shallow and sexist. Illana doesn’t know the first thing about the lovely young woman on that poster, she’s judging her completely on her appearance.

Because she’s insanely jealous 🤣


Ilana Glazer: “Look at this shit… wild.”

Nice mouth for a TV commercial, Ilana. Is that supposed to be ‘edgy’, or just juvenile?


Ilana Glazer: “It’s time beer made it up to women.”

And by beer, she means men. Because beer can’t make anything up to anyone… but men can be made to pay through the nose, in perpetuity.

The social justice gravy train is coming around again.


Time to pay up (some more), boys!


Ilana Glazer: “So today Miller Lite is on a mission, not just to clean up their shit, but the whole beer Industry’s shit.”

Message to shareholders: SELL!!! Sell NOW!!!

Pro-tip: Most online brokers today have AFTER HOURS trading!!! 😂


Ilana Glazer: “Miller Lite has been scouring the internet for all this shit and buying it back,
so they can turn it into good shit for women Brewers.”

So you’re squandering company funds, to buy trash, to give it to brewers — your competitors — specifically competitor brewers who have a hole instead of a peg?

Is that in the corporate mission statement?

Did shareholders really approve that?


Ilana Glazer: “Literally good shit.”

Got it. Since you can’t present yourself like a grown up, or act like a grown up, apparently it makes you feel like a grown up to keep saying ‘shit’ over and over again? Five times wasn’t enough, so you had to say it again?


Ilana Glazer: “How you ask?”

No… nobody asked… Most people already changed the channel, 5 ‘shits’ ago… the TV smelled like a public toilet on a hot day 😁


Ilana Glazer: “Ladies, take it away.”

Token broad #1: “First we turn the bad shit into compost. Then we feed compost to worms, who shit [bleep] out beautiful fertilizer.”


Token broad #2: “That good shit helps Farmers grow quality hops…”


Token broad #3: “Which has been donated to women Brewers to make their own really good shit.”

Oh. So you spend Miller Lite (shareholder) funds to buy trash, to make compost, to subsidize donate to women brewers, to give them an unfair competitive advantage against male brewers.

And against Miller Lite.

Because… why?

Because Helen Reddy is chasing you around with a whoopie cushion?

What’s wrong with you? 😂


Ilana Glazer: “But there’s definitely more shit out there.”

Yeah, starting with this commercial…


Ilana Glazer: “In your attic, in the garage, in your parents’ basement. Send any shit you got in to Miller Lite and they’ll turn that into
good shit too.”

Hang on, you said Miller Lite was buying this shit, now you want people to just give it you?

You want the American People to be complicit in your scheme to diminish poster girls and subsidize butch women actresses playing shit-talkers on Miller Lite commercials?


What does any of this have to do with selling beer?


Ilana Glazer (puts her fingers in a bag of shit, and then sniffs her fingers): “Oh.”



Ilana Glazer: “So here’s to women.”

Oh yeah… what woman wouldn’t be proud, after this minute-and-a-half display of Leftist fantasy BS?


Ilana Glazer: “Because without us, there would be no beer.”

Sure there would.

It would just be lot less wordy… a lot less talking involved… 🤣🤣🤣

Last edited 9 months ago by scott467

I find it hilarious that an ad decrying using women in bikinis actually shows women in bikinis. They didn’t have to do that. They also didn’t have to have a spokeswoman in a tight sweater.


There’s no way to be a woke Leftist without also being a stark raving hypocrite 👍😂

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great point.

In fact, if there were REAL comedians working on this – ones who understood the right – they could have made a very hilarious ad, poking good-natured fun at the whole thing – right, left, and center.

But they can’t, because this is about social change, and NOW WE SEE WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

I see feminism in a whole new light – the manipulation of society as a goal – the transformation of humanity against its will, without honesty, without decency, and without permission.

Imagine Monty Python doing this right. OH, WAIT – they’re MEN.

Well, OK – there ARE women comedians who could do it. But they’re not WOKE.

Last edited 9 months ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The latter, got my attention immediately. Clicked off after getting the drift…


Nailed it, again.


Absolutely hilarious.


Personally thinks bringing up the history of beer is an attempt to gather interest in opening the books on ancient history, particularly the ancient god lists, since there are both gods and goddess of beer, but they are all minor of little note. However in looking there one is also exposed to a long list of gods that were more well noted.

If you go to the last god listed on this list you will understand what I am speaking about and what their trick may be.

On the Bikini thing
On the bikini thing. The most popular goddess of all time is of course the Sumerian goddess Inanna. Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians knew her as Ishtar, Ugaritic peoples as Ashtart and later Phoenicians as Astarte and lastly the Greeks as Aphrodite. But today few have ever heard about her though much is written. From beer tavern’s to temples, from royal halls to field armies and homes. She was the Sumerian goddess of love, sexuality, prostitution, and war. If you can’t get bikinis out of that, I don’t know what else to say.

For every good thing she gave, she gave something bad as well which can best be testified by her getting her Uncle/(Honored as Father) drunk and stealing the Me and letting the world know all that it was. Her Uncle was Eniki god of wisdom and the Me were the Divine Wisdoms.

quick explainer Ismud is Eniki’s divine servant and Nincubur is Inanna’s divine servant.

Repition is a rheotrial device used to show importance. The story may seem as if it is not moving when in use, but it is.

Other versions of this story exist that may be easier to read, some that even explain a bit more, but I fetched that one.

The history of Inanna in one form or other lasted for over 2000 known years, perhaps longer until almost all knowledge of her began to be wiped away starting circa 500 BC with the coming of Abrahamic faith. Only the Aphrodite stories carried over and by that time she was morphed into a less threatening goddess. However that wasn’t the first time someone tried to retire Inanna. The first happened with the early Babylonians under Hammurabi as her cult centers in the south were considered a bit too wicked for the then straight laced Babylonians. They even had Gilgimesh scorn her, call her a whore and then blame her for the death of his friend Endiku as an act of revenge. In fact they scraped the whole Sumerian Pantheon at that time, retiring most of them to the underworld as Marduk was elevated. Inanna though survived though with Assyrians and the Babylonians could not ignore her long then known as Ishtar and she would always be a hard one to put down for long.

I’ve mentioned before that Inanna was a brat and an usper. Where ever other gods would not act she was always ready to step in and exert her own brand of power with mixed results. Feminist of today who know of her idolize her despite all of the troubles she’s caused in her day. I would not be surprised if this whole Miller Beer thing is gradual reawakening for this goddess, maybe for all the old gods, and not something done for the better. IMO she and they should remain niche history for those interested to seek out if they wish and not something to be popularized. That said though I’ve small lot of book recommendations if anyone wishes.

Last say. Although I think they are trying to generate interest in things best not disturbed, my survey in this area finds all these old gods fully wanting compared to what came after them. If anyone wishes to learn about old gods that made a difference I’d send them instead to the Vedas, but that comes with much warning and should it come up I’ll discuss it some day or not.

Last edited 9 months ago by para59r

There you go. You got it.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Stirring up old movements.

Stirring up old gods.

Stirring up old divisions.

Sadie Slays

Conservative politics has devolved into “woke outrage of the day.” They got six weeks and counting worth of distraction over a tranny on a beer can, and then sold that to us as a “win.” Now it’s on to the next thing. It’s like the meme below but replace the word “product” with “outrage.” They want/need us locked in a state of reactionary anger, and, for the most part, it’s working. As long as we’re channeling our anger toward multinational beverage corporations and not toward the government for any number of grave offenses, they win. As long as we’re talking about beer advertisements and not stolen elections or population replacement, they win.

comment image


Yes, but may be more tricker than just that. I think there was an attempt to generate an interest in woman to learn more.

Last edited 9 months ago by para59r

Good to see you Sadie!

“As long as we’re channeling our anger toward multinational beverage corporations and not toward the government for any number of grave offenses, they win. As long as we’re talking about beer advertisements and not stolen elections or population replacement, they win.”


Why can’t we chew gum and be outraged at the same time?

Our side needs red meat… we’ll certainly never get any from the soy bois at Conservative, Inc. 😂

I wonder though, suppose the People united and ignored all the distractions and focused exclusively on stolen elections and population replacement.

It’s still a lever without a fulcrum. The sound of one hand clapping.

There’s no means or mechanism for redress of grievances, that’s long gone.

Sort of like the Durham report. Suppose he has videotape of the Brandon Crime Family, the whole criminal network, admitting ALL of their many crimes and treason on videotape.

Then what?

Who arrests Brandon & the RICOs, the entire organized crime entourage?

And who prosecutes them?

Certainly not the corrupt FIB.

Certainly not the corrupt DoJ.

This is a critical piece of the puzzle that is always missing.

It may be the biggest distraction of all.

A plot-hole so BIG that we can never make it to the denouement — which is why we always end up like Maxine Nightingale, right back to where we started from 😉

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Why can’t we chew gum and be outraged at the same time?

We can, and we are. Nothing has been neglected by any conservative that I can see because of the beer issues.

Sadie Slays

I don’t blame people for being sick of trannies or boycotting, but when the Big Con influencers are still pushing the outrage machine a full six weeks after the fact and starting up a brand new beer psy-op as the old one gets stale, just realize these assholes are trying to manipulate you and act accordingly. That’s all. The constant outrage machine is psychologically manipulative and draining, and it’s intended that way as a means of directing our collective anger away from the traitors who deserve it. If the Enemy didn’t constantly herd the public toward controlled outrage pressure valves like shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” and spending six full weeks of their social media time promoting a Bud Light boycott, then maybe an angry public really would find that missing critical puzzle piece.

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Sadie Slays

Here’s more proof that this latest “woke outrage of the day” isn’t the least bit organic: The Miller Lite ad was originally released on March 7th. 70 days ago. Suddenly, out of nowhere, 70 days later, Miller Lite outrage is dominating sliding genuine discussion across multiple websites. No, I do not believe that actual real life conservatives who aren’t on the influencer payroll organically decided amongst themselves to talk about a beer ad from 70 days ago. This is being forced on us—by the usual astroturf accounts and Big Tech algorithms. 

The video debuted on March 7 for Women’s History Month, but critics recently began sharing clips of it on social media, leading the beer brand to trend on Twitter Monday.

(The funny thing is that I wasn’t even actively looking for this proof. I fired up to glance at the headlines and there was this article right in front of my face. Yes, this manufactured Miller Lite controversy is sliding the actual headlines as much as it’s sliding productive social media discussion.)

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Right? Very. So bold to put it out there but reality just slapped them hard. All these companies need real people not dtrs and sons of rich so and so who interned.


As their ad dept and execs i meant.



Sadie Slays

LOL, the Molson Coors PR guy is a literal Chicago Democrat. Take a look at his LinkedIn–mostly political stuff. Probably some kind of government spook just like the CIA Budweiser CEO.

Adam Collins



Business Experience:

Prior to his current role, Mr. Collins served as vice president of communications and community affairs for MillerCoors, the U.S. division of Molson Coors. Prior to joining Molson Coors, Mr. Collins served as the communications director for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel where he led all strategic communications for the mayor and his cabinet. Mr. Collins also served as communications director for the Chicago Police Department, as press secretary for Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, as communications director for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton and in senior roles on a number of political campaigns.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Holy CRAP. This is a bloody commie takeover of EVERYTHING.


Great find 👍


Ok, I can’t help myself. I wasn’t going to get into this one. But seriously?

This ad is the worst SHIT I have ever seen. Really.

Number one: Who exactly is this ad meant to appeal to? Unattractive woke women who are offended by pretty women in bikinis? Because that is the only audience that would run out and buy Miller Lite on the strength of this ad.

Number two: Old advertising flyers would make SHITTY compost, capiche? There are chemicals in the inks that are UNHEALTHY.

Number three: What advertiser who isn’t possessed by a demon wants their product associated with SHIT? Give me a damned break.

Number four: Humans objectify beautiful humans and they have for millennia. Friggin’ deal with it, already! YES, I have been an object, more than once. I was actually hired for a real job simply because, as the hirer stated, I “looked” right for it. SO WHAT? I didn’t have to take the damned job. I also don’t have to date the dude who wanted me for arm candy, but if he looked good enough, and had a Ferrari, well….

This is the wokiest woke-ass crap-tastic ball of shit for an ad EVER. It will only offend the hell out of the ONLY people who drink this pisswater beer. The wokey women they are appealing to WON’T drink it! What the actual fuck is the point of advertising a product to people who will not use it? It’s like making baby formula ads featuring monster trucks and mud wrestling.

Was I offensive enough in this comment? Because I really, really, want to be offensive in this comment. Because I am IRRITATED pretty much beyond belief.


Totally, absolutely, perfectly stated.

I’ll STFU, cuz, all I’d add, is fuel to a fire. <<< THAT SHOULD NOT EXIST on any level.

>>>>> Durham AND the lack of Indictments SHOULD be the focus. <<<<<

MAYBE, this IS why, Miller, floated that ignorant ad. Deflect from Durham.

^^^ All orchestrated. ^^^

(History of beer is fine, including women’s role. But it isn’t, “ad” worthy for beer.)


I would say you may be right, about the deflection.

And women in history is a specialty of mine, especially the average everyday ones. I love women, I love history.

I also love good advertising. And hate bad advertising. And I know the difference.

Sadie Slays

Reminder that Miller’s PR guy is part of the Chicago Obama machine. I think you’re right that this was intentionally timed with the Durham report.

Gail Combs

Actually the history of beer PLUS giving hops to micro-brewers is fine and dandy. BUT STOP THERE!

The rest is WOKE DIVISIVE SCHIFF and as you noted a DIVERSION.

SPOILER ALERT — EXPECT MORE as the real SCHIFF starts being unloaded on the public. We have 18 more months of this to go thru and it is going to keep heating up on both sides.


Was I offensive enough in this comment? Because I really, really, want to be offensive in this comment. Because I am IRRITATED pretty much beyond belief.

Funny…I didn’t think that was offensive at all because I agree with it! Well stated.


Thanks. It’s just so frustrating to me. Advertising in not meant for social justice warrioring. It’s meant to sell a product.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The S.H.*.T. thing nails it for me. This ad was like an INCANTATION.

No, wait. Not “like”. IT WAS.


Yes, it was, now that you mention it. Men are “shit” over and over again. Not the beer, men.

Beer doesn’t “put women” in bikinis. Men did. Oh, the horror. Fuck these people.

Gail Combs

WOMEN PUT WOMEN in bikinis. When I was working I noticed it was the WOMEN who ALWAYS pushed the fashion crap and not men. The men would not know this years ‘fashions’ from those of three years ago if their lives depended on it!




Absolute bullseye…

“The men would not know this years ‘fashions’ from those of three years ago if their lives depended on it!”

Guys, normal guys don’t give a rats ass about, “style”.

Yea, this post is a day late.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It’s also true.

One one level it seems like “style” is just an arena for women to compete with each other. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of it is trying to lay out bait for men to chase, but they don’t seem to think that’s the real purpose behind it.


You rock, Aubergine! 👍😁

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Lol. Thanks, Scott.


Very good you express yourself perfectly wish I could 😂
If a woman has the right shape why not wear a bikini or if a woman is comfortable with her shape and wears a bikini is just fine with me. As a woman I do not care as long as people are happy with themselves.
The advertisement was a fail but anything woke is a fail. They all try to hard My motto is make good beer and it will sell.

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I agree! Make good beer, and stop trying to be woke.

Gail Combs
  • An ad will get you to buy ONCE.
  • A good product will get you to come back.

A good company knows this and spends the time and money on R&D to come up with that exceptional product.


I agree.


Thank you DePat.
I specially liked your reference to Hildegard of Bingen. She was a fascinating women and stood up very strongly against male domination. Lets say the only one giving her direction was God 🙂
I took a class on her at the Trappist monastery. She also was a herbalist , composer of music and so much more. I have a cookbook inspired by her. Love her music.
Beer brewing was an very old craft and true women brewed just like making all the other fermented foods. I guess once people realized one can make money from the brew men took over . Hey guys just kidding 😂

Gail Combs

Actually I think it was when ALL of the men were no longer had to break their backs doing subsistence farming that they took over.

Changes in food production techniques lead to changes in the structure of the culture.


Yes they did.