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Vaccine Self-care Methods

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This is a place to "stash" any possible treatments for the adverse effects of the covid vaccines.

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Someone on Twitter/Telegram @drgrouf   says olive leaf extract prevents spikes from attaching to cells. He thinks it works better than HCQ.

Olive Leaf Extract * Anti viral, prevents ACE2 docking better than chloroquine *Restores endothelial function *Parallel glutathione "system" *Prevents platelet activation and thrombosis *Restores RAAS * Reverse Transcriptase inhibitor, protects against DNA damage from "the virus"


regular dosage is 500mg/day, when treating a condition I double that to 500/mg every 12 hours and I might even take a third 500 mg capsule a day depending on how serious the condition is, for three days, the back to regular. That's my preference.

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Correction: @dgrouf


A closer look at the olive leaf. Anti-HIV activity Benefits Antiviral Cardio/brain So... connect the dots. Credit

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There has been some talk about the vax going to the spleen and potentially causing prion formation ( what causes mad cow, and may be involved with Alzheimers)

This study indicates that quercetin may be helpful in preventing or even undoing prions, as well as undoing some of the fibrin issues in Alzheimers.