Tracking Down Possible IC False Flag Recruitment on Gab

This is GOLDEN stuff.  I knew that we would find this someday.

But it’s SLICKER than it appears on the surface. You’re about to see how.

This happened within a short time after the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

Do the MATH. Whoops. I mean PSYCHOLOGY.

Before I even begin, let me say that I’m PINNING THIS ON an unknown intelligence agency.  You will see why.  I am NOT pinning this on the university that seems to have served as a conduit for the bad guys.  There may be players there, but I now realize that many – possibly ALL of the university people are CHUMPS in the scheme.

I know a little bit about that, actually.

Rob Monster started the investigation, but I really moved it along, and unearthed what appears to me to be a Russia-related intelligence link to recruitment of Gab proto-Nazis via a New York university psychology department (shades of Dr. Blasey-Ford).  Further research will likely bear this out.  Others with more talent than me are invited to pick up the trail.  I have not hit the mother lode, but I definitely struck pay dirt.

Start HERE, where Rob spotted what looked like FAKE NAZIS. 

Note that I have sworn repeatedly that I’ve encountered fake antisemites on Gab.  Real antisemites have certain tells that the fakes don’t have, and vice versa.  But the fakes work hard, and working together, gin up paltry bias into a small crowd, and thus a real foil for the leftists.

Remember what they did to Roy Moore. HOAXING is a leftist VIRTUE.

Well, the fake Nazis needed an identity, so I set out to find it.  I can’t be sure of who they really are, but I think I’ve got a very good idea now.  And it is NOT who I suspected at first – the CHUMPS.

Repeating his words for clarity:

Call me crazy but I am a bit suspect of this brand new Gab account.
Of note, the phone number listed on their signup form apparently belongs to a SUNY faculty member specializing in Psychology:
Seems like yet another fake Liberal account to be used as a prop in some media hit job.  Hope an admin can check their IPs.

Rob Monster, on Gab, December 3, 2018

Here is an image of Rob’s post:

Here is a closer look at the sketchy Nazi page:

Several posters at Gab spotted minor tells that this wasn’t “real” Nazis or “alt-right”, backing up Rob’s evidence on the phone number.  Rob did not publish the name associated with the phone number, although you can see a last name in the URL of the place he found it.

I took up the phone number search myself, simply using the number (716)-245-5235 and various search engines.  As for the URL that Rob found:

Note that shortly AFTER Rob made his post, BOTH Gab accounts connected to the post (master and shill) were DELETED, and so was the university web page that Rob found, linked to the phone number.  It was very fast, which tells me it was very professional.

Here is a CACHED copy of the page from Google.

Further research by me showed that all information about Professor Duffy, an emeritus professor (VERY important – part of her ultimate exoneration), had been removed from the Department of Psychology website. 

This, despite the presence of information about OTHER emeritus professors STILL THERE.

This, despite the fact that Prof. Duffy seems to have been one of the Department’s MOST illustrious professors (see below).

These small but crucial facts are important when dealing with COVER-UP.  Leaving those LOGICAL but not EVIDENTIARY loose ends is typical.

But COVER-UP does not mean CRIME or GUILT in HALPER-WORLD.

Are you with me?  Cover-up is an INDUCED BEHAVIOR IN CHUMPS.

That is how WATERGATE worked. That is how MUH RUSSIA was supposed to work.

It’s PSYCHOLOGY. And it even works on PSYCHOLOGISTS.

This is the psychology of university cover-up – something I actually know something about.

It is likely that the department is embarrassed by this little kerfuffle, because other investigators and journalists began looking into it and calling (to say nothing of trolls, angry Gabbers, and who knows – maybe even real neo-Nazis).  Academics are VERY typical this way – they are petrified of scandal and conflict, and this behavior is indeed quite useful for goading them.  Such predictability is very useful to INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES. And, by extension, to the political entities controlling those agencies.

Communists in particular – who require nearly perfect cover – are quite aware of this embarrassment, and use it to advantage.  It is a way of making other people cover up FOR THEM – cutting off channels of investigation (ask Lisa Page and her co-conspirators about this – not that they will answer). 

So, we could be dealing with an INTELLIGENCE AGENCY or COMMUNISTS working THROUGH the Geneseo State University Psychology Department using instructors, adjuncts, students, visitors, and other sketchy players as bit-player operatives, and PHONE SHENANIGANS to redirect comms.  Also remember that intelligence agencies have access to phone data. Even calls to DEAD NUMBERS are theirs.

Are you with me? GOOD.

Dr. Blasey-Ford is an excellent example of an on-site player with IC connections and sketchy whereabouts, connected to a university psychology department.  Doesn’t mean the whole place is a nest of reds. But a university provides a great FRONT. Many open-area phones.

I’m presuming that both Professors Duffy and Kirsh (see below) were innocent victims here – they are likely USEFUL PAWNS in an intelligence patsy recruitment game.  They’re lefties, no doubt, but probably “fellow travelers”.  Not hoaxers or psycho-pushers.  Using sympathetic people as chumps is – if you think about it – very useful.  They tend not to inform, if they discover that they were used, and they will assist in a cover-up for multiple reasons. They “Stockholm in”, so to speak, if they become too aware.

How do you think I know this stuff?

That’s a Q question. Kinda like rhetorical, only with more awakening.

Now – it is VERY important that we distinguish between JOURNALISM and DOXXING.

I’m doing JOURNALISM. Maybe badly, but I’m trying.

I am presuming that there may be an explanation here, such as an intelligence agency which has followed Prof. Duffy and used her to attach their operatives.  You will see why shortly.

So WHO is this woman, Professor Duffy?  She is quite accomplished as an expert in COMMUNITY PSYCHOLOGY, and has authored a number of books, a large number of publications, and some definitive academic textbooks.  She traveled in EXTREMELY liberal circles and worked with left-leaning groups and people her whole life.  PERFECT COVER for left-wing operatives to stay close to her. BUT that does not make her a plotter – VERY unlikely.  She is USEFUL.

Possibly useful for community organizing.

If Professor Duffy knew Richard Cloward, Frances Piven, or Bill Ayers during her active career, then I will take all this exoneration back. Otherwise, I  believe she is only distantly related to the PEOPLE who are actually behind incitement and recruitment on Gab, and she may not even know them, or know that they are IC operatives.  Why do I say this?  Follow along.

I believe that (716) 245-5235 – which was her old (1997-ish) FAX number, was kept at the exchange and suffix level in the department and reassigned to a NEWER FAX NUMBER with a newly created area code which includes the university.

If this is starting to sound like telecom spycraft, all I can say is BINGO.  Much of spycraft IS telecom.

All the department’s phone numbers that I saw are now in a NEW area code, (585), rather than (716).  Area code (585) was created by a SPLIT of area code (716) in the year 2001. Speaking from university experience here, when a new exchange or area code is introduced, there is usually an attempt by phone companies and the national system to conserve phone numbers and ring-through on dialing of an old number to the maximum extent possible, so that old numbers continue to work, and minimal headaches ensue.

Are you with me on that? This is why a theoretically dead number that WORKS is cover.

And there are even MORE tricks, but let’s not get into those quite yet. I hope you realize why IC is always neck deep in university telecom. They are watching EVERYTHING.

If we follow the same exchange and suffix (245-5235) to the new area code, then we find that the number goes to a younger colleague of Prof. Duffy’s in the same department, who is not only an expert on media-induced violence, but even more importantly, has authored several publications and books WITH Professor Duffy.

So what I’m saying is that the old phone connection and number survived as the new one with a different area code.

This is listed as a fax number, but many faxes include phones and answering machines, or ring through to them (which is an excellent way of hiding a somewhat unlisted phone number behind a fax).  A fax is plausibly deniable if investigated – very important.  Faxes are also readily hacked, and can do interesting things with phone calls.

Again – perfect for SPYCRAFT.  The phone calls were potentially being REROUTED.  And, of course, this is perfect for cutting off the connections in case of discovery.

Think collapsing tunnel.

Again – I am not so concerned about this professor, the colleague of Professor Duffy, because ANYBODY could be using the fax number phone for this fake Nazi group study, including TAs, post-docs, instructors, etc.  In fact, it is very likely to be somebody OTHER than the professor, so that if discovered, focus will divert to the wrong person. 

Professor Kirsh seems like a PLAUSIBLE person to be doing this, and thus he provides extremely good cover.  Again – very important.

In other words, Professor Kirsh is FAR more likely to be a red herrring, than a red.  His honest objection will cut off inquiry.  That is the way these folks work.  IN THE SHADOWS, using good people as fronts.

Click. The phone goes dead. End of story.

NOW – it is VERY helpful to read the biographies of both Professor Duffy and Professor Kirsh, from one of their coauthored books.  This explains WHY they became fronts. Read both biographies CAREFULLY and to the very end, particularly in the case of Professor Duffy.  (LARGER TEXT BELOW)

About the Author

Karen Duffy is a Distinguished Service Professor–emerita, at the State University of New York College at Geneseo. She received her Ph.D. in social and personality psychology from Michigan State University. Dr. Duffy served as a family mediator for the New York Unified Court System. She has also served on the executive committee and as the chief instructor for the training institute for the New York State Employee Assistance Program (EAP), as well as on the board of directors for a shelter for domestic violence and on an educational committee for a family planning agency. She has consulted to a variety of work settings on stress management, EAPs, and other work issues. She is a member of the American Psychological Society. Dr. Duffy has written several other books, including Community Mediation: A Handbook for Practitioners and Researchers and Community Psychology. She also edits several hard-copy and web-based annual editions for another publisher, on topics including psychology of personality, social psychology, introductory psychology, and adjustment. She has held two Fulbright Fellowships to St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia. While in Russia, she worked with AIDS International, several children’s shelters, and other community agencies. More recently, she completed a hu-manitarian aid trip to Mongolia.
Steven J. Kirsh is a Professor of Psychology at The State University of New York at Geneseo. Dr. Kirsh’s primary areas of research focus on the influence of violent media on emo-tion recognition and social information processing. He has published Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence: A Critical Look at the Research (2006) and Media and Youth: A Developmental Perspective (2010) as well as numerous scientific articles and book chapters.

Amazon Editorial Reviews

Professor Duffy’s background of extensive contact and project implementation with “community organizers”, and FAR more importantly her travels to Russia and Mongolia, lead me to believe that she at one time served as an unwitting conduit for whoever is behind this, allowing that group to get a foothold in her department.  I believe that this group is an intelligence agency.

There is NO WAY – absolutely NO WAY – that this woman has not been approached, attached to, manipulated, or used by at least ONE intelligence agency, and possibly more.  We should not presume, however, which one it is, based on “Russia”.

Professor Kirsh’s background makes his work of extreme interest to intelligence agencies in terms of handling what I call “useful psychos”.  Prof. Kirsh is very unlikely to have anything to do with anything bad – it is his RESEARCH that is useful, and his SUBJECTS even more so, when accessed surreptitiously (see Nikolas Cruz).  Prof. Kirch would be very usefully spied upon. I have no doubt that intelligence agencies watch every bit of data coming into and out of his offices.

Are you seeing where I’m going?

Having a DEEP spying operation in a university department of ANY USEFUL KIND (from nuclear to psych) is very advantageous to any intelligence agency.  At the same time, routing dirty operations through a place of “clean hands” – useful pawns (we can’t really call these people idiots!) is also advantageous.

I think we caught some clowns in action, and I suspect that a similar operation may have been in place for a certain man who attacked a synagogue.

In fact, I suspect that the PHONE RECORDS of the Tree of Life synagogue shooter may be extremely enlightening. Maybe even what looks like a WRONG NUMBER.

And yes – it really IS complicated. That’s why they get away with it.

People on our side need to think in terms of asymmetric warfare. Because the communists DO think that deeply.

Information warfare IS asymmetric warfare.

And that is why they keep using it to try to take down Trump and stop MAGA.



“What can I say, folks?  Complicated business!”

PS: There is a reason the leftists are STILL after Gab.

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Just checking…too tired to take this in tonight. Probably tomorrow afternoon!
No wonder they don’t like this site. Sheesh!


One thing obvious, GAB being where people have run too, then the dangling bait. Fill a data base of wanna be Nazi’s and then stuff (what ever they have to do to do it) one or two or three into a false flag. Get that part. After that I’m thinking AT&T. Must of been too much phone/fax stuff 🙂
Okay, reminds me slightly of this site because it’s a honey on a very small scale.
It’s not just that it’s a honey trap, looking to solve cold cases, but it’s built by one person and lasts from 2008 and continues to almost to present (seems blogger came to a conclusion ((case not sovalable)). The bloggers MO is to get you to reminisce and then post something hoping you are going to provide information that leads to solving a cold case murder. I know about it because it’s blogs continuously cris-crossed my neighborhood and i consciously contributed to it.
Consciously because, while reminiscing, I spotted this bloggers writings in a separate off site writing. Same style and same sort of words. Told him so too and then helped where I could.
Only brings that up, because if you can see what one person can do then next imagine what elements from a shadow gov apparatus are capable of and then the shadow gov(s) it/them self/ves.


The good thing is, is that we know. The bad thing is, is we’re stuck in well. Ackkk! 🙂


When you tally it all up with other similar sites I do believe the red pills are beginning to have an effect though it’s still an uphill battle.
Meanwhile, no matter how much deep state puppeteers try to control things they keep getting upstaged by their own loons.
They might find out that they may have been better off leaving things alone, but alas they can’t because of their crimes that the internets are exposing.


The Charlottesville Charade really opened my eyes to the leftists Astro-Turf/False Flag tactics.


I think some of the more destructive, violent yellow vests are false flags trying to discredit the protestors.


I immediately thought this when I saw cars burning. Either AntiFA types, or jihadist NPCs.
Islamic youths in France, especially in immigrant neighborhoods around Paris, host these car-b-que events frequently, sometimes nightly.


I have NO respect for looters, vandals and violent protestors.


Good catch, Wolf!
And nice digging on it too.
False Flag operations take all sorts of different forms, don’t they.
Gab will probably continue to be targeted…by those who don’t want us to have an uncensored platform to communicate.
—————-About that phone number:
“This is listed as a fax number, but many faxes include phones and answering machines, or ring through to them (which is an excellent way of hiding a somewhat unlisted phone number behind a fax).”
Ah yes, I remember that about fax machines.
Calling a ‘fax number’ is also a way to bypass a switchboard; the recipient stands by the fax machine and picks up the receiver before the fax function kicks in.
I wonder if Blasey-Ford has figured out yet what a disposable dupe she is.
She raised her hand and Lied to Congress.
She should be prosecuted for that!


I agree, Wheatie. Wolf, wonder if you ever sleep. Amazing post.


Fascinating post.
I have no idea who Rob Monster is. So the comment which made a lot of sense to me was the one which suggested that Monster himself created the Gab posting for self-aggrandizement. Your post disabused me of that thought.
But the logic of the suggestion was still valid, that the attempt to besmirch Gab was too clumsy even for clumsy leftists. OTOH it is not too clumsy to entice a mental defective of the right age and disposition. Such a trolling operation only needs to catch a single fish. And then three years later who is going to be able to cite a phone call to a fax number?
Your comment about idiots is one which needs to be addressed by someone at some point. No, these people are NOT idiots. Even if their “scholarship” is ultimately questionable babble with strong ideological content (it may or may not be) there is a significant amount of intelligence which goes into creating that “scholarship.” And some of these types of people are flat out brilliant, or geniuses (Chomsky). Most IMO are simply above average, but they are above average.
You are very kind in your assessment of Duffy and Kirshner. I agree they sound like dupes, but I highly doubt they are not communists and conscious subversives (subversive of America, American culture of liberty, and Christianity). If they are dupes in the sense of not actually knowing, they placed themselves there willingly and knowingly IMO.
Another topic someone ought to address at some time, is the question of sophistication, every aspect, including the narcissistic, condescending psychological aspects of sophistication (as opposed to the operational, competitive, and challenge aspects).
There is something about sophistication which is very appealing to communists, starting with the class aspects which they ironically claim to abhor.


Perceptive, Tonawand. Think you are right about these people being more than dupes.

Sylvia Avery

Wolf, you put a lot of hard work in this. It is mind boggling stuff. Thanks for exposing some of the nitty gritty side of this.


I started to take Trump seriously when he said we will be saying “Merry Christmas.” Why? In addition to the delightful aspects, Trump was saying he recognized that there was a HUGE psychological problem to be dealt with.
Most people on “our side” have been defeated psychologically, even now. They are worse than intimidated. They have affirmatively internalized the message that what they believe is offensive and forbidden. I know this from talking to people, the words they use, the way they express themselves in conversation.
VSG gets this, and a huge aspect of what is taking place is the essential process of breaking mental chains.

Pat Frederick

i agree Tonawanda!! Having to be totally PC all the time does wear you down. it forces you censure yourself and twist yourself into thinking your free speech rights are not as important as another’s right not to be offended. And the more we allow their right not to be offended to flourish, the less our right to free speech becomes.
My parents taught me manners and along the way I learned a modicum of tact, so I can deal with people I do not like in a diplomatic way. But walking on egg shells over every possible, perceived social injustice has left me wanting to put on my combat boots and stomp all over the place…snowflake feelings be damned.


Yes! People are psychologically defeated and our President fights it in GENIUS ways!
The “Fast Food” at the White House for the Clemson players (article at CTH) was a great example of this to me. Most of America eats at “Mickie D’s” at least sometimes, but the elitist, vegan, Whole Foods and kale crowd holds themselves above it like they are special. Trump is one of US, and he likes what we like.
Trump places real Americans on the pedestal the elitists think they occupy, which is why they hate him.




You sound like one of those right wing deplorables! 🙂
BTW, my response to similar accusations directed at me is “I resemble that remark” (delivered in my best effort impression of Curly Howard).


Love it!


I’m finding this difficult to understand, so apologies if my questions are a bit basic.
Was the purpose of this scheme to provide an untracable way for potential nutjobs to contact the globalists and nothing else.(I’m lumping all the bad actors together as globalists)
How was it meant to work.
Were calls to that number automaticaly re-routed someway, because if the Professors were not directly involved, there could hardly have been a globalist sitting by the fax all day waiting to pick up the reciever.
Or was it that all numbers trying to call that fax were being collected, whether answered or not, that would have to assume the nutjobs didn’t think to use a burner phone.
It just seems overly complicated ( purposefully? ).
Could even have been an effort dirty up the Professors for any reason, or someone who thought they were globalists trying to out them. Or yet again could have been white hat LE using lefty Professors as a honey trap for nutjobs.


Yes I get what you’re saying, I think I’m looking at it from the wrong end. My point of view would be the more complicated a thing is, the more things there are to go wrong.
But when they’re holding all the cards it’s easy for them to pull strings, cloud the water and cover up indiscrepancies.
What was that phrase again ” complicated business ! “


Great article!!!
This ties right in to the research I have been doing over the past few days. The Universities are a key place where the Communists play their games. And you are so correct, Wolf, in that they exploit the “experts” in many useful fields of endeavor, covertly or overtly. Covertly watching the research subjects of a guy like Professor Kirch might certainly yield some valuable pawns, for sure. These professors are revealing their subjects’ every weakness and access point all in the name of science.
In other cases, by playing to the professors’ egos, they entice them into assisting communist endeavors. Their “knowledge” of their subject is SO important to the world that it must be shared, even with enemies of the U.S. (more on that later).
The alphabet agencies and the Commies have the same goal. The alphabets CONTROL almost all media, social or otherwise, and the Commies want control of it too. Information is the ONLY WAY for We the People to make good decisions, and they don’t want US deciding anything. We decided to elect a VSG, and look what that’s got them!
GAB is dangerous for them and wonderful for freedom. How do you shut down free speech? The same way you take the guns; you make it seem dangerous to freedom. Americans love freedom. We want everyone to be free all the time. If a free speech platform can be made to appear to threaten ANY group, then Americans will turn on it. They are eroding our freedom while appearing (to the ignorant) to protect it.