Soviet American Comrades (Washington Post Cadre) Celebrate Unanimous Denunciation of Nixonist Donald Trump Minus Two Reactionaries and Running Dog Tulsi Gabbard Showing Usual Cowardice (2019, colorized)

The party later issued a correction to unfounded rumours.

Thank you for your attention to this matter as we approach the state holiday season. Please speak and think responsibly.


Socialism Dies In Sunlight

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Love your headline, Wolf. Perfect pitch. Retweet far and wide.

Brave and Free

They definitely need to be called out for this “They are Stupid”.
As for Tulsi Gabbard, looks they are setting her up for the future. She will be “the one” who didn’t vote for the sham impeachment. She will be the one to carry on with the commie socialist playbook when the others will be called out for it.

Cuppa Covfefe

Hmmm. Hawaii…
Maybe Pele needs to get a move on… (and not the football-playing one)…


Not only cowards, but lying cowards.
Every single person on both sides of this war knows this is an abject lie….and no, she can’t take her original tweet back….comment image


And it is a war, and the American Communists are cowards. We will win. The Leftists will be purged from the Dem party and our institutions. The work of a generation, but it’s now obvious the American people are up for the fight.


They thought they were on the cusp of total victory in 2016, but they were at the cusp of total destruction!! 😂😂😂
That whole gap when HRC wouldn’t concede and the Fake news kept deferring the state tallies, and then Podesta came out and made those lame excuses!!
It all takes on such a wonderful patina now!!

Cuppa Covfefe

I’m thinking more of the mold-coloured green than a wonderful copper patina… 🙂



Rodney Short

The dem socialist have only begun,they are going full bore commie and will stop at NOTHING to steal the 2020 elections from the true Americans, mark my fucking words. For them this is just the beginning and from here out they are gonna go psychoer ( made up word )
George Sorryass has to much invested to turn the switch off.
If Republicans dont start getting in the commies faces this wont end well, I ain’t skeered to call a fuckin spade a spade lol people in my area see me coming they run and hide because they see me bringing the MAGA truth to them.
GLOVES OFF Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rodney Short

Sad lot of folks the dems have become.


“Some people did something” 😏

Brave and Free

Off to the airport, heading to the kids for Christmas!
God Bless one and all.
Check in later


Have a safe trip!


Merry Christmas 🎄!


She knows why shes deleting it. Scum. They are scum.


Great post, Wolfie.

Gail Combs

She forgot about SCREEN SHOTS!
Sorry Witch, it can not be UNSAID and now it will go viral.

Harry Lime

The media should be shamed, mocked and ridiculed relentlessly at every opportunity by anyone with the ability to do so. They have been actively trying to destroy America for decades. They need to be destroyed permanently and for all time. Let whatever follows rise from the ashes…be it a new form of journalism…independent journalism…anything with a sense of truth and fairness with some checks and balances.
As it is now, these organisations and people face no repercussions for the lies and evil propaganda they inflict on the world every single day. They have absolutely no shame and apparently don’t give a rat’s ass about what they’re doing to America…to the World…or even to their own so-called profession and livelihood. This is the only topic that tempts me to start the twittering thing…to take up battle against the disgusting vermin in the fake news media.comment image


“They need to be destroyed permanently and for all time. Let whatever follows rise from the ashes…be it a new form of journalism…independent journalism…anything with a sense of truth and fairness with some checks and balances.”
And the only way that happens is if:
1) their broadcast licenses are REVOKED
2) cable licenses REVOKED
3) corruption and 100% Leftist / Globalist political advocacy EXPOSED
4) foreign ownership and manipulation EXPOSED
5) C_A agents within media EXPOSED
6) all traitorous criminal journalists, editors, producers, staffers and talking heads PROSECUTED
7) assets (whole networks, organizations, corporations) SEIZED under Executive Order on corruption
That would be a start, and could be done in 24 hours.
All it takes is the simple will to do it, to pull the plug, to go against the insanity of the nightmare accepted by most as ‘reality’.
It’s like the power of the word ‘No’, the most powerful word in the English language.
Most people are afraid of it… they will do anything to avoid saying ‘No’ because it disrupts, it interrupts the flow, it leads to conflict, and most people (besides Leftists) simply refuse to engage in conflict, preferring to knuckle under at every opportunity and pretend like it’s something righteous, like ‘cold anger’.
The capacity for ‘conflict’ has been bred out of our People for so long that most Sheeple can’t even say ‘No’ anymore. That’s how you end up with trannies teaching 1st graders about fisting. It comes from the inability to say the word ‘No’. It comes from fear of ‘conflict’, no matter how necessary it might be. Even the OPEN subjecting of their own children to school-sponsored grotesque sexual perversion is not enough for most people to say ‘No’.
Even most ‘conservatives’ reading this post will think it impossible to revoke the licenses of the criminal enterprise calling itself ‘news media’ or prosecuting the criminals within those organizations.
They simply can’t or won’t believe that anyone would ever actually DO it — and if enough people believe that way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
They can believe it is DESERVED, but most can’t believe that it could ever actually HAPPEN.
And that’s why it never DOES happen, because most people live inside the narrative created by TPTB, and TPTB would never allow such a thing to happen.
It’s like the Wizard of Oz… everybody knows, but nobody is willing to actually pull the curtain back.
I would blow the whole thing up, the entire MSM, without hesitation.
With a big grin on my face.
Believe it 🙂

Harry Lime

Great post, Scott.
And this is why I continue to hesitate joining the twittering masses…ultimately it will have very little impact or effect on corporate/deep state media until all or at least some of the above happens, which, honestly may never occur. Only a fair media is going to care about massive criticism…today’s “media” ($$$) obviously does not. They don’t care how many people find them disgusting. Right now the only people you can reach and influence are other normal citizens.
I’m praying that when the truth bombs drop, many in the fake news are taken out with the rest of the trash.


“…and Running Dog Tulsi Gabbard Showing Usual Cowardice ”
That she did!
She’s a naaaasty gender-neutral political-class criminal…