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Do not sorrow,
for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Guarding Your Heart

With all that’s going on these days with bogus impeachments, our stolen election and a world saturated with corruption and perversion, it’s difficult, and near impossible, not to be caught up in the complaining, disputes, contention, bitterness and anger that accompanies this attempt to destroy our nation’s relationship with God and it’s freedoms and justice.

In our country, a totally corrupt political party, corrupt courts, corrupt legislatures, corrupt media and corrupt citizens are willing participants in our nation’s destruction. And, internationally, corrupt countries and the corrupt rich, powerful elite join the effort. We are deluged on a daily basis with events that are destructive to civilized society, with the media doing all in its power to justify or cover up the corruption.

While it’s proper to aid as best we can the fight against this corruption, we’ve got to keep our minds on the fact that God is really in control here, and we, as citizens not of this world, need to pray, trust and believe that God will work out events so that, in the end, all will be according to His plan and for the good of those that trust in Him.

But, while events work toward their conclusion, we should be mindful that the evil forces of the world will use this opportunity to attempt to drag us away from God . . . both our thinking minds and our emotions.

Proverbs 4:23-26 instructs believers to, “above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips. Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.”

When Solomon refers to guarding the heart, he means the inner core of a person—the thoughts, feelings, desires, will, and choices that make that person who he or she is. The Bible tells us that our thoughts often dictate who we become (Proverbs 23:7, 27:19). The mind of a man reflects who he really is, not simply his actions or words. That is why God examines the heart of a man, not simply his outward appearance and what he appears to be (1 Samuel 16:7).

There are many ailments of the spiritual heart that can impair growth and development as a believer. Hardening of the spiritual heart can also occur. Hardening of the heart occurs when we are presented with God’s truth, and we refuse to acknowledge or accept it.

Although Egypt was stricken with one calamity after another when the pharaoh refused to release the Israelites from their bondage, he hardened his heart against the truth that God Almighty intended to deliver His people from Egypt (Exodus 7:22, 8:32, 9:34). In Psalm 95:7, King David pleaded with his people not to harden their hearts in rebellion against God as they did in the wilderness. There are many things that can harden the heart and lead a person to deny God and they keep a believer from having a free flow of God’s peace and blessings derived from obedience. Guarding against a rebellious spirit and cultivating a spirit of submissive obedience to God’s Word is an early step in guarding the heart.

Hardening of the heart occurs when believers engage in complaining, gossip, disputes, and contention. Believers are instructed many times to avoid grumbling, murmuring, and complaining (Exodus 16:3; John 6:43; Philippians 2:14). By engaging in these activities, believers shift their focus away from the plans, purposes, and past blessings of God to the things of the world. God sees this as a lack of faith, and without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). Instead, Christians are instructed to strive for contentment in all things, trusting in God to provide what is needed in His good time (Hebrews 13:5). Guarding against a complaining spirit and cultivating a spirit of gratitude and trust is another step toward guarding the heart.

Anger, giving in to temptation, and pride fight against the spiritual heart. Anger makes believers more vulnerable to the temptation to hurt others with their actions and words. Ephesians 4:31–32 instructs, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”

Every Christian is locked in a constant, intense war with demonic forces. Many of us become so intent on fighting the external spiritual war that we forget that much of our battle is not with external forces, but with our own mind and thoughts. James 1:14–16 tells us, “Each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. Don’t be deceived, my dear brothers and sisters.” Sin always begins in the mind. A sinner must first conceive and dwell on the sinful action before he actually carries it out. The first line of defense, therefore, must be to refuse to even contemplate a wrongful action. The apostle Paul tells us to take every thought captive, so that it conforms to the will of God (2 Corinthians 10:3–5).

Proverbs 16:18 tells us that pride leads to destruction. Proverbs 16:5, says, “Everyone proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord.” Pride was the first great sin of Satan, when he thought that he could be like God and incited one third of the angels to attempt a coup in heaven (Ezekiel 28:17). For this reason, Satan was cast from heaven. Satan also tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden by appealing to her ego. He said, “For God knows that when you eat from [the forbidden tree] your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” Eve desired to be as wise as God, so she capitulated to Satan’s advice to eat of the fruit of the tree. Pride was, therefore, the downfall of man, as well. Satan did not want man to obey God but to become his own god—determining for himself reality, meaning, and ethics. This satanic philosophy is the foundational philosophy of sorcery, secular humanism, and New Age mysticism.

Avoiding anger, pride, and temptation are also critical elements of guarding the heart. The apostle Paul instructs us, “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things” (Philippians 4:8). Dwelling on these things will help to guard our hearts.


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Just one of those weird coincidences…


Shut up, Q. Just shut up.



Steve in Lewes

Just so everyone knows, that would be Dem Senator Warner (VA) not
Dem Senator Fakagawea (MA). Although both are lying commies who
support Pretend Biden didn’t win!


Pelosi Crashes House Impeachment Managers Presser, Melts Down Over Acquittal and Blames McConnell

She stormed in and went off, sometimes shaking.

Nancy Pelosi is far too emotional to hold public office. First she was ripping up speeches she didn’t like, now she is storming about the Capitol babbling like a loon and hitting the podium when she doesn’t get her way. I thought the “adults” were in charge.

— Jon Miller (@MillerStream) February 14, 2021



she knows what’s coming…

Concerned Virginian

Who is the guy standing just behind Pelosi’s left shoulder, the guy twiddling his thumbs while she’s having her meltdown? Is it Swalwell?


Believe so? Fang fang would know him by his eyes….

Concerned Virginian

If it’s Swalwell, perhaps he was twiddling his thumbs in an effort to distract himself from a potential “emission of toxic gases:?……

Last edited 12 days ago by Concerned Virginian

He was doing a secret Chinese exercise to improve erectile dysfunction.


doing…or “doing”? IF you know what I mean….


Helps when one has been de-fanged fang..


Steve in Lewes

Yes it is, but that intriguing international couple is better known as
Fang Fang and Fart Fart!

Cuppa Covfefe

Bubble and Squeak… 🙂



Gail Combs

Dead people ONLY VOTE DEMOCRAT! That is why they need signature verification.


HeydonMusicPage/”TRUMP NOT GUILTY?” 2.14.2021


2 Time Winner



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Thank you for the Valentine Bacon Miss Pat!!!🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌💝💝💝💝
🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 🥓 💝 💝 💝 💝 💝

Last edited 11 days ago by bflyjesusgrl

you’re most welcome!!


She’s as lovely and refreshing as the hundreds of healthy heritage roses in the beautifully restored, well-drained White House Rose Garden.

All gardeners know the need to renew/revitalize/restore our gardens from time to time. The crabapples trees had gotten too large and their roots were choking the roses, and there was a drainage problem. Roses like lots of air and sunshine. So, the crabapple trees were moved to another location and hundreds of new roses were added to the garden, along with many other needed improvements.





The Secretary of Defense admitted Trump ordered 10,000 National Guard troops for Jan 6

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) February 12, 2021


Pelosi and Schumer didn’t want the troops and neither did Mayor BLM Bowser:


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comment image


comment image

Gail Combs

Yeah, Gates, JUST what we need at the tail end of the Holocene!

The timing for the end of the Holocene interglacal was the Little Ice Age. Based on the end of the Younger Dryas, the Holocene is 11,700 years old. So the earth is 200 years past the end of the precession cycle of 23,000 years. And at the ripe old age of a Bond cycle. The sun has gone all quiet on us, GCR flux is noticeably up as a result.  Actually the Little Ice Age should have kicked the earth into glaciation by a GRAND Solar Maximum, the strongest in 3,000 years, saved us for a little while.
The coming Landscheidt minimum could be the beginning of a FULL BLOWN ICE AGE.


I am firmly convinced that knowledge of the earth returning to Ice Age Conditions is what actually is driving the Depopulation idea since the physical evidence supporting the Milankovitch cycles was found in the early 1970s. DESPITE the cold, during the first UN environmental conference in 1972 headed by the Rockefeller’s man, Maurice Strong they talked of GLOBAL WARMING! Why? Because by 1958 they already knew about the The Gleissberg cycle of solar activity spanning roughly 80 to 90 years. Meaning a warming could be expected.


If you put together the threads you find in the early 1970s there was a major shift from the USA continuing as a manufacturing base to exporting out technology, factory and jobs. (SOUTH like to Mexico, India and China.) This may have been because of the food scare due to the cold climate. Nigel Calder a science reporter at that time wrote:

[…]No, we didn’t make it up. I was present in Rome in 1961 when global cooling was already the main concern at a conference of the World Meteorological Organization and Unesco (see the Unesco reference). The discussions were led by Hubert Lamb of the UK Met Office, who went on to found the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

A persistent concern of Lamb and others was that the world might return to a Little Ice Age like that of 300 years ago. But the improving knowledge of glacial history, and especially the apparent brevity of warm interglacials, prompted anxiety about a full-blown ice age. George Kukla, together with Robert Matthews of Brown University, convened a conference in 1972 entitled “The Present Interglacial: How and When will it End?”….

Kukla and Matthews alerted President Richard Nixon, and as a result the US Administration set up a Panel on the Present Interglacial involving the State Department and other agencies.….

The result was the 1974 CIA report:
“A Study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems” makes that clear. (wwwDOT)


….The onset of the LEAP [The glacial inception of the last glaciation] occurred within less than two decades (see the core photograph in Fig. 4), demonstrating the existence of a sharp threshold, which must be near 416Wm22, which is the 658N July insolation for 118 kyr BP (ref. 9). This value is only slightly below today’s value of 428Wm22. Insolation will remain at this level slightly above the inception for the next 4,000 years before it then increases again.” Sirocko, et al, Vol 436|11 August 2005|doi:10.1038/nature03905.


Here is a ‘brief?’ look at the data gathered that refuting ‘Gore Bull Schiff Warming’ aka the ‘Green House’ and showing we are on the brink of either the ‘Ice House’ or the ‘Mad House’ (Bumping along between to interglacial peaks of a  ‘double precession-cycle’ interglacial.Geologically the ‘Green House’ is NOT on the table.

“The lesson from the last interglacial “greenhouse” in the Bahamas is that the closing of that interval brought sea-level changes that were rapid and extreme. This has prompted the remark that between the greenhouse and the icehouse lies a climatic “madhouse”! — Neuman and Hearty (1996)

 Geologist William McClenney  looked at it from the perspective of geology in a series of posts at WUWT. His posts are gathered together HERE:
The End Holocene?

He used multiple papers from geologists such as this:
” The operative quotation being found in the landmark paper by Lisiecki and Raymo (“A Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of 57 globally distributed benthic D18O records”, Paleoceanography, Vol. 20, PA1003, doi:10.1029/2004PA001071, 2005) being:”

Recent research has focused on MIS 11 as a possible analog for the present interglacial [e.g., Loutre and Berger, 2003; EPICA community members, 2004] because both occur during times of low eccentricity. The LR04 age model establishes that MIS 11 spans two precession cycles, with 18O values below 3.6 o/oo for 20 kyr, from 398{418 ka. In comparison, stages 9 and 5 remained below 3.6 o/oo for 13 and 12 kyr, respectively, and the Holocene interglacial has lasted 11 kyr so far. In the LR04 age model, the average LSR of 29 sites is the same from 398-418 ka as from 250-650 ka; consequently, stage 11 is unlikely to be artificially stretched. However, the June 21 insolation minimum at 65N during MIS 11 is only 489 W/m2, much less pronounced than the present minimum of 474 W/m2. In addition, current insolation values are not predicted to return to the high values of late MIS 11 for another 65 kyr. We propose that this effectively precludes a “double precession-cycle” interglacial [e.g., Raymo, 1997] in the Holocene without human influence.”

Note the Loutre and Berger model looked at orbital mechanics and model results (They played around with computers instead of getting off their butts.) While Lisieki and Raymo took an exhaustive look at 57 globally distributed deep Ocean Drilling Project (and other) cores In other words they looked at real data not models.


Dr Evans, Jo Nova’s Hubby looks at it from the point of view of the sun’s variability.
𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗰𝗵-𝗗𝗲𝗹𝗮𝘆 𝗦𝗼𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗼𝗿𝘆 𝗣𝗿𝗲𝗱𝗶𝗰𝘁𝘀 𝗖𝗼𝗼𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟳
The theory was initially introduced to the world in a series of blog posts on Joanne’s blog in 2014:

From Jo’s blog:

 Climate Scientists Misapplied Basic Physics

The basic climate model, the application of “basic physics” to climate, is essentially why establishment climate scientists believe in the carbon dioxide theory, despite considerable contrary empirical evidence. Dating back to 1896, the model contains serious architectural errors. Fixing the errors finds a much lower sensitivity to carbon dioxide — the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) overestimated future warming by a factor of five to ten. Less than 20% of the global warming of the last few decades was due to carbon dioxide.

Notch-Delay Solar Theory Predicts Cooling from 2017

Global temperatures will come off the current plateau into a sustained and significant cooling, beginning 2017 or maybe as late as 2021. The cooling will be about 0.3 °C in the 2020s, taking the planet back to the global temperature that prevailed in the 1980s. This was signaled (though not caused) by a fall in underlying solar radiation starting in 2004, one of the three largest falls since 1610 when records started. There is a delay of one sunspot cycle, currently 13 years (2004+13 = 2017).

(For what it is worth, we have not seen the hot summers here in NC that we saw a decade ago. (Sustained 95F -100+F thru the summer.)
Dr Evans’ links to the Jo Nova blog posts and his papers are HERE.


I am not sure I can trust much of what has been written unless they have kept records before the earth was formed – they seem to be able to explain away anything that is positive – and the fact that the climate is cyclical – however – if they poked holes in the protective layer atmosphere of the Earth – that could change their calculations – it could explain the effect of the sun – but, not the cold – this is way above my pay grade, Gail!!!

Gail Combs

“…unless they have kept records before the earth was formed…”

If you want some fun read:

A History of Solar Activity over Millennia

It is actually not that hard to read and what I really like about it is Usoskin uses not one but THREE independent sets of data to validate his findings.

The Website CO2 Science says this about the paper:
A 3,000-Year Record of Solar Activity

According to Usoskin et al. (2014), the Sun “shows strong variability in its magnetic activity, from Grand minima to Grand maxima, but the nature of the variability is not fully understood, mostly because of the insufficient length of the directly observed solar activity records and of uncertainties related to long-term reconstructions.”

 Now, however, in an attempt to overcome such uncertainties, Usoskin et al. “present the first fully adjustment-free physical reconstruction of solar activity” covering the past 3,000 years, which record allowed them “to study different modes of solar activity at an unprecedented level of detail.”

As a “unique” and “rare” event in terms of both magnitude and duration, one would think a lot more time and effort would be spent by the IPCC and others in answering that question.

 Instead, IPCC scientists have conducted relatively few studies of the Sun’s influence on modern warming, assuming that the temperature influence of this rare and unique Grand maximum of solar activity, which has occurred only once in the past 3,000 years, is far inferior to the radiative power provided by the rising CO2 concentration of the Earth’s atmosphere….

As far as the age of the earth? Scientists are fairly sure the earth took a MAJOR hit by asteroids — PLURAL that wiped out much of the life. (North Carolina among other places bares the scars)

So how do we know if the Old Testament may consider that as ‘the beginning’ The geologic record certainly substantiates a GREAT FLOOD when the massive glacial lake covering Canada suddenly drained.


As far as the age of the earth? Scientists are fairly sure the earth took a MAJOR hit by asteroids — PLURAL that wiped out much of the life. (North Carolina among other places bares the scars.

We’ve had many, many hits by asteroids over geologic history (and that’s leaving aside the Hadean eon and the late heavy bombardment, which are way early in Earth’s history). Which specific event(s) are you alluding to here? If the scars are still visible in NC it must be relatively recent (as in the last couple of hundred million years or so).

Gail Combs

Steve here are what I was talking about.
comment image
comment image

There are various theories about them. WIKI lists them

….Alternative interpretations of Carolina bays that are no longer viewed favorably by most geologists include:

  1. the action of sea currents when the area was under the ocean;
  2. the upwelling of ground water at a later time;
  3. the formation of siliciclastic karst by solution of subsurface material during glacial sealevel lowstands;
  4. extraterrestrial impact hypotheses: Comet or meteorite impact hypotheses were popular during the 1940s and 1950s. However, geologists later determined the depressions are too shallow and that they lack evidence for them to be impact features. Reports of magnetic anomalies do not show consistency across the sites, and there are no meteorite fragments, shatter cones, or planar deformation features. None of the necessary evidence for impacts is present, and comet or meteorite impact hypotheses have been rejected.[35] Nevertheless, an extraterrestrial impact origin of Carolina bays was proposed again in association with the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis[36] and the theory that the Carolina bays were created by a low density comet exploding above or impacting on the Laurentide Ice Sheet about 12,900 years ago. However, this theory has been discredited by OSL dating of the rims of the Carolina bays, paleoenvironmental records obtained from cores of Carolina bay sediments, and other research related to the Laurentide Ice Sheet.[16][12][27][37][38][39] Fine-scale scrutiny of radiocarbon data does not support synchroneity of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis.[40] Another recent theory proposes an origin of the Carolina bays, instead, from a different impact event posited to have occurred in Michigan >700,000 years ago. According to this theory, the Carolina bays “are surface imperfections within a blanket of ballistically deposited shattered sedimentary strata (sand), generated at time of emplacement by the energetic deflation of steam inclusions.”[41] According to this theory, the Carolina bays are interpreted as having been caused by ejecta caused by an extraterrestrial impact, and rotation of the Earth during time of ejecta flight would have systematically displaced orientations, consistent with an impact event centered in Michigan.[41] 

My quick impression is karst. Gotta run, I’ll look more closely soon.

Gail Combs

Not limestone Karst (Typical caver thoughts)

This is what WIKI says is the current thoughts on origin. (My geology classes were fifty years ago.)

….Interpretations (theories of origin)

More than a dozen bays are shown in this photo in southeastern North Carolina. Several are cleared and drained for farming.

Most geologists today interpret the Carolina bays as relict geomorphological features that developed via various eolian and lacustrine processes. Furthermore, multiple lines of evidence, e.g. radiocarbon datingoptically stimulated luminescence dating, and palynology, indicate that the Carolina bays predate the start of the Holocene. Fossil pollen recovered from cores of undisturbed sediment taken from various Carolina bays in North Carolina by Frey,[21][22] Watts,[23] and Whitehead[24][25] document the presence of full glacial pollen zones within the sediments filling some Carolina bays. The range of dates can be interpreted that Carolina bays were either created episodically over the last tens of thousands of years or were created at time over a hundred thousand years ago and have since been episodically modified.[16][12][27]

Relict thermokarst lakes

Recent work by the U.S. Geological Survey[10] has interpreted the Carolina bays as relict thermokarst lakes that have been modified by eolian and lacustrine processes. Modern thermokarst lakes are common today around Barrow (Alaska), and the long axes of these lakes are oblique to the prevailing wind direction. These lakes develop by thawing of frozen ground, with subsequent modification by wind and waves. Thus, the interpretation of Carolina bays as relict thermokarst lakes implies that frozen ground once extended as far south as the Carolina bays. This interpretation is consistent with the optically stimulated luminescence dates, which suggest that the Carolina bays are relict features that formed when the climate was colder, drier, and windier.[10][18][28]

Quaternary geologists and geomorphologists state that the features of the Carolina bays can be readily explained by known terrestrial processes and repeated modification by eolian and lacustrine processes.[33] Also, Quaternary geologists and geomorphologists have found a correspondence in time between when active modification of the rims of Carolina bays most commonly occurred and when adjacent sand dunes were active during the Wisconsin glaciation between 15,000 and 40,000 years (Late Wisconsin) and 70,000 to 80,000 years BP (Early Wisconsin).[18][28]

In addition, Quaternary geologists and geomorphologists have found that the orientations of the Carolina bays are consistent with the wind patterns that existed during the Wisconsin glaciation, as reconstructed from the orientations of parabolic dunes in river valleys.[9][10] Within the Atlantic Coast Plain, the orientation of the long axes of Carolina bays and the inferred direction of movement of adjacent sand dunes, where present, are generally oblique to each other. In southern Georgia and northern Florida, the orientation is matched by an inferred west to east direction of movement of Pleistocene sand dunes.


Northward from northern Georgia to Virginia, the average inferred direction of movement of Pleistocene parabolic sand dunes systematically shifts along with the average orientation of the long axes of Carolina bays as to lie oblique to them. In the Delmarva Peninsula, the 112 degree shift in the average trend of the long axes also corresponds with a shift in the average inferred direction of movement of Pleistocene parabolic sand dunes such that their direction of movement is also oblique to the long axes, as is the case in the rest of the Atlantic Coastal Plain….[9]

Eolian processes pertain to the activity of the winds and  lacustrine processes pertain to the activity of lakes.

Here s a alternate theory from 2012.
Michael Davias’ presentation to the GSA’s Southeastern Section in Asheville


(a bit later) It just looks wrong to be a spray of impacts, honestly, but that’s my intuition speaking. The article says there are good solid reasons for doubting it, though.

Secondary impact (from ejecta splatter) makes a lot more sense and that’s what Wiki seems to be saying.


Thanks, Gail!!! Interesting…


We have tree ring records going back 11,000 years in some places.

Tree rings often can be used to date an event to an exact year, and they are used to calibrate carbon 14 dating. And of course they are also a built-in record of the climate.


How do they measure that, Steve? That number seems large to me – no expert – am I


By counting them! One ring per year.

The pattern of thick rings and thin rings is distinctive, so if you have (say) an 800 year old tree today, and it gets cut down, and you have some piece of wood from an old tree that was cut down 600 years ago, you can match them up and figure out how long ago that old medieval tree was a sapling, maybe 1200 years ago. And so on.

When this is done with bristlecone pines you get pretty far back because some of those living today are 5000 years old.


Oh, I see and understand – Thanks!!!

Gail Combs

That was what the MFGW Mikey Mann comedy song was all about.

Makin’ up data the old hard way
Fudgin the numbers day by day
Hiding the snow and the cold and a downward line
Hide the decline (hide the decline)

Michael Mann thinks he so smart
totally inventing the hockey stick chart
Hiding the snow and the cold and a downward line
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Hide the decline (hide the decline)

Oh Climategate I think you have sealed your fate
I hope you do a lot of time, cuz what you did was such a crime
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Hide the decline (hide the decline)

The tree ring data was very thin
you shoulda chopped more trees instead of hugging them.
Hiding the snow and the cold and a downward line
Hide the decline (hide the decline)

Oh Climategate I think you have sealed your fate
Well you know its a crime and hope you do a lot of time
Hide the decline (hide the decline)
Hide the decline (hide the decline)


There is an app now that you can use for aging tree rings.



“Who remembers swinging so high the poles lifted up out of the ground?”


I do.

The poles were even set in concrete, and the whole cluster of concrete around the pole would lift up out of the ground 👍😁


you’re my kind of swinger!


My favorite part was sliding out of the seat on the upswing, just before the arc of the swing reached about the 9 o’clock position, to see how far you could go before you landed on your feet — like a swing-assisted long jump 👍😁


me too!!!
I got grounded for a whole month when my mom saw me do that!!


That’s a LONG time for a kid!!!

(which I have good reason to know 😲😁)

Last edited 10 days ago by scott467



#Burden #HipHop #BurdenWorld
Burden – Sleepy Joe Cheated (BRAND NEW)


Exhausted after signing 52 illegal EOs so he needed a break.

imagine if Trump didn’t this white a major weather event was happen?

Concerned Virginian

Apparently RobberJoe spent the weekend at Camp David either playing Mario Kart with his granddaughter, or he was sleeping.
Just the type of activities one would expect of a person whose body is behaving at 78 years of age or beyond, and whose brain is also cognitively impaired.




Thanks very much, duchess.

On to the rest of the show.

Australian journalist says that one of Hunter Biden’s defence attorneys is now part of the DoJ:

Has TJ Ducklo been fired or just suspended? Ex-Dem now Republican Leo Terrell suspects Ducklo will land a soft, comfy job somewhere:

In closing, Judge Jeanine points out Eric Swalwell’s blatant hypocrisy, i.e. Fang Fang:


Thanks for posting, Church! Finally, the good Judge has recovered her moxie!!!


Fox is probably controlling her agenda.

I don’t hold her responsible.

The same is probably happening to Tucker. Therefore, I wouldn’t criticise him at all. He’s doing what he has to do to put his children through university and keep a stable — and SAFE — home life. He’s already been hounded out of one home, with his wife home alone.

Think of Lou Dobbs. He put his head on the line, probably unknowingly. Now he’s been cancelled.

Those of us at home can talk a big game, but, when push comes to shove, I would not want to be in their shoes at all.

May God bless all of these people. They have gone through the trenches to bring us the truth.


Sounds plausible to me, Church – I like the Judge until something happened and she went silent – she may not have had a choice to keep her job – I used to like Tucker until some things went awry – but he could have been told to pipe it down a bit, too – as far as Lou is concerned – he has gotten awfully bold since the election – thought it was just a matter of time before they shut him down – you may be right – they went as far a they could to open eyes and ears.


They are between a rock and a hard place, no doubt.


It appears that way, yes, Church! I long for the day when one can speak the truth – and not be chastised for it – the day when investigative journalism returns to our airwaves for all to enjoy – the day when the media is not controlled by one party and/or view – where both sides are provided – and we can make the choice – not them.




Considering the blowback he received Immediately yesterday he is either stupid or is attempting to gaslight viewers


I’ll go with “Bought Off… AND… STUPID”.

Gail Combs

He figures he is sitting pretty for the next 6 years. The RUBES will forget AND RIGGED VOTING MACHINES will see to it he gets re-elected.

Zo no he is NOT STUPID. I just wonder how much he was paid to say:

‘ IDEFINE insurrection as Preventing the Peaceful transfer of power’


‘People still tell me that Dominion rigged those machines That is NOT TRUE and All the news organizations that promoted that RETRACTED’


I’ll stick with STUPID.


Not stupid. Evil.



Gail Combs

Not STUPID, after all what does he have to lose???

If he was Rand Paul he would get shot at, beat up harassed…. but he is not so NO ONE WILL BOTHER HIM much less TOUCH HIM…. And if they do it will be used to take ALL our guns.

So NOT STUPID, just evil, a traitor, and PAID.

He KNOWS WE ARE HELPLESS CHUMPS!!! AND the DAs & Judges are all bought and paid for by the same people he is.

Barb Meier

What does he have to lose? His soul.

Gail Combs

I think he already sold it.

Gail Combs

I LOVED the ‘DEFINE insurrection as Preventing the Peaceful transfer of power’

Next he said:
‘People still tell me that Dominion rigged those machines That is NOT TRUE and All the news organizations that promoted that RETRACTED’

YEAH, getting sued for a BILLION might just have a dampening effect on the truth doncha think?

At that point I shut it off.


iirc there was car bombings and riots when REALPOTUS took office in 2017…where were these idiots then?


Since they didn’t bust into the capitol and scare the shitsacks, that doesn’t count.


Without a mention of privacy rights the mainstream media appears to be all in for making you ‘show your papers



President Trump was a president who brought peace to the Middle East.

Notice that MSM never mention that.


I don’t think the Cabal and MSM want peace in the ME… they want endless wars… isn’t that what Rumsfeld said we would have?



Now we know what effing liars and charlatans they are, always talking about ‘peace’ when they mean ‘war’.


Exactly… wars bring depopulation and money … both of which are cherished by the Cabal… they did away with the draft in order to protect the lives of the children of politicians and other Cabal pawns… your description of them suits!


Thank you very much, indeed.

When is everyone else — present Q Tree / other Trump supporting people excepted — going to wake up?


slowly Churchmouse… hopefully


maybe the narcissistic faux doctor should pryher adult child away from his video games and give his fema maroons some directions regarding this storm?

Gail Combs

Rotating Power Outages is WHY they are forcing Smart Meters down our throats.

BIG DemonRat donor gets to keep his power on while his non-donating neighbors get theirs shot off. THINK SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE.

From my old notes:

Just wait until Bite-me/Obummer’s EPA is done shutting down all the coal plants and forbids wood stoves. Ohio was the state hardest hit with shut downs and with the highest cost for replacement electric.

…The market-clearing price for new 2015 capacity — almost all natural gas — was $136 per megawatt. That’s eight times higher than the price for 2012, which was just $16 per megawatt.

In the mid-Atlantic area covering New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and DC the new price is $167 per megawatt. For the northern Ohio territory served by FirstEnergy, the price is a shocking $357 per megawatt.

Why the massive price increases? Andy Ott from PJM stated the obvious: “Capacity prices were higher than last year’s because of retirements of existing coal-fired generation resulting largely from environmental regulations which go into effect in 2015.” Northern Ohio is suffering from more forced coal-plant retirements than the rest of the region, hence the even higher price.


Map of shutdowns and explanations.

Old Comment:
Given the information in that article with the map, if I were a power systems engineer, I think I would be calling in sick for the next couple years or taking a sabbatical or looking for another job some time before the Nov 2016 elections. Once the ‘renewables’ get over a certain low percentage, the grid becomes increasingly hard to balance. LINK Unfortunately the base load that keeps everything stable is getting taken out a lot faster than the US government anticipated.

The “Smart Meters” that were supposed to make renewables work aren’t ready for prime time yet and forget storage.
“The Energy Department is investing in strategic partnerships to accelerate investments in grid modernization….” The smart grid lets them turn off consumer energy while they keep the government and corporate power on. That is going to go over real well with the spoiled brats in the cities. (Now you know why DHS was buying Ammo.)

It looks like the EPA got the timing wrong and instead of the shut downs (and the blame) landing on the next president it is going to hit Obummer and the Demi-rats on election year. (Snicker) In 2011 coal generated 44.6 percent of our electric it was down to 36 percent by 2012 with a lot more closures planned. Nuclear energy generates 19 percent, if all 38 units at risk are retired, about one-third of our nuclear fleet will also be shut down. Hydro-electric is also targeted with dams being taken out. So there goes the baseload and you can not just build a power plant in a year or so. Not with the NIMBYs and activists protesting anything and everything and Sierra Club suing at the drop of a hat.




….In January 2007, the Michigan Public Service Commission presented to the Governor its “21st Century Energy Plan,” which recommends demand response and AMI. The Commission then created four working groups to support the plan—two of the groups will consider demand response and the smart grid through, respectively, the “Demand Response Team” and the “Smart Grid Team.”

• In June 2007, the Commission opened a proceeding to implement the demand response portion of the “21st Century Energy Plan.” In the same Order, the Commission also formed a working group called the Michigan Demand Response Collaborative, which is to facilitate the deployment of demand response. The Commission directed all of the state’s regulated utilities to participate in it. The demand response collaborative is to develop pilot programs and “emphasize the use of ‘smart’ metering, advanced technology, and time-based or real time rate structures.” It must also assess the impact of time-based rates on customer demand for electricity.

• In April 2007 the Commission directed its Staff to convene a statewide collaborative on smart grid infrastructure to improve the state’s electric grid. The Smart Grid Collaborative, as the group is known, is responsible for establishing evaluation criteria and standards that would trigger pilot programs or broader deployment in Michigan if options appear cost-effective and practical to implement. In March 2008, the Commission added the task of considering plug-in electric hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) vis-à-vis the smart grid to the workload of the Smart Grid Collaborative. In particular, the Smart Grid Collaborative is to develop pilot programs that study PHEVs and will file with the Commission a report about the pilots—the report is due in June 2009. ….

….the Commission directed its Staff to develop a report on AMI. The Staff filed its report in October 2008, concluding, “Advanced metering infrastructure initiatives are an important tool to modernize the electricity grid, reduce peak demand and reach energy efficiency goals.” In the report—“Staff Report on Minimum Functionality Standards for Advanced Metering Infrastructure”—the Staff reviewed federal and state AMI policies. It also summarized and synthesized the comments filed in August 2008.


• In October 2008, Governor Granholm signed a bill that fosters the deployment of demand response (Senate Bill 213). Key language from the new law follows:

“The commission shall do all of the following:

“Promote load management in appropriate circumstances. “Actively pursue increasing public awareness of load management techniques. “Engage in regional load management efforts to reduce the annual demand for energy whenever possible.

“Work with residential, commercial, and industrial customers to reduce annual demand and conserve energy through load management techniques and other activities it considers appropriate. The commission shall file a report with the legislature by December 31, 2010 on the effort to reduce peak demand. …. LINK


Thank you for posting.

I remembered Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot as being very pretty and wondered if she was depicted in both photos.

Yes, indeed. Wow. How times have changed.

Last edited 11 days ago by churchmouse

Thank you for posting the before and after photos of Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot.


You’re welcome Churchmouse… I was shocked.


So was I.

And she had the nerve to go for a ‘haircut’ — a miniscule trim — during last year’s lockdown, saying she had to preserve her public image. Good grief.


Thanks, PR.

I’m not on Telegram, so I needed to preview it.

For those like me, this is what Patrick Byrne’s first message says in Preview mode:

‘About a week ago I published some preliminary numbers regarding vote slipping, prepared by some very deep diving dolphin-speakers. They had only located, analyzed, And reconstructed about 18 of them at the time. They had found just short of 300,000 votes flipped. Now they have worked further through the data, and they have locked down what 85 case, for over 2 million votes. They are most of the way but not yet completely all the way through the data, so this may increase a little more.’

The second message I can’t reproduce, because it’s in two columns, but it is visible in Preview mode.

One column adds up the suspect votes from six states — PA, WI, MI, AZ, GA and NV — which amount to 2,126,142.

The other column has a vote total from various foreign countries — from China (most votes, 739,932) around the world including all continents to South Korea — with a total of 2,126,142.

Apparently, Joltin’ Joe’s votes had to be added to in 21 countries, including Germany, the UK and France, in order to win?


Word is The Vatican is the culprit, used the satellites for encrypting and scattering thru various countries… (my dementia is making word salad of this part)… the blame is being put on “Italy” but it was in fact The Vatican… De Pat expounded on it with regard to corruption… revelation would probably bring the Italian gov’t down… which is why I think it has not already been revealed…

I joined Telegram but have yet to figure out how to copy posts… beginning to think it’s complicated to prevent some info from being spread too liberally…


I haven’t read about the Italian connection for at least a month.

Re Telegram, just run your cursor along the text and copy/paste.

Yes, they are making it more complicated for us to communicate, so we have to push that much further.


Some thoughts re DJT.

Many have noted that DJT appears to be the first POTUS to be as vital now as when he was sworn in. No visible aging can be discerned. I believe that a good part of this can be ascribed to you – his Deplorables. The love affair between Donald Trump and his Deplorable Patriots must surely be one for the record books. Not only does this love sustain him – it protects him. And it confounds your enemies. They simply cannot comprehend this kind of love – it is beyond their ken. Your love for him does more than that – not only does it shield him – it embraces you as well in its protective shield. If this farce of an impeachment showed anything – it is that. Many of the 43 R senators simply did not dare to vote against him/you. YOU are DJT’s power source, specifically the tangible love that is on display every time he is in your midst. Of course, you know this – but it bears repeating – mainly because unfriendly eyes need to ponder this question deeply.

Ah, the power of love!

Secondly. Jesus stated a requirement that loving your neighbor included loving your enemy. Then he proceeded to state that he would be setting sons against fathers, daughter against mothers – he would be setting family members against each other. “And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household” (Matt 10 36). Well, who better to learn how to love under God than your parents, brothers and sisters? Baby steps – Jesus’ plan on how to unify the world under His Leadership. Vanquish the foes sitting around your own hearth with the power of love, move on to your neighbors – soon America will be healed. Sound like just that much “pap”? Good to the ear, not much use in practice?

Well “the plan” will lay out a path to this end, but back to DJT.

Who is currently rendering families asunder with the sword of division, not just America, but the world over? Seen in this light, it is hard not to conclude that DJT is doing the Lord’s work.

Look at his statement again. He loves America, and thus her citizens. He was unwilling to break America apart in order to “save” it (that would have killed America) – he thus had to come up with a new plan. It turns out America was sicker than most of us imagined – and I believe that DJT came to realize this as well.

So, just some thoughts ….

Last edited 11 days ago by JasonD

^^^ Well stated.

It turns out America was sicker than most of us imagined – and I believe that DJT came to realize this as well.
^^^ Personally, have become totally numb from the CONTINUOUS bitch slapping I’ve received since 3 November.

  • The ENTIRE election process BETRAYED Trump, BETRAYED each of the ~74 million voters, and BETRAYED tens if not hundreds of millions of followers around the globe.

Six months ago, even Vegas betting parlers, or whatever they are called, would have NEVER considered the odds the of, the ENTIRE ELECTION process in America was CORRUPT.
^^^ WAS simply inconceivable. Me, still have not come to terms with the reality of living in a banana republic.

Last edited 11 days ago by kalbokalbs

Welcome to the rest of the world! If America can turn into a banana republic, seemingly in the blink of an eye, then so can everyone else.

Of course, most of the “everyone else” are already banana republics. Australia is striving to become one as well, and many would say, not unreasonably, that we already are.

I said, “seemingly in the blink of an eye”, but of course it only seems that way. Looking back with opened eyes makes it far easier to understand when it started, and why.
And it really started with that event in the Garden …


Too right, Jason. It did begin in that Garden, when the world’s most famous couple thought they would be able to know everything by eating the forbidden fruit.

The good Lord brought them out of that realisation quickly.

I have read about the restrictions in Victoria State — Melbourne, mostly — and grieve for the people there. I hope you are not among them.


No, thankfully. We are in Tasmania, with a huge moat between us an the mainland.

I do have a daughter in London, with 4 months to go with her training program at the English National Ballet School, so our family is not unaffected by the chaos.
But she is an extremely tough and determined young lady and has handled the situation admirably. As her father I am intrigued how her career will unfold in these “covidious” times – but I am not concerned. Doors seem to keep opening at the right times, so I trust that that will continue.
How has your experience with BoJo’s lockdown mania gone?


Glad to read that you are in Tas. Thank goodness. (You probably mentioned it previously and I’d forgotten.)

We are okay but a bit frustrated. It’s been 11 months since we’ve been able to shop at the butcher’s and fishmonger’s (limited entry and only one person per household). We’ve been ordering certain meat and fish online, so it’s been acceptable. I do the weekly shop in the high street for basics.

What my far better half and I miss most are our afternoon-long lunches in London with friends. Going without them and the associated conviviality has been really difficult.

As we are ageing, we also feel that we’ve missed out on a year of our lives that we’ll never get back.

I can empathise equally with young people, especially those who are finishing their secondary education or are at university and are excluded from in-person courses and cannot recoup their fees for lodging.

Kudos to your daughter for her determination at this time, especially as she is so close to finishing her training programme at the English National Ballet School. May the doors continue to open for her at all the right times!

Regardless of what the media say, half of us are entirely fed up with this and the other half say we need more lockdown.

Thank you for asking about the state of play in Britain. I shall keep you and your daughter in my thoughts.


Thanks for those details. All but imprisoning people has really come naturally to a lot of our ‘betters”, all around the world.
Tin-pot tyrants seem to be a dime a dozen these days. I am sure this is emboldening them to apply these measures for “our own good” for all sorts of other reasons as well.
I know a lot of them are salivating at the thought of locking us all up in the name of “saving the planet” – so keep a weather eye out. It won’t surprise me if Boris puts his hand up for that.


Indeed, especially as his fiancée and mother of his latest son is a greenie.

The worst offender, though, is our health secretary Matt Hancock. Oh, woe. He needs to go.


Yes it is conceivable to realize what is going on. The one thing i can say is many wars have hidden many sins by evil people who are greedy and power hungry. We did not see it they were cunning. People who have been for ever in DC carry much the blame. They were there the last 40 years and feathered their pockets and nest. They were bought off.
I see problems that led to this .
No prayer in school, soccer Sunday morning at exspence of Church, no draft, broken homes broken families and endless wars.
Now we have a banana republic and are embarrassment. To the free world a laughing stock. We lost credibility. Carter, Bush, Clinton, Obama set the decline.
Companies used to be run by entrepreneurs who had pride in America. Now corporations are run by bean counters and lawyers it is all about the bottom line for stockholders. They have no royalty to a country.


What a beautiful post, Jason.

Many thanks.

May the good Lord continue to bless you and yours.


Thanks Churchmouse! We are indeed blessed.
Same wishes for you.


Many thanks, Jason — greatly appreciated! 🙂


Now nanXi punishes America because she can,,,

“Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets. We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change. The time to act is now,” Biden said in a statement.

Concerned Virginian

Isn’t this the same “President” RobberJoe who spent the weekend at Camp David, alternating between playing Mario video games with his granddaughter, and sleeping, according to The Gateway Pundit article cited earlier today?
So obviously this “statement” on more evisceration of the Second Amendment was written for RobberJoe by Pelosi’s team and put out under his name.
And by the way, the “statement” clumsily tries to equate “gun violence” with racism — claiming that “gun violence” is “disproportionate” among “Black and Brown communities”.


A good message for politicians and the rest of us to keep in mind.

comment image

Cuppa Covfefe

They’ll (DEMONRATS and RINOS) will probably say that it’s rayyyycisss, as in “White Throne Privilege”…….

Too bad for them that if they wait for the White Throne, it’s too late for them…
comment image


Hey, as long as Nance has her ice cream and Newsom can dine at The French Laundry, what’s the problem? /s

Seriously, thank you for the meme.

Last edited 11 days ago by churchmouse


C’mon man……

The DemonRats do not respect the office of President, or this country or its people.

Last edited 11 days ago by GA/FL
Gail Combs

The USA is run by a powerful Oligarchy with a thin smear of ‘democracy’ over it to keep the sheeple quiet.

We lost our right to free of speech.
We lost our right of assembly to present our grievances (protest)
We lost our right to freedom of Religion and worship.
We lost our right to privacy and now search without a warrant is fast appearing.
We lost our right to face our accuser. (The Tattletale Karens names are NEVER given.)
We lost our right to fair trials by jury.
We lost our eighth Amendment rights [Excess Bail or Fines, Cruel and Unusual Punishment (Think Manifort)]
We lost our right to free and fair elections.
We lost the rights reserved to the states with Federal government over reach via the Commerce Clause.

And now the last right in the Bill of Rights the right to bear arms, is under direct attack.


Is this video to show us why using the 25th Amendment will be justified?


a message from team ho kamel ?


I think so, yes, Chris!!! IOW – go ahead and pull the 25th on your boss – and see where it gets you – lol


Acquitted Again! President Trump Speaks, Almond Tree Awakening 2-14-21-
RedpillTheWorld Published  February 14, 2021


Trump and the patriots led the [CB]/[DS] down the wrong economic path. Trump used their illusion against them, he reversed everything they were doing, in the meantime he was building the plan to destroy the [CB] and help the people weather the storm. Now its to late. Trump has told us the plan the entire time, we weren’t listening closely enough. Yes, he is going to bring down the entire system, yes he is going to make arrests, but first he will wake up America, and have the [DS] feel pain during the entire process. He is allowing them to be exposed to as many people as possible, he is going to attack them when the least expect it. He told us that he was going to go away for a while, he told us [JB] will probably be removed by the 25th Amendment. He said a long time ago he needed to the swamp. Everything is in motion and the [DS] are finished, last Phase.


Ep. 2404a – Trump Led The [CB] Down His Economic Path To Destroy Them, Think Digital & Gold
X22 Report Published  February 14, 2021


Ep. 2404b-Trump You Won’t See Me For A While, Be Extremely Mysterious To Direct Your Opponents Fate
X22 Report Published  February 14, 2021


Dave was talking about digital currency in yesterday’s video too, and I was going to post about it then, but I couldn’t find the tweets by DJT.

Just a couple days ago, someone (either here or at NeonRevolt, I think) posted a series of Tweets by DJT, where he said he does not like crypto, that it has no intrinsic value, that it’s based on nothing.

Others pointed out that the exact same thing can be said about our fiat currency, of course.

But it seemed pretty clear DJT is not a fan of crypto currencies.

So when Dave started talking about how crypto was going to be a big or even central part of DJT’s plan, that’s a pretty big contradiction of DJT’s own words.


Intrinsic value isn’t actually as important as not being able to inflate the currency at will, a protection that crypto does offer.

The best definition I ever heard for money was something that people would accept as payment, confident that they could then pass it on to someone else who would accept it as payment. Trustworthy and non-inflatable is part of that definition…PMs (precious metals) not necessarily; something else with those attributes will work just as well. The trick is getting it to be acceptable. Our dollar is accepted (even if it does inflate), getting people to switch to something else would be work. Enough work that the easier thing to do is to take our current dollar and, behind the scenes, tie it to something non-inflatable.

The idea of “money” was able to be established because of it having intrinsic value, and precious metals can’t readily be inflated (though it has happened under unusual circumstances). But anything people are willing to accept would work, as long as it was stable and not subject to games. PMs still fit that bill but they aren’t the only things that do.


“Intrinsic value isn’t actually as important as not being able to inflate the currency at will, a protection that crypto does offer.”


I understand that is one of the arguments, but it’s like saying a plastic red checker from a 1970s checkerboard set is uninflatable, there were only so many made, and they can’t be counterfeited because the machines used to make them are long gone, and the chemicals used in the process which resulted in the characteristic color and texture of the original 1970s checkers have been outlawed by environmental regulations.

It still has no intrinsic value, whether it can be inflated or not. Whatever value it has, it only has because a large enough group of people decided to believe it.

The same thing could be said about gold, except there seems to be an almost genetic attachment between human beings and gold, which human beings do not have for red plastic checkers — not even the really good ones from the 1970s. 😁

Everybody (more or less) likes the shiny yellow metal. Girls especially like it, which means boys are motivated to have it formed into necklaces and earrings and rings to give as gifts to their girls. 👍

Bankers (and banksters) like it a lot, and I don’t know exactly what it is that they know about this shiny yellow metal, but I know they know things… 😂 🤣 😂


“The best definition I ever heard for money was something that people would accept as payment, confident that they could then pass it on to someone else who would accept it as payment. Trustworthy and non-inflatable is part of that definition…PMs (precious metals) not necessarily; something else with those attributes will work just as well.”


You said it, it’s a confidence game.

It only works so long as people have confidence in it, and people only have confidence in something as long as people believe in it.

Precious metals are… precious. There’s a clue in there somewhere… 😁

They’re pretty, perky, shiny things, and homo sapiens love pretty, perky, shiny things. Always have, always will.

I don’t pretend to know exactly why, but then I don’t pretend to know why girls can only go to the bathroom in pairs, I can only speculate… 😂 🤣 😂

Cryptos are 100% intangible. It is the very pinnacle of abstract. You can’t see it, taste it, smell it, feel it or hear it. It has the same physical presence as a ghost.

Now the monkeys who are the presumptive target of this confidence game have IQs ranging all over the map, but I suspect less than 10% of the monkeys have actually read the white papers on Bitcoin and have a reasonably complete understand of the concept, much less truly understand cryptos in general or any of the other many cryptos in particular.

It’s exciting when it explodes in value, until it goes the other direction. It’s hard to argue something is a store of value (which gold inarguably is) when it’s value fluctuates between $4K and $50K in a single 52-week period…

For the average monkey, in addition to the casino excitement, crypto is just there when they need it. Until it isn’t.

But are cryptos really trustworthy?

As is often said among precious metals investors, differentiating between ETFs (whose underlying metals inventory is extremely dubious) and physical precious metals, “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it!” 😁

In a world that reveals itself more and more each day as being little more than deception decorated by illusions, holding a significant amount of one’s net worth in GhostCoin seems like a dicey proposition at best.

It doesn’t matter what I think about it of course, it only matters if a large enough percentage of the population are willing to go along with the confidence scheme.

A large enough percentage of the population has always gone along with the gold confidence scheme, and to the best of my knowledge, unlike just about everything else, in the entire history of mankind, the value of gold has never been zero.

Conversely, crypto is only what, about 13 years old?

I have socks older than that 👍 😁


“The idea of “money” was able to be established because of it having intrinsic value, and precious metals can’t readily be inflated (though it has happened under unusual circumstances). But anything people are willing to accept would work, as long as it was stable and not subject to games. PMs still fit that bill but they aren’t the only things that do.”


Cryptos appear to be a lot of things, but ‘stable‘ isn’t one of the words that comes to mind 😁

I still think people with trust issues are going to have a hard time sleeping at night with a substantial investment in crypto.

Trust issues always develop out of negative experiences.

And sooner or later, even people who love crypto are going to develop trust issues with crypto.

Because everything is subject to games.

For example, if silver wasn’t subject to games, it would cost about $115 per ounce right now, relative to the price of gold.

And if gold wasn’t subject to games, it might cost at least $5K an ounce right now, with silver at 1/16th of that ($312 per ounce). Lots of games are being played to suppress the precious metals market.

It is a fun topic to discuss. 👍


Not fun for me. I hate what they’re doing to silver, almost as much as I hate commies.


“For example, if silver wasn’t subject to games, it would cost about $115 per ounce right now, relative to the price of gold.”

Are you making the assumption that its natural ratio is 16:1 or something similar?

That hasn’t been the case for well over a century and a half.

On the other hand, I hear claims from time to time that GOLD is being kept artificially low.


“Are you making the assumption that its natural ratio is 16:1 or something similar?”


Yes, but based on more recent information, apparently there are 8 ounces of silver mined for every one once of gold, so the ratio really ought to be 8 to 1.

And certainly it appears that gold is extremely suppressed by the Central Banks and the commercial banks like JP Morgan who, based on recently watched video interviews of industry insiders, are regularly fined for breaking all kinds of laws against manipulation of precious metals prices.


I think DJT was talking about ‘crypto’ controlled by a bank or financial institution – because that would negate the purpose of crypto – that of being free from interest and control by a financial institution.

We live in a digital financial world – and just as with all things Internet – there is good and evil associated with it.

I have no idea what DJT thinks about anything anymore – we have to interpret his ‘clues’ all along the way – however – it could be DJT objects to anything not backed by an asset – such as precious metals – or something that has value – the banks have printed ‘promissory notes’ with interest attached – that is not ‘real money’ by any stretch of the imagination.

Dave is a big fan of crypto currency – I have my doubts because anything ‘internet’ can be intercepted and corrupted – imho

I think God owns everything – all that we have is a gift – a gift we must manage responsibly – IOW – it is His money – not mine – so I hope and pray He will sort this all out for us – and that we are not longer slaves to a corrupt financial system that serves the rich and robs from the poor.

Concerned Virginian

So I listened to the podcast linked above. If I heard correctly, there are some troubling questions that come to mind:
In order for American citizens to “wake up” to the evil of the DeepState / Cabal, RobberJoe was allowed to become the actual 46th President? RobberJoe isn’t some kind of “breathing” cardboard cutout?
I get it that the DeepState / Cabal will have pain inflicted on it. But what about the pain that’s being inflicted right now on millions of American citizens? —- Keystone Pipeline workers off the job, insulin prices through the roof again, etc.
About “making arrests” — arrested by whom?
The speaker mentions “ongoing investigations by Durham”; he’s working in the “shadows”. Wasn’t Durham exposed as just another version of William Barr?
And the 25th Amendment — assuming, for argument’s sake, that RobberJoe is “removed” via the 25th Amendment. Wouldn’t KamaHarr then assume the Oval Office as “Acting President”? Setting aside arguments as to whether she’s even eligible to be Vice-President, let alone “Acting President’: she’s more dangerous, if that’s possible, than RobberJoe, because she’s both ignorant and arrogant; therefore she would be extremely “malleable” by “certain people”.
Need some help here to understand. Thanks.

Last edited 11 days ago by Concerned Virginian
Gail Combs

Trump is between a rock and a hard place.

At present and actually for the last century there has been a war waged against the USA. At this point the ‘Trojan Horse’ has almost won and is interwind throughout US society.

Joe McCartry tried the Direct assault method in the 1950s and WAS DEFEATED. So another method, a method that WAKES UP the Americans who THINK they ‘LOVE’ socialism/Communism is needed and I think that is what we are seeing.

Will people be hurt? Yes Sometimes nothing works but pain and shock.

Will people be killed? I hope not but I think so.



Obama’s Mentor Bill Ayers talked of KILLING 10% of the US population. (25 million when the total population was 250 million. LINK )

“….When he [Josef Stalin] became Comrade Number One, his main goal was to consolidate power. Of course, he used Marxism-Leninism to explain this move. Tom West described Stalin’s outlook:

Only one man, the wisest and strongest of all, can be entrusted with the task of building socialism. And this man must not flinch from inflicting mass killings, deliberate famines, and torture involving the suffering and deaths of many millions of people. The Wise Man must employ whatever means he deems necessary to root out the millions of enemies of the people so that he can lead men to perpetual peace, happiness, and total communization.

From the book Willing Accomplices: How KGB Covert Influence Agents Created Political Correctness and Destroyed America by Kent Clizbe

It would be bad enough if this one Sociopath was just a one-off but he wasn’t. Socialism in its different flavors lead to 20th century DEMOCIDE: DEATH BY GOVERNMENT

Dr. R.J. Rummel tabulated the 169,202,000 Murdered by their own government, many under some flavor of “Socialism”

…Just to give perspective on this incredible murder by government, if all these bodies were laid head to toe, with the average height being 5′, then they would circle the earth ten times. Also, this democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century….

After eight-years and almost daily reading and recording of men, women, and children by the tens of millions being tortured or beaten to death, hung, shot, and buried alive, burned or starved to death, stabbed or chopped into pieces, and murdered in all the other ways creative and imaginative human beings can devise, I have never been so happy to conclude a project. I have not found it easy to read time and time again about the horrors innocent people have been forced to suffer. What has kept me at this was the belief, as preliminary research seemed to suggest, that there was a positive solution to all this killing and a clear course of political action and policy to end it. And the results verify this. The problem is Power. The solution is democracy. The course of action is to foster freedom….

 🖕  THAT is what we are very, very close to right now. The ONLY THING stopping it is the 2nd Amendment which is now under attack.


Agree with much of what you have presented here, Gail.

Unfortunately, a good many of those alive today have not been taught history because our Education System has been highjacked by leftist ideology.

Those who have escaped Socialism – and many in this country have – understand what the left is drawing unsuspecting minds toward accepting.

Trump is where he needs to be right now – some people will never understand until it hits their pocketbooks directly – while others need to be smacked good and hard to see what is truly happening.

The Constitution was on trial in this latest effort to punish Trump for rocking their boat and preventing them from capitalizing on their deception.

Freedom of speech – Due Process – and Freedom of Assembly were on trial – it was obvious the House Managers were not only trying to trash Trump – but, they were also trying to delineate the Constitution and our freedom.

As if the first Sham Impeachment was not enough – they rushed to judgement more quickly this time – skipping over the process in the House – and stepping on the Constitution in the Senate – their hatred for America was front and center.

Many are awake and have been awake for some time – while others are so brainwashed and filled with hatred nothing would change their minds.

It had to be this way – because the enemies of America are many – a few were on display this week – the betrayal of seven means nothing – look at the anger of one prior Senate Majority Leader – and the hatred of the present Majority Leader – the temper tantrum of the House Speaker – and the violence perpetrated upon the defender of the President and the Constitution.

The House is filled with radicals who hate America and the Senate has been turned over to those who would change America to the point of no return.

President Trump has had a chance to work within the confines of the Swamp and now – he has the opportunity to observe the Swamp in all of its glory from afar – do you think the military is protecting the criminals surrounded by the fencing or keeping the criminals where they can no longer harm anyone? I believe DC is occupied by a foreign entity – and the reason these people are so filled with hatred for America is because they are being paid by that foreign entity to undermine our Constitutional Republic – Trump still stands in the way.

I also believe the truth will be flowing like a river that has overrun its banks. There are many good developments that can and will take place in the coming months – to which President Trump has eluded in his speech – he is not finished – and I do not believe for one moment there is a legitimate government in operation in DC. President Trump has also said ‘the best is yet to come’. How can that be with an illegitimate government?

God is in charge – not the Democrats or the Republicans – and I do not believe President Trump would leave us high and dry – when God begins a good work in you – He will finish it!!!


“Joe McCartry tried the Direct assault method in the 1950s and WAS DEFEATED.”


Joe McCarthy didn’t have the entire United States military on the speed-dialer.

DJT did.


“So another method, a method that WAKES UP the Americans who THINK they ‘LOVE’ socialism/Communism is needed and I think that is what we are seeing.”


That’s great, lovely, I’m all for it, wake up as many as possible, but NOT at the expense of losing the Republic and by extension, the entire planet.

That’s not a plan, it’s a planetary suicide.


“Will people be hurt? Yes Sometimes nothing works but pain and shock.”


Then let the pain and shock, for ONCE, be to the people who have shoved their own heads so far up their asses that they wouldn’t see unless you crammed the truth down their throat.

Let THEM suffer for a change, instead of the people who KEPT the faith, KEPT the law, and who have CRIED OUT for DECADES for someone in a POSITION to take action would DO SO.

STOP punishing the INNOCENT while the GUILTY are REWARDED.

Stop punishing patriots while the Lotus-eaters go FREE.

In Greek mythology, the lotus-eaters (Greek: λωτοφάγοι, translit. lōtophágoi) were a race of people living on an island dominated by the lotus tree, a plant whose botanical identity (if based on a real plant at all) is uncertain.

The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy. After they ate the lotus they would forget their home and loved ones, and only long to stay with their fellow lotus-eaters. Those who ate the plant never cared to report, nor return.

Figuratively, ‘lotus-eater’ denotes “a person who spends their time indulging in pleasure and luxury rather than dealing with practical concerns”.


“Will people be killed? I hope not but I think so.”


President Trump, speaking about Iran: “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. They’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we’re not allowed to touch their cultural sites. It doesn’t work that way.”

The unelected psychopaths who have taken over OUR ‘cultural sites’ are killing our people, they are allowed to maim and torture US, they are allowed to use false flags and shoot 500+ people in Las Vegas, and bombings, and fly planes into the World Trade Center, and we’re not allowed to touch them?

It doesn’t work that way.


If anyone wants to “open the eyes” of the terminally stupid, you can do that AFTER the Republic is restored, just like we marched Germans through the death camps to open THEIR eyes.

We didn’t WAIT until all the Germans and the Japanese “awakened” to their atrocities.

We ended the war FOR THEM, and THEN we ‘opened their eyes’.

Because if we HADN’T, if we had waited for them to awaken first, we would STILL be fighting WWII to this DAY.


To say that we have to keep losing until “enough” people are awakened is as nebulous and open-ended as Bush’s “war on terror”.

And it will last just as long, if not longer, if we don’t &^%$ing hold SOMEBODY accountable.

And I don’t really care WHO, because at this point, it’s a TOSS UP as to who is abusing us MORE.

*&^%ing military stands by and does NOTHING.



And what about the illegal aliens crossing the border and being released in the USA?

Did DJT really think that was going to be collateral damage?





Note on article source :

By BRITTANY SHAMMAS AND GERRIT DE VYNCK | The Washington Post | Published: February 14, 2021

Sylvia Avery

👍 😘 😘 😘


A little dated and at the risk of posting old news this is something you might have missed.

Exclusive Transcript: An Hour-Long Interview with Gen. Flynn.

“Sidney works for the American people. Her client is the American people. And I am using every resource that I have — technical, strategic, legal — and my own network of people that I know to help us out to really discover the truth. If the truth is that we find that there was no problems, there was no election fraud, as everybody believes there is or there was, then fine. Then we’ll move on. But as we all know and seen throughout the last almost three months now, we’ve seen incredible levels of election fraud, both foreign interference and homegrown, what I call homegrown, through this mail-in ballot nonsense and a lot of unconstitutional actions by various states. So at the end of the day, we, the people and through the good offices of Sidney Powell and her team, her small team, we will continue to fight this legal battle to discover the truth.” – Gen. Michael Flynn
Read more


Thanks, TIM – This is an important reminder even if one did hear the interview – and if one did not – it is a testament to the hard work of those actively engaged in seeking the truth!!!


Peace Be Still – 20210214


february 14, 2021 the marshall report

Lyndsay Graham stated on Fox News Sunday, today, that now, if the republicans take back the house, Harris may face impeachment based on the standard set for actually bailing out rioters in the country.


They must be trembling (with laughter) at that empty threat!

Take back the house – when the Dims have Dominion! 🙂

Though, with DJT on the prowl, maybe they aren’t sleeping quite as well as we fear …


I do not think any of them are sleeping well, Jason – and the floodgates have not even opened yet – when they do – they will not be talking much – if they know what is good for them – when is suicide weekend – next week?


He also mentioned (not sure if was the same source) that Laura Trump would be getting in the race for the Senate to take Burr’s seat and he didn’t see much of chance of Nikki Halley getting it. So I guess with this Mark Walker who looks like another Burr clone, there’s going to be two establishment types vs. Laura Trump in that race.

Ha, most of the comments in what ever it was I looked at were all warning Laura to watch out for Ms. Lyndsay least he put a knife in her back. MAGA people are all seeing the same thing 😁


Hmmm…good points, Para!!! Graham is a snake in the grass – do not trust him to be honest about anything – would be wise for Lara to keep her distance – but, I am sure she already knows about that – I do not have to tell her.


Holy smokes.

I’ve been talking about -2, -5 degree temperatures.

It’s now -16F.


I live a couple states above ya Steve and we’ve been ranging in the 28 below to 18 below temperatures for over a week now…Seems that tonight you and I are switching temperatures because we’re sitting at 4 below at the moment….a regular heat wave :0)


Yes, be sure to watch out for early signs of heat prostration.

Cuppa Covfefe

Or heat frostration…. 


I guess that warmer weather is coming here, it’s supposed to get to (plus) 17 tomorrow.


Our forecast too shows that we might actually see temperatures above zero tomorrow….I’m keeping my fingers crossed…:0)


Gore-Bull Warming is REAL!

“This is not a joke.”
— algore


OMG! No Stock Pile, No Stock Pile!
Okay, we all hate vaccines but this is total bs. Trump wasn’t trying to make a freakin Stock Pile he was distributing the damn stuff. The Bidenese are upset they don’t have a Stock Pile to lord over.


And, from another direction…..

(mass vaccination as a prelude to genocide).


Worth the watch not just for the subject material, (important) but for a look at Jim Hoft from GWP and an indirect look at his behind the scenes work he engages in.
(I’d put up the rumble vid, but hasn’t a clue how post those so that they stand alone.)