Dear KAG: 20210216 Open Thread

Cover image: Snow King by Nancy Glazier.

Does this one go to eleven, or has TDS jumped plum off the scale?

History may tell us sooner or later.

Okay, so what is going on now that President Donald J. Trump has been acquitted in an impeachment attempt for the second time, and the Senate Majority Leader is letting out his legendary mean streak for all to see along with the Speaker of the House flipping her lid over over 40 Republican senators NOT picking up her baton and running with it?????

Dianne Marshall of the Marshall Report has an idea:

A little while back I had the honor of being fact checked on Verify, along with some others, for making the statement that it looked like President Trump called the Insurrection Act. As some who follow might recall the article. Here is my fact checker debut…

[Author note: this is my hometown NBC channel, and I haven’t watched it in so long, I have no idea who these presenters are.]

It’s a short film so please watch all the way through and listen to the constitution expert lawyer. Spoil alert: They did not confirm nor deny the accuracy of the claims. However, once I had their information, I was able to pin point the day it was declared.

Doing this a little out of order from Ms. Marshall’s page, but the first step in putting the Insurrection Act into place is:

1 President shall make a public proclamation to disperse. Immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time. Trump immediately told the insurgents to disperse and go home now, in peace to their homes.

Remember this?

Roughly that day, rumors were hot and heavy online that the Insurrection Act had been signed. There was a photo circulating taken at the White House of President Trump flashing a folder that no one quite knew what it was.

Was the Insurrection Act put into place that day and many of us missed it?

Ms. Marshall lays out the next steps in her piece referenced above:

2 President will ask the military to stop the insurrection or public violence.

3 Military now makes the decisions on what is necessary to accomplish that.

And when did the fence go up around the Capitol….

January 7, 2021 was the beginning.

So, that being said…can you see the “WTF” look on a few Dem and RINO faces? I can.

After the military takes control, and it can be argued this happened in the morning hours of January 7 AFTER the election was certified – ILLEGALLY (the crime had to happen before people could be prosecuted for it) – the next steps are:

The Vice President can invoke the 25th Amendment. Didn’t happen.

If the VP does not do that, the Congress can ask SCOTUS to deem the act unconstitutional. Didn’t happen.

The last step…impeach the president to keep him from ever holding office again.

That was tried, and then….

Is that really the San Fran Nan? With the face mask it’s hard to tell. With all the body doubles and plastic surgeons around, all you need is a voice thrower and that could be any thinnish woman with headlights (although, you can get foundation garments with those built in at the right size).

At any rate, there is a certain amount of hope, then, that the weird behavior on Capitol Hill might well have a good reason: the whole lot of criminals still there know that they’ve shot that particular mortar shell and it blew up on them.

That being the case…if VSGPDJT and his team, and the NSA under his control really had it all….


But, there’s more good news.

The people out on the fruited plain saw what they tried to do, and more woke up. It’s hard to imagine for those of us who have been at this for over three years that the whole nation is not awake, but there are many that aren’t. Some willfully, too. What we are watching, this show, this movie full of revelations and demonstrations of lawlessness is for THEM, not us.

It’s taking time.

The big problem that needs to be faced down as impatience with the COVID crap and lockdown baloney is chafing more than cabin fever usually does is those of us who have been awake for quite a while, and who are wringing hands, fretting that justice will never be done, or who have outright thrown in the towel are anxious to get the show on the road, and are not happy that we aren’t “seeing” any action.

One voice of reason on that talked to Robert David Steele about the issue. This appears in the last two to three minutes of the interview:

Everybody needs to take some deep breaths. Cut the crap about nothing’s happening. A lot is happening. If you don’t know everything that’s happening, THANK GOD that the key people in key positions aren’t giving away all of their next moves to everybody.

You’re in a war. Understand that, and act like it. Everybody needs to close ranks, stand firm, take some deep breaths.

We’re a lot bigger than these monsters that we’re going after. The only thing is that we can’t be disheveled as we do it. Straighten up your blouse. Straighten up your uniform. We’re going after them. Hold together.

RDS: and stay home and be non-violent.

Juan O. Savin

Just a reminder:

Of course, this does not mean committing felonies, but standing up to the forces that want to tear this nation – and humanity apart. The very people XVII told us will be destroyed by the time this movie comes to an end are currently roaming the halls of power…supposedly. It’s a sickening sight.

And now for something completely different.

And to settle any arguments before they happen, this one is in two.

Your weekly reminder to take the pledge:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

And now for the nitty gritty of the Q Tree 5 minute, stand up, Tuesday morning meeting version of the Daily Thread.


Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out with anyone who happens to still be hanging out there.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

And Auntie DePat’s requests as we are all, ahem, adults…supposedly:

If you see something has not been posted, do us all a favor, and post it. Please, do not complain that it has not been done yet.

The scroll wheel on your mouse can be your friend. As mature adults, please use it here in the same manner you would in avoiding online porn.

Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


Genesis, Chapter 6:

[6] It repented him that he had made man on the earth. And being touched inwardly with sorrow of heart, [7] He said: I will destroy man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth, from man even to beasts, from the creeping thing even to the fowls of the air, for it repenteth me that I have made them. [8] But Noe found grace before the Lord. [9] These are the generations of Noe: Noe was a just and perfect man in his generations, he walked with God. [10] And he begot three sons, Sem, Cham, and Japheth.

[11] And the earth was corrupted before God, and was filled with iniquity. [12] And when God had seen that the earth was corrupted (for all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth,) [13] He said to Noe: The end of all flesh is come before me, the earth is filled with iniquity through them, and I will destroy them with the earth. [14] Make thee an ark of timber planks: thou shalt make little rooms in the ark, and thou shalt pitch it within and without. [15] And thus shalt thou make it: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits: the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.

[16] Thou shalt make a window in the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish the top of it: and the door of the ark thou shalt set in the side: with lower, middle chambers, and third stories shalt thou make it. [17] Behold I will bring the waters of a great flood upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, under heaven. All things that are in the earth shall be consumed. [18] And I will establish my covenant with thee, and thou shalt enter into the ark, thou and thy sons, and thy wife, and the wives of thy sons with thee. [19] And of every living creature of all flesh, thou shalt bring two of a sort into the ark, that they may live with thee: of the male sex, and the female. [20] Of fowls according to their kind, and of beasts in their kind, and of every thing that creepeth on the earth according to its kind; two of every sort shall go in with thee, that they may live.

[21] Thou shalt take unto thee of all food that may be eaten, and thou shalt lay it up with thee: and it shall be food for thee and them. [22] And Noe did all things which God commanded him.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Excellent snippets of an O’Keefe interview.

comment image

Project Veritas

We are dropping the next big tech bombshell secret recording, tomorrow.

They want to decide who the people are allowed to critique and investigate. At the end of the day, they’re all about power.

We’re only about TRUTH.

[video src="" /]



Always something to look forward to.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Apple apparently trying to keep Zuckertreason from deepening CIA’s hold on Apple products.

comment image

Rob Colbert

Zuckerberg responds to Apple’s privacy policies: “We need to inflict pain” | Ars Technica

comment image

Zuckerberg responds to Apple’s privacy policies: “We need to inflict pain” | Ars Technica | Trends

Meeting between Zuckerberg, Cook “resulted in a tense standoff.”

View Link Feed



Zuckerberg responds to Apple’s privacy policies: “We need to inflict pain”
Meeting between Zuckerberg, Cook “resulted in a tense standoff.”
SAMUEL AXON – 2/15/2021, 12:13 PM

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees close to him, “we need to inflict pain” on Apple for comments by Apple CEO Tim Cook that Zuckerberg described as “extremely glib.”

This and other insights into an ongoing rift between the two companies appeared in a report in The Wall Street Journal this weekend. The article indicates that based on first-hand reports, Zuckerberg has taken Cook and Apple’s public criticisms of Facebook’s privacy policies, whether direct or indirect, as personal affronts.

For example, Cook publicly responded to Facebook’s 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal by saying such a scandal would never happen to Apple because Apple does not treat its customers like products. When asked what he would do in Zuckerberg’s position, he said, “I wouldn’t be in this situation,” calling Facebook’s approach “an invasion of privacy.” This was one of the comments that has led Zuckerberg to see Apple as an opponent.

. . . MORE . . .


Z is getting played by Cook.

Cook uses LIFELOG to distract from his own wrongdoing – cf. CCP, Uyghurs

Z is clearly thin-skinned and Cook knows how to manipulate him.

He also knows that Z is 100% dependent on Apple. Z has NO POWER over Cook and Apple. LIFELOG needs the app on Apple store, and that’s that.

Cook knows he can win against LIFELOG – cf. Adobe Flash

Apple can open their own social media tomorrow.

A LIFELOG branded cell phone will never sell.

Zod Cook is going to force Z to bow. Cook will be king of the TITANs.


Zuckerschmuck is in an incredibly poor strategic position here — he has ZERO control of the walled gardens, and his datamining is the MOST egregious of all Tech — and Cook has just thrown an industrial washing machine at him with Apple’s “new software has to fully disclose and gain actual approval of any data mining” pronouncement for iOS.


No love for Cook here, but Z is about to learn the meaning of pain.


Right with you — not a Cook fan……but Z is not reading pages from the “survival” book. He seems to have picked up “Crushed Like a Bug Quarterly” instead.


Not a fan of either one of them but it sure is entertaining to watch the teen-aged ego with billions of dollars challenge the guy who inherited the chief’s chair from the guy who started it all.


I just hope Cook doesn’t take the round without getting knocked around a bit. Making Zuck bow to Zod will give Cook an ego that will give Larry Ellison a run for his money – and that’s one thing we don’t need is a self-appointed omnipotent Apple god-emperor running the tech world.


You forgot the word “again”.


Some have expressed that the RNC is “dead” to them &/or that they hate the RNC. But most of this negative emotion seems to stem from RNC actions under previous leadership (4+ yrs ago) or based on what specific politicians have done/said v. what the RNC has done and said. 

I have seen few reasons based on what the actual RNC has done/not done – very few who “hate” based on informed reasons.

Donate $? No, not the most important thing so skip it until you know the RNC better.

While $ is important it is much less important than supporting the RNC with one’s Time and Many times less important than making one’s decisions based on information about the RNC v. being angry with the RNC based on what politicians are/aren’t doing. 

Other than being from a political family, most don’t really know that much about Ronna McDaniel. She is just a volunteer who started helping and then did more and more until here she is now at the national level of leadership. 10 yrs ago she began to volunteer. 2014 she was still a full time homemaker and part time political/GOP volunteer. She went full time as her state Chair in 2015 and 2016 and then to the RNC. 

If you have never actually listened to her speak or didn’t hear the January 8 acceptance speech, here it is to listen for yourself v. depending on the “news” summaries of the speech.

If you are going to hate something, at least know who and why. 

Hating the RNC for what US Senators did on 1/6/2021 or because of Mitch McConnell doesn’t make any sense as the RNC is not responsible for them or their votes. They don’t control the politicians. 

Hating the RNC when one doesn’t know who it is, how it works, what they have done, etc., is (or at least should be) embarrassing. 

What is the RNC? Who makes up the RNC? Who are the RNC members? How are the chosen? Who are the RNC members from your state? How did they get to be RNC members? Are they Trump supporters? What do they do for their career/job? Is it connected to politics or has no connection at all? 

Who are your SEC members? How does your state chose its SEC members? Have you voted for them? How do you vet them? Are they Trump supporters? 

Who are your CEC members? Have you voted for them? How did you vet them? Are they Trump supporters? Most of the above are probably normal people from varied walks of life, varied educational levels, most are probably Trump supporters and most are working for free, volunteers who take their time and money to serve. 

Challenge yourself to dig deeper and learn more. And if you already know, then this wasn’t written to you. If the show fits….

At least learn about the people and the process in your own state before you decide you “hate” them or that they are “dead” to you. 


If I might make a teensy suggestion here….when feelings are boiling over among friends, it might be a great time to give it a rest. Call a “time out” on yourself. Let sweet reason salve sore spots with its balm.


I am not upset. Not emotional, much less boiling over.

Just had time to look up websites and articles + write today.

Shared what I wrote earlier today in several posts.

Wrote with no specific person in mind. Being upset at the RNC is something that was discussed, hotly, by some, several weeks ago. So I did wait for people who were conflating the GOP senators with the RNC to cool off.

When I posted about the RNC elections as good news directly after they happened back in January I was so surprised at the virulant reactions. I literally posted “Good news” as that is what the RNC elections were for Trump supporters and for President Trump. I was shocked at the reactions here from some who did not seem to realize that President Trump and his supporters had Very strong wins at the RNC meeting in Jan and why that was good news for us now and for the coming two years.

Had time today so put together several different posts to talk about what the RNC actually does, what they have done, how they spent the $ donated, etc. Someone posted about the RNC not donating to President Trump so that fake news needed to be cleared up, for example.

No cooling off needed for me as I am not even a little bit upset. Just sharing info and encouraging readers to learn more and dig deeper. Hate the RNC? Ok – but at least know what one is hating and specifically why. that is only logical.


I didn’t say you were upset or angry. When I was talking about “boiling over”, I was referring to those interacting with you. But you are energized — there are currently 18 comments on this thread, and you are six of them. People are trying to relax, read the post, settle in. It is not a time to energize.


I had them ready from earlier this evening.

Energized … yes. I had to unexpectantly stay flat on my back most of the day and dozed a good bit. Now I can’t sleep but am feeling better.

Yes, now I see what you mean. So used to critics that I self centeredly thought you meant me. Pace the info if the earlier info bothered others. Got it now. Thanks for explaining when I totally missed what you meant the first time.

I probably won’t have time. I expect to feel good tomorrow so will be extra busy as H and son are not great housekeepers … not that I am! ha

Plus, son will need extra time with me homeschooling since he was on his own so much today.

Well, that is what I was thinking when I thought, hmmm… its been a while. I think I will post about the RNC meeting as maybe some will stop and think, might get curious and learn more and, just maybe, will get involved.

many of us are MAGA and we would love to have more join us!


I had them ready from earlier this evening.

I think I will post about the RNC meeting as maybe some will stop and think, might get curious and learn more and, just maybe, will get involved

Looks as if you are posting with an agenda in mind.


Preparing multiple posts, one might think to space them out…..




Always and forever. Syrupy to indignant in the blink of an eye. Consistently manipulative (just like the GOP). 👍🏻


I promised myself yesterday not to criticize. So I will refrain from using other similar adjectives and simply like your comment.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’m with the wise guy!  😃 


Have you ever considered that it is not the “info” that “bothers others.”


The repeated use of the word “hate.”

This statement: “Challenge yourself to dig deeper and learn more.”

Did you put much thought into those?

Deplorable Patriot

Your approach here has been tried. So has “ignore it and it will go away.” Neither has been effective so far.

May I recommend the scroll wheel?


Yeah, I’ll get there.

Remember that “ignore it and it will go away” is the scroll wheel…..which, as you note, doesn’t have an exemplary success record. I’m just doing a bit to pursue a better outcome.

Deplorable Patriot

The persistence is really annoying. Not yours, but someone who wants to persuade and isn’t getting the hint(s) that the target audience is so over it.


Both approaches have been tried, unfortunately it never goes away.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’ve been very impressed by the number of state and district GOP orgs which have CENSURED anti-MAGA impeachment votes – and how STRONGLY they have done so – in some cases UNANIMOUSLY.

That could not happen if those state and regional orgs were not strongly MAGA.


This is true, and should help rebuild the shattered trust out there.


The trust was not shattered by the county GOPs and by very few of the state GOPs.

I have had many “conversations” with voters/members of our county and state GOP but just as many with people in positions of leadership. 99% disgusted with Mitch and Mitt + our 2 TN Senators flipping on 1/6.

The squeeky wheels with the media attention/platform are making it hard for all of the rest of us who are just trying to MAGA.

Remember that VERY few of the GOP party volunteers, including the leadership, are paid. Most GOP Leadership are volunteers. And by GOP leadership I mean party leaders v. GOP elected politicians.

It is our own money that pays our gas, maintains our cars, buys our meals when we travel or get together for meetings, time off from work (for those who work and aren’t housewives or retired), and does all of the things that we do.

If there is food at your meetings, it may be catered or it might be volunteers who made cookies and bought some refreshments to get more people to come. If there are gifts to speakers, was that reimbursed or was that donated from the leaders?

Think of the time spent just on social media accounts, booking speakers, planning events, going out in the community to fundraise, to inform, etc. All takes time that could be spent any number of other ways and almost no one is paid for their time. Just ’cause we see it as somebodies got to do it or the GOPe will or no one and the dems win locally.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. I agree!

I am in a kind of state of mourning right now. I spent enough money trying to save Trump, that it’s not a good idea for me to donate any more to the GOP right now. I feel like I poured it all down a hole. A lot of it went directly to McConnell, too, since I sometimes donated directly to his campaign as well.

I knew it was a scam, based on fake elections, but I – like Trump – had to exhaust all legal opportunities. I spent money knowing it was being stolen.

Now, I’m labeled an “extremist” and an “insurrectionist” for going to a Trump rally in my broken truck, which survived the trip by some miracle, and which I can’t afford to replace because that money went to donations – and the people labeling me are actual CRIMINALS who stole an election. And a false president now wants to go after my guns, and it’s looking like, one way or another, I’ll end up as one of the first political criminals in this nation, because of China.

So forgive me if I’m not answering donation emails and messages, GOP. I’m saving for bail money. Four years of this Biden creep, and China’s deep wish to shut me up, will likely mean I’ll need it.

Not all of us picked silver, GOP. I picked lead, and it’s coming. If I leave the Biden years alive, I’m calling myself lucky.


Secret: I have Literally Never donated to the RNC.

I have sent very little money and yet we have spent $ on vehicles, gas, meals, gifts, networking events, political supplies, office supplies, etc. Lots of money (at least for us it seems like lots of money) but the RNC would not know it and President Trump wouldn’t even know my name.

Our trailer that we hitch to our 4x drive has been out of commission since the day after the election (perfect timing) which is making an impact on us around our property for cutting wood, haying, gardening etc. I wore it out during the fall hauling campaign/party gear and signs, etc. No compensation for getting it fixed next week (finally). Just spending our $ to MAGA. And that is why no politician knows our name.

I am more about encouraing people to get involved. $ or not, if we aren’t personally involved the GOP and the RNC will not reflect us. They will take our money and run, do what they want.

But if we elect SECs & CECs that stand up for MAGA then our RNC will reflect that as well. Being involved, vetting, voting, attending meetings, asking questions …

BTW, We do officially join and we do attend some fund raisers so our county and state GOPs do know us and those memberships are donations but they are also tickets on the train, so to speak, $ invested into buying a seat at the table where we can have a direct impact and influence.

(county parties are often $10-50 for small counties and $50-100 for larger counties for basic memberships. Annual dinners for counties are $50-100 for basic tickets. State memberships can be $50-100 and state gop dinners as much as $200-250 for basic tickets. Pick and choose. Being a member and attending the meetings + annual dinner … you will be active and listened to)


It is unbelievable that someone has even written that last paragraph when a) the GOP wasted MAGA dollars and b) McConnell still wants to prosecute Trump.

Give it a rest for now. Please.

It’s like telling someone mourning a loved one, ‘Hey, snap out of it. There’s a party we can go to’.

Right now, MAGA supporters are figuring out how they’re going to survive Biden-Harris.

Disclosure: I live in the UK.


I thought of you and this comment by you when reading this article.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Great article! Thanks for that!!!

I’ll just say this – Alinsky fears work – and they work especially well on media-beholden Republicans!

Gail Combs

You come at the problem from a different direction then I.

Gail Combs

THAT was meant for  MichealH NOT RNC MOM!


OMG.  😂 

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

What’s for breakfast this morning? SPICY OMELETS.


If eggs must be broken, may as well make them into spicy omelets!

Gail Combs

I LIKE spicy omelets. 😋 


LOL Sorry Gail.

I hope she takes some time to reply on my comment.

It’s interesting how we come at the same problem from different directions – gives a very different perspective and your comments are always appreciated. Even if I say something that superficially seems to contradict you.

More to say below – assuming I’m not interrupted 😉


Wolf, all I can offer are my prayers, and I wish I could offer more.

Well, I do offer my gratitude, too.

If you EVER need help with bail, PLEASE let us know.

Last edited 2 years ago by Tonawanda
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



For sure, if you need bail money, we need to know that. That would be a part of what I am advocating, and similar to what Andrew Torba is talking about. We have to band together and stand up to this shit.

Always remember, there are more of us than there are of them. When we stick with each other and marginalize them, it will become very apparent how few they really are.


What is censure, just a sternly-worded letter with no consequence? If it involves embarrassment or circumspection, don’t even bother.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Obviously censure is not as good as KICKING THESE PEOPLE OUT OF THE PARTY – which is rough – but what this is doing is targeting the primary processes for the upcoming elections, and that is smart. Some of these nasty people are not going to be able to recover their careers, IMO, if we keep hammering them.

This is a REALISTIC WAY of getting rid of people. You want to get rid of SASSE THE ASSE? This is the way it works in REALITY. It’s slow, and painful, and not guaranteed, but it works, on average.

I keep telling people this, and I mean it. I will NOT criticize any patriot strategy at this point. We are dealing with CRIMINALS IN CONTROL, and neither the FBI nor the military will do its job. If some people want to work in the system, I will support them. If others want to work by non-violent civil disobedience, I will support them. And if there is violence, I won’t condone it, but instead of turning on the patriots, I will criticize the FBI and military and say “SEE? You bastards let CRIMINALS steal an election, and because YOU didn’t do your jobs, THIS HAPPENED.”

Deplorable Patriot

The reality is that it doesn’t matter what party the politicians are in. If $$$ wasn’t part of the equation, it would be far more simple.

But it is.

And money is going to talk. Politicians need it to actually get elected, etc., so that aspect is not going anywhere.

I suspect the real answer is to ditch the party system all together, but doubt that’s going to be an easy road to go.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The Ohio patriot leadership right now believes that two parties are inevitable in America, FWIW. However, within that statement, by my reading, there is a recognition that things CAN and SHOULD be much more fluid, so that parties are basically renegotiated between elections, and are more like temporary alliances.

I found that thinking surprisingly appealing.

Deplorable Patriot

It’s all about alliances when it comes down to it. Who can help me out, and get me further along in my goals, etc. And if you grease the skids to make that happen….

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

As long as we use first past the post for our elections, two parties are pretty much inevitable, just from sheer game-theory considerations.


Very encouraging AND surprising.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The Ohio patriots are capitalizing on this wave, and they have a plan. I just read a report on what they are doing, and basically they are using this widespread disgust to target the existing structure of the GOP machine for entry and takeover.


or paid for by soros’ money, SOS.


If it makes you feel better I had someone call me a “domestic violence victim” because I thought Pompeo and DeSantis are options in the bullpen 😉 Committing the Psychogenetic Fallacy isn’t a way to sway me with the logic of a position.

I was talking with one of my old pastors about the problem with the GOP. He had the following to say:

I know many here who are involved locally in Republican politics. They are solid and making a difference. But… I am hearing that once you get beyond local, that at the State level […] it is such a good old boy network that the Republicans are just the lesser of two evils.

[A friend involved in politics …] She didn’t vote for Trump 4 years ago because of his character issues, but did vote for him this last time. She said it does matter to vote, and clearly what Republicans say they stand for is far more biblical than the opponents… but she has also seen how they use that (such as abortion issues) to get votes without truly having a conviction or being willing to make it happen. She gave me an example of a first year state house rep who was disillusioned after her bill that would have, for good, legal reasons made abortion almost impossible to get be shut out and shot down by her fellow republicans.

To me the legislature failure isn’t surprising – it’s part and parcel of the Strategic Failure plan of the GOPe. The same complaints made about Mitch McConnell who does the absolute minimum necessary to keep the gravy train of donations flowing – saying one thing but blatantly doing another. (Thanks GrandmainTx again!)

In short, the GOP needs a serious housecleaning at the State and National levels up to break up the good old boy network.

There is a lot of hostility to this view – we tried that already and it hasn’t worked. I think much of that anger is frankly well founded. Many people have been involved in reform efforts from the Tea Party on and made exactly ZERO progress. LOL, in some cases they went BACKWARD!

BigMamaTea I’m sure has much more to say about this – she’s been in the thick of it for a while and I would love to hear more from her.

But my position is that while the State and National GOP need something akin to a total fumigation and cloroxing with a firehose (apologies to Sidney Powell vis-a-vis the DOJ) at present I do not see or have a viable path forward.

Now, in fairness, in Texas we got lucky. The COVID Convention allowed Allen West to become the Chairman of the Texas GOP. He’s been fighting and speaking truth boldly and in total affront to political correct censorship. You know he’s landing punches b/c they are trying to lie about him that he was pro-s3c3ssion when he said nothing of the sort.

If we got lucky in Texas, that’s great – but Texas is not a total success yet, and “luck” isn’t something I can replicate in 49 other states. Plus, given my geography, I’m not in a position to have an impact in other states.

I still will not give a dime to the GOP, state or national, leastwise not until such time as it is clear they know how to spend ten cents well. There are other grassroots organizations that are starved for cash and I have confidence they will use it better.

If another party becomes viable, I will consider it.

I think that having people engaged and holding the GOP accountable is incredibly important and critical. Purging RINOs from the party is absolutely necessary. If there is a path that would represent true reform of the GOP, it is something I would be interested in.

But lacking a plan, working as an outsider in a Tea Party like org makes a lot more sense.

Check out Bunni Pounds and Christians Engaged:

I’ve liked what I’ve seen from her team – a lot of great training material, good theologically sound information. I’m going to try to get some more time to talk with them b/c necessary actions are “obvious” to these people that are not at all obvious to me. There’s still a disconnect as far as I’m concerned.

My real model for networking and engagement is Phyllis Schlafly:

We need these grassroots, independent organizations – NOT DONOR FUNDED, not fundraising and conference holding machines, not D.C. – to be active and full of fire. The GOPe need to be looking to change their pants every time they see them coming, and neurotically looking over their shoulder hoping there isn’t another activist with a mic and a camera demanding answers from them. We need Project Veritas meets the Tea Party meets mad Godzilla flipping the money-changers tables in the GOPe’s temple. Make them long for the good old days when Donald Trump let them do whatever they wanted.

MR above is a good org, but maliciously smeared. Things done to them are unreal.

Election Integrity is still a top priority. There are multiple places where engagement is needed and that still needs to be gamed out.

General Flynn said it:

Mario Murillo said it:

I posted the more detailed thoughts on Chiefio’s blog (I think I talked him down into more concrete action):

This requires action in the legislatures, in the lawfare domain as AGs and Courts duke it out, it requires direct engagement as poll workers, as poll watchers, and particpation in every other level of the election process in every single state. Even things as simple as ensure voting machines are calibrated according to spec and maintaining proper chain of custody are critical moving forward.

General Flynn’s vision for rescuing America was that the cost of freedom are engaged and politically active citizens. Virtuous, creational, engaged citizens.

Os Guinness described it as finding a hill to take, and charging the hill. Take the fight that’s in front of you.

And there is a key component in spiritual warfare. There is no coincidence that the enemy has gone after the churches – especially Paul Singer and Papa George ramrodding through CRT. The churches are a tire fire of Get Out the Biden Vote b/c too many church leaders were asleep at the switch, and let Big Evangelical run the show for too long. We need to take back our churches, but first we must recognize and engage in spiritual warfare.

This same exercise can be gamed out in every domain of Hybrid and 4th Generation warfare that we discussed in early COVID. What do we have? What resources can we deploy? What countermeasures are available?

In the event of loss of comm’s: Find something communist and break it.

I can help with that. Here’s a map:

See all the RED stuff? Go take it back or break it so the CCP can’t use it. The domains that are missing from the map: Religion (churches mainly), Worldview, and Spiritual Warfare.

My short partial list:

#1 Election Integrity

Vote in elections that have integrity – I reserve the right to follow Vaclav Havel’s plan of not voting in sham elections at precisely the point where I know we cannot reattain integrity, but NOT before

Network and Organize (a plan Gen Flynn emphasized) Phyllis Schlafly style (DP probably has more to add here) using 1980s techniques that Big Tech cannot censor. Also look at William Wilberforce & Clapham Circle – See Eric Metaxas’ book on the same and the movie “Amazing Grace”

Get good people who are independent conservatives not bought off lobbyists into every race you can – House, Senate, State, AG, City Council, School Board, Dog Catcher – “People are Policy” and “all politics are local”

Economic warfare – starve the beast and feed the good guys

Go Bonhoeffer – Work within the system clandestinely. See Eric Metaxas’ book “Bonhoeffer”

Take back your church

Things I can’t do but others can:

Lawfare – Leaving this to Sidney Powell and Lin Wood for now, meanwhile I’ll keep voting for Ken Paxton in TX

Evict the RINOs in primaries

Overthrow the GOPe and take back the GOP and/or Go Patriot Party / Tea Party – organize outside the GOP ranks to effect change

Always more to say but that’s a lot to process as it is.


Epic comment. 👍👍👍


One of the best posts ever!


Breaking the system might include everything from setting up to JAM the WiFi frequencies around every location where voting equipment is operating to creative internet outages if someone really wanted to force the cheaters out into the open.


There are systems called WIDS and WIPS – Wireless Intrusion Detection/Protection Systems.

Just one example company that manufactures:

They’re especially nice for grade schools. These days there are lots of Chromebook and Tablet based learning that is all wireless. Too smart for their own good high school students are always trying to crack those WiFi systems, but a WIPS can detect attackers and prevent them from joining the academic network. They also detect misconfigured wireless printers and wifi Parrot drones.

If used with wifi voting machines, you could keep the good voting machines on the right network and protected, and keep any voting machines that are supposed to be online from talking to anything.

Or you could, I dunno, just block everything – and have a real-time monitoring station that shows the exact hardware ID of every device that just TRIES to do the wrong thing… complete with geo-triangulation…

For cell signals, there are the “stingray” devices, which every Police Department has some experience with.


Now that is something I’d like to see more discussion about.

Sadie Slays

The only Republican I ever voted for in my life prior to President Trump was Ron Paul. I never liked the Bush family, really didn’t like what was happening in Afghanistan or Iraq, and was done with the party. Then President Trump came along, and, for four years, I held the nose and voted Red for people who didn’t deserve my vote simply because President Trump and Q asked us to. 

Well, look where that got us. 

The party has been rotten for years, and I should have listened to my original instincts.

If the GOP at any level puts up a quality MAGA candidate on part with President Trump and Ron Paul, then I will gladly support them with my vote and more. But I am done with voting red for the sake of voting red.


As you said, it’s good to vote strategically when it makes sense to do so, e.g., if Trump needed to maintain GOP control of the Senate, so he encouraged people in Maine (for example) to vote for Collins, even if we hate Collins and DJT knows she will never support any legislation he wants passed.

Purely strategic.

But that only works or makes sense when someone who is actually fighting for us is calling the shots. And the only person who has done so is DJT.

When we’re doing it ourselves, of our own initiative, trying to help the ‘conservative cause’ for example, as many have done for decades when we support a GOPe candidate we despise to help the GOPe maintain (or get) control of Congress, it does us no actual good, because there was never actually anyone on our side or fighting for us to begin with.

It was just UniParty, they’re nearly all on the same team, they just put on different jerseys when they come out of the locker room.


Left and right wings of the same bird……
producing the very same shit.


It is human nature to seek blame and RNC and GOP are easy obvious targets. I have done it and lashed out in frustration.
Maybe we expect to much and if we do not get involved we have no one other to blame but ourselves? I forget it is “We the people for the people” or something like that. We are left in charge and all mechanisms are in place for us to be involved from bottom up.
True we cannot control the politicians or can we? Yes when we are involved then we can take them out not even let them metastasize in DC or state level. If they are fraught out
Bannon does a good job inspiring people to get involved.they go..Schulz is doing a mega job organizing and teaching on the how too. We lost the how too.
Thank you for all you do in Tennessee for MAGA. I remember it was not easy for you to buck the system but you did it and still do 🙂


There has been misinformation floating around that the RNC did not spend money on President Trump’s reelection. 

That is factually untrue – they spent Millions. Learn more about what the RNC did in 2020 to protect the vote and how many court cases they won.

The RNC created a website specifically for their work on election integrity to help the RNC base inform themselves and follow along on the lawsuits. This goes over some of the lawsuits they filed and won. 

Yes, we wish they had filed even more … hindsight is 20/20

They also filled post 11/3/2020 lawsuits.


What else did the RNC do in 2020?

Additional examples: (In some of the links I have inserted a spaces so that this post doesn’t slow down the page with too many links.)

What does the RNC $ accomplish? GOP offices in each state and many campaign field offices are an example given in this article.

https://www. npr. org/2020/07/20/892829716/the-republican-national-committee-says-it-has-a-record-100-million-on-hand

What else did the RNC do in 2020 with donated funds? Here is a negative article claiming the RNC was attacking “voting” … i.e. suing to uphold election integrity. The RNC was involved in multiple lawsuits across the nation in 2020 and won many of them
https: //americanindependent. com/gop-war-on-voting-companies-comcast-realtors-deloitte-coronavirus-2020-election/

In addition to filing (and winning many) lawsuites prior to the 11/03/2020 electin, the RNC continued to file multiple lawsuits immediately after the 11/03/2020 election.


https://www. wtvm. com/2020/12/10/rnc-georgia-republican-party-files-lawsuit-against-state-election-officials/

The RNC chose to use Trump properties when possible which is a great way to support the Trump family considering how much revenue they lost while serving our country, something the Dem/leftist press didn’t like.

https://www. salon. com/2020/12/04/trump-campaign-and-rnc-spent-over-1-million-at-trump-properties-in-final-weeks-of-election-report_partner/

RNC spent millions in GA for the senatorial run offs & SO MANY man hours including all of the RNC elected leaders knocking on doors personally

https://news. yahoo. com/rnc-vows-spend-20m-ahead-105308467.html

What else does the RNC do? Supports state GOPs across the country. Some state GOPs are self funding while others need RNC funding for sepecial projects (TN GOP received $1 million for Senator Blackburns campaign efforts in fall of 2018) and some states receive ongoing funds just to maintain their normal operating budget.

Listed here are just some of the things the RNC does. Get involved and learn specifics.


Thank you for all the info you share. I did not know that.

Deplorable Patriot

Did anyone BOTHER to read the post?

If not, I’ll just put up generic posts and quit with the possibilities.

Deplorable Patriot

Sorry for being snippy, but set an alarm ’cause I was all excited about a decent discussion on January 6 being a day we may have misinterpreted, and there isn’t any.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I believe she is correct. The only thing which explains everything is exactly what she proposes. Trump called the IA. Pelosi is trying everything to undo it.

This is mind-boggling, but nothing else explains everything.
comment image

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The double stuff is disinformation. There is a LOT of disinformation and smoke and mirrors.

Both sides are still fighting, but .mil is in control, IMO, trying to figure out WHAT is the insurrection and WHO is responsible. If I have this correctly, then the EO about foreign election interference is wrapped into it.

Deplorable Patriot

I get the idea they know EXACTLY who is responsible and are letting the whole thing play out for maximum impact with the public.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This is a very smart plan.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Nevertheless, we have to operate with some important rules:

(1) don’t assume that the CCP/DNC/FIB/CIA/MIC/CAB side can’t self-extricate in degrees ranging from zero to 100%, as they do seem to be trying every exit door

(2) keep playing as if we could lose, because we could lose

(3) figure out what our side is doing and help it if possible

This ties in with the Q directive that “enough must know”. I see our side working that strategy hard now.

Gail Combs

Even if we win this round, the BANSTER CONTROLLED transnational corporations will still exist and they will STILL have the MONEY to buy politicians.

It is absolutely necessary to not only get rid of voter fraud machines, we need to KICK the lobbyists out of our capitol and REMOVE the ‘Rights’ of corporations to CONTROL our elections and politicians.

I know Cuthy thinks they should be considered ‘People” BUT they CAN NOT VOTE and WE CAN NOT HANG THEM so no, they are NOT people and should BUTT out of our Rule of Law or it becomes RULE BY OLIGARCHS and unfortunately as Lee Smith says The ‘oligarchy’ running America is loyal to China

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Dechinatizing is not going to be as easy as we thought, but I think it’s still habbening.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

So long as the government has the power to control them, they will seek to corrupt the process.

Government must be restored to its proper scope.


I concur that it is all about public perception — and the Cabal is Just. Getting. Wrecked.

That’s why they had the two-step shuffle over witnesses the last day of the Impeachment — their polls must have been showing nothing but hurt.


Exactly. The incompetence of that whole shitshow was staggering.

Nanny Pelosi and thumb twirling Swalwell was indicative.


What’s more, the idea that “it was certainly a buffalo jump…..but which buffalo were being herded off the cliff?” has some legs. There is some evidence to indicate that buffalo shaman boy might well have jumped off.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I think that we had a case where we KNEW the buffalo jump would happen, and simply ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN, with the IA response on the shelf waiting, ready and gift wrapped. We would NOT want to interfere with it too much. It would have to be pristine to go after the bad guys without a lot of complication.

Brave and Free

That would be an answer to prayers. Wouldn’t that also explain why PDJT has been barely speaking in public. And we know that’s not normal for him.

Sylvia Avery

Disinfo? Aw heck……..I was enjoying my rich fantasy world wherein Nanshee was in a dungeon on the rack, spilling the beans like mad. 😊

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

We must never confuse the future with the present! 😉

Sylvia Avery

😁 😁 🙃 😁


The double stuff is disinformation. 

Thank you.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks to DP and this insight into the use of the IA, I am getting a deep insight into what has been going on, all the way back to early Q postings.

There is an Alinsky Dem strategy to push patriots “too far” on any understanding of the actual situation. This is the same strategy that was used to protect Democrat pedophiles during “Pizzagate”.

It is always easier to push an enemy FORWARD than BACK, so that is what Dems and their allies do as a default. It works like a charm when there is precious little information. Thus, basic realistic pedo and trafficking and gay abuse of teens and runaways and Ed Buck and all the connected but not “Rothschild-run” creepiness in the Dem donor circuit was pushed “too far” to “everybody is literally Jeffrey Epstein” – obviously not just unbelievable but provably wrong, thus discrediting our side.

Think of the math of this. All they have to do is mix in an equal amount of fantasy THROUGH OUR MOUTHS and the whole thing gets laughed off by nearly ALL of the malleable middle of the audience. In some cases, such as the “QAnon gun guy” showing up at Comet Democrat Podesta Pizza (or whatever), just ONE credible fact is needed for discreditation, using a credulous media.

Going back on QAnon, they have pushed the edges of the audience from network curiosity to literal numerology. But NOW it’s all becoming a kind of signature, and it’s all matching up. I can spot their “added excess” a mile away.

Good times. I feel like we’ve regained focus – or at least I have.

I do not have 100% faith that .mil is going to use the IA correctly, because Biden is already doing significant damage to the country, literally unopposed IN PRACTICE, but at least I now understand what Trump did, and it was SMART.


they have pushed the edges of the audience from network curiosity to literal numerology.

In general, conservatives are reasonable and logical and principled. I think that’s why the Left works so hard to push us over the edges of reason and possibility. I also think it is good for us to politely push back against fellow conservatives who are getting too caught up in the weeds, looking for signs and magic and supernatural occurrences.

There are no body doubles who can fool people with all these things at the same time at close range: voice, gait, height, appearance, posture, mannerisms, speech patterns, etc. It is even hard for identical twins to pull that off. No one can cite one example of its having happened. It didn’t happen with RBG, and it didn’t happen with Hillary. And then people doctor photos to make it seem like it happened, and the gullible believe it.

Numerology is an occult practice that can be molded to whatever one wants. I saw part of a broadcast recently where a guy was naming all the people whose names “equaled” certain numeric sums, as if that were significant or even accurate. It is a waste of time and a trip down the wrong path, distracting us and giving false hope to those who put faith in it.

Just venting. It is extremely frustrating when people insist that the impossible happened, so they can have something exciting and mysterious to put hope in. That’s not the real world.

You make an excellent point that the Left pushes us on purpose. I have no doubt that leftists are egging people on, online, to believe and follow this stuff, laughing all the way. IMO it would be good for us to hear more of this so we can focus on effective strategy and not be distracted. I also know that people have to move at their own pace. You do a great job of achieving that delicate balance.

Biden is already doing significant damage to the country.

More each day.  😦 


So you think Hillary never used a double? You think that the woman on the street in front of Chelsea’s apartment – 2 hours after she collapsed and was hoisted into the van – was her? Hillary looks like two different people, all the time.


Yup, that’s what I think. People have photoshopped a number of pics of her. Yes, she does look different, often, even without photoshopping. So do a lot of women. Hairstyles, makeup, sleep or lack thereof, health status, etc., are factors. Some outfits make her look thinner or heavier.

If Hillary ever used a double, it would have had to be from a distance, like someone in a car or a long way away, without her speaking. There is not a mimic alive who can accomplish becoming another person in the presence of those who are familiar with that person. I’ve asked many times for people to provide accounts of this happening, and no one ever has. Do you think you could be fooled, up close and personal, by someone pretending to be a familiar acquaintance of yours? Don’t you think you would pick up on something? (Of course you would.)

Hillary looks like two different people, all the time.

Hillary does not look like the same two people, all the time. I’ve never seen people point to pics and say, “Ah, yes, that’s the same body double that was used on such-and-such occasion,” and then show pics of the real Hillary and the double on different occasions. Instead, it’s always “Hillary looks different. That must be a body double.” And it would be a huge stretch to say that there are multiple doubles who can stand in for Hillary with the same hair, height, walk, mannerisms, knowledge, voice, speech patterns, etc.

Last edited 2 years ago by TheseTruths

comment image

I know it’s a crappy picture, but this is the specific instance I referred to. (on the left) It was not a photo, she was out on the street talking to reporters. The double always looks like the same woman, at least to me.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009

Someone photoshopped the pic on the left to make her appear thinner and give credence to the “body double” hoax. Here is the real pic:

comment image

And the video is here:


Thanks, I said that the picture was bad. But the video is obviously not Hillary. Three hours after she collapsed? This is a double, her face is NOT Hillary’s.


The photo I posted IS from the video. It’s Hillary. The one you posted occurs at the beginning of the video when she is standing by the Audi car and puts her hands out. Someone photoshopped that still shot to make her look thinner.

In the video, she isn’t moving very well as she approaches the little girl. She is stiff in her upper body and moves her legs as if she is being careful to maintain her balance. When she walks, the gait is Hillary’s. She was propped up by drugs or something and is doing just what she has to to convince the public she is okay so she can continue her campaign for the presidency. Her mannerism as she gets into the vehicle is Hillary to a T. The voice is Hillary’s. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this.


This will be my last word on it as well. If you click, there’s a profile pic of the same woman in front of Chelsea’s place, after collapsing and supposedly being diagnosed with pneumonia. This is not Hillary Clinton.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gingersmom2009

I think that all the military and fencing showing up in DC is certainly a sign.


I do apologize — being in different time zones (and a night owl) tends to have me blunder over the human cost some things have on people.


To begin with, I’ve been saying since about January 7th that Trump called his people there to Witness. The Cabal thought he called people there to do something, and wanted to make them appear to do something else, but they were called to Witness — and Witness they did.

Deplorable Patriot

Could be, but the Cabal, in the end, tried to use the MAGA people as cover, and it didn’t go over very well.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

This is a tight fight. Both sides are playing with improvisation off the other’s counters.

Deplorable Patriot

This is true, but one side is doing that with knee jerk reactions rather than thinking things through, IMO.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

It’s showing. They did not expect Trump to take a loss and throw it to .mil, IMO. There is a sense of desperation.

Oh, this explains so much. SO MUCH.


Take the loss and do a lateral. The Cabal, for all their evil genius, doesn’t even know how to play football.


I think that was the plan from the beginning — as soon as VSGPOTUSDJT announced a gathering, the Cabal thought to use it as cover.


I think you put your finger on it yesterday…

>>>I do think, though, that a certain amount of apologetics for our side is beneficial for all of us to have in the back pocket for when someone says, “The TEA Party people are violent.” A woman I sat next to in symphony chorus actually said that to me. And I should have come back with, “Do I look violent to you?”

We had thousands of our peeps, MAGA peeps, on hand to bear Witness — and they tried to run in a bunch of agitators, false flags, antifa, and other scum to cause an incident. Pelosi and the turtle were both in on the setup, and pre-positioned the Capitol Police to increase the drama. WE SAW IT ALL……and, surprise, we live out in the real world and not in the DC bubble.

I’ve been telling people I know that I know a bunch of peeps who went to pray, sing songs, and show solidarity — were nonviolent, didn’t have weapons, didn’t intend or cause harm. Some brought their kids. All were shocked when they heard of what happened in that one room.

And were shocked and disgusted when told that a huge crowd of patriotic people waving American flags were supposed to be some dirty insurrection.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Fake News is a scourge!


Paragraph 4 + 5 ^^^

This is what John Sullivan witnessed. He talks about it in his 11 min. podcast video. He was shocked at the diversity. Clearly, not what he expected.


If he filmed his experience, I’ve not seen it. Filming the real protest wasn’t his assignment, imo.


TPTB needed footage for other purposes.

Wasn’t JaydenX footage part of the impeachment evidence?


Watch out for those MAGA people or they might clear the snow off your driveway without even asking!


I think they orchestrated this specifically to derail the proceedings, knowing that MAGA people would be showing up in numbers to be taken advantage of, whether Trump invited them or not. Did Trump know this and make the call, to overwhelm it – making their bussed in rioters all the more obvious?


I love that thought. He trusted We the People and We came through.

Sylvia Avery

I don’t blame you……I got all excited reading it!!!


I read the post yesterday but was very happy you put it up today, for those who have not read it, or for those who enjoyed re-reading it. Somehow the thread got diverted onto another hobby horse.

The post itself has sort of a poetic quality to it. And it was one of those rare occasions that convincingly makes you see things in an entirely new way.

I am following the Wolf advice of taking just enough hopium to get through the day, and this was the perfect amount!

Last edited 2 years ago by Tonawanda
Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Post was the first thing I read before commenting, but I’m still somewhat in shock that I think she’s right. I decided to make some other comments before opining on IA matters.

Deplorable Patriot

Okay, well, thank you for at least playing and not dismissing the proposition out of hand.

Headed back to zzzz.


Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I would not even characterize it as playing. This happened, and I’m in a state of minor shock.

OK – good night!

Elizabeth Carter

DP, I read the whole post and I watched the video. I found them very informative and very helpful. That is why it took me a while to get to the comments.
I believe the Insurrection Act has been enacted and agree that we are watching it all play out. It explains the fence and the Concertina wire. I thought it was interesting that Juan Q Savin suggested fencing in DC in 2015.
The Child and human trafficking has to be stopped. I agree with your post in detail.
I feel a lot more hopeful that we are cleaning this mess up. I will watch Robert David Steele’s forthcoming videos. I had never seen one before.
Thank you for the new information.

Harry Lime

I’ve been lurking more than posting lately…but I’m reading everything here…DP, please keep doing what you’re doing. It gives me hope…and if, in the long run, it proves to be inaccurate…no harm, no foul…we can move on from there.

But, I think there’s meat on them there bones. I think everyone can sense that something just isn’t right…from top to bottom…and I think that that something is gonna shock the world. Either in one big glorious swoop…or in incremental tiny steps…either way…THEY LOSE! WE WIN!

Sylvia Avery

Hi Harry. I agree with you 100 percent. Glad you unlurked to post your comment.

Sylvia Avery

Hi DPat! I read your post. And I was going to drop down and comment on it, but I got sidetracked reading comments.( I wish I hadn’t.)

Anyway, thanks for the post. I thought it was great and it put me in a good mood. I appreciate the time and effort you put into them. And furthermore, if you don’t mind, I’m going to reblog your OP.

Sadie Slays

I read it. I posted Viking Guy’s sister’s Twitter here on January 6th where she claimed he was secretly a white hat. She claimed that the original plan for the Capitol Building was supposed to be a much, much bloodier affair than what actually happened, and that secret white hat infiltrators like Viking Guy foiled the original violent plan. I haven’t dismissed the possibility only because Congress and media are sticking to the original script that the Capitol Building was the equivalent of 9/11.

To put it bluntly, I’ve given up trying to figure out exactly who is in charge and what’s going on. Things are very weird and “off” to the point where I’ve thrown up my hands, declared “I don’t know what’s going on anymore,” and have moved on to dealing with all of the crap I’ve put off in my life since 2015 for this fight. I have NOT given up hope or the fight, but for right now, I’m not sure what else I can do that will make any tangible difference. Not a slam against you, DP, or anyone else here. It’s just where I am right now and why I’m not commenting much (although my current broken computer situation certainly isn’t helping).


There is a lot of healing in resting. There is a reason for the seventh day in the Creation story. I will keep you in my thoughts Sadie.
comment image


Good post. I find it interesting that Pres. Trump ordered people to disperse, just as called for in the IA. I need to understand more about what invoking the IA would look like and how it could be done without our knowing — and if people in power would have to know.

Gail Combs

One of a president’s powers is a secret memo that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SHOWN TO CONGRESS. (Can’t remember the name) I do not know if THAT could have been the vehicle used in conjunction with the Order to Disperse.




I don’t know much about the IA, either.

There are other things potentially in play:

1. Countering Adversarial Use of the Internet (CAUI), gives the military certain powers against adversaries regarding cyber operations. Certain powers under CAUI require an Executive Order (EXORD) to implement.

Election fraud witness, Col. Philip Waldron, mentions CAUI EXORD in his credentials, during his testimony (Patrick Byrne Chapter 2).

CAUI EXORD also comes up in Adm. Rogers’ Congressional testimony.

2. President Trump’s Executive Order (EXORD) related to foreign involvement in our elections?

Is this EXORD related to a military operation that counters adversarial use of the internet (CAUI)? Are there any other EXORDs that might unleash powers of the military to counter adversarial cyber operations?

Wasn’t Col. Waldron’s testimony about the transfer of packets of election data across international boundaries by China and Iran?

Col. Waldron’s company, Pointstream, has a standing contract with the GSA.

3. To implement the Insurrection Act, I imagine an insurgency is required.

With all of the peaceful and enthusiastic Trump rallies, it was obvious that the Trump base didn’t have this in them.

President Trump didn’t enact the IA during the summer violence and attacks on federal property. There was some talk of declaring antifa/blm “domestic terrorists”, but I’m not sure that happened. Very difficult optics.

Perhaps better to have your own supporters labeled in such a way, to get the required insurrection, to implement the act?

JW in Germany

I have read the post. Although I am not commenting much in recent weeks…I come here every day to read the posts.

In fact, today’s post was right on time for me…just what the doctor ordered. I will share it with my German-American son here in Germany and my brother in upstate NY. BOTH are convinced that President Trump is only getting stronger…and after reading your post, I have been re-energized.

Your question is totally understandable…I can only imagine the time and effort you and others are putting in to make this site what it is. For me, a true refuge on an insane planet.

Currently, I have been 90%+ lurking and less than 10% interacting. It is easy for me to take a psychological break…but not so easy for you and others that contribute to the site. Difficult to turn it off and on like a switch when others are waiting.

I would just like to say,



Amen goes right there, JW!!!

Good to see you up front and personal from your peeking!!!


I read it. Excellent as always. Anyone else notice in the video with Juan that when his full name is flashed in white on the screen it reads Juan Q Savin?

Also, loved the video with the patriots talking about the the fencing around the Capitol.


I did…and was wading thru the comments so I don’t post something someone already did.


Did anyone BOTHER to read the post?”

I did, DePat!
 🖐  😀 

And I loved it.
Thank you for the analysis and the sauce you presented. 👍 
Love the majestic mountain lion pic, too!

I too am wondering about body doubles and other means of trickery that the forces of darkness have at their disposal.
So I’m not ruling it out. 😉 

Great thread post all around.
Thank you!

Brave and Free

Thank you DP 🤗 for all your time and energy you give “us” here! I read everything that everyone post with coffee in the morning and again later in the evening. I haven’t commented a lot lately, because of time constraints. I am doing a total gut job in a bathroom and when it’s finished I’ll start all over in the master bathroom 🤔😨.
Have to agree with you about the IA praying this is the case. Totally makes sense when you step back and put the pieces in place. We are watching a movie.


We are planning on that this spring. Ugh. Not looking forward to it.

Any tips would be much appreciated. 😆


Vapor/ Moisture barriers matter for protection against mold within the assembly, and for protection of the integrity of your wall or floor system. Vapor barriers at exterior insulated walls, and ceilings. Moisture barriers at shower walls and floors.

If you’re doing tile floors or shower walls, Hydroban is an excellent product for creating a moisture barrier (waterproof walls and floors). Much easier to use than proprietary sheet systems, imo. (Applies with a paint roller.) Lifetime warrantee on the system (includes tile) if you follow the mfrs. installation instructions and details, and document the process.

We used this in both bathrooms and it’s holding up very well, five years in. I did use fiberglass shower pans, with the hydroban/cement board below, just in case.

We had serious water problems, that I never wanted to confront again. Also carried the hydroban detail up the wall, behind cove porcelain tile base in bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry to protect insulation below.


Good stuff!
Highly recommended.


Thank you!

Brave and Free

1 Plan out each step before hand.
2 Have the right tools or get them
3 Get everything before hand
4 Watch LOTS of videos first (you can do this)
I used Red Guard for vapor barrier, there’s other ways to go too. I bought tile from Floor and Decor, huge selection and better prices than the two big box stores. Also get in put from others who have done it before. If not confident in certain areas (plumbing, glass doors) hire that out.
Plan on it taking longer than you think it will.
If we were on a different venue I’d post pics with more info.


All that ^^^^^^

(I used red guard to finish when my 5 gal. bucket of hydroban ran out. Excellent product.)


Carefully consider the skill sets of those that will do the work, during design.

Our work was done by friends and family, including kids. I am blessed with skilled professionals in other trades, leading the work of the young and inexperienced, and I designed accordingly. We also had to live in the space while the work was being done. Sequence matters.


Don’t hold back on gutting the old. The more you work “within constraints” or “preserving history”, the more you will compromise what can be done today.


Did anyone BOTHER to read the post?

I have noticed before that sometimes, when an author puts up a post that obviously took time and care, people seemingly ignore it, at least at first. And today, someone with an agenda completely ignored the post and put up her prepared material instead, in effect temporarily hijacking the thread (even though we have open discussion here). It must be very frustrating. It is extremely frustrating to me as a reader here to see that same agenda with little to no thought for how it might be received or for others’ needs. I appreciate all your work and thoughtful posts, including this one.

Deplorable Patriot

Thank you. I just wanted to connect some dots that appeared yesterday, and seemed to explain a few things.

Some days the frustration level with the agenda one can be off the charts. I do a lot of scrolling.


I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to connect the dots and explain what they see or think.
everyone seems afraid to be wrong, so they play coy with what they think will happen or did happen.
i appreciate the see dick run approach…I see A and I think it happened because of B and C…
I’m not saying i don’t agree with lots of posters on the board, sometimes I just get what they’re trying not to say.
you explained it really well.
and since I forgot to say that before…let me say thanks now.


I am quiet lately, but I read every day. I enjoyed your post. It is very thought-provoking.

I have had to take a bit of a psychological break. I can’t always remain positive, and I don’t like to “doompoon.” So I just shut up.

I think there is a lot of truth in what you reported today.

Deplorable Patriot

The radar says we’re all clear and it’s still snowing.

What and who can you REALLY trust?


Evidently not the weather service.

Harry Lime

It’s a snow job.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Bunch of flakes.


Just a blizzard of misinformation….

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I get your drift.



Deplorable Patriot

It’s -2 here, and the dogs…both went out, and the 14 year old did all her business on the walk between the house and the sidewalk. The sickish 13 year old went out and came back in and did…well, we’re chalking it up to the cold.


Yep. We’re at zero here and my spoiled Anatolian did his business upstairs where my spoiled lap dog sleeps. Settling scores while he’s got the chance.

Even my chickens won’t leave the coop. I have deep hay and two heating lamps and their water still freezes overnight.

Friday will be the end of this weather. Can’t come soon enough.


DP our weatherman has not forecast the weather correctly in 50 years. I predict the weather by looking out my front window. 😀 

Gail Combs

I just look at the weather map. I quit ‘listening’ to weather forecaster years ago when I figured out I am more accurate. (They are off by 12 hours on the long range forecast for example.)


well that’s just for the day to day stuff, right???
…I’m sure they’re really accurate with predicting the climate change stuff coming in 9 years!!!!!


Have noticed for a good long while now that the weather does not correspond to the weather reports.


Good article on cancel culture when something upsets the reader/viewer:

“We are losing because our side assumes that reason can prevail when it comes to the confrontation of ideas. It can—but only when both sides are committed to reason. It’s useless to attempt to reason when the opposition is doggedly irrational. You will always lose an argument with someone who insists that two plus two equals five just as easily as it equals four, and meanwhile you will have wasted both time and energy.”


This is good as it goes..

However, notice in the end he destroys his whole argument with this sentence:

Before I am accused of inciting violence, let me be clear that the sword we need to wield is a figurative one of boycotts, strikes, and protests.

This after writing about Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian with his sword, because he could not be baited into untying it by a member of the ‘intellectual’ class.

This kind qualifying the argument by the Conservative glitterati is actually very common, especially when they write about Trump, whom they all seem to secretly despise, as the rube who should never have entered politics.


Their side says Nazis and the like, our side says “liberals” and “left-leaning.”


““We are losing because our side assumes that reason can prevail when it comes to the confrontation of ideas. It can—but only when both sides are committed to reason.”


Exactly the point I was making to someone just the other day.

Whether it is someone with a literal mental imbalance or illness, or someone who is more or less ‘normal’ but brainwashed — or someone who is faking irrationality — if you are dealing with someone who is not rational, you cannot use rationality to engage with them.

It’s pointless. Like trying to use a key to open a combination lock.

And you can’t use irrationality to engage with an irrational person, either.

If someone is not rational, the best you can do is to avoid them.

And if someone who is not rational will not allow you to avoid them, or if they are threatening you, the best you can do is either defend yourself, and/or physically overpower them.

Ultimately, ‘fight or flight’ is the only effective response to truly irrational behavior.

If we choose ‘flight’ (give up, run away, submit), the irrational person wins.

If we do nothing, the irrational person wins.

Either run away (give up), or use force. If there is another credible option, I don’t know what it is.

Using force at least has the potential to be decisive in most cases, but that’s where peer-pressure / social pack attack is the force multiplier for the enemy.

If we fight, their allies (in social media in the the ‘regular’ world, or the MSM in professional politics/business world) make us look like the bad guy, and the irrational person wins.

It’s a kind of game, and the rules are set up to be “heads we win, tails you lose”.

Getting angry about it, documenting it, doesn’t actually accomplish anything. Trying to use it against them by recording it and showing it to them later, in the attempt to embarrass or humiliate them, only allows them to relive the original ‘gotcha!’ and laugh at you all over again.

The Left has chosen irrationality as a weapon, very purposely, because like ridicule, it is nearly impossible to defend against:

Alinsky Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”


I have been meaning to bring this up for a while now, because I see it happening all the time, and I see exactly what they’re doing, it’s what we used to do when we were kids, we just didn’t completely understand (or even care) why it worked. We did it because it was fun, because it was hilarious.

Which turns out to be in complete harmony with Alinsky Rule #6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

We would frustrate the daylights out of our teachers, our parents, store managers, any adult, simply by making a mocking, nonsense point or argument or confrontation of some kind, and then standing by it — no matter what.

That was the key. As long as you kept up the ruse, as long as you didn’t let on that you knew you were BSing them, so long as you played it straight, there was nothing they (the adults) could do in response.

They couldn’t argue by reason because we weren’t using any reason. They couldn’t argue by emotion because we could just reply to that with more nonsense. And they couldn’t copy us by trying the opposite of reason, e.g., they couldn’t use reverse psychology, because we would just parrot it back at them.

There was nothing they could do unless we acknowledged that we were just fooling around, and it was hilarious good fun to watch them get madder, and madder, and madder.

That is exactly what the cultural Marxists are doing, and have been doing, since I was a kid.

When some ‘goof’ in the Democrat Party stands up in Congress and says “Awoman” at the end of a prayer, that’s not by accident, he’s not really a ‘goof’, it’s an irrational provocation.

When Rep. Fartwell goes on national TV and says “not even God herself”, that wasn’t a slip of the tongue, or a delusional mental slip, he doesn’t believe God is a ‘she’, if he even believes in God at all. It was purposely antagonistic.

You can be sure his cronies were laughing their asses off back at the office, and they’re STILL laughing about it, every time they think about it. They will laugh about that stunt for years… it will be exactly like this: “You remember that time Swallwell said “not even God herself”, and the entire Conservative half of the country had a meltdown?” And then the laughter starts.

I can do the same thing when I talk to an old friend who I haven’t spoken with in 25 years, and we will laugh until tears are running down our faces, like it happened yesterday.

That’s what they’re doing.

Because from their perspective, it’s absolutely and truly hilarious to be able to trigger 100 million or more people into apoplexy, just that easily, just because they can.

And we would do it too, we would do it right back to them, if most of us understood the game. Does anyone think we wouldn’t? Just look at how much fun we have triggering the Left with memes 😂 🤣 😂

So we would do it, in a heartbeat.

They ARE doing it.

To us.

They never stopped using the technique, not since they started doing it as kids, because it works.

It’s purely subversive.

The difference is that we did it for laughs, but they’ve weaponized it.

To the general population, it all looks insane.

And that’s for one very good reason.

Because it is.

It’s a joke, it’s not serious, it’s the opposite of serious — and when we take it seriously, when we react to it with seriousness, we only amplify the comedy value for the antagonists, we fall right into their trap.

They are laughing their asses off, the more upset we get at their insanity.

And the beauty of it is that the lower level ‘followers’ don’t even need to understand the tactic or why it is effective. All they need to do is mimic it.

The more irrational and sincere the better.

Keeping a straight face for the duration of the encounter was always the hardest part, especially if your friends were cracking up in the background while you were facing off with an adult.

But many, maybe even most of the young people today don’t even understand what they’re doing, they’re sincere in their irrationality, they don’t know any better, so keeping a straight face isn’t a problem for them. They can be absolutely earnest, because they believe their own irrationality.

We were just faking it, for the laughs, just to watch adults lose their cool, and not be able to do a single thing about it.

But many of the kids today aren’t doing it for laughs, they are serious, having combined the technique with virtue signalling.

At least that’s what I suspect, because if they weren’t, if they were just doing it for laughs like we did, they would stop when people started getting hurt because of it.

The people doing it today want people to get hurt, the more the better.

And that is definitely not funny.

Not when I was a kid, and not now.

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Well put. This concurs with my take.

If ever you have cultural Marxists over for dinner, tell them, in all earnestness, that since facts and labels are so last century, that you have been freed up to get SO MUCH MORE CREATIVE with the ingredients that you have at your disposal for your culinary endeavors.

Then proceed to inform them what went into the meal that you have just served up for them. You will be free to call mince meat “dog poop”, whatever seems most appropriate for the people in question. It may be best to wait until they have taken a mouthful or two before informing them of your conversion to their way of thinking. It may be worth filming ….

Gail Combs

YOU are nasty…. I LIKE IT! 😘 


Tough love!! 🙂


Chewy mince meat?


That would definitely be fun, if I ever had cultural Marxists / Leftists over for dinner.

I just have no good reason to associate with Leftists on a personal level, so I have never had Leftists over for dinner before… and based on that prior experience, it seems unlikely to ever happen in the future… 😂


Two can play at that game.

I have won online arguments by doing to them what they do to us. Then, go in for the kill with logic and reason and finish up with a final dose of mockery.

It works quite well. We THINK these things but don’t say them.

They SAY those things without thinking.

If you USE BOTH you will win every time.


I always like your style, Grandma 👍😁


You were a kid? I find that hard to believe, Scott!!!

Some people just skip the ‘kid’ stage – and begin as adults with full blown mental alacrity – imho


“You were a kid? I find that hard to believe, Scott!!!”


I still am… just don’t tell anybody! 😁


“Some people just skip the ‘kid’ stage – and begin as adults with full blown mental alacrity – imho”


I’m the one my niece and nephews always want to play with, whenever there is a family get together. Board games, setting up Hot Wheels tracks, shooting dart guns (at each other, of course), remote control cars, playing catch in the yard, puzzles, slingshots, you name it, we have a blast.

Even the dogs want to play with me, they nudge me with their cold wet noses until I roughhouse with them. I don’t think anybody else gives them very much attention, but I love dogs — and dogs love me 😁

This past summer it occurred to me that my 6 year old nephew didn’t have a cap gun, he didn’t even know what a cap gun was until his Grandma bought him a plastic ‘Made in China’ cap gun, which didn’t work, and then broke.

So I took my nephew up in my Mom’s attic to look for my old toy gun collection. The attic stairs pull down from a panel in the ceiling. We spent at least a half hour searching. For my nephew it was like exploring a whole new world, he was into everything. Just like me when I was his age, searching my Grandma’s attic for my Dad’s old toys.

Eventually we found my box full of toy rifles and pistols. Some that I expected to find were missing and others were in worse shape than I remembered, but the revolver blank gun I was hoping to find, a .38 snub nose, wasn’t there.

After we went back downstairs, my nephew was so excited about exploring the attic that he told his Grandma it was the best day of his whole life (all 5 years at the time). I found out later he told his Mom the same thing right before bed, so “best day” of his “whole life” is pretty hard to beat 👍 😁

A couple weeks and many hours of searching later I found and bought an old vintage cap gun on eBay, from the late 1970s or early 1980s, still sealed in the original packaging. It’s similar to the one I had as a kid, the .38 snub nose I was looking for. Even made by the same company as mine was — NOT made in China! It’s a revolver, black with a gray metal cylinder. The exact same cylinder that was used in my old snub nose cap gun, I would recognize it anywhere 😁

The package was a little rough from handling over the years, but the toy gun inside was still brand new like the day it was made.

It takes a ring of 8 blanks or caps, and the caps are still available. When you ‘shoot’ the cap gun, fire shoots out from the cylinder/hammer area, and smoke comes out of the barrel.

The modern China-made plastic junk pistol only fizzled when you fired it, but when the same caps are fired in this vintage cap gun, the caps go BANG!, and it’s LOUD, just like I remembered it 😁

It’s pretty awesome, they don’t make toys like that anymore!

My nephew loves it, same as I did when I was little, you should have seen the look on his face, the first time he fired it! 👍😁

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comment image


Had you pegged right, Scott!!! Thanks for sharing the stories – not surprised you were popular with the kids and the dogs – lol – you remind me so much of my older brother – taught me everything I wanted to know about sports – and some stuff I did not need to know, too.

Like you, he is logical, analytical, and not easily fooled – he made learning fun and challenging – and when you completed your lessons – you were the best you could be (provided you survived the discipline) – he was a tough trainer – but, the rewards were many – especially, the root beer after basketball practice.

I am sure that little guy had no idea what you went through to secure that ‘special’ gift for him – but, he will remember what you did for him all of his life!!!

I knew there was something ‘unique’ about you – and now I know why.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

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From Gab

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


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SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’m seeing remarkably little movement in the price of silver, honestly. I’t’s jumping around a bit, but within a range. Similarly for gold.

If the 4chan folks (or whoever it is) is doing something there, I’ve seen no sign.


I’m still astounded by platinum.

But if catalytic converters get scrapped en masse, there’s even a downside from now.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Actually, I believe most catalytic converters are using palladium and that’s what THAT is so damn expensive these days.

I remember it being at about 80 bucks when gold was at 300-500 bucks. Then it spiked to $120 when “cold fusion” was announced. Much, much later it jumped to 900-something dollars then fell again. Later on I opined that it might hit that level again and the guy laughed at me. (I can’t do a see-I-told-you-so on him because he’s dead.)


Yeah, … and we know WHY he died. [evil grin]

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Old age, seriously.


So you say. But that’s just a clever cover story.


I would think it unwise to comment on another’s demise unless one were very sure as to the identity and circumstances.

Mistakes at that level tend to leave a very bad taste.


So you can’t discern sarcasm either?


Are you so sure Steve isn’t referring to his esteemed uncle Robert? I get that you’re trying to do sarcasm — I just generally try to make sure I don’t go sideways when death is concerned. And, not knowing that you’re “doing it right”, I’m uneasy with the path you are on.


Then he should know better than to use someone anonymously when the person means a lot to him. Frankly, comment threads are open season and no limits. Steve knows that better than most, which is why he never “outbursts” on anybody.

Everything you said makes sense … IF we were talking about a commenter that none of us know.


The thing is, it’s industrially useful and very, very rare in the earth’s crust (where we can get it). I suppose that, being a “noble metal”, it can be isolated is helpful.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes, price seems stable. Allegations of massive shifts in quantities behind the scenes remain just that – allegations.

This is not Gamestop! But will there be movement? Ask again in a month!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah, you can’t really make predictions. Though one guy I know is expecting gold to drop, because the 60 day average just crossed below the 200 day average.