Dear KAG: 20210217 Open Thread


Well…maybe not hopium, but somebody doing some observational play by play on the guy squatting in “The White House” which some sources claim is footage of him is actually shot at Castle Rock Studios.

First off, that isn’t “The Beast.” The Beast is a limousine, not an SUV, Suburban or otherwise. And it’s usually pristinely clean.

Then…the “FBI guy” doesn’t look like Secret Service, either. And the “Marines” wear WHITE covers, not dark blue like the Air Force, but, hey.

No word on why Bite Me couldn’t take Marine One to Joint Base Andrews, and had to be schlepped in a used Suburban.

And, really, would an Air Force plane REALLY burn that much oil when the engines start?

Thanks to MichaelH, we have some more information on the plane, which was discussed on yesterday’s open thread.

Things are not what we are being told they are…and in the last three years, we’ve all learned to parse the narrative at this level of detail to be able to discern that there’s something hinky about the media reports. The video above was done by an amateur, but her catching of details was pretty much spot on.

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MATTHEW 6:1-6, 16-18

1“Beware of practicing your piety before men in order to be seen by them; for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. 2“Thus, when you give alms, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by men. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. 3But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4so that your alms may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you. 5“And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by men. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. 6But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you. 16“And when you fast, do not look dismal, like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that their fasting may be seen by men. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. 17But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, 18that your fasting may not be seen by men but by your Father who is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome.

Please include: President Donald Trump, the Q team, our soldiers in the field, special forces, tactical units, first responders and those working behind the scenes…and any and all people with family members in the hospital, COVID or not.

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May Rush Limbaugh rest in peace.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul and all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

My sympathies and prayers go to Rush’s family and friends. May the good Lord bless them in the weeks ahead with His peace, which surpasses all understanding.


Amen! My dad introduced me to Rush when I was a teen riding to work with him listening to Rush on the radio. Thank you Jesus for that gift!


Cool! What great memories you must have of that! 🙂

All of us dittoheads were blessed by Rush’s prescient, yet witty, commentary.

Did you ever see his television show? It was excellent — and, as one might expect, very funny.

Rush’s death is as big a deal as Paul Harvey’s was several years ago, probably more so, because as many people have been telling Howie Carr this afternoon, ‘Rush gave us [conservatives] a voice’.

Paul Harvey had a daily five-minute commentary on the Mutual Broadcasting System, then on ABC News Radio, long before he had a full radio show. That said, people around the US would schedule their day around his programme. He was part of their lives.

Like Rush Limbaugh, Paul Harvey was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2005).

Both men truly earned those medals.


If I saw his show, I don’t remember. We lived in no cable land forever and didn’t watch tv, so hearing him on the radio was a blessing


He was on the UHF channels. My mom didn’t have cable and she watched his show. It didn’t last all that long. He was too controversial for most stations, even if the viewer ratings were good for a late night programme.

‘… hearing him on the radio was a blessing’: indeed, it was. He was insightful, analytical and very courteous to all callers. Howie Carr said that over the past ten years or so, because Rush was quite deaf by that time (even with a hearing aid), he had a transcriber type out what each caller was saying as they were talking. Rush then read the transcript. (Wow!)

Howie said that, even though Rush couldn’t really hear what they were saying, he could sense the tone of their voice and could respond accordingly.

He was simply an amazing man and a great American.



Concerned Virginian

I can truly empathize with what Kathryn must be going through this night.



My heart goes out to her.

She did such a good job reading out the introductory message on his show today. (Howie Carr played it.) That must have been really hard for her to do.

May the Good Lord keep her close to Him.


As a road warrior for work I got 27 years of Rush on the radio. Plus the brain washing of my kids when they were in the car or in my home office (it worked). When he announced his stage IV lung cancer it really sucked because that is what took out my dad. I knew it was going to be rough and not good. Once he missed coming back this week I knew it was time.

Some great memories and education. I thought Katherine did great today with her talk to everyone and keeping it together. A big loss and shoes too big to fill.


Thank you very much, RF121, for sharing not only ditto head memories but also a highly personal one about your father. I am sorry for your loss, because that type of illness must have everyone on tenterhooks most of the time. And you knew what to watch for with regard to Rush.

Yes, Kathryn did an exceptional job today on air to 30+ million Americans. That was a good turn on her part and very well delivered.

On a lighter note, I chuckled when I read ‘the brain washing of my kids when they were in the car or in my home office (it worked)’. Well done, you. 🙂

Agree with you on the enormity of this loss. As many have said today, Rush is ‘irreplaceable’.


For a little break from politics… is a great story thread.



He would never accept credit for it either. He’d point back to his wonderful audience and the generosity of the American spirit.


Right Michael…

Check out the meme Stormy Joe made for him posted above… lovely


I love my electric provider. They provided this update.

Champion Energy Services

As of this morning, many of us are still without power. Below are some updates on current topics related to electricity service in Texas:

Ongoing outages
Two million people in Texas are still without power during this cold weather event. Based on the best information available, most of the storm damage issues are resolved. We’re now just waiting for ERCOT, the grid operator, and the local utilities to ensure the grid is stable enough so more customers can have power restored. Outages are expected to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow. Maybe even longer. We’ll pass along information as we get it.
News reports about Retail Electric Providers going out of business
There have been some media reports about retail electric providers (REPs) going out of business and expected high prices for customers of those REPs if they are transitioned to a “Provider of Last Resort” (POLR). Champion is not at risk of going out of business or having any of its customers dropped to POLR. Our customers can take this concern off their list. Champion is secure and will continue to stand behind our contracts and contract prices.
News reports about increasing prices
We have also seen media reports of extremely high energy prices (up to $9.00/kWh). While wholesale prices are extremely elevated, your contract price with Champion will not be impacted, and you will continue to receive service and price protection from Champion according to the fixed price and terms consistent with your contract. Additionally, we don’t expect any changes in delivery charges in the near term as a result of the outages.

Please stay safe. For those of you with power, please try to reduce energy usage as best as you can.

For current updates, visit ERCOT, CenterPoint, Oncor, AEP Texas and TNMP sites.


Did you see the one where ERCOT wants to raise energy prices, blaming us Texans, saying it’s our fault there’s a low power supply because we used too much energy during this storm????!!!??? Now they need more money to replace what we used up!!! 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 🤬 (I almost broke my keyboard banging that out)
Gotta be a leftist in charge, GOV ABBOTT (and most of us) calls for ERCOT’S leader to RESIGN!

F’n frozen wind turbines supplying 23% of state power grid, WHO IN THEE HELL AUTHORIZED, IMPLEMENTED, DID THAT SHIT??!!??!!??????
And WHERE exactly are these frozen turbines located??? If any or up in north or central TX, somebody needs to be sh0t. If they’re here down south, we need some dyn0mite.

Good news, Centerpoint now 60.57% Systemwide Reliability Performance …… What does that mean to me? Power on a bit longer this time, power off a little shorter last time.

LOL, Posts like these keep warm. 🥰 😂

Last edited 15 days ago by bflyjesusgrl

Residents have been trying to make it an issue for years. There have been some wins in some communities. But TPTB have deep pockets and getting TON$ from subsidies.

Part of the problem is that windmills aren’t the only issue and only way Texans are getting railroaded. There are so many scams going on with city councils and school boards it’s almost impossible to keep them all straight. Lots of nasty eminent domain battles, for example. Hidden taxes and bond issues.

Still most residents are low information and totally in the dark on what’s happening.

Took several election cycles just to getting another one of our guys on the city council. He’s a pissed off 80-year old former marine, hopefully we’ll see something happen soon.


Try the solar farms. Good Lord, that scam has been going around for ages at the local and county level.



This should stop dead the GND scam. An awful price now, focus for our fight going forward.

Small consolation, but here goes:
Wind energy = Mass Murder of Birds.
Somewhere there’s a chorus, joyous chirping Halleluya!

Last edited 15 days ago by yucki

I KNOW!!!!!
And on our coldest worst day when millions have zero power, those jackwads voted on Monday to increase our energy prices.
They knew for a week this storm was coming. Saw an article that said we only had 25% of the 75% of nat gas providers available. Why didn’t they build up our natural gas reserves, buy more from surrounding states in anticipation? 1 of 4 nuclear plants is down, could that’ve been brought back online?

AFAIAC, ERCOT needs a 911 style Commission Investigation, everyone fired, and a do-over with intelligent adult people put in charge, tasked with re-building the grid supply by dismantling those turbines and bringing back RELIABLE nat gas and other fossils.

And oh yeah, Abbott had to call the refineries and tell them to shut down, cuz power was needed to stop the people from freezing to death. GAS GOING UP MOAR. Also had to shut down other manufacturing plants and 2 Texas LNG export terminals. China seizing opportunity to cause all buyers to believe that US LNG is now unreliable, ‘do not buy, cancel contracts’.

This disaster has LONG tentacles, affecting gas prices and LNG futures for the entire country. Stay tuned….

Last edited 15 days ago by bflyjesusgrl

Excellent analysis.


This better get some National attention and PRESSURE to correct. Last I saw, there’s over 20 dead. What an unnecessary debacle. All this ‘GREEN BULLSHIT’ has to STOP. We need to spread the failure far and wide.


It’s heartbreaking. This is what the Left has wrought.


And it’s not like they didn’t have fair warning that there was a problem, either. We were talking about this back in 2012 after the big ice storm in Dallas.

Do you remember the 2010 primary season? Debra Medina the Tea Party candidate was running to challenge Rick Perry, and Kay Bailey Hutchison came to spoil the primary? Perry won over 40% of the primary vote avoided the run off. From that point on he governed like he had been given a mandate. He could have taken the grid situation seriously but he didn’t – might have been trying to steer clear of T. Boone Pickens. Have never been a fan of Perry. Despite what people say Perry was never an “oil man” until he became Secretary of the Department of Energy.


DOE was one of the three departments he said he wanted to get rid of, and (ironically) the one he blanked out on when he infamously couldn’t remember the three one day.

In charge of the department he forgot!



ERCOT used to run the most reliable large power grid on the planet.


We’ve been off and on EVERY HOUR ALL DAY.


The Meitryx
Forwarded from

JUST IN – Trump is expected to do interviews with Fox, OAN, and Newsmax this evening, per spokesman. @disclosetv @disclosetv_chat



Lisa Mei Crowley



Is on Greg Kelly (Newsmax) as I type.
(6 pm CST)

Last edited 15 days ago by rayzorback



My God….psychotus and thotus supporting this evil


Biden is Evil if he does not see the correlation between Uighur concentration camps and Nazi camps.
History will name him as collaborator because he closed his eyes to a hideous crime. Where is the congress? Shame on our political class.

Last edited 15 days ago by singingsoul1

Yes, where is the mcconnel the Trump hater?

the one who claims Trump doesn’t speak for the REAL PARTY.

WTF do you say to your wife’s handlers?


They are all silent.


I think this is an older video. I saw it a few months ago.


MI GOP standing MAGA Strong … which gives the NTYs the sads.

“New: I went to Mich, where state and local GOP are not wrestling w/ Trumpism, but doubling down. Those who backed Trump’s election fraud conspiracies, + who organized the Jan. 6 rally, are being rewarded w/ party postions. Those who speak out are punished”

Dear NYTs:

Its not about loyalty to President Trump.

Its about loyalty to the GOP voting base who support President Trump and President Trump’s agenda/policies/accomplishments.

If you would stop letting your TDS twist your brain with hate, you would realize that President Trump is Not causing the fierce infighting … the GOPe who ignore the GOP base is!

MAGA voters and MAGA GOP members


NYT can buzz off.

They are trying to smear Trumpism with the Buffalo Jump, but no one is buying what they are selling.

There isn’t a “Trumpism” that needs to be wrestled with. NYT didn’t even try to do so for four years – they are great at projecting guilt!

The wind has been sucked out of their sails with no Trump to report on, just as they are facing major lawsuits.


Good for Michigan GOP 🙂 I hope it happens in other places also.


Oh boy – a committee.

We do not want a committee – WE WANT OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!


Where was Rona in 2020 election with her election integrity? We needed to clean election up since 2018? We knew election was broken that is why we all come out to vote in big numbers. I am a little annoyed of this after the fact.


As said in the statement, the RNC spent Millions on lawsuits pre election. The engaged in more lawsuites immediately following the 11/03/2020 election.

If you are not familiar with the RNC’s work on behalf of election integrity, learn more here:

The RNC was involved in multiple lawsuits across the nation in 2020 and won many of them. For Example:

Examples of the RNC’s multiple lawsuits immediately after the 11/03/2020 election:


The RNC did much more to protect election integrity and are involved in multiple lawsuits still in the courts right now concerning this past election.


Thank you. A couple of weeks ago I heard
say ” that the RNC took lots of money in from people who send money to support legal challenges to the election and the RNC paid little and it was a pain to get
reimbursements.” Many people who were defending Trump and worked on the election scam were not paid and paid out of there own pocket. I send money for POTUS defense fund and apparently RNC was holding on to much of the money. I will never send them money again. I also send directly to Trump but know he has to share with RNC. I hope RNC gives an accounting what they did with the money people send for defense fund.


Do you have a linke to the source regarding the RNC not paying? I would like to read that. Thanks.


It was on the War Room and Rudy was a guest and he spoke about The election fraught. That is when he said” it was hard to get money reimbursement out of the RNC and many people paid out of their own pocket.” Paraphrased, he mentioned they the RNC had taken in lots of money and were stingy.


RNC = Right wing
DNC = Left wing

Same bird……
producing the same shit!


here is a quote from Patrick Byrne’s article “How DJT Lost…” Part 1:

“More importantly, from others in Rudy-world I began hearing the number “$207 million”. The claim was that the Republican Party had raised $207 million to “stop the steal”. In one version it grew past $300 million. In one version of the staff rumor, the finger on the button for those millions was a high-level woman at the Republican National Committee. In another version, it was being jointly managed by that RNC woman and the Commish, and they were surely keeping an eye to the future. In everyone’s version of the story, $100 million had been set aside for future legal defense. But whoever was in charge, they were sitting on the money, and I never saw one penny of it being spent in any way to “stop the steal”.

So to whatever Republican loyalists around the country coughed up those hundreds of million, in donations of $10 and $20…. You were fleeced. It was a big joke: rank-and-file Republicans gave a pot of hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican Bigshots to unscramble what had happened on November 3, and from where I sat, nothing went to any activity related to doing so. It was all being held by people at the top licking their chops.”

…and faux biden didnt win


Donations under $8,000 to Trump ‘election defense’ instead go to president, Republican National Committee

…any small-dollar donations from Trump’s grassroots donors won’t be going to legal expenses at all, according to a Reuters review of the legal language in the solicitations.

A donor would have to give more than $8,000 before any money goes to the “recount account” established to finance election challenges, including recounts and lawsuits over alleged improprieties, the fundraising disclosures show.

The emailed solicitations send supporters to an “Official Election Defense Fund” website that asks them to sign up for recurring donations to “protect the results and keep fighting even after Election Day.”

The fine print makes clear most of the money will go to other priorities.

This is why so many now pledge not one thin dime to any GOP- or RNC-related fund.

A large portion of the money goes to “Save America,” a Trump leadership PAC, or political action committee, set up on Monday, and the Republican National Committee (RNC). Under Federal Election Commission rules, both groups have broad leeway in how they can use the funds…

Trump’s solicitation website carries a banner headline that says “OFFICIAL ELECTION DEFENSE FUND” and “CONTRIBUTE NOW.”

Scrolling down the page would take a donor to the fine print, which shows that donations are split between “Save America,” which gets 60% of the money, and the RNC, which gets the other 40%. None of the money flows to Trump’s official “recount” committee fund until Trump’s Save America share reaches the legal contribution limit of $5,000, according to the disclosures…

The North Carolina Republican Party has launched a similar strategy, using the election challenges as a way to raise money for other purposes. In several mass emails to potential donors this week, the party says — alongside images of Trump — that it is seeking money to help protect the integrity of the elections.

The legal disclosures, however, show the money is going to an account to pay for the party’s overhead costs and not directly to any challenges of this presidential election. Trump won North Carolina’s 15 electoral votes.


Infuriating. Bunch of thieves!!


If this was in a mortgage package or a something similar, it would be an unfair business practice and probably false advertising to boot.

It should be here, as well. No wonder so many people want to start a new party.


Don’t hold your breath.


Needs a clean sweep.Bye Ronna


The Japanese love Kabuki theatre! The Japanese are really good at it! They have been doing it for a long time, so they have the talent!


I dont give a damn about there stupid lies of election integrity. I now see with eyes wide open my vote will never count again. and unless our true POTUS is given his rightful seat not one dime shall these people receive from me again. We have had our votes stolen, our country by all rights has been stolen and given to chyna and the sooner we wake up to that fact the better . I do not know how we will regain our nation at this point because it will not happen at in the voting booth. The swamp is still there ,no arrest’s ,no declass really came out. POTUS and US had it all stolen from us period end of story and the swamp is still raging on. sorry guys I am in a foul mood today .Happens whenever I start thinking about everything.


Sorry is for when you do wrong. I see no wrong by you.


We all go through it. You are not the only one. Big hug.


thank you guys, I actually feel much better getting that rant off my chest hugs to all of you!


Not a dime, not ever again.


This is from the RNC donation site:

The RNC does not accept contributions earmarked for any candidate or other committee. Contributions are used to fund all RNC programs, and will be spent as the RNC determines within its sole discretion.

Donors have no say over where their money is used and have to trust the RNC completely.


I don’t understand the point of the reply. I don’t need any info, or schooling on this issue.


I was posting in support of your comment.


TT was agreeing with you


You’re writing what I’m thinking.

But I go a little further:
I won’t vote in Potempkin elections. There’s no moving on, no take back the House in 2022, no will he or or won’t he in 2024?, no splitter strategy to parse.

Resolve the fraud of 2020 or stop pretending your voice counts. There are elections in Russia, in Gaza, and in Belarus, after all.


You are right – nothing ever happens to the select elite – Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, even Ted Kennedy – were caught in crimes that we, the lower caste, would pay dearly – even the ultimate price for committing.


“We do not want a committee – WE WANT OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!”

The RNC makes a convenient punching bag but they are not solely responsible for the election issues we saw in AZ, NV, CA, MI, WI, PA, GA, NC, VA, etc.

Who is responsible?

1) GOP voters bear remendous responsibility for not being proactive. Did GA conservative voters take action when their laws were changed by the Gov well before Covid19 hit?

The voter’s in each state did not take timely action to make sure their votes counted, did not contact their state reps and state senators to rectify the issues in great enough numbers to have an impact, did not pay attention and then take action when their Governor’s and state officials changed laws, etc.

2) The state legislatures for obvious reasons

3) The governors

4) The state parties

5) The county parties

6) the conservatives voters who have not bothered to be involved at each of these levels. Have voters made it an issue in their state?

How many people do we think the RNC employs? What do we think the mission statement, the purpose of the RNC is?

Specifically, what do readers here think the RNC could do about the issue or should have done about the issue that they didn’t already do?







They have defended President Trump – repeatedly.

They filed numerous lawsuits immediately after 11/03/2020, some of which are ongoing.

Do you hold the RNC responsible for the court case outcomes? Surely even the RNC won’t be the whipping boy for the court’s rulings and dismissals!

If the options to remedy 2020 election via the courts have been exhausted, what else can they do?

What is President Trump doing? He is focusing on 2022 while the court cases (some of which filed by the RNC) finish playing out in the courts.

Why don’t we follow President Trump’s lead regarding both the RNC and focusing on 2022?

Send no $ but get involved and help the RNC, help the MT GOP, help your county GOP to MAGA … just like President Trump is doing.




LOL. I feel your pain.


Someone posts an opion with which I disagree. I post plenty of links to back up my opinion.

If you disagree with President Trump regarding the RNC, that is ok by me but I wouldn’t ask you to stop posting your opinion.


From August 2020:

“The RNC is involved in approximately 40 lawsuits on election issues, often intervening in areas where Democrats or advocates say the mail voting system is onerous or unfair and likely to disenfranchise voters.”

The RNC was involved (and won many) in multiple election integrity lawsuits pre election as well as post election. 40 lawsuits by 8/2020 – that is where some of that people donated went.

The RNC can not be held liable for the actions of courts and states. They worked tirelessly on this issue and spent millions.

Did those critisizing the RNC know this? Where readers aware of the RNC’s efforts pre election as well as multiple lawsuits and millions spent post election?


I knew the RNC had done things regarding the election. What are they doing now regarding the 2020 election?


Just a few examples of the RNC’s dedication to fixing 2020:



‘For every illegal ballot that is counted, the integrity of every legal vote is compromised,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News. ”The RNC is fighting to ensure that all legal ballots are properly counted to preserve the integrity of our electoral process and democratic institutions.”


pre election example, from NC:


Is the RNC doing what Aubergine said:



Thank you Aubergine! I am so tired of the BS about the next election this next election is ours work hard ,do this do that its ALL OUR FAULT CRAP. I will not move beyond Nov 3rd I CANT!! The DAMN ELECTION WAS STOLEN> This is not one of those ah gee we will get it next time. THERE IS NO NEXT TIME.MY GOD CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT??


I vote… Fuck Off!
As far as the RNC is concerned.


11/03/2020 proved we need to do more than vote.

If we leave it for someone else the tragedy of the commons awaits our elections and everything else we leave to others to do for us.


WHO exactly supported:
Mur COW ski?
and the rest of the RINO’s?

That’s right…. The RNC!


The RNC supported NONE OF THE ABOVE until they each won their state’s GOP primary.

The RNC stays neutral in the primaries and then supports the person the GOP voters choose to be their candidate against the Dem.

Has the RNC always done this? No & that was a problem that MAGA party members have addressed and fixed under President Trump’s leadership.

The RNC did not support anyone in the GOP primaries in ’18 or ’20 (other than President Trump who they supported in the primaries).


Did I say “Primaries” involving these TRAITORS”… NO

Nevermind….. You are the RNC


The RNC is not neutral. That is the outward stance. The powerbrokers behind the scenes are doing their thing.

We have Selections, not Elections.


You’re f-ing kidding, right?

Last edited 15 days ago by Gingersmom2009

No…. “mom” is serious
Brainwashed….. but serious.


I hope she is getting a commission. That’s a lot of posts and passion.


Ronna or Liz said:
“1) GOP voters bear remendous responsibility for not being proactive.”

Like usual…. BLAME the “voters”


Blaming us is a recurrent, predictable theme.


Yes it is….
The RNC perfected it.


Well beepity beep flippin beep, youre right. Lol.


This is the best comment of the day. Perhaps the month.

Last edited 15 days ago by Gingersmom2009

What is the point of having a political party, or an organization like the RNC, if they merely support the status quo? Dems get to cheat, and GOP gets to fantasize about “next time”…..

Show us the worth of the RNC by FIXING 2020. Come back with your shield or on it.


How many times can I “like” Aubergine?


“GOP voters bear tremendous responsibility for not being proactive.”

More RNC Bullshit!

Don’t you fucking DARE…. Blame US!

Last edited 15 days ago by rayzorback

OK – I’ll bite.

What did you do to make sure your elections in your state were sound, legit and fair?

Did you attend Election Board meetings that are open to the public?

Do you know your board of election members are? Do you know how they are appointed? Who appoints them? Are they elected in your state?

Do you know who purchased your voting machines, what “brand” they are, who purchased them?

Do you know the safeguards for your state’s registration process? for absentee ballots? How absentee ballots are counted in your county, in your state?

Have you been a poll watcher? Do you know how to become a poll watcher in your county or state?

Have you donated to or been involved with True the Vote or any other election integrity citizen activist group?

Do you know if the RNC filed any suites on your behalf in your state?

Do you follow the proposed laws in your state regarding voter integrity every year? Do you contact your state rep and state senator regarding their votes on these laws? Do you know how to look up the proposed laws in your state? Do you know what committees in your state’s legislature handles election laws?

Seriously, do you really think that we the citizens are not responsible in our own states for our own elections?

Do you really cede full responsibility for your state’s elections to one political organization? You really think the RNC can do it all?

Last edited 15 days ago by MAGA Mom

“What did you do……”
I VOTED and spread the word to my peers.
WE won and you RNC $%^&’s let the SCAM stand!

“You really think the RNC can do it all?”
At this point….. I don’t think the RNC can wipe their ass!


So, no, you did not do anything do make sure the elections were sound pre election. The RNC did.

The RNC let the scam stand? How so?

They filed Many, Many lawsuits.

What else do you expect of them?

What power do you think they have to change the elecion outcome?

Specifically, what did they not do that you think they should have done or that you think would have changed the election results?


Never mind Ronna… or is it Liz?


The attacks on the RNC for the election issues are misguided and unfounded, just substituting an easy target, a whipping boy for focusing on taking action ourselves and those actually responsible.

And this only hurts us in moving forward in unity and power to defeat both the far left Biden admin and the minority GOPe wing of the Republican party


If the RNC were worth a shit…….
The 2020 STEAL would not have happened.


Exactly how could the RNC have stopped what happened?

Exaclty what actions could/should they have taken to have stopped what happened?

Exactly why do you think the RNC has that kind of power over the various state’s election boards, county election commissions, etc?

Easy to spit, spew, cuss and fume … harder to think it through and be specific & harder to take responsibility for what we can do.

If we didn’t do our part on election integrity why are we angry that others didn’t stop it? And stop it how?


I guess…. Let the RNC (new whigs) figure it out.


Exactly how could the RNC have stopped what happened?”

They could have had better monitors, not the pussies who got kicked out. The RNC should have identified the 6 counties that were KEY to this election, and MADE SURE they were being monitored properly, to PREVENT the steal.

They should have had LAW ENFORCEMENT ready for action ON THAT DAY. They could have notified each counties election commissions of the upcoming ‘steal’.

Harry Lime

Good grief, MAGA Mom, what Earth are you smoking? Seriously.

1) Exactly how could the RNC have stopped what happened?

Exactly how did the DNC make it happen?

2) Exactly what actions could/should they have taken to have stopped what happened?

Exactly what actions did the DNC take to make it happen and steal the election?

3)Exactly why do you think the RNC has that kind of power over the various state’s election boards, county election commissions, etc?

Why does the DNC have that kind of power over the various state election boards, county election commissions, etc.?

3)Easy to spit, spew, cuss and fume … harder to think it through and be specific & harder to take responsibility for what we can do.
If we didn’t do our part on election integrity why are we angry that others didn’t stop it? And stop it how?

This is the most egregious thing you have claimed here. Close to 80 million American citizens voted for President Trump in 2020…THEY DID THEIR JOB…it’s so easy to spit, spew, cuss and fume at ordinary citizens who work tirelessly to feed and raise their families and pay the endless taxes and fees imposed on them by a bloated government…who don’t have the time or resources to hold the hands of the officals who are responsible and put into positions of power to make sure our elections are fair and legal. These heroes of yours are asleep at the wheel and probably intentionally so.

And you want to blame the voters?!!!

Absolutely disgraceful.


So well said. Thank you.




Right. The Man on the Street is GUILTY! CRUCIFY HIM!

He didn’t get INTIMATELY INVOLVED, UP TO HIS EYEBALLS in making sure that local, state, and national elections were HONEST.


🙄 Lordy, what a gaslighting bag of hot air.


If citizens leave it to others we will always be disappointed. Election integrity was a known issue. How many spent more time researching any number of rabbit trails and never looked at their own state’s election integrity? How many Still haven’t? How many won’t spend an hour or two learning about their state and county even after reading the list posted of things to look up and learn?

Easier to blame others … smh


Easier to blame others”

That is EXACTLY what… YOU… are doing to “us”.
smh Too!


Blaming or pointing out that we could all take more responsibility v. blaming 1 political organization?

Do you really not think that more citizen involvement on the issue would not have made a difference? If we don’t learn from our mistakes how will things be different next time?

Also I listed other entities who bear responsibility.


Unless the “RNC” fixes 2020……
There will be NO “next time”.


I will follow President Trump on this one and work toward the 2022 primaries and electing MAGA GOP in the primaries.


Goody for you…..

Fixed voting in the past will CONTINUE…..
unless someone corrects it.
And I have ZERO faith that the RNC will.


(Now she’s got an inside connection. 😂 )

NO ONE knows what POTUS’ next move will be. Certainly not some RNC hack. The arrogance is simply stunning.


But you said that the RNC doesnt back anyone in the primaries?


Blaming or pointing out that we could all take more responsibility v. blaming 1 political organization?

Blaming. It’s a consistent theme in your posts. And whitewashing it as “pointing out” doesn’t change that.

Last edited 15 days ago by TheseTruths

You just keep indicting the Grand Old Pissers with every sentence you write.


So I should not express my opinion, backed up by links and by President Trump, because it upsets some people?

Sorry, but I don’t live by other’s emotions.


Only by the RNC “emotions”


Dearie, plenty of people have backed up their comments with links that directly contradict yours.

And I think you should really just hope and pray that President Trump leaves the stump of the GOP for you to fawn over.


Grandmaintexas didn’t say word about your not being able to express your opinion. Nor was she emotional about it.

She said your writing is indicting the GOP, and I know she is not the only one who thinks that. It’s something for you to think about.

I say this without emotion or rancor. You often tell people what they could and should be doing, and place blame. But this is one for you to consider — how your approach might be getting the opposite results from what you desire.


Ya think?


TT is being generous.


WAY too generous……. But TT is a good guy 🙂


At times, maybe. 😉

Harry Lime

“So, no, you did not do anything do make sure the elections were sound pre election. The RNC did.”

Well, they didn’t do a very good job of it. If you hadn’t noticed…the election was stolen.


This is just like the RNC…….

Keep attacking “us” (the VOTERS)


I am not with RNC other than being a Republican voter.

And no, I didn’t “attack” anyone.

Pointing out that voters have a responsibility in the election issues of 11/03/2020 is not an “attack”. I am not upset or angry with voters.

In analyzing who is at fault, the voters do bear part of the responsibility. Pointing out responsibility is not equivalent to “attacking”.


“WE” (voters) did our part……
The “RNC”…. Not so much.

The RNC tried the “splitter” strategy in the primaries……. Didn’t work.

The RNC is part of the SWAMP!

You can NOT… change my mind.


Not trying to changer your mind … just trying to open it a little, trying to get something logical into the “conversation” … what could the RNC have done?

You are angry but have Literally posted Nothing factual that the RNC could have done or should do now … just claim they should magically fix it. How? You have no idea but are sure they could if they wanted to do so.

Silly claims with no logical backup, no basis in reality, just emotions. Why?


The RNC tried the “splitter” strategy in the primaries……. Didn’t work.

The RNC is part of the SWAMP!

The RNC backed ALL of the RINO’s that we now have to deal with….
Mur COW ski
and many others.

YOU (RNC) backed them.
I did NOT!


That’s how you know you are dealing with a political operative. It’s pathological. 🤣


Pathological? Are those cursing the RNC “pathological”? They are, for the most part, operating out of emotions and knee jerk reactions

I see many posting the RNC should have done … exaclty what they did do and are continuing to do.

What I see is that the RNC has done a poor job letting voters know what they are doing and have done because people are angery without basis.

Thinking and repeatedly claiming the RNC has the power to control a situation that is beyond their control and continuing to deny that the RNC has done exactly as people are saying they should have done seems pathological to me.

Why do so many think the RNC has done nothing despite all that they have done?


Why do so many think the RNC has done nothing despite all that they have done?”

Because the RNC Backs RINO’s….

and won’t stand up AGAINST STOLEN Elections.

And BLAME us for THEIR Fuck ups!


1) They only back “RINOs” after they win the GOP Primaries. Of course they back them against the Dems in the general election.

The RNC backs No one in the primaries and then backs whoever The People elect in the GOP primaries – just as they are supposed to do.

President Trump backed RINOs after they won their GOP primary and so do the RNC. Are you angry with him? smh

2) The RNC >IS< and has been standing up agains the stolen election through Multiple lawsuits. Why do you think they aren’t standing up?

3) link to the RNC blaming us?


The RNC backs No one in the primaries”
Well right there might be just ONE of the RNC’s Problems?


3) link to the RNC blaming us?”

Well YOU just DID!
and YOU sure do pump for the RNC…
So I consider YOU….. RNC!

And I Quote from YOU! :
“GOP voters bear tremendous responsibility for not being proactive.”


Right. I said pathological.


How are those who are answering me not “pathological” with their emotional wild claims and cursing and yet my answering them with links backing up my calmly stated, matter of fact opinions is?  🤔  Seems like a bit of a silly claim to me. And offering nothing to the converstation, nothing that will help.

Several weeks ago, I was called a paid “shill” by someone because I encouraged and promoted being involved in local & state GOPs.

And then that someone who called me names and smeared me posted a long post about doing the same.

Should we expect a long post in a few weeks explaining all that the RNC has done regarding the 11/3/2020 elections and a long list of all we can do going forward to protect our elections in the future?


Should we expect a long post in a few weeks explaining all that the RNC has done regarding the 11/3/2020 elections and a long list of all we can do going forward to protect our elections in the future?

The only post I want to see about the RNC is what they are doing, right now, to show the fraud that took place in 2020 and to fix it. I would welcome such a post if it showed substantial action.

I don’t want to see posts about their filing lawsuits around the time of the election. We know they did that. I want to know that they are continuing the fight, now. I want to hear from them that the election was stolen. I want them to decry the fake results. I want to see that they support complete audits of voting machines. Will we see that?

Concerned Virginian

OK, I’m a little tired of this. From the RNC winter meeting at Amelia Island last month (January 6 – 8):
“I think most of the members down here are very loyal to the president [at this time, it was POTUS Trump], and I can appreciate that. But at some point country is more important than party,” said New Jersey committeeman BILL PALATUCCI, who has played key roles in several past Republican presidential campaigns.”

And at the January 7 breakfast meeting, RONNA MCDANIEL: “She also used the breakfast to make the case that the party needed to keep Trump supporters in the fold.”
January 7th, 2021
“Trump’s failures this week open rifts in a Republican Party he has controlled”
FTA: “Everyone needs to accept that Biden won, and that includes President Trump”, said Steve Frias, an RNC committeeman from Rhode Island.”

The “smoke-filled room” members of the RNC, led by Ronna McDaniel, are H3LL-BENT on keeping the “hoi polloi” of the Republican Party, the “average Joe” members who voted OVERWHELMINGLY to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, in the RNC CORRAL.



The RNC is made up of majority Trump supporters as was seen by their vote in January.

The RNC wanting to ensure they support President Trump and stand against the RINOs trying to take back the party and kick the MAGA voters out is what we MAGA voters want.

We *want* the RNC to appeal to MAGA voters v. ignoring us. By pressuring the RNC we make the RNC follow us, not visa versa.

Quoting 2 specific members does not mean that they represent the RNC. They are in the minority as the articles made clear.

2 member’s opinions does not mean their opinions are the RNC position.

Finding 2 GOPe out of ~160 members does not mean they are reflective of the entire RNC.


From the politico article you linked:

Donald Trump will have two staunch allies atop the Republican National Committee as he enters his post-presidency, an illustration of the hold he retains over the party even as some GOP leaders desert him in the wake of Wednesday’s riot at the Capitol.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and co-chairman Tommy Hicks easily won reelection on Friday at the party’s annual winter meeting on Florida’s Amelia Island. With Trump eager to retain influence over the GOP and quash dissent as he leaves office, their victories ensure that two party officials who’ve been close with the president will oversee the Republican Party infrastructure for the next two years.

Hicks, who had the support of Donald Trump Jr., overcame several rivals, including Vermont committeeman Jay Shepard, who has drawn private criticism from Trump aides, and Utah committeeman Bruce Hough, an ally of Sen. Mitt Romney.

“I think most of the {RNC} members down here are very loyal to the president, and I can appreciate that. But at some point country is more important than party,” said New Jersey committeeman Bill Palatucci, who has played key roles in several past Republican presidential campaigns.

But many Trump supporters {members of the RNC at the meeting} made clear they weren’t backing away an inch from the president, who is weighing a 2024 comeback bid. Trump got a rapturous reception when he called into a Thursday morning breakfast meeting. Trump made no mention of the previous day’s events and said nothing about conceding the presidential race.”

The RNC Memebers & leadership, and therefore the
RNC absolutely supports President Trump.

(this link works)


Ronna can’t be loyal to the president; you have said that the RNC is neutral through the primaries. Here’s another Politico article:

McDaniel is inviting roughly a dozen potential 2024 presidential candidates to the RNC’s January meeting in Amelia Island, Fla.

The list of would-be candidates invited to speak includes South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, and former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley. Vice President Mike Pence, another potential contender, is planning to attend. Trump is also invited, though spokespersons declined to say whether he’d be going. 

Because the RNC chair can’t be loyal to any one candidate, the RNC will be supporting, or at least neutral toward, the likes of RINO Nikki Haley and back-stabber Mike Pence. Yet, we-the-voters elected Trump because that’s the direction we want the country to go in.

The RNC does not represent us. I don’t know how to get that across to you. Maybe the RNC is acting in the way it must, through its bylaws or rules. But I don’t agree with that, and I WILL NOT support an organization that overlooks the stolen 2020 election, ignores our stolen votes, and looks forward as if nothing happened, touting such candidates as those listed.

With Trump leaving office, the party organization is confronting a predicament: How to gingerly detach itself from the soon-to-be-ex-president — who has wielded vast control over the GOP apparatus for four years — as he plots his own political future. While McDaniel has been touting Trump’s endorsement as she runs for reelection as RNC chair, she has taken pains to privately reassure top Republicans that she would be an unbiased arbiter in the next nomination fight

Is this Politico spin, or an accurate reflection of what is going on? I suspect it is accurate because the party is full of Never-Trumper RINOs.

The president’s looming candidacy has cast a shadow over the GOP as it grapples with how — or whether — to move on from the Trump era. Trump advisers say it’s possible he could announce his comeback bid in the immediate weeks ahead, hampering other would-be 2024 hopefuls from introducing themselves to donors, building national organizations, and visiting early-voting states…

Still, McDaniel has faced questions in her private calls with members about whether she would be an impartial umpire. Given the chair’s close relationship with Trump, some in the party have expressed concern that under her leadership the committee would be a subsidiary of the president and that Trump would use it to advance his ambitions.

I would love an organization that is wholly invested in, and supportive of PDJT. He was leading the country in the direction it needed to go. From what I can see, the RNC is taking us right back to the status quo…circling back.


~basta y sobra~


It’s really upping the comment tally though. 😄


No kidding. I can’t even find a time to reset the current comment counter.


Here are the laws proposed for the 2021 session of the TN legislature regarding election integrity.

Yes, I follow them. And yes, I contact our rep and our senator.

And yes, because I have faithfully attended meetings and events they know me and take the time to listen.

And yes, I know where to lookup proposed laws in our state because I take personal responsibility as a voting citizen. No, not every topic or issue but the ones that are important to me.

I know who runs our state’s elections, (nice guy with great experience),

I know our own county’s head of elections, know that volunteers, private citizens make our elections safe by taking the time to go to training and to volunteer to set up the machines, to witness them set up, to work the polls all day, to be locked in a room the entire election day to count mail in ballots, etc.

I know who is on our Elections Board and how they get there and what they do.

If all, most or even a significant minority of conservative voters did the same in their own cities, counties and states our elections would be a lot safer!

NONE of this is bragging – it is simply saying that I live up to what I ask others to do. I would never dream of thinking that 1 poltical organization is responsible for our entire country’s election integrity – esp. if I have not take responsibilitiy for doing all that I can do.

Sitting back and blaming others is easy – like blaming the RNC despite their multiple, proactive lawsuits and multiple post eleciton lawsuits (do those criticising actually know what the RNC did or are the armchair critics making assumptions?) but taking responsibility and doing something about it takes a little more effort.

If we MAGA voters and MAGA supporters did not do our part, then we should be included in the list of those to blame.


I have no doubt you live up to what you ask of others. You tell us constantly. I say that without rancor; it is just a fact.

Many of us have contacted, and do contact, our reps and senators. We all know how to look up proposed laws in the legislatures of the states. Many here contact their reps regarding those laws. For some, it does no good whatsoever, yet they persist.

Many here also take responsibility as voting citizens. Some went to Washington recently. You have no idea what people do. Many don’t post much because they don’t want to doxx themselves. Some just don’t care to share.

No one here thinks “1 poltical organization is responsible for our entire country’s election integrity.” That is a straw man. It ignores the point many of us are making.

Sitting back and blaming others is easy

Yes, you do it regularly.

Is the RNC publicly stating the election was stolen, or at least that we have to have audits and such? I’m not talking about lawsuits; those are good, but they are filed out of the public’s scrutiny. I’m asking if the RNC is publicly, vocally, and loudly proclaiming that its candidate had the election stolen from him, and they are going to keep speaking up until it is rectified?

Is the RNC supporting PDJT? Because I’m not seeing that. And that’s what I need to see. I have no stomach for working for an organization that files some lawsuits and then goes silent and moves on to the next election after the most earth-shattering election fraud in the history of this nation, which will affect the course of America and the world. That’s how serious it is. And meeting with Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and the like about what might happen in 2024 doesn’t cut it for me.




what do readers here think the RNC could do…

They can whistle in the wind,
~ ~bless their hearts…


I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Sorry, everyone.


Courage, friend.
comment image


Thank you. ❤


The RNC took Many, Many court actions to address voter integrity ahead of Nov 3, 2020 as well as filed multiple lawsuits to address “irregularities”/fix the election.

How is the RNC’s fault if the court’s did not rule in their favor?!

I am fairly confident the same people who are angry that the RNC is being proactive for 2022 (while they continue to follow through on lawsuits still going through the court system) would also be angry if they did nothing to address election integrity issues.


Apparently the RNC needs to hire the lawyers that the DNC used.


I am fairly confident the same people who are angry that the RNC is being proactive for 2022 (while they continue to follow through on lawsuits still going through the court system) would also be angry if they did nothing to address election integrity issues.

Of course people would be angry if the RNC did nothing to address election integrity. That’s not the point, at least for me. What are they doing NOW, other than seeing their lawsuits through, to address it? Are they saying the election was stolen? Are they asking for a complete audit of the voting machines? Is there a statement on their website about how their candidate for president had the election stolen from him and they are committed to righting that wrong? (Answer: No.)


MAGA Mom – I had prepared a long response – but decided your eloquent, passionate, extensive defense of the RNC and our criticisms are enough for now and stand without further discussion.

I have long lists of the elected Republicans who opposed/betrayed President Trump and the American voter.

But the Rush memorial thread is not the time and place to get into all that.

Best regards, GA/FL

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Hard to imagine some buy this stuff, but some do.


Rush Limbaugh
1951 – 2021
American Patriot
comment image



Can’t figure out if this is parody or serious.


Jen will be the first in the gulag. Karma is a (…)


Karma is…

CCP shill?

Man this one is hard.


Anyone can fill in the blank to me it starts with a B…. 🙂




Peace Be Still – 20210217


Storm Dispatch – 20210217


Fishers of Men – 20210216



Apparently he called into Hemmer/Harris Fox program today. Hannity played on his radio show. Heard most of it. So good to hear him.
Once my free Sirious radio expired, I found the Talk Radio app for my phone. Plays Rush, Hannity, Levin and other Conservative radio shows live. I connect my bluetooth speaker to hear better. (that’s how I know if net is working over cellular during Ice Age). I also connect to my car when I’m driving. Kinda cool.
P.S. There’s a app too and another one to play past episodes. Gonna check those out once The Day After Tomorrow is over.😁

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Harry Lime

This just popped up on my youtube suggested viewing. Maybe it’s been discussed here before but I don’t remember it…I didn’t know that this building existed…


Tom Hanks is full of crap. Someone needs to ask that idiot why he’s intentionally drawing attention to it, like he does with his glove-hunt.

Glenn Greenwald exposed this back in 2016 just after the election. It’s the NSA listening post for TITANPOINTE which allows them to tap essentially all trans-Atlantic phone calls. He had a lot of details at the time. There is no doubt whatsoever that it played a technical role in Zero’s surveillance of Trump Tower.

Scary place? B.S. It seem be creepy but these guys just trying to make it a conspiracy theory.

BTW that building has been in plain sight for decades. It’s even received awards for modern architecture and design. It does a great job of blending into the skyline. There are no windows because it was intended to be a “building for machines” rather than people, and gives of an amazing late 1960’s sci-fi vibe that was completely intentional. It deserves to be on the cover of an Asimov novel.

Wanna know what? I don’t see these same people exposing the C.O.’s (“Central Offices”) that exist in EVERY MAJOR DOWNTOWN METRO IN THE U.S. “Creepy” windowless buildings that exist everywhere. They aren’t exactly newsworthy.

Last edited 15 days ago by michaelh

Its creepy to Hanxs because they know everything he has done, which is why I am pretty sure the man is long dead and gone.


You’re probably right – he knows he was surveilled and wants people to think about it. Keeps trying to build his film legacy and good guy image so that when his time comes people won’t believe it. But the real world isn’t a movie.


Hanxs good guy image is long gone. no one has seen him around for ages. no twitter, no instagram, no tv appearances. I saw all the pics of him and his wife handcuffed getting off that plane. and all those weird covid comms he was sending out while down under. After all of pedowood being exposed I dont think anyone who is sane believes that man is a good guy.


Companies that house offsite Data Centers also have these types of buildings in major cities. Weather and floodproof with multi generators, they contain mainframes, servers, comm eqpt, and can host business apps and/or provide hot and cold backups sites for many companies. For example, the Amazon AWS cloud sites, should be in mulitple buildings like this.
Pretty ridiculous, actually ignorant reporting on Inside Edition’s part. Also DANGEROUS to call out NSA, even ATT, other telecomm hubs, paints the targets for terrorists.

Last edited 15 days ago by bflyjesusgrl

Yeah I didn’t check the date on that but pretty irresponsible after Nashville.


Hanx and his son are conspiracy baiters/sh*t stirrers


3-6 inches expected (which means it could be anything), but temps are well above zero.


OK, I got home. It had been snowing for hours in town.

There was LESS snow on the ground tonight at home than there was this morning when I left. And it wasn’t snowing at all.


We had 3-4″ and we are supposed to get more during the night into late Thursday.
During today we got ice . First we had ice on top the snow and now ice on snow and again snow. It really is slick outside neither my husband not I going out. The dogs miss their walks. They in and out all day long. Kids are sledding so they want to play.

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Burr: “It is truly a sad day for North Carolina Republicans. My party’s leadership has chosen loyalty to one man over the core principles of the Republican Party and the founders of our great nation.”

NC GOP voted Monday to censure Burr. Why? MAGA volunteers have been active, involved and are making a difference. Ordinary people like you and me have volunteered to be on the NC SEC, spent their time and money and are now in a position to make a difference!

Burr needs to understand he did NOTHING that was Constitutional and that it is he who is working against the core principles of the Republican Party.

If he could step outside of his TDS and his DC bubble long enough he would realize it is not about 1 man, President Trump, it is about the campaign promises of President Trump and all he did to fulfill them after he gained office. It is policy over personality & President Trump embodies MAGA GOP policy.

Burr is so stuck in hatred of a person he has sacrificed loyalty to Republican policity and platform.


He looks full of hate. He not a happy man. Wonder what his skeletons are?
Funny so many who reject MAGA come from a workingclass middle class enviroment . They thought being in the republican party was a step up?
MAGA is for all people not a special class.


NC GOP voted Monday to censure Burr.”


Arrogant TDS talking head thinks this is a telling observation:

“The LA GOP formally censured Sen. Bill Cassidy today. Interesting side note: When I was on the staff of US Senator Bennett Johnston, we asked the LA Republican Party to censure our opponent, David Duke, because he had literally been a self-professed Klansman. They refused.”

All that tells me is that the party has matured and changed over the last 30 yrs.

Collins is grasping at straws and attempting to build a strawman. No connection between David Duke, or any racist group, and President Trump!


Well, yeah — being a traitor is a bigger deal than being a racist. Duh.


La GOP….. NOT, the La “RNC”


McConnell is so arrogant and poltico is working overtime for the RINO wing of the Uniparty. Calls McConnell the de facto leader of the GOP? Says President Trump is “exiled”?  😂  Nope – we, the voting GOP base, are not buying the narrative that they are trying so hard to sell!


McConnell should exile himself.


It might be kinda fun watching MM wallow in an unfamiliar position of lame duck and waning power, that he will encounter over the rest of his term. At some point, his masters will tell him it is time to go.

Whether he fulfills his full term or not remains to be seen…regardless, he is already toast thanks to REALPOTUS and one letter.

and faux biden didnt win


we, the voting GOP base, are not buying the narrative that they are trying so hard to sell!”

Notice it is NOT the “RNC” voting base?

The GOP “voting base” is getting sick… and tired…. of the RNC


Scheduled for 7:00 pm


Joe Biden’s Softball CNN Town Hall


The Sekulow Team’s Tribute to Rush Limbaugh


President Trump Will Join Sean Hannity Tonight in First Major Interview Since Failed Impeachment
9:00 pm

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President Trump is on now

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Ep. 2407a – Patriots Pushing The [CB] To The Edge Of Extinction
X22 Report Published  February 17, 2021


Ep. 2407b-The Pandemic Was The Cover,MI & No Such Agency Are The Key,POTUS & Patriots Are The Stone
X22 Report Published  February 17, 2021



Wolf will probably latch onto point #15.
comment image

Open Your mind TO CHANGE: A guidebook to the Great Awakening

Why I Am Optimistic About the Future
The Great Awakening
The Storm: How To Prepare For a Global Corruption Purge?
Crossing The Schism
Dark And Light: The Revolution Within
The Silent War And Digital Soldiers
Death Of A SuperMafia
CoronaGate: The Scandal To End All Scandals
The Wars Of Perception Of Heaven And Hell
The Digital Coup And The Great Exposure

Martin Geddes: Open Your Mind to Change – A Guidebook to the Great Awakening [Foreword by Robert Steele] – Absolutely Essential Reading for Every Person of Conscience on Earth

Foreword by Robert David Steele

I first became aware of Martin Geddes after I overcame my skepticism with respect to the Q phenomenon and the related Anons – two different groups of people, one official and small, the other much larger and volunteer in nature.

There were three major influences upon me when the time came for me to appreciate the wit and wisdom and deep integrity and intelligence of Martin Geddes:

First, I have known Mike Flynn personally since 2014 and while we have never discussed Q because Mike has been enjoined from multiple forms of engagement during his imposed purgatory, it became clear to me over a year ago that Mike Flynn’s fingerprints were all over Q. Q is, as my CWO-4 mentor from my time in Afghanistan in 2013 has suggested, the single greatest information operation for peace and in the public interest in modern history.

Second, my own examination of Q posts and related Anons from 2017 and 2018, in 2019 and 2020, persuaded me that the factual depth and breadth of Q could not be denied. Then I met Sidney Powell and two others with direct contact with the White House, and I began to see the endgame for what Martin calls “the Silent War” that has been won by the White Hats against the Deep State. The end of what Martin calls “pathocracy” is here and I am seeing nothing less than Nuremberg trials forthcoming – not just military tribunals in the USA against US traitors but international Nuremberg-like trials for the combined crime against humanity known as the COVID weapon of mass destruction, weapon of mass disruption, and weapon of mass deception. The global economy has been wrecked, and society gutted, by design.

Third, and least important, have been my own experiences as a former spy and professional intelligence officer last responsible for creating the newest national intelligence analysis capability in the USA, the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, who has also been, by chance, the top reviewer of non-fiction books in English, with over 2,000 reviewed across 98 domains. This allows me to say with absolute conviction that all of my experience on the dark side, and all of my reading on the light side, totally validate everything that Martin Geddes is putting forward.

I have interviewed Martin Geddes on video twice, I have read his articles on Q as well as this work of aggregated short pieces from the past, and despite our both being deplatformed by the criminal media elements in service to the Deep State, I can say with some measure of confidence that his voice and his vision place him easily in the top dozen among all whom I know.

Here are the highlights from this particular work that make it, in my view, absolutely essential reading for every person of conscience on the Earth:

01 He opens with remarks on ponerology – the study of evil and its underlying psychopathy.

02 He connects the prevalence of evil to the rise of the pathocracy.

03 He outlines the manner in which our information ecology is rigged to support evil.

04 He appreciates that truth is naturally self-consistent (i.e., zero maintenance cost).

05 His optimism stems in part from the raw fact that lies require a great deal of effort to maintain, so they implode when faced with an alternative media ecology.

06 The abdication of humanity to the mandarins of money is literal insanity at scale.

07 White hats have been laboring toward a global purge of corruption for decades.

08 Institutionalized crime is civilian in nature – the uniformed military is its counter-balance.

09 The Silent War is not a political war – it is a spiritual war seeking to restore public good.

10 Institutionalized fraud is being terminated, including war, non-profits, and foreign aid.

11 Humanity, morality, and identity are central to the public’s inevitable triumph.

12 The loss of legitimacy across the media – both mass and social – is the beginning of the end.

13 The loss of legitimacy within academia – both social and scientific – deepens the collapse of evil.

14 Do not under-estimate the resilience and power of the human spirit.

15 The White Hats are setting the stage for freedom – but only you can actualize your freedom.

16 This is at root an information war – a silent war with digital soldiers, memes as bullets, and social media as the machine gun.

17 Satanic pedophilia is the “glue” for the supermafia – and it includes cannibalism.

18 Knowledge hoarding and deliberate myth-building have protected the supermafia.

19 COVID-19 is the ultimate global crime against humanity and will bring down the supermafia.

20 Our objective is to restore truth and virtue as the foundation for human society.

21 The digital coup – and our readiness to document and expose it – is the coup d’grace.

22 From the Great Exposures come not the Great Reset but the Great Upset.

Concerned Virginian

Oh, dear Rush Limbaugh. I hope your passing was without pain. Rest in Eternal Peace.

Never, ever forget Rush’s closing words when he signed off on his Christmas Eve radio show in 2020:



Full segment featuring President Trump



Oh wow. So is that a roof leak gone really bad or did the ice just work its way in dt overwhelming damage? I wonder if homeowners insurance covers this.


Frozen water pipes…..maybe fire sprinkler lines


That is pipes freezing and splitting leading to the leaks. The insurance coverage may get sketchy. If it is due to a power outage that then led to the building getting cold and then pipes breaking then it may not be covered. A lot of policies exclude power outage from the utility as most utilities do not guarantee delivery of power. If the power surged then went out, and the surge damaged your furnace motor then maybe. Gets tricky. The other rule of thumb is if the water comes from above, ruptured pipe, it gets covered. If the water comes up from below, flooding, it is not. Unless you have flood insurance for example.

The year of the Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco there was a big freeze. The insurance claims from the freeze damage exceeded the earthquake payout.


Oh! Well how about say a failed shower pan leaking onto the ceiling downstairs?


Possible. Water damage can lead to mold so it is possible that it is covered. The front page of your policy says you are insured. Flip it over and there are all the exclusions as to why you are not.


And this is the other biggie. Sprinkler piping freezing. Garages as here. Warehouses etc. Property damage from this will be huge.


Imagine going to your car and finding that!


I hope I’m not posting something someone else already did. I haven’t seen it here. Andrew Torba is RIGHT ON THE MONEY. This is excellent.




It is excellent. Here are his ten points:

  1. Pull your positions out of their useless stock market and buy bitcoin, gold, silver, food stores, and ammo. Bitcoin is free speech money. Learn what it is and how to use it. Now. 
  2. National elections are a big distraction. Members of Congress are bought and sold like cattle by the oligarchs, foreign nations, and whoever has the money. Instead center your focus on getting American Populists and Christian men and women elected mayor, to state legislatures, as judges, on school boards, etc. 
  3. Cut the cable cord. That includes both Fox and CNN. Do not watch it. Do something else with your time and money. Support alternative media outlets and individuals. Get that garbage marxist indoctrination content machine out of your home and away from your family.
  4. Exit the Big Tech mind prison. Join Gab
  5. If your church has gone “woke,” leave. We have room for only one Gospel in Christian churches and that’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not the imitation false gospel of “social justice.”
  6. Leave Big Banks for local community banks. 
  7. Start supporting small local shops. 
  8. Create pro-family, pro-business, and pro-law and order policies for your local area. We can’t control DC, but we can control what happens in our backyards. 
  9. Pull your kids out of public schools where their minds are being molded at the altar of marxism. Do everything and anything you can to homeschool or attend Christian private schools or online schooling programs. 
  10. Pay attention to the brands you buy and support. Check out their websites and marketing. If they are “woke,” stop giving them your money. Period.

Some have said that using credit unions instead of banks is a good idea, too.

This is how ignorant I am: Is bitcoin a cryptocurrency? Dave of X22 has been touting crypto lately. I don’t understand how it works, and I thought I read that it can be taken over and controlled. I need to learn about it and will go to the link he provides.


Bitcoin is a certain type of cryptocurrency. It’s the oldest, most reputable. But the markets are volatile. It takes some effort to learn to use the wallet Apps.

The Trust Wallet App is pretty easy to use. But it’s like opening a bank account. You have to provide your ID and maybe a photo of you holding your ID + a hand written note indicating your application to the App/exchange.

A friend suggested a certain exchange called and they have a better operation than some of the others I have explored.

Key points:

  1. A phone app can be all some people need for petty cash to buy/sell in alternative market. (eg, Trust Wallet)
  2. An exchange is nice for both funding and for learning. (eg, Kraken)
  3. A cold wallet is most secure if you plan to buy/hold large amounts of coin. (eg. Ledger Wallet/Thumb Drive)

The big surprise is that it costs money to move money. If you fund using a credit card it can get really expensive. I figured out that I could use a wire transfer (Kraken made it easy) to fund my account online at the best rate. And then you are still in USD and need to make a bid to exchange into whatever Coin you want to invest in or use.

The hardest part for me to wrap my head around was the controls on the App or online systems. It’s not intuitive as they use slightly different terms. It’s more like stock market investing than it is like straight banking.


It looks even more complicated than I thought. Definitely something that needs to be explored and understood before jumping in. Thank you.


Tucker not only staying on Fox but expanding


Tucker is as dead to me as all the cable news networks. Even newsmax serves the Borg.

Harry Lime

Election night sealed it for me. Anyone who stays at a network that did what Fox News did on election night is part of the problem. They all should have walked…THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! It no longer matters what they say now. Every last one of them is a fraud. And they obviously don’t care about their country…why should they…they get paid handsomely.

*&^%ing traitors. I refuse to even watch the clips that are posted here. Spit.


Alex Jones in fine form. Texas forever! ERCOT watch out!