Dear KAG: 2021-02-26, The American Spirit

Hey everyone! It’s Friday, and Wolf’s Pub is wide open to American patriots.

The globo-communists are gonna end up on the ash heap of history. Don’t care how much AI y’all try and stuff down our throats. Don’t care how much psyops y’all pull on us. Don’t care about how many lies y’all tell us.

Don’t care what y’all think about us. Trust me, what we think of you is just precious.

Hey, Globalists and Communists, there’s something called the American Spirit. I know it fills you with rage. Hehehe. Let me just sit a moment and enjoy that. Ahhhhhhh. So good. The only reason I ain’t cussing you out like a fishwife, is because I’m trying to abide by the Rules of this place. Speaking of which:

House Rules

I know it grates on the nerves to be civil to the enemy. I mean, it GRATES ON THE NERVES. Much easier to be civil to the brethren. But, we can do this. Let’s bless them that curse us. I suspect it actually inflames them in a metaphysical way, God having a divine sense of humor and all.
So, our burly bouncers are at the ready to show you to the UTree if brawling is your preference this day. Otherwise, please review the rules. We show our canine teeth, but in a nice way, kind of.
Now, on to the American Spirit, that indomitable, unbeatable something that attracts freedom seekers from around the world.

Our Drink Special today is indicative of the American Spirit: Yuengling Beer. Yuengling is a beer from America’s oldest brewery. Please, do take the time to listen to the story of Yuengling. It’s American grit. It’s the “can do” American Spirit. A family-owned business for five, going on six generations now, Yuengling has seen good times, bad times (uh, Prohibition), and everything in between.

But they didn’t give up. They didn’t give in. They kept moving. They adapted, they improvised, they overcame:

I raise my glass to the Yuengling family. God bless y’all and please, can you send some Yuengling to Texas? It’s at least a two-hour drive to Arkansas for us to get to some. Talk about a beer run!

Talking about American grit, how about Mike Lindell? This Christian man is a whirlwind of patriotism and courage. Christ has endowed him and prepared him for just this time. Yeah, I’ve bought several pillows and the Giza Sheets, and I intend on giving a full complement of My Pillow products to my liberal relatives for gifts. Right? Let’s start the EXODUS from the satanic world system.
Andrew Torba of GAB is right.
Why the Oligarchs Fear Christianity
This is our little bit in the war to take down the globo-communists. We can do this. Bit by bit, let’s leave them to their own devices. We never give in. We never give up. Ever.

And, here’s a kudos to every single cattle rancher in America. Bill Gates, you can shove your fake meat where the sun don’t shine. I’ve had a delicious steak twice this week and I may have another one before the weekend is out.

We don’t take orders or fake meat from crazy ass psychopaths.

LOVE YA, Qtreepers! Thank our GOOD GOD for every single one of you. WE ARE WINNING!



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I seem to remember him, or someone in obasshole’s admin doing something similar?


LOL probably. I don’t think attention to detail is their forte


lol – Thinking sabotage??? White hats set up the idiot?


Is there a location tracking all of President Trump’s 2022 endorsements?
Looked but haven’t found one yet …


Teacher Asked Students to List Their Political Party and Why, Then Publicized Their Responses, It Didn’t End Well
By Nick Arama | Feb 26, 2021 3:00 PM ET

A teacher, as part of an assignment, asked kids to list what political party they would choose and had them write it down, and explain why. The teacher then publicized to the rest of the class what each student had chosen and what they had written, with conservative students being bullied, according to WCNC.

One mother described how her daughter was bullied for being a Republican. She said that the daughter got threats, “These threats that, ‘we’ll show them!’ Or, ‘I can’t wait until I see her,’” the mother explained.

Students took pictures of the students’ answers with their names next to them and spread them throughout the school so kids from other classes were soon involved in the bullying and threats.

The mother said given the “climate” now, “people are too politically charged up” and she said it’s “just creating a toxic environment.” She blasted the teacher. “That teacher put a target, he outed these children.”

The mother said the teacher apologized. but that she thought he should never have asked the question or put it out there, to begin with. “Most of us know that not even adults can get along about this,” she observed. “I don’t know why we would think that teenagers would be more mature about this than we are.” Boy, ain’t that the truth? She said that she hoped in the future that they would include “civility” as part of the lesson, saying they shouldn’t be put in a “hateful and dangerous environment” for thinking differently.


Agree strongly with the mother: “I don’t know why we would think that teenagers would be more mature about this than we are.”

Thank you, Michael, for the link.



Bet now soldiers have to have feelz for the enemy and apologize when they do anything that might offend their culture.


They should apologize to us first, for letting the CCP steal our country and take over our government.

Then they should apologize to the Constitution for the most total and irreconcilable violation of their Constitutional duty that could ever be conceived or imagined.

Then they should all resign in shame.


And reach for their nightstand.


It’s getting warmer.


Aw…poor thing. Too bad the sex accusations are eclipsing the murder accusations but at least he’s getting some well deserved smackdown


Notice the Q in lLGBT is missing.
do only they want him?


Ugh. Always the clingy white polo. He truly thinks he’s all that.


As least he took out his nipple jewelry.


😂 The nipple is enough on its own.



Wolf Moon

Not so sure. I think he’s got his little starter pins in! Look really close! It’s a big image! High resolution!


You’re being sick. None of us want to take any closer of a look that we have to.


Having recently jump-started my car…..




The thing is, he could avoid all of this conjecture by just choosing navy blue. Looks great with khakis and his official seal (the size of a saucer). But he WANTS you to notice. That’s what’s so cringe.


‘Whited sepulchre’, maybe? 😉

Wolf Moon

BOOM. THIS. Nipplepin Venthoarder wants it.


He freed the nipple?


The picture isn’t from this year.
I’m pretty sure I saw a recent one with some kind of sado pretend torture thing like 2 bars in an X formation. I thought on it way too long and make me erp out


So tragic that President Trump did not receive the supported he needed to achieve the full potential of his term in office.

He fulfilled his campaign promises to the fullest extent of his power from within his legal powers as POTUS and would have ahieved so much more had he not been blocked again and again from within the federal government and by RINOs such as Mitch and Paul Ryan, and the long list from within the DOJ including their FBI.

I have always said I would give all during his 4 yrs and leave nothing on the field.

And yet I did not do all I could as I now realize looking back.

Immediately after he lost, on Wed, Nov 4, I, along with others, began spontaneously organizing grassroots protests.

We did not do that throughout his term. Had we taken to the “streets”, protested at state capitols and in DC, he might have gained enough political leverage, especially against those GOP Senators who wanted his endorsement, to have pressured the GOPe to respond to the voting base and do more.

We should have supported him in person, on the “streets” *during* his administration as much as we were willing to do so after the Nov 3 election. Why did we not give him more cover, more support when he flat out told us so many were working against him, how we wanted to fire Sessions, how he was disappointed in his AGs but felt he could not fire them due to politics? Why didn’t we believe him and give him the protests that he needed? Why didn’t we protest the DOJ’s lack of actions, the FBI’s scams and lies?

Drain the Swamp protests … hindsight … could’ve done more.

Last edited 7 months ago by MAGA Mom

Any groups of Trump supporters were, and are, vulnerable to infiltration by violent leftists who are then supported by lies from Congress and the media.


I actually feel guilty for being super-excited and encouraging people to go to the Jan. 6 fiasco. I am very grateful that so many things went wrong in my life that I didn’t go, not because of myself, but because I would have dragged my 25 year old son into it. I would be even more devastated watching him deal with the consequences than I already am, watching Wolf and others.

I just wanted to support the President, we all did, and they used us. The BASTARDS.


We all did the best we could. Everything to be proud of. Nothing supports feeling otherwise.

Wolf Moon



Those who went were called to witness. They went, they witnessed. It was not without peril or cost. Only with the fullness of time will it be known if it was “worth it”, but it was an important positive step.

If I were in NC, I would likely have gone. As it is, with air travel being so #@$^@#$^, and with local talk (at the time) of 150-mile driving limits within the state, I couldn’t make it work. I am proud-of and happy-for my friends-in-a-box here who went, and listened to their testament with rapt attention.

Wolf Moon

More AMEN!


And yet the protests prior to that had no infiltration. No stop the steal in Nov had problems


Have seen Antifa lurking at a number of protests at Capitol Grounds in Carson City, NV. Plus what we’ve seen in video clips of Antifa criminal actions.

January 6th in DC. Me thinks we got sand bagged. I, perhaps we, expected Antifa goons dressed in their typical black, helmets, face covering being obvious Antifa. Generally lurking in the shadows until they selectively engage in criminal mischief.

From what I understand, what we got was mostly undercover Antifa that infiltrated our lines. The undercover Antifa broke into the Capitol, damaged the capitol and goaded MAGA folks.

Sadly, I, 100% believe dodge and fib were aware of Antifa changing tactics on January 6th. We were sand bagged by faux good guys, dodge and fib. We should have at a minimum been warned about DC. Instead we were told about state capitol threats. “Look over there”, while we got screwed in DC.

Last edited 7 months ago by kalbokalbs
Wolf Moon

Well said. This, exactly.

No way were Dodge and Fib going to save Trump. HA!

“Serves him right!” I will bet many of those Dodgers who were cursing the MAGA walking by KNEW what was happening, and knew it a long time before it did.

Wolf Moon

Oh, this is where you are SO WRONG. You are RIGHT about no problems (well, not entirely true at OUR rallies.) But you are WRONG about infiltration.

I can’t tell you everything I know about the infiltration and informers – all kinds – all sides. It took me a while to figure out what happened.

Again, watch THIS to understand.

Oh, no – we were in a BOX being played by that BASTARD Ali Alexander Akbar or whatever his name really is.

They were PLAYING with us. There was infiltration out the wazoo, but it was not VIOLENT. We were being SET UP. They had knowledge of exactly what they were going to do a LONG time before.

FBI watched the whole thing, but they’re using their knowledge of the plot for leverage on Pelosi, IMO. Too late for justice and nobody WANTS justice, but not too late for the bureau to have serious LEAN on that mafia bitch.

Now we had “Proud Boys”, but again, they were non-violent, and simply intimidated away the BLM and Antifa violence. We also had CCP scouting through controlled opposition.

We were SET UP and we are no good at dealing with this kind of evil crap.




Give it a rest. People donated massive amounts, when they absolutely didn’t have it to give. They showed up for rallies in numbers that could never be accommodated. They had truck parades, boat parades and anything else that they could throw together, all the time. Most importantly, people voted in unbelievable numbers that have yet to be revealed.

So you think we should have been out in the street protesting at every difficult juncture? And you think that’s what Trump would have wanted? That’s crazy talk. Again, give it a rest.

Last edited 7 months ago by Gingersmom2009
Wolf Moon

Some of what she’s saying is right – but ALL of what you’re saying is right, too.

The biggest point is this.

Her “blame ourselves” is TOXIC BULLSHIT.

The truth is, Democrats and other commies by the TENS OF THOUSANDS need to be IN JAIL.

Wolf Moon

The FBI and the Military WILL NOT DO THEIR JOBS.

And thus we’re stuck here like CHUMPS.


True – DOJ and their FBI we now clearly know are swamp. So what do we do about that? What can we do? How do we operate differently now that we are “armed” with that knowledge?

If we knew 4 yrs ago that the DOJ and its FBI is what it is, what would we have done differently these last 4 yrs? And is that lesson applicable going forward?

How do we win more, bigger and achieve our goals based on what we have learned in the last 4 yrs?

Winning POTUS in 2024 … what will that get us if the fed gov & esp. the DOJ and their FBI remain the same?

I don’t want to be a chump expecting the DOJ & FBI do behave in a way they clearly aren’t and have no intention of doing.

If we knew then what we know now, we would the MAGA supporters have patiently wait for 4 yrs for justice? No, because we would know what we know now … it doesn’t seem to be coming for the cheaters. And so they only cheat more and cheat bigger.

So, what would we have done? And now that we have tought about that, what does that mean we do going forward?

OK, so no one likes the protest idea. What other ideas are out there?


Hold onto our arms. That’s about the only thing that is different than other countries that have been sucked into communism. They’re going to come after them with a vengeance


Her “blame ourselves” is TOXIC BULLSHIT.

It is a consistent theme in her posts that does nothing but demoralize rather than inspire or energize.

The truth is, Democrats and other commies by the TENS OF THOUSANDS need to be IN JAIL.

This, a thousand times.

Wolf Moon

The problem is that she is RIGHT that we have to play the stupid GOP game, even as we FIGHT OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM.

Seriously – the Ohio MAGA candidates KNOW it was rigged. If they had their druthers, they would have Dominion IN CHAINS. One can tell that they KNOW THE TRUTH and are SEETHING underneath that we got robbed.

But just like the fall of the East Bloc and Soviets, there had to be sympathizers IN THE SYSTEM to help bring it down.

This is why I cannot pick one side when all sides have important truth to win this sucker.

But it’s OK to talk back to the stuff that’s not working. It’s GOOD to call it out.

We’re battered conservatives. We’re Jews in a boxcar, headed for bad or worse, figuring out that the whole thing is a scam. What do we do?


Yes, we have to play politics, which includes party politics, meetings, fund-raisers, phone calls, letters to Congress, even walking door-to-door…WHILE we fight outside the system. And many people have been doing at least some of those things.

It is not feasible for all MAGA people to be able to travel all the time when they have jobs, kids, elderly parents, disabled or sick relatives, their own infirmities, natural disasters, farms and ranches, and other things to deal with. It also costs money to do that, which can really add up if someone is doing it frequently.

It is also not feasible to become involved in a group when you know you will be called away and won’t be able to follow through on things. That has happened to me before. In that situation, you can’t keep up with the emails, texts, and phone calls, let alone the in-person meetings (which are iffy now, anyway).

It is galling to constantly read that we didn’t do enough from someone who has no idea to whom she is talking nor their life circumstances. It’s one thing to tell someone under your authority, who agreed to do a certain set of tasks, that they didn’t meet the mark; but it takes real hubris to make assumptions about and preach to people whom you don’t know. And the one-track solution really gets old. The problem is too deep for that to be THE solution. Our rallying every week about some measure would not have changed the GOPe’s minds at all. Their goal was to get PDJT out, and they cheated so they could do it, the people be dam_ed.

What do we do?

I’m racking my brain, daily. These things are not going to happen, but I want Hillary’s, Weiner’s, and Pelosi’s laptops published on the internet. I want Epstein’s videos available so people can see who was involved. I want declassification of documents, and I don’t care what foreign country’s misdeeds might be exposed. I want the people to be able to see what we know to have been going on.

But, as you say, the offices and organizations who have the power to do those things have failed us. How do we get enough power to influence them? Voting is our main power, and even that is not enough, and that has now been stolen.

I’ve read that PDJT is working to primary GOP candidates with MAGA ones. Great, but if the voting system is fraudulent, what good will it do?

Still thinking…

Wolf Moon

Yup. I hear you.

Must we now pray for tribulation? Perhaps that is our last remedy.


Solar Flare at just the right time to clean the clocks of all the monkey business.

Wolf Moon

Can we toss in a few asteroids just to be sure?


Be my guest.
Maybe a couple earthquakes in strategic locations.


Like….. Rods from God?
Scalar Weapons?
Twin Tower type nukes?


Whatever God wills… Italy has a lot of earth movement all the time.


Proverbs 13:5 – A righteous man hateth lying; but a wicked man is loathsome, and cometh to shame.

Psalm 27:11 – Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.


Every post that isn’t either some innocuous question or an attempt at small talk . . . is a verbal downer, quicksand, smothering. Always conniving, never genuine. Can you imagine being forced to spend the weekend?

Apologies to OTHERS for my take on this. It is what it is.


No apology necessary. ☺️ I could say a lot more but will stop there.


it would be more of a “downer” to think that there is nothing we can do better, more effectively or just differently that would make a difference.

To think we could have done nothing more to make a difference would mean that there is nothing we can do differently in the future to make a difference,

that all we can do is keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

or do the same thing and expect failure.

or do less and continue in failure.

We must succeed and therefore we must do something differently to acheive different results.

So therefore we must come up with new ideas, now plans, new ways to increase our effectiveness. That is being optimistic. Thinking we can make a difference going forward is optimistic.

Learning from the past is one way to come up with such ideas.

If you don’t like my ideas then discuss the ideas and offer better solutions. If idea of protesting is no good then hopefully we can focus on exchanging ideas, synergizing and coming up with what most agree are effective plans and ideas v. just attacking, name calling, insulting and smearing me. Doesn’t impact me but it does shut down minds and conversation from building and thinking and creating and moving toward solutions and is a completel waste of time.


There are others who echoed everything I said, in this comment and the one further up the thread. I wonder if you’ll address them with equal concern, since that’s your specialty.

Gotta call it as I see it – by the way, the term “toxic bullshit” was used up the thread as well. And not by me. I’m done here.


I hope you’re not done here.

We need everyone’s thoughts and ideas, especially now.


I meant done with her. 👍🏻


Thanks. Got it! 🙂


You’re welcome to your views — e.g. donating directly (contributions) or indirectly (hosting events) to the Republicans — but many are rightly focused on election fraud.

‘Doesn’t impact me’: interesting.


Your nail-gun trigger is stuck on high. IOW you’re nailing it.




That too


I am not “blaming” anyone. I was just thinking, reflecting and analyzing what I could have done differently to learn for the future. Retrospection is a good thing so that lessons learned can be applied going forward. That is all.

Not a blame game.

Hindsight is always 2020 and just thinking what I would do different if I knew then what I know now.

It is far from toxic to learn lessons and then move on with new knowledge.

Rallies were great! I had the pleasure of being part of organizing a large car/truck parade and rally this past fall. And raised funds, spending countless hours meeting the public, etc, etc, etc.

All good. But all we did wasn’t enough or we wouldn’t be here in the current situtation now.

We the only reason we are here now because we didn’t hold a protest or people’s rally in DC during the 4 yrs of the Trump Admin? Of course not!
But it is something that I didn’t think of and we could have done.

Why think about what we/I/MAGA Conservatives could have done differently? Because I refuse to think that we did Everything we could have done and still did not succeed –>> that would be horribly discouraging!

It the swamp is beyond our influence, if there is Nothing we can do, if what we did was everything possible and we still failed … ugh! Can’t even go there!

There must be more we can do because if not, then why keep going? Why be politically active if all we do is not enough? I can only be optimistic, stay motivated and keep going if there are things I can do differently or more or tweak because to continue to do the same things and expect different results would just be silly.

I refuse to believe that we can’t learn from the past 4 yrs and then do more/differently/better next time.

We learned through the tea party years and we changed, learned what to do differently and then had more success when we beat the primaries and elected President Trump.

Now, the same. Assess, evaluate and carry on but better, wise, sharper and more intentional than before. It is only by learning from the past and realizing what we can do better than we have new goals, specific aims and increased impact.


The problem with 2020 isn’t that the grassroots didn’t do enough, or frankly anything else.

The problem with 2020 is that the election was stolen.

That’s why I consider the Election Integrity our #1 issue right now. Not in 2022, right NOW, this minute.

We did not fail. They cheated.

IMO it also presents a clear path forward, because elections are state and local – not federally administered.

MAGA Mom – I posted a lengthy comment about my view of the situation and steps forward about ten days ago. I was hoping you had some comments to add to it?

Wolf Moon

In the event of loss of comms: Find something communist and break it.

OMG, I could not love this mission statement more.


It does a good just of summing it up.

Not as good as “NUTS” but that was a special brilliance 😉

Wolf Moon

You will see this idea has just been silver-plated and served with tea and C-4 in my latest post!  😉 


I ask respectfully, would you please take what a lot of people have pointed out to heart? When people see what you write as blame, please consider that their point of view has some validity and consider changing how you interact. I have yet to see this happen. Instead, you lecture us and blame us because we are not just like you.

“Shoulda” statements come across as blame.

We should have supported him in person, on the “streets” *during* his administration as much as we were willing to do so after the Nov 3 election.

“We didn’t do enough” statements come across as blame.

We did not do that throughout his term.

“If only we had done this” statements come across as blame.

Had we taken to the “streets”, protested at state capitols and in DC, he might have gained enough political leverage, especially against those GOP Senators who wanted his endorsement, to have pressured the GOPe to respond to the voting base and do more.


We should have supported him in person, on the “streets” *during* his administration as much as we were willing to do so after the Nov 3 election.

“Why didn’t we” statements come across as blame.

Why did we not give him more cover, more support when he flat out told us so many were working against him, how we wanted to fire Sessions, how he was disappointed in his AGs but felt he could not fire them due to politics? Why didn’t we believe him and give him the protests that he needed? Why didn’t we protest the DOJ’s lack of actions, the FBI’s scams and lies?

“Coulda done more” statements come across as blame.

Drain the Swamp protests … hindsight … could’ve done more.

The worst part is not that we’re being blamed; it’s that the blame is misplaced. We do not have the power to fight the juggernaut that is the Dem Party/globalists all over the world/liberal media/communists in Congress, etc. It’s admirable to take personal responsibility and try to effect change, but IMO, you’re looking in only one direction and not placing blame proportionately where it belongs.


…not to mention, the continual droning posts become a deterrent to the so called dialogue that is given so much lip service…The bogarting of threads is a poor motivation for “dialogue”


I am a big fan of give and take discussion, but sometimes a short essay isn’t out of line.


It’s not that so much as the content.


I don’t read more than 1 out of 10, but the annoyed responses are a bit toxic too.


I’m a bit fed up with those posts, to be honest.

The poster means well but is simply getting up people’s noses at the moment.

Now is not the time, yet the poster persists. :/


I think Wolf gets value from the provocation of debate on the topics covered. And perhaps more of us should think about why we take the position we do. Many of the protects are about lack of relational engagement. If someone is going to “lecture” you, at the least it would be nice to have a sense that they lecturer sees you and has some greater connection with you.


‘I think Wolf gets value from the provocation of debate on the topics covered.’ I’ve understood that all along and have nothing against freedom of opinion.

HOWEVER, I do agree with your last sentence: ‘at the least it would be nice to have a sense that they lecturer sees you and has some greater connection with you’.

THAT is the real issue.


I don’t read more than 1 out of 10

That could be why you might not understand why people have had it up to here.

sometimes a short essay isn’t out of line

Absolutely; many people do it at times, and they can be very instructive and can prompt worthy discussion. But when the short essays are written with the admitted agenda of trying to get us to see the merit of cooperating with the RNC — when some people’s opinion of it has been extensively expressed, with supporting documentation — and when they’re written with unfailing blame on us for not doing enough, they are themselves toxic. And when the author never acknowledges others’ points of view about her writing style or how it is affecting people — to the point where the site owner 1) said she was blaming and 2) called it BS — it’s frustrating. Not even that phased her. That’s why you see those responses.

In the real world, you don’t have a debriefing where you all examine what you did and what could have been done better, unless you have all agreed to that and to be accountable to each other, with the accompanying transparency. In the real world, it is rude to tell people they aren’t doing enough when you don’t even know them or what they do and when they didn’t give you that privilege.

This is an internet site. There is little to no transparency, and no one asked anyone else to come in here and critique things she isn’t even aware of. It’s way too much. And it gets really old.


I get it. An old adage comes to mind, “people don’t care what you think until they think that you care.”


‘bogarting’: thank you. 🙂

Haven’t heard that in ages, and, yes, I do know the origin. I first heard it from a classmate from Michigan many years ago.

Last edited 7 months ago by churchmouse

FIX the FRAUD in (s)elections…….
Or it matters NOT….. what “we” do.


Thanks for the understanding.


“So tragic that President Trump did not receive the supported he needed to achieve the full potential of his term in office.”


But he DID receive the support he needed in office.

He is a VSG, a triple double-D chess player, with the benefit of a time machine, quantum computers and a military intelligence team that has been working (with Christopher Nolan, I would imagine) since the early 1960s to save the world.

Either that, or he purposely misled us to believe that McMaster, Sessions, Barr, Mattis, Kelly, Wray and on and on and on were either great hires or secret great hires who played villains.

And with all his hiring and firing and business experience, he has to be able to read people better that WE can, and yet most of us had a sense of these rat-weasels in under 10 seconds.

And his (not)SC picks, which he often said was probably the most important decision(s) a president can make because it affects so much of the future and for so long… did he just leave it up to RINO, Inc. to pick these tards?

He can’t be Chauncey Gardiner AND the most competent and effective President in our lifetimes.

He’s either embarrassingly incompetent (which he’s obviously not), or we’re still being played, along with the bad guys.


Trump needed more support. He was asking but I know I misunderstood him. I was listening to much to the Victor’s of life and other voices who spoke counter to Trump when he ask. I put all the burden on Trump. I am only speaking about myself.
I did realize what was going on after the election and resented the voices who still tried to psy op me the other way.


Trump didn’t need any more support — he needed more law.


As in law enforcement.


As in law enforcement, written law not overruled by the casual whims of authority, law not found in courts that find everything “not ripe” or “moot”, law like a G**D*****D REPUBLIC, like we are supposed to have — not some empty pseudo-Republic shadow-show Kabuki, with private law (privilege) for he and thee and we.

Why do we suffer false flags like the Capitol and yet the globalist scum skates on REAL flags like Fort Hood or Pensacola? How does Cuomo get away with intentionally killing 14,000+ people? How do the Biden clan sell out the United States over decades…..and get situated to do it again?

Wolf Moon

We would have more justice if the SYRIAN ARMY under ASSAD took control of Washington.

Think how horrifying the truth of that statement is.


That too


“So tragic that President Trump did not receive the supported he needed to achieve the full potential of his term in office.”

Whoever said such Bullshit should be ashamed!

“Tragic”… is THEY are getting away with LIES!… CORRUPTION!… and THEFT!



The “system” collectively and quite intentionally FAILED. Not MAGA folks.

The “system” = state courts, state legislatures, governors, county and state election officials, asshoes that purchased Dominion fraudulent vote counting fed corts including NOT SC, senate, Houes, dodge, fib, IC, fake news, big tech…



Wolf Moon

The people of this country were ROBBED and BEATEN DOWN by an evil establishment which is now the BITCH of China because they betrayed US for HER.

The American government that BETRAYED US are like some weak husband, tricked by the CHINESE dragon lady to kill his own wife, We The People, Lady Liberty. Now CHINA gets the mansion and the jewels.



OK – True.

Now we are here.

Do we say that there is literally nothing we can do or do we come up with additional ideas, plans and a way forward?

It is up to MAGA conservatives to Save America … according to President Trump and His newest campaign slogan as seen on his website.

Do we think we can do nothing or do we think we can do something? Yes, you have identified the issues … so knowing this, what do we do going forward?

If we knew this 4 yrs ago, what would we have done differenlty? I had one idea. No good? Ok, that is fine. Just an idea. What other ideas are out there? What ideas are better? I have no ego any specific idea or observation. Would LOVE to hear other ideas! Thinking about what we/I would have done differently had I known then what I know now … that is just 1 way of brainstorming. One person’s brainstorming, one person’s idea.

Yes, what has happen stinks to high Heaven … so now what?

We can’t just stop now and say what we did is all we could have done because that implies that we can do nothing more in the future. that is too defeated for me as I am still optimistic and hopeful … or I wouldn’t still be thinking of what else could we have done so I can think of what else can we do going forward.

Yes, we “delivered” … we worked hard. But we have to work smarter, more effectively and figure out solutions to probems we didn’t even fully realize were there such as the extent of the swamp, esp. in the DOJ/FBI

(And, as always, of course I mean only legal political activism as we all plainly now see were illegal activism gets us … and no, MAGA conservatives aren’t being treated fairly about this either)


I…. can NOT pass a “law”…..
I…..can NOT ENFORCE said “Laws”…..
I…..can NOT Elect anyone by myself……
I…..can NOT make ANYONE do ANYTHING….
I…..can NOT convict Any CRIMINALS……
I…..can NOT even ARREST said CRIMINALS…..
I…..can NOT make “Lawyers” follow the “Law”….
I…..can NOT make the MSM and Social Media tell the TRUTH!
I…..can NOT make “Teachers” teach Correct History and Science….
I…..can NOT protect OUR Borders by myself.
I…..can NOT make “Doctors” prescribe Therapeutics that work
I…..can NOT make Big Pharma produce “Cures” instead of “treating” SYMPTOMS”

All that I can do is…….
I…..CAN ….. PRAY.


I also….. can NOT make people “vote” correctly…..
and even if I could do that……..
Without FAIR and HONEST “Elections”…..
What does any of this MATTER?


Trump didn’t lose.
joe biden didn’t win..
That’s where we’re at.



But what do we do from here and what do we do differently since what we have done in the past has not worked?

I refuse to believe that there is nothing we can do better, differently, more effectively. That would be too discouraging a position.


We dig in deeper, starting with grass roots Pro MAGA . .
Those already employed by the R party, will need to ACT PRO MAGA with their votes, AND Language, $hit or get off the pot.  😄 


McFarland: Don’t hold your breath for ERLC reform
Friday, February 26, 2021 | Steve Jordahl (

Change often comes slowly, if it comes at all. That may be the case for a policy group within the Southern Baptist Convention that has come under scrutiny for allegedly “distracting” the denomination from the Great Commission.

The task force commissioned by the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention to look at growing dissatisfaction with the denomination’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and its chairman, Russell Moore (pictured)has filed its report. Task force chairman Mike Stone, a pastor from Georgia, summed up the report’s findings at this week’s meeting of the Executive Council:

Stone: “You asked us to assess whether the actions of the Commission and its leadership are affecting Cooperative Program giving, or the further advancement of the Cooperative Program. Based on the information that we received from our state convention partners, the answer to that question, in our estimation, is undeniably yes.”

Executive Committee chairman Rolland Slade accepted the document:

Slade: “This report has now been received for the record. The report is for information only and no vote is required.”

And that’s precisely the problem, according to biblical apologist Dr. Alex McFarland. “The Executive Committee, as far as we know at this moment, read it, tabled it, and nothing has been done,” the ordained Southern Baptist pastor shares with One News Now.

At the meeting, supporters of the ERLC read a letter into the record asking the SBC’s Executive Committee to publicly repudiate the report, which contains several recommendations intended to bring the Commission back in line with the majority of Southern Baptists. That letter calls the task force “unwarranted, divisive, and disrespectful.”

McFarland predicts little will come of the task force’s report or recommendations. “I don’t hold my breath that anything will change regarding the ERLC. For one thing, the recommendations were very innocuous,” he says.

In an earlier One News Now story, Dr. Robert Jeffress – senior pastor of First Baptist-Dallas – questioned if the ERLC has outlived its usefulness, pointing out that many other parachurch ministries and faith-based organizations are doing essentially the same task the Commission was originally assigned.


I wonder if Dr. Robert Jeffress and PDJT still meet up.

I hope so.


I’d like to think so, but at the moment I think all of that is on hold. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.


Me, too.


Gordon Chang is getting a lot more coverage for his insight into the China-America conflict . . . I’m continuing to watch for his insights

Biden: It’s Okay to Finance China’s Military
by Gordon G. Chang
February 25, 2021 at 5:00 am

  • Wall Street wants to finance the enemy, and the Biden administration is opening the door wide…. Beijing views the U.S. financial community as its channel to influence the highest levels of the American political system.
  • “It would be a tragic mistake for the new administration to postpone, dilute, or otherwise eviscerate implementation of the key provisions of Executive Order 13959. Doing so would only serve to enrich Wall Street and Beijing at the expense of American security, fundamental values, and investor protection.” — Roger Robinson, chairman of the Prague Securities Studies Institute, interview with Gatestone.
  • The People’s Republic of China is a unified state, so the investment ban should apply not only to companies the Trump administration designated but also to all state-owned enterprises. State enterprises are by no means separate businesses. The divisions among them are artificial, and all are tightly controlled by the Communist Party. Each one of these entities, therefore, is military-linked and Party-controlled.
  • China’s Military-Civil Fusion means the People’s Liberation Army “has the right to raid any non-military Chinese company for any technology it decides could advance its military strength.” — Richard Fisher, of the International Assessment and Strategy Center, interview with Gatestone
  • The Biden administration is allowing Wall Street to use the cash of “scores of millions, up to 160 million Americans” to “fund ICBMs targeting their families, to fund concentration camps in Xinjiang.” Most Americans will have no idea their retirement and other savings are being used to finance their own destruction…. financing China’s war on America.

Gordon Chang: Will Biden Allow Investment in Companies Tied to China’s Military? | CPAC 2021

American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times

Joining us today at CPAC 2021 is China analyst Gordon Chang. We discuss President Joe Biden’s recent executive orders on China, and how he is formulating his policy on China. What direction is U.S.-China relations headed?


You think they’re going to circle back with us on this?

Biden mum on strikes against Iranian-backed militias in Syria as Democrats call for explanation
by Abraham Mahshie, Defense Reporter |  | February 26, 2021 11:12 AM

. . . Biden remained notably silent on Friday after authorizing airstrikes against Iranian-backed militias in Syria on Thursday night as some of his Democratic allies call for an explanation of a move that raises the stakes for his nuclear negotiation efforts with Iran.


It does sound more like something, um Trump, would do…..


Regardless, it suggests a shadow president running foreign policy and military interventions.

While it could be Trump, it could just as easily be other operators . . .


Horowitz: Oklahoma House votes to enable legislature to block Biden’s executive orders
Executives are making ‘laws’
DANIEL HOROWITZ February 26, 2021

. . . Rep. Jay Steagall introduced HR 1005, a resolution expressing the right of a state to defend the Constitution and intervene on behalf of the liberties of its citizens.

“Oklahoma hereby asserts sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers,” states the text of the resolution, which passed 80-14. “THAT this resolution shall serve notice to the federal government of our intent to maintain the balance of powers where the Constitution of the United States established it. THAT we intend to ensure that all federal government agencies and their agents and employees operating within the geographic boundaries of Oklahoma, or whose actions have an effect on the inhabitants, lands or waters of Oklahoma, shall operate within the confines of the original intent of the Constitution of the United States.”

Wolf Moon

If they need a STATE MILITIA to defend against the communists in Washington, SEND OUT THE CALL.



Kristol and Biden deserve each other. One is suffering from extreme cognitive disorder, and the other one didn’t win the election.

Jeffrey A. Rendall
The Right Resistance: #NeverTrump’s Kristol begs former GOPers to join with Grampa Joe Biden

. . . .Leading #NeverTrumper William Kristol wrote about the possibility in the eternally anti-Trump publication, The Bulwark:

“So why not Biden? Why not Bidenism? That may not turn out to be the end solution. But surely it’s too real a possibility to be ignored. Why shouldn’t anti-Trump Republicans at least consider becoming a kind-of-Old-Republican wing of Joe Biden’s Democratic party?

“Moderate Democrats, historically speaking, get no respect. Sure, they win elections. And they govern pretty successfully. But they get ignored by the media, by their side’s intellectuals, by donors, even by Democratic political pros. And now they’re getting ignored by Never Trumpers.

“Maybe it’s time they get attention and respect. Perhaps anti-Trump can morph into work-with-Biden. Or perhaps not. But it’s worth a look, and even a try.”

Just when you thought the #NeverTrumpers had permanently receded to the background where they belong, you get op-eds like Kristol just published. With the scummy, pox-infested anti-Trump Lincoln Project having been discredited beyond any hope of redemption by homosexual pedophilia and corruption scandals, there just aren’t many alternatives remaining for people with Bill’s mindset. After all, the reason they left the GOP is now out of Washington, isn’t he? Can’t they just declare victory and move on?

Problem: their friendly overtures of a reunion with their former chums have been returned with a profound “Um, no way!” Imagine sending a note to someone you heard was hosting a party for old pals and having him return your gesture covered in bird droppings. Or, something that actually happened, having your army’s surrender demand being sent back by the enemy with a simple reply, “Nuts.” (This happened at the Battle of the Bulge in December, 1944.)

Well, Bill, now you want to come back into the conservative tent and powwow with us like the past half decade didn’t happen and therefore everyone just sits with crossed legs on the floor mat, holds hands and hums along according to cues from the cult leader? … “NUTS!”


Biden doedn’t command a movement. There is no “Bidenism.” His Fraudulency is clearly a front man for a global agenda, with other people pulling the strings. Can Kristol be this dumb?


“Can Kristol be this dumb?”

LOL is that a rhetorical question or do I need to answer it? ROFL


I think the answer is that he thinks we’re that dumb.   :wpds_unamused: 

Wolf Moon

Can Kristol be this dumb?

No. He’s a sneaky CIA Trotskyist who’s trying to sell chocolate-covered Bolshevism to the war party RUBES, which is what the “neo-conservative” Trotsky leaders ALWAYS do.

Last edited 7 months ago by Wolf Moon

Chocolate covered dog turds still stink and taste like shit.


We are the inconvenient force between them and what they want.
comment image



Yes! Fight back.

Concerned Virginian

Aaaaaannnnnnnd right on cue:
Sheryl Gay Stolberg
1 hour ago
“U.S. Officials Warn Governors Against Easing Restrictions”

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, the CDC and the Federal government, on the golden advice on Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the CDC, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, is warning that “Things are tenuous” and “This is not the time to relax restrictions” on the movements and lives of We, The People.
You see, the big drop in CCP Virus cases and deaths, according to these geniuses, “may be stalling” and “potentially leveling off at still a very high number”.
No matter that a it’s been shown that the current CCP Virus test can produce a positive result in a Kiwi fruit.

So what happened to that “100-day mask mandate”? As is by “magic”, the CDC and the Feds are signaling that they want it to be extended, along with lockdowns, businesses not opening at all or at vastly (unable to keep the business going) reduced customer access, and all the rest of the CovidNazi “rules for the benefit of public health”. Watch for schools to start “deliberating” whether or not to open in the fall of this year.
And, of course, the timing of this is a slap in the face to Gov. DeSantis and any other governor (mostly Republicans) who either relaxed or got rid of the CovidNazi “rules” in their respective States. Obviously, the CDC and the Feds want these governors to come to heel.

In my opinion, there’s another angle to this, one that the CDC and the Feds wouldn’t dare mention in public — not yet. This has to do with the “anal swab test” for the CCP Virus that American citizens were subjected to, supposedly “IN ERROR”, by the Communist Chinese government. And that the U.S. State Department did NOTHING about issuing the directive for Americans to decline this test until AFTER complaints flooded the State Department.
The “anal swab test” is being touted by the Beijing as being “more accurate” in detection of the virus due to “science”, which says the bowels of the human body seem to “hold onto” trace elements of the virus longer than what is kept in the bloodstream.
It is now within the realm of possibility, since the DemCommunists are in charge of the Federal government, that if enough “scientific studies” appear to “prove” the “efficacy” of the anal swab test, your friendly local CVS testing site, for example, could be changed to an “anal swab testing site”, and in short order. The American diplomats in Communist China who underwent this test “by error”, was a TRIAL RUN.


All those governors and mayors that ignored trumwill drop their linen (and yours) for DOOFUS and THOTUS.


I know of a college that covid tests the discharge water from the residence halls. Made zero sense to me until now….


It STILL makes NO sense. It is all BS.

Wolf Moon

It is a really beautiful scam that nobody can call out because it’s actually TOO NEGATIVE on the ChiComs who are doing the research. This is BRILLIANT weaponized science psychology. Malicious science can’t be called out.

China RUINS science this way.

Because you have to be “nice” to “people of color” in science, anybody “of color” can do really terrible science as long as it is “directionally cleared” by the media – meaning it’s politically correct. The science media at ACS does this – that is why they were pushing all the fecal corona stuff from the beginning in C&EN.

The fact is, though, that the whole problem with testing has been that FRAGMENTS set off the test, long after people recover, AND digestion is one of the ways that we actually GAIN IMMUNITY to the virus, and the Fauci-bots PRETEND NOT TO KNOW these things, so that they can be WORRIED about fecal, non-infective, corona RNA.

There is very little to be done about liars who simply pretend not to know.

And it’s WORSE, because COVID-19 genetically incorporates, and while it doesn’t produce viable virus from the DNA incorporation, it DOES produce a lot of FRAGMENTS and JUNK DNA (and then junk RNA) that sets off the test for long time periods after recovery.

So these anal tests are actually a way to prolong the crisis. But you can’t SAY THIS because it contradicts the FEAR VIRTUE, and it insults all the CCP POC who are working on it.

Wolf Moon

See? How are sheep going to understand a SCAM at the cutting edges of science? Even TECHNICALLY COMPETENT lawyers, judges, prosecutors and juries are at the mercy of most experts who are incompetent to catch bleeding edge science hucksters.


In my opinion, anyone who is “trusting the science” of the so-called “experts” at this point is a moron, and if they don’t make it, they are an example of Darwinism at work,

Seriously, just look around at REAL LIFE, and tell me covid is the plague. How many people do you personally know, outside of a nursing home, who have died of covid? If it’s less than 3-4, this is not Captain Trips.


The only ones I’m hearing of 2nd hand now are elderly that just got the kill shot.


I don’t know of anyone personally who has died of COVID. I only know one person who has had the virus, and that person was in their early twenties, had flu symptoms and some loss of taste, and did fine without any special interventions or meds.


Yeah, I don’t know anybody, and nobody I know knows anybody, either. And that’s the point. If this were a terrible pandemic, we would ALL have a relative, a friend, a co-worker, somebody in our close circle who had died.

People are just blindly following along. Nobody uses their brain anymore.


I know of a family that just lost an elderly mother in a senior living facility. I’ve known people that are better after using the alt drugs. Wolf still posts about lingering issues.


I do know many who have had it and some of who died.

however, if I was just living my “normal” life not in politics I would only know 2nd hand/1 step removed from people who have died and would know fewer who have had it.

Even in a small pond, being in a public position I just know more people now. But I know a long list of people who have had it – from politics, from church, from homeschool debate club, martial arts, husband’s corp job, my doctors (for chronic health issue) and their offices, from Trail Life, from homeschool group, from neighborhoods … from everything we do their are people and their families who have been sick with it.

But TN is one of the top infected states so maybe location has something to so with me knowing so many people who have had it.

I personally know 1 person who died of it who was a personal friend. And, yes, 100% directly of the virus as was active before it – volunteered all day at the polls on 11/3, the full 14 hour shift. Passed away 3 weeks later.

I personally know more who were hospitalized but recovered, a good # who are dealing with mild to severe “longhaulers” and then a long list of those who have had it with varying degrees of severity.

I don’t know how many 2nd hand that I know who passed away … 20+ but now sure how much +. Again, if not involved in politics and if not in a state with a high rate of infections, would be a lower number. Plus, living in a small town seems like everyone who passes is related to at least 1 person I know or is related to a friend of my friends.

At this time, TN is 6th in the nation for total infections per million but only 18th for covid19 deaths per million. We are 28th for tests per million so our higher case rate is not due to a higher rate of testing. The higher TN infection rate might also account for my knowing so many and others not knowing as many.

The virus is nasty for many, “longhaulers” stinks, China is an A****** & despite TN’s high infection rate I agree with Andy Ogles and many other conservative Tennesseans who thoroughly disagree with the Governor’s overreach and mandates and EOs!


I personally know of one man who died of COVID (already unwell, caught it from someone in his household).

I personally know of two women who had it and survived.

Sum total of COVID victims of my acquaintance: 3 — one death, two survivors.

Last edited 7 months ago by churchmouse
Wolf Moon

I was watching the ChiComs push the research this way in C&E News (official organ of the Chimerican Chemical Society) from the beginning of the “crisis”. It’s all NUTS. I warned people that the ChiComs controlled American science and could make it do any stupid thing they wanted. Welcome to that reality.


Some have thought the virus would go away after the election, but I think it is too much of a control mechanism for leftists to just let it go away. They want to keep us under their thumb by carefully manipulating the numbers just enough to keep people scared and the economy teetering.


Walensky laughing about coronavirus then discussing the disgusting aspects of the past 11 months — and why the US must continue with them:

She ends with: ‘Okay, that was fun’.

Can you imagine if PDJT or one of his advisers had done that?

Chinese deny anal tests on US diplomats:

Furthermore, the Chinese, rightly, consider this type of test to be humiliating (emph. mine):

‘Polls showed a majority of Chinese citizens claiming they would refuse the procedure, while even Chinese doctors who believed the anal tests were highly accurate said they should only be used in special cases.’

Last edited 7 months ago by churchmouse

Ron DeSantis to CPAC: No going back to ‘failed’ GOP establishment
Governor welcomes conference to Florida’s ‘oasis of freedom’
Art Moore By Art Moore
Published February 26, 2021 at 2:13pm

While previous CPACs have been held in a suburb of the nation’s capital, DeSantis opened the 48th CPAC convention on Friday in Orlando, Florida, welcoming participants to “our oasis of freedom.”

“We are an oasis of freedom in a nation that’s suffering in many parts of the country from the yoke of oppressive lockdowns,” he said. “We look around our country and in far too many places we see schools closed, businesses shuttered and lives destroyed.”

In his speech, DeSantis also emphasized his state’s leadership in election integrity, combating Big Tech censorship and carving a new path for the party that leaves behind the “failed Republican establishment of yesteryear.”

DeSantis said Florida is leading in “protecting our vulnerable residents, saving the economy and safeguarding the freedom of our people.”

“In Florida, schools are open, every Floridian has a right to earn a living and all businesses have a right to operate,” he said.

“We are stronger as a state and much happier as a people because of this leadership.”

He pointed out that Florida has much lower COVID mortality than the national average, and the rate is lower than 27 other states. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average, even though tourism isn’t fully restored.

“Florida got it right, and the lockdown states got it wrong,” DeSantis said.

. . . DeSantis touted Florida’s leadership on election integrity, noting the recovery from the stigma of the infamous “hanging chad” election of 2000.

Among his first actions when taking office in 2019 was removing the supervisors of elections in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

“Then when COVID hit, I rejected pressure to make hasty and ill-conceived changes to our election administration like mass mailing of unsolicited ballots,” he said.

The result was that by midnight on Nov. 3, Florida had counted, tabulated and reported 11 million votes.

Now, DeSantis said, Florida is leading on banning all forms of ballot harvesting and third-party political groups such as those funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “from interfering in the administration of our elections.”

. . . Looking at the big picture, DeSantis said that “what’s true in Florida is true for conservatives across the nation.”

“We cannot, we will not, go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear,” he said.

DeSantis said the Republican Party’s grassroots base rejects “open borders, “weakness in the face of the threat posed by China” and “military adventurism.”

. . . MORE . . .


From Project Veritas:

Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida today, highlighting reporting from the organization’s Insiders — including stories on Voter Fraud, Big Tech bias, Mainstream Media corruption and more. 

Here are some of the highlights from CPAC so far:

  • James O’Keefe delivered a keynote speech on the conference’s main stage and brought out several Insiders who have practiced self-sacrifice, in the name of transparency and the public’s right to know.
  • Over 20 Project Veritas employees showed up to the event.
  • Members of Project Veritas’ Media Team gave various podcast and radio interviews at CPAC on past and upcoming stories dealing with corruption – specifically within the realm of Voter Fraud and Big Tech abuse.

You can watch the CPAC speech here:

The Brave Insiders present at the event included USPS’ Richard Hopkins, Google’s Zach Vorhies, CNN’s Cary Poarch, Pinterest’s Eric Cochran, and Facebook’s Zach McElroy and Ryan Hartwig.

The Project Veritas Team appreciates the opportunity to participate in this latest edition of CPAC. The environment was electrifying, and the crowd absolutely loved the Insiders on stage.

Looking forward to CPAC 2022!

Be Brave,

Project Veritas Team



My car had trouble starting, so I hooked-up our handy-dandy spare battery widget, ran my errand, and got it home. I’m in the initial stages of troubleshooting, and it occurs to me to ask the internet just how long car batteries can be expected to last….

Get a bunch of answers, generally 5-7 years, but one was especially brutal: “On average, a car battery lasts from 5 to 7 years. The battery lasts longer if the vehicle is driven daily and the battery is kept fully charged. When the vehicle is parked for extended periods of time, the battery deteriorates sooner. We have seen batteries last up to 10 years.” [bold added]

The reason why that one particularly hurts is that there’s a sticker on the battery saying it was installed in 2010….. I guess I needn’t waste too much time contemplating other issues….

So I’ll be doing a hippity-hop out to the auto parts store as soon as the Fiancee gets home.


My understanding is newer vehicle OEM batteries are typically 3-5 years. <<< Which surprised me. Also matches my experience with vehicles. I usually replace OEM battery with top of the line battery from whichever major auto parts store is closest.


I’ve got the new battery in the back of my car. It has cooled down from the afternoon’s temperatures, so I figure I’ll put it in tomorrow, when it’s warmer. I even found one of the three terminal brushes I own.

The car is a 1994 model that I bought new, so OEM is loooooonnnnnnggggg gone. And considering that I just got 11 years out of a Walmart battery, I’m not seeing how it would benefit much from using anything “top-of-the-line”.

I had to ask at the counter what size class to get — they no longer have books.


I probably should be doing preemptive battery replacement. I remember having one fail during a road trip to SoCal, and push-starting the car in the subterranean parking garage of the Getty Museum, just as a bunch of fancy-pants were arriving for some gala.


IIRC, that was its first battery replacement after I bought it. Then there was the Walmart one. And, now, this one.


If I didn’t have lists… I would be listless.


If you then hung out in an evergreen forest, you’d likely be listless and pining.


So true.


Of course, if you were hanging out in the evergreen forest as part of a contest with American pickup trucks as the prize…..

You could be listless and pining for the Fords.


Careful. You might just go Scandinavian next!




The fiords!


Somewhere along the line I saw a list of 2021 autos with manual transmissions…..the list was alarmingly short.


When I last replaced tires on this pup, I went to our usual tire place…..and was told I should get XXXXX. I said that there were a ton of reviews for XXXXX, and they all said it performed well but wore out super-fast. The guy responded, “check the model of car — that was the OEM version shipped on a new car. The ones you get in the real world are good tires.”

It boggled my mind that a tire manufacturer would intentionally poison its brand by allowing OEMs to dictate the use of an inferior tire with the same name….but it appeared that he was right. A bunch of OEM stuff is intended to impress until you are off the lot and out of warranty, and then to fail.


Yea. Odd as hell, I think. Both, OEM tires and batteries don’t perform worth a damn over time/miles. Ram second battery and third set of tires.

Conversely, I ponder brake pads on my 15 Ram. 138K miles. Original brakes. 6-8MM remaining. Last week, the Les Schwab guy told me, that OEM brakes last much longer than replacement pads. THIS, I also found odd.

Vehicle manufactures cut corners on tires and batteries, but not brake pads.


Wictor is still holding out hope that Trump is really in charge and was the one who called for the bombing in Syria….composing not one but three threads today.

Wictor is getting some push-back from a few of the QV people about his ‘Trump is really in charge’ business.


As well he should.

Term ended on 20 January. That’s cast in stone in the Constitution. There’s no provision, none at all, for a president (who is not the president-elect) to continue to serve after that time, even if there’s no president elect.

But there was a president elect, since Congress certified Biden the winner, and their decision is final. That too is cast in stone in the Constitution.

Now it may be that Biden isn’t really in charge, but the powers behind the throne are the people who put him forward.

Wolf Moon

This was the EVIL BEAUTY of the STEAL PLOT, which used the CAPSTONE of illegal-to-barely-legal impeachment to end all possible exits for Trump. Trump was forced to concede, even if minimally (“Office of the Former President”), to escape the logical jaws of potentially valid impeachment. But in doing so, even slightly, the plotters knew that Trump’s own SCOTUS appointees would have to argue that his case was MOOT. Were Trump NOT to concede in the slightest, and abandon the Constitutional argument, he could still potentially be impeached on his potential win.

Trump’s ONLY solution would have been to CALL OFF the “Stop the Steal” rallies – to betray not only the feelings of his own movement, but the ENERGY needed to support the election integrity effort. And even then, Antifa could have pretended to be MAGA, even if NONE of his people were there.



I remember thinking back in 2016 that he was new to politics and would simply be cut to ribbons by political maneuvering if he could even manage to get elected.

Maybe I had it right the first time.


I know what you mean.

Politics is an entirely different game to business.

PDJT did the very best job he could during those four years and was a blessing to the American working man and woman.

Wolf Moon

That Trump survived for one term was a miracle, frankly. I think it was a little of both. Cut to ribbons, but held strong.

Donald J. Trump forced the ENTIRE WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT to reveal its evil.

That is NOT EASY.


Hiya darlin!!! I just wanna say Hi! And I am fighting the good fight from my end!! I miss ya Wolfie!!! And love ya!!

Wolf Moon

Thanks, Marica! Good to see you! Keep up the good fight! And remember Michael’s rule:

In the event of loss of comms,
find something communist and break it.


Well.. Yeah! You know i would!!!🤷‍♀️🤸‍♀️


Oh ..We .will.. Find ..Each…Other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PDJT prefers to follow the Constitution. There is no way he would take extra-Constitutional action like this. Plus, consider the blowback and damage this would cause when revealed later. Talk about a constitutional crisis. He would not do that to the country. If he were going to do that, he might as well have published all the declassified material that would be so damaging. That could have been done before the election.


And yet, he never did do that. He can’t, now.

Which makes me wonder if there is actually anything there. Maybe we are deluding ourselves that this stuff exists.


PDJT trusted Barr and others too much. What a shame.

Yet, in essence, it’s not as bad a reflection on him as it is on Barr and those he trusted to do the right thing.



Oh, dear.


John Durham to remain as special counsel in Russia probe, but step aside as U.S. Attorney in Connecticut
FEB 26, 2021 AT 5:41 PM

John H. Durham will continue as special counsel in the investigation of the origins on the Trump-Russia inquiry, but is being asked to resign as U.S. Attorney, as the Biden administration begins replacing top federal prosecutors appointed by former President Donald Trump with its own nominees.


Sit around and get paid for doing nothing


Marsha Blackburn was invited to CPAC despite the fact that she voted to accept the fraudulent electors on January 6.

Can’t believe she had the nerve to come.


the fact that they asked her shows their true face.


She has been censured (as has Hagerty) by 2 TN counties so far and more are sure to follow. TN voters are disgusted with both of them over the 1/6 vote – esp. because they had committed otherwise.


10 sq. miles surrounded by reality:

gq… Gentleman’s Quarterly

Here’s Ithaca Police Benevolent Association’s timeline of contract negotiations/litigation:

IPD’s contract expired in 2011, and IPBA has been in negotiations/litigation with the City under Mayor Myrick ever since.

Local labor unions are watching closely.

Concerned Virginian

Well, what else would one expect from a person who, as Mayor, opened the country’s first “supervised heroin injection site” in Ithaca in 2016?
Think of Svante Myrick as a younger version of Barack Obama. In 2022, he’ll just be 35 years old, therefore just old enough to run for President in 2024.
And you can just about bet the farm that the DNC / DeepState are just about to put him on their “potentials list”.

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2.26.21: More arrests, suicides! [DS} HATRED of GOD’s creation EXPOSED! PRAY!
And We Know Published  February 26, 2021


I looked for a list of candidates President Trump has endorsed so far and have not been able to find one so I started a list to keep for myself. Here is who I have so far – am I missing anyone? 

President Trump Endorsements Since Leaving Office

1/25/21: Sarah Sanders, Arkansas Gov (GOP primary)

2/23/21: Drew McKissick, Chair of SC GOP (for 3rd term)

2/24/21: Bob Paduchick, Chair of OH GOP (will be 1st term/new chair)

On both state GOP chair endorsements:

2/26/21: Max Miller, US Representative, OH District 16, (for the GOP primary against Gonzalez, 1 of the 10 who voted for impeachment in the House)

2/26/21: Jerry Moran, US Senator for Kansas (GOP Primary, incumbent)

I am not overly excited about this one due to his position on the 11/03/2020 election fraud and his tepid support of President Trump during the impeachment trial as seen by quotes here:

““The Constitution does not clearly state whether a former president can be tried for impeachment by the Senate, but I believe the impeachment process is intended to be used for considering whether or not ‘The President’ should be removed from office,” Moran said in a statement on Feb. 13. “Because former President Trump is no longer in office, I voted to acquit. Establishing the precedent that the Senate has jurisdiction to convict a former president would cause extreme damage to our country and the future of the presidency.”

Moran condemned the violent actions of rioters who breached the Capitol on Jan. 6. He also criticized Trump for continuing to allege at the time that there was widespread fraud, calling Trump’s action “wrong.”

President Trump has regretted endorsements before (see Romney and Kemp, among others). 

President Trump’s endorsement is GOLD in the GOP primaries … see TN’s primary race for US Senate last year between Dr. Sethi and Hagerty. There is absolutely no way Hagerty would have won without President Trump’s endorsement. 

I hope he takes his time and has new advisors on who to endorse for both incumbents and for primary challengers.  We have Plenty of time as it is early in the 2022 GOP Primary process.  


Good stuff!!


HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Judge Rules Maricopa County Must Provide 2.1 Million Ballots From 2020 to Arizona Senate for Audit

A Maricopa County judge has ruled that the Arizona Senate subpoenas demanding the 2020 election ballots and voting machines for audit are valid.

In the ruling, the judge wrote that “the court finds that the subpoenas are legal and enforceable.”

“There is no question that the Senators have the power to issue legislative subpoenas. The subpoenas comply with the statutory requirements for legislative subpoenas The Senate also has broad constitutional power to oversee elections,” the ruling continued. “The Arizona legislature clearly has the power to investigate and examine election reform matters. Accordingly, the Senators have the power to subpoena material as part of an inquiry into election reform measures. As such, the Subpoenas have a proper legislative purpose. The Subpoenas also do not violate separation of powers principles.”


And it’s supposed to be a Fed crime to destroy election “evidence” for 22 months after an election. Could I be a hopium addict?


They’d better not say they no longer have the ballots!


Or what?

Wolf Moon


WHAT XXXXING ARMY is going to do JACK SHIT about it?


hahahahahaha (just wait until they make them do the anal tests )


Next up — Anderson Cooper transfers to White House reporting….




Imagine if PDJT had done that.

Wolf Moon

Good grief, I could not despise this COMMIE ROBOT BITCH any more than I do.


Looking at the emblem at the top of the post, I got to thinking about rattlesnakes….and how they have the peculiar evolutionary quirk of mechanically linking part of their old skin after a molt — that’s what the “rattle” is, a connection of old molt leftovers.

Which got me thinking about a popular reptile on the blog — Steve’s Darwin….which lead to me further wondering if Darwin had ever molted when Steve was in the picture….and what behavioral changes may have been associated with same. Did he hide? Did he want to be scritched more?

Probably also has something to do with a squirrel I observed this morning while drinking my tea. He was rubbing his body along a piece of lumber outside my window. We’d already been talking about squirrel stew and bushy-tailed rats on the blog and I could think of mange or parasites causing such behavior, or just the arrival of warmer weather and maybe a new coat.


february 26, 2021 the marshall report


If anyone with common sense looks at what is coming out of the White House Press, you have to either be scratching your head or laughing your arse off. Rolling of eyes and side eyes are commonly seen on all of the faces who are observing the entire fiasco with an ounce of maturity. That is what we all are supposed to be looking at. Meanwhile, what is happening in the world? Who is striking Iraq? Who is striking Syria? What is going on?


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Arachidonic acid sounds like something you’d get from soaking spiders…..



It’s peanut (groundnut) oil.

In France, it’s ‘huile d’arachide’, which is where I first encountered it decades ago. It’s cheap and widely produced.

To ward off damage, apparently, it’s good to drink tea:


According to wikipoo, arachidonic acid is not found in peanut oil, despite the name.




IDK anything about her but I know that I don’t like him and that she is bringing the fire!


hard to believe how heated the GOP primary is and yet the election still ~1.5 yrs away for most voters! Ours is 8/2022
Here is a list of other state’s primaries to elect the candidates who will be the GOP against the Dem in November


Thank you, GIN-T, for another brilliant post. 🙂

Have tried Yuengling beer and can highly recommend!


I know what you mean.

Wolf Moon

Great to see you, Marica!  😃 

OMG – “$Doge Faced Pony Soldier™” – LMAO!!!


You too my friend!!!!!!! I am LMAO ..and riding your damn roller coaster!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!