Dear KMAG: 20211220 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

AND our wonderful REALFLOTUS.

You will note that this item is not changing on Mondays. The ILLEGITIMACY of Joe Biden is a truth that we must never, ever, allow to fall to the LIES of the scoundrels who committed their historic crime.

Wheatietoo’s absolute REFUSAL to accept the illegitimate Chinese puppet as our True President was a critical influence in my own refusal to allow “THE BIG LIE” to fester in me, or on this site.

The CLARITY which resulted in my own view of reality, from realizing the truth of the 2020 election, has made all the difference.

It may have even saved my life.

But yes. Sometimes, a grain of sand topples a pyramid. Especially if there are millions. Or Billions.

So – Down To Business

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And you have done well. Much important truth has been ACCELERATED to the attention of THE PEOPLE by posting on these pages.

We depend on our faithful members, who BRING THE REAL NEWS every day.

A TOAST to you all!

And indeed, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it, and we will get through it IN STYLE.

The Rules

The bottom line is Free Speech. Theories and ideas you don’t agree with must be WELCOME here, and you must be part of that welcoming. But you do NOT need to be part of any agreement.

This requires civility. You may disagree in a civil fashion.

Those who do not adhere to this minimal standard – this minimal but sadly requisite infringement of Free Speech – will be placed in moderation. This regrettable state will continue until we have such software that allows members to individually take responsibility for their own moderation.

In Wheatie’s words, “We’re on the same side here so let’s not engage in friendly fire.”

We do have a site – The U Tree – where civility is not a requirement. Interestingly, people don’t really go there much. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in an “argument” that can’t really stay civil, please feel free to “take it to the U Tree”. The U Tree is also a good place to report any technical difficulties, if you’re unable to report them here. Please post your comment there on one of Wolf’s posts, or in reply to one of Wolf’s comments, to make sure he sees it (though it may take a few hours).

We also have a backup site, called The Q Tree as well, which is really The Q Tree 579486807. You might call it “Second Tree”. The URL for that site is If this site ( ever goes down, please reassemble at the Second Tree.

If the Second Tree goes down, please go to The U Tree, or to our Gab Group, which is located at

We also have some “old rules” and important guidelines, outlined here, in a very early post, on our first New Year’s Day, in 2019. The main point is not to make violent threats against people, which then have to be taken seriously by law enforcement, and which can be used as a PRETEXT by enemies of this site.

In the words of Wheatie, “Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.”

A Moment of Prayer

This site is more than just a blog – more than a mere political commenting site – more than a social medium. This is also a PLACE OF WORSHIP. Literally.

The money used to fund this site is “misdirected tithe money” – money which is allergic to face masks and communism, both so common now in brick and mortar churches and synagogues. This site is LITERALLY an online version of a “home church” that gets bulldozed by the Chinese communists.

Thus, you will NEVER see ANY prohibition of religious expression here. Anywhere. Any time. It’s all WELCOME. And we’re not picky about your religious viewpoint. We want to LEARN about other viewpoints.

But it’s not just academic interest.

We encourage calls to prayer, quoting of scripture, theological discussion, and any other aspect which would be welcome in YOUR brick-and-mortar place of worship.

We even have a Sunday Service – our Sunday Open Thread – posted by Bakocarl. This is always a religious lesson of some kind. But don’t let that inhibit you from making religious commentary 7 days a week, 365 days a year, on ANY post on the site. ANY POST.

We open with a blog tradition – a prayer for President Trump and those around him. There is no reason not to do that now – in fact, there is even MORE reason, given that he was OUSTED BY A COUP.

Thus, please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election.

You may pray for our enemies, the Demonic Democrats, as well, per the advice of the most popular rabbi around here. Letting them know about the “clarity of Claritin” is part of one of my new strategies. Feel free to save a few Democrat lives with generic loratadine.


For your listening enjoyment, and general encouragement, we continue Wheatie’s tradition of fine music videos, scoured from the seas of information by our intrepid authors.

And if Bond Girls and Men in Tuxes aren’t your thing, maybe Men In Kilts Who Forgot Their Kilts will do!

Call To Battle

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.

With no help from our traitorous media.


Wolfie’s Wheatie’s Word of the Day:



from the ancient Greek word γνώμων, pronounced [/ɡnɔ̌ː.mɔːn/], meaning ‘interpreter, discerner’

  1. The art or science of dialing, or of constructing instruments to show the hour of the day or to aid in making astronomical observations by the shadow of a gnomon.
  2. The art or science of dialing, or of constructing dials to show the hour of the day by the shadow of a gnomon.
  3. The art of designing and constructing sundials

Used in a sentence:

Surprisingly, gnomonics is not the study of gnomes, such as the poisonous gnome Anthony Fauci, but rather the science of sundials, which rely on the casting of a shadow by an object known as a gnomon.

Used in a picture:




Featured Image: NPS web page for the Stone Tree House, Petrified Forest, Arizona.

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How very Nazi of them!


“BREAKING: FBI raids…”


Fascist Brownshirt Incels?


[…] is that the Durham investigation is onto the Clinton Campaign from […]

bflyjesusgrl 🍊 😎NUCLEAR MAGA😎

comment image

Valerie Curren

From Dr. Tenpenny
comment image
comment image

comment imageDr. Tenpenny

· Joe Biden is set to announce more tyrannical covid measures on Tuesday. There is a leaked screenshot from the White House website about upcoming restrictions on cross state travel and booster shot requirements. This screenshot appears to be from an account with login access and isn’t available to the public. Joe Biden banning or restricting state travel for the unvaccinated could lead to massive protests like we have been seeing in other parts of the world.

I saw a teaser for local Detroit news last night, like maybe the first minute where they start off about what they’ll be saying (I assume, I Never watch regular news anymore) & it was all Covid/Omicron hyper hysteria & fear-mongering–whatever!

Valerie Curren

mistletoe 🙂
comment image

[…] policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and […]

[…] policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and […]

[…] policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and […]

[…] policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and […]

[…] policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and […]