Dear KMAG: 20211227 Joe Biden Didn’t Win ❀ Open Topic / Didier Raoult vs. SARS-CoV-2 Variant Mutation, Gain of Function, and Spread

Joe Biden didn’t win. This is our Real President:

AND our amazing REALFLOTUS.

There are days that I’m DAMN GLAD our beautiful FLOTUS Melania is finally getting a break, but still – the ILLEGITIMACY of the Biden administration BURNS LIKE A TORCH.

If we have a second Trump Administration, I hope the Deep State gets put down like a RABID DOG in the process, if they try ANYTHING that even remotely resembles what they did the first time.

Like “fortifying” the election. GAWD, how cynical.

HA! FU, commies. WE’RE WISE.

I think they’re nervous they won’t be able to pull off an even half-way believable electoral coup this time. CREEPS.

From what I understand, the military traitors who assisted the coup are now nervous, and this is responsible for those 3 Democrat generals making the weird noises of worry about another “insurrection”.


GOOD. They should be nervous. They’re partially responsible for all this crap we’re going through, including the Afghanistan exit debacle. SHAME!


The Business At Hand

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread remains open – VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KAG/KMAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

And indeed, it’s Monday…again.

But we WILL get through it, and we will get through it STRONGLY.

The Rules

Boilerplate, more or less, but worth reading a second or third time.

The bottom line is Free Speech. Theories and ideas you don’t agree with must be WELCOME here, and you must be part of that welcoming. But you do NOT need to be part of any agreement.


Flatards and spherecucks are both welcome here. The spherecucks make it difficult to question our deep respect and love for modern science, despite our rabid love of God. The flatards not only demonstrate our willingness to be singly, doubly, and triply skeptical – they provide cover to our friends, who can easily say “But those people actually discuss FLAT EARTH on that site.”

Keeping this site easily but incorrectly discredited is part of our strategy.

We don’t want credit. We want the TRUTH to WIN. All we need is for the HIDDEN TRUTH to “get out”. People with greater credibility and reach need never mention us.

Anyway, our approach requires civility. You may disagree in a civil fashion.

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A Moment of Prayer

Our policy on extreme religious freedom on this site is discussed HERE. Please feel free to pray and praise God anytime and anywhere.

Thus, please pray for our real President, the one who actually won the election.

You may even pray for our enemies, the Demonic Communist Democrats, as well, per the advice of the most popular rabbi around here. Letting them know about antihistamines for COVID is one of my new strategies. Feel free to save a few Democrat lives with generic loratadine, or brand names if they insist.


For your listening enjoyment, and general encouragement, we continue Wheatie’s tradition of fine music videos, brought up in nets from the seas of information by our intrepid authors.

It’s still Christmas, as far as I’m concerned. Doubts about the actual birthday of Christ are a perfect excuse to keep Christmas going until spring, whether the doubts are founded or unfounded.

Christ is opportunity!

OK – let’s try ANOTHER country Christmas song with a little more TOE-TAPPIN’ for y’all.

And while we remember that great Patty Loveless and friends singing about the amazing faith of Daniel of the Bible……

…..let’s enjoy another trio effort with a more Christian-era spin on forgiveness, and a timeless spin on sin.

Call To Battle

Our beloved country is under Occupation by hostile forces.

Daily outrage and epic phuckery abound.

We can give in to despair…or we can be defiant and fight back in any way that we can.

Joe Biden didn’t win.

And we will keep saying Joe Biden didn’t win until we get His Fraudulency out of our White House.


Featured Story – Didier Raoult

Didier Raoult, who was critical in getting antiviral therapeutics for SARS-CoV-2 launched with hydroxychloroquine, has not been sleeping.

The FAIL MEDIA has apparently been ignoring critical work that Raoult has been part of, including a very powerful paper which shows that SARS-CoV-2 moves in and out of animal populations, where it can mutate and gain function.

The reasoning presented in the paper is really convincing.

Here are two links to this critical and fairly understandable paper.

Emergence and outcomes of the SARS-CoV-2 ‘Marseille-4’ variant



To show you how much of a CHAMP this guy Raoult is, just check out this “update” paragraph added after acceptance for publication.

Since the final acceptance of this article, the sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 genome obtained from a farm mink sampled the 15th of November, 2020 in Eure-et-Loire was eventually released the 29th of March, 2021 (EPI_ISL_1392906). As we suspected and stated in the present article, this genome is strictly identical to the genome of a Marseille-4 variant confirming our hypothesis of a common source of this variant between French minks and humans.

The “gain of function” of the variant was increased hypoxia. This is the OPPOSITE of what we see with Omicron, which spreads faster with reduced hospitalization.

Did China use minks, ferrets, or similar animals to make Original Wuhan more deadly? SHAME!!!


Raoult and his buddies looked at the bigger spread of variants as part of the “waves” of disease.

THIS amazing article by Raoult and his French buddies shows why CONTROLLED BORDERS are one of the best ways to stop the disease, by stopping the spread of variants.

Yeah, you’re not gonna hear THAT on Fake News.

Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 variants from 24,181 patients exemplifies the role of globalisation and zoonosis in pandemics



But… yeah. More.

There is a VERY FRESH review and analysis (different authors) of the long mutational history of the virus, and it’s quite interesting.

Mutational analysis of SARS-CoV-2. ORF8 and the evolution of the Delta and Omicron variants



Geek out on the ABSTRACT, or go straight to the HIGHLIGHTS for the WOW signal!


SARS-CoV-2 the virus responsible for the current pandemic. This virus is continually evolving, adapting to both innate and acquired immune responses and therapeutic drugs. Therefore, it is important to understand how the virus evolving to design the appropriate therapeutic and vaccine in preparation for future variants. Here, we used the online SARS-CoV-2 databases, Nextstrain and Ourworld, to map the evolution and epidemiology of the virus. We identified 30 high entropy residues which underwent a progressive evolution to arrive at the current dominant variant – Delta variant. The virus underwent mutational waves with the first wave made up of structural proteins important in its infectivity and the second wave made up of the ORFs important for its contagion. The most important driver of the second wave is ORF8 mutations at residue 119 and 120. Further mutations of these two residues are creating new clades that are offshoots from the Delta backbone. More importantly the further expansion of the S protein in the Omicron variant is now followed with the acquisition of ORF8 mutations 119 and 120. These findings demonstrate how SARS-CoV-2 mutates and points to two evolutionary paths; 1) Mutational expansion on the Delta backbone among the ORFs and 2) Mutational expansion of the S protein on other backbone follow with mutational wave among the ORFs. Both are happening at the same time right now with the Omicron variant early in the first wave to follow with a more aggressive second wave of mutations.

HIGHLIGHTS Mutational waves in the evolution of SARS-CoV-2. S protein as the driver of the first wave improving the minimum inhaled viral load required to cause infection and ORF8 mutations 119 and 120 as the driver of the second mutational wave to improve the Contagion Airborne Transmission value.

Wolf here – so it clearly “wants” to be “more airborne”. Did masks help to create mask-bypassing, more airborne variants, in the same way that vaccines helped it generate vaccine-bypassing variants?

Fascinating fact from this paper – the original Wuhan strain was GONE by June of 2020.

Wolfie’s Wheatie’s Word of the Day:



The formation of a new group of organisms or higher taxon by evolutionary divergence from an ancestral form.

An evolutionary splitting of a parent species into two or more distinct species, forming a clade.

Used in a sentence, a paragraph, and an analogy:

“Scientists of evolution use the term ‘cladogenesis’ to describe the division of an existing species into multiple lines–thus creating new species–often in response to radical change in the environment,” explained Dick Patton, global marketing officer at EgonZehnder, in an Ad Age article. “Marketing appears to be going through a process much like this, right before our eyes. The 21st-century CMO faces an explosively expanding range of options from which to branch out in new directions.”

Used in a picture:

Look closely, with TIME on the X axis, to see the DELTA and OMICRON waves.



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Some 🐺💕: “This pack of wolves reunite with the woman who took care of them when they were cubs.”


💕 this!


I love this! Animals are not dumb.


JWST update:

It is almost as far away as the moon now, still traveling at just over 3/4 of a mile per second (~2700 mph).

At some point today it’s supposed to do its second Mid Course Correction burn (officially MCC 1b).

So it’s about a quarter of the way to its destination but took only 8 percent of the time to do this. This is expected; it’s slowing down as it travels further and further from Earth because Earth’s gravity is pulling it. So more distance is covered in less time, early on when it’s traveling fastest.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the sunshield deployment phase, though when they actually do any of the steps is up to them. There could be delays OR speedups to the process. (Although we can’t go out there and fix things, we do command the telescope when we decide it’s time to try to take the next step.)

Last edited 5 months ago by SteveInCO

And there’s that pesky little detail about a sunshield working as a solar sail….


There’s a “trim tab” that gets deployed partway through the process that (apparently) is supposed to mitigate that.

The scope is massive enough compared to the sail area that it won’t be much acceleration…but it won’t be zero either and when it’s continuous, it does add up.


Rumble — ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Speaks Out on Bannons War Room
‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Speaks Out (


it was interesting … side eye at that last part where he says “Trump is done in 2022…”


Yes, what’s up with that?

…the Democrats have literally stolen their wallets with inflation.   They’re done, even though Trump caused half of it [inflation] or more they’re going to eat the blame for it, just as Carter did. 

Trump is done, and so are those who cling to him. 

Gail Combs

Karl doesn’t like POTUS Trump because of the Clot Shot and his continued support of it.

On both the inflation and the Clot Shot, POTUS was maneuvered into traps. Potus was going to POWER THROUGH the inflation by onshoring business, closing the border and cutting China’s trade deficit off using tariffs and thus raising wages. I think he may have had other plans for inflation too.

Once the pandemic hit, therapeutics were taken off the table by FauXi, and the DemonRat governors were busy killing off the elderly and small business and the middle class therefore the vaccines were his only choice. Since governors have COMPLETE POWER during a pandemic, there really wasn’t much else he could do. At least officially.


In other words, he think’s Trump’s endorsement of the clot shot is going to come back to bite him in the ass.

I fear he may be right.

(And honestly, it won’t matter whether he “had to do it” or not.)

I see two different aspects to the argument over this: Some claim he had to do it. Others claim that, having done so, he’s going to get a lot of the blame for the “vax.” Those are claims about two different propositions (the first is about the speaker’s evaluation of the endorsement, the second is about other people’s evaluation of the endorsement); so both could be right, or both could be wrong.

Gail Combs

As I said, we will have to see how the mess plays out. I do not think it is anywhere NEAR finished.

January 27, 2021

President Joe Biden announced several changes to the country’s COVID-19 vaccine supply and distribution plans late Tuesday, in an effort to streamline and increase vaccinations in states, tribal areas and territories.

Biden also stated that the U.S. vaccine distribution policy would become more regular and predictable. To-date, governors have bemoaned the irregularity of deliveries of unknown quantities, which made scheduling appointments nearly impossible week-to-week in most states.

“Until now we’ve had to guess how much vaccine to expect for the next week. From this week forward … we will ensure states tribes and territories will always have a reliable three-week forecast,” Biden said.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now tracked more than 44 million doses shipped, with more than half administered in first and second doses. The numbers represent a significant acceleration in vaccinations, which were lagging doses shipped in the first few weeks of the national rollout.

Biden also announced that the U.S. would be purchase an additional 100 million doses from both Pfizer (PFE)/BioNTech (BNTX) and Moderna (MRNA), pushing the total commitment to 600 million doses — or enough to vaccinate 300 million Americans.


President-elect Joe Biden called out the Trump administration Tuesday over the slower-than-expected pace of vaccinations while laying out his own approach for speeding up the vaccine process through greater involvement from the federal government.

“As I have long feared and warned, the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should,” Biden said in remarks in Wilmington, Delaware. “If it continues moving as it is now, it will take years, not months to vaccinate the American people.”

Speaking on CNN on Monday, Dr. Celine Gounder, a Covid-19 adviser to Biden, lamented the pace at which people were being vaccinated, saying the country needed to be vaccinating 1 million people every day, not every week.

“It would take us over a decade to vaccinate all Americans with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, so that’s clearly not an acceptable pace,” said Gounder…

The Rollout was VERY SLOW, you could even call it a large CLINICAL TRIAL… This means lock-downs go away but less people are at risk.

The current US population (est) is  331,002,651. The 2000 population age 0-19 was 80,473,265 That means roughly 250,000,000 over the age of 20.

“..Biden also announced that the U.S. would be purchase an additional 100 million doses to vaccinate a total of 300 million…”

Therefore POTUS Trump bought enough for only 250 million people. In other words he NEVER MEANT TO VACCINATE THE YOUNG OR UNWILLING!

Last edited 5 months ago by Gail Combs

I feel that I like to be respected not wanting the shot I therefore extent the cutesy to those who took the shots,
I would be hypocritical if I do not. Sure at first I was arrogant wanted others to think and do as I, I have grown and realize I cannot expect others my way if I do not see theirs, I can disagree and still respect choices that are different than mine.
This applies also to POTUS 45. I support him !

Last edited 5 months ago by singingsoul1
Gail Combs

I think he and everyone else underestimate POTUS Trump. The Clot Shot is a major problem for him, but we will have to let that mess ‘age’ a bit before we know what is what.

Remember One of his Advisers, Dr Hatfill called Omicron a ‘Moving Vaccine’ And Wolfie mentioned a ‘Back Burn’

CNBC — so you have to wade through the bullschiff.
Omicron could burn through the U.S. — and potentially hasten the Covid pandemic’s end, says expert

Just weeks ago, 💩the U.S. was on track to end the pandemic in 2022.💩 Then, omicron hit — throwing scientists’ projections into disarray.

The rapidly spreading Covid variant is now responsible for 73% of U.S. cases, a rate which White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci called “unprecedented” during a Good Morning America appearance on Tuesday.

Now, some researchers say omicron could actually hasten the virus’ transition from pandemic to endemic, albeit with large numbers of illnesses and

💩 potential deaths along the way. 💩

The theory: Due to omicron’s high rate of transmission and 💩 danger to unvaccinated and non-boosted people, 💩 hospitalizations and

💩 deaths could rise significantly 💩 in the coming weeks and months — but survivors could emerge with

💩a degree of so-called “natural immunity” 💩 that could help protect against Covid’s next variant of concern.

“As all the public health folks have been saying, it’s going to rip right through the population,” says Dr. David Ho, a world-renowned virologist and Columbia University professor. “Sometimes a rapid-fire could burn through very quickly but then put itself out.”

Notably,💩 natural immunity isn’t nearly as reliable 💩 as vaccine-enabled immunity. Roughly 62% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated as of Wednesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….

Now I need eye bleach.

 Wuhan Flu virus spread with no ‘herd immunity’ vs with ‘75% herd immunity’
comment image

Deplorable Patriot

This came up this morning on an account I follow:

Forwarded from 

Praying Medic

 (Dave Hayes)

If Trump openly opposed vaccines, the media would paint him as another Alex Jones and he would lose all credibility with normies. His public opposition to vaccines would not stop the deep state’s plan to roll out multiple variants and vaccines while locking down the country and destroying business over the span of many years.

In supporting vaccines publicly, Trump maintains credibility with normies.

Forcing drug companies to develop their vaccines in record time, set them up for failure. They must forego clinical testing and bring to market untested vaccines. Data showing adverse side effects must be concealed. In doing so, drug companies violate the law, removing their financial immunity for damages.

The Omicron variant is released. It’s incredibly contagious but extremely mild and provides herd immunity in a matter of weeks. Some believe it was engineered for that purpose.

All the while, the Defense Department was working on a vaccine that cures all past and future covid variants.

It’s not about us. But, still, I wish the whole truth would come out.

Trump loudly.png
Gail Combs

Yeah, Dave reached the same conclusion… Well theory I did. Dr Hatfill’s sudden appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room is something of a BIG CLUE.


Dr. Steven Hatfill is a specialist physician and a virologist with a military background and separate master’s degrees in microbial genetics, radiation biochemistry, and experimental pathology. His medical fellowships include Oxford University, the NIH in Bethesda, and the NRC where he studied the Ebola Virus at the US Army Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick.

From 1986-87 he served as the overwinter medical officer for the South African 27th National Antarctic Expedition. From 1987-1990 he served as a part-time casualty officer (Emergency Medicine) at a major hospital in South Africa. He became board eligible in Hematological Pathology in 1994. Since 2005 he has been involved with teaching the emergency medical response to blast / ballistic injury, and has worked tirelessly to modify these techniques for use in civilian active shooter applications.

This is the guy the FBI under Mueller tried to hang for the Anthrax letters so he has ZERO love for the ‘Deep State’

Where DR. SHANKARA CHETTY  made such headway on the Coof.
Also notice there is a BIO-Level 4 lab

Also notice South Africa is the country Biden FauXi targeted for a travel shutdown. I can not find much about that lab.
comment image

Last edited 5 months ago by Gail Combs

IF Omicron is indeed a “manufactured” moving “vaccine,” and IF Trump can prove to the public he had anything to do with it, even making a law or a rule of something that allowed it before he left office, and IF Omicron puts an end to all this, THEN he can come out on top of the vaccine nightmare.

Maybe that is the plan.

Gail Combs

The timing is about right. Remember it would take a lot of time to manipulate the virus and then prove it has the characteristics you want.

  1. Omicron branched off in the March-June time period. That would be when FauXi sidelined and stomped HCQ into the ground.
  2. Dr Hatfill was on Steve Bannon’s War Room when the CCP virus first hit and then disappeared until just now as Omicron makes its debut.
  3. Dr Hatfill HATES the Deep State and Mueller/FBI after they hounded him on the anthrax letters.
  4. Dr Hatfill had strong military and medical connections in South Africa.
  5. There is a bio-level 4 lab in South Africa
  6. AFRICANS HATE GATES because they were the subjects of his nasty genocidal programs.
  7. 7. POTUS can grant anyone any type of security clearance he wishes.

Well, isn’t that interesting. Thanks for all the info. VERY interesting.

Especially since the Omicron seems to prefer to infect the vaccinated. Does it “fix” what the vaccine did to them? Gotta wonder.


These kinds of rationalizations never make any sense to me. There’s so many plot holes it’s like writing a movie script on swiss cheese.

It comes across like PM is a shill for whoever wants to keep people like us going along with the narrative.


“If Trump openly opposed vaccines, the media would paint him as another Alex Jones and he would lose all credibility with normies.”


A) who cares what the media would do, they hate Trump and paint him however they want to all the time. If Trump lived his life in such a way that the media wouldn’t attack him, we wouldn’t even know his name

B) DJT has no particular credibility with ‘normies’ anyway. But you know what would cause him to have credibility with the ‘normies’ who weren’t already predisposed to hate him?

Telling ‘normies’ the truth, and proving it.

But we never ever do that. Dave (PM) and the other gurus never EVER recommend truth. No truth shall EVER be spoken by people in a position to actually have a real impact. SD is exactly the same way. Sundance can come up with a thousand reasons why Trump can never tell the truth about anything, and all his followers rub their chins and dutifully cheer him on.

It’s sad.

As in literally demoralizing.


“His public opposition to vaccines would not stop the deep state’s plan to roll out multiple variants and vaccines while locking down the country and destroying business over the span of many years.”


Is that according to Dave’s crystal ball, or the Oracle at Delphi, or what?

This is what our side does, all the day long, explain to us (rationalize, justify) why we can never do anything that would be effective, so it’s useless to ever try.

Get back in your box people‘.

Almost as if it’s Dave’s and the other guru’s job to always steer us toward doing nothing and rationalizing demoralization. And then everybody sits back and nods and says how wise it is, to never do anything, to never try anything, to never speak the truth plainly.

And that’s exactly how we got into this entire mess.

But by all means, don’t change the recipe now!

It’s workin’ PERFECT… almost destroyed the entire planet and civilization… just a little longer, and we’ll destroy everything so completely that it can never be salvaged… 👍😂🤣😂


“In supporting vaccines publicly, Trump maintains credibility with normies.
Forcing drug companies to develop their vaccines in record time, set them up for failure.”


This is called taking an event that has already happened, then reverse-engineering it to fit a narrative that makes a disaster appear to have been the only wise course of action.

It’s also completely bogus and dishonest.

If PM is right, then DJT purposely set up everyone who was injured or killed by vaccines to be injured or killed.

But we’re not supposed to recognize that inconvenient truth, we’re just supposed to follow the Pied Piper’s rationalizations and not think too much about the consequences of said rationalizations.

The next rationalization, if anyone points out the “that makes Trump a monster” problem, is “it hadda be that way” 🙄😂🤣😂

As if the most powerful man on the planet had no better option than to flood the global population with an untested experimental gene-therapy shot cooked up by Mr. Global.

And somehow, people go along with this.

I don’t know how, any more than I understand why people wear masks or take the shot in the first place.


“They must forego clinical testing and bring to market untested vaccines.”



Where does this word “must” come from, as if the drug companies were powerless to take any other course of action?

All of these bogus theories rely on all of the main actors to be hostages to circumstances and powerless to make any other decision than the one they made.

That’s BS, and it’s always BS, and we can know it’s BS because the people promoting these narratives never even try to defend that BS, they just assert it as if it’s gospel, and for some reason, people just accept it.

I don’t know why, and no one can explain why.

If the drug companies were legitimate, they would have simply refused, on the grounds that the only possible outcome of such a course of action, based on all prior experience, is wiping out the human species.


“Data showing adverse side effects must be concealed. In doing so, drug companies violate the law, removing their financial immunity for damages.”


Ah, so we’re back to ye olden plot contrivance that murdering 2/3rds of the human population is an unfortunate but necessary collateral damage in order to arrest the CEOs of the drug companies.

They’re building a case, see, and 5.25 billion people have to die in order to put these guys in jail, but that’s the price of justice.

It’s ridiculous.


“The Omicron variant is released. It’s incredibly contagious but extremely mild and provides herd immunity in a matter of weeks. Some believe it was engineered for that purpose.”


More backseat narrative driving, working backwards to rationalize and justify all of Trump’s actions into a neat whole that explains everything and also justifies not doing anything going forward that might interrupt this great plan.


“All the while, the Defense Department was working on a vaccine that cures all past and future covid variants.”


It’s just sad.

I’m sad for Dave, that he says these things, like his thinker just doesn’t work anymore.

No vaccine like that has ever been created in the history of mankind. Fauxi has been trying since before AIDS.

But supposedly the Defense Department can whip one up in a few months, and this justifies Trump pushing the drug companies to vaccinate the entire planet, the whole human species, with clot shots… 🙄

Dream on,
Dream on,
Dream on,
Dream until your dreams come true…


People on our side are not mesmerized by the MSM or the government, as the Left is, or like most of the ‘normies’ are on some subjects, like China virus.

But our side often seems hypnotized by gurus on our own side.

Why is that?

By what reason of logic should we trust anybody in the midst of an information / propaganda war?

Why shouldn’t we be equal opportunity distrusters, not believe anybody without substantiation?

Why shouldn’t we question the people claiming to be on our side just as vigorously as those we know are against us?

If people feel the need to trust gurus on our side, fine. Why not “trust but verify” then?

Why does the ‘verify’ get left out when it comes to gurus on our side, but not when it comes to the government or the MSM?


“We want somebody to trust who is not God.”


I can understand that, I just have a very hard time doing it.

From a 20,000 foot level, the problem seems to be this.

We know who enough of the bad guys are, that we have a general idea of who and what the enemy is (e.g., gov’t leaders, Big Tech CEOs, WEF people, Big Pharma, U.N., etc.)

We know who the bad guys are because of their own words and because of their actions, and long history of both.

The problem we face, is that we don’t have ANY IDEA who the good guys are, with the (hopeful) exception of DJT and DeSantis, Navarro and…?

The problem with not knowing WHO the good guys are, is that it raises the realistic prospect that there may not BE any good guys, at least not enough to make any difference.

We see the enemy legions, we hear their words, and we experience their evil deeds, every day of the week.

Where is the counterbalance to that?


There isn’t one.

There is lots of hopium and guru narrative, but there is precious little in the way of evidence.

Maybe that lack of evidence is by design (i.e., total and perfect operational secrecy), or maybe the lack of evidence is because there isn’t any (i.e., no one is opposing the bad guys).

The appearance — to us, to impartial observers and to legions of Dims — is that no one is opposing the bad guys, at least not openly. Every day looks like the enemy charges ahead, gobbling up more territory by the day, without resistance.

It’s not like our ‘forces’ are falling back, it’s as if we don’t HAVE any forces. That’s how it looks.

How can we deal with that, psychologically, in the absence of any evidence to the contrary?

We can pretend, we can hope, we can latch onto narratives that provide an explanation for the complete and total lack of opposition to the enemy’s daily advancement.

That is one psychological possibility, and clearly it is a very attractive one.

And there are plenty of people willing to contribute exactly such a narrative, which is received like water to a man dying of thirst in the desert.

It’s powerful.

But what if that water is a mirage?

Try questioning the mirage, and you find out very quickly that people dying of thirst don’t like those questions.

This of course has a suppressive effect on questioning the mirage narrative, because people don’t want to say something that will be unpopular or demoralizing, especially if the mirage is sustaining some who might otherwise falter.

At the same time, by not pointing out the possibility of the narrative being a mirage, and it turns out to have been a mirage all along, the people drinking the mirage water are not actually benefiting from it physically. They’re still dying from thirst, but a pleasant hallucination has mitigated their pain, for a time.

I have not personally ever heard or read of any ‘war’ that was fought openly by one side, and covertly by the other.

It sounds ridiculous, but that’s only because it is.

A ‘war’ requires opposing sides, otherwise there is no ‘war’, there is just unopposed aggression.

If this is a new kind of ‘war’, where the bad guys are more or less open about their motives and actions (to anyone who looks past the MSM smokescreen), while the good guys maintain 100% operational secrecy for years on end (a feat never achieved before in human history…), then how does that work?

In a global war, there are nation-states controlled and operated by the bad guys. Professional militaries and intelligence agencies, etc.

It would be really helpful to have a nation-state opposition to such an otherwise overwhelming force. Something roughly the size and power of the United States, as opposed to Lichtenstein, for example.

Sadly, the United States government is owned and operated by the bad guys — and all the other governments are, too.

Except apparently Myanmar, and Guinea (or New Guinea, I forget which). Inspirational giants without peer though they be, as a practical matter, they are not large or powerful enough to take on the other 118+ nation-states.

Individually or collectively.

So a global war requires opposing sides.

Only one side is visible, and it ain’t the good guys.

We have to deal with that reality, somehow.

One way, apparently the only way, is to look for narratives that make it seem like we’re in the thick of the fight, presumably winning (at least winning more than losing), despite zero external or internal evidence that any actual opposition exists.

Professional black hat forces would clearly be aware of this dynamic, and would exploit it for maximum effect.

How would that exploitation look, how would it be manifested?

It would be awfully easy to cook up fantastic narratives that suggest and imply that good things are happening behind the scenes, things which are never visible on the surface, but happening deep below.

And the news is all good, of course, but unfortunately, none of that good news is verifiable, because that would help the enemy. The real and verifiable enemy, who is making real and verifiable gains day by day.

As a practical matter, it would be an obvious propaganda move for the enemy to demoralize We the People via MSM channels, while giving us false hope through back channels, like the guru network.

Some of the gurus would be compromised (actively working for the enemy), but some could be honest dupes, mirroring the positive underground ‘news’ (narrative) on their own, believing they are doing their part to help the ‘resistance’.

All the while, the actual ‘resistance’, the actual opposing force to the tyranny, maintains complete and total radio silence.

They have never once surfaced.

Their periscope has never once broken the surface of the waves.

Run silent, run deep.

Really deep.

So deep, that if they have ever actually engaged the enemy, there is no record or evidence of it.

And that is a problem.

Because in a ‘war’, which by definition requires opposing sides, one side cannot take all of the damage, while the other side takes none.

That’s not a war.

That’s just unopposed aggression.

If the super secret ‘good guy’ opposition exists, I am not sure how to rationalize the strategy to exclude We the People (of America and of the world) from the battle.

We the People are the greatest possible resource. We are decentralized, there are billions of us (worldwide), and if the ‘good guys’ would just let us know there was an actual war going on instead of a global surrender, nobody would be more motivated than We the People.

It also seems the height of arrogance that any such ‘good guys’ would even try to win a global war ‘on behalf of the people’ instead of “with the help of the people”.

For one thing, if they don’t need any help from “We the People” in this war, if they’re so great and powerful that they can ‘handle this’ without us, then why are we in any ‘war’ to begin with?

And supposing for sake of argument that the ‘good guys’ are real and are fighting (and winning), what lesson do they suppose We the People will learn, if the ‘good guys’ succeed in saving the day, without us?

What will We the People learn from that?

Will we appreciate a victory in which we have not (at least not knowingly) fought?

Or would it just encourage everyone to be even less engaged in civics and personal responsibility, because after all, the ‘good guys’ managed to win WWIII, and We the People (for the most part) didn’t even know a war was taking place?

If there are any good answers, to any of the points raised, I would gladly hear them.

If there were any, it seems like I would have spotted at least one, but so far, I haven’t.

The water in the glass looks pure and even feels nice and cold.

But somehow I’m still parched after drinking it, and I just… I’m not really sure why.

It’s probably nothing.

On the other hand, it might be a good idea to check that glass of water, just to be sure it’s not an empty glass.

Because that would be bad.

But not as bad as continuing to walk further into the desert, with imaginary water… 🙂


They actually shaped this place like a pentagram. /smh

comment image


Wolf or DPat. my email accidentally posted on D.Pat’s wonderful post. I was trying to fill out all the fields after I wrote a very long response in agreement with what D.Pat posted, and somehow my email got posted. Please remove if possible. I am unable to post there, apapparently. It tells me to fill out all fields and has my user name but my actual post will not post. Thank you.

Deplorable Patriot

I’ll get it.


I’m sorry, DPat, I don’t know why that is happing. I’ll stop osting for now to save you trouble. Weird, isn’t it?

Deplorable Patriot

I unapproved the comment. Wolf can take any other action.


DPat, it was accidental,what other action would be necessary? the post I intended did not post. Loved your post and I wrote a long response, which is lost.


Zoe, she’s just keeping it from posting so your email won’t be out there. I don’t think she can change the content. Only Wolf can do that.

Deplorable Patriot

Um…I can, but don’t. Unpublishing it was the easiest course.

Deplorable Patriot

It was just that one post. A second one came through. It’s fine.

I’m sorry your response was lost. That is, for sure, most annoying.


Thank youvery kind. Just embarrassing and don’t like to cause a problem.

Deplorable Patriot

No problem, Zoe.


Zoe, DP did what needed to be done immediately. There is no hurry for any second phase, so it can be handled after due consideration.

This is sort of a standard way of dealing with issues — make it “not an emergency” first, then look into the best fix.

No worries.


“Massive Tragedy” – Brazilian Dams Break, Ten More At Risk Of Collapse Amid Heavy Rain


The scope of that is huge. Those poor people! Lots of videos at that site. One man was up to his shoulders in water and was being rescued . It looked like he was keeping his wallet above water. I guess many are going to lose everything they have.


Hospital Death Camps Exposed

“You can check-in, but you can never leave” is becoming the slogan of US hospitals treating COVID-19.

Deplorable Patriot

Who knew this would be prophetic.


Ha! I just watched that video the other day.

Or watched somebody watch it.

It’s surprisingly fun to watch other people hear songs YOU grew up with, but somehow, they’re just hearing it for the first time.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, my friends and I did that a lot in high school, and college, and after college. Have people over to let them experience great music on a quality sound system, sit in the stereo chair (the stereo ‘sweet spot’, the location where the sound from the speakers creates the 3D sonic image), with the lights out and the volume turned up to LOUD 👍😁


This is horrific.

For those who must enter the hospital, Dr. Vliet advised getting a durable power of attorney for healthcare in place. You must have an advocate, one who can monitor what the hospital is doing to you when you are perhaps sedated or otherwise incapacitated while hospitalized.

I’ve been shouting this for months. I’ve seen firsthand the control they have. Family can’t come in because of COVID, so the patient is at the mercy of whoever runs the hospital. They sneak in things like “palliative care” — which is a euphemism for one tiny step before hospice — unbeknownst to the patient or their loved ones. And I can’t state this strongly enough: If they are not letting patient supporters in, they have to force the issue in whatever way they can. Patients have rights, and so do their care givers.

In addition, she advised that a patient write out a statement of what they want and do not want while in the hospital.

This could be as simple as, “I do not want Remdesivir,” or “I want the medications that I have been taking at home to be continued, including Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin, and Ivermectin.”

Dr. Vliet noted, “They have to continue the medications you were already taking at home.” In the case of Ivermectin, knowing this tidbit could save you the cost of a lawyer and having to get a court order. Then there is always the option of checking out of the hospital or getting a transfer- provided you are medically stable.


Mr gil told me that there was a group of people wirking an assignment another room over from him before he got sick and a couple days after he was symptomatic he found out a guy who was a cubicle opposite him was sick*I think those guys brought it in). That guy was put on a vent while i was in the hospital or just after. He died today. 61 y/o. Supposedly no comorbidities but he doesnt know what questions to ask and wont intrude.
If I had be put on a vent id be dead.
People need to use their big kid voice and say no. Be assertive but decisive.


My family has been informed that they are NOT to take me to a hospital unless I am clearly dying of a heart attack or stroke, or I am bleeding to death.

For anything else, I will be at HOME.


That is my rule about going to a doctor. If I walk in with a broken arm, we both can tell there is a problem and what needs fixing.


Good rule!


Stick with me on this ground report – it’s worth it. Some of you know where I live – east TN. Think Dolly. The wife and I took a little visit into the tourist Mecca area today, which includes the Tanger Mall. Now if you know or have heard about Tanger Factory Outlets, you know what it is about. The Tanger family sold out to Simon Properties in the past couple of years, but they still operate in a similar way.

Our local Tanger is historically the #2 in sales per square foot of all of them. I know because their recently retired regional property manager has been a long term personal friend. I cannot imagine how #1 surpasses this one. Since Black Friday up to now, two days after Christmas – there have been zero parking spaces vacant for more than a minute with people crushing each other to get in. Most days have been just like Black Friday. Car tags from everywhere – even Alaska (several from there).

A friend of ours has owned operated a lodging facility in the same community for decades. Occupancy has been at 90+% everyday with overall county daily rental occupancy at 80+% when including all rental property types.

Nary a mask in sight with customers within our view, just store employees (not all). Saw a handful of customers with them on at other non-Tanger establishments – all women. Social distancing is not even physically possible.

So what is the COVID daily positive case count for all county citizens, the people who work in all the places where this mass of humanity is located going everyday; who then go home to their families, school, other businesses, church, etc.? Keep in mind less than 50% of county residents have been jabbed at least one time.

We are averaging less than 40 positive cases per day since Black Friday in a county with a population of 120,000 people who are exposed to the entire nation and 20+ million tourists per year. The data comes straight from the state/county reported positive cases if you are wondering.

So let’s lose our shiz over Omicron, right? 😂 😂 😂

FWIW, this variant along with remaining older variants have already peaked in TN per the state website’s reporting.

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But if we don’t lose our shiz, we can’t continue to tyrannize the people!

Come on, man!



I am reduced to LMAO at the kabuki theater I see now. If you want to have a little fun at a sheeple’s expense, make sure you walk as close to them as they will allow when passing by while giving them a smile and a “have a nice day.”

Watching a female tourist zip lining down toward the parkway with a mask on is always a treat. Seriously.

Extreme doofusness.

Gail Combs

Don’t forget to then sniffle or cough… 😋


I do that! In the grocery store. So mean, but I am so fed up. My only exception is the really old people. I feel sorry for them. So scared from watching mainstream news.

Only a few people around here wear masks anymore.


😀 I believe the correct term is “doofosity” (doo-FOSS-it-ee) though it does change the pronunciation of the second vowel a bit.




2 1/2 days almost precisely since JWST launch. Still waiting for the second midcourse correction burn.


As it happens, the burn started one minute after I posted this.


Starting tomorrow and running for six days…the sunshield!

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Gail Combs



The sunshield seems to be to be the trickiest part.

The two “arms” which in all the illustrations are covered with pink stuff, have to swing down. Those should both happen on Day 3. i.e., any time after 0720 tomorrow (EST)

Then the mirrors, which are still on the central “post”, have to lift away from the shield, like those big hydraulic jacks you used to see at repair garages (but I doubt it’s hydraulic here).

A trim tab has to hinge off the end of one of the arms. It’s there to reduce torque from the light pressure on the sail; without it the spacecraft will have to use its maneuvering thrusters (and its totally fixed supply of fuel) more often.

That part is all relatively easy.

Then the pink stuff has to roll away to release the actual sun shield reflective plastic. I’m not sure how it works, the videos just show it rolling up like magic.

Then the two cross arms have to extend and pull the plastic sheets with them. THAT seems to me to be the trickiest single step…if that plastic should tear instead of extend…and it did do so in the lab once…we’re sunk.

Once fully extended the sheets have to be separated and tensioned (and maybe that’s when the lab rip happened).

Six days of extreme nailbiting!

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Lee Harvey Oswald’s Last Phone Call

Emerald Robinson reporting on “the unpublished book The Oswald Letter by Thomas Lipscomb with Jerome Kroth.”

A good friend of mine, the renowned journalist Thomas Lipscomb, has just completed a new manuscript (with Jerome Kroth) titled The Oswald Letter and it contains a number of staggering claims based on these federally released documents as well as fresh accounts from new eyewitnesses who have never before been interviewed. The following excerpt is just one of the many important revelations contained in The Oswald Letter.

comment image

This call slip, written about 11:00PM, came from the 10 position telephone operators’ switchboard room on the fifth floor of the Dallas Municipal Building. It was filled out by one of the two operators on duty that night, Mrs. Louise Swinney and Mrs. Alveeta Treon. Telephone calls from the Dallas Jail where Lee Harvey Oswald was being held were routed through this switchboard.

The call slip is an integral element of the new material that has emerged since the Warren Report, that makes possible a more clear understanding of just who the “lone nut assassin” Lee Harvey Oswald really was. (This story was initially developed by a remarkable North Carolina academic named Grover Proctor.)

Operator #1 Louise Swinney (who had been on duty) informed her arriving colleague, Alveeta Treon, that Lee Harvey Oswald would be making a phone call and that two men would be entering the switchboard room while it was underway. The men arrived and sat down. It was Mrs. Treon’s impression that they were law enforcement, or Secret Service, or the like. 

Lee Harvey Oswald called the switchboard about 10:45 PM, gave the numbers, and asked to make a collect call to a John Hurt in Raleigh, NC. Both Mrs. Swinney and Mrs. Treon were hooked up to the feed and both could hear the call. Mrs. Swinney took the call and was poised to send it over to Long Distance to route the call to Raleigh.

“I listened and watched very carefully for Mrs. Swinney to place the call with the long distance operator. She appeared very nervous and visibly shaken. For a few minutes she just sat there trembling.” Mrs. Treon would later comment that she understood Mrs. Swinney’s nerves. “I continued watching and listening but she did not place the call.” Because Mrs. Swinney’s key was closed, it was not possible for Oswald or the men in the equipment room to know what was happening, nor whether she had placed the call that Oswald had requested. But Mrs. Treon did.

“I was dumbfounded at what happened next. Mrs. Swinney opened the key to Oswald and told him, ‘I am sorry the number doesn’t answer.’ I am pretty certain she said number and not numbers. She then unplugged and disconnected Oswald. Immediately, the two men in the equipment room came out, thanked us for our cooperation and left.” Mrs. Treon would later say that her “lasting impression of the events that night is that Mrs. Swinney had been instructed by someone to not put the call through to Oswald.”

Earlier that day, Oswald had tried to put a call through to a prominent left-wing lawyer in New York named John Abt (also during Louise Swinney’s shift) and that call had also failed to get through. Had that phone call been sabotaged as well? Abt said that he never heard from Oswald.

Mrs. Swinney left about 15 minutes later at 11:00PM and Mrs. Treon decided to fill out a call slip of the information on the call as a souvenir for her daughter. She had listened in and had taken it all down. She signed it with Louise Swinney’s name, since she had been the operator on the call. The call slip did not emerge again until it was presented as evidence before the House Select Committee on Assassinations hearings in 1978. The Committee’s Executive Director, G. Robert Blakey, found it “very troublesome” and “deeply disturbing.” 

The man Oswald was trying to call, John David Hurt, was someone whose name had never been mentioned in connection to the JFK assassination in any of the voluminous records — and John David Hurt was an experienced former Special Agent of U.S. Army Counter Intelligence.

As Senator Richard Schweiker had said during the Church Committee Investigations, “”We don’t know what happened, but we do know Oswald had intelligence connections. Everywhere you look with him, there are the fingerprints of intelligence.”

COMING NEXT: Oswald’s history-changing intelligence connection with John David Hurt.

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Think back to that fateful day and the years leading up to it. I was 9 years old in elementary school when the JFK announcement was made over the loudspeaker. This was after practicing atomic bomb reaction drills periodically for years and the Bay of Pigs debacle.

Like hiding under a little desk was going to help. 😂

It changed our view of everything about our country. It made us all more vulnerable for what was to come after it. None of the adults I knew believed it was a one man job. Most of the adult men had served in the military – they knew better.


Yes, here’s another one being rolled out, Mr Global has hired on the likes Mr Abgail Thorne, the transgender youtube philosophy guy formally known as Oliver. Seems ObbyAbby is going to make people question the pure blood crowd by asking questions of what it is they think they know and then planting doubts in the mind. Sorta like his/her life story?

Story is a bit deep as it follows the money trail, but interesting.

For background information on ObbyAbby there’s this.

Can’t get it’s sex right but you can trust it when it comes to all things China Virus?

Gail Combs

ESPECIALLY another idiotic talking head who wouldn’t understand the first two sentences of any of the scientific papers we post here.


We suspected back then. We know now.

God knew all along and before they did it. They never seem to realize that later point.

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Gail Combs

OH MY, I am listening to the War Room and laughing my head off. It is Steve Bannon, Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam.

LOTS of important news and interesting tidbits. (Yeah we are headed to vaccine passports….changing the definition of ‘immune’….) @ 25 minutes they then started discussing Omicron the ‘Moving Vaccine’ and Raheem says,

“I am going to bail Jack out on that Media Matters headline, the Capitol police on January 6th killed more Americans than Omicron has.”

If you have the time, it is worth listening to. (48 minutes)

Gail Combs

@36 minutes Jack dropped a BOMB! Cameltoes the Hoe has been having private talks with HITLARY since November — Buried lead 36 paragraphs down in NYT fluff piece on the Hoe. Hiltlary to be the Hoe’s VP????

Gail Combs

@42 minutes they talk of the soccer players dying the NYT editor dying and how the Biden admin is gearing up to hang it all on POTUS. Also a comment that POTUS should rescind the vaccine manufacturer immunity from liability.

I think this is important and may signal where POTUS makes the turn,


If there is a plan to turn the ship around, this would be that time. It takes a lot of effort, coordination and time to get a big ship headed the right direction

Gail Combs

Remember Bannon was POTUS Chief Strategist. It was also interesting that it was just Steve Bannon, Jack Posobiec and Raheem Kassam — NO SPECIAL GUESTS.


I can’t believe the Hoe would pick Hitlary as VP. She would have to watch her back forever. Surely she knows about the long string of dead bodies behind her.


As we are discussing Hoe, I believe it.

Hoe is also reportedly getting guidance from hildabeast to improve her, Hoe’s likeability.


Keen grasp of the obvious.

Of COURSE she wants in. That’s all she does, that’s all she wants…is the damned Oval Office.


And she absolutely will not stop…ever…until we are dead.


She can’t — at least until all the various statute of limitations have run completely out.


Perhaps it’s Harris’ intent to simply resign. If the job is truly too much for her she probably just wants OUT.


Came in late today.

Listening in. A nugget just went by…

“…Pete Buttedge and the entire Adam’s Family Cabinets…”

Gail Combs

The zingers in that piece were really flying. It was serious news but I was laughing through most of it.


These guys are on a roll. 🙂

I really like the subtle way the jabs, are inserted with the news.


“(Yeah we are headed to vaccine passports…”


Not me.

Not sure a ‘passport’ can even exist as currently used without a mobile phone.

No phone, no passport.

And they can’t make you buy a phone and pay a monthly phone bill.


The mobile phone appears to be the key, the lynchpin, to the New World Order’s entire global slavery plan.

I’m not sure how just about any of their plan works unless everyone VOLUNTARILY pays for and carries a personal tracker (cell phone).

Cuppa Covfefe

Could be what the Øbløwhølephøne was for… give everyone a “free” phone which insures that they’ll never be free again…

Then again, there’s those pesky carrier charges…

Over here anymore it’s all but impossible to get anything done, or any discounts, without an “app”… And, of course, most apps install with maximum privileges, so Big Bother can put a tracking app in there and follow you everywhere…

And all of the “Smart Home” cr@p. Smart homes for stupid (and lazy) people. If no-one’s at home, there shouldn’t be appliances running (outside of fridge, freezer, and HVAC (within reason)… I don’t have to worry about being notified by my smart phone that a flood is raging down the stairs because the washer doesn’t want to stop filling… Or to find out my food’s all spoiled because my fridge lost its power budget in a poker match with the oven….

We have a bunch of radiators (hot-water heating) for which “smart” thermostats with DECT contact to our Fritz!Box(en) are €50,00 per. Recovering that expense from “energy savings”, along with the additional wear-and-tear on the thermo mechanism would never happen… even with all of the Greens’ planned price increases.

Just more “cute” gadgetry to relieve sheeple of their money…

If something is free, then YOU are what’s being SOLD…..


Some good data on omicron if true.


A link to the pre print.

Gail Combs

  :wpds_cool:   :toldyaso: 



Gail Combs

I think Q said it would be around 6% but I haven’t found that drop yet.


6 percent who wake up, or 6 percent who never do?




This may be what has saved me from having the truly bad Covid experience. I take Claritin and Flonase every day, with occasional Sudafed when my allergies are bad.

I also use anti-allergy herbs. I am tanked up on the good stuff.


Same type thing for me. Xyzal and Flonase every day with the supplements to help with allergies.

Never stopped going, doing things, seeing people, etc.


Yes, me either. Just acted normal.



You really don’t get this fear porn thing well, Wolf. Just think of how you could have trolled this board had you wanted to…



Cuppa Covfefe

Plop, plop,
Fizz, fizz,
Oh, what a relief
it is…

Amazing how often the simpler, or even low-tech solutions work the best… thank GOD.



Gail Combs

Dr Zelanko in August had a long zoom call with the Israeli Rabbinic Court warning them NOT to continue with the vaccination policy.

Dr. Zelenko schools Israeli Rabbinic court


Just read a good point. Omicron in South Africa is hitting mostly jabbed. But SA has a low jabbed rate. So when it hits a high jabbed place, like Israel, you will probably get way high cases. Hopefully deaths stay low. But, 4 jabs?


Forgot about this interview. SA guy has omicron numbers and estimates on how virulent, how long it will last etc. Host is a little panicky and irritating.


My county. Look at the trend line and stabilized number of cases over the past 28 days in an extremely high volume tourism county with lower than 50% jabbed rate.

State. Look at current trend line compared to August. State is 50% vaccinated per CDC definition of the moment, 56% had at least one jab. If you believe it.

Anecdotal observation. Less vaxxed state experiences fast acting Omicron. Current rate of reported infection is roughly half what it was when Delta hit hard. Unvaxxed people don’t notice or think it is just sniffles, allergies acting up, or a cold. They don’t run to the testing centers and doctors to be COVID tested.

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Wife just informed me that Southwest lost two Captains around Christmas. Heart conditions. Both deceased.


How often are those flight physicals, annual? Two SW Captains that developed heart conditions in the last 12 months?


For Air Transport Pilots, they’re every six months. Unless something has changed in the last 15 years.


….and they’re particularly looking for heart conditions where someone might just drop dead. And somehow, two pilots “slipped through the cracks”….

How awful for their families, friends, and coworkers.




“They’re coming for you.”
I hope so!


Ivermectin can’t lie to us.

[…] Well, count this as good news. Hat tip to RF121 for tipping us to this one. […]