If Omicron Confers Immunity to All SARS-CoV-2 Variants, Then You May Want To Catch That Ride, Not Vaccinate Against It

Yup – this boy who remembers SANE SEVENTIES SCIENCE, says that Emperor Biden has no magic clothes, and that his Bad Counselor, Dr. Fauci, is a LIAR.

We are now entering a CRITICAL phase in a war between a long-running, psychotic plan to “vaccinate all humans for every disease, no matter what the human costs may be”, and an older, saner, and wiser view of medicine as “saving lives and helping patients live better ones”.

Personally, I’m with the traditionalists who value the Hippocratic Oath over Bill Gates’ funding.

Back in that old paradigm, one did not vaccinate against the common cold, because it was a useless and potentially dangerous endeavor.

We are going to be refreshed in that WISDOM, as we examine the current FOLLY of ABUSED SCIENCE.

I have recently come into possession of an interesting assortment of “knowledge bytes” which, together, tell me that the Omicron variant is not only not a crisis, but in fact an extraordinary opportunity.

The other side – the psychotic side – the CONTROL side – is desperately trying to portray the OMICRON END of the SARS2 scamdemic as the beginning of a new one.

But no. They are LYING once again, and their “omicron fear narrative” is how they are trying to “get ahead of the facts”, so that CONTROL doesn’t SLIP THROUGH THEIR FINGERS.

I think some of the people at the top of the other side actually understand Omicron, and the fact that it may very well put an END to their GAMES, scares them badly.

Too bad, you CLOWNS. The truth is looking very good – for FREEDOM.

The Latest on Omicron

Let’s start off by looking at three KEY posts on CTH.

First up…..

White House nutty psychotic pretense vs. South African data:

LINK: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/12/17/white-house-fearmongering-over-omicron-now-ridiculous-and-over-the-top/

The key bytes are these:

The South African government reports today that the Omicron variant is widespread yet not creating any medical issues.  “Only 1.7% of identified Covid-19 cases were admitted to hospital in the second week of infections in the fourth wave, compared with 19% in the same week of the third delta-driven wave, South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla said at a press conference.”

Wow. It almost sounds like the ChiCom bioweapon mutated into a common cold, as predicted.

Let’s move on.

LINK: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/12/18/various-omicron-data-suggests-minimal-health-concern-overall/

This one is even more stark. Almost 800 COVID patients in Denmark were identified as being infected with Omicron. Only 1.2% of them were hospitalized, whereas the numbers for “normal” COVID were near 20%.

Interestingly, from my point of view, 4.3% of the Omicron-infected are COVID recoverees. This tends to support my view that EVEN actual infection with any COVID does NOT provide full protection against significantly changed variants. And THAT explains why I myself got both original Wuhan and what was probably Delta.

Now check out Omicron in Merrye Olde England (H/T Kalbo). Sundance has a great laugh queued up!

LINK: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/12/18/its-beginning-to-look-a-lot-like-pravda-everywhere-you-turn/

The journalist actually does a good job here, in a backhanded way, as she tries to elicit horrorshow statistics, and gets……

See? It’s the SAME THING in England. They’ve got loads of serious numbers that sound like DELTA, but when Sky News asks SPECIFICALLY about Omicron, the numbers are a JOKE in comparison.

As Sundance says…..

A sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head and sore throat virus?

Call me crazy, but Omicron sounds like a common cold.

But yet, what is the Biden administration doing?

Democrats Bet The Bank On Omicron

The TOADS are rolling out their phony election-stealing LIES on Tuesday.

Hat tip GA/FL.


Let’s save that message, to last here past Twitter’s inevitable suspension of the account.

You can already see how the BULLSHIT is shaping up there. Notice how Biden is avoiding statements that will burn him later. It’s total consciousness of guilt. They KNOW that Omicron is a dud as far as “useful deaths”. It’s a PROPAGANDA VARIANT. But it’s even more than that, as I will explain.

The Demon Dems clearly have some kind of phony strategy, and there is already speculation about what it might be.

LINK: https://noqreport.com/2021/12/17/what-do-they-know-the-biden-regime-is-setting-up-the-unvaxxed-to-take-the-blame-for-the-coming-carnage/

Now I could go into speculations about what the other side is going to do here, but one of the best things that WE can do RIGHT NOW is to undermine WHATEVER phony narrative they’re setting up.

I see Sundance as doing exactly that. Getting out the real word on Omicron – deflating the fear narrative before they can even begin – it’s a choice strategy.

And now I’m going to throw a log or two on that fire.

Can Omicron Save Humanity From Wuhan, Delta, and All The Rest?

Consider this proposition:

If Omicron is the COWPOX of the SARS-COV family, then I think it is going to offer us one of the BEST natural disease-conferred immunities that we can get – relatively safe and effective.

What do I mean by that?

Well, take a look at these two figures below. Hat Tip to Linda, HERE, who posted a TWEET that led me to them.

These graphs are:

(Figure 6, Top) – Spike protein antibodies in people vaccinated with the spike protein jabs

(Figure 7, Bottom) – Spike protein antibodies in people who recovered from COVID

Yellow is BAD, Deep Purple is GOOD.

LINK: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1027511/Vaccine-surveillance-report-week-42.pdf

As you can tell, if you look at the color key, “natural immunity” – meaning disease-conferred immunity – BLOWS AWAY the spike protein vaccines. Completely. Utterly. Without question.

And THAT is just looking at the spike protein antibody result. Those vaccines do NOT generate antibodies toward ANY of the other twenty-some-odd proteins in SARS-CoV-2. Natural, disease-conferred immunity DOES create antibodies toward the other proteins.

I’m not saying it’s 20-some-odd times as good for natural disease-conferred immunity….. BUT IT MIGHT BE.

Now the tweet thread that led me to this, is a bit different in their interpretation:


Let’s just save that tweet as an image before it gets censored.

What that tweeter is talking about is something called “original antigenic sin”, where exposure to one particular antigen (like a vaccine) creates a response that’s inappropriate later. Think of it as a “misleading” antigen exposure. It’s actually rather common among coronaviruses. A couple of papers just came out on some interesting OAS effects among coronaviruses, and are nicely discussed here.

LINK: https://eugyppius.substack.com/p/original-antigenic-sin-is-a-real

I disagree with that tweet thread – I don’t think that the data is actually SHOWING US (although it still might be true) that the jabs ruin natural immunity. I think the data is simply showing us INFERIOR immunity, not WRONG immunity.

Denninger DOES think that the jabs DO ruin natural immunity, but I personally don’t think the differences are huge (looking at the Israeli data). There appears to be a VEI (vaccine-enhanced infection) effect, but it’s not at all huge, or even big. It’s small – a few percentage points.

However, I am still extremely wary of the possibility that the jabs do have either an “original antigenic sin” effect, or even a “subsequent antigenic sin” effect, that causes VEI in any subsequent infection.

Why risk it if you don’t have to?

But what does all this mean, anyway?

Well, the first thing I would say is that we’re looking at the wrong things.

Stop focusing on SMALL WRONG NEGATIVES about the vaccines, and start focusing on BIG CORRECT TRUTHS about natural disease-conferred immunity. TRUTHS that we were SOCIALLY PRESSURED into denying in science, by people who led us down a primrose path to ERROR.

Natural disease-conferred immunity is SUPERIOR to the vaccine. If a disease like Omicron is relatively safe, and there is cross-immunity from that disease to the other SARS-CoV-2 variants, then that disease is basically a kind of COWPOX to the more lethal SARS-CoV-2 variants, including original Wuhan and Delta.

Do you see what I’m getting at?

I’ve actually HAD the smallpox vaccine – which at the time was skin infection with a kind of “evolved cowpox or horsepox” known as vaccinia virus. For all I know, I’m still immune to smallpox. I know my babysitter was. SHE ACTUALLY HAD SMALLPOX as a child. She didn’t NEED the vaccine.

So – if infection with Omicron – which seems to be fairly low risk – provides many times the immunity of EVEN AN OPTIMIZED AND SPECIFIC spike protein vaccine, and if the immunity is effective against much more pathogenic variants, such as Delta, then there is NO REASON (IMO) to prefer the spike protein vaccine, and every reason to prefer actual infection with Omicron.


Maybe you want to catch that ride, baby. Whaddaya say?


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 👉  how many more times will they change the definitions for “vaccine” and “fully vaccinated” ?

(asking for a fiend…er…friend)


.. booooooooooommmmmm .. 😃🤫😉




.. 🤗 .. ❤️


“how many more times will they change the definitions for “vaccine” and “fully vaccinated” ?”


As many times as needed of course, to:

A) protect themselves from death-penalty eligible prosecution


B) to depopulate the world as much as possible

Because those are their two primary motives, i.e., to save their own skin and murder everyone else 👍


hey kids & toddlers !

booster doesn’t work ?

get a third one !!

comment image


I have a brother doing that he’s scared shitless, pardon the crappy word but dang it’s the truth. He will not allow me in his house, I don’t go there anymore.. I had to meet him in the Home Depot parking lot so he could pay me back some money on a loan.

I said if your sots are so good you SHOULD NOT have to worry about me .. that his butt wipe va☠️☠️ … will PROTECT him … nope nope nope … I’M dangerous to him.



Fear does strange things to otherwise sensible people.
My son from Michigan told me ” I love to see you but do not want to give you the virus”.
So he knows who gives it to whom. I understand him who wants to be responsible for killing once parents?

Your brother should be more concerned that he gives you the virus not other way around. Media does good brainwashing.


Great job, Wolf Moon!

The evidence is clear.

And continuous, coherent, cohesive.

The vaccines are a failure and a danger

and we were warned by top researchers.


…top researchers without a political or a profitable motive, that is.


Researchers who are not getting rich from Fauci


Yesterday’s QOTD – Doug Ross



Thanks W0lf … keep the fire 🔥 hot on this mess, too many people are getting hurt.


Don’t know how I found this site, but this is a good post as are others I’ve checked out.


Brave and Free

Great article Wolf,
this whole Covid,vax shot, and new variants is such a moving target. Then to add in the fake news, stolen election and the daily dose of propaganda from the Brandon administration no wonder we’re all confused. Which is why I am so great full for the truth you and everyone else brings here.
God bless


All the info can be overwhelming then when one puts it in perspective who and what we are dealing with it becomes quit bearable. Never loose hope that God finds a way working through good people.




So there we have what we thought. Thanks again, Wolf.

Who knows, my wife and I had the Tennessee crud that affected our entire area starting in November and going into December. It may have been Omicron. The Abbott rapid antigen tests we took showed no COVID – but, but, but it may have been! OMG – I may die of a cold!

Add a fourth neighbor friend to the list of elderly (80) who has been injured by the jabs. Pfizer. Devout fitness walker in excellent health and condition for her age. The side effects hit her musculoskeletal system a few months afterwards and is no longer able to do so. Spending time with her orthopedic trying to figure out what to do. It is so sad. All four of them bought into the BS, thought they were doing the right thing per the expert’s recommendations. Now they all regret it and have the same musculoskeletal issues in addition to two with clotting issues. All are 80-83 years old and were highly active, healthy people prior to the jabs. All have researched it now and tell others to not do take them.

Not much else left to say.

EDIT: 3 Pfizer and 1 Moderna. Know of nobody with issues that came from the Johnson.

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

Sounded good and people trusted their doctors. My blessing is I do not care much for doctors 🙂


Me, either!



SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Last I heard Omicron had barely showed up in the US just a week ago.


Thank you for explaining the variants simple to understand.
Yes the Omicon sounds like a cold or a seasonal flu.
Those of us who are not having it 🙂 Continue to fight but those who had two shots seem unwilling to face reality or do not see reality.
I had small pox and strange childhood deceases many kids had my age in Europe.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA



In ONE word you’ve encapsulated how horrifically badly the Communists ruled Eastern Europe.

Humanity has known since the 1790s how to deal with smallpox, and even the frigging Russian Empire did it under Catherine II (the Great).

Last edited 2 years ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Aftermath of war. I always think of kids who are in war torn countries they are the one who get strange diseases that have been eradicated in most countries.
That is why we might see again childhood diseases here with the influx of people.
I think it is caused by under nourishment.
I was and almost died was just a skeleton and they pumped lots of vitamins in me.
If Biden continues with his idiot policies kids will suffer in this country no one will imagine.


Yes but after a war one can know much the government is broken no money no food or very little.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

True, but there’d be no end of charitable organizations willing to bring smallpox vaccine in.

If the commies would have *let* them. But they wouldn’t.


Thanks, Wolf. I really, really hope that people start to get this message.

The problem is, this used to be basic high school biology. Now we have an entire generation of young people who have NO IDEA how natural immunity works. It’s pitiful. They are led around by the “educated” sadists who are destroying their lives, because they have no understanding to combat it.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

It might still be high school biology.

Think back to the people you went to high school with. Not just your circle of friends (who likely were interested in learning to a great extent), but everyone. How many of them would likely have forgotten anything they didn’t use in their daily lives?

How many of them even took high school biology? (I don’t recall if it was required here or not…I think perhaps it was usually what people took for the one year of science required to graduate, but I’m not sure.)

Last edited 2 years ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Sadly, you are likely correct about the forgetting. But at least when they encounter the information later, they have some sort of foundation. I’m not sure the young ones do.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

You (and most certainly I) are atypical in retaining what we were fed in school.


Lol! Add more way I am “atypical” to the list!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

But if you were typical, *I* sure as heck wouldn’t notice you.





My husband says the same so oddly do my kids.
My husband still remembers grade school. Also those silly rhymes 🙂
I do not remember anything. Years ago I finally remembered landscapes where I grew up. I do not remember friends nothing it is as if I had amnesia. Here and there in the fog of memory I remember my grandmothers and what they taught me but then they were love.


That could be from emotional trauma of some kind. I have it, too. I have only a very few childhood memories. I do recall “knowledge” but not personal stuff.


Occasionally I remember something and I have to bring myself back into reality of today. It is like a small girl separate from the adult . The older I get the further I am separated or maybe the child of me integrated of me now. Strange how life is but all is good 🙂


Some of the most wonderful people I know had childhood experiences that were terrible. They had to “re-parent” themselves when they became adults. Your experience makes a lot of sense to me. I had to “integrate” that scared little girl into the grown-up me, too.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Nah, no way.

We’re helpless automatons who will just be pieces of crap because of our upbringings. We can’t overcome that.



Lol! That’s what the Dems think. Or that’s their excuse, anyway, a lot of the time.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

That is what a LOT of people think.

If that is true, none of us are responsible for our actions.

Thus, it makes no sense to punish people.

Very low level philosophy, carried up to the surface, where we must deal with thugs.




My kids took biology, physics and advanced math to get away from bullies 🙂

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1
SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah that makes sense!

I was in biology (9th grade–legally high school freshman year but in fact in a “junior high school”) chemistry (10th grade), physics (11th grade), and then I took a class on astronomy, which used to be the “capstone” science class but got dumbed down before I got to it.


My husband told our kids get into advanced classes the crap being called Nazi’s by underachievers will stop. They did and were happy.
Except one who was on track had a problem with one kid some black kids threaten that kid and it stopped. My son help his black friends with math ?


My HS experience – earth science as a freshman, biology as a sophomore, then chemistry as junior, and physics as an elective as a senior. Loved them all.

College – biology was required.

Daughter – 34 years old. Biology required in HS and in college no matter the major. Biology lab required for her nursing degree along with other stuff like Anatomy.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Certainly for a nursing degree.

I was not required to take biology in college, but my major required three semesters of physics and then a year specifically of electromagnetic fields (which was actually taught in the engineering school, not the arts and sciences school). There was also a one semester chemistry requirement, but it wasn’t very rigorous.


Interesting how it is different or evolved through the years.

College Biology was required when/where I went. Like Chemistry, it was not very rigorous as well. In fact I did not have to study much because I had a really, really good sciences teacher in HS.

I loved Physics in HS. Had the same sciences teacher who made it interesting and fun. Had the option of taking it pass/fail or grade. Since I planned to go Business/Pre-Law in college I chose pass/fail and it took all the stress out. Should have gone grade, but did not matter in the end.

My dad was an M.E./Surveyor with mining accreditation from a separate trade school. Learned a lot from him.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

College physics was a LOT more rigorous than the high school version. We used dot and cross products and there was calculus in it as well. High school would tend to limit examples to straight lines and the like to avoid those things.


My daughter was the only girl in physic class. She had taken advanced physics in high school and advanced calculus.
She had fun helping the classmates with calculus and physics. Wat was so funny she did not look older than 16-17.
After she finished her MA she had a job but taught in the evening in Junior College. The students thought she was as old as they.

Last edited 2 years ago by singingsoul1

My daughter as Chemistry student had to take biology. She liked it until she was supposed to collect bugs. Her brother collected them for her 🙂


In college, to avoid biology, I took Rocks for Jocks, i.e. Geology. It was one of my favorite classes. Straight A’s, too.


“Thanks, Wolf. I really, really hope that people start to get this message.”


There is something wrong, something that we’re missing.

It’s like feeding data into a computer. We keep feeding consistent, verifiable and reinforcing data into the computer (e.g., normies), but they can’t grasp or process the information.

Or won’t.

The information is out there for anyone to find, but for a variety of reasons, many won’t look. But even so, the information has likely been presented (by friends, family, etc.) to nearly everyone by this point, so it’s not an information problem, or lack thereof.

Doing more of the same, feeding the normies with more of the same data, and expecting a different result, is pointless.

Something is blocking their ability to process the stream of data, which by now has turned into a river of data, but there is no discernible change in the inability to process that data, at any volume.

Whatever that something is, it will still be blocking the ability to process, even when it goes from a stream to a river of data, and from a river to a tidal wave, because it’s not a volume problem, it’s a processing problem.

I don’t know if it’s a sickness, but it manifests like a sickness, or a mental illness.

I was just watching the Neil Oliver video posted at CTH, where Neil interviews Dr. Malone.

The segment with Malone includes some very direct admissions and warnings, concluding with Dr. Malone’s acknowledgment that within the coming weeks he will likely have to revise his current position even further, that not only are the vaccines harmful to children, but that there may be no one, regardless of age, for whom the vaccine is not harmful.

It was as black and white as I have seen Dr. Malone be.

Immediately following the segment with Dr. Malone, Neil turns to his panel guest, a columnist from the Daily Telegraph named Madeline Grant.

Madeline appears to be suffering from some kind of mental illness. Madeline suffers from an extreme delusion, that she is more qualified on this subject than Dr. Malone.

Neil: “Maddie, what do you think, particularly in relation to the vaccination of children?”

Maddie: “I agree that these these decisions should be taken with informed consent and with for example the vaccination of children, that’s the decision for mum and dad. It may be that, for example, if they live with elderly relatives it will make perfect sense to vaccinate the kids.”

Dr. Malone, the inventor of M-RNA vaccines, just finished an entire segment explaining that the vaccines should not be administered to children under ANY circumstances, and that soon, he will be advising EVERYONE to forgo the vaccine, under any circumstances.

That’s according to Dr. Malone, the inventor of the M-RNA vaccine.

But Madeline, a COLUMNIST for the Daily Telegraph, can’t process that information, so for all intents and purposes, Madeline couldn’t really hear any of the words Dr. Malone said.

They went in one ear and out the other.

Because Madeline said “It may be that, for example, if they live with elderly relatives it will make perfect sense to vaccinate the kids.”

This is simply wrong.

There is NO circumstance where it makes ANY sense, at all, for children to be vaccinated with the clot shot. Zero, zip, zilch, NADA.

But Maddie, who apparently has a severe form of mental illness, cannot process that.

Something is BLOCKING her ability to process basic English words, and simultaneously causing her to elevate herself (a columnist for The Daily Telegraph…) above the level of a doctor and the inventor of M-RNA vaccines, in her knowledge and understanding.

If she does not have ears to hear Dr. Malone, what chance do you or I have to get through to these mentally ill people?

It’s not that the data / information isn’t being presented correctly. Dr. Malone presented the information as gently and soothingly as one could hope for in any of California’s most prestigious safe spaces.

The problem is that her mind WILL NOT PROCESS the data.

Properly functioning minds not only heard Dr. Malone explain that there are no circumstances under which a child should be vaccinated with the clot shot, but functioning minds also recognize that obviously applies even if children live with their grandparents.


First, because if the clot shot is harmful to children, then there is no ethical reason to give children the clot shot. None, not a single one, not even if they live at a nursing home FULL of elderly people.


Because their is no ETHICAL excuse to inflict known medical harm on children, no matter WHO they live with.


Dr. Malone (39:12): “…I do not regard them as safe particularly in children, the risk benefit ratio is completely upside down, more children will die from these vaccines than will be saved, the data are quite clear.”

But Madeline literally cannot process that information, something is wrong with her mind.

It’s incredible to watch, like Rod Serling should come out any second and provide the intro to that evening’s trip into the Twilight Zone:


What you’re missing is, it’s a cult.

Have you ever spoken with a devout Jehovah’s Witness or a very faithful Mormon? I use those two because they are recent “branches” of the religious tree, begun in the 1800s. They are “modern-age” religions. But you could just as easily use the Moonies, Climate Change Greenies, Scientologists, or any other group built around a Charismatic.

That is the common feature of a cult. A Charismatic figure, who embodies the beliefs spread through the group.

The founders of all of the above were Charismatics. They had a kind of charm about them that compels followers to belief. Note the word CHARM, which is synonymous with SPELL. The leaders “cast a spell” of sorts over their followers which renders them unable to hear, see, or believe any information that is contrary to the tenets taught by the cult. Anthony Fauci IS a Charismatic. Regardless of how WE respond to him, others fall under his sway.

Read the following about the factors that make a person easily influenced by a cult:

“The present discussion focuses on a number of factors which seem to influence individuals’ susceptibility and recruitment by cults. These variables include (a) generalized ego-weakness and emotional vulnerability, (b) propensities toward dissociative states, (c) tenuous, deteriorated, or nonexistent family relations and support systems, (d) inadequate means of dealing with exigencies of survival, (e) history of severe child abuse or neglect, (f) exposure to idiosyncratic or eccentric family patterns, (g) proclivities toward or abuse of controlled substances, (h) unmanageable and debilitating situational stress and crises, and (i) intolerable socioeconomic conditions.”


Now consider how modern society, schooling, media, etc. have brought the above conditions into everyday life. Get it? We have manifested the conditions of susceptibility to cult control into everyone’s daily existence.

The percentages of people who are subject to hypnosis may be helpful in estimating the number of people most likely to fall into cult behavior, because Charismatics really are using techniques of hypnosis:

“Generally speaking most people can be hypnotized. Anyone who is of average intelligence, capable of concentrating and who has a good imagination will make an excellent hypnotic subject. Researchers estimate that 10 to 15 percent of adults are highly hypnotizable, 20 percent are completely resistant to hypnosis, and the rest of the population falls somewhere in the middle. Children are almost all highly hypnotizable.”


Notice of course that children are the most easily hypnotized. The last time I was in a classroom, within the last couple of years, there was a five-by-eight foot TV screen on the wall. Screen hypnosis, anyone?

Something terrible has to happen to break up a cult. Jonestown comes to mind. I really think the oncoming winter will be the end of the Fauci Cult. People are going to die, and the clot-shot WILL be known as the reason, because of the ones of us who hold the line, and remain vaxx-free. They know it, and that is the reason they are pushing so hard to vaxx us all.


Apparently Bubba Clinton and Hussein are ‘charismatics’ too.

I have always been repulsed by both of them (Clinton because he comes across as a con-man, Hussein because he comes across as pure hate), making it hard to understand how so many people see either one as a ‘great orator’ or act like teenage girls at a Beatles concert around them.


I don’t get it. But I can’t be hypnotized, either. It’s been tried more than once. I am apparently immune.


“What you’re missing is, it’s a cult.”


I was thinking about that segment of the Neil Oliver video when I woke up today, and your ‘cult’ observation fits in with what I was thinking, only its bigger, because it’s affecting at least a few billion people, and it’s generalized in the sense that there is no formal ‘book of rules’ or ‘doctrines’ to which everyone is required to adhere.

I’m still working on the psychological angle.

The inventor of m-RNA technology was speaking to Neil, right in front of her, and it meant nothing to her. Why did it mean nothing to her?

She believes she knows better than the inventor of the m-RNA technology.

In isolation that could be explained away, in the same sense that Fauci certainly knows more about medicine than I do, and I don’t believe anything he says.

In either case (Fauci, Malone), it’s essentially an “appeal to authority” logical fallacy if we expect people to believe our position based solely on the opinion of someone in a position of authority.

Granted, the inventor of a specific technology (in this case, m-RNA technology) should probably be accorded a higher degree of authority on that specific subject than Fauci’s much more generalized ‘authority’ status, but it’s still an ‘appeal to authority’.

She doesn’t believe Malone, I don’t believe Fauci.

So far, we’re getting nowhere.

So again, why did Dr. Malone’s words mean nothing to her?

I can list a dozen reasons why I don’t trust or believe Fauci, based on personal relationships to other corrupt people, based on his own constant flip-flopping and moving of goal posts, based on his history of medical experiments on people, based on his financial conflicts of interest, based on his relationship to the ‘establishment’ which all sing from the same hymn book no matter what page he turns to next, and on and on and on.

Can she list a single reason not to trust or believe Dr. Malone? I doubt it.

But leaving that aside for a moment, let’s move on to the complete and total breakdown of rational thought regarding the use of m-RNA vaccines on children.

ALL of the studies show that practically no children die from Covid, and ALL of the studies show that some significant percentage of children are HARMED by the vaxx.

There is ZERO benefit to a child from Covid vaxx, and statistically significant RISK of HARM to a child from the Covid vaxx.

In other words, NO good reason for a child to take it, and VERY GOOD reasons for a child NOT to take it.

None of this registered with the columnist from Daily Telegraph, Madeline Grant. In her frame of mind, she:

1) believes the vaxx prevents transmission of Covid, despite all evidence to the contrary

2) does not believe there is any risk to children, despite all evidence to the contrary

3) believes it would be perfectly acceptable to vaxx children if they live with their grandparents, despite #1 and #2 above, plus the grandparents in her hypothetical would be vaxxed too, even though all evidence shows that the vaxx doesn’t prevent anyone from GETTING Covid, and the vaxx doesn’t prevent anyone from TRANSMITTING Covid.

This appears to be a form of brainwashing.

Brainwashing does not require the coalescing around a charismatic figure, it just requires the basic tenets of persuasion repeated over and over and over again, by peers and media and people whom the subject reveres as ‘authority’ figures.

With enough reinforcement of a narrative, logic is circumvented, because the ‘narrative’ becomes their ‘truth’, and since logic conflicts with their ‘truth’, logic must be wrong, and is therefore discarded or abandoned, at least with regard to that specific belief or ‘truth’.

Logic is not so much ‘abandoned’ as ‘never considered’, because logic creates cognitive dissonance with the ‘narrative’ they have accepted as ‘truth’.

In order to maintain belief in the ‘narrative’ that has been accepted as ‘truth’, anything that contradicts their belief must be pre-emptively disregarded, or rejected, before it ever transcends into conscious awareness.

This is textbook psychological denial.

If the ‘logic’ (or application of ‘reason’, i.e., that which should cause us to question our beliefs in a healthy, normal way) is allowed to reach our conscious awareness, we would consequently question the ‘narrative’.

The narrative does not exist in a vacuum.

It began with fear (of original China virus), promoted by the ‘authorities’ (members of the medical establishment who were part of the overall fraud), and repeated / propagandized by all captured MSM / legacy media.

At that point, a nationwide army of administrators, CEOs and boards of directors, state and local governments, celebrities, school boards and local medical practitioners jumped on the bandwagon.

All of this influenced the majority of regular citizens to ’embrace’ the ‘narrative’, because even though they may have lots of unanswered questions, how could so many people in ‘authority’ be wrong? (even though ‘appeal to authority’ is a logical fallacy, which presumably the average person doesn’t know).

So most people trust the ‘narrative’ more than they trust themselves, because they’re not experts, and they presume:

A) ‘the powers that be’ ARE experts (despite massive evidence of incompetence at best and outright criminal conduct at worst)


B) ‘the powers that be’ have the People’s best interest at heart

C) ‘the powers that be’ could never collude in a criminal conspiracy to deceive the entire population, because that’s just ‘crazy talk’

So the mind ‘fences off’ the things that ‘can’t be’ (e.g., conspiracy theory).

And the mind ‘fences off’ their own doubt and questions, because TPTB are experts.

Once their own natural curiosity and doubt are rejected from consideration, consequently, their capacity to question the narrative is likewise removed from consideration.

Detached from their capacity to reason and question, they are tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine.

Which brings us to another critical element, which (if I understand correctly) differs from most cults.

There is no “rule book” or official book of accepted doctrines and beliefs for this vast global fraud, because they need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances, they need to be able to move the goalposts continually, so anything in writing which might represent ‘accepted truth or doctrine’ of the cult would be another source of cognitive dissonance and cause for doubt and question.

So this particular “big lie” has to remain fluid and dynamic, it cannot be constrained to a hard set of ‘rules’ or ‘doctrines’ as a cult generally is.

We also should remember that the narrative constructors (creators of the Big Lie) always have an advantage of being ‘first mover’, in the sense that “It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled“. — Mark Twain

So the black hats always have that advantage of striking first, fooling the People, and then “we” have the much harder task of convincing them that they have been fooled.

So that is another (second) significant piece of the puzzle, in addition to the brainwashing itself.

Another (third) significant piece of the puzzle is good old fashioned Intimidation and Peer Pressure.

The mask is a perfect example. And my own Mom is a perfect example with regard to the mask. She understands that the mask doesn’t actually DO anything to prevent Covid.

And yet she has a whole collection of masks, hanging off cabinet doors all over the kitchen, and she takes one with her whenever she leaves the house.

She knows they are just a tool of tyranny, she knows they don’t work to prevent Covid, so why does she wear it?

Because she doesn’t want to be hassled by the Karens, i.e., intimidation.

My Mom doesn’t really have a ‘social circle’, but most people do. And for most people who have a ‘social circle’, the majority are going to be people who have bought into the Big Lie. If you don’t buy into the Big Lie too, you risk being ostracized from your ‘social circle’, so there’s your Peer Pressure.

What I’m getting at is that their is a whole WEB of aspects to the Mind Control game being played, and the ones mentioned so far are only a fraction of them, I’m sure.

And we are all susceptible to it, all the time, just on different subjects.

The people HERE at Qtree are not susceptible to the Covid brainwash ‘Big Lie’, because TPTB never got over the initial hurdle with people like us, people who were predisposed to disbelieve the government in the first place.

We weren’t their target audience, they knew they would never fool ALL of the People, and they knew they didn’t need to, they just needed to fool ENOUGH of the People.

And that they have accomplished.

So the question becomes, how do you convince people that they have been fooled, when:

A) it’s much easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled


B) the criminals doing the fooling haven’t stopped, they are still actively fooling the People

The only reason it is possible for TPTB to DO what they’re doing is because they control the Government and they control the messaging apparatus (MSM, propaganda wing of the Government).

Without control of those two things, none of the rest of it is possible.

If MSM was independent, it would expose the Government ‘Big Lie’ before it could ever get ‘Big’.

And as PM has pointed out, what we are experiencing is the inverse of traditional Fascism.

Traditionally, Fascism is a corrupt government that controls corporations as part of the overall control mechanism of tyranny.

What we have today is the opposite. We have hundreds (thousands?) of multinational corporations, all interlinked (via boards of directors), who fund / groom / control candidates who will do their bidding, and the multinational corporation lawyers write all the legislation favorable to their objectives, which their captured politicians pass into Law.

So the criminals in the uppermost levels of interlinked multinational corporations (e.g., World Economic Forum / Davos, etc.) have put their own puppets into positions of government leadership, throughout the Western world, which is why they ALWAYS sing from the same hymn book, and there is NO Western nation who is a dissenter on any Globalist issue (Paris Accords, Globull Warming, Carbon Baloney Credits, Transgenderism, and on and on and on).

Instead of corporations doing the government’s bidding, the governments of the world are doing the bidding of the corporations. Inverse Fascism.

The ‘Big Lie’ concept probably predates Hitler and the Nazis, but they generally get credit for perfecting it.

Big Tech (all multinational corporations) make it all easy to implement and reinforce the message / narrative / propaganda, and at the same time, censor and obfuscate and hide truth presented by opposing forces (i.e., the People, at least those who are awake).

Until or unless Big Tech and MSM are sabotaged or destroyed — or the Government is retaken in order to prosecute and break up Big Tech and MSM — how do we convince the People, people just like Madeline Grant, that they have been fooled?

She is a classic, textbook example.

Educated, plugged in to national social / political circles, and if we give her the benefit of the doubt that she is a useful idiot and not a willing participant in the global fraud, then she might as well be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, to bring it back around to the mental illness / brainwashing theme.

Q: When is a brainwashed person no longer brainwashed?

A: When they have been deprogrammed.

How do you deprogram a brainwashed person?

Whatever the answer is to that question (and I’m sure there are books written about it), can that answer be scaled up to address ‘the masses’?

Because I don’t think just repeating facts and evidence which conflicts with their brainwashing programming is making any significant headway.


I can’t disagree with your premise. Deprogramming cultists or the brainwashed is a long process, I think, and it involves one-on-one therapy in most cases.

So I don’t know how you do that, exactly, with the whole freaking world.

We do have a “Charismatic” leader of all of this chaos (Fauci), and he is assisted by a whole bunch of others (like disciples) in his brainwashing of the followers. A cult doesn’t necessarily have hard and fast “rules; actually, the whims of a cult leader becoming more irrational are often how people break away from a cult. They start to see the leader has feet of clay, and is no different than any other fallible human.

So maybe that is the answer? As the “demands” of Fauci, assisted by the media, government, and Big Pharma, become more and more irrational, the more people will “wake up” from the Covid nightmare and fall away from the brainwashing. Isn’t that what we see happening to some degree already? Wear two masks, get a fourth booster, vaxx kids who are not at risk, on and on. And more people are falling out of the trance every day.

I just hope it happens fast enough to save most of the kids.


“So I don’t know how you do that, exactly, with the whole freaking world.”


Fear would work.

We could always think of something that’s even more scary than Covid.

Like truth! 😁


Yeah, that’s terrifying!


I agree. Evil.

I think the latest message from the White House about the unvaxxed facing darkness and death jumped the shark.

They are already positioning Kamala Harris to “walk it back.”


Honestly, it may all be a “show” to make her the “reasonable alternative,” and shove Joe out the door. That’s my suspicion.


Relentless Truth
https://gab.com/emoji/1f6a8.svg DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND WATCH THIS!!! https://gab.com/emoji/1f6a8.svg
What have anons been saying for 2 weeks now?
How did Putin just describe the Omicron variant?
Why are they freaking out and attempting to lockdown the entire planet when Omicron has killed less than 10 people worldwide?
The real question is, where did the cure come from? https://gab.com/emoji/1f60e.svg
Dr. Malone is all over it as usual…
“So the good news with Omicron is very low disease, highly infectious…it looks an awful lot to experienced vaccinologists like a LIVE ATTENUATED VACCINE THAT YOU MIGHT DESIGN FOR PURPOSE”
“This is about as good as we could possibly want in terms of outcomes.”
“If you believe in a God, this looks an awful lot like a Christmas present.”

[video src="https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/093/492/225/original/517fa4caaec03ae8.mp4" /]


Referencing Robert Malone above:

Relentless Truth




Omicron amazingly shifted from the lungs to the bronchus, where it’s now replicating SEVENTY times faster than previous variants.

The entire world is about to catch a cold, however very few people will die.

The Delta variant mortality rate was significantly higher and we never locked down even during it’s peak.

Governments across the world are freaking out to shut down EVERYTHING over the most mild variant we’ve seen by far.



No Covid = No fear = No control = No Vaccine ID…etc.

The beginning of the end of the Great Reset.



Wow. Hitting the mainstream. Good stuff.


Thank you Eilert for bringing Dr Melon’s interview here. I appreciate your gifts 🙂


Wolf Moon
Thank you so much for speaking truth about the “omicron variant.”
One strongly suspects that the “Biden White House”, the CDC, Fauci / Collins / Baric et al, also know the truth. But the drive to fundamentally and permanently change life in America and to “neuter” the Constitution and Bill of Rights is so all-encompassing with this crowd, they will stop at nothing, until they are stopped. Hence, the “dire warning” coming next week, the “concentration camps for the unvaxxed” in that proposed bill in New York State, the “orders” by Fauci for getting more “booster shots”, the new lockdowns in California, etc.
The thing that Fauci / Baric / Shi et al thought they could “re-wire” is the natural immune system of human beings. In the process, they created a chimeric virus cobbled together from various toxic animal viruses, grafted this toxic combo into a version of the SARS-2 virus, and let it loose into the world. At the same time, they were also busy creating “vaccines” against this virus — “vaccines” that don’t work to prevent infection by the virus, don’t work to prevent transmission of the virus, and DO degrade the natural immune system of the recipients (if not actually destroying it over time — I think this data will likely take years to collect and analyze, provided that the CDC doesn’t destroy the data).
I do think it’s important to acknowledge what I’ll call the “BIG WRONG NEGATIVES” about the “vaccines”:
Severe adverse side effects (neuro, cardiac, etc.)
Blood clots

The documented number of reports of which, for OTHER vaccines, would have forced the rescinding of FDA authorization / FDA “full approval”, and recall of the entire production lines of the COVID” vaccines” (the AZT “vaccine” was recalled due to too many reports of AE and/or deaths). But, even with the documented evidence about the COVID “vaccines” in VAERS (which is now known to be under-reporting by a factor of at least 20, let alone the thousands of anecdotal reports on internet sites, complete with photos / videos, by individuals) — the CDC / FDA have done nothing, except to “not recommend” using the J&J “vaccine.” WHY?

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You gave me much food for thought . Thank you 🙂
I am so glad we have so many skilled thoughtful knowledgeable members here.

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Great info. My questions:

  1. If someone gets sick now and gets tested, say at their doctor’s office, would the test show whether it was Omicron, some other COVID variant, the flu, or none of the above (a cold)? I know the tests are going to change after the first of the year.
  2. If someone gets an actual case of Omicron, do they need to take the therapeutics we have discussed here?

I will maybe not so righteously D3, C, Z and what ever is available to me. I want to knock it out.
My son in Michigan had something he does not know what but thinks it was not covid. He was sick for almost a week and it was like a head cold and bronchial. His wife was sicker they both had the 2 jabs.


If I were to get anything resembling a cold/flu/covid, I’d be hitting the stockpiled goodies.

Then, again, I’ve been going for years with zinc/C/D during cold/flu season and generally never notice anything. The only thing that has changed with covid is that it’s zinc/C/D + quercetin + selenium + additional D year-round. Eventually, all the zinc is going to rob a problematic amount of copper out of my body….


I have to take Baush +Lomb Presser Vision Ared2 for eye problems. See the balance between zinc and copper?

Recommend per day :

Zinc 80mg
Copper 2mg
Vitamin C 500mg
Lutein 10mg
Zeaxanthin 2mg
E 180mg


Good info!


I have been taking it for 20 years.




No adverse health problems from it.



Zorro rides

I heard elsewhere about zinc build-up preventing copper assimilation. I’ve begun taking my copper by its lonely self, usually just before sunrise.

Doing that seems a bit extreme. Turns out I have to be up to pee anyway, whether I want to or not. So, now there’s two fewer birds …

I have no idea if this works. But copper is good for us and necessary too. Kinda like telling Mr Healthy Metabolism, “Hey, give me credit for trying.”


Good idea 🙂


I take as well.


We should be ok concerning Zinc 🙂


More evidence the vaccines don’t do c–p….

And that’s exactly what we have gotten out of the ‘authorities….


Gates is a forceful puke that would the Niagara Falls … and repel by the same volume. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮



Tipping Point — Daniel Horowitz — Persecution of the Unvaccinated





Not Making Headlines: Omicron Variant So Weak that South Africa will Stop Tracing and Quarantining of Contacts


They should be ridiculed. They want everyone to freak out over a cold!


Lots more from Dr. Peter McCullough here: https://www.americaoutloud.com/author/dr-peter-mccullough/


Just finished watching the amazing 2 hour 47 minute Joe Rogan – Peter McCullough interview. https://rumble.com/vqxepz-dr.-peter-mccullough-and-joe-rogan-talk-about-the-facts-in-which-ever-human.html

They both were so impressive.  

Some of the last things Dr. McCullough said – that vaccine myocarditis is generally more critical with “explosive chest pain, early heart failure, EKG, and massive troponin rises…” 

He also said “Censorship that has suppressed for two years, information on safe and effective early treatment, and censorship on vaccine safety, has led to large numbers of deaths, hospitalizations, and permanent disability, Joe. There is no greater public health crisis than the impact of censorship in Covid19.” 


May want to move this one over to tomorrow’s thread. But man, this exactly what I need to hear from our POTUS.


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