Dear Woke State University – I Ain’t Takin’ Your Clot Shot Cruise to VACCINE HELL

If you ever graduated from any college or university in America, then you are familiar with how these institutions now make money – after they long-ago stumbled past the point of “Go Woke, Go Broke”.

SPORTS is the big moneymaker – but not every alumnus shells out for tickets – much less ponies up the big donation bucks for a locker room to be named after their family.

For the “humanities” types, and the “cultured corporate elite” types, and most of all the “seniors with too much time and money” types, a different approach is needed.

Enter the “alumni cruise” racket.

For several thousand dollars each – not counting your air fare to the correct continent or port city – you can visit a half-dozen famous cities and see their most famous historic sites. And don’t worry if those cities are land-locked – you can take a river cruise to see THOSE, too.

Surely, if you went to college, and the college has your address, you get those slick brochures for alumni cruises as a heavy component of your “almost junk” mail.

In the past, these cruises were always a bit of a temptation, even though we really couldn’t afford one. Nonetheless, we were always on the lookout for THE ONE VACATION CRUISE that would get two thumbs up, as well as the whole obstacle course of reality green lights.

However….. before we ever got around to taking an alumni cruise…..


COVID-19 was actually PROPAGANDIZED using a cruise ship – the Diamond Princess – which was helpful to the plotters in the short term, but not in the long term, as the ship turned into a laboratory which – in the hands of independent science – ended up debunking 90% of Faucism.



Let me drop some of the SWEET graphs out of this thing, as a way of TEMPTING you to click the links.

But let us not digress into YET ANOTHER worthy critique of the “clot shot” itself.

Instead, let us note the following:

  • cruise lines were one of the biggest victims of COVID-19 fear-mongering, and the universe of stupid policies it spawned, ceasing all travel for over a year.
  • when travel on cruise ships was once again allowed, cruise lines were encouraged to be draconian in their policies for travelers, requiring vaccinations, masks, etc.
  • the wicked media HOUNDED the cruise lines for months, jumping on every COVID case at sea, trying not only to prevent the cruise lines from opening back up, but insuring that the lines would thereafter adopt and cling to draconian measures.

NOW – here is the problem.

I have watched these stupid brochures, to see exactly how “COVID-woke” these cruises would be, because there is no way in hell that I’m going to get a COVID vaccination to travel – particularly with a vaccine that is very likely to aggravate my various post-COVID ailments and conditions.

Initially, the brochures attempted to use COVID fears as a selling point, BRAGGING incessantly about just how safe their cruise ships were, due to vaccine and masking requirements, which were in place for all travelers and crew.

Indeed, I was afraid for a while that this kind of thinking might spread, but my worries were unfounded, as just the opposite happened. I suspect that cruise lines initially got SOME takers for these “safety cruises”, but then quickly learned that the MASKY FEAR DEMS WHO WERE WILLING TO TRAVEL were in fact a small and hardly profitable minority.

Most of my “masky” and “vaxxy” Dem friends and neighbors are unwilling to go out to eat at a restaurant, much less take a cruise. There simply CAN’T be many takers for a cruise in that crowd.

Thus, it wasn’t too long, before “mask pride” and “vaxx pride” disappeared from alumni cruise brochures, only to be replaced by the back-fold section of “oh, by the way, you must be vaccinated” requirements.

That went on for a while, and it was fairly easy for me to quickly determine that – YES – there was still a vaccine requirement for all passengers and crew.

Now I thought THAT state of affairs would go on forever, but – surprise, surprise, surprise – I was wrong. It sure looks like there are NOT enough people willing to get vaccinated, for these alumni cruises to make the money they need. Because the next thing they did was to make the COVID vaccination requirement extremely tiny, hard to find, or both.

REALLY! You don’t say. Ashamed of your COVID vaccination requirement? Gettin’ in the way of the CASH? You have to DUPE old people with FINE PRINT that’s impossible to find, or to read without a magnifier?

THAT was when I started having a good laugh.


Hardy-har-har. The SCHADENFREUDE was most excellent.

But that’s not the end of it! Oh, no!

Oh, those silly old people with their PATIENCE, their TIME AT HOME, and their MAGNIFYING GLASSES. Apparently, microscopic print and bizarre, changing locations on the brochures were not enough to deter foolish old seniors from REJECTING cruises with vaccine requirements.

So what did the VACCINE CRUISE sellers do NEXT?

I am now seeing MYRIAD “artful dodges” of the COVID vaccination questions – almost ALL of which end up as follows:

  • reader must go online and dig through numerous links to confirm that – YES, STUPID BARBARIAN – vaccines are required
  • question is not answered, in such a way that….
    • passengers must sign up, accepting moneymaker cancellation requirements
    • requirements will be announced prior to the trip, too late to get all your money back, but with plenty of time to get the vaccine ahead of the “we don’t want them to drop dead on our boat” vaccination window of two weeks prior to embarkation

Here is an example of the FIRST case, where you get a link, go online, and get repeatedly redirected. Eventually, you get to HERE:

AH! So that’s the shift of responsibility. So go read more…..


This is a long page with lots of nice, happy, and less than helpful information, and at the end you are told to go check with the individual cruise lines, thankfully provided as links.

Here is where one link goes – for Oceania Cruises.


At least THEY are direct, and don’t send you to a gazillion more pages.

Scroll down, click around, and eventually you get this:

Let’s include that as TEXT for our low-vision friends.


All guests sailing are required to be fully vaccinated, at least 2 weeks prior to departure, in order to board. For embarkation from European ports, the EU definition of fully vaccinated is as follows:

A passenger or crew member who carries a proof of vaccination, and at least 14 days and no more than 270 days have passed since the last dose of the primary vaccination series or if the person has received a third dose.

Any guest whose primary COVID-19 vaccination will be beyond 270 days at the time of disembarkation from their voyage must have a COVID-19 “booster” at least 14 days prior to embarkation.

To visit our FAQ for the latest vaccine protocol information and accepted vaccines, click here.

So that’s it. You must be vaccinated.

Now, the SECOND type of DODGE doesn’t even resolve the ambiguity. This technique is absolute FOOT IN THE DOOR.

On the brochure, you find THIS, in fine print on the back page.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols: The well-being of our guests and staff members on tour will continue to be our highest priorities. To maintain a healthy environment for travel, we will be establishing and adhering to a detailed set of health and safety protocols for all facets of your tour. We are committed to following the guidelines of the State Department, CDC, WHO, and authorities of respective countries regarding travel to a particular destination. Detailed protocols for this tour, based on conditions at the time, will be provided approximately 115 days prior to departure.

There is no way to make a SOLID assessment from this level of information. In fact, the only way to get a HINT is to search the brochure for information as to the identity of the cruise line itself, and to research that company’s current and likely future policies on vaccination.

SO – does it seem to you that “THEY” have now switched from LURING you into vaccination, to actually CORNERING you into vaccination?

That’s what it seems like to me.

Here is a simple message for these cruise lines, universities, and alumni associations.

We are NOT signing up for a cruise that does not PROMISE us that we don’t have to be vaccinated. We don’t care about testing – that’s a great idea on a cruise. You should be testing the VACCINATED people most of all. I’ll even explain the SCIENCE of that fact to the captain and chief medical officer at dinner.

But we won’t be getting vaccinated.

And if that means NO CRUISES EVER, well, then, TOO DAMN BAD.

No cruises ever.

Think about it, y’all. Think about it REAL GOOD.

There are plenty of other vacations out there.


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The vaccines do not prevent the disease or stop the spread. The rumor that it keeps people from getting severe cases (going into cytokine storms?) is unproven.

Cruise ships are petrie dishes for all sorts of bacterial and viral outbreaks – from stomach virus to food poisoning.

A cruise ship is just a floating high rise apartment building with shared air ducts.

No thanks.


Precisely. And way to many unknowns of people who could be pedos or drunks thatll go nuts and throw your family member overboard…etc.
No ty.

Brave and Free

I couldn’t agree more Wolf. F the cruise lines and every other vacation destination who requires a clot shot.

Last edited 2 years ago by Brave and Free

Wolf, I Really Enjoyed this post. I completely agree with you, and having never been on a cruise, I haven’t missed out much, and as I rarely read my alumni propaganda as I can’t afford to donate, and we know that is what alumni propaganda is meant to drudge out of the alums, Have you ever seen this from Dr. Johnson? “”No man will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into a jail. … For being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned. … A man in a jail has more room, better food, and, commonly, better company.”


Just to mention, the quote I posted from Dr. Johnson is from the 1700’s, and back then, jails were very different, and I believe if you had the money you could procure food from Outside the jail. And common sailors had a pretty rough life, from what I’ve read.


I never had the dream of being on a cruise ship. So many people seem to enjoy them and some go every year and swear by them. The idea for me is not a happy one to be on a ship cramped into a small space. See a lot of problems with food prep and cleanliness and so many people for a week together on the ship.
They are getting sneaky concerning requering shots is not so open for now because of fall election?
All beds are off prep yourselves until after election. Hope the people we vote in have a strong spine and do the right thing.


I went on a cruise in 2016. It was a quilting cruise and it was nearly no extra cost to have me go along as it would have been for the fiancee to do a single room. While she quilted, I did accounting CPE.

A cruise ship is just a large hotel that goes to different places at night. The next day, you can do port activities, but have to be back promptly or they’ll leave you there. I got to see bits of Alaska I wouldn’t have seen otherwise and ride the White Pass & Yukon train.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do one again.


That just shows a cruise is for some people and can be enjoyable. All in perspective and why one takes a cruise. I have heard many nice stories from people who do them on regular basis. They like the convenience to see places like you they never would have seen.
I rather spend a week in a spiritual retread or Monastery than on a cruise. I know I am strange 🙂 Getting away quiet time meeting with kind people is nourishing to my soul.
I like out of the way places with woods , meadows old simple buildings.


Oh, and the internet between ports sucketh mucheth.


Singing soul. Love your comments. My great aunt and uncle took a banana boat to S. America long long ago, and long long ago, tI thought that might bwe fun, and freighters were cheaper, and they had fun. Sad those days are gone, probably forever.


Yes I know people who went from Germany to Botswana like that. My husband came in 1961 with a German ship to Germany. He loved it but those were different times..:)

Cuppa Covfefe

With all their chicanery, one might say, “You cruise, you lose”…

Seems that “Higher” education are stooping lower and lower by the minute. Add to that the fact that their product’s “Fitness for Purpose” only benefits the Elites’s purpose; for the (sadly) conned students, the usually liberal-arts degree is less than useless…

PowerLine had a great meme of a broke liberal arts major who was about to have his electricity cut off (with $20K in student loans yet to pay), while a trade-school graduate, employed and free of debt, making $80K (IIRC) was up on the pole outside to cut off the juice…


Cuppa, you’re onto it.


Wifey, daughter and I did a Disney 3 day cruise back in the day when she was a young teenager. It was well before we knew Disney was, well, 💩Disney. However, Epstein and groomer were flying high nearby then it appears. 😡

Guess what will not happen again – ever? Just say no to cruise lines. Too many groomers, perverts and criminals.

They can stick their jabs and mandates up their putrid arses – no matter who requires it. Not playing the game any more.

Last edited 2 years ago by TradeBait2

..So am I to take it the thought of relaxing on the open seas deck in the warm sunshine on a chaise lounge where the waitress shuttles cold tropical flavored umbrella drinks is an age bracket ?  😂  .. or simply another way to trick old folks into surrendering to the jab?
Personally, being locked up ANYWHERE with thousands of people never appealed to me.

But,..there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Fla is WIDE OPEN, plenty of places along the Keys to ‘put your toes in the warm sand’ , enjoy the sun, open air and probably line up a 3-4 day personal sailboat cruise with a little internet sleuthing beforehand.  😃 
Freshly caught fish as meals are always the bonus  😃 

Nonetheless, I’m still protecting the unvaxed control group one gimmick at a time.


Its definitely available. Your comfort is key. Because of the twin hull design Catamarans will offer the most extra space and privacy when needed. Wind is free.
Use common sense, avoid drug trafficking lanes and 3rd world areas.
Most overnite anchorages are in small quiet wind/current protected island coves.
If your lucky, maybe you can snorkle and find a lobster dinner.
If you just want to get out of dodge find clear water and warmth, check out Fla’s Islamorada. Good place to start, 1,1/2 hr drive south of Miami.
Plan ahead to avoid hurricane season.  😃 

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Though my degree was definitely NOT an arts degree, I do recall how many of them looked down on the engineering college as just a fancy trade school.

My alma mater nickled and dimed me so much while I was there that I swore they’d never get a mill out of me after I graduated. And they haven’t.