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Cover image from my favorite Fourth of July night ever:

From a city where fireworks – at least the little ones – are sold in the grocery stores…LOVE IT!

Badlands News Brief – July 3, 2024

Key Democrat donors threaten to pull plug if Biden doesn’t resign, as furious party insiders reveal ‘worst fears’ about ailing president have now been confirmed: ‘How stupid do they think we are?’

‘We Gon’ Blow The Party Up’: Delegate Warns Black Women Will Destroy Dems If They Choose ‘White Man Over Kamala’

And they’d do it, too.

“I Think It’s a Legitimate Question to Say, Is This An Episode, Or Is This a Condition?” – Pelosi Questions Biden’s Mental State (VIDEO)

Either way, he has pudding for brains. Always has had.

Twenty-five House Democrats reportedly preparing to call for Biden to end re-election effort: ‘The dam has broken’

New Report: The FBI Organized Neo-Nazi Rallies To Lure, Identify Citizens

It’s just a report, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Bombshell: FBI supervisor alleges bureau improperly pulling conservative agents’ security clearances

The Times’ Desperate Attempt to Create a New Jan 6 Committee From the Carcass of Jack Smith’s Dead Jan 6 Trump Indictment…

‘They’ve Been Lying to Us and Covering Up’: Graham Says Biden Health a ‘Problem in the Making for over a Year’

It’s been longer than that.

Why Communist China-Connected Temu Is Worse Than TikTok

Democratic Nominee 2024 – Vegas odds

SCOTUS Didn’t Just Upend Jack Smith’s Plans to Try Trump, They May Have Ended His Entire Prosecution

James Clyburn Heads to White House to Tell Joe Biden What’s Up

James Clyburn Visits 10 Key Precincts for Ballot Collection in Three Wisconsin Cities (Madison, Milwaukee, Beloit) and No One Notices


After doing some research about the origins of the Chevron ruling, I found some pretty interesting discussions about this ruling when it first started. This discovery adds significant meaning to the recent SCOTUS ruling that has undone this rapidly expanding, dangerous, overreaching doctrine. First of all, the Supreme Court’s Chevron decision began on June 25th, 1984. The SCOTUS decision REQUIRED the courts to give federal agencies the benefit of the doubt and room to flex their governing muscles when interpreting and applying ambiguous and limited language federal statutes. Essentially, federal agencies were given power to establish rules, regulations, and fines for what they alone deemed to be prudent in their positions of control over businesses and the citizenry of the United States with ZERO Congressional oversight. Some opposition groups called it a “blank check” for bureaucratic overreach and abuse. The timing of the ruling is also important to understand. Ronald Reagan was 6 months into his 2nd four year term when 6 SCOTUS justices voted in favor of the Chevron doctrine. George H W Bush was by is VP. Three liberals, one centrist, and two conservative Supreme Court justices voted in favor of the ruling. If you know Reagan’s time in office, you know he faced many oppositions, one of which was a liberal leaning Supreme Court. Reagan wanted to limit government size and overreach and to prevent governmental abuse of power. That was directly countered by giving the Chevron doctrine life and support. Though perhaps misunderstood by the SCOTUS at the time to the abuse of power it would create and enable, the ruling was in complete opposition to Reagan’s style of governing because it recklessly allowed government overreach. The current SCOTUS undid this terrible doctrine, almost 40 years to the day since it was established by the 1984 SCOTUS. There is something else to this, something huge, that I will be sharing in the coming days that will strike deeply in the hearts and minds of Patriots that followed Q drops. A proof that may take the award for the most important proof we’ve seen to date. Once I put that thread together, you’ll know what I’m referring to.

With all the bombshells in the last week from SCOTUS, we seemed to have missed this.

The comments are hilarious.

And so CONVENIENT that SCOTUS just happened to rule on these issues less than half a year before President Trump resumes office if the vote stealing regime can be stopped.

In what is generally a slow news day and news weekend (4th of July weekend), mainstream media networks have many of their key journalists canceling their holiday plans and have told them to be on standby for tomorrow (July4th) and July 5th since they were told they didn’t need to be at their studios for the next few days. Many are obviously out and traveling on Independence Day, and the day after (5th) is typically one of the slowest news days of the year. News networks are anticipating a timed announcement about Biden ending his Presidential campaign but the Biden staff call indicated the White House is still planning their July 4th BBQ as if everything is normal. The dilemma is now that time is of the essence, the entire world is wondering what

@JoeBiden will do next following meetings at the White House today, but most Americans are traveling for the holiday and would be distracted if a major announcement was made. Kind of poetic that Biden’s demise peaked on Independence Day Weekend. Talk about fireworks!


Send them our way. We have all sorts of owls and hawks, but plenty of rodents to feed them Send them our way.



Well, somebody had to do it.


It sucks having to know this reality.


Not sure on the sauce on this one, but….

Been saying this for years.

Coming soon to a coffee table book near you.

Since so many here love it…and I…those Glorias are no joke (high As pianissimo even if the guys ignored that marking?)…alright, here you go:


And now for the business portion.

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Thank you so much for any and all attention to such details. It is GREATLY appreciated by more than one party here.


From the Independence Day readings (yes, all national holidays have their own set):

PSALMS 19:8-11

7The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple; 8the precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes; 9the fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever; the ordinances of the LORD are true, and righteous altogether. 10More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb.


1And getting into a boat he crossed over and came to his own city. 2And behold, they brought to him a paralytic, lying on his bed; and when Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic, “Take heart, my son; your sins are forgiven.” 3And behold, some of the scribes said to themselves, “This man is blaspheming.” 4But Jesus, knowing their thoughts, said, “Why do you think evil in your hearts? 5For which is easier, to say, `Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, `Rise and walk’? 6But that you may know that the Son of man has authority on earth to forgive sins” — he then said to the paralytic — “Rise, take up your bed and go home.” 7And he rose and went home. 8When the crowds saw it, they were afraid, and they glorified God, who had given such authority to men.



Sorry, but satire is hard to come by on a holiday, and the author needs to get up early to sing 8 am Mass. Happy Fourth of July y’all.

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Thank you, De Pat, for this Glorious Independence Day post!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy



I think it’s illegal to set off fireworks in D.C. I wonder how the D.C. cops will handle the orderly crowds peacefully celebrating tonight.



Play Ball!

In these strange days I don’t feel down
For I have hope that lifts me up
Bad things come to break my spirit
But I won’t drink that sorrowful cup

I could worry about our world
Will the dark have its evil way
Or will some good be ours to see?
Will this black night turn into day?

I could fret about the future
Just what it holds for me and mine
But that same hope rings eternal
And there’s no place for woe or whine

Just when life throws you a curve ball
A bright light comes, piercing the dark
And before you can even swing
God has hit it out of the park

So I’ll hold firmly to that hope
That God has given for all time
Knowing that He will give me strength
To walk those hills I have to climb

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Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you!!!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Nice – and I could use that right now!!! 💖


Terrific post – thank you.

Valerie Curren

God Bless ALL Q-Treepers this Independence Day and Always. Whom the Son sets Free is Free indeed!!! 🙏😇🙏

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Valerie Curren



Sony quit making floppy disks in 2011. That means they’re all collectors’ items!!!


I have dozens of these dinosaurs. Make me an offer.

Gail Combs

This Badlands News Brief is full of very useful information. Gordon (Ghost) has out done himself in bringing the news about Saudi Arabia, Israel and NATO that is NOT common knowledge.
This is just one of Gordon’s MAJOR nuggets…

…The Truman Doctrine was signed in 1947, as part of a comprehensive effort to stand up against what were perceived as threats from Soviet Russia. That year Truman also signed the National Security Act, creating an intelligence agency that would be tasked with brainwashing the world’s populations to love America and hate communism— or at least, that was what the CIA claimed to be doing.

Driving this drama was a standoff between the Soviets and Turkey at the end of WW2. The Soviets wanted access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea through the Turkish Straits. The Allies pressured Turkey to refuse, and when Britain ended their naval assistance in 1947, Truman dispatched the Franklin D. Roosevelt aircraft carrier battle group to keep the Straits under Turkish control, along with $100 million of “foreign aid.”

Turkey joined NATO in 1952.

Given the perceived aggression of the Soviets, NATO was tasked with providing an international bulwark of military power against the communists. When it came to staffing NATO’s military brass, the Allies turned to the professionals who knew the communists the best: former intelligence officers of the Nazi Waffen SS.

Before WW2, Alexander Dolezalek was an officer in the Race and Settlement Main Office— one of the three oldest SS offices in the Third Reich. During the war, he was promoted to the Waffen SS, and assigned as leader of the Britisches Freikorps (British Free Corps) which was a volunteer unit composed of about 60 British men who had willingly defected to serve in the Third Reich.

Their sole task was propaganda.

After the war, he changed his last name to Bomhoff and was hired by NATO to run their “All-European educational project,” which was exactly what it sounds like.

Then there’s Adolf Heusinger, who was the Inspector General of the Nazi Bundeswehr, as well as the Operations Chief within the general staff of the [Nazi] High Command of the German Army.

Heusinger was appointed head of the West German military from 1957-1961, and then Chair of NATO’s military from 1961-1964.

That’s right: during JFK’s presidency, an actual Nazi high commander was the head of NATO’s military.

(This list goes on and on.)

  :wpds_arrow: There’s also the little secret that the founding documents of the European Union—founded in 1993— were basically photocopies of the Third Reich’s plans for post-war Europe, had they won… but that’s a rabbit hole for another day.   :wpds_shock: 


That’ll be an interesting rabbit hole.

Gail Combs

Gordon is very very good at diving down Rabbit Holes. I am so glad he got enticed into being a Badlands contributor. He is NOT a historian, he is an architect, but his studies of old European architecture included a LOT of history. History is not his job, it is his passion and it shows.


Nazis everywhere. They’re like rodents – always scurrying and always burrowing.

When the nazis and the commies go far enough in their respective directions, they meet and they each think the other is an image in a mirror.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Twin demons from hell!!!

Gail Combs

National ‘Socialists’ vs INTERNATIONAL ‘Socialists’

The only REAL difference is WHO IS IN CHARGE…


Truman was also a freemason. So there’s that angle as well.

Gail Combs

Truman ALSO implemented the Marshall Plan aka GIVING EUROPE OUR MONEY. And we have been doing it ever since.

Gail Combs


comment image

Key Democrat donors threaten to pull plug if Biden doesn’t resign, as furious party insiders reveal ‘worst fears’ about ailing president have now been confirmed: ‘How stupid do they think we are?’

….Biden’s apparent lack of urgency in addressing the party panic’s is even now raising alarm among Democratic lawmakers, who fear Biden’s stumbles may end up hurting their own electoral prospects.

‘Everyone is waiting to see what the president is going to do and say,’ one House member said. ‘I think the president himself needs to be doing some major reach-out to Congressional leaders.’

An aide to a House Democrat who faces a competitive Republican challenger in November re-iterated those concerns and told the Mail that there are real worries that dissatisfaction with Biden will depress voter turnout overall.

According to Brett Bruen, a former Obama White House adviser, this widening

Democrat dread is entirely predictable. 

‘The donors are the canaries in the political coal mine,’ he said. ‘As polls in the last day have indicated, there are reverberations from Biden’s performance up and down the ticket.’

‘The notion that it gets messy if Biden steps aside overlooks the fact that it’s already a big freaking mess,’ he added….


OH, and do not forget the recent news about Epstein (Who did not kill himself)

I can not find the released info from the Grand Jury, but they KNEW for years Epstein was a Pedo but he was PROTECTED. (I heard it on Badlands.)

The CIA Protected Epstein — The Burning Platform by Martin Armstrong

Wall Street Journal 2023: Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top LawyerSchedules and emails detail meetings in the years after he was a convicted sex offender; visitors cite his wealth and connections

Last edited 20 days ago by Gail Combs

“Democrat donor Whitney Tilson similarly didn’t his mince words.

‘They’re p***ing on our legs and telling us it’s raining. It’s insulting. How stupid do they think we are?'”


Whitney, do you really want to know?

Because considering you only noticed the Potato of the United States was mentally incapacitated last week, you almost certainly set some kind of record 😂


It’s all kabuki theater or some such bullshit performance.

Truth is they know that DJT is going to win massively. They’re really worried his coattails are long and wide, covering the House and Senate. They’re going to pull back their money but they don’t want to be blamed for losing the election so they’re peddling the blame-it-on-Joe script.

Just hope the lawyers are ready with the lawsuits, for the day after Election Day.


^^^ This.

The election steal is on full court press style for Congressional seats. Patriots and MAGA need to focus there. It is all about containing and handcuffing PDT post election.

Last edited 20 days ago by TradeBait2

Yup. Congress is the real battle ground.

Congress, key to stopping Trump initiatives, another impeachment…

Barb Meier

If this is a repeat, I won’t apologize. It’s just too good not to savor. Philly radio station must not have gotten the memo to edit Joe’s comments.

GWP: Biden Tells Black-Owned Philly Radio Station That He’s “Proud” to Be “The First Black Woman to Serve with a Black President” (AUDIO)

Joe Biden sat down for a pre-recorded interview with black-owned Philly-based radio station WURD to discuss his campaign strategy after his disastrous debate.

Biden did two pre-recorded radio interviews following last week’s debate – one with Wisconsin-based WAUK and the other with Philly-based WURD.

Both interviews aired on Thursday morning.

Joe Biden told black radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders that he’s proud to be the first black woman to serve with a black president.

“And by the way, I’m proud to be – as I’ve said – the first Vice President – first black woman to serve with a black president,” Biden said.

Biden’s wires got crossed as he tried to boast about his VP Kamala Harris and his days serving as Obama’s Vice President.

Last edited 20 days ago by Barb Meier

Pandering is tricky business


‘We Gon’ Blow The Party Up’: Delegate Warns Black Women Will Destroy Dems If They Choose ‘White Man Over Kamala’

You go, girl!

Blow it up real good… 👍 😁


Last edited 20 days ago by scott467
Gail Combs

Yeah, that is a great article.


Don’t miss the video, this woman is just… special.



Yup. Listen to the loony bitch. S T A Y The Course.

D-Rat implosion would be a gift to the Country.

Sadly strongest rumor is Briben will quit the race.

I’m not sensing Briben will resign. That’s gonna take a couple weeks of arm twisting.

Gail Combs

AND the whole country gets to watch the show.

pat frederick

i honestly think he’s holding out for the right deal: immunity for the entire family, they get to keep all the ill gotten gains, pushing his stupid biography to the top of the best sellers list, a book deal for the taco, and cash–plenty of cash. the maggot has always been a “what’s in it for me” kind of guy

Gail Combs

He didn’t earn the name BRIBEM for nothing.


Thinking you are correct.

Book dealS (Joe, Taco, Hunter, Ashley…) will deliver a nice down payment, towards a platinum retirement for all.

Briben is in driver seat on Pardons for Hunter James, entire Briben Crime Clan.

Guessing Briben could pardon himself. IF not, Hoe would pardon Briben for immediate access to WH keys.

Gail Combs

ALSO a lot of the Ukraine BILLIONS are sitting in a Swiss bank acct waiting for the Biden clan.

I keep thinking Biden INC WILL NOT BE PARDONED by Putin and neither will the Sorry-a$$ clan.🤔


My Guesstimate.

Russia has their own timeline. They’ll deal with Nordstrom explosions, Ukraine AND attacks on Russian soil, on their own schedule. Without a word.

I continue to believe Francis Scott Key Bridge was the first installment. <<< Never to be acknowledged, ever.

Briben will not be the only individual taken out. Select infrastructure AND individuals.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Could very well be. And I’m thinking George Soros *and family* may be part of that. Ultimately, they pushed this war into existence.


Yup. If the SorAss Clan gets taken out, it’ll be a great day by me.

Someone else likely try to pick up their evil doing. Which can also be dealt with.

pat frederick

we’ll party like it’s 1776!


Can I handle that much joy?

You betcha!!!

Gail Combs

  :wpds_beg:   :wpds_wink:   :wpds_smile: 


along that line of thinking there was this just the other day. —> Russian satellite breaks up in space, forces ISS astronauts to shelter
It’s being played off as happens all the time.

What really happened IDK.

Gail Combs

Putin is very measured and patient… AND SMART!


I really like your thinking about the bridge. Now that I think about it, it’s VERY logical and connects ALL the dots.

Gail Combs

It certainly is NOT as is portrayed in the media.

ALL the crew HELD FOR WEEKS???


Crew held for weeks…By Order Of…

No. Really.

  • Within hours they it was an accident.

Crew held by order of…
HLS? FIB? ButtPlug?

  • Key Stone Cops at best..
Gail Combs

“It was sabotage.”

Lara Logan On The Francis Scott Key Bridge:

13 minutes of LOTS of INFO:

From a Comment at :

OPERATION BRIDGE TAKEDOWN: The Carefully Controlled Demolition Of The Very Important Baltimore Bridge—WHO & WHY? — The Burning Platform


From day one, first reading…

Slow Guy figured…



Act Of War.


Payback is a bitch. First installment delivered. There will be more. Totally different.

When the next one arrives, HLS, FIB, DoD will all quickly, within hours, conclude, an innocent accident.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Gail Combs

The captain was Ukrainian…

At this point I would not put it passed NATO/WEF/UK

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. A FAMILY PARDON BY CACKLES has to be the rotten cherry on top of the stinky deal!!!


Hoe will cite Ford, pardoning Nixon.

Pardon Briben, so the country can move forward, heal…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, wow – it almost writes itself!

They CANNOT let Trump win. How far will they go to stop him?


S T O P Trump ! Whatever it takes.

  • It’s all crystal clear to Slow Guy.


Briben declares his candidacy in 2020.

  • Taking over the adult table.
  • Other candidates cast aside.
  • Likely bribed to do so.

Briben hides in his basement, near daily.

Briben can’t finish simple thoughts, daily.

Pravda News AND politicians of All Stripes ,Ignored Briben's obvious failing mental abilities - dementia.  


  • Obviously stolen election.
  • Vote counts on TV show votes taken away.
  • Impossible Briben vote count leaps.

^^^ 100% Trump Must Be Stopped.


Above not enough?

Endless attacks since coming down the escalator.

Russia, Russia…

Mueller, Comey, McCabe…

FIB allowing lies to go forward.

FIB NOT investigating leads…

Two impeachments.

In ALL of the above, r-Cons played along.


Efforts to kick Trump off of numerous state ballots.

Lawfare court cases, DC, NY, another NY, GA, FL..

Criminals will NOT Stop, Until Trump Is Stopped


How does it work?
How can one be pardoned without stating the specific crimes that are being pardoned, let alone never having been charged with. Is it a sort of general thing, like anything you’ve ever done in the past is expunged, that sounds a bit crazy.

Last edited 20 days ago by RAC

That’s what I was wondering


It can be almost anything vaguely describing the crimes. It holds until some prosecutor fights it.


So your last sentence means it wouldn’t get him off the hook entirely if someone with authority wanted to pursue it ?

Asking for Cornpop who was assaulted and had his reputation damaged. 😀 


lol good example


Regarding your question, it all depends on what a court says the pardon covers. Just like the SCOTUS immunity case – trial court must determine what is and what isn’t.


Good PG chimed in. Best I could have said was lotsa vague broad words…

The protected class, will be protected.


Dumbest thing anybody could do is pardon a Biden. At that point there is no 5th amendment protection against self-incrimination since there is no crime with which one could be charged. The pardoned person would have to tell the truth under oath. No way out. Refusal is contempt of court and causes jail until willing to talk.

Gail Combs

What a very very nice TRAP.


Doncha know, Briben has dementia.

  • Four plus years of evidence.
  • Hur concurs AND has been paid off.
  • Briben is confused, no recall…
  • Babbles at best.

But not the others.


If they’re twisting Biden’s arm, they have the wrong appendage on the wrong person.

Jill Biden is the holdout. And she has enough history in DC to have all the blackmail. I don’t think Biden (either one) is going anywhere.

Remember, if anyone knows for sure that Michelle Obama is really Michael, “Dr.” Jill does.

Last edited 20 days ago by Aubergine
pat frederick

that’s why the book deal for her. she get to go on publicity tours–at the expense of the “publisher”…talk shows…book signings…she’d eat that up. plus the cash–you know how those deals work.

Robert Baker

If they do destroy the Democrat party then she would be eligible for the Medal of Freedom sometime in the future. It may turn out that angry black women save the Republic. Human beings are strange creatures indeed.

Last edited 20 days ago by Robert Baker
Gail Combs

‘We Gon’ Blow The Party Up’: Delegate Warns Black Women Will Destroy Dems If They Choose ‘White Man Over Kamala’

…“Joe Biden is not just the president; there’s a whole team of people, there’s an administration,” she added. “So if Joe Biden, when he gets reelected, which my prediction is that he will, he brings with him Kamala Harris, the most diverse administration in the history of this country. Y’all need to just stay the course. We got more black judges appointed under Joe Biden than anyone, even President Barack Obama.”…

This is hysterical.😆

The DemonRats built their party on ‘Diversity’ and as this women shows, their LOYALTY IS TO THEIR TRIBE, not the party and certainly not the country so NOW the in-fighting begins at the 11th hour. Think Jews vs supporters of a Palestine state.

What to do, What to do…
Stay with senile Joe.
Sub in Cackling Kamala who put LOTS OF BLACKS IN PRISON.
Go with Gruesome Newsome


Drag Big Mike and Hitlary out of cold storage.


“Y’all need to just stay the course. We got more black judges appointed under Joe Biden than anyone, even President Barack Obama.”


Imagine, for a moment, if a white person said “We got more white judges appointed under [whoever] than anyone.”

But it’s fine when a black woman says it.

Gail Combs


REMEMBER this woman is a LAWYER so she is NOT neutral on the subject and is probably hoping for a judgeship.


Which is why We the People need to ridicule those who call us racists.

Last edited 20 days ago by TradeBait2

Make no mistake, this delegate’s ‘stay the course’ plan is South Africa 2.0.


Off the wall.

Hoe still comes across as the mental midget she is.

But I have not heard the Hoe cackle recently.

Gail Combs

Maybe someone has been using an electroshock dog collar to train her NOT to cackle…

The Shocking Truth About Dog Shock Collars – Furtropolis

March 28, 2022 – Are shock collars bad for dogs? Here are the pros and cons of using shock collars for training and behavior modification…

Shock collars are also known as dog training collars, e-collars, or electronic collars. These training devices work by first giving your dog a warning beep or vibration, which is followed by a remote shock if he doesn’t stop the bad behavior.

E-collars are probably most commonly used in conjunction with electronic fencing that activates the collar, which delivers a shock at the collar’s contact points when your dog crosses the fence boundaries. The shock level your dog receives ranges from a tickling sensation to a more painful shock.

The idea behind the warning is that your dog will learn to associate the beep with the shock, and he’ll stop the bad behavior before a shock is necessary.

While many dog owners are appalled at the idea of shocking their dogs, these collars – when used correctly – can actually be an effective behavior modification tool….


I think it was a combination of nerves and unease.

Come to think of it an e-collar could have trained Briben to stop sniffing little girl’s and women hair.

Gail Combs



Could be. Has he been wearing high collar shirts lately?  😂 


We had a neighborhood dog (a rescue) that repeatedly attacked postal carriers until she got a shock collar.

Gail Combs

When used correctly they are a very good training device since they can be used AT A DISTANCE.

Hunters use them all the time.

You train the dog to voice or hand commands ON LEASH then in the house or yard. Once the dog understands the commands you graduate to a big field. IF/When the dog IGNORES a command, the shock collar is used.

I wish they could be used on horses but they are too strong and get the wrong response.


When originally rescued, that dog was DANGEROUS and VICIOUS. The family had been doing a lot, and I’m sure it broke their heart to go with the shock collar……but the alternative was to put the dog down.

I have since seen the dog walking on-leash to a neighborhood park, which is an amazing improvement.


This dog also attacked the Fiancee and me. That encounter was the proof-of-concept for facing the dog down.

Gail Combs

“…I’m sure it broke their heart to go with the shock collar……but the alternative was to put the dog down….”

You have to go with the training method that works.

Some of my ponies are so sensitive a sharp word makes them cringe. Others are hard headed. I literally bent a steel rod around the leg Meat-head was using to STOMP on my foot. He never did quit trying to stomp on me. I finally gave up after the rod looked like a pretzel and now just made sure my feet are clear. Problem is I can not have anyone else handle him.


He should be grateful he’s not a case of dog food cans.

Gail Combs

I keep telling him that but he does not listen!

On the other hand he can carry 150 lbs even though he is only 4.5 feet tall and it would take a bomb to get him to spook.

Gail Combs

New Report: The FBI Organized Neo-Nazi Rallies To Lure, Identify Citizens
D-Pat says “It’s just a report, but I wouldn’t put it past them.”

It looks like there is some ‘sauce’ in the report.

….Media outlet Headline USA has produced a report that indicates FBI involvement in neo-Nazi marches and rallies across the country for the past twenty years. Additional bureau involvement stretches back to the 1970s. Much of the more recent activity took place under the watch of former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The allegations are not only serious, but potentially history-altering, as one of the events with alleged FBI involvement, the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA, was Joe Biden’s claimed impetus to run for president in the 2020 election.

Based on the testimony of operatives David Gletty and Bill White and backed by a trove of corroborating articles and internal FBI documents, the report makes for compelling, sobering reading.

Many readers of the CDMedia family of sites will be familiar with online evidence of FBI involvement in “far right” rallies supplied by jaded, eagle-eyed patriots. Matching khakis, uniformly physically fit men 25-35 years old, masks that fully cover the faces of all participants, flags so fresh out of the box that the crease marks are plainly visible, earpieces, etc…

The link in the top sentence goes to this:

(Ken SilvaHeadline USA) In 2007, Orlando residents were furious to discover that an FBI informant had organized a neo-Nazi rally through one of the city’s mostly black neighborhoods a year earlier.

“To come into a predominantly black community, which could have resulted in great harm to the black community? I would hate to be part of a game,” Orlando City Councilwoman Daisy Lynum said at the time, calling for a “full-scale investigation” into the matter.

However, an FBI agent testified that his informant participated in the event, but didn’t organize it. The city’s uproar passed without a public investigation, full-scale or otherwise—👉until now.

  :wpds_arrow: 𝗧𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗸𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗮 𝘁𝗿𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗼𝗳 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗼𝘂𝘀𝗹𝘆 𝘂𝗻𝗽𝘂𝗯𝗹𝗶𝗰𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱 𝗹𝗮𝘄 𝗲𝗻𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗰𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗶𝗲𝘄𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘀𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝘃𝗼𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗱, 𝗛𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗨𝗦𝗔 𝗰𝗮𝗻 𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗮𝗹 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗢𝗿𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗼 𝗻𝗲𝗼-𝗡𝗮𝘇𝗶 𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘄𝗮𝘀 𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗲𝗱 𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗮𝗻𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱 𝗯𝘆 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗙𝗕𝗜.


The Orlando event also seems to have been part of a larger program to hold Nazi rallies across the country. And according to FBI records, the bureau sponsored those events despite knowing they led to an increase in the number of card-carrying Nazis in America.

Moreover, the FBI’s Nazi rallies led to a much larger operation to target right-wing groups. Dubbed “Primitive Affliction,” the operation featured a motorcycle front group, rogue undercover agents, Outlaw bikers, Satanists, bomb-makers and a fugitive on the lam in Mexico….


Where there is smoke. There is…

Zero reason to disbelieve the report.

Gail Combs

That report has a lot more evidence to back it up than most New York Slime articles!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

After the shit that the DS tried this morning on this site, I can absolutely believe this.

These agencies are abused to the point of being BURNER PHONES OF EVIL.

Communism just abuses everything.


I got a pop up wanting my email to continue reading and join the QTree list

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I may have seen one of those, too.

If anybody gets this, please take a screen shot and upload it with your next comment!


Shoot; I didn’t think to screenshot them, but yesterday I got a red “you’re posting too fast” message that kept my comment from going through and this morning I had a message about “subscribing” and asking for email. I’ve never had either message appear in the past.

Gail Combs

I get the “you’re posting too fast”  sometimes because I am posting the same thing on two qtree threads (COVID related)

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks – that’s useful info, and may explain why I never see it.

Gail Combs

If I wait a few minutes the problem goes away.


I also had a subscription message but it disappeared when I refreshed.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Barb Meier

Hey Wolf, I just got the message when I arrived at this site. I thought you might want user emails, so I entered mine. Then, I got a message saying I was subscribed but it gave my old email addess instead of the newer one I had typed.

Sorry I did not think to screen capture the dialog. I will try to enter again and see if I keep getting the message.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks Barb. Hopefully no damage done. There is 95% chance this is just WP updates and reclassification of us as a for-profit site (which I have contested).

Barb Meier

You’re welcome, Wolf. If this site was for-profit, you should be rich by now. If I have computer damage, I would let you know but I don’t worry about it. No fear… I know as a site owner, you have concerns for us all. Thank you for all the extra work you do on our behalf!!!

Barb Meier

I just tried coming to your site again and did not get the message. However, I thought it must be some WordPress thing since it knew my old email address. I checked my WordPress account settings and it is still set to the email address that the Subscribed message displayed. That says the email address is shown to site owners, so there’s that.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good! Thanks for that information!!!

Gail Combs

Same when I refreshed a few minutes ago.


I got what molly got. Weird popup asking for email.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Can you get a screen shot? If you see it again, please do it!


I will.


Got it. It happened again when I went onto the site using my phone:

comment image

Last edited 20 days ago by Aubergine

Just did a refresh and got one of those. Refreshed again, and it was gone.




That address you posted is that place where the pic is on your computer. Doesn’t do anybody else any good.


Yeah, I think I fixed it to show the picture.

Barb Meier

Yes, that’s what I got too. Thanks Aubergine!!!

Last edited 20 days ago by Barb Meier

Of course!


Is there a new thing now, can’t remember the wording, but a thing came up on the screen I’d never seen before, seemed to be asking people to subscribe or similar.
Edit- just scrolled down seems others got it too.

Last edited 20 days ago by RAC
Gail Combs



They didn’t get it but I wish now I hadn’t clicked the “carry on reading” because one doesn’t know what else it does besides that.
Looks like they’re trying to match an email address to a screen name so as to impersonate a regular poster.


yeah I did that too and instantly regretted was done


Just now I clicked off here flushed the browser several times then came back here to see if it came up again but it didn’t.


I copied what you did. So far no pop up.
Thanks, sometimes the best move doesn’t come to me without a comment from someone!


The popup that appeared here looks something like the popup that appears on all the substack blogs, but at least the popup there has a selection to continue without subscribing.


That is exactly what I thought, re same as substack, and it made me think twas OK to click the “continue ” thing.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Methinks WokePress is playing catch-up with SubStack, where everybody fled when WokePress became Biden’s net nanny and censor.

Stupid assholes.

Gail Combs

Some code gorilla’s wet dream…

Brave and Free

And years later Rhonda gets his hate speech law passed, further eroding our 1A freedoms after renewed nazi problems.

Last edited 19 days ago by Brave and Free

Just got done with a Fiancee medical event. I get to restart my “relax/go to sleep” program.


Uh. That’s it.   :wpds_unamused: 

Paging Paul Harvey…

(Hope all is well.)

Gail Combs

Hope she will be OK. 👃

Get some good rest.


She had a blood sugar issue which seems now to be resolved, but she’s having trouble getting back to sleep. I’m now about two hours behind on my glide path, so I’ve taken a melatonin (and will take another in about 20 minutes).


Best wishes. Sleep well. Melatonin usually works well with me.


I only use the 1 mg, but two of them separated by about 20 minutes.

Gail Combs

 Blood sugar issues are nothing to ignore. Both high and low are bad and low can result in type II diabetes down the road if you ignore that sweet tooth that goes along with it.


Believe me, I am well aware. And she’s got the whole testing kit, insulin, Monjaro, stacks of “overshot” sweets, apple juice in the fridge, etc. She should ditch all of that crap and go paleo/carnivore….but she won’t listen to me.

Gail Combs

Paleo/carnivore has been working for me for fifty years. Unfortunately I ‘fall of the wagon’ occasionally and have to retrain myself. The high cost of meat is a real PAIN although sweets ain’t cheap.

Luckily Russell Stover uses Stevia not Splenda.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

I’m still a bit skeptical of stevia, since it’s contraceptive. All the usual suspects defend it too much, IMO.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

However, it beats sucralose (Splenda), especially if you’re not trying to have kids.

Gail Combs

I am in my seventies, the only kids I have go BAAAAaaaa. 😆


Yuck yuck.  😆 

Gail Combs

I get asked if I have children all the time and that is my stock answer.

Gail Combs

Wolfie, if you could make Paul’s video of his tour of Arlington Cemetery and Montecello show it would be nice. I just linked it in another comment.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Done! I created a new thread.

Gail Combs



New thread?

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Meaning a “thread” on here. A new top-level comment.


OK — I was looking for a post. My bad.


I agree with you about the Stevia. However, like our dear President Trump, I love diet Coke, so I ignore the sucralose.

As my Dad used to say, something is going to kill me, so I might as well enjoy it.


I used to be a diehard chocoholic but in the last years candy doesn’t taste the same to me. I can’t describe what’s different .
Maybe it’s the stevia which I hate. hmm


Oh, I HATE stevia and always have. It’s bitter to me.

mollypitcher5 me it’s sickeningly sweet with an aftertaste

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

The genetics of taste and smell is fascinating!


It is.


We went to a museum of weird things in San Diego and they had a booth with a edible substance that made your taste buds change sweet to sour and sour to sweet.
It was miserable for hours. No food tasted right.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Oh, now THAT is weird!!!


What’s different is the mixture of chocolate and enhancers has changed.

Cadbury still good, for me.

Gail Combs

Some chocolates are horrible and smell like vomit.

The Russell Stover stevia/no sugar does not have a nasty smell or taste.

Russell Stover is an independent subsidiary of Swiss chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli.

Lindt is the other brand I buy. (85% dark chocolate)

Gail Combs





Exactly. And I am immortal until God decides otherwise, anyway.

Robert Baker

Now that is a philosophy that should calm irrational fears.


When I heard it, it was just the biggest “aha” moment ever.


I’ve heard that Splenda is rat poison.

Gail Combs

Actually, a childhood friend of mine was the biologist who did the rat studies. And no, it did not kill the rats.


Well, there’s something bad about it. I guess I’ll just have to ask my wife.  🙄 

Gail Combs


The patent ran out and the Chinese are now making it.

WIKI seems to have a decent article.

…Sucralose has been accepted as safe by several food safety regulatory bodies worldwide, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee Report on Food Additives, the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Food, Health Protection Branch of Health and Welfare Canada, and Food Standards Australia New Zealand….

In reviewing a 1987 food additive petition by McNeil Nutritionals, the FDA stated that “in the 2-year rodent bioassays… there was no evidence of carcinogenic activity for either sucralose or its hydrolysis products”.[15][16]

As of 2020, reviews of numerous safety and toxicology studies on sucralose concluded that it is not toxic or carcinogenic, even at levels of daily consumption much larger than those typically used.[14][15] A 2023 FDA summary declared that there were no concerns of sucralose toxicity on cancer risk, metabolism, the reproductive system or the nervous system, and no concern for people with diabetes.[4]….

I think this is KEY:

Duke University animal study funded by the 👉Sugar Association[20] 🤔found evidence that doses of Splenda (containing ~1% sucralose and 👉~99% maltodextrin🤔 by weight) between 100 and 1000 mg/kg BW/day, containing sucralose at 1.1 to 11 mg/kg BW/day, fed to rats reduced gut microbiota, increased the pH level in the intestines, contributed to increases in body weight, and increased levels of P-glycoprotein (P-gp).[21] These effects have not been reported in humans…

If it is 99% maltodextrin, how do you know THAT isn’t the problem? The SUGAR Assoc would certainly have reasons to ‘shape’ the experiments.

Footnote 20:

New Salvo in Splenda Skirmish(NY Times)
By Lynnley Browning

Sept. 22, 2008

New ammunition has been added to the battle that is pitting a leading artificial sweetener against sugar, leading the two sides to claim fresh grievances.

The latest salvo comes from Duke University researchers, who have published a study that says Splenda the grainy white crystals in the little yellow packets contributes to obesity, destroys “good” intestinal bacteria and prevents prescription drugs from being absorbed.

Footnote 21
Splenda alters gut microflora and increases intestinal p-glycoprotein and cytochrome p-450 in male rats

Splenda is comprised of the high-potency artificial sweetener sucralose (1.1%) and the fillers maltodextrin and glucose.

Splenda was administered by oral gavage at 100, 300, 500, or 1000 mg/kg to male Sprague-Dawley rats for 12-wk, during which fecal samples were collected weekly for bacterial analysis and measurement of fecal pH.

After 12-wk, half of the animals from each treatment group were sacrificed to determine the intestinal expression of the membrane efflux transporter P-glycoprotein (P-gp) and the cytochrome P-450 (CYP) metabolism system by Western blot. The remaining animals were allowed to recover for an additional 12-wk, and further assessments of fecal microflora, fecal pH, and expression of P-gp and CYP were determined.

At the end of the 12-wk treatment period, the numbers of total anaerobes, bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, Bacteroides, clostridia, and total aerobic bacteria were significantly decreased; however, there was no significant treatment effect on enterobacteria. Splenda also increased fecal pH and enhanced the expression of P-gp by 2.43-fold, CYP3A4 by 2.51-fold, and CYP2D1 by 3.49-fold.

Following the 12-wk recovery period, only the total anaerobes and bifidobacteria remained significantly depressed, whereas pH values, P-gp, and CYP3A4 and CYP2D1 remained elevated. These changes occurred at Splenda dosages that contained sucralose at 1.1-11 mg/kg (the US FDA Acceptable Daily Intake for sucralose is 5 mg/kg). Evidence indicates that a 12-wk administration of Splenda exerted numerous adverse effects, including (1) reduction in beneficial fecal microflora, (2) increased fecal pH, and (3) enhanced expression levels of P-gp, CYP3A4, and CYP2D1, which are known to limit the bioavailability of orally administered drugs.


The Splenda I have sitting on my shelf DOES have maltodextrin. It DOES NOT HAVE GLUCOSE, a sugar.

👉Sugar disrupts microbiome and immune function, leading to metabolic disorders


I’ve been off the rat poison for a couple of days now.
haven’t noticed any change but that study convinced me.

I had always wondered if my mother’s colon cancer could’ve been from her lifelong use of saccharine.

Gail Combs

Absolute truth 1776 aka Paul Fluret Born on July 4th in the first county to ever declare Independence from the Crown (Mecklenburg, North Carolina), has this July 4th offering.

America’s Brothers In Arms (7 minutes)


Thank you for bringing this.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you, DePat, for again not approving “orange posts” (meaning posts in the bin, in moderation). We just had a grenade (correction – TWO grenades) thrown into here, and it pisses me off enough that I’m going to out it, and make it uncomfortable for those who did it.

It’s probably the CIA, or Vindman-backing military, or their Ukie allies, trying to worm their way into this site, and/or create fear and division. We’ve dealt with these folks before, in fact.

They are clearly watching the site, and used a carefully crafted post to respond to the “magnet fishing” discussion between gil00, cthulhu, and some of the rest of us a few days ago. They HOPED it would get by me.

The comment did NOT get trapped by the spam filter, which only I review, because it’s not really spam – it’s a new poster. That means there was some hope that DePat would approve it. Well, thankfully, they were wrong.

The comment LOOKS like spam on the surface, so I would just delete it if noticed, but it was in fact a direct response to cthulhu about what type of magnet fishing rig “kiddo” should have. They were banking on cthulhu jumping to answer it if approved by DePat.

Suddenly they would have an account on here, without me knowing it. And if I did realize it, or catch it later, who feels blame or guilt? That’s what they wanted.

Why choose DePat and cthulhu? Well the dynamic there is that if I reveal what’s going on – especially AFTER a successful breach – and either party “spooks” in the right way, it weakens the site. Both guilt and fear are great psychological manipulators, and those rats will play them all day long.

SO – again – thank you, DePat, for not approving this toxic post.

AND – a word of warning to people – especially authors. We are under attack, and it will only increase as the election approaches. NEVER approve any posts in moderation – I’m the guy with the long stainless steel tongs, for handling those radioactive crucibles.

PS – they just tried it again with an old comment by TheseTruths on a DePat post. Shame! Assholes! Warmonger murderers, wasting American tax dollars for George Soros and his demonic progressive destroyers of Ukraine.

Biden is going to continue to abuse the CIA and military as long as he’s in power, and Kackles would be even worse – both are WORLD WAR III material! C’mon, American military! Get these rogues under control!!!

Gail Combs

Thanks for the warning Wolfie. I NEVER approve a comment. It is YOUR SITE and therefore YOUR CALL.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yes! Thank you! All of us need to be careful. PAVACA, too. They will try to come in like some enthusiastic new poster, or a minor error on an established poster. They are SLICK and SLIMY.


Wolf Moon
Thank You profoundly for the warning.
By the way, Yours Truly got a WP “sign up with your email for full access” box that popped up a when one clicked The Q Tree icon on the computer about 15 minutes ago. There was a “Continue Reading” hyperlink under that “request.” One clicked on the “Continue Reading,”
One has to be careful nowadays.

Last edited 20 days ago by PAVACA

If I ever get a popup or ad on a site, that I don’t want to deal with, I always try clicking somewhere else on the page to see if it goes away. Often it will.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good plan! Avoiding pop-ups is SMART.


I am noticing weird shit on the site today. For one thing, it is blinking off and on every couple of seconds. It’s really fast, but I can see it. This comes and goes.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks for the tip. Will watch for it. Interesting.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Good! Smart choice. I will investigate further soon!

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thanks for the info!!!


Not a problem from this guy. Too dumb to approve a post in moderation. You are the boss on this site.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Thank you! I claim priority on handling the snakes, so others don’t have to do it!!! 😉 🐺 🐍

pat frederick

goodness, I wouldn’t even know what to look for.
we’ve gotten many new “likes” since they removed and then reinstated the site. i have been keeping track of what posts each “new like” likes and so far all seem fine. (but how would i know without your ‘unique knowledge”?) some like all travel posts, some like the DIY stuff…and they are fairly predictable in that regard.
and those have all been on posts, not any responses to comments.
you are wise and vigilant

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There is basically no reason a known user should end up in that bin…and when I (very rarely) see something like that it’s generally under a name I recognize, not some new Joe Schmuckmonkey trying to get in.

And if it IS someone new (overtly I mean; obviously the “known users” are fakes), I know it’s Wolf’s job.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yeah, but again, Wolf can figure that out because (as far as I know) he can see the email addresses, both the normal one and the (presumably) typoed one.

I guess what I am trying to say to all who read this and also happen to be authors, is “Let Wolf take care of them.” (By all accounts, you (DP) know this already.)

Last edited 20 days ago by SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA
Gail Combs

Got it!

I would not mess with it anyway. As I said, it is Wolfie’s site.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly! I am able to tell the legit posters, from the spoofs of those posters. Thankfully, the bin is really good at catching the spoofs.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Exactly! You got it.

It’s the fact that we get some really good spoofs – sometimes of old posters, sometimes of new posters, other times of spam – that makes approving anything that gets caught in the traps, very dangerous to release.




I’m just now seeing this and am not happy, to put it mildly, that someone might be using my name to attack the QTree. Thank you for your vigilance, Wolf, and for keeping this site safe.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Gail Combs

THANKQ Wolfie!



pat frederick

comment image



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy


Gail Combs

AND the other shoe drops…

At 1:10 POTUS Trump says: “…I will establish a Special Presidential Comission… and charge them with finding out what is causing the decades long increase in chronic illnesses…”

RFK Jr as head of that Commission anyone??? He WOULD NOT HAVE TO BE CONFIRMED BY THE SENATE. 🤓

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yup. He will be on it for sure. Bill Gates won’t be talking anybody out of anything this time.

They all HAVE to stop Trump. They MUST. Trump is forcing the dark side to act – and yet they know we see everything they do.

Which is why they MUST shut down sites like this one, and platforms like X.

Gail Combs

I went to Paul (Absolute 1776) X acct only to find it has been shut down!!! And that is just in the last couple days. It was up on July 2nd!

Absolute Truth 1776:



Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

He’s back on X! Hope he stays.

Why did he get banned? What did he do? Is Yack-a-RINO still in charge, or has she handed moderation over to FIB???


Frens – If you were unawares, I am back on X! (Not my original account, however).

You can find me on at the link below! Thanks as always for all the love!


comment image

Last edited 20 days ago by Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy
Gail Combs

THANKQ wolfie.


As long as he has to report to Ivan R. 😎

Gail Combs

RFK Jr heads the investigative Commission.

Ivan heads the Retribution Commission. 🤓


I don’t think this is how it’s really done… but okay…

If it happened over here, there’s good chance she’d of pulled a piece from the pocketbook and began to off those guys…

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

Yeah, this doesn’t work for me.


Assuming its real, Wrong On Every Level.

If its real, that girl is in for a lifetime of abuse. Likely already ongoing.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Windshield broken too WTF.

That’s beyond harmless prank.


Exactly why I posted, IF it is real.

Something is way off. Yea, I know. No shit Sherlock.

Wolf Moon | Threat to Demonocracy

In case you missed this…..

Gail Combs

Hubby had rocky mountain spotted fever and almost died. I found him comatose after a gig DESPITE calling his doctor that morning and reporting his high fever and being told it was nothing to worry about.

It was an intern who spotted his foot looking like this:

comment image

His doctor KNEW there was a CDC WARNING out for rocky mountain spotted fever in NC, KNEW he had been bitten by a tick, KNEW he had major headaches, and KNEW he had a temp of 103 but STILL fluffed it off.🤔

I had the paperwork, two witnesses to the phone call, a YUGE hospital bill but still the lawyer I talked to refused to take the case….

Funny, the hospital (UNC) dropped the bill less than a week later. 🤔


No limits to what they’ll try … Huff Post recommends Biden campaign use AI to substitute for Biden so his message gets heard without the distraction of his ‘physical disabilities’. And besides, he’s SO busy running the country, he has little time to campaign …

(geez this first posted on 12/2023 😝 not sure how I ended up there instead of today!! Gonna blame on those invaders in Wolfie’s bin)

Celebrate our Independence and let’s fight on. God Bless Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Let’s Fight On ! Like that!



Father God, I now follow your command to put on the full armor of God, because my battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers, authorities, the powers of this dark world and against spiritual forces of evil in the unseen world.

I first pray on the Belt of Truth that it may be buckled around my waist, may I be centered and encircled by your truth dear Lord. Hem me inside all that is true and right, and may I be protected and held up by the truth of your living word, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Breastplate of righteousness, please protect my vital organs and my inner man, cover my integrity, my spirit, and my soul. Guard my heart for it is the wellspring of life, please strengthen and guard the most vulnerable places in my life with that which is right, good, and noble that I might not receive a fatal blow from the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Gospel Shoes of Peace. I choose to stand in the shoes of your good news, and on the firm foundation of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the solid eternal rock. All other ground is sinking sand, I pray that I will not slip or fall, but that my feet would be firmly fitted on your lordship, my Lord Jesus. I choose to stand on you, so that the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus, the eternal Rock of Ages. I receive your holy peace now my Lord, from the sole of my feet to the crown of my head, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray the Shield of Faith into my hand now. As I take up the shield of faith, I ask that you might extinguish every dart and arrow that is launched from the enemy to take me down spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and every attempt of the enemy to destroy my joy. I ask that my faith in you would make it flame out. Extinguish every flaming arrow that would come against me, my life, my family, my home, or my ministry. May my faith always be out in front of me like a shield. Give me the courage to “faith my fears” by choosing to walk by faith and not by sight, in my Lord Jesus name.

I pray on the Helmet of Salvation, that you might protect my mind from the thoughts that can lead me astray. I choose to take every thought captive, and arrest all intentioned ideas and motives that would harm others, or distract me from your holy will for me. I submit every captured thought to the Lordship of my Lord Jesus Christ, and ask that you would imprison those thoughts that are not of you my Lord. Transform my mind and renew my thinking that I may think God thoughts, and have a sober mind that is focused on your glory. Please protect me from being double minded that I may allow my mind, I reject to live an earthly life, because I choose to live a holy one, governed by you My Lord Jesus, the prince of peace, please have my mind to be saturated with the holy mind of Christ, in my Lord Jesus name.

Finally, I take up the Sword of the Spirit which is the holy word of God, I pray this powerful offensive weapon into my hand, and ask that your holy word would be fitting for every encounter I face. As the enemy gets close to me, please give me the insight, wisdom, and skill to wield the word of God to drive away the enemy, in my Lord Jesus name.

May the enemy and his team flee from me, upon hearing the word of God spoken by the power and direction of the Holy Spirit. Give me the sword of the spirit to cut through the wiles of the devil, so that I may discern the schemes of the enemy when he is near.

With all kinds of prayers, supplication, and intercession I pray to you my Lord God as the one who fights my battles. Now that I’m in your holy powerful armor, I walk away covered and ready to face my day as you go before me, and please protect me in the midst of the spiritual warfare in this unseen world, in my Lord Jesus name.

Thank you my Lord, for the spiritual weapons of armor and prayer that you have given me. It is written no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and you will refute every tongue that accuses me. 

Thank you Father God, my Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, that I am more than a conqueror in my Lord Jesus. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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