Ride-'Em Skippy!

How the Real Story of Russian Collusion Nukes Robert Mueller and the DNC with John Podesta

If you noticed the EERIE BLUE-VIOLET GLOW around John Podesta’s head in my little graphic, don’t worry.  It’s not RADIATION, even though I just put that idea into your head and you can do NOTHING about that, because you read this sentence.

More about that in a moment.

While John Podesta is about to become RADIOACTIVE, that blue glow is only my BAD graphic skills, extracting his head from THIS PICTURE…..


…..and putting it into THIS PICTURE……

“YAHOO!  Cultural Marxism Away!”

Yet notice – most interestingly – that I made a DEFICIT – my poor graphical software skills in working propaganda against John Podesta – into an ASSET – by the power of SUGGESTION.

Beautiful, isn’t it?  That implication – that mere suggestion of RADIATION makes you feel all ICKY – doesn’t it?  You don’t even want to look BACK at that picture.  Right?  But maybe you do.  And if you do, you get a kind of perverse, sick, dirty feeling out of it.  Right?  That GLOW.

You can thank the Soviet Union for ALL of this.  Your preconceptions about nuclear energy.  The PSYCHOLOGY of disinformation that I just used to TAINT John Podesta.  The CYNICAL ability to find a way to turn a deficit into an asset.  AND for my skills in disinformation.   I learned from the MASTERS.  Including Yuri Bezmenov, who tried ALMOST VAINLY to warn the West how most of the KGB was devoted to DISINFORMATION – the science of lies and deception – and relatively little to actual espionage.

I have had to LEARN to dig though disinformation to figure out what is happening in this world.  WHY useful idiots but otherwise fairly intelligent conservatives like Mia Love (yes, she’s BLACK) are fooled by their sworn enemies……

……and why sharper conservatives with SOME experience as liberals, dupes, victims, or even radicals themselves, like former liberal Candace Owens (yes, she’s BLACK) are NOT FOOLED.

Note that I have stashed away actual PICTURES of those tweets, because there is a grave likelihood that TWITTER will ban Ms. Owens soon, deleting the PUBLIC knowledge of her Twitter history, and CBS may be in a bit of trouble, too, thus likely to edit their own Twitter history.  This is ALL part of the importance of INFORMATION and DISINFORMATION.

Other than the Bezmenov video above, I do not have time to educate all of you in the finer points of lies and disinformation in the service of socialism.  I should really call it communism, but I want to sound like an expert on Soviet disinformation, so I will use the term socialism as disinformation.  I’m even using Yuri Bezmenov’s accent in my head.  I sound a bit like Ilya Kuryakin.  This is quite fun, actually.

Where were we?  Ah, yes.  The REAL story on “Muh Russia”.  By the way, I’m generally sympathetic to Russia as a nation and people – on a variety of issues, and for a variety of reasons.  I’m actually a hardliner on Crimea being Russian, as it was, in my opinion, stolen from Russia and given to Ukraine in a corrupt process under the USSR.

None of that really matters here.  The fact is, I simply don’t like certain forms of socialism, because they are not faithful to the truth, and I’m very big on Truth.  You might even say I’m sworn in service to the spirit of Truth.  So I have to tell you the TRUTH about “Muh Russia”.

It is NOT what the Fake News has been telling you.

There is a truism about the Democrats that actually solves this entire mystery, if you DARE to fully believe it.  Like the idea that light has the same speed, no matter how fast you are moving with it, against it, or away from it – otherwise known as special relativity – it’s actually HARD to believe this idea about the Democrats.

Democrats accuse you of exactly what they are doing.

common expression

There is actually a strong parallel with relativity.  It has to do with WANTING things to be true, when they are not.

Most of us WANT to think that speeds add simply and times don’t change depending upon your speed – worse yet your acceleration.  We want a world where speeds combine in the simple linear manner of 2 + 2 = 4 and time A equals time B.

But Einstein finally accepted that speeds in this universe are BOUNDED, if the rule REALLY WAS that no speed could be greater than that of light – always constant – which in this case might be an arbitrary number like “6”. 

Thus, speeds of 2 + 2 are in a complicated fashion less than the expected number of “4” so that speeds are always totaling to less than the “maximum” number of six.  Einstein accepted the implications that nobody wanted to accept – that such simple additivity that we all feel intuitively, REALLY IS only true at low speeds.  If the maximum is 6, 2 + 2 is NOT 4, so that 4 + 4 is still less than 6.  And Einstein had the equations and predictions to prove it.

The disgust with relativity was profound.  The Nazis called it “Jewish science”, but they were not the only ones who didn’t like it.  Even as a CHILD, long after the the world had defeated the Nazis, I observed that AMERICANS both within and outside of science remained somewhat – one might even say properly – skeptical of general relativity and its fantastic predictions, which were even more bizarre than special relativity.

Relativity is weird shit.  It is HARD to accept.  It doesn’t FEEL GOOD unless you study the HELL out of it to FIND THE BEAUTY.

The truth of Democrat collusion with the Soviet Union, and later Russia, is weird shit, too.  It is HARD TO ACCEPT.  But there is also some beauty in it too, if you are willing to accept some odd ideas that go along with it.

First of all, it helps to be forgiving.  Collusion is not a crime.  Trump repeats this for a reason.  Only crimes are crimes.  If one colludes to commit a crime, that is one thing, but colluding to do “good things” only becomes criminal if the means stray outside the law.

Sadly, we may find some of that.  But not so much that we have to say “all Democrats are horrible communists and must be punished”.  Not at all.  In fact, I think the number of guilty will be surprisingly small, and their CRIMES will be clear.  They will not be ideological crimes.  They will be REAL crimes.  Most criminals will not even be prosecuted.  Don’t take my word for it.  Q said this.  So did FBIanon.  They didn’t say it so coldly and antithetically, or in so many words, but do the math.  It smacks of reality as well.

Back to “collusion”, which is not a crime per se.

The reasons that it is hard to accept Democrat-Russian collusion are as follows.  These speak very strongly to how the disinformation works.

  • We don’t want Trump-Russia collusion to be true.  The EASY way out of this accusation is to NOT make a similar accusation back against the Democrats.  This is PSYCHOLOGY.  Make it all GO AWAY by not saying that there is ANY collusion.
  • We don’t want Democrat-Russia collusion to be true.  It’s rather scary, in some ways.  The EASY way out of this reality is to say that their accusation of Russia-Trump collusion is “overblown” and “unreal”, which means the same for Democrat-Russia collusion.  This is PSYCHOLOGY.  Make it all GO AWAY.
  • We don’t want Russia to be the bad guy.  If Russia is still a bad guy, that means
    • America is alone
    • “NeverTrump” Russophobes are suddenly RIGHT (in some ways) about Russia
    • Trump’s odd coalition of Russophiles, war-weary, battered conservatives, Tea Party, fiscal bleeding-edge American renewal enthusiasts, anti-Bush-dynasty, Reagan retreads, and all the rest, might be threatened
    • We have to adjust our thinking in profound ways
    • Russia may not even be the bad guy, if it’s complicated
    • What about China?
    • “splodeyhead”

These are just SOME of the reasons we don’t want this stuff to be true. We don’t even want to think about this stuff.  Which, indeed, I have observed very strongly in Republicans and Trump supporters.  There has been a lot of awakening.  How much MORE is coming?

It gets bigger.  There are many implications.  Q uses “avalanche” terminology (D5) for a reason.  The whole thing is somewhat like the avalanche model.  We have reached a critical point, and there will be some slide.  But hopefully it will be managed properly

  • history books will have to be rewritten
  • fake news will be revealed for what it is
  • information flows will change in massive ways

If you’ve been paying any attention to “Q”, then you know this is true.  If you DENY “Q”, then you are going to be in for some surprises, and even shocks.  Sorry about that.

But NOW – for all of those NEGATIVES – there is one great ADVANTAGE to accepting them.

It SOLVES everything.  All the MYSTERIES of “Russiagate” / “Muh Russia” are solved.

And MUCH, MUCH MORE.  They don’t call it the “Great Awakening” for nothing.

The thing is, this Great Awakening changes relatively FEW of the facts.  What it DOES do is change our PERCEPTION of them.

SO – what I want you to do is BEAR WITH ME, and THINK IT POSSIBLE – just temporarily – that the maxim is correct:

Democrats accused Trump of doing exactly what they did.

What Democrats accused Trump of was colluding with Russia to win the election.

Therefore, we begin with:  Democrats colluded with Russia to win the election.

We begin with the key player who makes this all work.  John “Skippy” Podesta.

John “Skippy” Podesta had ONE of his email accounts hacked by Russia.  The emails appeared on Wikileaks.  I am absolutely, 100%, positive that Russia did it, just like Podesta and all the other Democrats are saying.  The reason I am sure is that the SCAM works best if Russia actually did it.

Yes, it also fits our little relativistic maxim rather nicely, but that’s begging the question.  Let’s look deeper.

There is no lie like the TRUTH misinterpreted.  That is the CORE of disinformation.  So let’s examine the truth – the FACTS – very closely.

I was never convinced that Podesta’s email hack was fully legitimate.  Something was wrong with it.   It was TOO clean.  And you are hearing this from one of the people who researched it VERY heavily.  I spent much time going through it, after it hit Wikileaks, and even for a while after it blew up into the semi-absurd “PizzaGate”.

Oh, now THAT was a beautiful disinformation operation as well.  Is PizzaGate real?  Is PizzaGate false?  I’ll say this – it’s COMPLICATED and that complication is very intentional.  But let’s not get distracted by ALL of the interesting disinformation goals that John “Skippy” Podesta achieved in this plot.  Back to the TRAIL.

For starters, there was no criminal content of ANY kind in the Podesta dump.  Nothing immediately criminal – not even anything that was really scandalous.  Oh, there was the “pizza map walnuts hotdogs” bullshit, but I can file that into TWO major possibilities – yeah, it’s real but worthless evidence, and – yeah, it’s crazy over-interpretation of NOTHING.  Even the “Scalia 186” / “wet works” stuff is NOTHING from the point of view of HARD EVIDENCE.  Even all the embarrassing reporter contacts – STILL NOTHING.  Even the weird E.T. stuff was INBOUND, not OUTBOUND.  I even found what I thought was a smoking gun on Vatican influence by Podesta via his crony companies, and it turns out that I had mixed up BUSINESS Tara with CHURCH Tara.  It was a NOTHINGBURGER.

Bottom line, there was nothing there.  It was clean.  TOO clean.

The fact that Podesta had protected his email account with a too-simple password is suspicious as hell, because it serves two disinformation objectives.  It says “I have nothing to hide”, and it says “I’m a dope”, which clearly he is not.  There is also the incident where his secretary opened some suspicious phishing email due to a miscommunication.  Supposedly the Russians got in THAT WAY, too.

Doesn’t matter to me.  I BELIEVE that the Russians did it.  But I also believe that this was part of John Podesta’s PLAN.  A very simple but effective plan, that worked for both the DNC and himself.

  • Insider compromise
  • Communication of natural targets and simple plan to Russia
  • Disinformation managed by Democrats

Now – I tried to tell people that I thought Podesta WANTED this email dump to happen, to frame Trump, but one of my most trusted opinions – a gal who goes by the online moniker of “wheatietoo“, felt that there WAS something nasty in those emails – a vague threat to “make an example of a suspected leaker” – who at that time everybody believed was Seth Rich.

This idea was everywhere, and had real mindshare.  Even Wikileaks helped promulgate this idea, as you can see in this tweet by Wikileaks.

However, there are HUGE problems with this email having ANY significance.

  • If we look at it rationally, it means absolutely nothing.  Even if there was a video of Podesta shooting Seth Rich in the streets of Washington, this email would be laughed out of court because firing a leaker or prosecuting a leaker or even taking away their parking privileges is well within its meaning to a reasonable jury.  This email is like all the rest of the dump.  Nothing.
  • This email was sent LONG before the DNC hack was even KNOWN, and quite possibly before the Russians had even entered the DNC system.
  • It is not talking about DNC hacks or leaks.  It is talking about Hillary campaign officials in the FUTURE speaking to the PRESS or otherwise blabbing.  So my vote is on parking privileges – maybe firing.
  • Don’t believe me?  Read the whole email:
  • https://www.wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/36082#efmAGSAH-
  • Can you believe that Wikileaks is promoting disinformation?  Hmmmmmm.
  • Could Wikileaks be shilling for monetary support using Seth Rich?
  • Could Wikileaks be teasing and misleading?
  • Did Wikileaks know that Roger Stone was being misled?
  • Yes, it’s complicated, isn’t it?

What we did with this email was assigning our own meaning to a shiny object.

Now – isn’t that interesting.  A shiny object.  Podesta’s email hack – itself a shiny object – was literally just a bunch of shiny objects.

NOW – the trick here is to do the same thing we did earlier with accepting our starting point – which was an example of overcoming an Alinsky fear by ACCEPTING THE SCARY TRUTH.

Earlier, we accepted the scary proposition that the Democrats colluded with the Russians.  NOW let’s accept the scary idea that PODESTA FOOLED US ALL like utter chumps – like children – like idiots.  He left open an account full of shiny objects, the Russians hacked it as part of the plan, and we chased all the worthless shiny objects for a good part of the election.

We. Were. Idiots.

Accept it.  Accept the scary truth.

Why do we do this?  Because THAT is how we dig PAST the emotional blockade which EVERY scam uses to make you STOP DIGGING.  People don’t report scams because they were not just suckers, but GREEDY, STUPID SUCKERS.  It’s embarrassing.  EMBRACE IT.

So – we admit that we were LOOKING FOR DIRT,  FOUND NOTHING, and we were FOOLS.

So now I ask a few questions.  A few simple questions.

  • WHAT were they fooling us about?
  • WHY were they fooling us?
  • HOW did they fool us?

For every shiny object, we ask this question.

I won’t get into PizzaGate, and E.T., and all the rest.  I have excellent ideas in ALL those cases.  But in the case of “making an example of the suspected leaker”, I will point out certain things.

  • If this is MISDIRECTION, it leads us AWAY from a hack
  • If this is MISDIRECTION, it misleads that Podesta was not THINKING of a hack
  • If this is MISDIRECTION, it misleads that Podesta is angry about a leak, not a hack

NOW – this is where it gets interesting.  I am NOT saying that the DNC job was a leak, like so many Trump supporters WEAKLY contend.  I’m saying that this Podesta email was misdirection to pretend “no early knowledge” of the DNC hack on Podesta’s part.  I’m saying that the DNC job was a hack, and a hack by the Russians, exactly like the Democrats and Crowdstrike say.  And at earlier times, before the hacks, when John “Skippy” Podesta curated his hackable email address for HIS part of the Russian hacks, he made sure his email trove had no hints about hackers.  Or anything else, other than shiny objects that would not truly harm their side.

John “Skippy” Podesta was NOT thinking of hacks.  No, no, no, no, no.

Yeah, right.

Now – about the DNC hack.  Described HERE in the middle of 2016:


I’m saying it was almost exactly like the hack on Podesta – same thing – Russians – and I say this KNOWING that there is a fairly elegant but logically incomplete disproof of a hack, which I will now explain and correct, before the Democrats “miscorrect” it into nonsense.

A bunch of patriotic cyber and intelligence guys and gals on the RIGHT got together and showed, rather nicely, that the speeds of the file creation in the DNC hack indicate that the data was *compressed* (very important) locally and not over a network connection.  In other words, the data was compressed within hardware at the DNC, and THEN shipped wherever it went.  The files did not leave one location over a network and get compressed on the other end, in another location like, say, Russia.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how anybody can think that this in any way disproves a hack.  A remote view hack of the DNC basically gives a hacker LOCAL CONTROL.  It’s almost like they are sitting right there in the room, except their monitor and keyboard are in – say – RUSSIA.  What hardware are they operating?  LOCAL hardware!  (Local to the DNC, that is.)  What are they doing?  Why, they’re compressing the files locally!  Just like a local person!  And all of it is utterly asynchronous to their display in, say, Russia.  (Which means there is no problem because of the distance.)

Now, the authors of this technically competent but criminally negligent proof (I mean that in the nicest way – these people are NOT good criminals) try to say that the evidence fits compression directly to a USB drive.  Logically, this is a bridge to far for me, because they know as well as I do that the data fits compression to almost ANY local hardware in the right configuration, and they are schmoozing the conclusion toward the suspected Seth Rich scenario, but WHAT THE HECK – let’s just allow the hackers to scour the network, find a USB drive, and perform the compression on THAT computer directly to THAT drive, then move the compressed files back to wherever they need to go and send them on to RUSSIA.   Then they GTHO.

This is NOT HARD.  This is incredibly easy.  This is a NORMAL REMOTE ACCESS HACK.  Now, I could get all “USB” on this theory, and have some colluding Democrat put the USB drive into the computer for the Russians, but OCCAM’S RAZOR says it was just a HACK and that is that.  Most likely, there was never a USB drive involved – just local hardware, as PROVEN.  The Russians hacked in – AS PLANNED – got the data – compressed it locally – got the data OUT – and LEFT.

So now we are left with a question – to which I already had the answer.  How did Seth Rich enter the picture?

The following tweet has now been deleted.


Here is a snapshot:

Seth Rich was a WITNESS in a LAWSUIT against the DNC for FRAUD.  The lawsuit was extremely bad for HILLARY CLINTON.  The case actually AROSE from the DNC hack, as an unfortunate (for Hillary) consequence of the fact that it was clear she cheated Bernie out of any chance of the nomination.  As Seth was a “Bernie bro”, the fact that he was called as a witness was NOT good for Hillary.  He was a liability.

Details HERE:


It is my contention that Seth Rich would be alive today if he had never been named as a witness in this case, or if the case had never been brought to court.  BUT – here is the thing.  I don’t really NEED this to be true, for Seth Rich’s death FOR ANY REASON to be useful to John “Skippy” Podesta.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are absolutely notorious for the fact that witnesses against them seem to have terrible luck prior to their testimony.  Exactly WHEN the bad stuff happens may vary, but it always happens before they testify, and usually long before.

But AS I SAID, I don’t need Seth Rich’s death to be anything but a lucky coincidence, and thus an AMAZING piece of potential disinformation.  ALL that DNC disinformation cadres needed to do was to plant the “Seth Rich / DNC / Wikileaks” meme in a few places on the right and voila!  It grew like CRABGRASS.

Of course, if Seth Rich actually WAS killed to prevent his testimony in the DNC FRAUD CASE (sounds like a big deal to me), then – well, will ya look at that – linking his death to SOMETHING ELSE would have MOTIVE.  Better yet, something that would be DENIED HALF-TRUTHFULLY by Democrats and SUPPORTED WRONGLY by Republicans and Trump supporters.

Does that sound like a good deal for Democrats?  Maybe even good enough to make sure to leave a shiny object email that might mislead people to it?

And in fact, you would have TWO SCANDALS cancelling each other out – PROTECTING each other.  Which is, you will learn, a wonderful principle of disinformation.

This whole thing is now a beautiful example of what I call “Eckert’s Law”.

When the cause of an operation is too advanced or too subtle to be detected by an adversary, Occam’s razor will point them to the most likely known potential cause, and this will be accepted and defended by them as the logical explanation.

Eckert’s Law

Disinformation will CHANGE what you think is the “simplest explanation” of something.  Therefore, disinformation can help you get the WRONG result from Occam’s razor.

Even better, psychologically constructed disinformation will make you WANT to accept it, like a DRUG, when the TRUTH is more painful, yet leads to a better place in the end.  So you will be tempted to CHEAT Occam’s razor by altering your own view of the world.

Are you starting to see it now?  Are you willing to accept the PAIN?


Now – after all this possibility has been put in front of you – after this deep dive – come up for air.  Throw away all the complications that I’ve loosened, and ask yourself a simple question.

Who colludes with Russians?  The LEFT or the RIGHT?

What people are not seeing here is that the simple answer of today is the SAME simple answer that has always been true.  Democrats and Russians go back.  They have a long history helping each other.  Ignore the Fake News, pounding OVER and OVER with some counter-intuitive narrative about Trump and the Russians and how they wanted to help him beat the woman who gave them uranium at a STEAL and then covered it up. 

Good grief!  It’s crap!

If one of the two major parties is going to collude with the Russians, which one is it going to be? 

You always knew the answer.  It’s going to be the Democrats. 

How will they collude in an election?  Probably against the Republican candidate. 

How will the Russians get the opposition files on the Republican candidate to help the Democrats?  By hacking into the DNC and taking them, just like Crowdstrike found. 

How will the colluding parties deceive us?  By LIES, by DISINFORMATION, by accusing the other side of what they are doing, and by HOAXING.

Who does HOAXING?


We don’t have to change any of the facts.  We just have to change how we see them logically.  And in this case, we have to change how we see them, BACK TO REALITY.

THIS is the true nature of disinformation.

THIS is why they are – indeed – Fake News.


Hollywood.  Trust me – we know something about disinformation.
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“Skippy” <— Haaa.
Most excellent mockage of the ghoul known as John Podesta.
Podesta is infinitely deserving of lots of mocking…and no amount of mockage is too much.
Lots to ponder here, Wolf. Thanks.
But now Wolfie, if Seth Rich was not the one who downloaded a compressed USB thumb-drive and deliver it to WikiLeaks…
Then Why is Julian Assange been so adamant about protecting him?
And I think that the PizzaGate stuff is real, for the most part.
There is just too much stuff that has turned up in the research of it, for there to be nothing to it.
It was the pedo stuff that Q was posting about, that first made me interested in reading more.
There are real pedos out there.
There are real pedo-rings out there…and they have been going on for decades.
I would like to see them all brought to justice.
Q gave me hope that the good guys are working on doing this.


Ack…*and delivered it to WikiLeaks
…*Why has Julian Assange been so adamant

Mary Morse

Interesting theory.
I didn’t realize how easy it is for someone with permissions to remotely access any device. I learned this recently when files were lost after a Windows update. When I contacted Microsoft to assist, the tech asked me for permission to remotely access my device. That person could have been anywhere in the world.
Regarding 3), I completely agree. I think the same applies to “birther” theories. I think the BC became the shiny object to diffuse research into his mother and the circumstances of her presence in Indonesia in 1967.
This is where I suspect the red diapers in power gained a strong foothold in our gov’t; but would they murder 1/2 million + of their own to do so? http://dianawest.net/Home/tabid/36/EntryId/3719/More-Red-Threads-JFK-LBJ-Had-a-Valerie-Jarrett-Too.aspx I suspect that they might, to begin the process of “demoralization”, by creating a truth about our intelligence apparatus that its been unable to coverup, live down, or recover from. (CIA infiltration of social sciences, foundations, performing arts, art and architecture, the press, etc.) Little known fact is that the Dutch were also there.

Cuppa Covfefe

Near Eindhoven, in Holland, there is a musuem (Evuluon or something like that, it’s been a LONG time) that has houses propped up on their corners, or sideways, or even what appears to be upside-down. Not terribly practical, but the artsy types just loved it. The engineers and techies: not so much…

Mary Morse
Cuppa Covfefe

Yes; that, and a house museum nearby, which has houses standing (as it were) on their corners, with the corners serving as entrances via a supporting column structure. Can’t remember the (Dutch) name… but it was nearby, along with the Philips museums, manufacturing plants. and headquarters… wayyyyy ahead of its time…

Mary Morse

I didn’t find the houses. Do you have a link?

Cuppa Covfefe

It was also the paedo stuff, or allusions to it, that got Breitbart killed.
There is a video of a Dutch financier (Ronald Bernard) being interviewed, and actually breaking down at the point where he describes where he would have been in a meeting of über high-level bankers, etc., who were going to have a CHILD SACRIFICE.
This stuff is real. It may not be germane to the topics at hand, but is is real, and it is evil beyond belief, and, by extension, so are the people promogating it, of which the Paedostas and their odd art and “Spirit Cooking” are only a small part.
The problem with the Klintoons, Øbozos, Sauroses, et. al. is their evil knows no bounds. They are corrupt in the finance arena, but also in the political and various social arenas. Their situational ethics allows them to do things at which we would blanch in even our most unrestrained moments. And they NEVER look back.
I knew of one who pilfered money from his dorm-floor “kitty” [first-year students had to live on campus, no exceptions]. He was probably worth billions even back then, but that wasn’t enough. They have different “standards” and definitely no morals…

Cuppa Covfefe

Blue-violet makes me think of the mnemonic for the resistor color code that is very likely no longer taught because it’s politically incorrect – but perhaps oddly appropriate for Paedosta. BBROYGBVGW.
Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey, White (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
aka Bad Boys Raped Our Yellow Green, Blue-Violet Goes Willingly. This after 55 years… the power of mnemonics
What happened in Germany in WWII is FAR beyond Ocrazyo-Cortex’s ken. I know people who were maimed because of it (father-in-law forced to join the German Army at 15, and maimed at an ammo dump), people who escaped (my cello professor and her sister, at USC), and people and families who were part of the Dutch Underground (also close friends at USC and their families).
That Marxist virago has NO CLUE. Especially that she is a lot closer to Hitler and his Satanic “friends” than she could possibly hope to know.
In that same timeframe that I was at USC, I was in a Russian Church Choir doing the Rachmaninov Vespers (at St.Sophia’s Cathedral in LA). The folks there, almost all Russians, were the kindest, most talented, and helpful people I could have hoped to know. Great singers, incomparable basses (lower than the piano could go!), and a sense of history, music, and, most important, Christian Faith that is rarely seen in our society. Also a sense of freedom, from an oppressive regime, and how precious and fleeting that is or could be…
The “doings” in Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East have been going on for far, FAR longer than our Blessed Experiment known as the USA has existed. We should value, cherish, and fight for what we have; for those other countries can only dream of it, having either despots, monarchies (however impotent and antiquated), or a sodden mass of self-perpetuating, malevolent, Malthusian, math-challenged bureaucrats seeking to rule the world from the misbegotten bowels of Brussels and Strasbourg, Geneva, and the UN in New York…
The USA is truly a “Cittee on a Hill”; may we, with GOD’S protection and help, keep it so…



Elizabeth Carter

This is a good article. You bring up some very valid points.

Sylvia Avery

“I sound a bit like Ilya Kuryakin.”
When I was about ten years old I had THE BIGGEST crush on him. ***Sigh***

Sylvia Avery

NOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! Say it isn’t so! I loved that show, too. Watched it every week. But I don’t remember a lot except they talked into pens and the boss was Mr. Waverly, and Ilya and Napoleon Solo were smokin’ hot.
So sad to know my little mind of mush was being filled with globalist glop even then. SMH.


So what would UCLE stand for? U.N.Clandestine something? Lol.

Sylvia Avery

I couldn’t remember, so I had to look it up on Wikipedia.
“Originally, co-creator Sam Rolfe wanted to leave the meaning of U.N.C.L.E. ambiguous so it could refer to either “Uncle Sam” or the United Nations.[2]:14 Concerns by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s (MGM) legal department about using “U.N.” for commercial purposes resulted in the producers’ clarification that U.N.C.L.E. was an acronym for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.”


It was the coolest show going at the time.


That was a really complicated post Wolf, am going to re-read it several times to get it into my head. I know they are incredibly clever and devious but the first thing that comes to mind is, your theory, and I’m not in any way deprocating it, comes after the fact. Why would they hatch such a scheme when they were certain she was going to win?


Fortunately people find NAKED lust for power very off putting. The more Crooked she became in pursuit of the precious (presidency), the more she Radiated her inner corruption. Thinks the deplorables comment, think “You may ask why am I not 50 points ahead” …..
So the corruption helped to win over a few weak minded voters, whilst at the same time causing deep reservations in other generally good people who were planning to vote for her because she is a Dem.
The ugliness of Crooked became too obvious …



Cuppa Covfefe

As Douglas Adams said in “The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe”:

“The major problem — one of the major problems, for there are several — one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.
To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”


Well yes, there is little, in fact nothing, to point to her certain victory except fake polls, it just seems to have been accepted.
Had PDJT been the projected frontrunner the “we was robbed” theme wouldn’t have played so well for them.


It would be interesting to get the full and complete explanation for why Hildebeast failed to make more public appearances during he campaign.

Sylvia Avery

I’d love to know what is REALLY wrong with her. Apparently at her and Bill’s appearance in Toronto (side note venue holds 19k, but they only sold 3,300 tickets and at the last minute tickets were selling for 6.55 each) she was bad mouthing PDJT and then when she finished she had one of her world famous coughing fits and couldn’t speak.


“what is REALLY wrong with her.”
A LOT!!!
The seizures – caught on tape, many times – are one of the biggest clues, as to her PHYSICAL ailments. And the seizures are only one of MANY physical health problems she has.
But the PSYCHOLOGICAL ailments are far, far worse: they are pathological, and cannot be cured.
IIRC, the Merck Manual describes three sub-categories of sociopathy – I think they call it the sociopathic “triangle”. I forget the third one, but the first two are narcissism (NPR) and psychopathy.
It appears to me that she demonstrates ALL THREE disorders: she’s TRULY a disturbed individual (and “disturbed” is a rather anodyne euphemism – “FUBAR” captures the truth better!).
TBH, I don’t need to know any more. The sensationalist media has historically dug deeper on the profiles of the perpetrators of heinous crimes, instead of the victims. I’d rather see a cataloguing-of / monument-to all of THEM. The list would be YUGE.
But I understand the curiosity! The behavior is alien to most all of us.
Btw, how’d that “recipe” work for you last night? It sounded potent!

Sylvia Avery

The Dark Triad. Yes.
I thought the Parkinson’s diagnosis made a lot of sense. But frankly, I’m surprised she is still alive and kicking. She obviously has serious physical ailments. The back brace. The slab of beef act on 9/11 when she threw a shoe. The coughing. And of course those peculiar seizures.
But yeah, the darkness of her soul is much worse!
As for the recipe, I don’t think I took enough. I’ll have to try it again! But meanwhile I tried some nasty cough syrup. Horrible stuff. 🙁


At the bottom of the daily thread, posters are talking about chronic thyroid problems (and there’s a video, too!)
My only “recipe”, btw, is to take a long shower (for steam into the lungs, and sweating it out), and then as long a sleep as possible.
I hope you feel better soon!


Sylvia, sounds like you’re not feeling well. Hope you are better today! 🙂


Em-star, did you happen to see over at Qresearch, where the Anons posted about Hillary’s ‘handler’ guy?
He apparently died last year.
He was the big black SecServ agent, who came to HRC’s rescue that time she froze up during a stump speech.
He also was seen carrying what looked like a ‘med-pen’ of some sort.
He was always nearby…helping to ‘guide’ Hillary.
His name was Todd something…Todd Mathews(?) iirc.
Anyway, he was only 49 and apparently died last December.
Which I thought was…interesting.


Yes, I saw the “handler”.
I never read that he was SecServ, though – I thought he was private. “Interesting” – yup, the safest way to put it!
Still, the entire circumstance of her health issues was quite disconcerting – especially that debate where she seemed semi-high on meds. That was the most “normal” physical state she could attain, so as to appear competent under the stress of the national spotlight.
Imagine the total amount of medical prep-work needed! 6 hours, 12, 24 or 48? IMO, she was then, and is now, barely functional. Had she been elected, she would have been a “PINO”.
As I’ve said before, I believe that under NO circumstance would she have installed, regardless of the voting. This belief scares many … but it comforts me!

Deplorable Patriot

I posted a Thomas Wictor video on today’s (11-28) open thread where he makes the case for congestive heart failure. A comment on that video page says she’s been on a thyroid med for decades that culminates in CHF, and, yes coughing is a symptom.


I think that’s dubious. Do you realize that thyroid disorders are extremely common in women. I’ve read that 40% of women over 40 have low thyroid, whether diagnosed or not. I’ve been on thyroid medication since I was 40 (and am now 65) and am extremely healthy. My 87 year old mother has been on thryoid medication for decades and has no heart problems. In fact, she’s pretty healthy for her age. She’s bothered more by arthritis than anything else.

Deplorable Patriot

I realize that, but the comment had to do with the class of drug.


My view had been that all the cheating and dirty tricks had been done in the expectation that it would make her win, in itself that’s bad enough.
However if the expectation was that she was going to lose and the advance scheming was done to overturn her loss, that’s even worse.


Wolf, since I do not know what went down, I am very comfortable with your scenario.
The valuable thing about it is that it brings nuance into the frame in order that we may appreciate the potential deviousness of the enemy. We must guard against thinking of them as stupid, because then we underestimate them. They just won the House in the mid terms – If they are stupid, what does that say about us?
They have been winning the war to destroy us, and we better start taking them seriously …
If they do something “stupid”, look out what they are doing behind our backs while we are laughing at them …


Q is genius on many levels. It is intriguing, mysterious, hopeful in terms of justice being delivered, – etc all helpful in osmotically permeating the public consciousness.
The enemedia mocks it at its peril, cause it is getting air time. They are dammed if they do and etc …..
It is a little like war drums – slowly causing mental stress in the enemy whilst hardening up patriots – i.e Psy-ops!!!


Quoting Q+ (POTUS45) reference the question by Vip Anon, “Is Q real?”
POTUS45, “I Do Know They Are Great People!” (yes, Psy-ops)
Q was sent to awaken the American public and the media and the communist left and prepare us for what is coming. Some will get the message and some won’t but none the less, we need to be ready.


Totally plausible and actually very satisfying as a unified theory of the Collusion Narrative.
1) If this scenario is true, Trump unwittingly lended his support to the hoax. What Trump said about Russia and Putin was just common sense, very welcome common sense to the ears of Trump supporters, but just as welcome to the hoaxers.
2) I remember my reaction to the “locally downloaded” theory. I was giddy for all the psychological reasons you identify. How do “they” refute THIS ?!?! Well, you refuted it in a way where even the highly tech deficient can understand. It is yet another reminder that we (meaning me) see the “conclusive” logic in things we want to be true.
3) It is very difficult to police one’s own thoughts against the compulsion to believe what we want to be true. A commitment to objectivity and truth, a willingness to admit error, and an effort to keep an open mind are required, but can never guarantee.
4) Sherlock Holmes was wrong in several cases (two?) because he failed to imagine possible alternatives to his logical inferences. Alas, very few of us are Sherlocks. Logic can seem so irrefutable that it becomes an obstacle. I have not seen Eckert’s law before, but it deserves wider broadcasting.
5) A fact of life not appreciated by rough and ready critics of whatever, is that life is often either more complicated or more strange than they assume.
6) Your suggestions about Skippy’s emails (and related observations) is astonishing and mind opening. You can beg me all you want but I absolutely refuse to play poker with you.
7) Two leaves floating in the wind probably meaning nothing but which caught my attention. Trump was far harsher on Russia than I would have expected, and Putin looked sick to his stomach at the press conference.
8) It sounds pedantic but a hobby horse of mine is the witless use of “begging the question.” You would think that at an advanced age there would be equanimity about such things. But no. OTOH there is a genuine delight when it is the 1 in a 100 times it used correctly (as in your post).
9) The northern European (or was it central) who discovered the speed of light did not simply discover the speed of light. He discovered that there WAS a speed of light (by closely watching the moons of some planet, and then correctly predicting calculating when a certain one of the moons would show up in a certain place. His “theory” was not believed, in fact was actively and disdainfully rejected, for decades, so powerful was the human “reality” that light was just there, instantaneous.
10) It is interesting (and far above my head) the theory that the speed of light has been slowing down for millennia. The constant may be less constant. Discovery always seems to lead to more discovery.


“The constant may be less constant. Discovery always seems to lead to more discovery.”
Such is our circle of knowledge! Everything we know and understand to be true is within our own circle of knowledge, and just outside that circle is information yet to be learned. The downside is, the more we learn and grow our circle, the information yet to be learned on the outside of the circle grows as well…
So the more you know, the more you don’t know and this is why I always “try” to keep an open mind… At least I thought I did until I started reading this article by wolfmoon1776! Yes! I had a “splody-brain” moment but I loved every second of it! Wow!


Yes, wow!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Scientists generally are pretty confident that light speed–strictly light speed in a vacuum is a constant…enough so that the meter is defined as how far light travels in a certain amount of time. And they wouldn’t do that if they thought it would fubar the metric system!
Could they be wrong about this? Certainly, they could be wrong about it, but they’ve heard the hypothesis of light speed slowing down (after all it’s in the media and someone probably challenged a few of them directly), and so they would certainly have looked into it. And presumably they found it wanting, or they’d never have defined the meter as the distance light travels in 1 / 299 792 458 of a second.


well, i did hear recently that they are redefining the weight of a kilogram… 🙂
another thing that amazes me is that we seriously did not know of the “jet stream” as it was, until the WW2 timeframe. the amount of technology increases (and “knowledge” so to speak based on that) in the last 80 years is absolutely astonishing of course.
i used to have a theory also that was a side theory of another theory branched off another…but i digress. it involved a x/y axis graph with two data collections…man’s evolution of consciousness and evolution of technology…those paths followed each other pretty closely for a while and then technology took off so far in advance of man’s ability to reason and think and gain understanding and spiritual consciousness and now we can never catch up and we have stagnated while enjoying the conveniences of our new toys.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

About the kilogram–yes, it was the last remaining part of the metric system to be based on a physical artifact rather than being defined in terms of constants. Quite an improvement since we suspect the weight of the standard kilogram might have actually changed some. So the kilogram was not itself a constant. They HATE that, so they certainly wouldn’t adopt a definition of the meter that changes if they could possibly avoid it.


“light speed in a vacuum is a constant”
I hope you allow for the assumption in this statement. Specifically, that “in a vacuum” is a THEORETICAL construct. Like “absolute zero” temperature, “vacuum” is an IDEAL, and doesn’t occur in nature. Nature is PRACTICE (actual; physical); “vacuum” is THEORY (theoretical; mental).
Also, keep in mind the “Casamir” (sp?) Effect, wherein physicists demonstrated that even so-called “empty” space isn’t, in fact, “empty”. Again, “empty”, like “vacuum”, is an ideal.
Scientists haven’t yet figured out light; they haven’t discovered the “Theory-of-Everything”; they don’t know how life came about; and they’ve neither solved the mystery of black holes (known physics is inadequate to describe their centers), nor the truth of what they call the “Big Bang”.
In short, there’s a TON that they don’t know. ALL of their assertions should allow for this multi-variate ignorance. Yet, I don’t see humbleness, from the vast majority of these scientists. Especially those who publish (i.e., for $$$).
Paralleling Wolf’s theory on the complexity of psychological-operations, and the attendant sequential layering of disinformation to foil as many investigators as possible, so the Universe baffles the scientists. With such a record of ignorance (harsh-sounding, I know!), the authority of science on the BIGGEST questions is, itself, questionable.
These BIG questions are still unanswered, even after centuries and centuries of investigation and scientific progress. But that “progress” has been all “of a kind”, and scientists are arguably no closer to the answers to these BIG questions than those who came decades – or even centuries – before them.
They’re missing something HUGE, something ESSENTIAL. I’ll hold off on trusting their expertise, until they’ve established it’s warranted.
“String Theory” – my a**! (Sorry for the harshness!) But string theory can NEVER be the Theory-of-Everything [a colloquial term, but apt]. And BILLIONS of dollars, time, effort, and mind-power are WASTED on it year after year. “String Theory” is a SCAM. Like “Climate Change” hoaxing.
Food for thought …


no search engine is safe anymore wolf…google owns it. see my post on the daily thread about what happened to me yesterday over completely innocent stuff.
pretty soon it’s going to be super ninja type skills to get anything good out of the web.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

There’s a ton they don’t know, you say.
And that’s absolutely right! Does that somehow invalidate what they do know (which is also quite a lot)?
Scientists (other than politicized climate hacks using the word “settled”) will generally acknowledge that even something rock-solid could turn out to be wrong, although they will claim the odds are one in billilons, certainly well beyond a reasonable doubt, and therefore they will act as if they are certain. (A huge amount of a scientist’s training involves how to determine how precise a measurement is and also how much confidence one should have in it, and what the one-sigma error is.) It would be tiresome to explain this over and over again, especially in a popular context, so they generally don’t. If it’s beyond a reasonable doubt, they just phrase it in a declarative mood and leave it at that.
(Side story: One time a read a news story about a star (or some other type of object; I don’t recall) that was 326 light years away. I thought, “That’s peculiar–that number sounds awfully precise.” Then the light dawned. Astronomers generally work in parsecs, each of them is 3.26 light years. The astronomer probably told the reporter, “about 100 parsecs away,” giving one digit of precision; a very rough number. The journalist (who may have had to ask how big a parsec was) then multiplied it by the conversion factor and voila, the distance suddenly becomes a hundred times as precise as it was before. The proper thing to do would have been to state the distance as 300 light years, rounding to one significant figure–or leave it in parsecs.)
It’s a process of answering more and more questions, and oft-times only realizing they have totally new questions to answer.
As for string theory, I tend to agree. Many are playing with this theory; and no one has even come up with a way to verify it experimentally. It’s reminiscent, to me, of Platonic epicycles.


Wonderful post!
I have long advocated (sitting in my living room lounge) that children should be taught about what we don’t know. And by children, I include university and college students. They should be required to learn what humans don’t know in every scientific and other area of study (economics, etc).
That and starting to teach formal logic from kindergarten on would cure us of communist thinking.

Cuppa Covfefe

Look up the Hubble Constant and the controversy that surrounded that. Then look up Standard Candles, their origin, derivation, and usage.
There a lot more fudge factory involved that most people would either know or care to admit. The “Climastrologists” are not the only ones who circle their academic wagons to protect their domain…
(cf Brown and the definition ot “Planet” – seems he wants to be where Tombaugh was)…

Cuppa Covfefe

Fudge factories have a lot to do with my wanting the kilogram to be redefined 🙂


Oh that is funny!

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

The Hubble Constant is a LOT harder to measure than the speed of light, in large part because it does indeed depend on a “ladder” of distance measurements. And they have indeed discovered it isn’t constant. It was never known to very many significant figures.
Lightspeed is known to several significant figures.


There is a Christian lecturer named Chuck Missler who is (was) also a brilliant explainer of scientific concepts as part of his lectures on the Bible (you can find them on Youtube. The one on Genesis is fascinating).
I cannot remember where, but Missler had a presentation where he said that “science” had many ways to measure the speed of light, all of them valid and developed over the centuries. Missler cited a study (studies) comparing the various measurements taken over the centuries. The earliest study showed light at its fastest, and each succeeding study showed light at a very small but distinct and measurable decrease in speed.
Missler said it was easy to dismiss the significance of the small decreases, but if you extrapolated backwards then the faster speed of light millennia ago, that had significance in explaining what appeared to be anomalous to us, such as how old people were.
It is all over my head but the sort of thing which makes me more curious about things.


Enormity, parameters, confabulation, begs the question: the alternate meanings are all accepted, and by usage the older meanings have been defeated. There is common sense behind it all (as you point out).
I just refuse on my privilege as a doddering curmudgeon because that is what I like.
How’s that for pointless stubbornness?


LOL. You understand completely, not surprising because of your ayenbite of inwyt.

Deplorable Patriot

To be honest, as I’m cocking my head and thinking it’s like he faked his own death, what occurs to me is the time and effort it took to create thousands of emails just to use them as a psy-op. Either dual accounts were being kept, or there is a professional writer out there who spent all day for weeks creating one email chain after another and plopping them into a gmail account.
Yes, being in the arts, that’s where my head went.
So then, if this theory holds, the idea was to get ahead of various stories to discredit them before they hit national headlines. If the polling was already showing that Trump was vastly ahead in the summer of 2016, the actual brains at the DNC who are not household names would have seen the need for this knowing he would prosecute actual evidence of crimes once in office.
The only other thought I have immediately before letting all that is here sink in is that the one thing the Trump Administration, Putin and China have in common is the desire for the central banks to be put in the dust bin of history. That has to be a binding cause. The war machine which is an intricate part of the central banks is desperately trying to get one of the three nations to go to war with anybody else. I don’t know that they really care how it begins, just so long as it gets really big and triggers the depopulation plan. It does seem that Trump, Putin, and Xi are actively avoiding being provoked into doing that.

Deplorable Patriot

I can see that. Could have been proof read, though. Something about the writing style….


I have to admit to a very furrowed brow while reading your post. Your premise of how it may have been primarily a disinformation campaign is difficult to accept. I am sure that Podesta is a smart guy, along with the Russians and whoever else may have been in on the scheme but I don’t think they were clairvoyant. Such intricate planning can be scripted in a novel or a movie where the outcome is already known but it does not comport with my experience of human nature and the occasionally random outcomes of our assumptions.
Whether your theory best explains the facts I do not know but it does not seem to have enough ‘rough edges’ to reflect the uncertainty of real events. But as military strategists say, ‘No plan survives contact with the enemy.’ You could have the best explanation of the facts in evidence. Maybe I just don’t want to give my foe that much credit.

Greg Cox

If I read correctly, the hardest part for me, is acknowledging Julian Assange is lying, when he says he did not get the emails from Russia. Could it be that he was duped by the conspirators, and his source wasn’t who he thought it was, although I’m sure Wikileaks vigorously vet there sources???


I don’t believe Julian is lying and I still believe it was Seth. JMO


Thank you for illustrating, Wolfmoon, guess that was what I needed, I wasn’t following parts of your theory or scenario. That helped me see it.


Lotta thought & sweat in this one, Wolfie. I am thunderstruck – once again – at being reminded that facts are never just facts. They are contextual, and can be distorted intentionally or unintentionally by the perception and disinformation applied to them.
I am bookmarking this post – it is one of many guideposts to measure what happens in the next few months.


I am perfectly willing to accept the premise that we were led down the primrose path by the DNC and “Skippy” with shiny objects to chase. Sounds about right. They needed to keep us busy. I think they planned to steal the election, miscalculated the strength of the Deplorable vote, and lost. They were stunned. I’m sure they knew from polling that she was in trouble, but they had several contingency plans to fix that. She wasn’t supposed to lose.
I believe the Pizzagate stuff is very real. I think their hubris makes them believe that their stupid “secret” language and code is too “obscure” for us to follow. That’s why, when Podesta scrubbed his emails for the Russians to hack, he didn’t search out the references to pizza, handkerchiefs, pool parties, etc. I think their pursuit of sexual “pleasure” (there are no words in me for the disgust I feel just saying that) makes them careless, and hence vulnerable. The Anthony Weiner situation comes to mind. They are addicted to the rush, and can’t help themselves.
I also believe THIS is the stranglehold the Clintons, Podesta, and the DNC have over much of Washington. I think it is not only possible but LIKELY that they entrap whomever they can into this sick behavior, and then use it to control them. It is sickening to believe that very many people would/could be enticed by pedophilia, but they can. Especially with older girls, fifteen to seventeen.
I believe they probably tried this out on our President many years ago. He of course, was repelled, as any decent person would be. They couldn’t control him using their favorite method, blackmail. And he knows their deepest, darkest, sickest secret. He terrifies them.
I think that whatever we think of Jeff Sessions (jury is still out for me), he was doing a lot of work to rid our country of pedophiles and sex trafficking. It seems unlikely to me that he would be unaware of the Clinton/Podesta/DNC involvement in that world. Since I am positive PDJT knows, Sessions knew, too. Since he was recused from all things Russia/election, he spent his time convicting sex criminals. He was great at it.
I am living for the day that this criminal cabal is taken down.


Ah, so this would be an example of Eckert’s law.
The “logical explanation” reached in this case being that Pizzagate couldn’t possibly be true. They escalated it to over-the-top crazy, and so Occam’s razor points to the “conspiracy nuts” making the whole thing up out of nothing. Which of course is the opposite of true, but they win. The “conspiracy theorist” label has shut down many perfectly rational trains of thought. They make us think we’re crazy for believing the evidence of our own eyes. Gaslighting b@st@rds.
Jeez, Wolf, these guys make my head spin. Thank you for all your great ‘splaining. I am learning a lot!


Way to lead by example Wolf.

Deplorable Patriot

Related thread from VOAT. https://voat.co/v/QRV/2877340

A Fortiori (@AFortiori16)

Mind bending indeed. I recall on numerous occasions finding colleagues who had arrived at differing conclusions from mine because they had scrutinized one of the elements underpinning a conclusion and had altered their view of one of them. I had not seen their view of this element before they pointed it out to me; instead I had continued to rely on my historic view. Each time this happened I considered not only that the alternative existed, expanding my view of the possibilities, but more importantly that there existed alternative mechanisms for evaluation that differed from mine.
I now find myself wanting to learn more about psych ops.

Greg Cox

Stay strong brother!


That being the case, I would say you must be over the target. MOABs away…..

Deplorable Patriot

Via con Dios, hermano.


Thank you, Wolf. What a mind-blowing article. I’m going to have to read it a few times to get it all in my head.
One thing, though. I still think Seth Rich got the DNC stuff to WikiLeaks, whether by himself or through someone else. I’m still thinking about this article I found yesterday of the Florida ex-cop whistle blower who says Seth Rich gave him the info and he eventually got it to WikiLeaks.
It’s very probably that he was killed before he could testify against Hillary, as you stated. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t also get the DNC info to WikiLeaks. It could have been both.


If I recall those days correctly, the MSM mostly ignored the Wikileaks email drops. If the MSM is the propaganda arm of the Dem party and the Deep State, as I believe, I would have expected them to vigorously sell the disinformation campaign. Since they did not, the likely conclusion is that the email hacks were not a deliberate ruse.


” I need to get a related post up so people understand.”

Good idea. Just about reached splodey head status after the last two sentences.


Q did say a few months ago that WikiLeaks is compromised. If I remember correctly, he was telling CIA that they may have WL but Q team had the source. That sounded like he was saying they had Assange.

Greg Cox

frustration post here, but holy crap, we need the TRUTH to come out and we need it NOW.
honestly, as a human being i am offended greatly by the fact that i cannot know the truth, they they have to set up all sort of elaborate ruse and “kubaki theater” or whatever you want to say. dog and pony shows. blah blah blah.
we need the truth. and we deserve the truth. speculation time and taking sides and creating narratives is OVER.


yeah, i am just saying as a person, as a (semi)intelligent life form, that is expected to work and do all my earthly duties and also believe all kinds of convoluted tripe, and the just not be able to have the truth… and it goes beyond any country or person or agency. i want the truth.


“Most criminals will not even be prosecuted. Don’t take my word for it. Q said this. So did FBIanon. They didn’t say it so coldly and antithetically, or in so many words, but do the math. It smacks of reality as well.”
This never makes sense to me.
Equal Justice Under Law either means what it says, or we are not a nation of Law.
Where is the ‘wiggle room’ in that?
It’s one thing for a cop to let you off with a warning for ‘speeding’ (an arbitrary number picked in order generate revenue by fining anyone who is caught going over their arbitrary number), it’s quite another thing altogether to let someone off for an actual CRIME, i.e., lying under oath, embezzlement, RICO and all that it covers, fraud, abuse of power, theft, bribery, graft, conspiracy to overthrow the government, TREASON, etc.
If any of us were credibly accused of any such thing, we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.
The standard of conduct for public employees should be HIGHER, not lower than the private sector. They have a higher duty and a higher responsibility, because We the People are entrusting THEM with immense power and access to (apparently) limitless funds.
The Rule of Law has been shredded to the point where ‘recovery’ is likely impossible, as far as those who have lived through this era of utter government lawlessness is concerned.
If they don’t prosecute EVERYBODY they can, if they’re not even going to TRY, then how public confidence in the Rule of Law EVER possibly be restored?
To have two separate standards of Justice — one for the criminal political class, and one for the rest of us — how does that not go against every single thought, letter and action taken to establish and maintain our Republic?

Deplorable Patriot

I’ve begun to seriously believe that the worst of the worst – who are not physically well – will simply be allowed to let nature take its course with the removal of extraordinary measures to keep them alive. “Natural causes” is always a legit cause of passing on. If that’s the way things go, when the worst of it comes out, they will be getting their just reward from the OTHER realm. Not what we want to see, no. But legacies will be destroyed.
Just a guess.


Yes DP..
Look at the extension of the declassification of JFK documents… to allow Poppy Bush to leave this plane before the papers are released?
Some in Congress were allowed to leave, not run for re-election.
There will be some who will suffer a stroke, or a heart attack… simply exit.
Some will probably confess and quietly go to prison.


“Look at the extension of the declassification of JFK documents… to allow Poppy Bush to leave this plane before the papers are released?”
That is what many of us think the reason for the extension was, but we won’t know for sure until it happens.
The problem is this: DJT is using the same Executive Order to justify declassification of the FISA documents (and related criminal activity).
Executive Order 13526 was issued on December 29, 2009 by United States President Barack Obama. It is one of a series of executive orders from US Presidents outlining how classified information should be handled. It revokes and replaces the previous Executive Orders in effect for this, which were EO 12958 (text) and EO 13292 (text). – Wiki
Executive Order 13526
Sec. 1.7. Classification Prohibitions and Limitations. (a) In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
(1) conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;
(2) prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;
(3) restrain competition; or
(4) prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.
If they have evidence that Traitor 41 is complicit in a crime or crimes, it cannot remain classified to conceal violations of law (1) and thereby protect him from prosecution, and it cannot remain classified to protect him from embarrassment (2).
How can DJT use the same EO to justify declassification of FISA (and related), and violate the same EO to protect Traitor 41?
If Q is to be believed, Q is hyper-sensitive about things like transparency, optics and hypocrisy.
“Some in Congress were allowed to leave, not run for re-election. ”
Yes, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be charged in the future. It is possible they have already been indicted, and their indictments are under seal. We will have to wait to see if Huber and Horowitz (and Whitaker) are the real deal, or not.
I sure hope they are… for the sake of the Republic.


“I’ve begun to seriously believe that the worst of the worst – who are not physically well – will simply be allowed to let nature take its course with the removal of extraordinary measures to keep them alive.”
That would be an unfortunate miscarriage of justice. The very least that should happen is to charge them and keep them under armed guard.
But I don’t think there are many who fall into the category of removing life support to end their lives.
Who might there be, besides (possibly) Bush Sr.?

Deplorable Patriot

Dick Cheney, RBG, Hillary, possibly Bill. This would be anyone with a gadget implanted, a transplant, on dialysis, with dementia, life extending chemo. Stop any of that, and nature will do the rest.
Miscarriage of justice in the temporal realm. Being the sort of Christian I am, I’ll settle for God taking care of the rest.


Scott, I agree…and I don’t like the idea of letting the guilty go free.
We don’t know for sure what Q was referring to, though.
Could be a lack-of-evidence thing…or a bunch of different reasons, pertaining to different guilty people.
Could some of it be because of US deep-cover ‘assets’ that are still in place?
Burning the guilty could not only burn those assets…but also burn ‘us’ for having those deep cover assets in place, in other countries.
Could some of it be…to protect the victims?
Some prosecutions could require ‘witnesses’ to testify, if there is no other hard proof.
If the only witnesses are young victims of crimes that are unspeakable…then maybe they don’t want to put them through any more trauma.
I dunno, just throwing out some guesses here.
Not saying that I agree with these ‘reasons’…because I would like to see All of the guilty prosecuted.


” We don’t want Russia to be the bad guy. If Russia is still a bad guy, that means
• America is alone
• “NeverTrump” Russophobes are suddenly RIGHT (in some ways) about Russia
• Trump’s odd coalition of Russophiles, war-weary, battered conservatives, Tea Party, fiscal bleeding-edge American renewal enthusiasts, anti-Bush-dynasty, Reagan retreads, and all the rest, might be threatened
• We have to adjust our thinking in profound ways
• Russia may not even be the bad guy, if it’s complicated
• What about China?
• “splodeyhead”
These are just SOME of the reasons we don’t want this stuff to be true. We don’t even want to think about this stuff.”
How do we NOT think about it?
Can’t solve the problems if we don’t think about it.
It doesn’t matter what we WANT to be true, the simple fact is that WITHOUT knowing the truth, we are helpless, naked before our enemies.
I may not want to believe some crazy Muzzie is running toward me with a knife — but if one *IS* — either I deal with that reality, or my current reality ends in 3, 2, 1…
I never understand this compulsion to ‘denial’. It’s like a math problem. We need to know all the data in order to plug it into the equations to get the answer.
If we don’t have hard data for each variable in the equation, then the ‘answer’ is useless.
• So it doesn’t matter if Russia is the bad guy, or isn’t. I just need to know WHICH it is, so I can take necessary action or precautions.
• If America *IS* ‘alone’, we need to know that, and stop pretending otherwise, because until we do, we’re just getting taken advantage. And if we are NOT alone, we need to know that too, in order to take necessary actions or precautions.
• It doesn’t matter if NeverTrump Traitors, like a blind squirrel, get a nut every now and then. They’re still globalist pond scum.
• Trump’s odd coalition will not be threatened if the TRUTH is known. It is NOT KNOWING the truth which causes 99% of all the division and disagreement, because nobody knows what is really going on. Dictatorships operate on lies and deception of their own people. Our Republic has operated on lies and deception of We the People for who knows how long, but it’s NOT supposed to operate that way. That’s NOT our ‘model’.
• If adjusting our thinking in profound ways is necessary, then the sooner we do so, the better. The longer we wait, the longer those who mean us harm will take advantage of our ignorance.
• Russia is undoubtedly complicated, so be honest about it. TRUTH is the answer, and DJT is the right man (probably the ONLY man) to do it. DJT could easily say “I like Putin, we get along very well as leaders of our respective nations, but we have disagreements as all leaders do. We cannot let those disagreements destroy our relationship. I don’t like that Putin has done X, Y, and Z. We have the evidence for it, and it is posted on WH.gov as we speak. That’s reality. We don’t have to like it, but we do need to coexist in the same world, so we are going to act like grownups and continue working with Putin and the Russian government because it would be gross negligence not to.”
The American People are NOT 5-years olds (except for the actual 5-year olds — who won’t be paying much attention to politics anyway). We the People don’t need or want to be ‘infantilized’. Just tell it like it is. And NO ONE can do that (or has the guts to do that) like DJT.
• if China’s government is full of bad actors, TELL the American People (and the world) exactly what they have done, bring THAT pressure to bear on them — and then explain that just as with Russia, we still have to coexist on the same planet with these people, so ‘isolationism’ isn’t a valid option.
If any member of government can ‘handle’ the truth, then We the People can handle it BETTER. Every time someone in government wants to “hide” truth from We the People, he’s doing it for his OWN benefit, NOT ours. He just tells himself otherwise.
• ‘splodeyhead’ is the result of EXASPERATION that the undeniable INSANITY never CHANGES, more than anything else. Most of the apparent insanity and severe mental illness in the actions of our government is the result of:
A) corruption
B) trying to keep all their lies straight, which is impossible, so they don’t even bother to keep their lies straight, because nobody will hold them accountable, because (see ‘A’ above)


“Earlier, we accepted the scary proposition that the Democrats colluded with the Russians. ”
This one really doesn’t seem scary or even surprising.
The American Left have been colluding with Communists since before WWII.
Isn’t that what Sen. McCarthy was investigating, and records recovered after the fall of the Soviet Union proved that McCarthy was right?
We also have the Hussein, on an open microphone, telling Medvedev that he would be bend over (be more ‘flexible’) for Putin once the 2012 election was over.
And we have the bogus HRC ‘Russian Re-set’.
And we have all the money from all over the world (certainly including from Russians) flowing into the Clinton Crime & Child Sex-trafficking Foundation. And the Clinton Crime & Child Sex-trafficking Foundation feeds the entire DNC beast.
And we have Uranium-1, where Hussein’s devilrats (including HRC) committed Treason in order to get nuclear material to Iran, Russia and probably North Korea and Syria.
If we draw any more lines between the demonrats and the Russians (and Chinese), we won’t be able to read any of the text…


Furthermore, there is the expression ‘only Nixon could go to China’.
This was because Nixon had strong anti-Communist credentials, so his motives were pure.
The devilbat Left couldn’t do it, because they have always been pro-Communist, and everyone would correctly assume their motive for establishing diplomatic relations with Communist China was simply to commit high treason (again).
Devilrats will collude with anyone, as long as their mutual enemy is America.


At the time, the ChiComs were poor.
Russia was the one with nukes.
Nixon’s prime motivation in befriending China…was to drive a wedge between the ChiComs and the Soviets.


Yeah, Nixon probably never dreamed that US companies might someday open up factories…in a Communist county.
I mean, that would’ve caused an outcry of outrage, back in Nixon’s day.
But after decades of propaganda here, by the domestic commies…propaganda about how “Communism is not so bad”…then it became ‘okay’ to move those factories to China.


WM. wow! I have to free up some brain cells and re-read…definitely see from a different vantage point…makes the Jack Nicholson/Chinatown movie seem simple! Thanks for the expanded view! 🙂


Judy, I’ll be interested in your take.


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