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How I Finally Got Twitter to Show Me Rabbi Shmuley by Replying Positively to a Comment on an Antisemitic Timeline!

This is actually TWO POSTS IN ONE. And exposing Twitter’s psychological manipulation algorithms (well-intended as they are) is the SMALLER POST.

Let me lead into this with a tweet from Don Junior about Facebook.

I will just theorize RIGHT HERE AND NOW that Facebook, like the rest of current “mainstream” social media, will NEVER do something about it. Social media IS the absolute best way to socially engineer us, now that FAKE NEWS is busted to hell and back. This ain’t gonna stop. We can only migrate AWAY from control. HOWEVER, busting their political operations IS a way of inhibiting them – of making them BTFO.

And who knows? After MONOPOLY BREAKUP, Twitter and Facebook may spawn some new companies that actually DROP THE POLITICS.

So – without further ado – let’s bust one of their political operations. While teaching a more important lesson about DIVISION and THOSE WHO WANT IT.

I have been following Rabbi Shmuley Boteach – “America’s Rabbi” – since the 1990s. I was first introduced to him on WorldNetDaily – a.k.a. WND – where he had a column for YEARS, before he moved up to the big leagues.

Rabbi Shmuley is one of those people who is just a straight shooter with absolutely no hidden agenda. He says what is on his mind, but he does it as nicely as humanly possible. He’s very friendly to Evangelical Christians, and represents “religious conservatives” in general, although to be honest, he’s friendly towards everybody. He’s on the very conservative end of Judaism, but he’s as engaging with the non-Orthodox public as people at the OTHER end of Judaism.

He’s a UNITER – not a DIVIDER.

Deep-theologically – meaning at an abstract level, talking about God and Biblical fundamentals – I’m very close to this guy. There’s a rabbi I’m even more a fan of, whose sect got REALLY BIG, but that’s another story. My OUTLOOK on God always remains very old-school, even “proto-Christian”. So I always find myself going AMEN to this guy – even when he’s kindly disagreeing with his Christian conservative friends.

Anyway, I could have SWORN I was following Rabbi Shmuley on Twitter from YEARS ago.

Funny – I had not seen anything from him in YEARS on Twitter. I would not have been surprised if Twitter had actually UNFOLLOWED me from him – or (more likely) had a secret list of PRIORITIZED FOLLOWS and he was near the BOTTOM of my list.

Why? BECAUSE HE’S CONSERVATIVE. He may be very friendly with mainstream figures, even out-and-out liberals, but deep down, he is 100% conservative.

And then – all of a sudden – I see three tweets by the guy. Two that I noticed enough to LIKE THEM.

And then I thought to myself WHAT THE [blank] is up with THAT? How come I haven’t seen my favorite CONSERVATIVE (politically) ORTHODOX (religiously) rabbi – one who (look at his “About” page) is willing to associate publicly with ANYBODY (COUGH, COUGH) – a guy who shuns NOBODY – and I haven’t seen him for YEARS? And then it’s like he’s at the top of my feed. What’s up with THAT?

AH! Twitter simply couldn’t WAIT long enough for the ALGOS to KICK IN so that I wouldn’t notice what CAUSED their political algorithms to activate. Or – more correctly – to SHIFT. For the numbers to CHANGE.

Shortly before I started getting my Rabbi Shmuley tweets again, I had gotten a retweet of a guy I follow on the “Alt-right” named “Battle Beagle”. I typically see Battle Beagle in retweets, rather than direct tweets, but sometimes I do see his original tweets, so a direct tweet COULD have been in my timeline anyway. Unlike Rabbi Shmuley, who I never see, even in retweets. Until now.

Battle Beagle is a bit of an antisemite, but I’m not binary about these things. If you actually pay attention to antisemitism, and don’t just treat is as either one big concentration camp, or one giant dog whistle, one can discover an enormous amount of truth in between about human conflict and misunderstanding. So Battle Beagle’s relatively mild antisemitism “makes one think” – including the always-revealing question of “why is this person antisemitic?” He’s a “good follow”, though a hard follow, and a lot of truth in what he says, mostly about other stuff, or a bit bass-ackwardly, if that truth is directly underpinning his prejudices.

Yes – even the antisemitic stuff has a lesson. If you dig underneath antisemitism, there is always a STORY OF TRUTH – generally not what the antisemite thought, but truth nonetheless. The easy truths – generally realities that are readily misinterpreted – are used to harden the tip of the antisemitic projectile. The FULL TRUTH – the big picture of the whole battle, including the flight path and design of the projectile – that is more of a revelation about humanity as a whole, and not everybody will like it. In fact, it’s kinda scary. We are up against a BIG enemy. Huge and dangerous and HERE like you wouldn’t believe. But it is in asking WHY things are true – even the stuff we don’t like – that there is enlightenment and understanding.

Anyway, sometimes I am tempted to be a bit like Rabbi Shmuley and try to reason publicly with antisemites like those who comment on Battle Beagle’s timeline. In my experience, shaming people away from antisemitism works, but it doesn’t REALLY work. Cheap negative psy-ops are fast, but they are not nearly as effective as RATIONAL, POSITIVE ENGAGEMENT – which would include (COUGH, COUGH) finally showing me Rabbi Shmuley after hiding him from me for YEARS.

So let’s just finish THAT part of today’s lesson – what’s in the title – by spelling out the technical truth. Twitter has algorithms (“algos”) that can “peg us” on various things – you know, just like China’s “social score” horror does – and then they actually try to CORRECT US. So they said “OMG – Wolf is hangin’ around this Battle Beagle antisemite, and he even (see below) left a COMMENT for the FIRST TIME! We gotta FIX THIS SHIT RIGHT NOW!” So they look through my list of follows, FIND Rabbi Schmuley, and REACTIVATE HIM to the top of my timeline.

Yeah, think about that. I had to yell “We want Hitler!” in the crowded theater to get them to show me what I paid for – “Schindler’s List”.

Oy, vey.

I could write the software for this stuff, by the way. I can even tell you what the memo looked like that generated it, about “balance”. Heck – I can tell you what’s WRONG with the Twitter software – why ITS OWN LIBERAL PREJUDICES CAUSED THIS.

What we see is EXACTLY what would have resulted from a liberal mind attempting to “balance things” in its own image. The interesting part is how they did it – a kind of SEMI-AUTOMATIC MODERATION USING EACH OTHER. And when you combine all the little wisps of human intelligence, locked in code, the “deciding software” ACTS exactly like what it is – a human intelligence – in silico – conspiring to be our nanny.

Interesting stuff.

No, seriously – I often get the idea that explaining WHY certain things are understandable facts – NOT coincidence and NOT conspiracy (OK, maybe a DIFFERENT conspiracy than we originally thought) – might actually WORK to get people to realize Jews simply aren’t out to “get them” – and even more to the point why human psychology is largely the same, but history has put us all into fascinatingly different yet very real and not always nice streams of space and time which sometimes veer into – well – let’s just say “interesting times”.

Complicated business.

Nevertheless, one has to PICK THEIR BATTLES HERE. It is EXTREMELY difficult to reason with many – possibly MOST real antisemites, and – well – I don’t have any strong arguments against those who would say that I am wasting my time. Maybe I am. Nevertheless, sometimes I just want to blurt out on these Twitter timelines something like: “Guys – if you would just go after communists and Bolsheviks and socialists and whatever, and drop the ‘Jews’ thing, you would clear out all the toxic cultural Marxist scum and free yourselves from your media chains, without creating the very BACKLASH that pens you in like dumb animals.”

Those who have not yet figured out that DAMN NEAR ANYTHING can be hidden behind the “antisemitism” accusation are just SHEEP to whoever wields that weapon.


*FRONT* is emphasized for the future. “They want you divided” is very, very, very smart. It uses human shields like a CHAMP.

SO – back to the story.

I had gone onto one of these Battle Beagle posts where he’s talking about some Cultural Marxist vile adult cartoon called “Big Mouth” (Netflix – Obama – Susan “Mugabe is a Moderate” Rice – need I say more? – “adult cartoon” – OH, BUT JOE CAMEL GOES AFTER KIDS!) which features a moment where there is a ship that bears the name “S. S. Liberty”.

This is a reference to the USS Liberty, which was an American Navy vessel which was ATTACKED by Israel during the Six-Day War.

Yes, there is a weird excuse here, in that – in this particularly noxious episode of the show – a girl has her first period INSIDE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY! And that is why the episode is entitled “Everybody Bleeds”! Hooray! So all it is, is a REFERENCE to THAT JOKE!

This is what we call “cover” in the anti-communism game. They ALWAYS use it.

They think they’re SO SMART.

You can imagine the discussion that ensues. Or you can just check it out, until Battle Beagle’s account is inevitably (nevertheless, hopefully not) deleted. Here.

I have to admit – I was thinking to myself “CRAP! What the hell was [whoever] thinking when they did THAT?”

There can be reasons, but next ask WHY beyond those reasons.

Maybe it was a kind of weird self-deprecating joke. Maybe it was TROLLING the Alt-Right. Or MAYBE – just maybe – it was simply meant to do EXACTLY what it did – meaning to TRIGGER THE ANTISEMITES.

That’s actually the KEY to the problem, in my opinion. Dividing from cover is BRILLIANT cultural Marxist psychology. Anger and whip up the antisemites and SCARE JEWS AND ISRAEL SUPPORTERS at the same time.

Meaning that in the latter case, they SCARE UP THE COVER.

Provocation. IT WORKS.

See Candace Owens. It works for blacks, too. You have to listen to her speech. It’s brilliant. Is 2024 too early for this woman? 2028 for sure.

Here was my response:

But let’s not go there just yet. You see it, though, don’t you?

The whole USS Liberty incident is a HUGE recruiting tool for antisemites. It will be debated endlessly like Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, the Reichstag fire – whatever. It’s AUTOMATIC DIVISION.

Now consider THIS idea – which looks completely separate, but it’s not.

This wonderful Martin Geddes tweet is more about big social chaos (I can fit 9/11 into it very easily, with room to spare for Iranian and Nork nukes, and OH YEAH, let’s go even bigger and just say “nuclear fears” or “terrorism”), but it even works for smaller potatoes like stirring up antisemites on Twitter and Gab.


Just keep repeating it. That Q quote is a WINNER for eternity.


What’s happening here – at the DEEPEST LEVELS – isn’t “Jews rubbing it in our faces”, which is what the antisemites all want to believe in the comfort of an easy, small belief that a small force is arrayed against them.

What is happening is that Cultural Marxists – who I believe are FRONTING for higher and much bigger forces, shall we say – are sowing division, and the SHEEP are grazing on the poisoned weeds.

Anyway, there was a reply on Battle Beagle’s post that I thought was very astute:

This is a KEY realization. So I responded back with a Yuri Bezmenov video on demoralization, resisting the urge to lecture “It’s not Jews – it’s Marxists – and WORSE”. I just stuck to the greater truth of DEMORALIZATION.

NOW – this is critical. Notice that somebody replies to this, and tries to circle things back to the comfort narrative with old antisemitic memes. They WANT to maintain the narrative. “It’s not Marxists – it’s JOOZ!”

If it’s not obvious, this response is basically “Jews poisoning the well – AGAIN”.

Don’t look away. Look at it. This is how viral antisemitic memes propagated before there was an internet. The FEAR LEVEL had to be higher. “Your baby is going to die because of your Jewish neighbor.”

THIS is how they could CAUSE POGROMS.

We can SEE this now because we have the internet, and we have deeper understanding through what amounts to MODEL UNIVERSES.


Now Twitter could VIRTUE SIGNAL by deleting the Battle Beagle account, in some kind of dramatic horror, but why on Earth (COUGH) should they? Not if they TRULY want to dig down under MODERN antisemitism and ACTUALLY SEE how it is being continuously fed OLD antisemitic MYTHS as a justification for new outrage.

So that we can UNDERSTAND IT.

So that we can ACTUALLY FIGHT IT.

So now understand – I just had an AMAZING teaching moment about how HUMAN DIVISION happens – how old memes lock us in to old myths and old stereotypes. And Twitter [presumably now] wants to DELETE MY PROOF?

I mean, some idiot can report it, and it’s GONE.

In fact, let me go so far to say that IF TWITTER suspends or deletes the Battle Beagle account as a virtue signal, then they are either ON THE OTHER SIDE or they are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.

This was my response to Martin Geddes. See WHY I said this, and WHY it applies here. See WHY I’m saying “don’t be sheep, people. Figure out WHY this stuff is happening.”

We are in a SCRIPT of DIVISION.

Embracing old reliable division memes is PART OF THE SCRIPT.

Fearing the old reliable division memes is PART OF THE SCRIPT.

Deleting things in horror is PART OF THE SCRIPT.

Looking away is PART OF THE SCRIPT.

Not understanding is PART OF THE SCRIPT.

Not digging deep is PART OF THE SCRIPT.

And what I’m saying is IGNORE THE SCRIPT.

Q said we’re in a movie.

We’re taking over this movie.


You angry like Gamera? Be smart like this lady.


Even if you don’t understand at first.

Just remember that human understanding will fail, but GODLY understanding will not.

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Jack and suck on the wrong end of this ropecomment image


Very interesting. There would be various anti Semite stuff on 8 chan, and I looked at some of it initially to see what it was. Anti-semite stuff. And after a while and looking at various comments, I came to realize that it was being placed there to try to convince people that 8chan was anti semite. There was also somebody(ies) who would try to disparage Qanon. Posters that were interested in Qanon, ignored all the garbage, not just anti-semite stuff, and once in a while some one would chastise the newbies, and pointedly explain that those various odious posts were being deliberately placed there to 1. discredit Qanon or 8chan, and secondly to foment discord. Also, sometimes somebody would just get fed up with the garbage and chew on the poster(s) of those various items.
So I see what the point here is, it’s more subtle than what I was seeing on 8chan. Being that I don’t really do social media (at least not at this point in time), it’s something that will not be unseen now, especially since I’ve already had exposure to a blatant form of it already.


This applies to the manipulation of anti-fa and the fake white supremicists too.


They’re starting to get a little careless, or thinking the lamestream news guys are going to cover for them. After that fiasco in Texas, there were too many people that saw and recorded the guys in black. I’ve got a copy of a single guy that ABC aired from that event as well as the one you posted with 2 guys.
It seemed to me at the last protest in OR that there were more people documenting what was actually going on which means more people are aware of the manipulation that’s been happening.


Not careless . Increasingly desperate. Their narratives are being ignored. Laughing at them, disrespect. They can’t handle it. They are professionals. They are authority figures. But like the climate change poobahs we are increasingly dismissing them as irrelevant.
Pssst they fucking hate this

A Fortiori

There is another element to why the various scams that are being perpetrated on us are less sophisticated and less successful than the ones we had seen prior to PDJT; he is going after their money, and they are having to operate with reduced funding.


Very much chainsawing off their financial legs


Oh, this is so Very Creepy and Evil, Wolf. By the way, I came across an antisemite on a Christian blog–I was willing to believe, at first, that he was just naive, until he started praising Adolf. We had been on friendly terms, then it all started coming out from him. I’m not in a hurry to label people that way, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, but this was so shocking to me. I tried to reason with him, but it was futile. It made me so sad. Talk about demoralization. I still pray for him that he would realize his error.


It may have been exactly like you described it. I’m sure encounters like that unfortunately happen every day, and of course they are very distressing.
But always keep Charlottesville in mind, and the Leftist who suddenly “became” an “Alt Rightist”, without ever explaining to anyone that he had been a devoted Leftist his whole life. He was the organizer who lured all the white anti-black racists there.
This guy you met on that site might be the same type of bad — not a real antisemite at all, but a Ctrl-Left type pretending to be an antisemite as part of a digital false flag operation. Demoralizing you and other decent people visiting that site might even have been one of the goals of the operation.
Sundance on the OT located a codeword they use for this type of thing. It’s ROLCON, or something like that. It means “roll playing as a conservative”. And of course we know that genuine patriotic conservatism is never the least bit antisemitic, so it is offensive to us that they would use that word in this case. But they are taught that an antisemite is just a type of conservative, so they probably use that word for this, too.
I wasn’t there, but even in your brief summary you mention that you had been on friendly terms with him, that you were shocked to find that he was antisemitic, that then you at first thought he was just naive, then he began praising Hitler. To me, these seem like clues that he may have been a Leftist plant, working for hire for a Soros group, or something of that type.
It’s the phased roll-out of the shocking hate that brings out my Suspicious Cat eyes.
Again, I wasn’t there, and I certainly wouldn’t want to make you feel even worse. But whichever type of bad guy he was, there is a lesson here that potentially could save you some heartache with the next apparent antisemite you meet onto the web.


Those types are so boringly predictable that their behavior gives them away nearly instantly. Looking for power in all the wrong places, getting more and more trapped in the mess of their system. Trying to get their way using intimidation. Their only hope is to try and pull our gaze away from the face of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ of Nazareth who holds all dominion, power and authority in Heaven and on Earth.


Fear God alone.comment image


I thought the same when I saw all that on 8chan. I also thought a lot of the nudity would get people to look for illegal images unknowingly. The antisemitic stuff was awful but obvious. This cartoon above people are paying for with their subscription.


Most times I would just look through the comments related to a particular post, but other times, I would just scroll through comments until I saw something that looked like it had some real info on it. I’m pretty sure that some of the nudity was posted for the same reason the anti semite stuff was.


Yes, it’s all to discredit 8chan/Q. For a long time, there was a constant barrage of gay male porn. Pretty disgusting to have to wade through. I got to the point that I only went through the notables and the replies to Q’s posts. Voat is pretty much the same with all the antisemitism.


Evil will attack weakness that it why we have to know our weakness . Evil never will attack our strength.
Our weakness can become our strength .
We will never be divided.
I like your topic Wolf and it is very important at this time.

Gail Combs

“… I suspect that Brock’s pedo was used to make him switch sides….”
Well that explains his sudden switch when he came in contact with the Clintons. He was probably shown some blackmail vids and given an ‘offer he could not refuse’

Remember Epstein tried to suck in President Trump….
Trump’s driver tells the story of President Trump arriving at Epstein’s Florida home and remarking on how kind it was of Epstein to allow the neighborhood KIDS play in his pool when he saw all the young teenage girls in the pool. Trump went into the house and returned 10 minutes later asking his driver to take him home.
I do not know the timing but I would not be a bit surprised to find that Epstein got the boot from President Trump’s Club shortly there after. (His staff having been put on the alert to watch for ‘naughty antics’ by Epstein.)

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.
6:13 AM – 8 Oct 2012

Note how the author very slyly connects Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s handler to President Trump…

“There’s a story in Patterson’s new book Filthy Rich about Palm Beach perv Jeffrey Epstein relating an incident that allegedly took place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago in 1999.
According to the book, billionaire financier Epstein liked to hang out at Mar-a-Lago despite the fact he’d never coughed up the $100,000 to join, much less the $14,000-annual fee.
But because Epstein and Trump shared a mutual friend, Brit heiress Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein had “unlimited use of the facilities,” according to the book.”
“According to a story in Chapter 33:
“That arrangement ended when a (Mar-a-Lago) member’s young daughter complained to her wealthy father: while relaxing at Mar-a-Lago, she’d been approached and invited out to Epstein’s house.
“The girl said that she had gone and that Epstein had tried to get her to undress.
“The girl’s father had gone directly to Trump, who — in no uncertain terms — told Epstein that he was barred from Mar-a-Lago.”
“Another of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts, said she was recruited in just the same way. She, however, wasn’t relaxing at Mar-a-Lago. She worked there.
Trump’s swift actions may have prevented other young ladies from falling into registered sex-offender Epstein’s web of underage girls.”

Epstein helped Mueller before….

Wait. Was pedophile Jeffrey Epstein an informant for Mueller’s FBI?
From the 5/24/18 FBI Vault release: “Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon.”
Is that why he escaped serious charges for molesting over twenty girls?
— Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) May 24, 2018

NO ONE has been able to find the ‘information provided to the FBI by Epstein as agreed upon’
This leads me to believe the actual info provided was BLACKMAIL info on politicians and CEO and the very wealthy.
THIS is why Epstein HAD TO DIE.
If Epstein and others like NXIVM were honeypots used to trap the movers and shakers of the world so our REAL Masters could control nations via blackmail, then you can understand WHY the ‘Left’ and the ‘Never-Trumpers’ went completely beserk when President Trump was elected.


It’s sort of like Al Sharpton doing his “Racist, racist, racist!” thing — it’s about being a corrupt, evil, asshole… matter how well he tans.
There is plenty of corruption, evil, and misbehavior to ascribe to banksters…..many of which, to be sure, are Jewish…..but it’s not because they’re Jewish, it’s because they’re banksters. If you had a criminal gang that was 30% Bosnian, and the gang committed 60% of the murders in your town, it’s not about the murderous Bosnians — it’s about the gang.
[I’m in Silicon Valley and have worked in a variety of high tech environments. In one, the factory floor was approximately 30% hispanic, 30% Vietnamese, 30% Bosnian, and 10% “other”. This created an unusual internal dynamic. As an example, IIRC, the Vietnamese language is not built for swearing properly. As a result, the Vietnamese would swear at the Bosnians in Spanish.]


In case you’re wondering — and this is from a decades-old recollection about a language I don’t speak — the issue was that the language generally passivates everything and blurs agency. “Go f*** a goat!!!!” becomes, “The right honorable gentleman is invited to initiate caprine congress.”
Y’know, sort of like speeches in British Parliament…..


Speaking of banksters, I remember when credit cards were not handed out to any Tom, Dick and Harry. The banks also checked to see how many credit cards were issued to people. If they thought you could only handle one credit card, that’s all you could qualify for even if you applied to a different credit card company. The rates were not cheap, but they weren’t usurious either. Things changed. I’ve always thought that probably happened when the various mobs moved into “legitimate” businesses, banking being one of them.


Another note relates to how this company had this workforce. Very simply, they grew from 10 assembly people to 300 assembly people before they could afford to run newspaper ads. So they asked the people who already worked there if they knew someone who could use a job. If the initial workforce would have been Filipino, Indians from Bangalore, and South African expats, that would have been the split when I was there. It was recruiting through community — churches, pubs, neighborhood groups, friends and family. That’s how things work in the real world.
I still remember working through, “Yo, Enes, kako se?” We had a mission that we were pursuing and enjoyed each other’s efforts toward the mission and company along the way……and utterly despise any suggestion that we were privileged racists.
And, BTW, this is my excuse for constantly making a thorough botch of tonal languages —

— I just don’t try anymore.


Interesting video. Not sure that I agree with him, but it’s possible.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Chinese may have tones, but as far as I know, it doesn’t have long tables of conjugations and declensions–which makes most people say “it doesn’t have grammar” since they labor under the misconception that that’s all there is to grammar. In any case it’s easier to learn no declensions and conjugations than to learn several of them. But those tones make it very hard for non-tonal language speakers to “get.” Korean makes distinctions between aspirated and non-aspirated that we don’t even notice (we aspirate the p in pot but not the one in spot, without even realizing it–to a Korean those Ps are totally, obviously different sounds).
But imagine a language that not only has the declensions–maddeningly complex, worse than Russian–but ALSO tones. Well, that would be Latvian and Lithuanian, or so I am reliably assured.


I actually like German……despite having sixteen ways of saying “the”. Having the most common two ways of referring to young ladies as “neuter” (fraulein, madchen) until they’re married is a bit weird as well. And, then, there’s the “around the block I walked and in the windows looked” thing. But, like old HP calculators, once you get the hang of it, it’s very logical.
By comparison, my experience with tonal languages has been a horrific flaming dumpster fire. It’s not like I dislike the people or the concepts, but there’s only so much of trying to say something innocuous and inadvertently saying something obscene that one should attempt.


“imagine a language that not only has the declensions–maddeningly complex, worse than Russian–but ALSO tones. Well, that would be Latvian and Lithuanian”
Also, Ancient Greek and Sanskrit, which are both distantly related to Latvian, Lithuanian, and Russian. Though the conjugations and declensions in at least Greek are not as bad as in Russian.
None of those Indo-European languages rely on tones as much as Chinese does, which in turn does not have as many as does Vietnamese.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

Yes, on the Ancient Greek. All those accent marks that modern students are expected to learn and largely ignore (other than to put stress on the vowel in question) were actually tonal marks. One teacher of ancient Greek said a Chinese student of his had no trouble replicating those tones, but he doesn’t bother trying to teach them otherwise, just expecting his students to stress the syllable the same way we’d stress if it if were an English word. (It’s not like Homer is going to stomp into the room and correct people.)
The tones are gone in Modern Greek and (if I recall correctly) were gone even by classical times (~4th century BC).


Iirc, they were present in the Athenian plays and so forth, but started to disappear in Hellenistic times. The hellenistic grammarians invented the written mark so that their students could pronounce the classic works correctly.

SteveInCO · Thermonuclear MAGA

I’ll stand corrected then. It’s been a long time since I dabbled (and I do mean dabbled) in Ancient Greek.

Gail Combs

Speaking of Banksters….
I ran across this info that I wanted to share a while back when New Zealand mosque FF was under discussion.
“The surest path to political power, at least in Australia and New Zealand, may be to spend most of your working life avoiding it. Preferably at an investment bank.
Since Malcolm Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott in the Liberal Party spill, former executives from Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank hold the top three political leadership posts in Australia and New Zealand….
Goldman Sachs… The New York-based firm has a long history of filling government ranks.
In the US, Robert Rubin was a Goldman Sachs co-chairman before he was President Bill Clinton’s Treasury secretary. Hank Paulson, a former Goldman chief executive officer, was Treasury secretary for George W. Bush….”

The comment was from Jo Nova’s site but I did not save the link.
Also saved in my notes at that time…
FDR determined before he was elected president that he had to change public opinion on Stalin and the Soviet Union. During the 1932 presidentia campaign he held a well-publicized meeting with Walter Duranty…
IIRC, FDR was called a puppet of the Banksters by his Son-in-law.
excerpts from the book
F.D.R. – My Exploited Father-in-Law
by Curtis B. Dall
Revised Edition, 1968

The whole excerpt is longer. These parts pertain to the Banksters and Puppet Masters.

Pg. 108:
Col. House became alerted to Woodrow Wilson when the latter became Governor of New Jersey, in Trenton; when he began to make “political nesting noises”, directed to the top king makers, the early one worlders. With the approval of the advisors, Col. House became duly affixed to Woodrow Wilson and became his political self starter, advisor, and alter ego.
Pg. 111:
Harry Hopkins, to aid the internationalists’ program, was planted in the White House by the Advisors after Louis Howe’s death. Thus, Harry Hopkins became a “second Colonel House”, close to FDR. Hopkins operated far more openly as an internationalist puppet, pointing to one world government via a long range strategy route, operating right from the White House.
Pg. 115:
There was not much “wrong” in Wall Street, to use Louis’ word. There were a few minor points or areas, as I viewed it, such as improvements in the role of the Specialist, more public information pertaining to short selling, more complete information supplied in statements on certain phases of an offering prospectus, on new issues of a company’s securities such as the stock position of “insiders ” and details about their options on company stock. That was about all I could properly come up with. It had nothing to do with Federal Reserve Bank control over interest rates, credits, and the available supply of call money, and credit in general. The “wrongness” stemmed from the top level manipulators, here and abroad! Face it!
The main problem, as I saw it, was control over the supply of money, which controls interest rates and the call money market which, in turn, effects the broad market action of stocks, either up or down. That topic was quite beyond my ken at the time and even if FDR had understood it, which is doubtful, he would not have dared to touch it or he would have been a political dead duck! He received much “advice, on that matter.
Pg. 115-116:
“Political professors” were carefully selected who reacquainted the people with the alphabet, as applied to numerous new Commissions, Departments and Agencies set up in Washington, staffed, of course, by the protégés of the Advisers and their C.F.R, mentors. In that connection, the advice of Professor Frankfurter was important. His non disapproval was necessary.
Pg. 116:
Others have observed that Frankfurter’s trademark has been the practice of placing compliant Puppets in positions of importance within the government, willing tools who eventually formed the greatest network of agents ever to operate in this country under one man.
The yammering about the imperfections and misdoings of Wall Street soon quieted down after the ballot counting ritual of the previous November. Louis Howe, aided by important Now Deal lawyers, including my classmate, James Landis, and others, itching to flex their wings in flights over a vast new area, were busy hatching the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This Commission was to effect certain needed improvements, to be sure, but in reality is directly aimed to extend Federal Government Control over much of the country’s financial machinery. For awhile, no one in the investment field could even shave or have breakfast without seeking the advice of a lawyer who “knew someone” in Washington. Even then, one had to shave in the proper direction, for comfort, or go on a recommended reducing “diet.”
Pg. 170:
I refer to the One Worlders Revolutionary Take over Program, implemented by the self styled United Nations on behalf of the world money powers, their sponsors.
The concept of a global United Nations apparatus did not suddenly emerge out of thin air! Obviously, no one could have suddenly provided the vast sums of money needed to successfully promote it. Hence, the long planned for U.N. operation for self serving wars, a slick undertaking, was worth a great deal of money to a few people here and abroad, ambitious for more power and more wealth. Who? In 1919 at the Paris Peace Conference, held at Versailles, when “Peace” was featured by its noticeable absence, the League of Nations was unfolded. It was carefully planned by a foreign clique, to be sold to President Wilson and then, sold by him to this Country. World Bankers were its leading advocates and sponsors.


A side note. I have been convinced for awhile now that the cartoons are purposefully made ugly and almost primitive as a way to make children (and us) cynical and helpless.


Glad to be of service. 💚
I first remember noticing this with Beavis and Butthead and the Simpsons. Then there is Spongebob Squarepants and Ren and Stimpy (did I get that right)?
Everything became so ugly and two-dimensional. I did like the Tick and Invader Zim, though.

Deplorable Patriot

Phineas and Ferb, too. Although, I really can relate to Candace.
And the writing on Sponge Bob was pretty clever in the beginning.


It was. I liked Spongebob, but the more I looked at the really hideous artwork of that cartoon the more it reminded me of that scene in That Hideous Strength where the N.I.C.E. was trying to corrupt Mark Studdock through artwork and objects that were ‘off’ in some little way. It culminated with a large crucifix on the floor of which Mark was ordered to stomp. One of the most prescient books I’ve ever read. I know I mention it too much, but it is so spot-on with the way evil operates in our time, corrupting institutions and individuals.


The teletubbies? I’ll look through my stash of odds and ends that I’ve saved, but I seem to recall something about certain people behind either teletubbies or sponge bob? that were not nice people. Definitely creep-a-zoids.


Teletubbies were downright demonic, if you ask me.

Gail Combs

grandmaintexas it was DELIBERATE and part of the Communist Agenda:

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.


Sick effers. I saw this back when I homeschooled my kids. Back then you were considered a looney toon (pun intended) if you believed this stuff.


I’ve got a classic quote for you on this.
It will take me some time to find it.


Wolf, that’s very interesting that Twitter is suddenly showing you your rabbi friend after posting a comment in a thread with anti-semitism. I’ve been wondering why I’m suddenly seeing people I’ve followed for a long time but never saw their tweets – Lisa Mei Crowley, Joe M, and Praying Medic. I always had to go to their pages to see their tweets at all. And now I see all of them in my timeline. They all tweet about Q and about Trump. So I’m left scratching my head that Twitter suddenly wants me to see their tweets. On the other hand, the people they suggest I follow are always people like Hillary Clinton and Obama.


Oh wow, you could be right about them being banned before the election. Grrrr! This stuff really makes me mad. On the other hand, I no longer get any Candace Owens tweets, and I always did before.


And butt ugly I’m thinking they trying to show that they are more evenhanded. Not so censorious


Wait, I KNOW you’re not saying Candace is butt ugly, right? 🤔😮


Two comments posted as one. Candace is most assuredly NOT but ugly


I’m thinking (dangerous thing)…
Didn’t Trump have Jack in the White House not very long ago? Maybe…
What if Trump said “Hey, Jack, you know we can shut you down, anti-trust and all that. Maybe you want to adjust your algorithms, what do you say?”
I don’t know, but maybe we are seeing the beginnings of change?
I’m probably being overly optimistic.


Hey wolf, do you feel I’m posting to many links and copy and pastes from elsewhere?


Ta. Just bringing interesting (I think) tidbits to the table. Seeing as I’m too far away for the eats


“Another theory is that Jack is trying to get out of lawsuits and anti-trust, so he’s shifting opinions in the jury pool. Just a possibility.”
Yeah, that could be helpful to Farcebook, and might be what he discussed with Trump in their last meeting.
I don’t see how it will keep him from swinging for that GPS malware on the President’s phone in late 2017, though.


Same types of things happening on my timeline . I’ve noticed it for some time. Ever since I started bitching about Walmart I get ads touting how wonderful they are.


Yep. Obnoxious.


I don’t do twitter so this is out of left field for me but Potus has his steely gaze upon the tech overlords and they are afraid

Gail Combs

“…Potus has his steely gaze upon the tech overlords….”
I think they are playing a CRITICAL TIMING GAME.
They want to ride just this side of getting the hammer of doom brought down until it is TOO LATE for President Trump to make a move AND THEN THEY WILL DO THE DIRTY.comment image


Lots to unpack here. Full disclosure: I identify with “Jesus Christ is Lord.”


Several things. First, a message to our chaos inducing, dividing overlords….we know who wins in the end, and it ain’t them.

Another example of “controlled chaos” is the rampant homelessness in America, itself fueled by an complete gov’t abandonment on the war on drugs. “Legalization” of marijuana was the keystone here. The commies got a two-fer with this one. And it makes me furious. I’m supposed to believe that pot is NOT a gateway drug, but VAPING is a pathway to cigarette smoking?? That drug laws DON’T work, but we need (gun laws)?? That’s it’s ok to have your ambition-killing, self-control robbing, sex-drive eliminating, UNHEALTHY marijuana…that’s OK…..but it’s NOT ok to own a gun for self-defense??
Want to know WHY this shit is working for the commie bastards??
A: Because they have taken over our entire national education system at the federal,state, and local levels. All three. They are LITERALLY training children to be idiots who have NO critical thinking skills, no understanding of western civilization, etc. FOR FUCKS SAKE, THEY DON’T EVEN TEACH KIDS HOW TO READ A CLOCK ANYMORE OR WRITE IN CURSIVE!!! Literally.
They are LITERALLY graduating illiterate children. Why??
As the great Frederick Douglass eloquently pointed out, the slave who had access to literacy found the urge to achieve physical freedom, to run away, well-nigh irresistible. Once they were literate, they understood even more fundamentally than when illiterate that they were intellectual equals, by nature, with their masters, and that the deprivation of the right to learn to read and write was another form of slavery — metaphysical slavery.
But I digress.
“Never let a crisis go to waste.”
– Rham Emanuel, the “genius” behind elevating Obama to the WH and the failed mayor of Chicago
What he didn’t say was the first part of that statement….
“Create the crisis as a cover for the unpopular policies you want to implement.”
I could go on, but you get the point….(unless you are one of the stoned, pot smoking (orworse) drooling idiots “edumacated” by people who hate your guts (and we don’t have those here).
Moving on.
Last, but most certainly NOT least…
Candice Owns. Yes, OWNS! We desperately need this smart, strong, courageous, beautiful woman in office representing us!
Much to say about her, but her point in the video in the OP re: POTUS being the example of fighting back against political correctness and not being afraid to do so is everywhere and spreading like a (HEALING) virus! Comedians Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr just released scathing, politically-incorrect NetFlix specials mocking and ridiculing political correctness that has the left going APE SHIT BERSERK!!
And yesterday, in the House of Representatives…
I urge everyone to take a moment to watch history being made as the irrepressible Rep. Matt Gaetz confronts Al Sharpton and Sharpton’s long history of bigotry and racism USING A RESOLUTION PLACED INTO THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD BY JOE SCARBOROUGH many years ago when he was in Congress, long before he was manipulated, indoctrinated, and ultimately pussy-whipped by his communist now-wife. Gaetz thoroughly exposes Sharpton for the race hustling “house negro” he truly is…so well, in fact, that Jim Jordan later gives him his own time to continue the evisceration (See Part 2)…

Great post, Wolf. You are exactly right. They not only WANT us Americans of all races, etc divided, they NEED us divided….
….the EXACT same way the racist southern democrat plantation owners DIVIDED the (big) “house negros” from the “field negros” and used the one to keep the other in check…
See: Samuel L. Jackson In Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”
They murdered MLK Jr. and elevated Al Sharpton in his place….a “house negro”…to keep the blacks in line and voting democrat…comment image


Sorry….ignore the first video link above…I failed to Tuen off YouTube’s incredibly obnoxious automatic “auto-play” feature. THIS is the correct video I wanted to reference…

Deplorable Patriot

In education, cursive is on its way back. Some places never quit teaching it. My one nephew has beautiful cursive. But, he’s also in a private school.
And, yeah, critical thinking, along with soft skills, are not being encouraged or taught. it’s all about scores on standardized tests that don’t demonstrate anything other than rote regurgitation.


We need to facilitate a learning environment that allows our young people to be self-taught discerning independent thinkers that have full kinetic, book and tech arenas mastered. Let them all learn in every domain enough to be proficient and then let them SOAR in their strengths.


We need more shop, ceramics and painting classes to allow students to unpack their own ability to create. Run by teachers that get out of the way and really allow creative learning, not directed to always focus on certain (SJW) topics.


Brilliant post! 100%!


Great article wolf! Re: manipulation…..a couple weeks ago I searched (on Google) the University of Southern New Hampshire and then clicked on the link to the school’s website.
Within minutes…like 1 maybe 2….I received an email from the school with information about its programs, etc. I get almost no spam in my email and if I do it’s garbage, not from legitimate sources.
Coincidence or is Google now able to connect searches, IP addresses and emails?


Pop ups are blocked, notifications set to ask before sending, no ads….have Adblock Plus. I always say no to show my location when asked.
I have been using Chrome because WordPress does not function well for me with Firefox. I tried Brave but had some trouble there as well.


Read that the school has over 200 on-line degree programs. So to target potential on-line students who search the school, somehow a personal connection can be made via their email. Not too happy about that.


Send them a nasty virus?


My new mantra to my liberal friends:
“They want us divided. By hating my politics, you are playing their game. I won’t play.”

Gail Combs

Another TARGET is the Masons.
Dad was a Mason, Mom Eastern Star. My Brother and his sons are Masons (Brother donated to Trump) A very good friend of 50+ years is high up in the Masons He was invited to Europe and Knighted. This is the same guy who was telling me about the stuff Wofie is showing us way back in the 1970s.
WHY target the Masons?
Because our Founding Fathers were Free Masons! <=== KEY!!!

….29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over…..

One view:
The other view:
Benjamin Franklin and George Washington among others were Masons.
And thus you get things like this:

Hardcore satanist Franklin and his constitutions. He was present during Voltaires, that satanic twisted dirtbag, entrance into the masonic lodge. He was also part of the Hellfire Club which practiced human sacrifice and sex/blood orgies. This liar also NEVER MENTIONS anything of his masonic life in his so called “autobiography”. A douchebag to look up to for the Judaeo-Masonic idiots.

That site promotes books? Articles? Like
Satanic Voices Of Judaeo Masonry British-Israel nwo illuminati freemasons
Note the attack on both Masons and the Jews.
As we have seen time and time again these POS paint the opposition with the deeds THEY themselves are actually doing!


Why is it not surprising that they smear the founding fathers of our country with accusations of satanism, human sacrifice and sex/blood orgies?
Of course they make it stick by using the masonic tie.
Masons are a secret society which does open them up these sorts of accusations. The above slanders are much harder to reject due to that secrecy.
The slanders also deflect from any thoughtful concerns about secret oaths, hidden alliances or general political networking that might arise in an ordinary non-mason’s mind about the organization.

Gail Combs

Again looking at the historical context.
The Holy Roman Empire/Divine Right of Kings ruled Europe and it’s colonies for a thousand years. Then the upstarts in the Americas tossed off British rule and the Fench took it even further by killing off much of the French Aristocracy.
This SCARED THE CRAP out of the Aristocracy but they were not about to give up their POWER. Power they shared with the Bankers thanks to the practice of Fractional Reserve Banking that is actually a hidden tax on the peons. (G. Edward Griffin explains the advantages for the Aristocracy/Politicians.) link
They re-invent feudalism under the new name ‘Communism’ They heavily flavor the poison with lots of sugar — FREE EVERYTHING — and ‘Alturism’ YOU get to claim the atta-boys but the ‘goodies given out’ are funded by others. Even better YOU get to keep a large slice of the $$$ used to fund the ‘Alturism’
However there is always the problem of someone figuring out the scheme.
The Aristocracy has faded into the background even though they have a lot more control than you would think. Richard S Courtney, my favorite British Socialist, once mentioned at WUWT that the Queen reviews all legislation to be decided upon by Parliment. THE QUEEN CAN VETO any bills about to be considered.
Queen Beatrix has also been a lot more active than is obvious. Bilderberg, World Wild Life, Shell Oil, the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UEA)….. The British and Dutch royal families and the Rockerfellers and Rothschilds are found behind all of these.

So what is needed is a false rabbit for the ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ to chase and that is where the Free Masons, Jews and Israel’s Mossad comes in. ‘They’ are very very good at PLANTING bad actors or evidence to lay a false trail and THAT is what we have to be very careful of.

Gail Combs


Oxford: a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful:
Merriam-Webster: plot, intrigue, machination, conspiracy, cabal mean a plan secretly devised to accomplish an evil or treacherous end. plot implies careful foresight in planning a complex scheme. an assassination plot intrigue suggests secret underhanded maneuvering in an atmosphere of duplicity.
Legal Dictionary: Conspiracy is a crime separate from the criminal act for which it is developed. For example, one who conspires with another to commit Burglary and in fact commits the burglary can be charged with both conspiracy to commit burglary and burglary.

In all cases Conspiracy is a group engaged in Unlawful, Harmful even EVIL schemes.
Since many of the cases you are talking of are NOT unlawful, or Harmful or EVIL then they do not meet the definition.
Do people such as we, collaborate with the intention of advancing a specific goal? YES!
Can it be in secret? Of Course.
However unless it is unlawful it is not a conspiracy, it is collaboration or cooperation the essence of civilization.


Due to the heavy deplatforming we anticipate prior to the 2020 elections, I’ve been looking for a platform that is not likely to experience “outages.”
I noticed the references to a channel on Telegram and have begun researching it’s origins, stated philosophy and history in terms of free speech.
Hence the search terms “problems telegram deplatform” yielding up a study by someone who is using the “jihadi” boogyman as a reason to cast shadow on Telegram’s current approach to free speech.
Our research aimed at developing a methodological approach to study Telegram. Starting from a general discussion around ethical issues for studying Telegram groups and channels, we delved into the analysis of public groups and channels pertaining to both the far right and the far left. We build a methodological protocol for the analysis of Telegram that hopefully might be useful for future research on messaging platforms.
Following the above mentioned methodological protocol, we also focused on the role of Telegram for deplatforming extreme voices that are increasingly been banned in other mainstream social networks, arguing that Telegram imagined affordances encourage the creation of groups and channels for the networking of extreme groups.
1. Introduction
Digital research on messaging apps has just started to expand. While much attention has been paid to social media platforms, research has focused less on apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Discord. Among such messaging apps, Telegram appears to be particularly interesting as a case study because of its architecture and affordances. Indeed, differently from other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram stores all the information on a built-in (distributed, encrypted) cloud backup. Moreover, it allows for the creation of public channel with an unlimited number of participants, chat groups up to 200.000 users, and even secret chats that provide the perception of increased privacy. According to its creator, these features would make Telegram more secure than WhatsApp, and the suitable platform for building large online communities more protected from online surveillance. While this might represent an advantage for minorities and activists, Telegram has also become a preferred platform for spreading violent and illicit content (e.g. revenge porn) and coordinating extremist movements (e.g. jihadism).
So far, works on Telegram have mainly focused on jihadi. Mazzoni (2018) has conducted a broad research on jihadi channels and groups, producing categorizations based on the type of distributed content, groups size and aims. As for the alt-right, Mazzoni (2019) has briefly described three possible categories of channels, i.e. images channels, news channels and discussion channels. Other works focus on the role played by Telegram in amplifying the diffusion of non consensual intimate images (Semenzin, Bainotti, forthcoming), arguing that the platforms’ features can be considered as gendered affordances (Shwartz, Neff, 2018), as they suggest and reproduce gendered structures and inequalities. From a methodological point of view, the above mentioned research usually rely on qualitative methodologies, such as digital ethnography inspired approaches (Semenzin, Bainotti, forthcoming).
Telegram’s increasing popularity, together with the peculiarity of its affordances, raises important questions that needs to be further addressed. On the one hand, at a theoretical level, much work is needed to better understand how the platform’s affordances allow and shape users’ behaviours, perceptions and imaginaries. On the other hand, it is important to better understand how to study Telegram methodologically and what ethical issues are implied in such analysis.
In this context, the present project aims to develop a Telegram research protocol, exploring different methodological possibilities and showcasing a case study of fringe political subcultures (left and right). The project therefore asks how it is possible to study Telegram following the medium and developing a research protocol grounded in Digital Methods. Secondly, it aims to understand how Telegram’s affordances suggest possible uses to fringe political actors. The interactive nature of the messaging platform, together with its possibility for anonymity and security provided by its system of encryption, can indeed foster an interesting perspective to look at how the imaginaries about the alt-right and the far-left, and the different publics revolving around them take shape. Lastly, we are willing to address how Telegram relate to the processes of deplatforming on mainstream platforms.
As mentioned before, in the attempt of building a research protocol, it is necessary to take into consideration some ethical issues related to the platform’s structure (Figure 1.), and specifically how to negotiate access and analyse publics and private channels and chats.
Figure 1.comment image


“ngs” above was supposed to be a section title “Summary of Key Findings”


And yet their observations give “tells” for the discerning to take note of.
Acting dispassionate and yet labeling Loomer (a jew!) as a white nationalist!


This section may be of the most interest to you Wolf…
5.4. Deplatforming: Following extremists to an alternative social media ecosystem (by Richard Rogers)
Deplatforming, or the removal of one’s account on social media for breaking platform rules, has recently been on the rise, gaining attention as an antidote to the so-called toxicity of online communities and the mainstreaming of extreme speech, but also stirring a discussion about the ‘liberal bias’ of US tech giants implementing the bans (Bilton, 2019).
In the past few years, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube , Twitter and other platforms have all suspended and removed a variety of individuals and groups, comprising, according to one accounting, ‘white nationalists’, ‘anti-semites’, ‘alt-right’ adherents, ‘neo-nazis’, ‘hate groups’ and others (Kraus, 2018).
Many of those who have been deplatformed are on the far right of the ideological spectrum, and certain of them could be described as social media celebrities, such as Milo Yiannopoulos and Alex Jones, whose removals have had a significant impact on their visibility, the maintenance of their fan bases and the flow of their income streams. Yiannopoulos has claimed to have become bankrupt by deplatforming (Beauchamp, 2018). Jones has seen the view counts and seemingly the impact of his posts decline.
Deplatformings have been widely reported in the tech news and beyond (Martineau, 2019). When Yiannopoulos, Jones, Laura Loomer and Paul Joseph Watson were removed from Facebook and Instagram in 2019 for being ‘dangerous individuals’ engaged or involved in ‘organised hate’ and/or ‘organized violence’ (Facebook, 2019), it drew widespread reaction, including the story of how Facebook announced the ban some hours prior to its implementation, allowing the deplatformed to post notices on their pages, redirecting their audience to other platforms (Martineau, 2019).
Laura Loomer, for one, announced her Telegram channel; Alex Jones pointed to his websites. The migration from mainstream to alternative social media platforms was underway.
At the same time, protests from these individuals and their followers have been staged, where Loomer, the ‘white nationalist’ also banned from Twitter for a ‘racist attack’ on a Muslim U.S. congresswoman, handcuffed herself to the front door of the corporation’s office in New York city, livestreaming her plight and her views on the suppression of ‘conservative’ viewpoints on a supporter’s Periscope account (itself a Twitter service).
Having been banned, other users switched to platforms friendly to their politics, such as Gab, a Twitter alternative (that upvotes and downvotes posts like Reddit). It has become known as a ‘haven for white supremacists’ and for its defense of free speech (Zannettou et al., 2018; Ohlheiser and Shapira, 2018). It also positions itself as distinct from the “left-leaning Big Social monopoly” (Coaston, 2018).
When deplatformed social media celebrities migrate to alternative platforms, these sites are given a boost through media attention and increases in user counts. Milo Yiannopoulos initially turned to Gab after his account was removed on Twitter (Benson, 2016). Around the same time Alex Jones joined it “with great fanfare” (Ohlheiser, 2016).
Indeed, when Twitter conducted a so-called ‘purge’ of extremists in 2016, Gab gained tens of thousands of users in a short time. It is continually described as a favored platform of expression for extremists, including the shooter in the Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018 who announced his intended acts there (Nguyen, 2018).
Morbidly, such events immediately drive traffic to the platform. Gab drew over a million hits, after it became known that a mass shooter posted his manifesto there (Coasten, 2018).
Mainstream social media, however, drives more traffic to extremist content than other web sources or alternative social media platforms, at least in the case when Alex Jones was banned from Facebook and YouTube, as mentioned above. His InfoWars posts, now only available on his websites (and a sprinkling of alternative social media platforms, as we come to), saw a decline in traffic by one half (Nicas, 2018).


“Deplatforming, or the removal of one’s account on social media for breaking platform rules…”
Or alleged breaking of platform rules, or breaking of secret or ex post facto platform rules.




Effectiveness of deplatforming
After the shooting, Gab itself was ‘deplatformed’ from the web, removed from domain service, GoDaddy, its hosting provider, Joyent, as well as payment processors PayPal and Stripe, but it returned shortly thereafter, finding alt-right-friendly alternatives (Martineau, 2018).
Epik, the company that now hosts’s domain, wrote a blog post defending its decision, with the subtitle, ‘deplatforming is digital censorship’ (Epik, 2018).
Cloudflare, the web infrastructure and security company (that protects against denial of service attacks) also continued to ‘protect’ Gab, with its argument that no web infrastructure company should have such great editorial power.
After the mass shooting in El Paso in 2019, Cloudflare, however, would remove its protection of 8chan, where the shooter posted his manifesto explaining his acts. The company wrote, “in taking this action we’ve solved our own problem, but we haven’t solved the Internet’s” (Kelly, 2019).
There has been some scholarly attention paid to the effectiveness of shutting down particularly offensive online communities, such as the subreddits r/fatpeoplehate and r/coontown, banned by Reddit in 2015 for violating its harassment policies. It was found that the shutdowns worked, in that a proportion of offending users appeared to leave the platform (for Voat, an alternative to Reddit), and the subreddits that inherited those migrating from those spaces did not see a significant increase in extreme speech (Chandrasekharan et al., 2017). Indeed, the closing of those communities was beneficial for Reddit, but less research has been performed about the effectiveness of the ban for the health of social media or the internet at large.
Similar to Cloudflare’s viewpoint, the Reddit study’s authors reported that not only did Reddit make these users “someone else’s problem”, but also perhaps pushed them to “darker corners of the internet” (Chandrasekharan et al., 2017).
Telegram as ‘dark corner of the internet’
Apart from Gab and perhaps Voat (to which deplatformed Pizzagate, incel and QAnon subreddit users have migrated), Telegram is another of those dark corners (Wikipedia, 2019).
It is an instant messaging app, founded in 2013 by the same internet entrepreneurs who launched VKontakte, the social media platform popular in Russia. Telegram has a reputation, whether or not well-founded, for highly secure messaging, having notoriously been listed by ISIS as ‘safe’ and having themselves championed privacy upon its founding that coincided with the US state spying revelations by Edward Snowden.
Indeed, the founders started Telegram so communications could not be monitored by governments, including the Russian authorities, who pursued the founder until he fled the country (Cook, 2018).
The Russian state later accused Telegram of enabling terrorists because it would not turn over users’ encrypted messages, leading to a ban of the application in Russia.
The founders, and their programming team, are themselves self-exemplary of privacy-enablers, for they require secure communication, and have moved from location to location to elude what the founder calls ‘unnecessary influence’ (Thornhill, 2015).
‘Private sociality’
How does Telegram appeal to its users, including those who have been deplatformed for violating speech rules? Telegram not only has the reputation but also the affordances that would be attractive to those seeking something similar to ‘social privacy’, or the capacity to retain control over what is known about oneself whilst still participating (and becoming popular) on a social media platform (Raynes–Goldie, 2010).
On social media platforms such as Facebook, the user is public-facing at the outset, and subsequently makes deft use of aliases, privacy settings as well as account and timeline grooming. That is how social privacy is performed.
Telegram, however, is something of a hybrid system, and in contradistinction to Facebook, it leads with protected messaging, and follows with the social. That is, it is in the first place a messaging app (and VOIP service), where one has an account, and can message others and join groups, first private ones (by default) but also public ones.
It also has some elements of social media, where one may create a channel (public by default) and have others subscribe to it.
The apt deployment of Telegram would seem to conceptually invert social privacy. The app first offers protected communication, appealing to a private user, rather than to the public-facing user, seeking publicity (De Zeeuw and Tuters, forthcoming).
‘Private sociality’ may be a term that captures operating in private chats and private group chats both for the private user (not necessarily seeking publicity) as well as the masked user (who may seek attention). One can operate in private mode and still participate.
For example, on Telegram, to join a group or subscribe to a channel, the user need not enter a telephone number.
Second, apart from only private spaces in which to organize, recruit, chat and so forth, the Telegram user may still seek publicity. Here the use of a channel is significant for it allows building a following. Similar to YouTube, one can broadcast to subscribers.
Telegram thereby could be said to reconcile dual desires of protection and publicity by offering private messaging and broadcasting.
It thereby appears to go some way towards resolving the ‘online extremists’ dilemma’, a variation on the ‘terrorist’s dilemma’, which concerns balancing “operational security and public outreach” (Shapiro, 2013; Clifford and Powell, 2019).
Telegram, as mentioned above, has been associated with terrorism. In a description of its use in this context, the features of the hybrid application become clearer: “Telegram’s public-facing ‘channels’ and private messaging ‘chats’ make it a ‘dual-use’ weapon for extremist groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hamas” (Counter-extremism project, 2017). The groups broadcast to followers on channels and recruit and organize through one-to-one or small group chats.
The Deplatformed and Telegram
For the deplatformed, Telegram’s reputation may be appealing. It affords ‘protected speech’ by being permissive of extreme speech. It also offers to back up channels and group content, thereby allaying threats of deletion, a key concern.
Telegram also offers means to build a following, and broadcast to large numbers of users (as on YouTube and Twitter). Like other messaging apps including WhatsApp, Telegram has groups, though it does not limit their size as much. Groups can have up to 200,000 users (compared to 256 for WhatsApp), and channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers.
Telegram also enables large clusters of groups, in that one can forward a message to an unlimited number of groups, as opposed to the smaller number on WhatsApp, a restriction that received attention in the wake of misinformation campaigns around elections in India (and Brazil). (On WhatsApp India has a special limit of five forwards, compared to twenty globally.)
In all, Telegram can compete for the deplatformed users by offering the kinds of features sought by those seeking protected speech as well as a following.
This study empirically examines the extent to which the platform is considered and used as suggested. It examines the content of a select number of channels self-identified as alt right, asking how the platform is discussed (or imagined) as well as used as a ‘protected space’ as well as a ‘publicity space’. To what extent is Telegram employed for protection and/or for publicity broadcasting, so to speak?
It also generally discusses the effects of deplatforming for extremists, mainstream social media platforms as well as researchers. As mentioned, Telegram has affordances that appeal to the deplatformed seeking protected speech as well as publicity or a following. But from the point of view of (extreme) Telegram users, is Telegram an effective alternative to mainstream platforms? Which mainstream social media platforms still relevant? Even if they deplatform users, which ones remain vital and which fade from interest? Such is one way to address the question of the effects of deplatforming for single as well as multiple (mainstream) social media platforms.


Deplatforming effects and researcher migration
It was found that Facebook and Instagram are routinely critiqued as sites that do not grant freedom of speech and whose use are generally not in the interests of extreme actors, whereas Twitter and YouTube remain of interest, in the sense that their content is linked to (rather than the platforms only discussed in critical terms).
This study not only examines Telegram as a destination for the deplatformed, asking what it has to offer not only to extremists, but also to researchers, who in a rather different sense are also being deplatformed, having seen their access to data from mainstream platforms diminished or removed (Bruns et al., 2018).
For researchers, Telegram is not ‘locked’. Apart from certain rate limiting, the platform allows widespread probing. The extreme voices may thus be studied, where questions may be posed concerning (at least) two widespread views that have been circulated about the effects of channeling extreme voices into an alternative set of platforms friendly to them. Does the content become only more and more extreme? Is it contained within these spaces, rather than mainstreaming? There is also the question of the thinning of audiences, both in gross terms but also over time.
The channels under study, it was found, are also gateways to an alternative social media ecosystem, comprised of alternatives to each type of mainstream social media platform – from social networking, video uploading, content rating, payment processing and more. The question of the robustness and longevity of the ecosystem would go some way towards answering the question of whether the extreme voices shrivel or thrive despite deplatforming.


Call it a Marxist hit piece disguised as research, aimed at properly hoodwinked fellow researchers.
Do note, the paper has some interesting diagrams, but not as interesting as the diagrams they DID NOT publish, to be sure.
While picking through their trashing of the quest for genuine, legal, and legitimate free speech platforms that can INFLUENCE culture, I believe that one can learn a few things.


The long list of references at the end appear to be mostly other Marxist hit pieces, which would allow a curious mind to start diagramming the network of hit piece writers if so inclined.

Gail Combs

Yes, interesting that they conducted a STUDY to determine JUST HOW EFFECTIVE THEIR CENSORSHIP IS!!

Gail Combs

An interesting point. Sundance started banning Sessions and Q supporters shortly after Alex Jones got banned. (Blade got banned around 1 am on September 20, 2018)
Aug 05, 2018 Alex Jones was deplatformed
Res State has a good article describing what happened and what it means going forward. (Daily Caller in the cross-hairs): Alex Jones’s InfoWars Has Been De-Platformed and This Is Just the Beginning
ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
Mary Jacoby worked with Sid Blumenthal for years at Salon. She is wife of Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS
ValJar’s daughter now works for CNN.
Samantha Powers is married to Cass Sustein, a Bloomberg View columnist.
Nick Nolte wrote about Obama admins incestuous relationship with the Washington Post.
Every morning at 4AM the Mocking Bird media receives an email from the deep state giving them all the talking points for that day. This was intercepted by our white hats and Q directly addressed the msm saying to them”
‘Hi msm how are the talking points coming along since you received again your email at 4AM telling you what to report?’
These 15 Billionaires Own America’s News Media Companies

Gail Combs

I certainly hope so!!


Two key phrases they are using for cover for their Marxist censorship…
Concern for the “health of the social media or the internet at large.”
Labeling people who create free speech platforms as “privacy-enablers.”
OMG Wolf.
Are YOU a privacy-enabler???


I hereby award your post * 2 fist pumps of agreement! 😉