20200127: Shampeachment – Monday OFFENSE!

Please consider this the Monday Thread for Shampeachment!

FOX 10 Phoenix – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMNFqoow4DY

CSPAN – https://www.c-span.org/video/?468552-1/senate-impeachment-trial-day-7 – also – https://www.youtube.com/user/CSPAN/featured

Golden State Times has the live-stream erroneously scheduled for 4pm – look for a correction before 1pm – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Wjfy0cVzU

It’s time for our guys to take the field. Tired of the lies, twisting of facts, ignorance leftists, and those politicians with malintent and their pious media pundits.

The trolls are out in FULL FORCE. Fair warning. Report when necessary. If anyone needs help on Twitter, let us know, we can back each other up. Watch for the signs from OUR team in the media.

Love to all!!!!!!!!

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The most important point Dershowitz made was his take down of what Bolton would bring to the table as witness. He is irrelevant.


Looks like that will be the takeaway. That’s not a bad takeaway.


I found his comments about Bolton to be redundant. It had already been established very convincingly that due to non compliance of the House with their own procedures, there was no authority to issue subpoenas. That would include Bolton, despite attempts to divert Constitutional procedures with additional conversation or evidence. His opinion would be inadmissible.
The other issue highlighted and was also appreciated in the precedent it could establish. Many of these issues of Constitutional interpretation rely to a large degree on experience gained from previous procedures. It was shown that because it was unprecedented to attempt to impeach a President and to have him removed from the upcoming election ballot on the basis of partisan feelings, to give it any further oxygen would be to set a ridiculous precedent whereby similar impeachments could be initiated anytime a party had a House majority and had their feelings hurt.

Ain’t she purdy??

That is excellent! This is how we get the word out about what happened today.

One of the most powerful and most revealing moments in today’s proceedings ….. There is Law!!!


5. Founders rejected British Parliamentary government – did NOT want the US President to serve at the pleasure of the legislature, to be removed by a vote of ‘no confidence.’


Unseen has done a great thread with good humor on the proceedings today. This is the thread reader.


The thread reader on his tweet stream for the hearings isn’t complete, so you might want to see the tweets in his timeline. He’s a riot. Nicknames for all our defense folks. Purpura is “Puma” – a Cougar. Someone named Eric has now become Rocky Balboa. Read it for pure joy.



Thank you Daughn 🙂


Thank you Miss Daughn!! Will be in and out again tomorrow but will be listening as much as possible


Exciting stuff!!! 😀


Don’t know if this was posted here today…
But the entire day from K_ovfefe!!







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