2020·09·19 KMAG Daily Thread

Shitstorm Saturday!

Because if you think the Left was mad at the beginning of the day Friday…they got madder when Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally succumbed to cancer.

Expect double the prior intensity!

Not just one


But TWO:


A Word from Dragons For Trump


Justice Must Be done.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People...Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they’ve never seen before.

Then-Candidate Donald J. Trump

Lawyer Appeasement Section

OK now for the fine print.

This is the WQTH Daily Thread. You know the drill. There’s no Poltical correctness, but civility is a requirement. There are Important Guidelines,  here, with an addendum on 20191110.

We have a new board – called The U Tree – where people can take each other to the woodshed without fear of censorship or moderation.

And remember Wheatie’s Rules:

1. No food fights
2. No running with scissors.
3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.
4. Zeroth rule of gun safety: Don’t let the government get your guns.
5. Rule one of gun safety: The gun is always loaded.
5a. If you actually want the gun to be loaded, like because you’re checking out a bump in the night, then it’s empty.
6. Rule two of gun safety: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
7. Rule three: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
8. Rule the fourth: Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

The Mandatory Coin

This week something a little less eclectic.

President Theodore Roosevelt thought our coinage was ugly. In some cases that was true, but even the non-ugly items were still rather…boring. He wanted our coinage to resemble ancient Greek coinage, many of which are legitimate works of art.

At the time, 1907, coins of the same metal tended to simply repeat the same uninspiring designs, for instance the $2.5, $5, and $10 gold pieces had essentially the same thing on them, and had had them since 1839. The $20 gold was different, at least, but it had been introduced in 1850, and by then the mint had a new chief engraver, Christian Gobrecht having been replaced by James Longacre. (Longacre, by the way, had one big weakness. He couldn’t, to save his life, get lettering lined up properly.)

So here it was 1907 and Gobrecht’s design was still being used on most of the gold coinage after a run of over seventy years, and Longacre’s, not much newer, was still on the double eagle.

A similar situation obtained for the silver. The silver dollar (not actually being issued in 1907) was of one design (the Morgan design), but the other silver denominations, the dime, the quarter, and the half dollar, had all been designed by Charles Barber in 1892. They all bore the same thick-necked androgynous head of Liberty, with virtually no detail in the design–deliberately, so the coins wouldn’t turn ugly and lose detail as they wore. (I guess they couldn’t turn ugly if they were ugly in the first place!). These replaced the Liberty Seated series (another Gobrecht design but considerably degraded in execution), which I believe I profiled (some) last week.

Interestingly, the Barber series can actually look pretty darned nice…if the coin is pristine, in a high uncirculated grade.


But the minute it started to wear…blah. Boring.

OK I will fess up to owning one of these…not the same year, though. But this one in the picture has a piss poor strike with lots of detail on the eagle completely missing. It’s not worn–it’s just that they didn’t stamp (“strike”) it properly. The tails of the arrows are an indistinct blob on this coin, the wingtip on our upper left has a lot of missing detail too. Mine is not perfect, but shows a lot more detail. (And I will bet it grades lower in spite of this.)

I bring up the quality of the strike because it becomes key to the story.

Anyhow, I mentioned that Roosevelt found our coinage boring. He then embarked on what he called his “pet crime”–getting the coinage redesigned. He managed to see through changes to the gold coinage, and some of those new designs are renowned for their beauty (and I’ve talked about them previously). But the silver would have to wait–there was a law mandating 25 years between design changes, and it had, thus far, only been 15 years.

So action on the silver front would have to wait a while. But we did get, in 1909, the Lincoln cent. And in 1913 the Indian Head or buffalo nickel.

Finally towards the very end of 1916, new designs rolled out for the dime, quarter and half dollar. (Yes technically that’s slightly less than 25 years but they were so eager to make the change they counted inclusively to justify getting rid of the Barber stuff as quickly as possible…and: Oh by the way, Barber was still working for the mint while this was going on!) And these were different designs for the different denominations, for the first time (other than the dime having a wreath instead of an eagle on the reverse, since 1837).

But with greater artistry came another issue. The new coins did not strike very well. Collectors today know all three of these designs for habitually not striking up well.

The new dime immediately got the nickname “Mercury Dime.” Yes, that is still the head of Liberty on the coin, but it is wearing a cap with wings on it to symbolize freedom of thought, and that reminded people of depictions of the Roman god Mercury. Often enough the details of her hair don’t show very well.


But it’s on the reverse where people look for a weak strike.


That thing in the middle is a “fasces,” a symbol of power in ancient Rome. The magistracies (everything from aedile to consul) all had fasces as their badge of office, and numbers of people called lictors would accompany the office holder (who had to do his job in person), carrying these fasces in their arms.

Edit, Thanks to Wheatie who made me realize I had elided too much. The fasces are a Roman symbol of unity and strength. When carried by the lictors, they represented the power that had been invested in the magistrate that they (the lictors) were accompanying. Roman magistrates, at least during the Republic, had to do their jobs in person. They couldn’t delegate their powers. The US often used the fasces for the same reasons the Romans did, but Mussolini then perverted the meaning of the symbol and so it would eventually be dropped here.

Fasces, of course, is the root of the word “fascism,” which was Mussolini’s name for his movement designed to make Italy great again for the first time since the 400s. So once World War II ended we put Roosevelt (the other one) on the dime and replaced those fasces with a torch.

If you look at the fasces, in the center, there are two bands running horizontally across. On many “Mercury” dimes, those two bands don’t strike up properly and the line separating them will be weak or completely absent. And again, this is the way the coin is actually made in the first place, it’s not wear. Today, when a “Mercury” dime is graded, in addition to the actual grade you might see the designation FSB for “full split bands.” Depending on the year and mint (and you’ll notice this coin has a D next to the E in ONE, making it a Denver mint product), that FSB designation could be common, or rare, and if it is rare, it can make the coin much more valuable than the same grade without FSB.

The Barber Quarter was replaced with the Standing Liberty Quarter, and even there, there were two major types of these quarters. Here is the first one:


(By the way if anyone can tell me how to get Wordpus to put pictures side by side, let me know.)

Notice one key, PG-13 detail about this coin…the exposed breast.

There’s a story that there was a huge public outcry about it and something Had To Be Done about it, but there’s no evidence of any such outcry in the newspapers of the time.

But they did change the design, midway through 1917.


Now Liberty is wearing chain mail and the shield has been redesigned. On the reverse the eagle has been raised a bit and three stars appear below it (and fewer stars appear near the edges, leaving the total number of stars at thirteen).

The mint hated this coin. It was nearly impossible to get to strike up. The overwhelming majority of the coins that came out looked poorly made. As it happens the 1917 coin is fairly sharply struck here, but there’s weakness on the 1924, especially on the date itself. The very next year the mint recessed the date because it was wearing off the coin too quickly. This 1924 is actually very well struck, for a Standing Liberty quarter. You can see most of the detail on Liberty’s head…and that’s the first place people look. Fully (or almost fully) detailed heads get the FH designation and it, too, can add huge money to the value of a coin.

But where you really need to look to evaluate the strike is at the shield emblem, and the rivets, on the shield.

The mint was glad to stop making these coins in 1930–and come out with the Washington quarter in 1932 (the 200th anniversary of his birth).

Finally, the half dollar. Here we have what is probably the most popular silver design in US coinage, though collecting Morgan dollars is more popular than collecting “Walkers” (for “Walking Liberty”).


Most people like to focus on the obverse–and our host occasionally posts a picture of one of these that has seen a lot of use, focusing on the motto.

But I think that is absolutely a kick ass eagle on the reverse.

This, too is a coin that is prone to striking issues. Liberty’s hand in the center of the coin is usually at least partially absent. You’ll notice on this one her fingers merge with the branch she’s carrying. People look for a complete thumb, but really those two fingers are the first thing to go.

I’ve yet to find a perfect one for my personal collection, though to be honest I haven’t really spent a ton of time looking.

But, as weak as this looks, in many cases, the entire center of Liberty is not struck at all. Instead of the fine details of her robe and the flag she’s draped in, there’s nothing but a blob of what looks like pitted metal running up and down through the center of the coin…the pitting being the way the silver looks before it’s struck, as well as after it isn’t struck. Truly sloppy workmanship!

There’s no special designation for this coin, but strike can make a huge difference in price nonetheless. People who collect Walkers know which dates are almost never fully struck; if you can score one of those, well, you’ll probably be eating Ramen for a few months afterwards to save money.

One interesting bit of trivia is that this is the only “mainstream” regular issue US coin to have a US flag on it.

This series run through 1947, to be replaced by the Franklin half dollar, with the Liberty Bell on the reverse (and people look for “Full Bell Lines” on that one).

But these are the coins that saw us through the Roaring 20s, and in two of the three cases, through the Depression and World War II. Today we have, I believe, much more boring stuff. (And the Jefferson nickel suffers from striking issues too, though the mint has finally figured out how to get all the steps to show up on Monticello, consistently.)

Standard Disclaimer: None of the coins shown are ones I own, though I’ll admit (in this case) to owning some examples of each of these designs. Prospective burglars should note that gold and silver aren’t the only heavy metals I collect, and that the other, unnamed heavy metal is kept a lot closer to me than the coins are.

Important Reminder

To conclude: My standard Public Service Announcement. We don’t want to forget this!!!

Remember Hong Kong!!!

I hope this guy isn’t rotting in the laogai somewhere!

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

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Just as a linguistics side note — “coney” is an English word that is still listed as valid, though it has fallen out of favor, largely replaced by “rabbit”. “Coney Island” is, thus, “Rabbit Island”. It is fun to speculate that the adjacent Russian community of Brighton Beach was created in close proximity….because “Hare Island” is the site of the citadel of Saint Petersburg in Russia.
The 101 freeway runs from Los Angeles in California to Port Angeles in Washington. In the stretch between LA and Scat Francisco, there are three long, steep hills — known as the Conejo Grade, the Gaviota Grade, and the Cuesta Grade — just north of Thousand Oaks, Gaviota, and San Luis Obispo, respectively. [On I-5, the corresponding slope is The Grapevine, which is easily twice as bad as anything on 101.]
All this geography gets dragged in here because…..locals refer to the Conejo Grade as the “Bunny Slope” — because that’s literally what it means. [For those with a passing knowledge of Spanish, there are all sorts of place names in California that are amusing — e.g. the city of Arroyo Seco, which means “Dry Gulch”; or a major street in San Mateo County named Avenida de las Pulgas, which means “Avenue of the Fleas”.]

Deplorable Patriot

For true entertainment in the names of locations, visit West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


“seeing the unstable, flabby few threatening violence if the WH fills a vacancy says to me, that it’s time to call them on it. ”
Why not do something novel, something conservatives have never ever tried, something the lunatic Left would never see coming, and therefore have absolutely no prepared response?
Why not just threaten them right back?
I know, it’s WAY outside the box of traditional losing conservative thinking.
Most of the anatomically male Left are theta males at best. And the anatomically female Leftists are even less of a concern.
It would be so easy.
I know how allergic to physical confrontation most conservatives are (though I have no idea why), so we could ease into slowly.
Start out by simply saying if a single act of political violence is committed, we will push for Constitutional Carry in all 50 states, and we cut off all federal funding to all indoctrination centers otherwise known as ‘universities’.
Then sit back, and see if they will give you the excuse, the cause, the reason to do the kinds of things we SHOULD be doing anyway.
There are all KINDS of things we could do this way.
If you do “x”, then we will do “y”.
It will be like training a puppy, and they need training, and in the process, we could take back thousands of miles of lost ground in record time.


You can’t threaten insane people, because it’s meaningless to them. Has no effect whatsoever, as Wictor has pointed out many times (accurately).
Besides, we are past the point of threats. The left has NO idea what is about to hit them….their own propaganda arms (the media) leaving them completely unprepared.
Enjoy the show.


“You can’t threaten insane people, because it’s meaningless to them. Has no effect whatsoever, as Wictor has pointed out many times (accurately).”
Wictor is nuts.
Wictor actually claimed that guns don’t work on Leftists, as if they’re somehow immune to physics.
When the great American patriot, Kyle Rittenhouse, shrugged off three attackers and stood up, pointing his AR15 at another potential attacker, did you see what the panti-fa did?
He put his hands UP and stepped backwards.
There’s a reason for that.
Unlike Carlos Wictor, panti-fa pajama boy knew he wasn’t immune to bullets.
“Besides, we are past the point of threats. ”
We never even MADE one.
Never even tried 😂
Conservatives ought to make Brave Sir Robin their mascot 😂🤣😂
The threat of enacting pro-Conservative policies in response to lunatic anti-American Leftist violence would be an incredibly useful tool.
NOT because it would WORK, but because it almost certainly WOULDN’T work.
When you make the threat, if it works and the violence stops, then great, we win — but that won’t happen. So when the Left ignores the threat and engages in more violence, THEN they have given you the excuse to go forward with whatever you threatened to do, and you can blame it on THEM!
It’s beautiful… it’s a win-win… there’s no way to lose… except by not doing it.
Which is exactly why our side would never do it.


if President Trump felt that making threats was the best way to go about doing things we can be certain that he would be making threats. The fact that he isn’t tells us all we need to know.


“if President Trump felt that making threats was the best way to go about doing things we can be certain that he would be making threats. The fact that he isn’t tells us all we need to know.”
I never understand this, this blind faith in other men, as if they’re super-human or infallible.
One the one hand, we have:
Innovate. Engage the mind. Observe what the enemy does, and figure out ways to use his own strengths against him.
Improvise, adapt, overcome.
We’ll call that side ‘active’.
And on the other hand:
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show, perfect infallible men are at work, so do nothing, think nothing, assume inaction is part of the master plan, buy more popcorn, turn on, tune in, drop out…
We’ll call that side ‘passive’.
Apparently no amount of ‘passive’ is too much for our side. 😂🤣😂


Well, I am equally amused, if not more so, that you obviously think any faith in President Trump is “blind” rather than hard earned, just as I am that you believe making threats to insane people will somehow cause them to be any less insane. Normally I would suspect a person saying such things to be either stoned or drunk (perhaps both) given it’s a Sat. night and all, but in your case it seems to come naturally.


Well, I am equally amused, if not more so, that you obviously think any faith in President Trump is “blind” rather than hard earned, just as I am that you believe making threats to insane people will somehow cause them to be any less insane.”
Careful, you’re arguing like a Leftist.
You have a strong tendency to put your own words in other peoples’ mouths, creating a Strawman, and then knocking down your own Strawman.
I didn’t say “any faith” or even confidence is ‘blind’, I was referring to your customary routine of dismissing legitimate concerns and urging everyone to go back to sleep.
You’d make a terrific blue-pill salesman 😁👍
Comprehension check for ya… did I say that making threats (e.g., to push for 50-state Constitutional carry and cutting off all federal funds to universities) will cause them to be any less insane, did I ever make that argument anywhere?
Or is that just another classic Strawman?
The point was not to make them any less insane, the point was to use their insanity as a means to enact policies (which should have already been done anyway), and blame the Left’s insane violence for making it happen.
It’s a complicated bit of mental jujitsu, this whole concept of using the Left’s banzai charge against them and them blaming them for the results, while using their bad behavior as justification to enact bold conservative policy.
I can only hope it would fly over their heads as easily as it seems to have gone over yours 😂
“Normally I would suspect a person saying such things to be either stoned or drunk (perhaps both) given it’s a Sat. night and all, but in your case it seems to come naturally.”
Who here knows more about getting stoned or drunk than you do?
And they let you fly planes!
And importantly, the person who actually said all of the things you’re accusing me of, and then characterizing as being drunk or stoned or naturally inebriated, is you, Strawmaniac 😂🤣😂


We don’t know if he’s been making threats or not. Since nothing leaked on the Israeli peace treaty thingy, I would assume any threats made wouldn’t leak either.


The new Gillian Welch / David Rawlings triple CD and triple LP, “Boots No. 2: The Lost Songs” is available for pre-order now, exclusively from the Gillain Welch / Aconyrecords.com website:
I don’t know if it will eventually be available anywhere else, and I don’t know whether these will sell out quickly due to a small production run.
They offered their latest album “All the Good Times” on CD and LP back in July. I didn’t find out about it until at least a few weeks later, and they were all gone, with no information about reissue. Can’t find them now anywhere, not on Discogs.com or eBay, only digital downloads are available now, no CDs or LPs.
Which is a long way of saying you might not want to wait 👍
And they’re not cheap. $50 for the CD set and $80 for the LP set, plus $12 shipping for either or $16 shipping for both.
Nothing there is free now,
That’s what they say
Everything they ever done
Not givin’ it away
Guess they hit the big score
They figured it out
That they’re gonna sell direct today,
And you’re gonna have to pay…


The Gillian Welch post is for FG&C


Fauci to speak at festival alongside Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, Black Lives Matter founder
“Atlantic Festival” will be virtual this year.
By Daniel Payne
Updated: September 19, 2020 – 2:09pm
White House coronavirus adviser and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci will speak at a virtual festival this year alongside numerous Democratic and progressive figureheads, including Hillary Clinton.
The Atlantic Festival, an event that promises to “bring brave thinking and bold ideas to life with four days of can’t-miss conversations, evening headliners, and more,” will feature a marquee lineup of numerous liberal luminaries, which aside from Clinton include former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Black Lives Matter founder Alicia Garza and television host Samantha Bee.


…Fauci will speak at a virtual festival…
^^^ WTF is that? Four days of conversations… Who is stoopid enough to sit and listen to that nonsense? Yea. NO ONE.


That’s their model now. Record a bunch of boring condescending speeches, spread them out over a few days and think they’re impacting the schmucks they’ve forced to stay home during scamdemic.
It’s getting a little strange, Twilight Zone territory. All anyone every sees are these heads on screen talking as if it’s a cozy get together..just them and their pals out in plebe world.
They’re insane if they believe people actually watch this junk.





FauXi is EVIL. His perpetual BS about HIV vaccines sucked-up a lot of money and time that could have been used for therapeutics that eventually WORKED. Everyone that died in the meantime is blood on his hands.
For him to then turn around and use exactly the same plays agains COVID-19 makes him a psychopathic serial killer.
In a just society, he’d have an imminent date with a gallows. In a more just society, he’d already be bound to a stake and they’d be loading combustibles. In the society we live in, Dems are licking his feet because they think it works against VSGPOTUSDJT.


For those wondering about a current Senator being nominated for SCJ…
In 1941, a sitting Senator was nominated and confirmed on the same day, bypassing the Judiciary Committee since he was a Senator. Oh, and he was a Democrat.


“For those wondering about a current Senator being nominated for SCJ…”
Is Ted Cruz a woman?
Just imagine the amount of damage Ted Cruz could do on the (not)Supreme Court. This is a guy whose judgment is so bad, he was handing out Teddy bears to illegal aliens with Cheeto face.
And he cares so little about the law and the Constitution that he ignored his own ineligibility to be president.
And he cares so little about our economy that he was all for TPP.
If we wouldn’t want him anywhere near the presidency, why on earth would we want to put him in a (not)Supreme Court Justice seat?


“No, but imagine Rand Paul.”
Pretty sure he’s not a woman either…

Deplorable Patriot

No, not Rand Paul. For now, given the COVID hearings which are bound to happen, we need all the MDs we can get on the committees doing the questioning.

Did he vote for himself?😁

Interesting question…
text did say the vote was unanimous…


Recent list has three Sensators on it. Hawley, Cruz, and one other that escapes me just now.


I thought I remembered more than one. Thanks gudthots…

Deplorable Patriot


Paul Ryan and his ilk strike again.
Would be nice if Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Lou, Mark Levin…all started yammering about Soros trying to destroy America, pushing lefty DAs…


they would lose their jobs…
Fox News is Deep State…


They can easily get hired elsewhere, including OAN. Hell, OAN could get enough quality talking heads that they could start a second OAN channel.


It’s all about the $$$$. Doubtful if Oann could come even close to the salaries.


Incentivize with stock options or whatever entices folks to jump companies.


I think that may happen in the months after the election…
These folks have mega salaries… as much as some sports icons… and they live in New York…
OAN is based out of San Diego CA… who wants to live in California?
My hope is that the events to come… the indictments, trials, revelations will not only destroy a good many politicians, and esp. the DIM Party, but the slime CORPORATE Deep State Media…
There won’t be many current anchors that will be ’embraced’ by Americans when there are so many good as to be revealed, without the baggage of having once been employed by Fox or any other DS outlet. Hannity will surely retire… Tucker also.


The Fox News shill from Little House on the Prairie is the one who freaked out when Gingrich talked about Soros. She was almost triggered right out of her seat, her voice went up about 3 octaves.
Newt was DIRECTLY over the target, and didn’t even know it 😂
Then the camera switched to the ‘Fox Religion Correspondent’ Harris Faulkner, who listened to her earpiece as someone told her exactly what to say.
Lots of masks were dropped during that segment.
Soros OWNS Fox News.
I don’t know exactly how, what the financial arrangement is, but Soros OWNS them.
They wouldn’t have reacted like that otherwise.

Deplorable Patriot

This is so cool.


6% Kate Retweeted
Flag of United States Pismo Flag of United States
Folks, Meet your next Supreme Court Justice.


“Folks, Meet your next Supreme Court Justice.”
Not so fast.
When all of the men on Trump’s potential nominee list found out they were instantly disqualified by the North Carolina audience this evening, packed with women and their eunuchs, who nearly unanimously demanded a female judge, in a scene reminiscent of the Jews demanding that Pilate free Barabbas, they came up with a plan.
All of the men on the list will be signing an open letter declaring that they now identify as females.
So they’re BACK in the running!
[they should do exactly that, expose the farce by going over-the-top]


We’re ALL women now!
Abandon sanity, all ye who enter here.


wouldn’t they have to also identify as Progressives? Asking for a friend… 😉


“wouldn’t they have to also identify as Progressives? Asking for a friend… ”
Only if the women on the list did!
We’re just looking for parity, for equality, to not be discriminated against because we’re white or conservative or male or heterosexual or Christian.
Is that so wrong?


Of course it’s not wrong…


The “is that so wrong?” was part of a comedy routine, and I couldn’t remember what it was or who used the expression, but I think I found it.
Jon Lovitz, on SNL, years ago, back when I used to watch it 😂


Yeah, no.
I don’t know if you are being serious or not, but in case you are….
You don’t respond to insanity with insanity, nor threats either. If that was the best path forward, POTUS would already be leading the way.


“I don’t know if you are being serious or not, but in case you are….”
As is so often the case, it can be both serious and humorous.
If they decided to do that, to publicly declare that they have decided to identify as women now, it would focus the national spotlight on gender insanity like a laser.
The level of farce would be over-the-top, and it would be impossible for the MSM to ignore it. Far from ignoring it, the MSM would have to run with it, because at least half of their lunatic base would defend the right of the men to identify as women 😂🤣😂
It would be like throwing a hand grenade in a fox hole.
It would force people on both sides (including DJT) to take a PUBLIC stand on one side or the other, and only one side is sane.
The reason things have gotten so far out of control is because everyone finds a thousand ways to avoid talking about the actual issues.
If the men on the SC list declared that they are identifying as women in the name of equality, it would blow up the entire farce.
“You don’t respond to insanity with insanity, nor threats either.”
You might not.
Though I kinda doubt it.
Oh I know, our side doesn’t respond to ANYTHING, no matter how disgusting or egregious or immoral or violent or criminal or insane.
We’re the best non-responders out there!
We’re above provocation, we cannot be provoked, apparently it has been bred out of us.
Unfortunately, the enemy found out that we won’t respond no matter what they do, and they used that knowledge to push the envelope. Well, they used to push the envelope, but after they discovered that we will not respond no matter what they do, they hitched the envelope to a Saturn V rockets to it, and away we went.
Because we, very virtuously, don’t respond.
Not to insanity, and not to threats.
Which is exactly why the enemy runs roughshod all over us.
Every day, all day long.


But at least we have our virtue intact! 😂🤣😂 👍


I am, again, amused by your perspective. for example, you say the enemy is “running roughshod over us”, but all I see are blue cities in blue states being burned to the ground and looted…not red cities in red states (or even blue cities in red states). I see the enemy as being so desperate and panicked that they have resorted to actually releasing a bioweapon into the global population, because President Trump is handing them their ass on a daily basis. And given that President Trump is handing them their ass on a daily basis, there is very little need for us to do anything except show our support for him and make sure that we show up at the polls to reelect him.
One thing I know for sure is that the left with love for a lunatic like yourself to go and gun down a bunch of them to make them martyrs so that could lay your insane choice at the feet of Donald Trump and blame him for it.
And if I didn’t know but any better, and I’m not sure I do, I’d suspect you of being a liberal plant trying to stir up passions and trouble. However, the sad truth is is that our side has our fair share of stupid people just as the left does, and you’re doing a great job of proving my point.


“I am, again, amused by your perspective. for example, you say the enemy is “running roughshod over us”, but all I see are blue cities in blue states being burned to the ground and looted…”
I was referring to the culture war surrender that has been going on for the last 30+ years, not the last 30+ days…
“I see the enemy as being so desperate and panicked that they have resorted to actually releasing a bioweapon into the global population, because President Trump is handing them their ass on a daily basis.”
And in any other reality except this one, the enemy releasing a BIO-WEAPON on the population of EARTH in concert with the political Left, specifically to include the former president, the former vice-president (and current candidate) and former candidate Hitlery Clinton, nobody would be sitting around in their Thurston Howell the 3rd smoking jacket, thoughtfully stroking their chins and remarking on how panicked they must be to do something like that.
In every other time, era, dimension, universe, you name it, they would all be DEAD.
But we’re special. We can’t be provoked.
No siree.
They’re not going to get US to respond and do anything about it…. 😂🤣😂
“One thing I know for sure is that the left with love for a lunatic like yourself to go and gun down a bunch of them to make them martyrs so that could lay your insane choice at the feet of Donald Trump and blame him for it.”
There you go again 😂
While few appreciate a good personal attack as much as I do, it works better if the attack has some relation to truth.
As for the idea to go ‘gun down a bunch of them to make them martyrs’, that idea is all yours, unless maybe you can quote me, and show where I have advocated any such thing, or even implied it, even in a humorous way?
Maybe you missed this whole part?
“…simply saying if a single act of political violence is committed, we will push for Constitutional Carry in all 50 states, and we cut off all federal funding to all indoctrination centers otherwise known as ‘universities’.
Then sit back, and see if they will give you the excuse, the cause, the reason to do the kinds of things we SHOULD be doing anyway.
There are all KINDS of things we could do this way.
If you do “x”, then we will do “y”.
“And if I didn’t know but any better, and I’m not sure I do, I’d suspect you of being a liberal plant trying to stir up passions and trouble.”
You DON’T know better. Everybody else here does, it’s just you… 😂🤣😂
“However, the sad truth is is that our side has our fair share of stupid people just as the left does, and you’re doing a great job of proving my point.”
Ouch! You really know how to hurt a guy!
However great a job I may be doing, it certainly pales in comparison to your vivid imagination and wicked-sharp Strawman ability 😁


Honestly, some days I think he just gets up on the wrong side of the bed/plane. 🙂


I agree with you 100%. You overlooked that men identifying as women to be a SCOTUS justice would be a mega poke in the eye to Justice Gorsuch!!


I mainly posted the vid clip to show what a wonderful human being Amy Barrett appears to be…
such a contrast to the individual being ‘sainted’ …


Clearly an amazing gal. An inspiration.


Like my introduction to Amy. Hope she gets the nod from president Trump.


Our response to mail in voting and contested elections has a chance to be that we confirm President Trump’s nominee.
After the deceitful Russian smear, the illegal spying operation, the attempt to frame the President for treason, the false impeachment, the set up and persecution of General Flynn, the withholding of treatment for Covid such as HCQ, and the ensuing unnecessary and targeted (nursing home) deaths simply to create a favorable political narrative for their side, etc…..Those on our side who advocate for observing political niceties that benefit the other side seem to me to be reprehensible, spineless patsies.
They threw out the peaceful transfer of power.
They have targeted those who disagree with unleashed violence including murder and mayhem.
Respect for tradition was abandoned by them, as well as for our laws and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.
In the 45 days (or whatever…44?) I would love to see the nominee confirmed,
If Mitch McConnell pulls this off I hope and pray that all of us can get behind this physically frail elderly man and give him some much needed love.


Brava LM… !!!!!!!!!!!
You’re absolutely correct… good for you reminding us that they have thrown tradition under the bus!
and for reminding us to support Mitch…

They have a riot planned for his house on Monday. Yes, pray for Mitch. 🙏

Butterfly, I saw earlier today that there were crowds of them at his home already.

Sadly it’s both.

They should be rounded up and thrown in jail.


Perhaps mixed in the crowd are Federal law enforcement to infiltrate and round up seditious traitors and to protect the Senator.


Hope so NurseSusy…

prayers up…


The DEMOCRATS are quite literally THE PARTY OF THE MOB.


Phoenix, I am not thankful that RBG had to die for this to happen.
However, I am thankful for the opportunity for good to come of it.
I have watched the left employ one evil, underhanded despicable action after another targeting the President and his innocent, loving, and good supporters.
No smear against the innocent has been too vile for them to utter and they have scraped the gutter in their actions.
RBG came to the end of her days in a way that provides an opportunity for free and fair elections to occur in this country as our Constitution guarantees and our Founding Fathers intended.
If Patriots do not have their votes cancelled by the dirty and underhanded tactics of those who hate us…many, many lives will be saved and goodness and safeguards will be established—not just for us but for others across the globe…..

Sen. Blumenthal?
You mean the one who lied about serving in Vietnam? THAT Sen. Blumenthal?

Da’nang Dick!


All they have left to “offer” will give them admittance to a very special place that’s been “improved and enlarged”.


I hear the winters there are lovely… highs in the 80s. But the summers are brutal… you have to stay inside.
free room and board though…


Good one Steve!


I believe this to be a valid news source…..
Since he probably never opens his own mail I wonder if it was meant to be a warning or threat.


There’s been a lot about this on even the MSM now. And just think – this is getting drowned out by all the other news. It’s a BLIP.

Concerned Virginian

So another Ole Joe ad just aired on WSB, Atlanta.
This one is a blatant ploy for the low-income households vote.
Ole Joe promises free pre-K education to all children; and promises that no family will ever pay more than 7% of their income for childcare.
His voice sounds tired and I suspect that the ad was done in numerous takes, then spliced into a continuous rendition.


I hope that there will be a political ad that contrasts promises made with the ensuing actions after elections for Biden. There should br plenty of ihistory there to draw on.
Lots of people just hear the former and remain ignorant of the latter.

God bless them…
And God bless President Trump for sending them home.




i’d love to see a little more calm and less anger out of this guy. He is always vein-popping pissed off for some reason. Cold anger will be hot anger 99% of the time.




He’s former Secret Service… maybe he knows too much?


You guys ever notice how common this look is on the faces of lefties? I think it’s their resting face.
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Margot Cleveland Retweeted
Patrick McMurphy@mcmurphy_pat
BREAKING: An accuser has already stepped forward with an allegation against the Trump nominee. Sources familiar with the matter say they are just waiting to know who they are accusing before releasing more details. #SCOTUS #SchifftyFord

Saw someone mention instead of attacking the women, they’d attack their husbands. Definitely all knives on the table w/Dems.

And underneath table, in the back, etc….🙄 They are EVIL.


Schiffty, LOL! 😂


This is a desperate move and shows how amazingly effective PDJT’s plan to deal with China truly is.


They see no further use in the deception, either. WOW.

Sadie Slays

Found a quality 4chan meme about RBG but not sure how appropriate it is to post here, so I’ll just leave a link. If you don’t want to see depictions of Hell, then don’t click.

View post on imgur.com



Sadie Slays

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Brun0Barking Retweeted
Robert Barnes@Barnes_Law
The racist & elitist undercurrents of #Ginsburg that media won’t talk about. She wanted a Constitutional guarantee of taxpayer funded abortions to limit “particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”


JW in Germany

Welterweight and MAGA Fighter Colby Covington Making MMA Great Again!


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Running RED.
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