Forum Annex Domain Choices

I am planning to create a “forum extension” to this site, which will allow for growth and “full free speech zones”, without significantly changing the nature of THIS site.

I decided AGAINST simply bringing The U Tree over to Epik. I don’t really feel like that site has much of a future. I don’t feel that it is as conducive as a full-fledged forum to either growth per se, or growth of free speech in particular.

But before I even think about building that forum annex, I would like to ask – WHICH of our 8 domains would you like to see used for that forum? I am playing with that stuff right now.

We have the following:


I plan to keep for THIS site. But what about the others?

Which ONE of the other 7 names would be good for the forum?

Please let me know your opinions and your reasoning.



The topic of a forum has been discussed previously.


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I would probably go with .net, since .com and .net are the two that are likely most familiar to the most people, and you already have the .com address for here.

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I agree with Scott.


Also agree with you and Scott.

Brave and Free

.net would seem the logical one, but would there be confusion for new readers?
Is it going to be a site that expands on topics from the .com site? If so I see .info being the logical conclusion.


I like them both, too.

.net would be first choice.
.info if that one is not available.


Cool. WTG, boss!


.net is the logical option, since .fuckBiden is not available.


Forum is supposed to be topical right?
.net for a network of topics
.info for topic information
Too many choices 🤪 😵 🥴 🙃




I’ll follow TRUTH and free speech wherever it goes, so the name matters little to me.
Why fix(change) what’s not broke?
K.I.S.S.  😉 

Deplorable Patriot

No opinion. Just tell me when it’s done and send me the link.


Same here. My only thought is that .info domains used to be treated as spam domains by the search engines a few years ago. That means they never ranked highly in searches. I don’t know if that is still true. And that may not make a difference to us if it is.


I like the .info option. FWIW -To me it’s intuitive….information found at the site


I’ll be the odd man out so to speak and vote for .us

As in, this is US … Americans that love the US of A.