RALLY THREAD: Save America – Wellington, Ohio, June 26, 2021

It’s been a while. Let’s see if I remember how to do this.

Ohio. The 17th state. The place where the Trump Team chose to relauch MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…AGAIN:

About Save America

Over the past four years, President Donald Trump’s administration delivered for Americans of all backgrounds like never before. Save America is about building on those accomplishments, supporting the brave conservatives who will define the future of the America First Movement, the future of our party, and the future of our beloved country.  Save America is also about ensuring that we always keep America First, in our foreign and domestic policy.  We take pride in our country, we teach the truth about our history, we celebrate our rich heritage and national traditions, and of course, we respect our great American Flag.

  • We are committed to defending innocent life and to upholding the Judeo-Christian values of our founding.
  • We believe in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, that we are all made EQUAL by our Creator, and that must all be TREATED equal under the law.
  • We know that our rights do not come from government, they come from God, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away. That includes the right to religious liberty and the right to Keep and Bear Arms.
  • We believe in rebuilding our previously depleted military and ending the endless wars our failed politicians of the past got us into for decades.
  • We embrace free thought, we welcome robust debate, and we are not afraid to stand up to the oppressive dictates of political correctness.
  • We know that the rule of law is the ultimate safeguard of our freedoms, and we affirm that the Constitution means exactly what it says AS WRITTEN.
  • We support fair trade, low taxes, and fewer job-killing regulations, and we know that America must always have the most powerful military on the face of the Earth.
  • We believe in Law and Order, and we believe that the men and women of law enforcement are HEROES who deserve our absolute support.
  • We believe in FREE SPEECH and Fair Elections.  We must ensure fair, honest, transparent, and secure elections going forward – where every LEGAL VOTE counts.

Great! On with the fight.

So, where is this rally happening? Wellington, Ohio:


Some say the village was named after William Welling, a local resident, while others believe the name is derived from the title of the Duke of Wellington.[4]

Wellington was incorporated as a village in 1855.[5]

In 1858, the former American House Hotel (later torn down and replaced by Herrick Memorial Library) was the site of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue. A group of men, both white and black and many from Oberlin, swarmed the hotel to rescue runaway slave John Price. He was being held by a US Marshal and his men, who intended to return him to his master in Kentucky.

The abolitionists transported Price out of town en route to the Underground Railroad and helped convey him to Canada. Thirty-seven men were indicted, but only two, Simeon M. Bushnell and Charles Henry Langston, were tried in federal court for interfering with the marshal in carrying out the Fugitive Slave Law. After Langston’s eloquent speech about slavery and discrimination, the judge gave them light sentences. The events and trial received national attention, and kept the issue of slavery at the forefront of debate.

Archibald M. Willard, painter of the patriotic Spirit of ’76 painting, lived in Wellington during the 19th century. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery on the outskirts of the village. The Spirit of ’76 Museum,[6] also located in Wellington, is dedicated to Willard and the history of Wellington. The original drum and fife used as models in the painting are also on display.

On New Year’s Day, 1951, two eleven-year-old boys, Gerald Kordelsky and William Flood, accidentally drowned in an abandoned well at Chismar Farm in Wellington.[7]

In 2010, Wellington was named the “Best Old House Neighborhood” for the state of Ohio by This Old House Magazine in their annual feature article.[8]

Additional links for coverage will be added as they come available.




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THey used COVID in order to cheat
THey used COVID in order to rig the election
THey used COVID in order to steal the election

Wolf Moon

My wife was really clapping to this stuff!!!


Good for her!

*waves to Mrs. Wolfie*

Wolf Moon

She’s waving back!!!


I love how Trump rallies bring everyone together.


“They used Covid to steal the election!”

Woah! 😯  He went there!  😀 

Wolf Moon

That “poll” for Timken, Mandell and Gibbons shows the problem. THREE popular MAGA candidates. Josh seemed to have an edge, but this is Mandell territory, too.



Wolf Moon

This is a GREAT NEW WRAP-UP!!!


Yes! It really is!

And it’s all new. 😀 


End Illegal immigration once and for all
stop cancel culture
Free speech
Fully fund the police
Respect our flag

He’s going so fast….. I sense the end😪

Wolf Moon

My wife LOVED the line about “this nation does not belong to them”!!!




This country does not belong to them, it belongs to you

Liberty is your God given right

Wolf Moon

My wife loved this stuff!!!

Wolf Moon

Fireworks going off!!!

Wolf Moon

I mean literally – my neighbors are setting off FIREWORKS.


Ours too.

Wolf Moon

Rockets red glare, baby!


America is “the greatest nation in the history of the world, and we’re not going to let it go.” How we need to hear this from our leaders.


Greatest Nation in the history of the world and We’re not going to let it go


He seems really charged up.

I think he needed this as much as we did!


Yes. Its going to get him revved for next Saturday.
His speech in north dakota made me cry a bit.
I have high hopes for this next one. Not just a rally.
Something poignant.


Wow! I love the line about never yielding, giving in, backing down, etc.! “The fight has just begun!”

GREAT speech!

“We will make America powerful, wealthy, strong, proud, safe, and great again!”

Wolf Moon

We are going to have to be TOUGH when the evil and corrupt Biden DOJ and Clinton FBI go after the audits and voting integrity.

Wolf Moon


We will make America


And we will Make America Great Again!!!


We will never ever Surrender

Our fight has only just begun

One movement, people, family, glorious nation under GOF

We will make America


Oh how we’ve missed him!!! This was great, HOPIUM!!!!!

Next one on July 3, Sarasota, FL….with FIREWORKS!!! (a big FU to Creepy😂)

Wolf Moon


Sylvia Avery

I’m so glad! What a delight it was to see him in action.


Just a week from today!!!


It’s fantastic to see him put on the old shoes….and kick a**.

He still knows how it’s done.

Wolf Moon

He’s looking and sounding in FIGHTING SHAPE!!!

Wolf Moon

LOTS of fireworks going off.


There’s no way demented Pedo Joe could ever give a speech like that!

He would be falling apart after 10 minutes.

Sylvia Avery

And whispering…..


And threatening to nuke people…..

Wolf Moon



He couldnt physically handle the lights or heat or noise. He would be a literal babbling fool.

Sylvia Avery

DePat, thanks for the thread.
It was a joy to watch our President again with all of you.
He is large and in charge.
Who cares what that demented old perv says or does?
He is just the puppet show.
PDJT has got this.

Barb Meier

Ahhh, Trump!!! So refreshing!

Wolf Moon


Wolf Moon

Great video with Trump rally vibes:

Elizabeth Carter

Wolf, That is excellent. I will play it many times. Thanks, Liz

Wolf Moon

I knew that a lot of people here would love it!


Also from Gab. The poster calls herself Lady War Anon, but Torba reposted this crap. As the rally was happening. People are too forgiving of this guy. Myself, I get a bad vibe. Always.

“So Trump talked, again, about the Russia witch hunt, but didn’t once mention his tortured, imprisoned, and hunted supporters from January 6th, Ashli Babbitt, or his deadly vaccines, and people are still cheering him, and supporting him, and they don’t know they’re next, and he still won’t care anything about these people? People are dying all over the world because Trump said he wanted a #vaccine before the election so he could get votes for it, and he allowed Antifa and BLM to continue to riot and murder because of the black, and LGBTQ votes, they infiltrated on January 6th, and he refused to call up the 10,000 national guard he was told he needed, lied about going to the Capitol, and people still think he cares. Astonishing!”

Last edited 1 year ago by Gingersmom2009
Wolf Moon

Torba is not solidly behind Trump, because he’s not a Zionist. These posts spell it out.


comment image

Andrew Torba https://gab.com/emoji/271d.svg


In the choice between Bolshevism (Democrats) and Zionism (Republicans) I choose neither.

I am a Christian America First National Populist.



comment image

Andrew Torba https://gab.com/emoji/271d.svg

We don’t have the luxury of time to worry about whether or not the truth we speak offends a small group of people in this country who pull the strings. I hope I offend them. I seek to offend them. The name of Jesus Christ offends them and I will speak His name to the ends of the earth as I am commanded to.



Torba is happy to “make Jews in general uncomfortable” to squarely target Jewish Bolsheviks, and he understands that Zionism has been used as a kind of controlling virtue signal for the RIGHT, to protect [badly – there’s a catch] Jews, to protect Bolsheviks. It is a cunning partitioning.

Personally, I think what Torba is doing is a necessary thing, even though I would describe myself as a Zionist. My reasons for being a Zionist are complicated, and not as simple as normal religious Zionisms of either Jewish or Christian types.

Bolsheviks slid in behind / within American Jews in general in a very sneaky way. It’s VERY clear in retrospect how it was done. One can track all of the changes in America and the fit of Jewish Americans into American culture and literally SEE the dynamic of group separation. The psychological warfare was masterful. It was very intentional and very controlling.

And ALL of this avoids the complicating dynamics of Satanists, Nazis, Islamists, internal Israeli politics, and even “foreign” on this equation. I’m just dealing with the “simple” part here.

But set that aside for a second.

Not everybody needs to be doing exactly what Trump is doing. Trump represents a focal point which has numerous complex constraints.

Torba does not face those constraints. But I can tell you that I am VERY happy with the way Trump and Jared and Miller and everybody else are running the Trump ship. But I am also VERY happy that Torba is out where he is, calling out things that Trump CANNOT and SHOULD not call out.

And THAT is actually something the LEFT does VERY, VERY well. They have their Torbas who do their things, which HELP their Pelosis and Schumers. Don’t believe the FAKE NEWS that they DON’T help them – that is a LIE.

It’s a complicated business. Demanding that all these people fight the same way is not going to get listened to by smart people. And I regard ALL of them as smart. And patriots.

But it’s a complicated business.

Yeah, you get a bad vibe. Torba is TRYING to make you uncomfortable. That is real free speech. And I love it.

Wolf Moon

Whatever makes the ADL scream is good for America. Jews are going to all have to deal with that at some point. When one realizes that the ADL hates effective religious conservatism MORE than it hates Nazism (because they can USE Nazis to gain power and money), then you realize that ADL is just a Bolshevik front.


Torba is TRYING to make you uncomfortable. That is real free speech. 

Free speech, yes. Noble motives, as in Torba intentionally posting something critical to Trump that contains lies — just to make a point or make people think? I seriously doubt it. This could just as easily be seen as sour grapes because PDJT has not used Gab.

Torba didn’t have to repost that. I’m assuming his reposting drew more attention to it than it would have otherwise received. IMO, there is not always a noble, patriotic, educational, or generous motive for what some of these people do. I think the site owners who have that kind of insight and motivation (like you) are rare indeed. Sometimes people just act out of pure human emotion and pettiness, and they reveal who they are in the process.

The results could still be positive, to make people think and refine their own stances. But IMO that would be in spite of the motivation behind the action, not because of it. I do not find merit in reposting disinformation without setting the record straight.

IMO, your point about Torba and Zionism supports my point. Torba is allowing his opinion and belief about one (or more) issues to color his posting of truth and untruth. I don’t see that as praiseworthy. His continuing to provide a platform for free speech is positive, and no doubt he is doing a lot of good; but with all due respect (which you deserve), I think you ascribe your own good motives and keen insight to some people who are not necessarily deserving of it.

Last edited 1 year ago by TheseTruths
Wolf Moon

Could be!


People like Torba and at least one other that I will not name do not have (to my knowledge) your life experience, the same education and expertise as you, the same number of years on this earth as you, and the same ability to step outside of a problem and discussion and look at it objectively. 😊

Wolf Moon

Now here was a good response to that post Torba reposted, but again, it does NOT address the specific issues. Let me explain. First, the response:



@LadyWarAnon And yet you forget all that he has done and tried to do. So he didn’t complete your bucket list so we should all lower or heads and walk home in defeat. Cleaning up litter starts with one piece of trash at a time and cleaning the DC dump requires much effort. Trump wanted the vaccine and any other treatment that helps saves lives because that’s what a LEADER is suppose to do. So keep harping on Trump not living up to your dream, the alternative is doing so much better, right?


While I agree fully with what Lloyd_CS is saying, there are better responses to her – but I would not waste them on a lot of the people on Gab. People here, however, will understand.

Let’s take her stuff one point at a time.


but didn’t once mention his tortured, imprisoned, and hunted supporters from January 6th,

First of all, not true. Trump DID make reference to them, but very carefully, because he cannot blanket excuse these propaganda hostages, many of whom are FAKE, and others of whom are literally being “deprogrammed” by attorneys who are COMPLICIT with DOJ.

Yeah, it’s complicated. But Trump has chosen to not get sand-trapped on this. I trust Trump. She obviously does not, and thinks he needs to talk more about this.

Maybe that is actually possible – but it has to be done right.

Ashli Babbitt,

Let me put it this way – when somebody figures out what actually happened there, then maybe we can talk about it. But I think she was an MK puppet, and those ops are extraordinarily hard to unzip or challenge successfully, and again – it’s a trap.

or his deadly vaccines,

You know, I know this bothers people here, but to Democrat voters, a rate of 200 times as bad as normal vaccines, set up with the proper mind control and virtue signals, is just no big deal.

I know a very liberal bunch of folks in the art world, and they are all PROUD of their side effects – most of which are very minor and were expected based on all the lies.

The vaccines – as far as what is IN EVIDENCE – are not that deadly. Nobody has died of mRNA cancers yet, and YOU KNOW the press could make those disappear if they wanted, anyway.

YOU GUYS are an echo chamber. THEY TOO are an echo chamber. TWO CHAMBERS. TWO STORIES. ONE REALITY. TWO VIEWS.

and people are still cheering him, and supporting him, and they don’t know they’re next, and he still won’t care anything about these people?

I will tell you all one thing. Trump has TRIED to get us to fend for ourselves, and it’s starting to WORK. All this chick is is a complainer. But I do get where she’s coming from. Trump will not be able to “save us” – and the left will trick us into responses that he will have to disavow. Welcome to a world controlled by SATAN.

Trump will do the best that he can, but he cannot save us – WE have to save ourselves. And it will be ugly.

People are dying all over the world because Trump said he wanted a #vaccine before the election so he could get votes for it,

Oh, shut up you bitch. Trump did the right thing, and the industry USED that opportunity to sneak a test run of gene therapy into the mix. Not his fault.

and he allowed Antifa and BLM to continue to riot and murder because of the black, and LGBTQ votes,

Bullshit. The “woke generals” are 100% responsible for not being “history grade”, just like this TRAVESTY of a SCOTUS.

they infiltrated on January 6th, and he refused to call up the 10,000 national guard he was told he needed,

Sorry. This is “blame the victim”.

lied about going to the Capitol, a

Nope. Again, not true. Nazi talking point. 😉

nd people still think he cares. Astonishing!

He does. But he CARES that we actually WORK FOR OUR FREEDOM.


Now all that stuff is crap, but frankly we need a bit of fight on our side.

There is a lot of great stuff about being in the whole MAGA love boat, and I get that, but it is NOT all going to be a world where TRUMP GETS HIT and WE DEFEND (or don’t defend) Trump.

WE have to take some hits. WE have to stand on our own. And Torba is showing us how.

We have to be LIKE Trump. Not “Trump fans” – those are armchair warriors. Yeah, that’s fun, and I love the pep rallies, but between those rallies, we need to STRIKE THE ENEMY and BEAR THE RETURN BLOWS.

Just like Trump.


Thanks for all the effort in that reply. That thread is the typical cesspool, and the poster seems to be a troll — but Torba forwarding it with no addendum of his own, thus rubberstamping is a problem with me. They worship the “free speech” thing, but from what I read the bulk of the free speech commentary consists of crazy jew rants and gratuitous vulgarity. So that’s the service Torba provides. He’d be giddy if Trump were on his site, he’s pissed off and can’t handle it, and continually stirs the pot.

Those people sitting in jail is a problem, and that needs to be dealt with. Trump needs to hammer this and stand up for these people. He MUST talk about it, because he called them there to stand up for their country.

Ashli Babbitt is a different problem. I’m still not convinced of what actually happened there – that Wooz News video is impossible for me to dismiss. I know JHTH believes she was scooped up on the fly that day to be the victim, and who am I to disagree with him and his info sources. But it just doesn’t look legit to me.

I’m ready to fight when the audit comes to NJ. I’ll volunteer to take a shift daily. Former teachers are very observant. I’ll continue to donate to Lin and Pulitzer/Byrne/Lindell. Speaking of Byrne, his documentary debuted last night I think. Bad timing with the rally.


Torba had archived all Trump tweets and almost demanded Trump come to Gab.
Torba blamed Jared, Ivanka (Jews) and Scavino for keeping Trump off social media after he was banned at Twitter/FB, etc.
Maybe Torba is also mad at Trump because he didn’t go to Gab.
At first, I thought Torba was a good guy – now I’m not so sure.

Last edited 1 year ago by GA/FL

At this point he’s relentless in reposting anything anti-Trump. Comments frequently call him out on it. After he begs the operating costs for the month and has it covered, it’s constant.

Wolf Moon

Some more even-handed pot-stirring is in order! 😉

Wolf Moon

Torba did the right thing not accepting Jared’s terms. Jared did the right thing not accepting Torba’s terms.

This “everybody has to be on the same bandwagon” thing is problematic, and is not good for our side (AMERICA), which has REAL diversity. IMO Torba should have written off Trump coming on his site LONG AGO. Trump does what Trump believes is right and useful. He picked Twitter for his own strategic reasons. In fact, if Torba wants to improve his own Christianity, IMO he should seek peace with the idea that it’s a GOOD THING Trump is not on his site, and hold no animosity toward Jared or anybody else over this. IMO the idea of wanting Trump on his site is a WORLDLY and SATANIC temptation. Away with it! Get it behind thee!!!

If Trump on Gab was a good thing, it would happen naturally. The fact that it does not, makes me suspect it’s NOT a good thing.

Jared is very smart, and is looking out for Trump. Jared is a peacemaker, and you have to look no further than Jesus to see why he is blessed. But Jared is like David – a RELENTLESS defender of Israel. I do not see that as a bad thing. I see it as good – but for my own reasons.

Jared always resists temptations of the left, and that is why he is able to stand in their presence without fear. Torba could learn a lot from that! As it is, I think Torba’s mission is relentless defense of free speech. The fact that he would not submit to Jared’s terms was a GOOD THING. For BOTH parties!!!

When a marriage is not right, no marriage is GOOD.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, who knows about the timing there – one can hope that the rally made people more “ready to pay attention” to the documentary. I was that way about Renacci’s campaign. I had been holding off picking his candidacy, but as the rally got closer, something fired up inside, and I admitted to myself that a DeWine re-election GUARANTEES more lockdown and mask bullshit.

Nope. Not for me. Only Renacci has BACKBONE.

Wolf Moon

Yeah, Torba forwarding that message is a bit of a head-shaker, though I admit to doing the same with things that are on the edges of my box of belief. A prime example is HOPIUM and NOPIUM. If I find good stuff on either extreme, I will bring it here because it’s NEEDED IN THE DEBATE. Likewise, I will post VACCINE HELL and VACCINE SAVIOR data when solid, because we have to see the truth that is hidden by both THEIR chicanery and OUR selectivity.

At some level, I can simply say that’s because we’re a FREE SPEECH zone, but anything more specific actually shows WHY free speech – REAL free speech – is important to allow the equations of LOGICAL THINKING to work out properly.

Wolf Moon

QAnon stuff banned from rally.

The anti-Q infestation on Gab doing their gloat dance, too, kinda sick.

I’m with Lamecherry. “All this and more, in Q and anti-Q.”